Avatex 24oo

From: Mike Rossman (aj421@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/29/90-04:07:17 AM Z

From: aj421@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mike Rossman)
Subject: Avatex 24oo
Date: Fri Jun 29 04:07:17 1990

Does anyone out there own an Avatex 24oo? My friend just got one and he is having problems. The main thing is that the modem constantly stays off hook. If anyone out there has one could you please send me the dipswitch settings also.Thanks
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From what you told me it sounds like you have a defective modem that needs
to be sent back to Elek-Tek for repair.  If it's still under warranty
they'll do it for free.  The dip switches on the bottom really don't
effect the modem that much.  I could give them to you if you still
need them (when I get access to my Avatex 24oo).  If you remember how they
were set from the factory, then reset them to factory setting because
that's how they should be set.  Try entering the command AT&F to reset
the modem's soft dip switches back to factory settings.  Next, try
a different modem, to see if the modem is defective, or a different interface
to see if your interface is defective.   Usually when one has a defective
interface, usually the following occurs:
The interface will not drop the Data Terminal Ready (DTR) L.E.D. when a
user wishes to hang-up, or a DTR will not turn on when an R: handler is
installed. (An R: handler is installed when most term programs are loaded
As for determining a defective modem, the best bet is to do the above.
Anything can go wrong with a defective modem.
Hope this helps you out...


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