an 8-bit virus ?

From: Adam Trent Phillips (bb099@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/04/92-01:09:24 PM Z

From: bb099@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Adam Trent Phillips)
Subject: an 8-bit virus ?
Date: Wed Mar  4 13:09:24 1992

    Me again....

  This might seem to be a silly question- but since I just now
am getting back into using my computer I have missed a lot of new
things. I have been hearing a lot about computer "Viruses"
and wonder if there are any that affect 8-bit Atari's. I figure
that Atari 8-bits are more than likely immune to the IBM ones.

    Thanx for the Info....

     W H I T E    R O O K

*** Answered by Michael Current, aa700:

You're right, the 8-bit Atari doesn't have the virus problem that larger
types of systems do.

For one thing, most viruses do their damage by corrupting a hard disk, but
most of us 8-bitters don't have hard drives (yet).  But basically, everything
is the 8-bit Atari is pretty tight as far as memory in the computer or
space on a floppy disk go.  So it would be near impossible to sneak something
in there that doesn't belong.

Also, a virus is system-specific, so no IBM or Mac virus code could ever do
anything in an 8-bit Atari.

Not a very technical answer, but hopefully essentially correct.

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