Compute!'s First Book of Atari
published 1981

Book cover


Title Page

Chapter One: Getting To Know Your Atari
Atari's Marketing Vice President Profiles The Personal
Computer Market

Atari BASIC And PET Microsoft BASIC. A BASIC Comparison
The Ouch In Atari BASIC
Atari BASIC Part II

Chapter Two: Beyond the Basics
Inside Atari BASIC
Atari BASIC Structure
Input/Output On The Atari
Why Machine Language?
POKin' Around
Printing To The Screen From Machine Language on The Atari

Chapter Three: Graphics
Made In The Shade: An Introduction To "Three-Dimensional"
Graphics On The Atari Computers

The Fluid Brush
Color Wheel For The Atari
Card Games In Graphics Modes 1 and 2
Ticker Tape Atari Messages
Player/Missile Graphics With The Atari Personal Computer System
The Basics Of Using POKE in Atari Graphics
Designing Your Own Atari Graphics Modes
Graphics Of Polar Functions

Chapter Four: Programming Hints
Reading The Atari Keyboard On The Fly
Atari Sounds Tutorial
Al Baker's Programming Hints for Atari/Apple
Al Baker's Programming Hints: Apple And Atari
Error Reporting System For The Atari

Chapter Five: Applications
Atari Tape Data Files: A Consumer Oriented Approach
An Atari BASIC Tutorial: Monthly Bar Graph Program

Chapter Six: Peripheral Information
Adding A Voice Track To Atari Programs
The Atari Disk Operating System
Review Of The Atari 810 Disk System
An Atari Tutorial: Atari Disk Menu
What To Do If You Don't Have Joysticks
Using The Atari Console Switches
Atari Meets The Real World

Appendix A
Atari Memory Locations


Software Archive

Robert Lock

Michael S. Tomczyk

Joretta Klepfer
Glenn Fisher and Ron Jeffries
John Victor

Larry Isaacs
W. A. Bell
Larry Isaacs
Jim Butterfield
Charles Brannon
Larry Isaacs

David D. Thornburg

Al Baker
Neil Harris
William D. Seivert
Eric Martell and Chris Murdock
Chris Crawford
Charles G. Fortner
Craig Patchett
Henrique Veludo

James L. Bruun
Jerry White
Al Baker
Al Baker
Len Lindsay

Al Baker
Jerry White

John Victor
Roger Beseke
Ron Jeffries and Glenn Fisher
Len Lindsay
Steven Schulman
James L. Brunn
Richard Kushner

Ronald Marcuse

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