Spectre GCR

From: GHRhoads@aol.com
Date: 02/08/97-06:39:57 PM Z

From: GHRhoads@aol.com
Subject: Spectre GCR
Date: Sat Feb  8 18:39:57 1997

I use Spectre, but am having problems reading mac disks. Every once in a
while it will work, usually I get a message that disk is not readable, would
you like to format it. Have you had any similar problems and what is the
solution? I am using Spectre 3.0. And I do not believe that it is my floppy
drive, as I have several and when one works thay all work.

Do you know where to get additional info on using Spectre?


- George Rhoads; ghrhoads@aol.com

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