The Best of Creative Computing Volume 2
Edited by David Ahl, published 1977

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Creative Computing can help you select the best computer and get the most out of it
Puzzled about the best ways to use your computer?
Computer Critters


Technology - Present and Future
The Future of Computer Technology by Deanna J. Dragunas
Computing Power to the People - A Conservative Ten-Year Projection by Tien Chi Chen
Televisionism Manifesto No. 1 (Selected Excerpts) by Phil Smith
Videodiscs - The Ultimate Computer Input Device? by Alfred M. Bork
Round and Round They Go
The $2.98 Computer Library by Arthur Luehrmann
Personal Computers
How the Videodisc Players Work
Russian Computing - One Man's View by David H. Ahl
New Electronic Desk Calculator from China by Kung Chang
10 Good Reasons Why Computers Can...
Microprocessors and Microcomputers - The State of The Art by Brian L. J. Callahan

Languages and Programming Theory
The Reactive Engine Paper by Terry Winograd
Snoopy and Charlie Brown ASCII art
About Computing by Geoffrey Chase
David vs. 12 Goliaths by Monty Newborn
Summary of the ACM Sixth U.S. Computer Chess Championship by M. M. Newborn
Beating the Game by Deitrick E. Thomsen
Simulated Strategies of Game Playing by Dr. S. Reisman
Beyond BASIC by Alan B. Salisbury
The Computer "Glass Box" - Teaching with A Programming Language by Howard A. Peelle
Creative Chess by Walter Koetke
Big Surprise From Small Computers in Chess Matches
SNOBOL by David Touretzky
A Smalltalk Airplane Simulation by Bruce Horn

Artificial and Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Non-Human Intelligence by David H. Ahl
Robot illustration by Mark Savee
An Esoteric Ethical Excursion by John Lees
The Thinking Computer by George Beker
Primer on Artificial Intelligence by Lewis E. Garrett
Can Computers Think? by David H. Ahl
An Ear On The Universe by John Lees
Communication Across The Universe by Martin Harwit
The Cosmic Subway Line by Isaac Asimov

Literacy, Philosophy, Opinion
What Is Computer Literacy? by David Moursund
Computer Literacy Quiz
A Fable
Let Us First Make It or And Now I Saw, Though Too Late, or Robinson Crusoe: A Book For All Computing Seasons by Robert Taylor
Some Thoughts by John R. Lees, Jr.
Information Anyone? by Bill Griffith
The Government Dinosaur by Charles Winn
Juvenile Information System Killed
The Magic Of Electronic Funds Transfer by David H. Ahl

Computers in Education
Instructional Computing In Schools - How, When, What? by David H. Ahl
Should the Computer Teach the Student, or Vice-Versa? by Arthur W. Luehrmann
The Art Of Education: Blueprint For A Renaissance by Thomas A. Dwyer
Computing At The University of Texas
Computers In Secondary Schools-1975
Computer Fair by Wes Thomas
The Madness Known as Programming Contests by John Lees
Dartmouth To Design, Develop Computer-Based Visual Retrieval System Under Exxon Grant
Calculators in the Classroom by Deedee Pendleton
Tips for Buying a Pocket Calculator by Peter Weaver

Every Person and the Computer
Amateur Computing by Sol Libes
A Retail Computer Store? You Gotta Be Kidding!! by Jim Dunion, Ron Roberts
Grand Opening by Emily Pritchard Cary
Polls, Pols, and Power: The Computer on the Hustings by Nicholas Acocella
An Analytic Examination of Creative Computing by David H. Ahl
How We Spent Our Summer Vacation by John Lees, Richard Freeman, Dennis Keats, Susan Culwell

Art and Poetry
Toward the Electric Symbol by Robert E. Mueller
Producing Computer Poetry by Margaret Chisman
Myself Manifest by Margaret Chisman
Writers and Computers: An Interview With Carol Spearin McCauley by Cathy Silverstein
Once Upon A Computer... by Carole S. McCauley
Poets, Birds, Snow, Kites, and The Computer by Arthur Layzer
Computers and Beauty by Mutsuko Sasaki, Tateaki Sasaki


A Day in the Life of Able Charlie by Frederik Pohl
A Place for Today by Joseph N. Vitale
Pulling the Plug by Charles Mosmann
Poems by Peter Payack by Peter Payack
Never Talk to Computers that are Strange by Carol Cail
Terminal Illness by Ruth Glick
Report on Current Equipment
Computers Don't Argue by Gordon R. Dickson
Star-Times Gazette, 18 April 1997 by Deanna J. Dragunas
Poems by Esther Gloe by Esther Gloe
Gutenberg Press by David H. Ahl
Star Trek People
Ode to a School Computer by David H. Ahl


Little REM Writing Loop by Gwen Hadley
Moonrise Over the City by Kerry (Bit-Mangler) Jones
The Sleeping Queued T by Jack Ludwig, Jack Le Baron
Conceptual Chess by C. Johnson
Trots and Bonnie by Shary Flenniken
Quite-A-Tot by George Beker
Design by Steve Rogowski
A Brief Guide to the Theory of Relativity by Peter Payack
Span-O-Vision No. 2 by C. Johnson


Compleat Computer Catalogue
Star Trek Lives! by David H. Ahl
Star Trek Information Exchange
MITS World Altair Computer Convention by Andrea Lewis, Robert Prati
Creative Computing Compendium by Trish Todd, David H. Ahl


