ST Report: 31-Jan-92 #805

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/01/92-10:32:15 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 31-Jan-92 #805
Date: Sat Feb  1 22:32:15 1992

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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (January 31)


 DO YOU HAVE THIS FILE?  PHONE SPELL -  A program that generates  words and
 phrases  which  spell  out  any  given  phone number on a standard dial or
 keypad.   Useful for  remembering important  phone numbers  or for helping
 others to remember yours.  Also just fun to see what phrases your favorite
 phone numbers generate.

 File: FONSPE.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").

                          DO YOU HAVE THIS FILE?
 ASTROCAL - generates a calendar for any given  year which  shows times for
 moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset, moon phases, solar and lunar eclipses,
 solstices, and equinoxes.  Also generates  planet viewing  reports showing
 dates, right  ascension and  declination, phase, elongation, Easter dates,
 and much more.

 File: ASTROC.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").


 Charles F.  Johnson has  uploaded the  latest version  of PinHead, version
 2.1, to  Library 6  of the  Atari Productivity  Forum (GO ATARIPRO).  This
 version works with ANY version of TOS... Download  PINH21.ARC and  get the
 fastest bootup you have ever seen!

                          *** ATARI OVERSEAS ***

 The Sysops  have opened  up a  new message  section (15) of the Atari Arts
 Forum (GO ATARIARTS) entitled  ATARI  "OVERSEAS"  especially  for  our new
 members from the UK, Europe and Australia.


 We've made  a slight  modification to the names of our message sections in
 the Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).   Sections  4 and  5 (Personal
 Applications and  Business Applications)  have been combined into a single
 section named APPLICATIONS and a new  section  has  been  setup  under the
 subject  NETWORKING  ATARIS.    Both  sections are available to the entire
 membership, but adjust your individual section settings accordingly.


 The following files are now available in LIBRARY 8 ("Gribnif Software")
 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN):

     XBOOT.LZH  - Gribnif's Press Release for X-Boot - Boot Mgr
     STDEMO.LZH - A Demo for STalker the hottest graphical telcom
     CRAZY.TXT  - Gribnif Software announces CRAZY DOTS!
     CFDEMO.LZH - Gribnif Software's CardFile 3 Test Run Demo
     302_03.LZH - CardFile 3.02 patch to version 3.03
     301_03.LZH - CardFile 3.01 patch to ver. 3.03
     300_03.LZH - CardFile 3.00 patch to version 3.03


 ICD has just uploaded the latest versions of their host adapter utilities.
 See the  file ICDHST.ARC  in Library 7 (" ICD, Inc.") of the Atari Vendors


 For MIDI Enthusiasts, Maxwell CPU has released a  freeware MIDI controlled
 slide  show  program.    DEGAS  image  colors are controlled by the tempo,
 dynamics, chords and notes input through the MIDI  port.   GO ATARIVEN and
 download file DANCE.LZH from LIBRARY 6 ("Maxwell CPU").


 Please  read  file  SUPRA.V32  in  LIBRARY 15 ("Supra Corp.") of the Atari
 Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN) for information on Supra's new 9600  and 14400
 baud fax-modems.


 Just a  little teaser  ... We've  already received  commitments from Atari
 Corp. and other vendors who have  donated prizes  to be  given away during
 the 24-hour  Port-A-thon to  be held on Feb 21-22. So far over 54 hardware
 and software prizes have been donated.  A list of prizes and  vendors will
 be published shortly.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #05

  Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Michelangelo Virus Hits Leading Edge Computers

 A hard drive virus which erases a computer's hard disk on Michelangelo's
 birthday, March 6th, has been found on new PCs produced by Leading Edge
 Products Inc.

 According to sources at Leading Edge, the virus was spread from a vendor
 who provided hardware and software.  They believe the virus was inadver-
 tently introduced on a disk that came into the Compton, Calif. facility.
 While Leading Edge ships more than 15,000 PCs a month, the virus seems
 to be confined to only 500 units.

 Reportedly, a retailer originally detected the problem and company tech-
 nicians have been to warehouses to fix computers that hadn't been sold.

 An official at Leading Edge said that some 80% of the affected customers
 already have been tracked down and Leading Edge will send customers
 software designed to track and eradicate viruses.

  -- Compaq Introduces Battery Pack Recycling

 Claiming to be the first of its kind in the industry, Compaq Computer
 Corp. has launched a nationwide PC battery pack recycling program.

 Compaq laptop and notebook PC customers are asked give their used up
 rechargeable battery packs for recycling to one of three special
 facilities that will separate reusable metals from the packs and then
 sell them for use in new products.

 "Because we're concerned about our customers as well as the environment,
 we are establishing partnerships with Compaq users to help protect our
 environment and preserve our natural resources," said Eckhard Pfeiffer,
 Compaq's president and chief executive officer.

 "Compaq is committed to operating in a safe and environmentally sound
 manner, utilizing engineering controls, active programs and the
 creativity and ingenuity of our personnel. This program reinforces
 Compaq's commitment to innovation -- from the innovative design of our
 PCs to initiatives such as this recycling program," he added.

 The life expectancy of a Compaq battery pack is two years.

  -- Wireless Modem Introduced

 What is being called the world's first mass market portable wireless
 modem has been introduced in Paramus, N.J., by Ericsson GE Mobile
 Communications Inc.

 It is a $1,795 unit called the Mobidem that the company says provides
 two-way wireless data communications for palmtop, notebook and laptop
 computers as well as industrial handheld terminals.

 "Utilizing Mobitex wireless data networks operated by RAM Mobile Data
 USA Limited Partnership and Rogers Cantel in Canada," says the a
 statement from the company, "the Mobidem supports automatic nationwide
 roaming for PC users that travel around town or across the country."

 The modem weighs under a pound and has a flexible, fold-down antenna.
 Ericsson GE says it plans to begin initial shipments by the end of the
 first quarter, with volume production to start in the second quarter.

  -- MIPS R4000SC Processor Begins Shipping

 MIPS Computer Systems Inc. said this week that the introduction of
 Silicon Graphics' new IRIS Crimson products signals the beginning of
 volume shipments of the 50 MHz R4000 secondary cache (R4000SC)

 The R4000SC joins the R4000PC (primary cache) processor in the merchant
 RISC market to deliver a range of cost and performance points from six
 semiconductor vendors. The R4000PC offers an entry-level cost in a RISC
 component for personal computer-class systems, while the R4000SC pro-
 cessor delivers greater power for systems and applications demanding
 more performance.

