ST Report: 24-Jan-91 #804

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/25/92-11:26:30 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 24-Jan-91 #804
Date: Sat Jan 25 23:26:30 1992

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 keypad.   Useful for  remembering important  phone numbers  or for helping
 others to remember yours.  Also just fun to see what phrases your favorite
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 File: FONSPE.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").

 DO YOU HAVE THIS  FILE?   ASTROCAL -  generates a  calendar for  any given
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 declination, phase, elongation, Easter dates, and much more.

 File: ASTROC.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").

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 The Sysops have opened up a  new message  section (15)  of the  Atari Arts
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 We've made a slight modification to the names  of our  message sections in
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                         NEW FROM GRIBNIF SOFTWARE

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  XBOOT.LZH  - Gribnif's Press Release for X-Boot - Boot Mgr
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  CRAZY.TXT  - Gribnif Software announces CRAZY DOTS!
  CFDEMO.LZH - Gribnif Software's CardFile 3 Test Run Demo
  302_03.LZH - CardFile 3.02 patch to version 3.03
  301_03.LZH - CardFile 3.01 patch to ver. 3.03
  300_03.LZH - CardFile 3.00 patch to version 3.03

                               NEW FROM ICD!

 ICD has just uploaded the LATEST VERSIONS of their host adapter utilities.
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                           NEW FROM MAXWELL CPU!

 For MIDI Enthusiasts, Maxwell CPU has released a  freeware MIDI controlled
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                        NEW SUPRA MODEMS ANNOUNCED!

 Please  read  file  SUPRA.V32  in  LIBRARY 15 ("Supra Corp.") of the Atari
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 baud fax-modems.


 Just a  little teaser  ... We've  already received  commitments from Atari
 Corp. and other vendors who have  donated prizes  to be  given away during
 the 24-hour  Port-A-thon to  be held on Feb 21-22. So far over 54 hardware
 and software prizes have been donated.  A list of prizes and  vendors will
 be published shortly.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




   Issue #04

   Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Computer Sales Revenues Dip; 1st Time Since 1983

 Buying a new computer isn't as popular as it used to be.  Sales dropped
 last year for the first time since 1983, according to a study released
 by the market research firm Dataquest. Price wars and the recession were
 blamed for the 7.8% drop in sales revenues.

  -- IBM Aims at Education Market with new PS/2 Model

 IBM has unveiled a PS/2 Model 25 SX personal computer designed for use
 as a teacher and student workstation.

 The computer, which will be available in April, features increased
 processing speed and memory, better graphics presentation and built-in
 networking capabilities.

 Prices range from $1,249 to $1,899, depending on configuration.

  -- NeXT Introduces NeXTstep 486

 After three years of struggle, workstation maker NeXT Computer Inc is
 moving aggressively to link up to the mainstream computer market.  The
 company headed by computer pioneer Steve Jobs unveiled the NeXTstep 486,
 advanced software that can be used by computers equipped with Intel
 Corp.'s newest and most powerful microprocessors.

 According to reports, the NeXTstep, which is the same system found in
 NeXT workstations, is object-oriented software that lets users build
 programs more quickly, block by block, instead of line by line.

 "NeXTstep 486 is a customer- driven product. Several of our key
 customers and many industry pundits strongly urged us to port NeXTstep,"
 Jobs said.

 "This move extends the benefits of the industry- standard NeXTstep to
 the huge installed base of 486 users, and instantly explodes the
 potential market for NeXTstep applications."

 Admitting that one of NeXT's early problems was that not enough software
 developers were writing programs for what was seen as a limited market
 compared to PCs, Jobs said the number of third-party applications
 shipping programs to run on the NeXTstep operating system grew from 63
 to 247 in 1991 and is expected to grow more with the Intel porting

 The new software will be available in the second quarter of 1992.

 Jobs also disclosed that his privately held company's revenues rose in
 1991 to $127 million from about $30 million in 1990. He would not
 discuss the firm's earnings.

  -- MicroSoft Profits Soar

 Microsoft Corp. profits rose 55% in the quarter ended Dec. 31 on
 stronger sales of the Windows operating system for personal computers.
 The company reported profit of $175.2 million, or 90 cents a share, on
 sales of $681.9 million in the second quarter of the company's fiscal
 year. Sales of Windows 3.0 have surpassed 9 million copies since that
 version went on the market May, 22, 1990.

  -- Logic Bomb Programmer Fined

 Michael John Lauffenburger, a 31-year-old programmer formerly with
 General Dynamics, pleaded guilty Nov. 4 to attempted computer tampering.
 He has been fined $5,000, handed three years' probation and was ordered
 to perform 200 hours of community service for attempting to sabotage
 computers with a "logic bomb" that prosecutors say could have erased
 national security data.

 According to reports, Lauffenburger set up the logic bomb, then
 resigned, intending to get hired on as high-priced consultant to help
 reconstruct the data lost from the billion-dollar Atlas Missile Space
 Program when the virus was unleashed.  A co-worker accidentally
 discovered the rogue program in early May. It had been set to go off May
 24. Investigators said at the time the bomb would have caused about
 $100,000 in damage to computer systems at the Kearny Mesa plant.


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                        GEnie's Atari ST Roundtable
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          Supra  Corporation,  a  long-time  manufacturer of hard
          drive systems for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, has
          added  a  new  line  of  low-cost  9600 baud modems and
          fax/modems to  their existing  2400 baud  modem line up
          (see  SUPRAV32.ARC   (file  #22271)  in  the  Atari  ST
          Roundtable Software Library for details).

          Supra will be the featured guest for a  formal Realtime
          Conference in  the ST  Roundtable on February 5th, 1992
          beginning at 10:00 p.m. EST.  Find out more about these
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         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > NAMM SHOW STR SHOW NEWS     National Association of Music Merchants

 GEnie's Atari ST RT Online Conference

 On January 18, 1992, an online conference from the Atari Booth at the
 current NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) was
 scheduled.  As can often be expected, problems arose with getting a
 clean line out of the booth that Atari could use to participate in the
 conference.  As a result, Bob Brodie, Atari's Director of
 Communications, called in by voice on a phone off the NAMM Show floor.
 His comments and answers to questions were relayed first by Nathan
 Potechin (ISD) and later by Sandy Wilson (SANDY.W).

 This was in informal conference so it lacked the normal structure of one
 of our formal conferences. As a result, the exchanges between those
 present in the RTC and Bob are a bit chaotic to read because things jump
 around quite a bit.  But the read is worth the effort!  <smile>

 Comments made in the RTC that were not relevant to Atari at NAMM have
 been edited out of this transcript.


                             January 18, 1992

 Bob is on the phone, having problems getting online.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Hmmm...Anybody know the booth phone number at NAMM?

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>
 Hmmm.  Line noise?

 ** <ISD> is here.

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>
 Hey Nate!

 ** <[BOB on Phone] ISD> was <ISD>.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Hi, Nathan.  Hi Bob on Phone.

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>
 Hi Bob on Phone! <G>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Hi ALL. Its Nathan with Bob on my phone.  He couldn't get a clean line
 out of his hotel.

 Hi Everyone!

 Bob says hi to all too.

                              <[(Lee)] OFFY>
 'lo Bob.

 hi bob, the wind chill factor is below zero today in michigan

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 So, what's happening at this whacky NAMM thing?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Bob says its too darn hot in their booth

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>

 send me some of that heat, i need it.

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Nathan says its -27 so lack of sympathy is to be expected

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>
 Poor baby ;-)

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Signing up NEW Dealers.  Including LARGE Piano and Organ chain in

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 That oughtta please Lloyd.

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 They held a Developer Conference today for all the Music Devs which went
 extraordib`narily well.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Which companies were represented there, Bob, at the Dev Con?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Last developer conference that I (BOB) attended was a few years back.
 This one went much much smoother, probably because we fed ISD> them :-)

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>
 extraordib'narily? Sounds like Bob's been hitting the bottle<G>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 One of the more exciting developments is that we have Computer
 Chronicles filming the Atari music booth and interviewing us about our
 place in the market.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 All right!  When will it air!?

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Airing Nationally the week of February 25, 1992. I recall that I
 (Nathan) along with a few others appeared on Computer Chronicles once
 upon a time. It was scary. I'd never done TV. :-)

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Hey, this is great!

