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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: News - Jul.94 - Dec.94
Date: Sat Apr 27 16:59:51 1996

 Time Capsule - News - Jul.94 - Dec.94

 News Subject Title                    Date Posted
 ------------------                    -----------
STATUS OF AC REFUNDS                   Jul.06,1994
Fine Tooned Engineering update         Jul.18,1994
Atari Classics transition completed    Aug.26,1994
News-Paper back issues                 Aug.26,1994
MYTEK's Prism Studio, Limited Time Offer
Quick FTe update                       Sep.14,1994
Bad Checks From Unicorn Pubs.          Sep.14,1994
Atari 8-bit Omnibus                    Sep.18,1994
Free Classified Ads (Omnibus update)   Sep.25,1994
News-Paper back issue clearance        Sep.26,1994
Bad refund checks: Unicorn responds    Sep.27,1994
The ABBUC!                             Sep.27,1994
FTe announces MIO II                   Sep.27,1994
Menu Print - Final Specs               Oct.09,1994
Authors and software wanted ...        Oct.09,1994
Menu Print Info                        Oct.24,1994
Nice hardware developments             Oct.24,1994
The Atari 8-bit Omnibus                Oct.24,1994
Atari 8-bit Omnibus                    Nov.20,1994
PC Xformer 3.0 (130XE emulator) now shipping!
Richard Gore back online               Nov.20,1994


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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Date: 6 Jul 1994 18:52:11 GMT

 Date: 30 Jun 1994 00:16:34 -0500

I'd like to give an update on AC refunds.  I've been working very diligently
on this for the past month, some checks have already gone out & the overall
process is about 50% completed.
About 350 people qualified for refunds under the policy explained in the
April 1994 issue of AC.  These broke down roughly as follows:
300 American
 15 Canadian
 35 Overseas
Of the 300 American refunds, 100 have already been delivered or are presently
in the mail, & the remaining 200 have been calculated & are in the hands of
Unicorn Publications, whenever they feel like writing checks & sending them
to me.  I believe the 100 already sent out brought us into the high "H's"
(they're going alphabetically by last name).
The 50 Canadian/overseas refunds were calculated & are presently en route to
From this point forward the speed of the refund process will pretty much be
controlled from Ann Arbor.  I have several hundred empty envelopes here, all
stuffed/stamped/labelled & ready to go, once Unicorn sends me the checks.
The checks typically go out an average of 48 hours after I've received them.
(I actually "stagger" the mailings to avoid swamping my local post office.)
Mike Hohman of FTE mentioned to me he thought Jim Hood might be planning
a July issue.  I haven't been able to confirm that.
Back issues of AC (disk or mag) are still available from me for $5/item,
though I'm not sure for how much longer.  Things are rapidly winding down
at my end here.  Anyone wishing to buy back issues should send cash/check/
MO to:
          BEN POEHLAND
          179 Sproul Road/Rt. 352
          Frazer, PA  19355
All 8 issues of the magazine (Dec '92 thru Apr '94) are still available except
for Feb '93 which is sold out.  Unicorn sent me batch of the special December
'93 Video Issue they found lying in their office, so my supply of those is
replenished.  The 4 Software Disks are also still available (also $5 each).
Anyone wishing to subscribe to future issues of AC should write to:
      JIM HOOD
      5507 Langford Court
      Concord, CA  94521.
I'll post one final message when all the refunds have been completed & sent
out (whenever that happens!).
      - Ben Poehland
        Managing Editor
        ATARI CLASSICS Magazine
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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Fine Tooned Engineering update
Date: 18 Jul 1994 14:48:31 GMT

 From: F Tooned <>
 Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 03:52:40 -0500
Hi everyone!!!
First of all, I would like to say thank you for the VERY positive response
there has been on the MARS 8 Project.
Secondly, I wanted to say that in the REAL WORLD, Projects and timetables
usually change due to well... CHANGE.
I would like everyone to read what Ben said about the instability of the
MIO.  It's true, and I've been getting a lot of units sent in to be
repaired.  Although I didn't design the MIO, I seem to have the responsibility
to fix and/or upgrade all the existing units.  I have always been loyal to
the 8-Bit cause, and the MIO is no exception.  Rather than telling a SYSOP
that his MIO will take 3-4 weeks to be repaired, and spending a lot of time
actually repairing existing units.  I have decided to REDESIGN to MIO, and
offer new units, as well as giving existing owners the option of "trading up".
What this means, is that I will be doing this along with the MARS 8 Project
simultaneously, for the simple reason of a NEW 80 column board!!!!
This way, the MARS 8 will support the 80 Column Hardware on it's debut
release and I will be able to keep everybody with MIO's happy about keeping
them running into the year 2000. (This way everyone can watch the R-Time 8
change over into the next century without locking up!!)
Anyway, this will delay things for a month or two, and will give Darek
something else to emulate in the PC-Xformer. <grin>  Which by the way
I am in FULL support of it, and have release the Disk-Based version
of MAC/65 as SHAREWARE to be used with it. (The only SHAREWARE fee that
is requested, is to buy PC-Xformer 3.0)
Needless to say, things are going to be triple busy and I won't have much
time to answer questions about the new products.  My answer is simply going
to be to FINISH everything, then release them!!
If you haven't heard yet, SpartaDOS X and the Express! (by Keith Ledbetter)
Cartridges are available once again.  FTe's numbers have been posted
in the Developers List, if you feel an urge to call.  Both lines are going
directly to voice mail right now, and I urge everyone to leave your name
and number so that I can call you back at a time (convenient to both of us).
This way I can concentrate on the MARS 8, the MIO, and the new 80 Column
Video board...
                                                Thanks,    Mike (FTe)

