Re: Light pen ?

From: Dennis Melcher (ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/29/92-11:04:27 PM Z

From: ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dennis Melcher)
Subject: Re: Light pen ?
Date: Sat Feb 29 23:04:27 1992

In a previous article, bb099@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Adam Trent Phillips) says:

>   From :White Rook (bb099) (yes-me again).
>  Does anyone know where I can get info i(opps.) on the old
>Atari Light pen ? I am figuring on building my own. I have
>info from "Mapping the Atri" , telling e(opp.s) me how to read it
>- I am looking for thew info needed to build it...can't be that 
>hard can it ?
>   Thanx....
>  W H I T E     R O O K
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>Adam Trent Phillips...alias:White Rook...#bb099
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I assume you talking about an Atari 8-bit here...

There was a book published afew years ago by "COMPUTE! Books",
The title of the book is "Electronic Computer Projects"

It show how to build differant projects and how to 'interface ' them to you
Atari 8-bit or Commadore 64.
It also shows what programing is needed and has lots of pics, and working
programs for the projects.

Some of the projects are... a light pen, how to make a joystick, paddle
controllers, analog light sensor, digital light sensor, burglar alarm,
and Robotics.

This book is out of print and may be very hard to get through a book store.
I have a copy, That I'll let go for $5.00.

Hope this helps...

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