Star NX-10 went crazy one day.

From: Diane L. Marshall (ig235@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/20/97-04:18:16 PM Z

From: ig235@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Diane L. Marshall)
Subject: Star NX-10 went crazy one day.
Date: Sat Sep 20 16:18:16 1997

About two months ago my printer went crazy.  Nothing worked, it 
printed garbage, printed over itself, etc.  I check cable , they
were tight.  I pulled them of and re-set them again.  I went and
bought a new printer cable.  I have a second Star printer and I
switched them.  The same thing occurs with the other printer.  So
it must be in how my Word Writer program is reading something wrong
I guess.  Is there anyone around Lakewood who would come to my house
and play with my computer for a while?  I will feed and water anyone
who needs it for their trip.  I will pay for your gas.  I would give
you my first born child,--but she just turned 40 in June and I know
she likes her life the way it is!  Help anyone?  I have an e-mail
web page
I'll save the phone number till I hear from you.  Thanks.  Diane
midi user/web site,

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