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari Classics transition completed
Date: 26 Aug 1994 20:03:44 GMT


ATARI CLASSICS: Final Farewell                              August 10, 1994
     It pleases me greatly to report that the issuing of refunds to all
former subscribers to the old AC is now essentially complete, and as of
this date the original publication may be considered officially terminated.
     I wish to officially announce my departure from the AC Staff, and
hereby declare my resignation therefrom in the positions I occupied,
Managing Editor and Circulation Editor.
     The status of refunds at this time is as follows:
1.) A batch of 88 refund checks, representing the last of the American
    refunds and all of the Canadian refunds, was posted on August 9 and
    should be in the hands of their intended recipients shortly.
2.) A batch of 18 IPMOs and bank drafts, representing refunds to overseas
    subscribers, was posted today.  The IPMOs will take a few weeks for
    postal processing before final delivery.
3.) Unicorn Publications is presently working up 17 credit card refunds to
    overseas subscribers.  Notices of account credits will be mailed out
    shortly by Unicorn Publications from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
All together, a total of 351 refunds has been/are being issued.  The refund
policy as announced in the April AC was followed very nearly as given, except
in the case of Australian refunds: one Australian refund was denied and the
remainder made by bank draft, in consequence of the discovery that IPMOs are
not available to Australia.
     The entire stock of back issues of the old AC has been transferred to the
magazine's new management in California, including back issues of the AC
Software Disk.  I will no longer respond to inquiries concerning back issues or
subscriptions to AC.  Individuals desiring such information about the new AC
should contact:
                        ATARI CLASSICS Magazine
                        5507 Langford Court
                        Concord, CA  94521
                  ATTN: Jim Hood, Managing Editor
     A number of people have asked what role I will play in the new AC.  I've
made myself available to the new management in a consulting/support capacity
over the past 6 months and expect to continue in that role for as long as
they desire my services.  Many people have begged me to continue my "Alchemist"
column in the new AC, but regrettably circumstances will not permit me to make
contributions of that nature in the forseeable future.
     In consequence of unprecedented instability now sweeping the U.S.
pharmaceutical industry in the wake of political turmoil surrounding the
Clinton national health plan proposals, many scientists in that industry are
experiencing the loss of their jobs and wreckage of their careers.  I am one
of them.  In June the department where I worked for 13 years was abolished,
and I became unemployed.  A few weeks later I received news that my mother
has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  In a few days I'll be leaving for
an extended visit to Mesa, Arizona to attend my mother's needs.  I trust the
8-bit community will forgive me for placing these serious concerns far above
any continued participation in Atari magazines.  However, I anticipate being
an 8-bit user for quite some time to come, and of course I'm a charter
subscriber to the new AC.
     The slow pace of refunds over the summer on the part of Unicorn
Publications initially hobbled the efforts of our California colleagues to
restart the magazine.  Many loyal readers apparently held off subscribing to
the new AC until they had received their refund from the old AC.  By
encouraging Unicorn to complete the refund process in a timely manner I expect
to see a corresponding boost in support for the new AC in the weeks ahead.
Feedback I've received from readers in response to the refund program has
consisted mainly of expressions of astonishment that the policies stated in the
April issue were actually followed and people had a cash refund in hand from
an Atari magazine for the first time in the history of Atari computers.  I'm
very proud of the legacy AC established in dealing "up-front" with its loyal
supporters and hope the new management will continue the tradition.
     I don't have any real figures for the present level of support for the new
AC, but reasonable estimates place it at around 200 paid subscriptions.  Based
on my experience I believe the revived publication will probably top out with
a subscriber base in the range of 300-350.  Unpublished manuscripts remaining
in my hands were turned over to the new management following their promise to
continue the same policies toward author compensation that I originally
established.  Recently they've begun aggressively recruiting a staff, and I'm
pleased to report many of the former AC Staff will be serving the new
publisher.  I'm also aware the new management has been in contact with Unicorn
Publications to secure transfer of the magazine's 2nd Class mailing permit.
They've also made local arrangements that will permit them to print the new
AC far more cheaply than Unicorn did, which means they'll be able to survive
financially with a smaller subscriber base.  All indications point to a revival
of AC very soon, I would guess September but must admit that's purely
     Finally, many people have questioned why it was necessary to shut down
AC and start it up anew instead of just having the old publisher turn over
operations to the new.  First, I must point out that plans to shut down AC
had already been laid in January 1994, well before Bob Woolley became actively
involved in saving the magazine and securing a new publisher.  Once the presses
began to roll it was too late to stop the process; the best I could do was
extend support to the new effort.  Second, back in February no one knew what
level of support a revived AC might attain.  Staff morale was extremely low
due to the sharp falloff in renewals in Dec.'93/Jan.'94, and even Bob Woolley
and Jim Hood were concerned there might not be enough support to warrant their
continuing the effort.  The whole period of January-May 1994 was fraught with
unknowns, anxiety, chaos, and instability-- punctuated by power blackouts and
disruptions caused by the Killer Winter of '94 (which left me with $2,000
in property damage and a huge mess to clean up).  For Unicorn to turn over AC
to an unknown third party in such a climate would have been an act of
catastrophic stupidity.  Due to the uncertainty of future support, Bob Woolley
and I mutually agreed any continuation of AC would have to be an independent
effort.  And finally, neither the Staff nor Publisher of AC had the authority
to transfer the magazine's operations even under ideal conditions.  Had AC been
threatened by some external event (for example, the collapse of its publisher),
it would have been within the scope of my authority to transfer the operation
elsewhere.  But instead, AC was threatened by a failure of support from the
very community that brought it into existence.  In conferring with Jeff
McWilliams (de facto representative of the 615 people whose response to the
mail campaign of 1992 authorized him to ask me to start the magazine), we
agreed that in view of the situation the correct response was to "give AC back"
to the community that authorized its existence.  The only way to do that was
to release the Staff back to the community and distribute the magazine's
financial resources back to the community.  We have in effect given AC back
to the community from whence it sprang, in consequence of the community's
failure to support the original mandate.
     People should bear in mind that the revival of AC in California is
totally independent of the original AC.  All the support given by elements
of the old publication to the new have been at a purely personal level, none
of it official.  For the past 8 months I've walked a fine line between strict
adherence to the original proposals upon which AC was founded and my own
personal desire to see the AC Experiment live on.  Through the intervention
of Bob Woolley and a mutual spirit of informal cooperation between elements
of the old and new publications, I believe I can at last claim success on both
accounts.  We have been through a trial by fire, from whence a new AC will
arise as a Phoenix from the flames.
     For some of you, the refund you receive(d) is merely a check, to be cashed
and spent.  But for others- those of you still capable of dreaming- that refund
check is a ticket to be used to vote yet a second time to continue what still
stands as one of the most unique events in the history of personal computers.
I hope people will realize the extraordinary effort that has gone into giving
the community a second chance to vote, and that you will do so wisely.
Respectfully submitted,
Benjamin L. Poehland
<Managing Editor>
<Circulation Editor>
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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: News-Paper back issues
Date: 26 Aug 1994 20:04:50 GMT