Puzzles and Problems
Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles by David H. Ahl
Thinkers' Corner by Layman E. Allen
Computer Recreations by Dennie Van Tassel
A Bicentennial Magic Star by Carl E. Heilman
More Puzzles
Computer Recreations by Dennie Van Tassel
Turning a Puzzle into a Lesson by Eugene D. Homer

For the Calculator
The Keyboard Game by L.D. Yarbrough
A Powerful Problem
Is Your Number Up?
7 Pocket Calculator Games by James T. Rogers

Mathematics and Geometry
The Mystic 7 by Anthony Dickins
Magic Squares on the Computer by Donald T. Piele
Non-Usual Mathematics for Computer Solution by James Reagan
The World of Series by James Reagan
How Many Ways Can You Make Change for a Dollar? by Brian Hess
Sequences by Becky Jessen
Progression Problems by Charles A. Reeves
Seeing is Believing but Simulating is Convincing by Walter Koetke
Computer Generated Aids to Teaching Geometric Concepts by Dr. Bruce H. Barnes, Frederick R. Stocker
Geometric Proofs by Thomas J. Kelanic
Computer-Planned Snowmen by Robert S. McLean
The Tower of Brahma

Non-Mathematical Applications
Roses are red, Computers are blue by David H. Ahl
Haiku Generator by Paul J. Emmerich
Prejudice Analysis by Richard Kahn, Mark Gross
A Prejudiced Analysis by John McCarthy
CMAPS by James W. Cerny
Hug a Warm Puppy

Programming Techniques
Heapsort by Geoffrey Chase
A Comparison of Sorts by John P. Grillo
Days and Dates by James Reagan
Creative Programming Techniques


Learning with Computer Games by David H. Ahl
Wumpus 2 by Gregory Yob
War 3 by Mike Forman, M.E. Lyon, Brian West
Dr. Z
Roadrace by Bill Cotter
Concentration by Paul Calter
Condot by Chuck Lund, Peter Olivieri
Chase by Bill Cotter
Mastermind by David G. Struble
Deepspace by Bill Cotter
Bobstones by Dohn Addleman
Watchman by Mac Oglesby
Delmar by Ron Morgan, Kirk Roderick
Poster by Bradford Huntress
LEM by Bill Cotter
Two-to-Ten by David H. Ahl


Building a MITS Altair 8800: First Impressions by Steve Gray
Building a MITS Altair 8800: Getting a System Together by Richard Kuzmack
Odyssey Video Games by David H. Ahl
Hewlett-Packard HP-25 Calculator by James Blodgett
Hints on Buying a Used Teletype by David H. Ahl
Hewlett-Packard 9815A Programmable Calculator by David Ettel
Tektronix 4051 Graphics System by Stephen B. Gray
Disk Destruction Made Simple by Bill Thorne


Reviews of 34 Books on BASIC by Stephen B. Gray
ANS COBOL by Paul A. Chase
Computer Power and Human Reason by John Lees, John McCarthy, Peter Kugel
Computers and Creativity by Peter Rubin
Computer Lib/Dream Machines by John Levine
The Compleat Computer by David H. Ahl
The Elementary Functions: An Algorithmic Approach by John Cordeiro
Creative Computing Feature Review by Herbert Dreyfus
Recursive Programming by L.D. Yarbrough
Intelligent Life in the Universe by John Lees
Artificial Intelligence by R. Banerji
On Machine Intelligence by John J. Neuhauser
The Sun Never Sets On IBM: The Culture And Folklore Of IBM World Trade by John Lees
Applications of Computer Systems by John L. Randall
The Assault on Privacy: Computers, Data Banks, and Dossiers by Bill Griffith
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by John Lees
The Listeners by John Lees
Introduction to Data Processing by Jane Donnelly Gawronski
Fun and Games with the Computer by John R. Jackobs
101 BASIC Computer Games by Patrick Corry
Understanding Mathematics and Logic Using BASIC Computer Games by Patrick Corry
What To Do After You Hit RETURN by Bob Kahn
Game Playing With Computers
Games, Tricks, and Puzzles for a Hand Calculator by L.D. Yarbrough
Games Calculators Play by David H. Ahl
Mathematical Carnival by David H. Ahl
The Computerized Society by David L. Feinstein
Simulation Games in Learning by Dan Klassen
Math, Writing & Games in the Open Classroom by Frederick H. Bell
Getting the Most out of Your Electronic Calculator by L.D. Yarbrough
Problems for Computer Solution by Hank Kepner
Primer in Computer Utilization by Gary D. Schafer
Computer Algorithms and Flowcharting by Bruce W. DeYoung
Mathematics, A Human Endeavor by Peter Kugel
Mathematics in the Modern World by Peter Kugel
Learning Alternatives In U.S. Education: Where Student And Computer Meet by Sema Marks
Edcentric: A Journal of Educational Change by John Lees
Security, Accuracy, and Privacy in Computer Systems by Deanna J. Dragunas
Scelbi's Galaxy Game by Steve North
Scelbi's First Book of Computer Games by Steve North
Sorting and Sort Systems by L.D. Yarbrough
Mechanics by Daniel S. Yates
User's Guide to Computer Crime, Its Commission, Detection and Prevention by Deanna J. Dragunas
Electronic Computers by Alex Ragen
Configurations by Peter B. Danos
Software Tools by L.D. Yarbrough
TTL Cookbook by Robert S. McLean
Queries 'N Theories by Richard A. Cellarius
Space: 1999 by Ruth Glick

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Table of Contents  (brief | detailed)
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