Company Chromatics, Inc.
Product CG Series (13-, 15- and 19-inch tubes)
Cost Approximately $20,000, depending on options
Graphics Resolution 512h × 512v max (85 chars, 51 lines)
Indirect Dot Resolution N.A.
Number of Colors 8 foreground, 8 background
Number of Graphics Characters Up to 192 custom defined in an 8 × 10 dot matrix
Graphics Statements Escape codes, DOT, X BAR, YBAR, Vector, Concatenate Vector, window, CREATE, REDRAW
Comments Chromatics color computers pack the kind of features you would expect in a $50,000 system. Besides its amazing 512 × 512 dot resolution, it has optional hardware for color shading, and superfast hardware generation (normally vectors driven by software). ZOOM and PAN are provided, and the display memory can contain up to 131,092 bytes of dynamic RAM. Four independent windows are allowed. Floppy disk software includes Microsoft extended BASIC, a Z-80 assembler, text editor, and various monitor utilities.

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