 In addition to the R4000PC and R4000SC versions, the R4000MC, a
 multiprocessor part, is now being sampled by MIPS' semiconductor
 partners. Volume production of the R4000MC is expected to begin in the
 first half of this year. MIPS' semiconductor partners are Integrated
 Device Technology, LSI Logic, NEC, Performance Semiconductor, Siemens
 and Toshiba.

 MIPS Computer Systems Inc. is a leading supplier of technology based on
 reduced instruction set computing (RISC), including computer systems,
 optimizing compilers and technology products.

  -- Commodore's 2nd Quarter Earnings are $40.1 Million

 Commodore International Limited this week reported earnings of $40.1
 million, or $1.18 per share on sales of $371.6 million for the second
 fiscal quarter ended Dec. 31, 1991.

 This compares with earnings of $36.5 million, or $1.12 per share on
 sales of $384.1 million in the year-ago quarter.

 Unit sales of the Amiga line increased 21 percent while C64 sales
 experienced nominal growth. Sales of the Professional PC line and CDTV
 combined to offset volume declines related to the discontinued low-end
 MS-DOS range.

  -- IBM and Blockbuster Video Team Up

 IBM and Blockbuster Video are testing an in-store computer intended to
 allow customers to preview movies and to scan a database of available

 Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. is testing the IBM movie selection
 system at a Blockbuster store near Boca Raton, Fla., and if the tests
 work out, the system could be launched at Blockbuster stores elsewhere
 within the year.

 "The use of multimedia displays -- with text, sound and video -- is fast
 becoming a marketing tool in the 1990s for retailers," said Stuart N.
 Fullinwider, director of strategic technologies for Blockbuster.

 Currently, 1,100 movie previews are programmed into the system and
 within three months, Blockbuster expects to have previews of 5,000, or
 nearly half, of the movies available for rent in its stores.

  -- Lotus Hopes to Expand its Share of Spreadsheet Market

 Lotus Development Corp. announced that it intends to expand its share of
 the spreadsheet market in all segments and to get a bigger piece of the
 communications market with its Notes and cc:Mail programs.

 Lotus also has hopes of expanding its presence in the word processing
 and presentation graphics markets and to step up efforts in portable and
 pen-based computing.

  -- Microsoft Found Not Guilty

 A federal jury has found Microsoft Corporation not guilty of charges it
 breached a non-disclosure agreement and misappropriated trade secrets of
 a Kuwaiti firm specialized in Arab-language software.

 The jury found that neither Microsoft nor the designers, Iskandar Morcos
 and Mohammed Rashid, violated Washington state's trade secrets act.


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                       Welcome to the ST Roundtable

      ST.REPORT uploaded yet another ZIP utility. See file# 22443
      for ST ZIP 1.1.  We thank Ralph Mariano for uploading this.

      R.MONFORT1 uploaded  a sample  of planets.  See file# 22444
      Ringo uploads great samples of graphics and animation. Do a
      search on his name to see just how many!

      GRMEYER uploaded quite a  great selection  of software. See
      file# 22447  to 22450 for the GFA manual 3.0, a ZX Spectrum
      emulator,  Chap  3.2  critical  path  program   to  the  Le
      Radacteur3  demo.  We  appreciate  all the foreign files he
      shares with us!

      Z*NET uploaded their PC  Online Magazine  Logo. If  you are
      interested in  the PC market, check the logo out as well as
      their PC magazine.  The logo is file# 22451.

      SGUBER uploaded -yet- another utility. This  one allows you
      to  convert  Dynacadd  to  Cybersculpt.  See  file#  22452.
      W.PARKS3 uploaded a TT HI-REZ patch for MVG W-Z. The file #
      is 22454. If you own both, this is a MUST!

      OUTRIDER uploaded  a MacPaint  picture that he describes as
      AWESOME. See file# 22457.

      L.MEARS  uploaded   the  latest   Instant  Graphics  online
      utility. See file# 22450.

      D.HELMS uploaded numerous adult pictures. These are 16 Gray
      scale quality. See  file#  22463  to  22470.  Great quality

      W.PIKE uploaded  version 5.6  of Whatis.  This version will
      tell you if you have a LH1 file to a LH5. There are various
      other uses  but this  was the  *added* feature to this neat
      utility.  See file# 22476 for this useful utility.

      DOUBLE-CLICK uploaded an update of Data Diet to the release
      1.0b.  If  you  own  this  version,  this is a GREAT way of
      DOUBLE CLICK allowing you to update. See file# 22479.

      T.HARTWICK uploaded an adult spectrum file of a blonde. See
      file# 22480.

      Did  you  miss  the  class  sponsored  by Lexicor? Well you
      missed  a  great  deal.  If  you  are  interested  on  what
      happened, see  file# 22481 for the transcript of the class.
      My hats off to J.COLE18 for doing an excellent job.

      Now if you did  attend, you  probably realize  that you now
      have homework  to complete.  See file# 22483 for your first
      homework assignment. Study hard and enjoy!

      J.SUPPLE  uploaded  a  collection  of  his   BEST  spectrum
      pictures.    These  are  sure  to  be winner for all of the
      graphics fanatics.  See file# 22486.

      JWC-OEO uploaded the latest 2COLUMNS program.  This utility
      allows you  to print text in 2 columns. See file# 22487 and
      file# 22488 for the extra RSC files for 2COLUMNS.

      E.KRIMEN uploaded a very good SEQ animation of a spaceship.
      See file# 22489 and a Ray Trace PRG. See file# 22490.

      S.SMITH65 uploaded  texture Map  pics for GFA Raytrace. See

      B.ZAWALSKI1  uploaded  a  GEM  shell  for  the  compression
      utilities.  See file# 22492.

      A.FASOLDT uploded  MANY Spectrum  512 pictures he converted
      from GIF.  See file#  22494 to  22521 for  these files. WOW
      thanks for so many!

      The ST  Roundtable Staff  wants to  thank everyone that has
      taken the time to upload. Uploading is FREE but we  sure do
      appreciate the effort and the time.

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The Flip Side STR Feature            "....a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 A thread from Delphi concerning different high-speed modems.

 From JBEAU (Sorry about the misspelling of your name in last weeks
 issue) on Delphi....

   If you are thinking of moving up to a 9600 buad modem here you are.

               OKIDATA 9600
      110, 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19.2, 38.4
      v.32 ,v.42 MNP levels 2 through 5

      $269.99 plus S/H $8.50

      Call Damark 7:00am-9:00pm CST at 1-800-788-7001
      Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express taken.

   They can give you the number to order the item on.

 A word of caution from Ken Helms on Delphi...

