From: Paul Simundza (ae454)
Date: 08/24/89-06:57:58 PM Z

From: ae454 (Paul Simundza)
Subject: Re: SCHEMATIC XM301
Date: Thu Aug 24 18:57:58 1989

 I have had the Same Problem When
i used my Xm3o1, The Way I Solved
it Was to Unhook it for a Few
Minutes Before booting games so
It wouldn't send the Sound of the
games and booting through the
fone and Picking it up, Its a
Common Problem, Caused by Periphrerals
Drawing power from the Computer...

paul Simundza, (An Atari User...ha)

Answered by Doug Wokoun (aa384)

       Thank you for the information...

[Doug Wokoun|aa384|Atari SigOp]

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