 Our group has that one videotaped. You were really cute on camera,

 I think I still have a tape of that, Nathan <evil grin>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 This particular show will come MIDI Music including coverage of the
 entire NAMM show, coverage of those other platforms too so it will not
 be exclusively Atari but we should do real well by them.

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Dorothy :-)

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Are the other platforms present in equivalent force.

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Two Press Conferences have been held so far, both of which have been
 standing room only events.

 (wild applause from Nathan)

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 One of the things that has caused the greatest stir here is the alliance
 between Fostex, Atari. Dr. T's, Steinberg and C-Lab to bring state of
 the art midi control to multiple track tape systems.

 Any questions please?

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 I already asked questions.

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 What were they Dorothy? :-)

                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>
 In general, how has the response been to Atari, as opposed to other

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Which devs came to the dev conference?

 Did devs who normally write for other platforms come?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Ted, the only other system exhibiting at the show is IBM.  Neither Apple
 nor Amiga deigned to participate.

 The Developers that attended the conference were most everyone in the
 music midi field as they are all long-time Atari supporters regardless.
 Hybrid Arts, Amadeus, Codehead, C-Lab, Steinberg Dr.T's, etc..


                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>
 Is Atari making any new converts?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Ted, ABSOLUTELY, reflected and proven by the fact of NEW DEALER SIGNUPS
 at the show WITH opening order in hand!!!!!!!

                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 We will be making the IAAD aware of the identity of the new Dealers so
 that we can broaden their horizons. :-)

 As Nevin, the IAAD President is in attendance, he's right on top of

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 For those that have just joined in, I have BOB with me on the phone as
 his telephone line acted up on him.

                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>
 Outstanding! Will they primarily be MIDI/music stores, or computer

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 This is the NAMM show. The primary thrust is certainly midi.

 Make that Midi. :-)

 hey what's happening?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Hi G.Finsrud

 Bob is giving us information from the NAMM show, but had technical
 difficulties with his phone so we are relaying the information.


                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>
 What is the response like to the notebook?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 I am on Hold for a second.


 any news that I missed?

 Is there any answer to the "when" question about the ST Book?

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 You missed all the news, Anthony.


 Atari is having a good show at NAMM


                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 New Dealers, A new Chain of Dealers

 MIDI developers and dealers are quite receptive

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Like they are going to be on Computer Chronicles the week of Feb 25!

 Major conference with MIDI devs, major press coverage.

 You're kidding! What's the new chain of dealers?

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 It's in California.

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 Midi Chain

                        <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE>
 Chain of music/MIDI dealers in CA.

 California! Is that anywhere near the US?

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 I think it's a little farther away from the US each year.

 Any news for the continental US market? :)

 Did they annouce when the ST Book will be available?

                           <[BOB on Phone] ISD>
 I've lost Bob (sigh) He's been having really bad trouble with his line
 but he's about to call Sandy's. :-)

 ** <[Nathan] ISD> was <[BOB on Phone] ISD>.

 I've got Bob now.

 ** <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> was <SANDY.W>.

                              <[Nathan] ISD>
 Sandy now has Bob and I have to go do a birthday party for my
 daughter. Bye all

 What will Computer Chronicles cover? Also, any print coverage?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 The ST Book will ship in quantity in March.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Bye Nathan!

 ** <[Nathan] ISD> has left.

 What quantity? 3?


                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 The CC thing will cover the whole NAMM show, not just us.

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 The commitment is for a 4 meg machine only.  Figure price is to be in
 the area of $2300.

 So we'll see as much as ABC Business World! Great!

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 But there's not too much competition there, as Apple and Amiga didn't
 show up.

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Machines of 1 meg configuration will be made available to developers
 sometime next month.

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>
 Dot what have I missed?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 A transcript wil be posted later.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Neat stuff, mostly, John.

 is the 1.44 drive in yet?  and why not! :)

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>
 Say 'Hi' to Bob for me :-)

 Good luck and much fun at NAMM!!  ...Later

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 A promotion for new dealers at the show only is called "Do the Loop".

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 What loop?

 Must be one of those MIDI-ese things.

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 When they place an order at the show, they then visit each station at
 the Atari booth, carrying a card that we provide them listing the
 stations. Once they complete the stations, they are eligable for a
 drawing for a TT system.

 How are MIDI users responding? Any pick-up in Atari sales/outlook?

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Cute, make 'em work for it. Oughtta use that idea at regular shows. ;-)

 Good idea! I hope they're responding favorably!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 New dealers are signing up including one of the largest piano/organ
 dealers in California

 One of the largest???

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Yes, one of the largest.

 What about New York City? Have they heard of the East Coast out west?

 You remember us???? Without us the WEST would be owned by somebody else!


                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 There are already too very large music dealers in NY.  Sam Ash and
 Manny's.  Along with another "little" outfit called J & R Music World.

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Are they in attendance?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 They are in attendance.

 Seriously, though, any idea on Atari's direction (MIDI or otherwise) for
 Europe when they go as one?

 Hey J&R doesn't have Amiga in this catalog but they still have atari and
 now Apple...yuck!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 There are some European developers in attendance, there will be an
 equivalent show in Europe later this year.

 Has the show mood been positive? Are they "turning the tide" in regards
 to dealers/devs in the MIDI market?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Anthony must have come in late <grin>

 yes ma'am

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 He missed the announcement about the standing room only press
 conferences and signing up of new dealers.

 SRO!!!! :-)

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Yep. Twice!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 And the Computer Chronicles TV show is taping at the booth.  It has a
 weekly audience of 700,000 people. Shown on PBS nationwide.

                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>
 Has most of the interest been for ST's, ST book, TT, or software?

 Will Atari be able to supply these dealers? Are they sure? And will this
 effect other dealers?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 They are filming the crowds in the Atari booth as we speak.

                            <[Zubbie] SPECTER>

 Like right now?


                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 You know, it's like early afternoon there.

 Can I say something to my Mom on TV?

 hi MOM!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Ted - It has been a combination of both. Atari has an excellent name in
 the music market place.

 There is substantial interest in the hardware.

 What's the name? Tell us!! Tell us!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 There seems to be particular interest in Mega STe's.

 We are excited that Hybrid Arts has returned to the market with such
 zeel, under new leadership.

 Cubase has been upgraded to work on a TT.

 All of Dr. T's products work on a TT.


                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 C Lab has comitted to upgrade their products to work on the TT by the
 end of the year.

 (Upgreades! Upgrades! Upgrades! <grin>)

 Great news!

 I hope Atari will be able to supply the market much more smoothly now.

 Things sound exciting! Any news about what will be shown at CeBit?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Anthony - Let us get through one show before we worry about the
 next.  <grin>

 You can count on new product announcements being made at CeBit.

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>
 Is that new Mono monitor there?

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 John - Yes it is, and it is being very well received by the dealers.

 Sounds good! Well, have an exciting afternoon...whoa! Really? That's
 great! Now about that TT trade-in program........ :-) bye all

                        <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Well, best of luck at the rest of NAMM, Bob! Hope to have a full report
 next Wednesday night!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Any other questions?

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>

                           <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3>
 Bob and Sandy, thanks for all the news. I'll pass it along to some of
 the locals. TTFN

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 If there are no further questions, thanks to everyone for coming.

 There will be copies of all the NAMM press release in this week's Z*Net.

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>
 Is Atari going to make a deal with a speaker CO. to provide a cupon or
 something so Atari people can get a decent (how about BOSE) speakers
 system for our computers? (This is a hint BTW)

 Seems like NAMM should be a good place to set that deal up!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 We have a working relationship with Fostex. They make high quality
 multiple track tape recorders.

 I like your idea and will look into it.

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>
 Great! Tell bob to have FUN!!!!! And I'll call him during the Week!

                         <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W>
 Great. I will be back in the office on Tuesday.

                          <[John Cole] J.COLE18>
 talk to you then.  have fun!

   (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature        "...from a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 From RMORROW on Delphi....

  STalker 3.01 is now out. I've been beta testing it for the past two
  months, now I can breathe!

  Some of the changes:

  The ability to write scripts is now there.

  The write_script() command in BackTALK now can truly write a logon
  script for you. It's neat.