   A word of caution. A member of our user group got one of the 9600 baud
   OKIDATA modems and found he had to replace one of the chips to get it
   to work. I don't remember all of the details and he did get the chip
   free from OKI. Our BBS has a 9600 baud dual standard modem and it
   wouldn't work with it until the chip was replaced.

   I may get one of the new Supra 9600 baud modems. ($239 in Computer

 More from L.McClure on Delphi...

   Or, if folks want to wait a bit, they can get the new Supra V.32/
   faxmodem for $239 from Computability. (Of course, they will not be
   able to use the fax features until someone writes ST software for it,
   but at that price, just enjoy the data side of the modem).

   Oh, of course the Supra also has V.42,V42bis,MNP2-5, *and* MNP10 (used
   in many cellular modems).

   Or, for those who really feel the need for speed, I have seen at least
   one place advertising Supra's V.32bis version of the above mentioned
   modem at a price of $335. (So less than $100 buys you 50% more speed
   ....if you find another V.32bis to connect to...otherwise you get
   'just' the same connection as you would with the V.32 model). <grin>

 Some info on the new Supra modems from Wanye Dunham on Delphi...

   Supra just announced 2 new FAX/modems. Here are the stats for them as
   listed in their text file........

   Supra Faxmodem V.32bis V.42 $399.95 Max FAX rate 14,400bps Max data
   (modem) rate without data compression 14,400 bps, max throughput with
   MNP 5 as 28,800 bps, Max throughput with V.42bis 57,600 bps.

   Supra Faxmodem V.32 V.42 (note the no bis on v.32) $299.95. Max fax
   rate 9600 bps, max data rate without data compression 9600 bps, max
   throughput with MNP 5 is 19,200 bps, max throughput with V.42bis is
   38,400 bps.

   Besides the difference in the max data rates the only difference I can
   see between the two is the fact that one is listed as being V.32 &
   V.32bis compatible, while the other is only V.32 compatible. I do not
   know whether that is the reason for the difference in the data rates
   or not.

   At any rate the price is great for either of them. Another plus is
   that they are already FAX ready so you don't have to go out and buy a
   FAX machine if/when you should ever need one.

 General high-speed modem info from L. McClure on Delphi...

   V.32 denotes a maximum actual transmission rate of 9600bps (with
   fallback speeds to 7200 and 4800 as I recall).

   V.32bis denotes a maximum actual transmission rate of 14,400bps,
   adding an extra fallback speed of 12,000bps, and all those that V.32

   Another item I am less than certain about; I believe V.32bis supports
   'fall forward' capability, so that if line quality improves after a
   speed dropback, that the modem will 'upshift' again to a faster
   speed...something that is not included in the V.32 standard. However,
   this could simply be a feature some companies have added to their
   V.32bis modems, in which case the Supra V.32bis modem may or may not
   support it.

   Another note: The Zoom V.32 modem is actually a hybrid, because it
   supports the 12,000bps V.32bis 'fallback' speed as a 'turbo' mode of
   it's normal V.32 operation. So, if you connect to another Zoom V.32 or
   any V.32bis, you would get a max rate of 12,000bps instead of the
   'normal' 9600bps.

   From what I understand, the Supra modems use a standard chip (set)
   from a third party manufacturer (Rockwell??), and therefore you can
   expect that other less expensive (than present, not necessarily less
   than the Supra) V.32/V.32bis/fax modems will follow this year.


 Megafile 44 problems - Thread from CIS.

 Question from Ken Salstrom on CIS...

   I've been having trouble with my Megafile44. When I turn it on and put
   in the cartridge, the yellow light flashes, becomes steady, there's a
   noise and the green light comes on and the yellow light goes off.
   After a few seconds there is a click, the green light goes out, and
   the yellow light flashes. The green light flashes 5x, the yellow light
   flashes 2x, then repeats.

   I have a 4.5 year old Supra 20meg drive connected to the back of the
   Megafile44.  I have a 520STe with 4 megs, an external DS floppy, a
   modem and a printer also attached.  The Megafile44 gave me the same
   problem with my 1985 520, which died last month.  It also behaves the
   same with the Supra turned off.

   Does anybody have any idea what the problem is?

 Answer from Bill Aycock (sysop) on CIS...

   The flashing lights signal an error. In this case, the book says 5
   green flashes and 2 amber flashes mean "Spindle speed abnormal or no
   servo". Sounds like the drive needs work.

   ...Cleaning the innards isn't likely to help. Sounds like the circuit
   that controls the drive speed has blown. You didn't mention whether
   you could hear the drive spinning up before the LEDs start flashing,
   but apparently even if it's spinning the control circuit doesn't like
   how fast it's going and can't get the speed right.

   A friend has my Syquest manual, but I think they gave a specification
   of time to repair = 30 minutes... they consider the whole drive as a
   single unit, and a repair consists of swapping it out for a new one.

   You can call Syquest Technology at 415-490-7511 or write them at 47923
   Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA 94539. They may have some suggestions.
   (Also be sure to request a copy of the SQ555 Users Guide - it's free,
   and lists the error codes plus lots more info [like how the SCSI
   interface works and other stuff I can't begin to understand

 Answer from George Richardson (Merlin Group) on CIS...

   Yep, Bad drive! I had the same thing happen to me. The system is
   unable to do some thing that it needs to, and is giving you a
   diagnostic message, for which I have no information.

   ...I called Syquest directly at 1-415-226-4000. They told me the drive
   was still under warranty, so I sent in and about a week and a helf
   later they sent me a new one.

   The old drive had chewed up a disk, resulting in a bad disk and the
   head of the drive being lunched. I think some dirt got into the drive.

   That's something I had never thought of before, but now I *always*
   eject the disk when I'm done so that no dirt gets in.


 From Dana Jacobson on Delphi...

   The South Shore Atari Group's annual software/hardware auction is
   scheduled for February 21st. The meeting is on a Friday, at 7:00 pm.
   Our meetings are held at UMass/ Boston, in Room 207. The room is
   located on the _first_ floor of McCormack Hall (green area in the
   underground parking lot). Turn right as you exit the elevators, go
   past the Information Desk and through an orange double door. The room
   is the 3rd or 4th one down on the right.

   About the auction!! You do _not_ have to be a SSAG member to parti-
   cipate. All software offered to be auctioned must be in original
   format (original disks and documentation). If you have the original
   packaging, include it. All hardware must be in working order _unless_
   noted otherwise _beforehand_.

   "Seller" will auction on a first-come first-serve basis. Any person(s)
   having a _lot_ of items for auction will be allowed to auction _5_
   items at a time to expedite the proceedings. This means that you will
   have more than one slot in the "schedule". We reserve the right to
   make exceptions (someone with 6 items, for example!). All sales are
   final and the SSAG is not responsible for faulty or incomplete items.

