VT-100 for SX212

From: Dushan Mlakar (ab408@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/19/92-10:30:22 AM Z

From: ab408@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dushan Mlakar)
Subject: VT-100 for SX212
Date: Sun Jan 19 10:30:22 1992

Does anyone know of a VT-100 emulator for the 8-bit and a SX212?
Dushan Mlakar

***** Answered by Michael Current, aa700:

Sure!  There's Omnicom, VT850, and VT10^2, but I would recommend Kermit-65.

(Unless you have an XEP80, in which case VT850 is the only way to go.)

If you can download from the atari.archive (FTP or BART), the necessary files
are k65v37.arc and sx212a.arc.  You'll also want the doc file for Kermit-65,
but I don't quite remember what its filename is right now (k65doc.arc?).

Check out the Atari Computer Files area of the Atari SIG for information
on how to obtain these files.

-Michael, aa700

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