  ZModem transfers got a slight speed increase due to a rewriting of the
  code there. Basically, in 3.00 there were 3 BIOS calls for each
  character sent or received, now only 2 BIOS calls are necessary. With
  an 8MHz system running at 19,200 the difference is unreal.

  [Undo] stops file transfers, in fact it is the preferred way at high
  speeds since STalker may not 'see' the mouse pointer clicking on Abort

  STalker used to bomb if no VDI stations were present at bootup; now it
  exits nicely.

  "Send Text to Printer" now works.

  The TT's Serial 2 port actually supports DTR, so 3.01 can too.

  While doing file transfer, the [Insert] key removes/restores the file
  transfer window.

  The BackTALK compiler (v1.01 now) has been enhanced to provide tighter
  code and to handle new commands.

  The new Atari-standard Clipboard format is now supported, and it is
  backwards compatible with the old system. Use the new system only if
  you use the CPX, IMHO. (CPX= Extensible control Panel)

  Various redraw/appearance problems were fixed.

  New versions of Auxinit and Buf_siz.btk are used, they handle TT and
  MSTe ports in addition to the ST's serial port. (Separate copy required
  for each port hose buffer you wish to expand)


 From Dan McNamee (Atari) - Cat. 14, Topic 10, Msg. 37 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

  ....As to the hard drive problem, never, ever, for any reason turn off
  the hard drive while the computer is on and continue to use the
  computer, let alone turn it back on expecting everything to be OK. This
  can cause many problems, such as trashing your hard drive. You never
  have to turn off you hard drive to give it a rest, hard drives are more
  than happy to be left on all the time. Mine at work have been on for as
  long as I have had them (minus moving time when my office location has
  changed). As a matter of fact, you can do more damage to your drive
  turning it on and off several times a day.

  Disk platters have quite a bit of mass, and it takes a lot of effort of
  the motor's part to get that mass up to speed, which causes a lot of
  wear and tear on the motor.


 From JBEU on Delphi...

  UNSOLICITED PLUG: For you hard drive owners who find that you *often*
  reach the end of your storage and have to start moving things off of
  the HD you would perfer to have GOT to get DATA DIET.

  DATA DIET from Double click has given each of my 44meg SYQUEST
  cartridges the approximate storage ability of 65megs. With the two
  SYQUESTS online I am now up to 120-130 megs of virtual storage space on
  88megs of actual HD drive. I've used it for a couple of months now
  active non-stop in my system and it works without a hitch (NOTE: this
  is mainly due to the fact that I READ THE MANUAL and FOLLOWED THE

  For those who would like to know and don't, DATA DIET is an AUTO folder
  program/ACCESSORY combination that works in the background. Whenever I
  write to the hard drive DD intercepts the data and very, very quickly
  compresses the data (like an arc or an lzh file is compressed) before
  it actually written to the drive. Whenever the computer attempts to
  read *dietized* data file DD intercepts the data and(wow-fast)
  uncompresses it for the computer. It only dietizes data files. Program
  files (PRG, ACC,TTP, and TOS) are excluded from the process and can be
  permanently dietized themselves with DC SQUISH.

  Even though the dietization of data files is wow-fast, when I'm working
  on a large program with large files like CALAMUS, even that slowdown in
  speed is actually noticable, especially since saving often is a must.
  Well, DATA DIET deals with that nicely as well. I have configured DD to
  only do the dietization of files when I exit a program. When I am in
  CALAMUS and working away saves occur at normal speed, and when I exit I
  can actually see the computer stop for about 5-10 seconds and watch as
  it lists all the files I had accessed in the last session scroll by as
  they are now dietized. Very nifty.

  The real kicker for me was when I discovered that it could do this save
  later technique even I forgot to exit the program and truned off the
  computer after my last save instead of exiting the program. The next
  time I boot the computer, when I see DATA DIET load...*bingo* there is
  the list of files I had been working scrolling by as they are NOW being
  dietized...really cool.

  Obviously I LOVE this program. I was as wary of it as my friends were,
  but for me the test of time has proven it I have a good
  backup system with the two SYQUEST drives. I have not been paid in any
  way to make this long-winded plug..I am just sold on this product. And
  the HD space savings alone is worth the $59 asking price. Remember, it
  can add 20-50% more virtual storage on any hard drive. I had 5 SYQUEST
  cartridges of 44megs = 220 megs. For $59 those same cartridges hold
  about 300-310megs of info...when was the last time you bought 110 megs
  of hard drive storage for $59. And every HD you own will experience
  this savings but you pay the $59 once...think about it.


 One person reported about a friend having a defective DMA chip in his
 MegaST and asked Atari on what their repair/replacement policies are.
 From Dan McNamee (Atari) - Cat. 14, Topic 5, Msg. 124 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

  If your friend sends in his Mega 4 to us, he will get in return a Mega
  2 STe under the repair/replacement plan. The fee is $399 plus shipping
  and handling. For further information, have him contact Carl Bacanni in
  Customer Relations.


 From Ed Krimen - Cat. 2, Topic 42, Msg. 61 - from the ST Roundtable on

  I opened up my new DB II package tonight and I must say that I really
  like the manual. I think the Bloom County characters really add a nice
  touch, and I *NEVER* read the comics in the newspapers. :^) The feel
  and overall look of the manual is a nice change from the usual Gribnif/
  Double-Click/CodeHead glossy-smooth cover. I expect it to get even
  better when I open that little envelope attached to the inside-back-

  Now that I've read the entire manual, I must say it's one of the most
  clearly- written and easy-to-understand manuals I've read. You can tell
  that Bob really cares about his product. Kudos!


 From Dan Ward - Cat. 11, Topic 10, Msg. 1 - from the ST Roundtable on

  Mid-Indiana ST is making plans for MIST Atarifest IV to be held in
  Indianapolis on July 25, 1992.

  This annual event has become the premier "Small Show" of the mid-west.
  Each year the show has grown in size and stature. Last year over 500
  individuals from as far away as Alabama, Kansas, and Penns ylvania made
  the trek to Indianapolis.

  We hope you start making plans now to attend this worthwhile event! We
  will be providing periodic updates as July 25 nears. If you require
  more information about last years show, want to offer suggestions for
  this years show, or just want ot say hello then please contact Dan Ward
  on GEnie (D.WARD10).


 From Ron Robinson - Cat. 15, Topic 4, Msg. 3 - from the ST Roundtable on

            ******************* SPECIAL OFFER ****************


                         Atari Advantage Magazine!

        The authoritative magazine for ST/STE/TT computer systems.

  From the creators of ST Informer Magazine comes the most comprehensive,
  information packed Atari specific magazine ever. Atari Advantage will
  continue ST Informer's style of hard-hitting in-depth product reviews,
  informative articles, wide spread show coverage, and most

  It will be just as fast!

  We are also going to include more up to the minute new product announ-
  cements and upgrade information, a much expanded business department,
  more industry news, constant coverage of personalities in the Atari
  community, educational reviews, and a renewed committment to the use of
  MIDI and the Atari.

  We at Atari Advantage have wanted to create a publication to satisfy
  the needs of the new breed of Atari user. Now that we have the chance,
  look out! When you see our first issue you'll see what we mean. Atari
  Advantage will offer something for everyone.

  Want to experience the Atari Advantage? Just print this simple form,
  fill it out (yes, even the signature...), and send it in. What you'll
  get in return is a free sample issue sent right to your home, with no
  obligation to buy. That's right! You can still get something for
  nothing! (Well, o.k. it will cost you some paper and a stamp, but heck
  that's almost nothing...right?)

  Already know you want to get the Advantage every month? A one year
  charter subscription is only $11.00 (cheap!) That's half the regular
  subscription price of $22.00! Of course there is a catch, we have to
  receive your subscription and payment before March 15th in order to

                         Atari Advantage Magazine
                                PO Box 803
                             Merlin, OR 97532
                              (503) 476-3578

  ( ) YES! I want to take advantage of your special offer. Send me the
      next 12 issues (1 year) of Atari Advantage for the charter
      subscription price of $11. I understand that my order must be
      received before March 15, 1992 for this special offer.

  ( ) BILL ME.

  ( ) Payment enclosed.

  ( ) YES! Please send me the charter issue of Atari Advantage. I will
      look it over and then decide whether to subscribe later at the full
      price of $22. The charter issue is mine to keep.

