Company Radio Shack Corp. (a division of Tandy Corp.)
Product TRS-80 Computer System
Cost $1000 with Level II BASIC, 8K RAM cassette and monitor
Graphics Resolution 128h × 48v
Indirect Dot Resolution N.A.
Number of Colors Black and white
Number of Graphics Characters None
Graphics Statements SET X, Y RESET X, Y CLS
Comments It is a more or less accepted fact that half of the 200,000 computers sold in 1977 were Radio Shack TRS-80s. However, people do not buy the TRS-80 for its graphics, which are inferior to other computers, but rather because it is the most available, serviceable, supported, and documented product on the market. Considering that the TRS-80 is designed to satisfy many segments of the computer market (educational, business, etc.), the graphics are not all that bad. Rumor has it that a color board for the TRS-80 is coming.
Code All-in-one

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