   The South Shore Atari Group will get 10% of all sales from each
   seller. Also, to be fair to all sellers, minimum bids will start at
   $10.00 _unless_ the seller decides otherwise. This minimum bid is
   recommended for "good" software and will allow the seller the means to
   recoup some degree of loss. We do not want to see sellers having to
   "give" software away. Obviously, there will be some items for bid that
   do not warrant a $10 minimum (an old program which has ben updated
   umpteen times since, for example).

   So, remember, the 3rd Annual SSAG Auction is Feb. 21, at 7:00 pm at
   UMass/Boston. The earlier you get there, the better! You don't want to
   miss out on that one item you've been searching for!! Bring plenty of
   money, as there will be plenty of bargains!! See you all there.

   Any questions, contact me at Toad Hall, BCS/Atari, or the Question
   Mark BBS. You can also reach me on Delphi (DPJ) or on GEnie
   (D.JACOBSON2) if for some reason you don't call the local Boston


 A thread about Dancing Bombs from CIS.

 Question from one of our Russian users, Boris Molodyi, on CIS...

   Does anybody know what the following bombing (the most spectacular
   kind, I guess) means?

   Sometimes machine freezes, and in the middle of the screen I have a
   row of bombs, but not usual static ones... No. This are stretched all
   the way to the bottom, and they're rotating. Like now all of them are
   black with that wick on top, next moment they turn a bit and I see
   only wick and thin vertical lines, and the next moment I se several
   vertical lines and no wick for each bomb.

   I can understand what usual couple of bombs means. But a whole row of
   dancing bombs?!

   Not that it is a question of life and death, but I'd like to know what
   does it mean (like that machine will _really_ bomb, you know, like it
   has TNT somewhere on motherboard :-) , or something else. May be I
   have a unique ST with golden SHIFTER chip, and this dancing bombs
   guard it :-) ).

   ....It just happens once in a while. And I ran it at 130 volt
   (couldn't get Soviet 220 any lower) and 50Hz for over a year, and it
   never had any problem (except that one and very bad TV output), so I
   hope it will not burn.

 One answer from Ron Luks (Sysop) on CIS...

   I don't want to scare you, but when my old ST started to do that (a
   whole row of dancing bombs) it burned out completely about a month or
   two later.

 Answer from Rob Rasmussen on CIS...

   I saw "animated bombs", similar to what you described, when my 4 meg
   "solderless" board kept coming loose. It was intermittant at first,
   but then it happened so frequently that I could no longer use my ST.
   So I got it fixed, with solder. Have you checked to make sure
   nothing's loose inside?

 From Richard E. Paddock on CIS...

   I think the "solderless ROM upgrade" message contains the germ of a
   clue. Soldering the connections solid fixed the problem. It is fairly
   common for chip-to-socket contact to become poor over time because the
   aluminum of the contacts oxidizes (slowly). If that is the case, re-
   seating the chips may solve the problem.

   There have been two methods recommended for this process. The first
   (and easier) method is called "the 3-1/2 inch solution": raise the
   front edge of your computer's case 3-1/2 inches above the desktop and
   drop it. This mechanical jiggling sometimes solves the problem. If it
   does, expect it to be a temporary solution, because the oxidation
   continues, and this is generally a not-very-robust solution.

   [NOTE:  In no way does STReport endorse this method.]

   The second method is to open your machine up (this voids the warranty,
   but I gather that your machine is more than 90 days old, so no
   problem) and firmly push down on all chips that are in sockets. Don't
   push too hard, or you might cause problems with the motherboard. You
   should also ground yourself before touching the chips so that you
   don't zap them. The chips most likely to cause the problem you
   describe are the MMU and the memory.

   ...The problem you have can be caused by loose chips whether you have
   a memory upgrade or not. The loose chips (or bad contacts) seem to
   occur over time.

 Answer from Mark Kelling on CIS...

   When I had that same thing on my MEGA 4 ST it turned out the SHIFTER
   chip has "shifted" slightly in its socket. (Hmmmm, what else is a chip
   named "shifter" supposed to do? <G> Actually it controls the video
   output.) A simple reseating of the chips fixed it. Have this done by
   an authorized ATARI shop if possible. I did so because I'm not so good
   with hardware.


 Until next week.....


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 Delphi has implemented a change to  the SIG  database program  that allows
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 have more than one file in them are affected by this change.

                            OF MULTIPLE ENTRIES

 Batch downloading can be done through  any of  the three  batch protocols,
 Zmodem, Ymodem  Batch and/or  Kermit.  This often requested feature offers
 you the choice of downloading all the files in the  group, a  range or set
 of  ranges  of  files,  or  any  individual  files.  In this way, you have
 complete control over which files you specify for download.


 After reading the file description, type the appropriate command at the
 ACTION> prompt.

    ACTION> <command> <file list>

    Commands:  ZDOWN is for Zmodem,
               YBDOWN is for Ymodem Batch and
               KDOWN is for Kermit.

    <file list>  1-2      (download files 1 & 2)
                 1,2,4,5  (download files 1, 2, 4 & 5)
                 1, 3-6   (download files 1, & 3 thru 6)
                 ALL      (download all files)

    You may request any combination of files.

    A comma is used to separate files in a list, and a '-' to mark a range.

 It's a lot easier than it sounds, and the command  DOWN ALL  will work for
 people who  have selected  a preferred  download method.   In order to use


 > TURBO SUB! STR Review                TURBO SUB for the Lynx

                           TURBO SUB - LYNX GAME

 by Dana Jacobson

     I first heard of Turbo Sub for the Lynx at last year's WAACE show.
 There was a Turbo Sub contest, but since I hadn't even seen the game
 then, I didn't bother to enter.  I had heard that the game was an
 excellent one, but until our user group's January meeting I hadn't even
 seen the game yet!  We had a Lynx demo with the original and new models,
 and a multi-player gameplay with Slime World.  After awhile, a few of us
 just played around with whatever games were available.  By the end of the
 meeting, I managed to briefly check out Turbo Sub.  I didn't fare too
 well, but I convinced its owner to allow me to borrow the game in return
 for my allowing him to borrow War Birds.  I've been hooked ever since!!

     The title of this game implies that there is a turbo-powered
 submarine involved.  Well, since I didn't have the documentation to go
 along with the game, I'll take the author's word for it.  The only time
 you get the feeling that you're in a sub is part of each playing level is
 underwater.  The other half of the level is played above water; and you
 have the feeling that you're some kind of airship.  Whatever...

