From: ag124
Date: 07/30/89-08:55:52 AM Z

From: ag124
Subject: modems/software
Date: Sun Jul 30 08:55:52 1989

I am looking for a modem (used or new) for an Atari 800.  Any 
recommendations for a suitable unit (prefer 1200 baud), which
would be used to access the Free-Net, GEnie, as well as a DEC
Micro-VAX Computer would be appreciated.
By the way, is there a market for the ATARI 1027 printer, and
cassete tape drive?
I think that I will need an interface to accomodate the modem.
Any comments/help would be appreciated.

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Sat May 14 06:18:30 1988 **

         Our best suggestion would be
  the Atari SX212 Hayes compatible
  modem.  It's got the right kind of
  price tag at under $100.  The SX212
  has been tested with the most
  popular software for Atari and
  works quite well.  It also is a
  direct connect modem through the
  SIO or you can connect it as a
  serial device.  I am currently
  using The 212 and give it my
  highest rating.  The modem is
  300/1200 baud.  Thanks for your
  question.  I hope we have been of
  some help.

                        Jim Haynes

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