From: ac365
Date: 08/15/89-08:57:47 AM Z

From: ac365
Subject: Flash
Date: Tue Aug 15 08:57:47 1989

I have an Atari Mega ST 2 using FLASH on a Supra Modem 2400. I am having
troube sending the break signals for activating 2400 baud on this
system. Any suggestions?

Control C and Alt B DO NOT WORK

** Answered by PHILLIP CHOW (aa400) on Sat Aug  5 07:13:37 1989 **

   To send a break signal using
 Flash 1.6 or any version you need
 to press the Shift - CLR/HOME keys.

Thanks to Todd Donovan for this info.

                        PMC ^ aa400

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