From: dx107@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dean Garraghty)
Date: 20 Aug 1994 04:43:50 -0500

Ok, here's a good deal for you all!

We have now produced 5 printed issues of the News-Paper (our
magazine). Get the lot for just $10 inlcuding Air Mail shipping!
We must be mad!!

Come on folks, get your $10 to us!

As usual, pay in cash in US$.

We have about 50 sets available, so there's no need to reserve any.

Dean Garraghty.

Dean Garraghty Software (D.G.S.) -
D.G.S., 62 Thomson Ave, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 0NU, ENGLAND.
Phone (in UK): (0302) 855026 / International: +44-302-855-026
D.G.S -- Supporting the Atari 8-bit!!

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: MYTEK's Prism Studio, Limited Time Offer
Date: 14 Sep 1994 16:13:01 GMT

From: (Mike Todd)

Here's something of interest I thought I'd cross post from GEnie


Category 5,  Topic 7
Message 16        Sat Sep 03, 1994
MYTEK [MIKE]                 at 21:08 EDT

        Prism Studio's very future, rest's in your hands. I am looking for SIX
confirmed orders to appear by March 1st 1995.

        Yes, that's right, I said it's future depends upon receiving these
orders by the deadline date mentioned.

     To some this may seem strange, but to anyone who is trying to market a
product to the ever shrinking 8Bit Atari user base (or has tried and died),
you know the reality of the saying "When in a business for oneself, it is
wisest to use other peoples money to produce product, than to use your own". 
This seems to be especially true in this marketplace, where you may only sell
one or two of something, hardly enough to justify the cost of having
professionally made P.C. Boards made.  It is for this reason, I need to see a
minimum number of orders, before setting the production wheels rolling.  I
have already written off the R&D time and materials this product required to
materialize, but I simply can't afford to sink any more money into the
venture, if it isn't what people want or need.

        Here's how it will work: between now and March 1st, I will accept
orders at the going rate of $184 ($179 plus $5.00 S&H), preferably these
orders should be via personal check written out to MYTEK. I will HOLD these
checks until the required number of orders has been met, at which time they
would be cashed and production would begin. If the required number is not met,
than all checks will be returned to their owners, and the Prism Studio project
will be shutdown. If you want COLOR genlocking on this platform, than please
don't let this happen. If for whatever reason, you change your mind about
waiting for the product, and assuming you had previously sent in a check, I
will promptly return your check if requested, with no hard feelings.

        This really is a good deal for such a product as this (compares with
similar units on the IBM platform going for $300 or more), don't take my word
for it, check out the review in the June/July issue of Current Notes. If you
support this product, then I will support you, by offering other products to
expand upon this one, adding even more features.

        When the SIX orders have arrived, I'll let everyone know personally
with a phone call, that has made this possible (be sure to include your phone#
when you order).

        Once again: Order Info....


