Atari BASIC DRAWTO command

From: Anthony M. Falcone (bf802@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/30/92-08:30:04 PM Z

From: bf802@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Anthony M. Falcone)
Subject: Atari BASIC DRAWTO command
Date: Thu Jan 30 20:30:04 1992

To Anyone Who can help:
        My pseudop-programming/graphics class must write a
program in C to draw a line. "No prob" I said... I would just 
modify the GR.7 drawing program in _INSIDE ATARI BASIC_ t
draw in GR.3, and I'll figure out the pattern/algorythm
the DRAWTO command uses. I found a pattern, but I can't 
figure it out the way it works (i.e. a nice mathematical
formula to get the next point on a line).  Does anyone
know just how the DRAWTO command works? My guess is that the
answer is either in BASIC or the OS.  But Im machine language
illiterate, and I dont have a dissasembler (I woudnt know 
the answer if it were starring me in the face in machine l.)
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead 'o time!

Anthony Falcone

-FREENET: bf802

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