From: visitor
Date: 08/16/89-05:57:24 PM Z

From: visitor
Subject: BASIC Print
Date: Wed Aug 16 17:57:24 1989

        When I'm in BASIC, how do
I list the program to a printer?

        Currently using a 130XE w/320k
BASIC REV C, and SpartaDOS X.

                   Todd Wilkens
                   SW, CA.

** Answered by DOUG WOKOUN (aa384) on Thu Aug 10 15:31:24 1989 **

     Fortunately, BASIC on the Atari is
very flexible.  The LIST command can
be diverted to any peripheral.  
Normally, LIST means, LIST "E:" or
list to the editor.  You can change
this to LIST "P:" and it will list
to the printer, or you can use 
LIST "D:myprog.bas" and it will LIST
the file to a disk where it can be
read in normal text format.

     Also, ENTER is the inverse of
LIST, but you can only ENTER from a
legal input device, like the disk or
a modem (R:).

          Thanks for asking.

|Doug Wokoun|aa384|Atari SigOp|

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