From: Robert Shrade (ah758@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/29/90-04:15:36 AM Z

From: ah758@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Shrade)
Subject: 130XE
Date: Fri Jun 29 04:15:36 1990

Mark - Reg. #196 (130XE),

        I secured a copy of "Sams Computer Facts" and their instructions were
to adjust the (var.res.R38) in the mod. circuit until a green screen appeared.
        Having done this - I got a green screen O.K but also about 8 black
vertical lines on left side of screen and it locked up.
        I then tried to follow the previous 800XL posters idea, bought a video
adapter and tried my Apple llc monitor. Results - Nothing but a black screen.
        Got any ideas of what else I could try?.

                       Robt.Shrade ah758

Don't despair if you fall flat on your face it's still a step forward.

At this point I would need to see the computer facts and the computer.
Are there any electrolytic caps within that circuit portion?  If so, check
them for possible bubbles on the sides, or leaks.  I'll try to get
my hands on a photofacts and open up a spare 800xl and check it out.
Are you sure that's all they said?  To me that step sounded like a simple
preliminary step.


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