        P.O.B. 750396

        Petaluma, CA 94975-0396

Thanks, sincerely, Michael St. Pierre (2nd Mike?)

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Quick FTe update
Date: 14 Sep 1994 16:14:55 GMT

From: F Tooned <>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 94 18:44:58 -0500

Hi Everybody,
Things are still very busy here at FTe.  The catalogs are still running
late, but there will be a nice ad appearing in the "new" Atari Classics.
(Which should be out in a few more weeks)  I haven't forgotten about
anyone, and after I can get a few LARGE projects out of the way, I
will have a lot more time to get back on-line.
I am planning on going to Germany in October, so if anyone has info
on the ABBUC show and dates, please drop me a line via E-Mail.
Thanks to everyone for patience and support! Things are getting
better, so I'm optimistic about getting the new stuff into production
very soon. More on this later.

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Bad Checks From Unicorn Pubs.
Date: 14 Sep 1994 16:33:32 GMT

Date: 11 Sep 1994 18:34:28 -0500

During the past 10 days I have received a rising tide of complaints & inquiries
regarding dishonored checks issued by Unicorn publications & mailed by me,
in conjunction with the refund policy described in the April 1994 issue of
ATARI CLASSICS Magazine.  In view of the increasing seriousness of the matter
I feel compelled to quell any rumors spreading on the networks by presenting
the facts as I know them.
Of the approximately 350 refunds that were issued, I believe the great majority
of them have been paid.  At this time it is my impression that fewer than 50
subscribers are affected by the problem.
In the following text, "Unicorn Publications" collectively refers to both
William R. Rayl & Patricia L. Snyder-Rayl, who bear all moral & legal
responsibility for the situation.
The facts of the matter & the status of the situation are as follows:
1.) During the period Aug.22-Sept.9, 1994, funds in Unicorn's account were
    drawn down below viability at least twice, for unknown periods of time in
    each case.  During these periods an unknown number of items were
    dishonored by their bank.  I am aware of 6 incidences of fees levied by
    banks on refund recipients due to NSF checks, plus an additional 5 cases
    of checks being deliberately witheld from presentation due to fears they
    would not be honored.  I estimate the total number of individuals affected
    by bad checks could exceed 20.
2.) The reason for the account failures is stupidity amounting to criminal
    negligence on the part of Unicorn, who apparently wrote checks with wild
    abandon & failed to keep competent records, even though they were in
    possession of exact information as to the balance of funds on hand as
    well as the total cost of refund payments to be issued.  This is not the
    first documented occurrence of Unicorn passing bad checks on the AC
    account.  Problems were experienced in 1992 & again in 1993.
3.) At the present time the account is once again viable, & I am urging all
    recipients still holding checks to negotiate them at once.  Funds from
    uncashed checks will end up becoming your gift to Unicorn, which they
    certainly do not deserve.
4.) Despite my requests, Unicorn has failed to account for a further 18
    refunds which were to have been handled by them personally, as they
    had to be processed through credit cards.  In view of the deplorable
    attitudes & unethical behavior exhibited by Unicorn, it is reasonable to
    assume all the people due credit card refunds have been defrauded.
5.) A Certified Notice was mailed to Unicorn on September 8 informing them of
    potential criminal liability & advising them of steps to be taken if they
    wish to avoid felony prosecution.  A deadline of September 30 was set for
    them to resolve all complaints, including complaints for charges incurred
    from dishonored checks that were subsequently paid when presented a 2nd
    or 3rd time.
6.) A complaint was filed with the Ann Arbor Police Department on September 9,
    & a preliminary investigation is now in progress.
7.) I am presently awaiting arrival of complaint forms from the Office of the
    U.S. Postal Inspector.  If Unicorn dishonors the Sept. 30 deadline, a
    felony complaint of Postal Fraud will be filed.  Recipients outside the
    U.S. who may be defrauded by Unicorn would have to file a complaint with
    their national postal service, who would likely turn it over to U.S. postal
8.) Some people have blamed me personally for the bad checks.  I wish to make
    it clear that I never at any time bore any responsibility or authority for
    financial management of AC's funds, that was entirely Unicorn's
    responsibility.  They  bulk-mailed the checks to me, & I served merely as
    their agent in sending them to individual subscribers.  I had no idea which
    checks were good & which were bad.  The perfidious behavior of Unicorn has
    placed me in an extremely compromising position.  Not to mention, I too was
    nailed with charges from my own bank due to a bad check they passed to me.
    I officially resigned from AC on August 10, 1994.  I am as much a victim-
    if not more so- as the people who have complained to me.
9.) Unicorn Publications (T/A Pegasus Press) may be contacted by e-mail on
    CompuServe at: 70007.4640 or via the Internet to Compuserve at:, or on GEnie at: CONNECT.MAG or via Internet to
    GEnie at:  They may also be reached by voice
    at: 1-313-973-8825, ask for Bill Rayl.  Written complaints should be sent
    to: Unicorn Publications, 3487 Braeburn Circle, Ann Arbor MI  48108.
    Readers who wish to verify funds may call Bank 1 in Ypsilanti MI at:
    1-313-434-7314, ask for Gail Thompson, or call the branch number at:
    1-313-572-7800.  The number for the Washtenaw County prosecuting attorney's
    office is: 1-313-994-2380.  The number for the Ann Arbor Police Department
    is: 1-313-994-2661.
10) A defrauded reader in Florida, Vern McColloch, is considering a possible
    class-action civil lawsuit to recover damages.  He may be contacted at:
    1-305-792-1942 or in writing: 3721 S.W. 59th Terrace #5, Davie FL 33314-
11) A number of recipients forwarded their refund payments to AC's new
    publisher, Jim Hood.  Jim is aware of the Unicorn problem & is reported
    to be holding an unknown number of checks.  The impact of Unicorn's
    bad checks upon the new publisher is at present unknown, although some
    people have expressed fear that Unicorn's bad checks could wreck the
    renewal of the magazine.  That would be tragic for the people who've
    signed up for the new publication.
12) During the latter half of August when this problem first developed, I
    was away in Arizona attending the personal needs of my mother who is
    dying of cancer.  I only became aware of it during the first week of
    September after I returned home & got caught up on my mail.  This totally
    inexcusable situation has thus hit me at a particularly difficult time.
    In their communications to me on the subject, Unicorn rubs salt in the
    wound by failing to express any personal culpability for creating the
    problem or expressing any remorse or regret for the intense distress
    they have visited upon so many people.  The cold-blooded, reptilian
    attitude exhibited by Mr. & Mrs. Rayl toward the parties they've defrauded
    is utterly unconscionable.
- Benjamin L. Poehland
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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari 8-bit Omnibus
Date: 18 Sep 1994 20:32:50 GMT

