From: Robert Shrade (ah758@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/12/90-01:26:24 AM Z

From: ah758@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Shrade)
Subject: 130XE
Date: Tue Jun 12 01:26:24 1990


        My 130xe refuses to register a ready screen, it flickers a few times
and then turns black. I borrowed a friends 600XL and it works perfectly so I
assume that it narrows down to the built in R.F.Mod.
        I have available a P.C.Mod.310b R.F.Modulator> My question is this -
Would it be possible to bypass the defective mod. and use this?. If so - What
would be the proper procedure to follow?. I would appreciate any help you can
give me on this matter.
                           Robt.Shrade ah758


Don't go out into the garden to water the weeds.


Sure, it is possible to bypass the defective RF Modulator.  I'm not sure
if the RF modulator replacement you specified will work, though.

There are some previous posts in the questions base on the RF modulator.  
Check these out.  Since it sounds like you have some electronics knowledge,
perhaps you should pick up a SAMS ComputerFacts on the 130xe to make sure
that your problem is the RF modulator and to make sure that the replacement
you specified will work.
P.S. As stated in a previous post, the computerfacts are available at a 
library (I usually get mine from the Mayfield Library, but any library
can order them for you), or Amateur Radio electronics in Wickliffe
I've seen some Atari computerfacts up there, and they probably can order
any that are not in stock...


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