From: Lance Gentile (ag792)
Date: 08/31/89-03:46:25 PM Z

From: ag792 (Lance Gentile)
Subject: SX212/DeTerm...
Date: Thu Aug 31 15:46:25 1989

A while back someone asked about compatability with the sx212 and DeTerm...
Well when i first u/l'd DeTerm to Part Time i only sent up the .COM file itself. The version i had was ARCed and contained a file called "DTSX.COM" i'd assume it simply had a handler tacked on the end of it, and i'm sure the SX.COM file 
works fine, but if not i can obtain that file and send it up somewhere...


     Answered by Doug Wokoun (aa384)

     Thank you for the information...

[Doug Wokoun|aa384|Atari SigOp]

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