  *   In Canada and Mexico add $6 for postage; outside the U.S., Canada
      and Mexico add $10 for postage. Subscriptions payable in U.S.

  Name ____________________________________________________________

  Address _________________________________________________________

  City ____________________________________________________________

  State, Zip ______________________________________________________

  Phone _____________________________

  Signature _______________________________________________________
                  (Signature required for processing)


 From Ken Brooks (New Horizon) - Cat. 4, Topic 19, Msg. 27 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

        ************************* UPDATE *************************

  The TT/32 boards arrived and have been shipped to those who have
  ordered! Note that we rushed these boards out to you by Purolator
  and/or Airborne Express overnight and did not stop except to package
  and address the boards as needed. When you receive the board and are
  about to install it to your TT, adhere to the following:

  1) In a standard 4Mb configuration, your 1x8 or 1x9 SIMM panels are all
  to be installed in Bank #1 of the board, not in Bank #2 at all!!!

  2) The SIMM panels are to be installed with the RAM chips towards the
  front of the TT case. Put the most forward SIMM panels in place first
  and then the ones immediately behind in succession. Snap them carefully
  into place. Don't forget to insulate the board from the metal RF
  shielding as we instructed in our installation letter in t he box.

  3) The boards were not delivered to us with the jumpers set for a
  standard 4Mb setup. There are 3 sets of 3 pins on the board with
  jumpers (9 pins in all). The standard 4Mb configuration requires all
  the sets to be jumpered on pins 2-3, 2-3 and 2-3.

  Call us or leave us EMail if you have any difficulty at all.

  Keith Brooks & Bruce Klassen
  New Horizon Computer Systems Ltd.
  Calgary, Alberta


 Until next week.....


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 As a reader of STReport International Online Magazine, you are entitled to
 take advantage of a special DELPHI membership offer.  For only $29.95 ($20
 off the standard membership price!), you will receive a lifetime subscrip-
 tion to DELPHI, a copy of the 500-page DELPHI: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE and over
 $14 worth of free time.

  NOTE: Special offers can be found in your favorite Atari magazines:

              START             CURRENT NOTES         ST INFORMER
                          ATARI INTERFACE MAGAZINE

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

     1. Dial 617-576-0862 with any terminal or PC  and modem  (at 2400 bps,
        dial 576-2981).
     2. At the Username prompt, type JOINDELPHI.
     3. At the Password prompt enter STREPORT.

 For more information, call DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005, or at
 617-491-3393 from within Massachusetts or from outside the U.S.

 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

                           SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

     Beginning September  1, 1990,  DELPHI will  begin offering  a new plan
 that will  save you  money!   The new  plan is  called the 20/20 Advantage
 Plan and it features 20 hours online for just $20  a month!  The $20  is a
 monthly fee  that covers  your first  20 hours online via direct dial into
 one of DELPHI's two  direct-access lines,  or via  a special  Tymnet 20/20
 Access code.   It  also gets you additional hours at just $1.20 per hour.
 And you get free access to several  services  on  DELPHI  as  part  of the
 Advantage Perks.

     Other telecom  services may  have additional charges.  Canadian Tymnet
 users have an additional telecom charge.  Office Time access (7 a.m.  to 7
 p.m., weekdays)  may have  an additional  charge.    And  of course, other
 restrictions may apply.  But this is still an amazing deal!

     For more information, contact DELPHI  at  1-800-544-4005  and  ask for
 Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > CALAMUS SL NOW! STR InfoFile     Calamus SL  _Transforms_  Calamus!!

                                                       January 17, 1992
 ISD Marketing, Inc.
 Toronto Canada

     Over the  course of  the past few months I have been observing one new
 release or upgrade after another, in  the field  of desktop  publishing on
 the Atari platform.  I was well aware of the fact that Atari-based desktop
 publishing was  coming  of  age  with  some  notable  releases, definitely
 comparable to  the best available on any other computer platform.  The old
 axiom "last but not least" almost applies in this case  because Calamus SL
 is certainly  not "least"  in comparison  to any  other desktop publishing
 software and I suspect it won't be the last either.  :-) I've followed the
 marketing hype  surrounding new  product and  have made a point of staying
 mostly quiet, knowing that my time  was  fast  approaching.    I  have not
 pre-sold nor  pre-advertised.   What I have done is insure that Calamus SL
 would be released in North America, Australia and  New Zealand  exactly at
 the correct time.  And that time is now!

     It brings  me great  pleasure to  announce the  release of Calamus SL.
 For those of you that have waited patiently for so long, please  accept my
 sincere thank you.

                    Calamus SL  _Transforms_  Calamus!!

     ISD is  proud to  present Calamus  SL.  Consider this a new entry into
 the field of desktop publishing.  SL marks  the transformation  of Calamus
 from  an   excellent  desktop  publishing  program  to  an  expansive  DTP
 environment.   With its new modular design, Calamus has  become the center
 of a powerful and ever-expanding universe of DTP tools.

     As a  Calamus owner, you will be able to purchase modules to suit your
 specific needs.  Development continues on many additional modules.

                      "What You Need Is What You Get"

     ISD brings "WYNIWYG" to desktop publishing.  The modular concept means
 that you  purchase exactly  what you  need today,  with the knowledge that
 additional modules are available when you  require them.   Your  choice is
 now easier  and more  economical since  you will be purchasing specialized
 modules rather than entire packages.

     We believe that you will  enjoy  working  with  Calamus  SL,  not only
 because of  its new power, but because of its similarity to Calamus 1.09N.
 The skills you have already developed will still  be applicable  in SL and
 your productivity will increase.

 The basic Calamus SL package contains the following:

     *  A new 600 page manual.                *  Three program disks

     *  Clipboard Module                      *  Page Module
     *  Frame Module                          *  Text Module
     *  Text Style Module                     *  Line Module
     *  Raster Area Module                    *  Document Converter

           We have also decided to bundle two additional modules
         (for a limited time only!) with your Calamus SL package.

     *  PKS Write                             *  Raster Generator

     Further, we  will also bundle two AGFA Compugraphic font families with
 Calamus SL; specifically CG Times and  CG Triumvirate.   (Note:  For those
 that already  own these  fonts, we  will provide you with equivalent value
 fonts instead.)

     While the  interface and  command structure  are essentially unchanged
 from earlier versions, the standard elements have been greatly expanded.

     Calamus SL contains dozens of new features and powerful enhancements:

  * Above all else, The ability to accept modules, internal or 3rd party;

  * The  ability to process and pre-process large passages of text with
    speed and precision.

  * Extended raster control with freely definable raster angles and widths.
    Intensity and contrast can now be corrected, while an integral
    histogram allows you to optimise an image for your output device.

  * The PKS-Write Text Editor provides standard wordprocessing functions
    plus the ability to edit layout information.

  * The addition of Cache and Virtual Memory speeds up and extends
    memory-dependent functions.

  * Create hundreds of macros, each assigned to a definable key binding
    which can be saved and automatically installed in each work session.

  * Open up to seven documents at one time allowing cut & paste to your new
    scrolling clipboard.

  * Create and assign master pages (style sheets).

  * Create and save text style lists.

  * Create registration and crop marks for overlay and finishing work.

  * Expand, compress and skew text.

  * Rotate and mirror frames.

  * Control frame placement and size to 7 decimal places.

  * Print parts of pages (tiling).

  * Define more than 16 million colors and save in color lists.

  * Set units of measurement for pages, fonts and lines.

  * Choose from three frame display modes; Transparent, Opaque and

  * Align frames to other frames.

  * Define vertical alignment settings.

     Currently, more  than  a  dozen  modules  and  scores  of  drivers are
 available for  use with Calamus SL.  We will publicize the availability of
 new modules, drivers and  upgrades  through  our  normal  Customer Support
 channels, as well as through periodic mailings to our registered users.

     Calamus SL  has a  suggested retail  price of  US $795.00.  We do take
 into consideration your previous purchase.   Calamus 1.09N  retails for US
 $299.95, a difference of approximately US $500.00.