     The point of the game is to destroy aliens and various alien
 spaceships; and also avoid numerous obstacles which could lead to your
 destruction.  The ultimate goal is to make it through 16 levels and
 destroy the alien Mother Ship in outer space, at Level 17.  Along the way,
 you score points for destroying the aliens and various ships.  Also,
 during game play, you must pick up "gem pods" which, depending on the
 number you obtain, will allow you to purchase certain weapons, shields,
 etc. which you _need_ to survive subsequent levels.  Get as many of these
 pods as possible or you'll never survive.  More about this later.

     Gameplay is quite simple, although certain "techniques" are necessary
 to better survive each level.  Knowing how to complete each level, i.e.
 battle each type of alien or spacecraft, will enable you to progress quite
 nicely.  Also, knowing what to expect at each level might help you decide
 which weapons or "accessories" will come in handy when it comes time to
 make purchases at the end of each level.

     Let me give you a description of each level's opponents, and then
 give you some hints how to combat each one to complete the level(s).
 These hints aren't perfect, and you will be hit by alien weapons or run
 into the obstacles from time to time.  Not to worry!  Since I didn't have
 the docs to explain every detail of gameplay, I might not define all
 options correctly, but you will get the idea.

     At each level, you'll appear as you're looking out of your turbo sub
 facing any oncoming aliens and ships.  At the top of the screen you'll see
 some figures.  The first figure tells you the strength of your shields
 with a number.  This number signifies how many "hits" you can take before
 you're destroyed (and the game ends).  These hits may differ by alien or
 spacecraft, because I have noticed after taking a hit that the number
 didn't go down until I took more than one by certain alien attacks.  In
 any case, watch this number closely throughout the game - don't let it get
 too low!  The second number refers to how many Mega Bombs you have in your
 arsenal.  A mega bomb, when used, will destroy all aliens or ships that
 are currently on the screen.  Gem pods are not affected, so you can
 collect them while the mega bomb explodes.

     Also, the mega bomb will not destroy certain aliens unless you fire
 more than one!  The last figure tells you what level you're currently
 playing.  In the top left corner is where you'll see your score.  There's
 also a spot in the top right corner for a score, so I would imagine that
 two players can play at the same time hooked up with the Commlynx cable.
 At the bottom left of your screen is a fuel gauge.  When it shows red,
 you're dangerously low on fuel - watch this gauge as well!  On each level,
 the game is broken up into two segments: above water and below.  Above,
 you're faced with various spacecraft and an alien called Mogoog (I call
 "them" the Skulls!).  Under water, you'll face many different aliens,
 spacecraft and obstacles - all are very dangerous - shoot the hell outta

     The first level you'll face flying saucers above water.  These attack
 with bursts of four fireballs.  You can avoid these fireballs if you stay
 between the middle two.  You'll be finished with this part of the level
 when you see a big "DIVE!" notice appear in the middle of your screen.  Be
 cautious, as occasionally there will still be a few remaining saucers
 before you go beneath the water!  Below water you'll face the Pillars, and
 obstacle, and the Crabs.  You have to fly in between the pillars and avoid
 crashing into them.  Along the way, pink gem pods will appear and
 you need to grab as many as possible while avoiding the pillars.  It's not
 always easy.  Once you make it past the pillars, you'll face the Crabs.

     These actually look like giant red flies.  Anyway, they'll be flying
 all over your screen, attempting to "fly" into you.  They don't fire any
 weapons, but you either have to avoid them, or shoot them.  All this time
 you're also trying to pick up as many gem pods as possible to buy weapons
 at the end of each level.  The gem pods are extremely important to the
 successful end of the game!  You'll know you've finished each level when
 you cannot fire your weapons any longer.  Once this happens, guide your
 sub to the "rock" where you'll see a red pulsating oval.  Actually, if you
 don't move, your sub will steer toward it automatically.

     Once at this red oval, you'll "warp" into some sort of wormhole (ala
 Star Trek, TNG?!) and come to a screen where you'll see the number of
 available gem pods you have available to purchase certain weapons or
 options.  These are also marked with the number of pods needed to purchase
 each.  Buy wisely.  One point to remember is before you enter the
 wormhole, check your fuel gauge.  If you don't need fuel, use your pods to
 buy something else!  Available items to purchase are an extra life, fuel,
 mega bomb, multi-blasters, rapid fire capability, shields, range missiles,
 and tracking.  Without the docs to learn more, I have no idea what the
 range missiles do, or what tracking is.  I rarely have bought tracking,
 but try to get the range missiles because when doing so, you also get the
 multi-blasters!  I always make sure to buy a mega bomb and an extra life,
 no matter what.  Rapid fire is nice, but you don't need it.  Shields
 extend your allowable hits numbers, so buy them whenever you can.  Buy
 fuel when the gauge is at half or lower.  After you make your purchases,
 it's time to go on to the next level!

     The second level you'll face the Mogoogs (I call 'em the giant
 skulls!)  Blast them while avoiding explosions emanating from each one.
 During gameplay for each level _above_ the water, I keep my sub
 continuously moving right, rarely stopping to attack; I shoot as I scroll
 by.  This seems to work very well on each level above water.  Under water
 next, you'll face Gamma Charges.  These appear as two circular mines with
 an electrical-like link between them.  Avoid these by flying around, or
 above or below.  Very often, I fire a mega bomb when I know I can't avoid
 them or can't afford to take a hit.  Next, you'll face the Warp Mines.
 These are simply mines that you need to destroy or avoid.

     Always remember: Gem pods are only available underwater, so always
 be on the watch for them!  The third level you'll face the Stealth
 Raiders.  These are some form of alien ship which fire at you.  Get used
 to these, as you'll see them again and again on subsequent levels!  Under
 water, you'll face Barracudas (red fish) and the Poldarcs (heads
 with helmets?).  Try to remember how these aliens come at you to
 help you avoid and destroy them.

     At the fourth level. you'll see _both_ Stealth Raiders and Saucers!
 Below water, you'll face Nebulas and firing Cannons.  Cannons under water?
 Yep.  You're not done with this level yet, so beware!!  Every 4th level
 ends with an attack by a mechanized monster or an alien!  On this level,
 say hello to the Galactapus, a giant octopus.  It will take many hits to
 destroy this thing, or a couple of mega bombs will destroy it.  Conserve
 your bombs whenever you can for emergencies, but you're pretty safe using
 one on this guy!

     At the fifth level, you'll again be faced with the Mogoogs.  Under
 water you'll face the Lasers.  These are like the pillars, but they are
 swaying back and forth!  Once you make your way through these, you'll be
 faced with the Snub Fighters.  These fighters are alien spacecraft that
 fly underwater, firing at you along the way.

