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Date: Sat Feb 22 17:59:51 1997

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Indianapolis AtariFest July 29         May.07,1995


Article #437 (443 is last):
From: Stewart Edward Huffman <>
Subject: Indianapolis AtariFest July 29
Date: Sun May  7 12:36:34 1995

Please pass on this information to other Atari users, groups, vendors.

From Stu Huffman and Charlie Sears,
Co-Chairs of MIST AtariFest VII
at Indianapolis on Saturday, July 29

Double the Space,
Double the Fun

July 29 at Indianapolis
Mid-Indiana ST:   MIST AtariFest VII

Two ballrooms double the space reserved for the 7th annual
Mid-Indiana ST MIST AtariFest in Indianapolis on the last
Saturday in July...July 29.

Sponsors are the Atari user groups at Indianapolis, Bloomington,
and Purdue University in West Lafayette (ASCII, BL.A.ST, PAUG).
Jam-packed conditions last year with only one room called for
expansion to two ballrooms -- one for commercial vendors and
developers, and the other reserved for user groups and
individual Atari users.

Space is on a first-come first-served basis at $30 a table for
user groups (plus $10 if electricity is desired), $70 for
commercial space (electricity included).

A $10 DISCOUNT applies to either commercial space or user group
space if payment is made by June 29.

Vendors expected again who came to last year's AtariFest VI are:

Toad                D.A. Brumleve            Missionware
Rising Star         Systems for Tomorrow     SKWare
Gribnif             It's All Relative        DMJ
Binary Sounds       MegaType                 MTS Creations
Crawly Crypt        Branch Always            Clear Thinking
chro-MAGIC          Mars Merchandising       Micro Depot
Lexicor             Micro Computer Depot     ICD/Black Cat

        Complimentary copies were distributed from Current Notes
        and door prize donations came from Oregon Research.

User groups at AtariFest VI came from Illinois, Kentucky,
Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin as well as Indiana.

'Fest Time is from 10 to 3 Eastern Standard Time (which is the
same as Central Daylight Time in Illinois) or 11 to 4 Eastern
Daylight Time (in most areas north and east of Indiana).

Admission is still $3.  Door prize drawings are planned at least
every half-hour.  (User groups get two free tickets eligible for door prizes; co
mmercial vendors get two free
tickets but those don t go in the door prize drawings.)

Location for MIST AtariFest VII is the same top-quality
Best Western Waterfront Plaza Hotel that we've used the last two
years.  (Indoor pool and a restaurant, but many other eating
places are nearby.)  The Best Western is only 10 minutes north of
Indianapolis International Airport (and only two left turns away
from the Indy 500 Speedway track and museum).  The hotel is on
State Road 136 -- use the Speedway exit from the Interstate 465
beltway at the northwest corner of Indianapolis.

Hotel room rates are discounted for AtariFest guests, but you
must telephone the Indianapolis motel -- not Best Western's
national toll-free 800-number.  Call 317/299-8400 ext. 393 and
ask for the "Catering Staff," then tell the Catering Staff that
you are part of the AtariFest.  If you call at night or over a
weekend, the Catering Staff may need to call you back.  Book
rooms soon; the hotel filled up early last year.

Mileage from Indianapolis:  Chicago 185 miles, Detroit 285 miles,
Cleveland 318 miles, Columbus 180 miles, Cincinnati 110 miles,
Louisville 114 miles, and St. Louis 246 miles.

For More Details or Space Contracts:

Charlie Sears, Co-Chair, MIST AtariFest VII
551 Mooreland, New Whiteland IN 46184
Voice:  317/ 535-4829   (If you get the answering machine, please
                        be sure to leave full name, mail address
                        and/or phone and Email details.)

Crossroads/BL.A.ST BBS:
       317/ 878-4069  Southside Indianapolis
       317/ 780-5473  West & NE Indianapolis
       812/ 988-1069  Bloomington & Brown Co.
       FidoNet 1:231/310.0

           (Not available June 8-July 4)

GEnie:  s.wilson48 (Steve Wilson, president of BL.A.ST)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 Stu Huffman, Indiana Dept. of Education:
  Snail Mail: State House 229, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798  V:317/232-6618
  Home: 610 Artists Dr, Box 1215, Nashville, IN 47448-1215  V:812/988-7558
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