     Our upgrade charge to our REGISTERED 1.09N customers is US $200.00
 which includes the new manual and program as well as the AGFA Compugraphic
 fonts and modules as indicated on  the  preceding  page.      Our personal
 commitment  for  1992  as  a  company, is to offer unprecedented VALUE and
 SUPPORT to our customers.

     We currently have three  modules available  for separate  purchase, as
 part  of  our  decision  to  offer you "WYNIWYG"; Speed Line (auto-tracer)
 Module, Color Separation Module and Vector Graphic Editor Module.

                          SPEED LINE AUTO-TRACER

     Speed  Line  brings  Monochrome  Auto-tracing  to  Calamus  converting
 illustrations  into  vector  graphics.    It automatically creates vectors
 utilizing (Bezier) curves, lines and areas.  The simplified user interface
 offers several  optimizing functions  to enable  you to define line, angle
 and pixel correction together  with conversion  options for  Bezier curves
 and line  art.   The Speed Line Auto-tracer converts a raster graphic to a
 vector graphic within seconds, which can  then be  modified by  any of the
 existing  Calamus  drawings  tools,  particularly  those  contained in the
 Vector Graphic module or Outline Art.  Your cost US $49.95.

                             COLOR SEPARATION

     Our color separation module allows you  to define  separation filters,
 including the definition of undercolor removal and adornment (spot color).
 This module allows the use of  CYMK, CMY  and IHS  models, as  well as the
 capability to  support new models such as Pantone, HKS and Truematch, once
 they become available.  Your cost for this module is US $49.95.

                           VECTOR GRAPHIC EDITOR

     Our Vector  Editor allows  the creation  and editing  of monochrome or
 color vector  graphics, editing  of polylines  for irregular text flow and
 much much more.  I have enclosed a  few snap  shots of  the many features.
 This is  the perfect  internal tool  for editing  of auto-traced graphics.
 You can join sub-paths,  distort and  freely rotate  all elements  or even
 apply different  colors to  every vector graphic part.  Your cost for this
 module is US $99.95.

     Please, place your order for Calamus SL NOW as well as ordering any of
 the three additional modules you may require.  Orders can be sent in Email
 to ISD along with your Visa  or Mastercard  number, by  telephone at (416)
 479-1880 or by mailing in your money order to:

                           ISD Marketing, Inc.,
                        2800 John Street, Unit # 15
                             Markham, Ontario
                              Canada L3R 0E2

     Expect 3 new modules to become available within the next 60 days
              including Dataformer, (both raster and vector),
                        Mount & Print and Job List.

     ISD Marketing, Inc.  is proud to announce the second annual Creativity
 and Design  Contest....again.   Apparently, we  announced it  on GEnie, we
 made a  Press Release  to the  Atari publications including Atari Explorer
 which carried a few pages on our contest in their last issue, but we never
 did the mailout to our REGISTERED customer base.  Please accept my sincere
 apologies for this error.  Under  the  circumstances,  I  have  decided to
 extend the  contest until February 28, 1992.  I sincerly apologize for any
 inconvenience that this may cause.

     Your entry may once again be either text, graphics or a combination of
 both.    You  may  submit  business  card  designs, logos, fonts, freehand
 drawings, posters, illustrations, cartoons  and  graphic  effects  just to
 name a  few examples,  as long as you use any one of the Calamus family of
 products; this includes Calamus,  Outline  Art,  the  Font  Editor  or any
 combination of the three to create your originals.

     The  contest  will  run  effective  August 20, 1991 until February 28,
 1992.  Winners will be selected  from the  files uploaded  into our E-mail
 address on  Compuserve at  76004,2246, Delphi  at ISDMARKETING or GEnie at
 ISD or mailed directly to our offices at:

                            ISD Marketing, Inc.
                              P.O.  Box 3070
                          Markham Industrial Park
                     Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 6G4

 Mailed entries must be postmarked no  later  than  February  28,  1992 and
 received by us in house by March 15, 1992 to qualify for entry.

     You must  be a  REGISTERED OWNER of either Calamus, Outline Art or the
 Font Editor in order to enter.  Note: If you  have recently  purchased any
 of these  products but  have not  yet had  the opportunity to send in your
 registration card, then please send it with your entry.

     You may enter as many times as you choose but  any one  individual may
 only win  once.  Although the author shall retain any copyright to his/her
 entry, all  winning  files  shall  be  considered  "publicly distributable
 files" and  may be  made available for downloading from CompuServe, Delphi
 and GEnie.  As well,  the  winning  entries  will  be  published  in Atari
 Explorer Magazine,  our official  magazine sponsor,  with the author named
 and the prize indicated.


                $1,500.00 worth of AGFA Compugraphic fonts
                             for use in either
                          CALAMUS or OUTLINE Art.

                       An Atari SLM605 Laser Printer


                       A complete CALAMUS SL PACKAGE


     Complete font packages from  both  Cherry  Fonts  and  MS  Designs and
 $100.00 connect  time credit  to be  applied to  your CompuServe, GEnie or
 Delphi account.  One subscription from Atari Explorer  will go  to each of
 our winners.

     The judges  for this  contest are:  Geoffrey Earle, General Manager of
 Atari (Canada) Corp., John Jainschigg  (Editor)  and  Marc  Needleman (Art
 Director) of  Atari Explorer,  and Mario  Georgiou (Graphic Artist) of ISD
 Marketing.  The decision of the judges is final.

                              :CONTEST RULES:

 1.    The  ISD  Marketing,  Inc.    Creativity  and  Design  Contest  is a
 skill-based contest  for any  person who is a properly registered owner of
 any of the Calamus family of products.   Participation in  this contest is
 open to  residents of  Canada, United  States, Australia  and New Zealand,
 providing that  their  Calamus  product  is  the  one  published  by Ditek
 International or  ISD Marketing.   Employees of CompuServe, Delphi, GEnie,
 ISD Marketing, Inc., Ditek International, DMC, Atari Explorer, Atari Corp.
 and   all   Atari   Subsiduaries,   SysOps,   GameOps,  their  affiliates,
 subsidiaries, advertising agencies, and immediate families  are ineligible
 to win prizes.  This contest is subject to all local, state/provincial and
 federal regulations and is void where  prohibited by  law.   All taxes are
 the sole responsibility of the winners.

 2.    From August 20, 1991 at 12:01 AM EST to February 28, 1992, 11:59 EST
 those who meet the above eligibility  requirements can  enter the contest.
 The files  can be uploaded directly to the ISD Marketing Email accounts on
 CompuServe, Delphi or GEnie or submitted  by mail  directly to  ISD at our
 mailing address  indicated above.   (Note: Entries will not be accepted by
 courier.  Use regular  mail only.)  One winner  and 4  runner ups  will be

 3.    The  decision of the judges is final and not reviewable by any other
 person, agency, or tribunal.   Winners  will  be  notified  by CompuServe,
 Delphi or  GEnie EMail and/or regular mail on or about March 30, 1992, and
 their names will be published online in the Atari Forums on CompuServe and
 Delphi,  the  Atari  RT  on  GEnie  and in Atari Explorer along with their
 winning submission.

 4.   This contest may be publicized outside those  venues indicated above.
 No prize  may be  exchanged, substituted,  modified, or redeemed for cash.
 Prizes are not transferrable.  Prizes won by entrants under the age  of 18
 will be awarded to the winner's parent or legal guardian.  All prizes will
 be  awarded  and  mailed  to  the  winner's  address  as  shown  on  their
 registration  form.    By  acceptance  of their prizes, winners consent to
 publication of their names, likenesses,  and/or  User  ID  without further
 compensation for  advertising or promotional purposes.  Prizes not claimed
 after 21 days of the day of notification, for any  reason whatsoever, will
 be forfeited.   Prize  winners may  be required to execute an affidavit of
 eligibility  and  publicity  release  within  21   days  of  notification.
 Non-compliance within this time period will result in disqualification and
 an alternate winner will be selected.

                              I wish all entrants the very best of luck.

                      TURBO 030 from Fast Technology

     I am pleased  to  announce  the  release  of  the  new  TURBO030 board
 designed  and  built  by  Jim  Allen  of  FAST TECHNOLOGY.  I have had the
 pleasure of working closely with Jim over these  past months,  testing the
 TURBO030  board  with  Calamus,  Calamus  SL, DynaCADD, Cranach Studio and
 more.  The result is truly amazing.  In fact,  I am  taking this  one step
 further and  have formed  an association with Mr.  Allen in order to offer
 this product directly to my own customers.