     Subsequent levels are repeats of the first five levels, with some
 variety.  Just so you'll know what to expect at each level, especially for
 future reference, I'll just tell you which spacecraft and aliens are on
 each level.

      Level 6 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Pillars & Crabs

      Level 7 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Gamma Charges & Warp

      Level 8 - Mogoogs; Barracudas & Poldarcs, the Mech-Shark!

      Level 9 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Nebulus & Cannons

      Level 10 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Lasers & Snub Fighters

      Level 11 - Mogoogs; Pillars & Crabs

      Level 12 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Gamma Charges & Warp
                 Mines, the Mech-Ray!

      Level 13 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Barracudas & Poldarcs

      Level 14 - Mogoogs; Nebulus & Cannons

      Level 15 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Lasers & Snub Fighters

      Level 16 - Stealth Raiders & Saucers; Pillars & Crabs, and
                 the Jellyfish!

     At this point, let's hope that you have a few mega bombs left; you're
 going to need them!  Also, let's hope you have a good supply of gem pods.
 Make sure that your fuel supply is full, buy shields, another mega bomb,
 another extra life, and whatever else you can afford.  It's time for Level

     If you make it this far, the game will take on a completely different
 look.  You'll exit the buying screen the same, but your turbo sub will
 continue to rise, until you're in space.  Be alert, as the alien Mother
 Ship is lurking out in space.  Once you've made contact, the gameplay will
 take on similarities as the monsters at the end of every fourth level.
 The difference is that the Mother Ship is much tougher, and harder to hit.
 You can keep firing at it with your blasters, but mega bombs are much more
 enjoyable!!  You'll know you're doing damage when you start to see small
 "fires" coming from the Mother Ship; it won't be long now!  If you're
 successful, you'll see the Mother Ship start to explode.  You'll then come
 to a congratulatory screen, and then see another screen showing the Mother
 Ship completely destroy.  It's worth the effort!!  You'll then come to a
 high score screen.  150,000+ is a good score, depending on how much you
 "killed" along the way.

     Overall, I was very pleased with the game.  Initially, it was
 difficult and I was ready to give it back.  But, once I got used to the
 various screens and how to shoot and run, it became more enjoyable.  The
 graphics are very well done.  The aliens and spacecraft you encounter
 throughout the game are very nice.  The sound effects, though limited to
 explosions and firing of weapons, was good.

     The game sounds simply like a basic shoot-em-up.  Well, it goes
 beyond that.  You do have to know how to "fly", or maneuver your ship to
 avoid obstacles and aliens while shooting.  There is some strategy
 involved with using mega bombs conservatively and making the right
 purchases at the right times.  The game is a lot of fun; and it's one I'd
 recommend you get.  You won't get bored!


 > THE BOUNTY STR Feature                The Story of The Bounty

                           MUTINY OF THE BOUNTY

 compiled by R.F. Mariano

     On a number of occasions mention has been made that the name of our
 support BBS, *The Bounty Atari ST BBS * FNET Node 350, implies something
 related to piracy of a historical nature.  In light of this matter, we
 present an accurate accounting of the events leading up to and following
 the making of the name of "The Bounty" legendary.

     For our reference material, the Encyclopedia Britannica was employed.
 Since they are published in the USA, the historical accounts may differ
 somewhat from that of other countries.


     A famous mutiny, (April 28, 1789) on a British Naval Merchant Ship
 near the Friendly Islands (Tahiti, etc.) in the South Pacific Seas.  Began
 the whole magilla.  Actually, HMS Bounty was dispatched by the Royal Navy
 in 1787 to transport plants of the Breadfruit tree to the West Indies in
 hopes of domesticating them.

     Lt. William Bligh, whose outrageously stern discipline and irascible
 temper provoked the now very famous "Mutiny on The Bounty", commanded HMS
 Bounty.   As result of the mutiny, Bligh and 18 crew members were forced
 to sail 4000 miles (approx) in a small open boat, reaching Timor in June.
 Bligh, would be known as a hero.  Even to this day, his navagational
 skills are looked up to by many mariners as THE level of expertise to
 achieve.  They then made their way back to Great Britain.  Many of the
 mutineers settled on the island of Tahiti.  They were later seized there
 as deserters, taken back to Great Britain for trial, where three of the
 ringleaders were executed by hanging.

     The remaining 8 mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian, settled on
 Pitcairn Island, (also in the South Pacific and discovered by Philip
 Carteret 1767), after HMS Bounty was purposely scuttled by running her
 aground and set on fire to remove all traces of the vessel.  Their
 presence was undetected until 1808.  At which time only one was still
 alive.  In 1839 Great Britain annexed the island.  The Bounty survivors
 who settled on Pitcairn Island were never prosecuted.

     The HMS Pinafore was also dispatched to retrace HMS Bounty's voyage in
 hopes of finding and arresting the remaining Mutineers.  They found some
 on Tahiti and they were taken into custody.  As the Pinafore made for
 Britain it ran aground and sunk on the reefs surrounding Australia.  The
 Australian government tenaciously guards the recently discovered location
 where the Pinafore was sunk and has made it a national treasure to protect
 the treasure and artifacts yet to be brought up from the 100-125 foot
 depths she lay in..

     Never was The HMS Bounty involved directly or indirectly in anything
 even remotely associated with Piracy, Pirates or any "Blue Beard, Red
 Beard or Cap't. Hook" type activities.

     Any attempts at linking HMS Bounty and acts of piracy perpetrated on
 the high seas are total fiction, inaccurate and are pure products of very
 active imaginations.  It makes for good reading and nothing more.

     Further, The Bounty Atari ST BBS -  FNET Node 350, the Home of
 STReport International Online Magazine, has been in operation since late
 1982.  The Bounty BBS first ran as an 8 bit BBS and then an ST system as
 it is now.  Bear in mind, although there have been some rather crude
 accusations made by some disgruntled apologists, nothing has ever been
 proven.  In fact the board has been on a number of occasions been
 inspected.  Once through a surprise visit by two Atari notables.  Again,
 no wrong doing was found.

              Ralph @ * The Bounty ST BBS * FNET Node 350
            Home of: STReport International Online Magazine
               Friday, January 31, 1992 - 5:47:30 pm


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     All of the new uploads this week were from Don Thomas of Artisan
 Software. He is working on a new program, ADCALC for the Portfolio,
 designed as a tool for advertising marketers. ADCALC.ZIP contains a
 working demo of the program. This program also contains some good examples
 for PowerBasic programmers. TITLE.EXE contains the opening animation
 sequence for the program.

     Another graphics offering is JJ.COM. This is a screen displaying the
 Johnson and Johnson logo upon startup.