Date: 12 Sep 1994 17:39:14 -0500

Since Atari dropped the 8-bit computer line it's become progressively more
 difficult to find software and equipment for our Atari 8-bit computers.
 The days of Antic and Analog issues filled with ads are gone.  Many
 suppliers and software authors can no longer afford to advertise.
Back in April, I decided to try to remedy this.  I sent out a mailing to
 over ninety suppliers, inviting them to send in free ads for "The Atari 8bit
Omnibus".  This resource guide will be available for sale beginning October
 10th for $5 US, including shipping and handling.  Once it's being printed I
 will release full ordering information.
Right now, I'm offering the same free advertising to the rest of the Atari
 8bit community.  Free classified ads will be accepted, subject to the
 following limitations:
(1) Maximum 50 words/ad, two ads per person.  Editor decides what
 constitutes a word.  Editor will edit oversize ads.
(2) All ads must pertain to the Atari 8-bit computer line.
(3) All ads must include the advertiser's full name and postal address.
 Email and phone numbers are a good idea as well.
(4) Advertisers offering software may only offer software originals.  Ads
 offering pirated software will be refused.
(5) Editor and publisher are not responsible for personal losses dues to
 situations arising from these ads.
(6) Hope nobody was scared off by all this.
(7) Send ads via Email to:
        Use the message title: Omnibus Ad
Thanks for your support.  Watch for the release announcement later this

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Free Classified Ads (Omnibus update)
Date: 25 Sep 1994 20:08:31 GMT

Date: 21 Sep 1994 21:43:06 -0500

As previously announced, The Atari 8-bit Omnibus will be released this
October.  It will be a comprehensive guide to resources for the 8-bit Atari.
Free classified ads are available until midnight, September 30.  Whether
it's a "Wanted", "For Sale", "BBS Number" or any other sort of 8-bit related
ad, send it to the Omnibus!
Free classified ads will be accepted, subject to the
 following limitations:
(1) Maximum 50 words/ad, two ads per person.  Editor decides what
 constitutes a word.  Editor will edit oversize ads.
(2) All ads must pertain to the Atari 8-bit computer line.
(3) All ads must include the advertiser's full name and postal address.
 Email and phone numbers are a good idea as well.
(4) Advertisers offering software may only offer software originals.  Ads
 offering pirated software will be refused.
(5) Editor and publisher are not responsible for personal losses dues to
 situations arising from these ads.
(6) Hope nobody was scared off by all this.
(7) Send ads via Email to:
        Use the message title: Omnibus Ad
Thanks for your support.  Watch for the release announcement later this

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: News-Paper back issue clearance
Date: 26 Sep 1994 17:18:18 GMT

From: dx107@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dean Garraghty)
Date: 24 Sep 1994 10:53:14 -0500

Don't forget that we have about 50 sets of our News-Paper back
issue packs to clear. Get all 5 issues for just $10 including
Air Mail shipping! Bargain.

As usual, pay in CASH in US$.

Dean Garraghty Software (D.G.S.) -
D.G.S., 62 Thomson Ave, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 0NU, ENGLAND.
Phone (in UK): (0302) 855026 / International: +44-302-855-026
D.G.S -- Supporting the Atari 8-bit!!

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Bad refund checks: Unicorn responds
Date: 27 Sep 1994 16:14:12 GMT

From: (Pegasus Press)
Date: 26 Sep 1994 13:45:22 -0500

We'd like to take a moment to clear up a misconception that might exist
in the Atari 8bit community.  A handful of refund checks were returned
from our bank because of our error. We wish to make it clear that Mr.
Benjamin Poehland,  formerly the Managing Editor, is in no way
responsible for the failed payment of refunds, and we regret any
inconvenience to the former Staff and subscribers of the magazine.
Anyone who was affected and has not yet received a refund should contact
us at 3487 Braeburn Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 or call (313) 973-8825. 