     TURBO030 performs as if  specifically designed  for Mega  ST, DynaCADD
 and  Calamus  owners  was.    For  those  of you using our products
 professionally, it becomes very easy to justify the  cost of  the TURBO030
 board based on the obvious and immediate increase in productivity.  I have
 been examining this issue from all sides, based  upon my  own knowledge of
 the market.   Taking  into consideration  the investment  you have already
 made in  your system  i.e., Mega  ST4, SM124,  Moniterm or  ISAC board and
 associated monitors,  an investment  none of  us have any wish to forfeit,
 the TURBO030, in my opinion, is a natural upgrade path.

     The TURBO030  offers  a  substantial  increase  in speed=productivity,
     while preserving your previous investment.

     Using  the  TURBO030,  screen  redraws  in  Calamus  are instant.  The
     Printer.CDK, for example, heads for  the  SLM605  in  about  5 seconds
     while DynaCADD  can repaint the T20 Tigershark in about 3 seconds flat
     instead of 72 seconds.  If time is money to you, this board is a MUST!

     The TURBO030 is a complete MegaST system enhancement.   Using  a 68030
     processor running  at 40  Mhz, and  an optional (US $299.95) 68882 FPU
     math  coprocessor  running  at  50  or  60Mhz,  the  TURBO030 provides
     STATE-OF-THE-ART processing speed.

     Backing up  the 68030  is 4  Megabytes of  32 bit burst mode ram which
     REPLACES your MegaST4's 16 bit ram.

     Accompanying the  68030 is  a standard  68000 chip  to ensure complete
     software compatibility with older software utilities.

     The  TURBO030  design  is  totally  ST compatible, so it runs Calamus,
     Calamus SL, and DynaCADD without difficulty.

     The speed increase, compared to  other  upgrade  options,  either from
     Atari or other third party developers, is truly impressive.

     The suggested  retail price of the TURBO030, fully loaded as described
 above, is US $1,995.00.  For a limited time only,  the cost  to registered
 customers of ISD is US $1,495.00, a savings of $500.00.

     For  those  who  are  more  budget  conscious, we have also arranged a
 saving on Jim's  second  board  configuration,  specifically,  the  40 Mhz
 TURBO030, equipped with a Static Ram Cache which will bring your system up
 to TT speed.  The suggested retail price  of this  board is  US $1,195.00.
 To all  our registered customers, this board is only US $995.00, a savings
 of $200.00.


     It is not recommended that you  install this  board yourself.   Either
 make arrangements  to have  this done by your local Atari Dealer or we can
 have it done here, for Canadian  customers, or  at Fast  Technology for US
 customers, for  a flat  fee of  $100.00.   Please allow  up to 6 weeks for
 delivery.  However, if you currently own a T16, you can simply  remove the
 T16 and insert the TURBO030 into the socket.

                           *  ORDER FORM  *

                             CALAMUS SERIAL NUMBER_________________________

 NAME _____________________________________________________________________
 ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________
 CITY ___________________________PROVINCE / STATE _________________________
 COUNTRY _________________________POSTAL CODE / ZIP CODE __________________
 TEL. # WORK ____________________________HOME _____________________________
 VISA <>  M/C <> # _______________________________________EXP.DATE __/__/__

 SIGNATURE ________________________________________________________________

                                             US $       CDN $

 Upgrade to Calamus SL                     $200.00      $229.00

 Vector Line Art Editor Module              $99.95      $115.00

 Speed Line Auto trace Module               $49.95       $55.00

 Color Separation Module                    $49.95       $55.00

 The Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing    $29.95       $34.95

 (ends Feb.  28/92)                         $149.95      $169.95

 Vector Clip Art Library (all 3 sets)       $99.95      $119.95

 The Calamus Font Editor PROMOTION          $49.95       $59.95

 Fast Technology's 40 mhz TURBO 030       $1495.00     $1695.00
 Fully loaded

 Fast Technology 40 mhz TURBO 030          $995.00     $1155.00
 Static Ram Cache 68030

            AGFA Compugraphic Fonts.  SPECIAL (ends Feb. 28/92)
                          BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!

 Ontario residents, please add 8% Sales tax.  Canadian customers please
 include 7% GST

                           ISD Marketing, Inc.,
                        2800 John Street, Unit # 15
                             Markham, Ontario
                              Canada L3R 0E2


 > STR Portfolio News & Information            Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     BJ Gleason has uploaded two interesting spreadsheets. WIND.ZIP will
 calculate the windchill factor. LAMBDA.ZIP computes the size of pipes
 needed for heating systems. Another upload by BJ is PA09.TXT, issue 9 of
 Portable Addiction.

     For programmers, BJ has RTMEM.ZIP. This PC program will simulate the
 limited memory of the Portfolio. Memory size can be specified.

     Marty Mankins has announced an on-line newsletter. Palm-to-Palm will
 feature comparisons between palmtops along with news and reviews. Issue #1
 is in file P2P_01.COM in PREAD format. Look for it monthly in the library.

     HTH.TXT contains a Newspaper column about the Port by Howard
 Blumenthal.  Also by Howard is MACFT.TXT with detailed instructions for
 transferring files to and from a Mac.

     If you are the victim of a forgetful programmer, David Stewart has
 come to the rescue. CURSON.COM is a tiny program to restore the cursor on
 your Port.  Some programs neglect to do this.


 > V.32? CCITT  STR FOCUS   Definitions of various "V" speed modulations


 by Earle Robinson 76004,1762

     Here are brief definitions of the various V speed modulations, plus a
 couple of others of interest.  For comparison, I've added some of the more
 usual Bell ones, too.  Note that AT&T has now ceased trying to dictate
 such standards, and that it is the CCITT, an international body
 responsible for recommending telecommunicating standards, which is the
 focus of all work today.  Here are the most commonly used CCITT
 modulations.  Note that only a few are of interest in the United States:

                          V.22bis, V.29 and V.32.

    V.21     300 bps    incompatible with the Bell 103 modulation.

    V.22    1200 bps    partially compatible with Bell equivalent,212a.

    V.22bis 2400 bps    universally used in the States & elsewhere.

    V.23    1200/75 bps asymmetric protocol used only overseas

    V.26ter 2400 bps    full duplex + echo cancellation. Seldom used today.

    V.29    9600 bps    half duplex protocol, used for group 3 faxes, and
                        in some modems, but with proprietary additions.

    V.32    9600 bps    full duplex.  Lower mfr costs will soon make
                        this speed the standard.  Planned enhancements will
                        increase speed, using some asymmetricity for file

    V.34  >14400 bps    proposed asymmetric high speed modulation. May
                        never see the light of day.

 The most commonly used Bell modulations are:

    103      300 bps    incompatible with CCITT V.21.
    212A    1200 bps    partially compatible with CCITT V.22.
    208     4800 bps    used mostly on leased lines.  Likely to disappear.

 Further CCITT recommendations of interest include:

    V.42    Error correction, in two parts, the main one plus an annex
            which provides compatibility with MNP modems, classes 2, 3, 4.

    V.42bis Compression enhancement to V.42.  Recently approved by CCITT.

    V.25    for parallel automatic dialers, the 2100 hz answer tone.

    V.25bis serial automatic dialing.

    V.24    More or less the CCITT equivalent to RS232.

     There is some logic to the CCITT number, though not terribly
 intuitive.  V.20 through 39 are speed modulations (though V.24 & V.28 are
 interfaces), V.40-V.49 error correction, etc.

     Please note that use of V.32, V.22bis or any other speed modulation
 doesn't preclude the use of an error correction method, be it MNP or V.42.
 Error correction can be at any speed, though for all practical purposes
 you'll find it implemented only for 2400 bps and 9600 bps communications,
 using v.22bis and v.32.  (Robotics does have its own mnp like error
 control with its HST modulation and telebit does something similar with
 its PEP.)