     The forum libraries are undergoing renovation. With the new forum
 software, cross-library searching is possible. Therefore, it is
 unnecessary to have a lib for new uploads. Library 1 will serve to hold
 forum news and help.  This should make it easier to find the desired
 information. We'll have a listing of the new library names next week.


 > STReport's Editorial Page               "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     Through the use of constructive criticism, (which Atari seems to have
 a great deal of trouble handling), most of the concerned users in the
 Atari userbase have, at one time or another, tried or are trying to help
 Atari.  Unfortunately, when there are a few at or near the top who feel
 they are "perfect" and can do no wrong, it becomes a far more involved
 situation and indeed an extremely difficult task.  There is no, actual or
 imagined, discouragement or maliciousness in any type of criticism meant
 to improve any situation.  Its only when those who think they have all the
 answers are compelled to reply with very typical "you don't understand",
 "you haven't a clue", "we don't see things that way", etc.. that an "us
 and them" situation develops.  This too can be overcome.

     Please be advised, that silent complacency equates to implied consent,
 permissions and approval.  By allowing this to occur it becomes a message
 that is usually interpreted as "everything is ok" by those companies whose
 critiques are 'slim and none'.  In other words, they get the impression
 they are doing "all the right things" because "nobody's complaining".
 Certainly we wouldn't want to mislead Atari's top brass, now would we?

     It has been said that a certain leader at Atari has stated that "there
 in "no room" in _my life_ for those who complain about Atari".  That type
 of statement seems to be saying; "shut-up or else".  If such is the case,
 this "leader" typifies those who would "kill the messengers" to stifle the
 messages rather than cure the problems.  How very positive and creative
 for the company.  Actually, this type of off-handed, uncaring, remark is
 symbolic of an individual who is suffering from the deep throes of

     Atari for example has at times, had a remarkable number of the most
 brilliant people in the computer industry, worldwide, in its employ but
 many are gone.  Why?  Because the rewards of being there were simply
 overwhelming?  Of course not.  However, its possibly because there are
 still those, at or near the top, who seemingly cannot or will not accept
 criticisms of any kind.  They seem to see critiques, no matter how correct
 and constructive they may be, as a "threat" of some kind.  Atari's
 problems are seemingly from within.  Until they... see that and correct
 it, the names, dates and products will change, but the scenario seems
 destined to never change.  Its ironic but just this past week I was
 reading some three and four year old issues of STReport and lo and behold,
 all I had to do was change certain names and product designations and they
 read like it was today's news.  Amazing...  Simply amazing.

     As many times as I have devoted an editorial to Atari for one thing or
 another, I must still point out a very strong point that cannot be taken
 away from them.  Their hardware is superb.  The Mega STe is a super
 machine for the money.  In fact, its a bargain for the performance and the
 potential it has for the future.  Thank God we still have developers who
 believe there is a strong future on this platform.  Essentially, we have
 Soft-Logic, ISD, Codehead, Gribnif and a number of other developers like
 them who keep the ember of life on this platform alive and well.  All I
 can say is thanks to them and to the users.

     Please fellow Atarians, don't stop trying to help Atari, let them know
 what bothers you and how you feel it may be corrected.  Constructive
 criticism never hurt anyone willing to learn from their mistakes and bad
 judgment calls.

                           Hey TAF... we're rootin' for ya!

             Thanks to all our readers for the fine support!!

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine
                 "Reporting ABOUT Atari, not FOR Atari!"
                 Friday, January 31, 1992 - 4:27:52 pm

 ps; Codekeys can do all kinds of neat things!


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

 From GEnie
 Item    1239185                 92/01/27        18:28
 From:   R.GLOVER3                       Robert Glover
 To:     ST-REPORT    -> ST.REPORT       R.F. Mariano

 Sub: Something I read...

     I read in STR804 about a supposed trade-in/repair/replacement plan
 that Atari is offering.  It had to do with a post from Dan McNamee stating
 that if someone sent in their Mega ST4 with $399, they would get back a
 Mega STe 2.  The message said to speak to Carl Bacanni (sp?) in Customer

     So, I called Atari today, and, after a few hours and a half dozen or
 so attempts, I got through (they don't like to answer their phones).
 Whomever I spoke to insisted that they had no such policy, and that Dan
 McNamee was in error and that it had been straightened out.

     I had thought that Atari had finally gotten their collective heads out
 of their a$$es, and decided to offer a reasonable upgrade plan, since $399
 isn't a bad deal to go from a Mega ST4 to a Mega STe 2. But, instead, the
 person on the phone said that the $399 was to replace a Mega STe that was
 broken.  Now that's outrageous.  Nobody in their right mind would pay

     Don't get me wrong--I'm not upset with you or the magazine.  I'm just
 miffed at the attitude I got on the phone.  It was as if I was trying to
 take them or something was the impression I got.  Rather than the guy
 apologize for the error, he went out of his way to tell me that I had
 misunderstood what I read, and that I was completely wrong. Isn't that
 great customer support?  Now if somebody at Domino's Pizza cut that
 attitude with someone, all that person would have to do is call the 800
 number on any Domino's Pizza box and complain.  They would then be
 contacted within 24 hours by a representative that would (for all intents
 and purposes) BEG their forgiveness, and send them a years's supply of
 FREE pizza coupons.  (I used to work for Domino's).  Now if I called Atari
 about that, they'd probably tell me to THROW AWAY my Mega ST4 and go buy a
 Mega STe 4.

     I realize you already know this.  I'm just really annoyed at them, and
 I think perhaps this posting needs a little more attention, or perhaps
 Atari's attitude could stand a little spotlight.  I'm basically trying to
 vent my frustrations.  It's kind of like the guy having trouble with Supra
 about his 30 meg hard drive (did you read his text upload?).

 Oh well... thanks for the ear.



     While I'd love to sympathize with you, the article you saw is
 presented below exactly as it was in STR804.  While I would tend to agree
 a 'trade-in' deal would be nice, even I can see how it would, in all
 probabilities, be un-workable if not impossible.  Besides, those words
 never appeared in the item you made reference to.  Atari used to have an
 excellent program for exchange of defective product.  But that has all

     Now, with the advent of possible a National Service arrangement with
 General Electric Service most users will in the future have easy access to
 service.  Also, all Atari product is reported to carry a one year warranty
 from the date of purchase as of November, 1991.

   One person reported about a friend having a defective DMA chip in his
   MegaST and asked Atari on what their repair/replacement policies are.
   From Dan McNamee (Atari) - Cat. 14, Topic 5, Msg. 124 - from the ST
   Roundtable on Genie...

