xr2211 and keyboard

From: ae777
Date: 07/30/89-08:56:09 AM Z

From: ae777
Subject: xr2211 and keyboard
Date: Sun Jul 30 08:56:09 1989

  This is a two-part question:
First, I was trying to build the Wefax 
inferface as published in the Sept. 86
issue of Antic, and could find all of 
the parts except the XR2211 IC. Do you
know where I could get one?
Also, even though the keyboard on my
130XE works fine, it really doesn't 
feel as good as the keyboard on my ols
800.  Is there any way to get a
replacement keyboard for it, ans if so,
how much would it cost?? Thanks...

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Sat May 14 06:22:25 1988 **

        As for the part you need, I 
 don't know where you can find one.
 I would suggest asking your local
 TV Repair if they have one they can
 sell you.  As for the keyboard, I
 am sure you could get it replaced.
 But that doesn't mean you would be
 any better off. B & G Electronics
 or any Atari service should be able
 to do the job for you.

                        Jim Haynes

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