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: The ABBUC!
Date: 27 Sep 1994 16:16:02 GMT

From: Christian Nitsch <Christian.Nitsch@muenst.Boerde.DE>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 1994 11:58:00 GMT

Hello Users of ATARI 8 BIT Computers! Do you know ABBUC? It's the
world greatest club for ATARI XL/XE. You pay 5 German marks per month.
Every Quartal, you get the Magazin+Disk(many good Programms!) Every half
jear, you get a special-Magazin with a gratis programm which costs much
money, if you buy it! The authors of this programms are mainly members
of the ABBUC and give them only to other members of the ABBUC. There 
many services for ATARI XL/XE too! For example:a great PD-Pool, a
repair-service for Computers and Floppys, Help Services for many
Write to:Wolfgang Burger
         Wieschenbeck 45
         D-45699 Herten
Or call the ABBUC-Mailbox:7.00 pm - 7.00 am:300-14400 bps,8/n/1 with the
following number:Germany 02366/39623
Its great to be a member of the world greatest ATARI XL/XE club. Its
international! There are members of Poland, Hungary, Greatbritain, USA
Waiting for you
the member Christian Nitsch

Article 428 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: FTe announces MIO II
Date: 27 Sep 1994 16:17:22 GMT

From: F Tooned <>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 94 09:09:07 -0500

Hi everyone,
Well, it's been a very busy summer here at FTe...
Even though the MARS 8 release has been delayed,
we've been working on quite a few other projects
in order to set some new standards for its' release.
One of these is the MIO II.
How would you like to attach a "new" IDE hard disk
to your 130XE or 800XL for under $100?
Our new interface plugs into the PBI of your computer,
and simply requires an IDE hard disk to operate.
You don't need an external case or power supply.
In fact, our unit will power your computer in addition
to the interface AND the Hard Drive.
We are taking advance orders for the month of
October for $79.95 (plus $5.00 shipping), for it's
debut in November.
After October 31st, the MIO II will be $99.95.
The power supplies are even switchable to 230V,
for our friends overseas.
Please direct inquiries here, as it's been difficult
to keep up with the phones in our offices lately.
Stay Tooned, as there are more suprises on the way!!
                                Mike (FTe)

Article 429 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Menu Print - Final Specs
Date: 9 Oct 1994 21:23:51 GMT

From: (David Davies)
Date: 5 Oct 1994 05:58:02 -0500

Good grief!! A whole year gone by and Menu Print still isn't finished.

Actually, it is now nearing completion since it has to be ready by AMS 8
next month. It had been hoped to include SpartaDOS, DOS 3 and DOS XE
support but there just isn't enough time. If the first release version
does well enough, then I'll produce an upgrade to include these and
other menu/DOS systems next year.

So, the final specs are as follows:

1. Menus and DOS systems supported include - Rob C, Multiboot, Howfen
Menu 3.0, K&D Menu, Atari Disk Utilities, DOS 1, DOS 2, DOS 2.5, DOS XL,
MachDOS, SuperDOS 5.0, MyDOS 4.50, Transdisk IV XL and Transdisk IV XT.

2. Support for BOOT disks is also included. The package will come complete
with a FREE ID Library disk which will contain recognition data for a large
number of commercial BOOT disks. Other ID Library disks will follow.

3. Supports Atari Printers - not something you see every day!! :)

4. Easy to use with a pop-up menu display. The Database itself is
particularly impressive (well, I think so anyway).

5. All Database entries are made by tagging from a list, but there is
a provision for fully manual entries if you have disks not supported by
the system.

Price is yet to be set as it will more than likely be released through
Micro Discount in the UK.

If you have any queries or would like to express an interest in
purchasing a copy then you can contact me via the e-mail.

David Davies
The Atari Classic Programmer's Club

STILL AVAILABLE: Swift Spreadsheet
UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Menu Print, Helter Skelter, Loopz

Article 430 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Authors and software wanted ...
Date: 9 Oct 1994 21:25:47 GMT

From: (David Davies)
Date: 5 Oct 1994 10:58:41 -0500


The Atari Classic Programmer's Club has launched a new scheme aimed at trying
to increase registrations for non-UK resident Shareware authors. The scheme
involves authors registering their software with us and we will then handle
all UK user registrations on the author's behalf.

Part of this service is to supply any full versions of Shareware programs to
registered users within the UK. All the author has to do is keep us supplied
with any new versions of their software as soon as they become available.

The benefits to the author is that they do not have to spend a lot of time
with duplicating disks, getting manuals done and sending software off to
their registered users ... we will do all that.

The benefits to the UK user is that they do not have to worry about sending
money overseas or whether the author still lives at the address given in a
piece of software 5 or more years old!

If you would like to know more, have any questions, or would like to
discuss a possible arrangement with any software you have written, then you
can send a message to the e-mail address below.

We are continuously on the lookout for both new and existing software for
release/import into the UK. If you are interested in negotiating a marketing
agreement for your software then please get in touch by e-mail.