   If your friend sends in his Mega 4 to us, he will get in return a Mega
   2 STe under the repair/replacement plan. The fee is $399 plus shipping
   and handling. For further information, have him contact Carl Bacanni in
   Customer Relations.

     The above is an exact excerpt from the item to which you refer.
 Thank you for bringing your impressions of how you were treated by Atari
 to our attention.  It may have been a 'bad day'.  Then again, it appears
 to be a sign of the times.. everyone seems to have a short fuse these
 days.  Hang there though...  The hardware is still a very good deal.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine
                 "Reporting ABOUT Atari, not FOR Atari!"
                 Friday, January 31, 1992 - 3:41:10 pm

 From Delphi

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 J35333 28-JAN 21:21 Telecommunications
      RE: Delphi 20/20 (Re: Msg 35327)

  - True! I read that Jeff Lomicka's Good Backup Utility (he heads a local
  - user group here) has sold an astounding 500 copies so far! Ack!

   Only 500!??  WOW, that's SAD!  It is THE best backup program I've seen
 on the ST and I've looked at them all.  Of course that's only IMHO. :)  At
 any rate it matched all my criteria which is more than I could say for
 most of the others.

   My biggest criteria?????

   1) Save the files in STANDARD format!  That way I can get them back if
 my index disk goes bad.  I was burned once by a program that didn't save
 the files in a standard format.  The index disk went bad and I lost 30
 megs of files.  I could see the *&%^$ files on the disk, but without a
 directory sector I had no way of getting them.  I could probably do it now
 with the knowledge I have, but at that time it was beyond my expertise.

   2) Incremental backups.  Most of the better programs do this.

   3) Be able to recognize programs/data files that have changed even if
 the size or datetime stamp hasn't changed.  Many programs save their
 configuration internally so the filesize and timedate stamp don't change.
 GOOD finds these files every time!

   4) Allow me to save the backups anywhere I want.  Drive A, B, another HD
 partition, SyQuest Cart, etc.  I don't know if any others allow this, but
 at the time GOOD was the only one I found.

   I back up my HD onto SyQuest carts, and the SyQuest Carts onto floppies.
 Not the HD backup SyQuest carts, but the others where I keep my source
 code, pictures, fonts and documents for Calamus, etc.

   5) Configurability!  The ability to be able to tell the program what *I*
 want it to do in certain situations.  Things like if the file has changed
 do I want to back it up, restore from the old copy, do nothing, etc.  Many
 can do this also, but I find GOOD's method nicer than some of the others.

   6) NO IMAGE BACKUPS!!!!  (See #1!)

   GOOD is the only one I've found that met *ALL* my criteria. Since then
 I've found added bonuses like lockout lists.  You can save lists of files
 that you don't want backed up, or lists of paths/files that you do want
 backed up.  For instance I use Aladdin on *G* and I don't want the message
 files backed up so I have those locked out.

 Good Backup Utility $39.95

 Call to order or for more info:

                    Tidbit Software Engineering Company
                               25 Wood Lane
                            Maynard, MA.  01754

                            Jeffrey A. Lomicka


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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL     "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"


     Earlier this week, HiSoft of the UK announced they would no longer be
 represented in the USA by Goldleaf Publishing in California.  HiSoft also
 made note they would soon announce an new North American outlet and
 support source for their Atari ST/TT and Amiga products.  Rumor has it
 that ISD may be the new candidate.  If such is true, the North American
 users will be assured of excellent support.  ISD has, in many cases,
 blazed the course in innovative distribution and support techniques.

 - San Francisco, CA                       TOS 2.06 MAY BECOME TOS 2.07

     In an ongoing effort to improve overall quality of all products to be
 released, Atari is reportedly putting the finishing touches on TOS 2.06/7.
 It appears a last minute  undocumented 'feature' was discovered.  It seems
 it was inadvertently introduced while the scroll was being fixed.
 Hopefully, part of the polishing will include the refinement of Flow
 Control and the increase to at least 38.4 in Baud Rate.  Current TOS
 versions only allow up to 19.2 baud.

 - San Francisco, CA                          FSMGDOS - WHERE IS IT??

     FSMGDOS, once heralded as the NEW STANDARD, almost three years ago, is
 available at this time but only to those who purchase Word Flair II and
 developers who request it.  Many of the users who have anxiously awaited
 this "new standard" have moved on to programs the do not and will not
 require the use of FSMGDOS.  It was first formally announced to be
 available to general distribution as of August 01 of last year.  We were
 then informed that it would be delayed because of "last minute
 refinements" and would be available later in the year.

     It seems "packaging design problems" colors etc.. delayed it once
 again.  Subsequently, it was announced to hopefully be ready for sale by
 January of 1992.  Now with the announcement of Calamus SL and of course
 with PageSTReam 2.1 available for some time, many of those who waited
 patiently are involved with these programs.  Incidently neither of these
 programs require the use of FSMGDOS.  Oh well, tomorrow is Feb 01, and its
 still not available as a stand alone offering.


     As a follow up to last week's teasers about Falcons & Sparrows!  The
 Avian Paradise...  Deep Throat :-)... tells us its rumored the "STT040",
 68040 Super TT, (FALCON) is a real "muscle machine" of the upcoming future
 for Atarians.  Its debut at CeBITT and shortly thereafter in April in the
 USA, should provide a monumental boost to Atarian's moral worldwide.  Its
 mentioned there will be either a "Cube or Tower" available for Falconers
 with the Tower having eight bays.  24 bit color will be the order of the
 day as will a full 32bit bus IO.

     The story goes on that sound will be the biggie for the MIDI SET,  16
 bit Analog and 24 bit digital audio.  Considering the expanded
 resolutions, the totally professional built-in audio provisions and
 Genlock, the professional entertainment world appears to be in for a
 computing treat... the likes of which they've never seen before.

     Its also rumored Ethernet will be included and it will have multiple
 VME slots 3-6-1u types accepted.  A Floptical Drive (Insight) is alleged
 to appear in one of the bays.  Can you spell RISC?  A 1 gig Hard Disk is
 rumored to become available too.  How about memory being expandable up to
 96mb!  It rumored that Toshiba's new 16mb simms are employed.  You may
 also find there will be no ST Ram.  Its also rumored Sparrow lovers are to
 see a less costly version of the TT040 in either the Wedding Cake or Pizza
 Box style Cabinet.  The BIGGEST rumor of all.. may be about Atari
 considering placing products with major PC type Mail Order Houses.


 > A "Quotable Quote"                         Words of Wisdom

                  .... LEST YE MISS THINE FORTUNE AHEAD!"

                                                  Ben Van Bokkem ~ 1992


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