                        TIMEWORKS DESKTOP PUBLISHER

 by Tim Holt
 ACCEPT of El Paso

     Recently, I saw in a British ST magazine that the company GST Software
 Products was updating the old favorite of mine, Timeworks Desktop
 Publisher. The new version is called Timeworks Publisher 2, and since I am
 a purist, and still use Timeworks, I thought I would write a letter to
 them and see what response I would get.  Before I give you the response,
 let me tell you the new improvements for Publisher 2:

 * Revised manual. Hints and tips sections, as well as a DOS command

 * New Installation program, allows you to chose the mouse, screen,
   and printers.

 * Improved Tab handling, and much cleaner menu.

 * 8 style sheets are included, from memos to newsletters.

 * New, scaleable typefaces. You can now generate 7 typefaces plus
   symbols in a wide variety of point sizes.

 * Text wraparound now for irregular shaped objects that is user
   defined. Text now follows the shape of the image.

 * Custom page size up to 22.5 inches square.

 * Up to 999 pages per document.  Add and delete consecutive pages
    up to any number.

 * Page numbering in Roman and numerals or letters or regular

 * Strike through, rounded boxes, and square box has been added to the
   text styles.

 * New text imports: Wordperfect 5, Microsoft Works, and .RFT
   files ( I believe that these are European programs like Volkswriter,
   multimate, and Office Writer).

 * New graphics imports include TIFF and Deluxe Paint.

 * Any text written in the program may now be saved as ASCII for
   loading into other word processors.

 * More printer support, including Canon Bubblejet.

 * Autoflow a large text into as many frames as needed.

 * Frame grouping for easier sizing, resizing, and changing
   position. Similarly, all frames on a single page can now be group

 * Autosave as often as you like, like every five minutes.

 * Makes use of extended or expanded memory, for faster operation.

 * Faster printing. Chose to delete graphics in draft mode for
   quick printouts

     Well, to make a long story short, GST wrote back to me almost
 immediately (total time from my letter to the reply: 12 days!), with
 information that they WOULD honor the US users of Timeworks for the
 upgrades. A full upgrade includes:

                         Timeworks Publisher 2
                        Typographica font software
                        Full Gem set, version 3.11
                  Full manual in Ring binder for storage

 Total price of the upgrade:
                               39.95 pounds
                    20.00 pounds shipping and handling.

 Total, 59.95 POUNDS.

 GST will not accept US dollars, so get your bank to write a check, or they
 will also take Visa.

        If you wish to upgrade, you must send the following:

                          Completed Coupon
                     Timeworks DTP Master Disk
     The page entitled: "User Manual" from the Timeworks manual
                         Check made out to
                     GST Software Products LTD
                  VISA number and expiration date

     The total cost at the present exchange is about $75 and the package
 costs about $1.50 to mail.

     Is it worth it?  Well, I know of a few people that do geneology with
 the ST using "It's All Relative". This program makes a nice book like
 printout by creating a file just for Timeworks DTP.  Since all files from
 Timeworks I are compatible with Timeworks 2, and since "It's All Relative"
 does not support Pagestream or Calamus, then it will be worth the upgrade
 for those folks. For those that are still wading into the DTP pool, and
 haven't joined "the big boys" and are still just making a weekly club
 newsletter, then the upgrade seems like a good deal.  If you are into the
 "serious" DTP, then I think, just by looking at the info that GST sent,
 that Pagestream and Calamus/Calamus SL are the ways to go.

 I fit into the earlier categories.And I will be sending my check off next

 I have included a facsimile of the coupon that GST sent for ordering the
 new Publisher 2.  I am sure they will accept this instead of the
 "official" coupon:


 NAME: __________________________________________________________

 ADDRESS: _________________________________________ Apt:_________

 CITY:_________________ STATE:________COUNTRY:____ZIP:___________

 DISK SIZE REQUIRED: ____ 5.25 IN      _____ 3.5 IN



 VISA/ACCESS NUMBER: _____  _____ _____ _____
 EXPIRATION DATE: _______/_____


                              MAIL TO:
                       GST SOFTWARE PRODUCTS
                            MEADOW LANE
                              ST. IVES
                             PE 17 4BR
                           UNITED KINGDOM


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     From coast to coast, the userbase is waiting for some NEWS, any NEWS!
 Well there is plenty of good news... Atari is, once again, trying to make
 all the right moves.  It appears the Namm show was a robust success in the
 area of signing up new music oriented dealers.  That's good.  It appears
 the investment in participating in the Namm Show paid off.

     Later this year, are two more KEY Commercial Shows Atari should do
 well at ...if they participate.  They are the CEPS and Seybold Shows.
 For those who don't know, those shows are the epitomy of showcases for the
 newest technology in the DeskTop Publishing Fields.

     Knightmare is out and I've barely gotten close to completing Captive.
 Although both are authored by the same folks, these two games are far from
 resembling each other even slightly.  Knighmare is KILLER!

     I had the good fortune to obtain a copy of FREEZE DRIED TERMINAL,
 (ver. 2.10) a fine Telecommunications program.  In fact its a joy to use!
 There is a dem copy available most everywhere.  Try it! You'll like it!
 The demo is hardly disabled (only one graphics mode).  This terminal
 program may very well be wrioting the rule book for terminal programs to
 come.  It has everything.  Get the demo and give it a good run.

                                 Thanks for all the fine support!


                                 GO SKINS!


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for folks to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From GEnie ST RT
 Category 14,  Topic 7
 Message 231       Sun Jan 19, 1992
 R.WOODBRIDG1 [Rob]           at 22:48 EST

  - Atari-ST RoundTable
  - B.REHBOCK [Bill@Atari]       at 03:58 EST
  - Exercise: Run Windows on a $2000 20MHz 386SX Laptop. Show a friend the
  - STBOOK side-by-side against it. Ask them which one feels faster. (This
  - obviously works best if the friend has never seen an ST before.)

  - S.JOHNSON10 [Steve]          at 23:59 EST
  - Exercise: Show that same friend all the nearest places to get support
  - for the 20MHz 386SX laptop versus all the nearest places to get support
  - for the STBOOK and ask him which one he'd rather actually BUY! <grin>

 Also, show that same friend where he can get mainstream application
 software that takes advantages of those graphical interfaces - GEM doesn't
 hold a candle to Windows in that department except maybe in DTP.  Where's
 the high powered word processor or spreadsheet?  I don't know how That's
 Write/Write Now compare to Word or Word Perfect for windows, but I have a
 pretty good idea based on time in development and number of past users.
 And I know that compared to Excel, there is _no_ spreadsheet for the ST!
 (slight exageration :^)

 So again, what's he gonna buy?

 Like Steve, I have no intent of bashing Atari, just stating facts as I see
 them (and hope Atari sees them in a similar fashion so that their
 marketing plans will try to address them).  This machine does most of what
 I need (particularly with Spectre), but I don't believe I'm a mainstream
 USA computer user.  Those folks wouldn't want my set up I bet.

 From GEnie ST RT
 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 106       Wed Jan 22, 1992
 JWC-OEO [Jon]                at 04:04 EST

 Dealing with Atari sure can be, ah, interesting...

 I've been waiting to buy a Class B TT for quite some time.  Recent
 messages here and deadlines long past pointed strongly to the fact that
 they finally were available.  I called my dealer.  He didn't think they
 were but called his distributor to check.  The answer that can back was a
 big surprise, although it shouldn't have been.

 The TT, the distributor said, has not yet recieved FCC Class B
 certification!  They thought the confusion had to do with the fact that
 recent TTs have had the 1.4 meg floppies and the newer TOS version even
 though they are still Class A.  Even these Class A's are back ordered
 until mid February.  Before I give up on a TT and get in line for a SST,
 would anyone from Atari care to comment?  Did the distributor know what he
 was talking about?



 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 107       Wed Jan 22, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 17:28 EST

  Last time I checked on this, I was told that TT Class B machines were
  starting to arrive and we actually being sold in the field.

  I know that our supply of TT machines is very limited right now, but
  we are expecting some additional TT machines in very soon.

  I would imagine that these machines are going to be Class B.

  -- John

 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 108       Wed Jan 22, 1992
 JMGSOFT [George @ JMG]       at 21:01 EST

 To my knowledge as an Atari retailer, we have had _in stock_ Class B TT's
 since December, with 1.44 drives and newer TOS.  But this is Canada, and
 quantities sold here are much lower; I imagine it may take time for the US
 to have sufficient quantities.

         -- George.