STILL AVAILABLE: Swift Spreadsheet
UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Menu Print (Out November)
                   Helter Skelter

Capel Coch
Gwynedd  LL77 7UR


Article 431 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Menu Print Info
Date: 24 Oct 1994 17:06:06 GMT

From: (David Davies)
Date: 13 Oct 1994 06:23:35 -0500

Right, here's the current info on Menu Print ....


Menu Print is a disk cataloguer. No, don't laugh ... it's not one of those
tacky PD Databases that call themselves disk cataloguers. This is the REAL


It reduces the amount of typing you have to do when creating a disk database
with its ability to read several different types of menu and DOS disk. In fact,
it's sooo good that it even has the ability to know which boot disk you've
entered into the drive - so it can tell when you've just put Alternate
Reality into the drive.

It supports Rob C, Multiboot, Howfen Menu 3 and K & D Menu disks as well as
DOS 1, DOS 2, DOS 2.5, DOS XL, SpartaDOS 5.0, MyDOS 4.50, MachDOS, Atari
Disk Utilities, Transdisk IV XT and Transdisk IV XL. OOPS --- I meant
SuperDOS 5.0, not SpartaDOS ---.

When it finds a disk it supports, the contents are displayed on the screen
and are selected simply by tagging the entries you want to catalogue. Also,
anything that you have in your collection that is not supported can still
be entered manually into the Database.


Menu Print is split up into three main sections, each accessible from a main

ID Library - This is where you can create your own boot disk recognition files
so that Menu Print can recognise future software releases or those not covered
on the free Library disk that will come with the package. Other Library disks
will be released in the future.

Database - See above. Just undergoing last minute testing.

Printer - Last bit to be written. I've got about 3-4 weeks to write it. This
will include label and list printers (hopefully I can add some sort of
sorting facility into it).


AMS 8 in November - I hope. My drive's been corrupting disks left right and
bloody center!!!!!!!


Dunno. Depends on how much it will cost to produce each copy but I hope it
won't be too far off the 10 pound mark.

Any questions? ... :)

David Davies
The Atari Classic Programmer's Club

Article 432 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Nice hardware developments
Date: 24 Oct 1994 17:09:06 GMT

From: (Dieter Popp)
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 94 16:38:57 CET

Hello fellows
in the last Abbuc-mag was an advert from a local-group of Abbuc 
they developed some nice things. Here a short list

1, Atari-PC Interfacecartridge
   schematics and disk   10 DM
   Herkules cart         15 DM
   interface             35 DM
   connection to modulport-parallelport 5 DM
2, LCD-Display on the Atari
   schematics and diagramms    5 DM
3, Printer and clock modul
   Modul               60 DM
   schematics and disk 10 DM
   OS with P: Handler  15 DM
4, RS 232 modul
   schematics and disk   5 DM
   modul                50 DM
5, modulexpansion (use 4-5 cartridges the same time)  45 DM
6, Inofs about different Hadware hacks
   schematics and infos         15 DM
7, Case for above things available...

for more details write to:

Roland Buehler
Engelsgasse 21
72348 Rosenfeld-Bickelsberg
Tel. (germany) 07428-1260
or to
Jochen Scharllach here in the c.s.a.8bit

-- Es sind die gl|cklichen Sklaven der Freiheit grv_ter Feind...--
Dieter Popp, 
Unterfranken, Germany

   - Member of A.B.B.U.C. -
Atari 400,130XE, XEGS, XF551, 800XL, 600XL, XEP80, HDI, 
      1050, 1064,                and also an Amiga 4000 

Article 433 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: The Atari 8-bit Omnibus
Date: 24 Oct 1994 17:11:30 GMT

Date: 19 Oct 1994 17:36:54 -0500

Years ago I looked forward with eager anticipation as each new issue of
 Antic and Analog hit the newsstands.  Page after page of programs and news,
 but even better were the ads.  Dozens of companies with new and exciting
 hardware and software all clamouring for my attention.
The shrinking 8-bit market has kept most advertisers from any large scale
 advertising in recent years.  Several months ago, I decided to change that.
 I wrote to all the vendors and developers listed in Michael Current's list,
 offering them free advertising in The Atari 8-bit Omnibus.  And, page by
 page, the Omnibus filled.  Ads came in all shapes and sizes, from
 professionally laid out full page ads to a torn piece of notepaper with a
 handwritten scrawl.
And now it's complete.  Find out about 'Lemmings' and 'Operation Wolf'
 clones for the 8-bit.  Slave a PC to your 8-bit.  Make your original 800
 compatible with the XE - even down to memory banking!  And many, many more
 offers, featuring software and hardware, showing that the Atari 8-bit is
 still a fine machine.
On November 1, 1994, the Omnibus will begin shipping (it's off to the
 printers right now).  This twenty-four page catalog is only $5 US per copy,
 shipped worldwide.  Orders for five or more copies are only $4 US each, when
 shipped to a single address.
To order, send your cheque or money order payable to David A. Paterson to:
ATTN: Atari 8-bit Omnibus
 D.A. Paterson
 P.O. Box 342
 Cote-St-Luc, QU  H4V 2Y5

Article 434 of
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari 8-bit Omnibus
Date: 20 Nov 1994 19:32:58 GMT