 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 110       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 S.WINICK                     at 06:26 EST

     JMG> To my knowledge as an Atari retailer, we have had _in stock_
     JMG> Class B TT's since December, with 1.44 drives and newer
     JMG> TOS.  But this is Canada.......


  What's wrong with this picture?  (Didn't we just love that little game
  back when we were still in nursery school?).

  So..... the FCC Class B TT030's went to Canada --- where the FCC
  doesn't have any authority.  Hmmmmm..... Maybe that explains why the
  TT030's we're getting here in the states don't have an FCC Class B
  sticker -- they're all being sent to Canada!  Could it be that U.S.
  dealers are only getting the Canadian models?  :-]

  Sheldon Winick (Computer STudio - Asheville, NC)

  p.s.  Perhaps one of our online Atari representatives would like to
        post the real facts concerning the FCC Class B TT030's to avoid
        another nasty round of unfounded rumors.  I'd rather they post
        directly instead of us passing on second-hand information
        and chance additional "interpretation" as it gets paraphrased
        and passed around even further.


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 111       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 DENNYA [Denny Atkin]         at 10:51 EST

 Honesty I'm not trying to encourage breaking laws here, folks, but I'm
 just curious...

 What's to prevent someone from buying an FCC Class A machine and using it
 in the home?

 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 112       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 12:16 EST

 Neighbors ;-)


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 113       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 JEFF.W [ST Sysop]            at 13:29 EST

 I'm not sure, Denny, but I think that if the FCC catches wind of a dealer
 selling an FCC Class A rated device for home consumer use, the dealer can
 get slapped with a fine ($5000 per device sold sticks in my mind).

 I may be completely wrong, so I hope that Sheldon (Atari Dealer
 Extraodinaire!) or one of our more legally versed friends will pop in here
 and correct me.

 Even if this is true, the question about how the dealer would know the
 intended use of the device and how could he be held accountable for it is
 one that I don't know the answer to.


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 114       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 ST.REPORT [Ralph]            at 15:33 EST

 Jeff, its $10,000 each occurance and seizure of any unsold class A


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 115       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 JEFF.W [ST Sysop]            at 16:20 EST

 Thanks for the clarification, Ralph.


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 116       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 DENNYA [Denny Atkin]         at 16:49 EST

 That's pretty serious.

 Although I'm quite sure there are more than a few TTs sitting in homes
 right now...


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 117       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 ST.REPORT [Ralph]            at 18:12 EST


       I left off a portion of the penalties until I was sure and now,
  after some research, and a call to DC... The Dealers "may" be fined
  and suffer seizures.  BUT.. the biggie... They usually go straight
  to the source with the evidence obtained at the offending retailer.
  As for the seizures, the FCC operates in conjunction with the US
  Marshall's Service.  If the offenses are found to be widespread
  enough, not only are there fines and seizures... but a possible
  enforced shutdown of operations until such time ... etc..

       The FCC takes its rules and regulations very seriously and
  does enforce them vigorously if complaints are made.  Of course,
  if no complaints of interference are made, no enforcement.
  Unless there is a complaint made concerning the distribution and
  sales of these items in a manner that violates the Rules & Regs.
  by the manufacturer, distributor or dealer(s).

      The Rules & Regulations are detailed in Part 15 of the FCC's
  Rules and Regulations.

              Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


 Category 28,  Topic 2
 Message 119       Thu Jan 23, 1992
 JEFF.W [ST Sysop]            at 18:41 EST

 That's applying your resourcefulness, Ralph!

 Thanks for the details.


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                             Ralph F. Mariano

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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL        "Reporting ABOUT Atari...not FOR Atari!"

      * "Rumors - Tidbits - Predictions - Observations - Hot Tips" *

     More good information about the SST; George Richardson 75275,1363,
 mentioned To Jim Ness 74415,1727 on CIS that...

 "The SST will have TOS 2.06, but no, it will not have a 68000 socket.  The
 SST Brake, an optional board, will have a 68000 and allow you to switch to
 a 68000 when needed.  Nothing has really changed on the SST itself except
 for the change from TOS 2.05 to 2.06.  I'll mention this to Dave, but
 don't expect to see this for a while.  Right now, *everyone* is up to
 their ears in work."

 About the SST Brake.... George mentions.. that its.. "Just in the design
 stage now, the Brake is just that; it drops you back to an 8mhz 68000
 chip, no cache, no fastram. You do get to continue  using the new TOS

 "It plugs into the ST motherboard 68000 socket, and the SST plugs into it.
 Since the SST already has an extra socket between it and the motherboard,
 you just remove that one and the SST ends up sitting at the same height."

 "You can use either a hardware switch or software to toggle between
 processors, the switch determines which one you've got at boot. Any time
 you switch, the machine resets and reboots, so you can switch on the fly
 if you're not doing anything that might mess up disk data."

     For those wishing to learn how to program in Assembly Language;

 Taylor Ridge Books has announced the release of a series of first rate
 assembly language books by Clayton Walnum for the Atari ST platform.  For
 more information please call: (203)643-9673.

 Rumors, Tidbits and such...

     A rumor from Heidleburg, Germany; there are a number of software
 publishers who have made it known they will no longer produce programs in
 both German and English.  Those wanting the English Versions will have to
 absorb the costs of the translation of both manual and programs.

     Sometime near Spring of this year, there is a good chance the 520 and
 1040 STe machines will be called "Atari STe Computers".  Allegedly, they
 will be shipping the familiar style in the .5mb version.  Thus providing
 for "in the field" upgrades on a larger scale.

     Falcons & Sparrows!  Avian Paradise.  Deep Throat tells us its rumored
 the STT040 (FALCON) is a real "muscle machine" of the upcoming future for
 Atarians.  Its mentioned there will be either a "Cube or Tower" available
 for Falconers with the Tower having eight bays.  24 bit color will be the
 order of the day as will a full 32bit bus IO.  Its also rumored Ethernet
 will be included and it will have multiple VME slots 3-6-1u types
 accepted.  A Floptical Drive (Insight) is alleged to appear in one of the
 bays.  A 1 gig Hard Disk is rumored to become available too.  Its also
 rumored Sparrow lovers are to see a less costly version of the TT040 in
 either the Wedding Cake or Pizza Box style Cabinet.

     The BIG rumor may be the story about Atari considering placing
 products with major PC type Mail Order Houses.

     Commodore Amiga now shipping the Iomega Floptical with its Unix

     Poquet, has announced its pad, at 1995.95, with 640k ram and 1mb rom
 and a 7 1/4" screen.

     Nintendo is trying to buy the Seattle Mariners!

               psssst!  "Enjoy that BBQ on Saturday"  :-)

                                                  "The Zigster"


 > A "Quotable Quote"


                                                    ....Ziggy Zircon


 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * NEW 1992 Prices!  MORE Products! *

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

         NOTICE:  ABCO will beat or match * ANY * Invoiced price.
                         We will NOT be undersold!

                        ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)
                      - Available for all Platforms -



                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)
               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS

                   TIME PROVEN to be the most reliable!
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          439.00
            SGN6277      65Mb 28ms   5.25"   Y          469.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 28ms   5.25"   Y          549.00
            SQN2055     105mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          599.95
            SQN1296     210Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          879.00
               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!

               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


     >> ABCO proudly offers the fabulous 1040 & MEGA STe Computers <<
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           If you don't see what you want listed here, call us.
            Odds are, we either have it or, can get it for you!
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                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******


          - SYQUEST 44 MB DRIVE         - ICD ST ADSCSI PLUS H/A
          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.
                --->> SPECIAL! NOW ONLY __$ 645.00__ <<---
                   **** SCSI UNITS -- ONLY $549.00 ****

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)
                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  74.50
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 349.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                     SPECIALLY PRICED ** $995.95.00 **
                       Includes: * TWO * cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

         ** 50mb SQG51S   $789.00     105mb SQG105S    $989.00 **


                 ** ANNOUNCING THE NEW! -- ABCO CD-ROM! **
                       :Special Introductory offer:
                  ABCO CD-ROM $389.95 (limited time only)

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                    *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits
                            Memorex 2108, 5287
         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
                       Silver Express, Gold Express
                      ** $41.95 shipping Included **

                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
            Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **

                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

                    ABCO's Replacement Toner Advantages

              >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  -UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


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