Date: 11 Nov 1994 04:29:57 -0600

Have you ordered your copy of The Omnibus yet?  This catalog of Atari 8-bit
hardware and software is a great source for all users, featuring products
from three continents.  For only $5, you'll get your own copy sent out in
its own protective envelope.  It's a great place to start when you're
writing your Christmas wish list.  It even makes a great stocking stuffer.
So rush your order to:
D.A. Paterson
 Attn: Atari 8-bit Omnibus
 PO Box 342
 Cote-St-Luc, QU  H4V 2Y5
Make cheques or money orders payable to D.A. Paterson
Volume discounts for as few as five copies!  Email for more details.
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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: PC Xformer 3.0 (130XE emulator) now shipping!
Date: 20 Nov 1994 19:33:28 GMT

From: (Darek Mihocka)
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 1994 23:45:12 GMT

"Imagine my glee at having a tiny little window on my screen showing
the good old SWANDEMO executing at previously unimaginable speeds...
Thanks so much for XF... I didn't think XF3 would be able to reach
that level of emulation, but I guess I was wrong."

    - Oscar Fowler, PC Xformer user whose life was profoundly changed


PC Xformer 3.0 - The Atari 130XE Emulator For MS-DOS Compatible PCs

PC Xformer 2.5 - The Atari 800XL Emulator For MS-DOS Compatible PCs

November 10, 1994.

For more information, a product catalog, or to place an order, contact:

Darek Mihocka, c/o
Branch Always Software
14150 N.E. 20th Street
Suite 302
Bellevue, WA  98007 U.S.A.

Phone: 206-369-5513  Fax: 206-885-5893  Compuserve: 73657,2714  GEnie: BRASOFT

PC Xformer 2.5 is a free emulator for MS-DOS users who wish to run their old
Atari 400/800 and Atari 800XL software on their PC. The file XF25.ZIP is today
being released to the online services Compuserve, Delphi, and GEnie, and the
Internet. The ZIP file contains the PC Xformer 2.5 emulator, and
various sample
Atari 800XL programs and demos.

Also being released today is PC Xformer 3.0, the world's only 130XE emulator
for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, OS/2 Warp, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

PC Xformer 3.0 is a powerful 32-bit version of PC Xformer, which runs up to
8 times faster than a real 130XE (on a Pentium) and is the only 8-bit emulator
ever to fully support display list interrupt, player missile graphics, and
GTIA graphics. PC Xformer 3.0 is available for only $29.95 U.S.

PC Xformer 3.0 also includes over 40 pages of documentation covering the use
of the emulator as well as Atari Basic, Atari DOS 2.5, MyDOS, graphics modes,
sound, error messages, and a complete glossary of Atari 8-bit terminology.

PC Xformer 3.0 also includes over 1 megabyte of public domain and shareware
Atari 800, Atari 800XL, and Atari 130XE software ready to run on the emulator.

Both PC Xformer 2.5 and PC Xformer 3.0 run on a minimum configuration of
an MS-DOS (or compatible) based PC, 640K of RAM, and a VGA card. PC
Xformer 2.5
is a 16-bit program which runs on 286, 386, 486, and Pentium processors, while
PC Xformer 3.0 only runs on 386, 486, and Pentium processors.


Many of the limitations of our old ST Xformer emulator and other clone Atari
emulators have been eliminated in PC Xformer. PC Xformer is written mostly
in machine language and takes full advantage of the PC hardware.

Features common to both PC Xformer 2.5 and PC Xformer 3.0 include:

    - 48K Atari 400/800 emulation

    - 64K Atari 800XL emulation with "RAM under ROM" memory

    - allows user installable patches to the OS and BASIC

    - displays all ANTIC text and graphics modes, including GTIA modes

    - 256 color GTIA color palette

    - displays player missile graphics (no collision detection)

    - horizontal and vertical fine scrolling

    - supports display list interrupts, IRQ, and NMI interrupts

    - reads and writes to ST Xformer and SIO2PC generated disk images

    - reads MS-DOS files directly from within Atari DOS

    - switch Atari BASIC on/off with one keystroke

    - switch between Atari 400/800 and Atari 800XL emulation with one

    - joystick emulation using the keyboard cursor keys

    - full speed emulation on a 386/33 or faster

    - slow and fast modes of emulation to take advantage of fast PCs

    - compatible with all VGA cards

In addition, PC Xformer 3.0 adds features including these:

    - 130XE emulation with 256K of extended XE memory

    - player missile graphics with full collision detection

    - on-the-fly disk image swapping

    - 4 voices of sound, printer, and modem support

    - real joystick support

    - 386 optimized code for faster speed

    - over 1 megabyte of sample Atari 8-bit programs

    - over 40 pages of 8-bit Atari reference documentation

Below is a list of processors and the approximate speed of emulation relative
to an Atari 800:

    - 286/16     - 0.3
    - 386SX/20   - 0.5
    - 386DX/33   - 1.0
    - 486DX/33   - 2.0
    - 486DX2/66  - 4.0
    - Pentium/90 - 8.0

486 and Pentium users can use the slow/fast option to slow down the emulator
to normal Atari 800 speed or let it run as fast as possible.

PC Xformer 3.0 can be ordered for $29.95 U.S. directly from Branch Always
Software at the address above, or from these and other fine Atari dealers:

    B & C Computervisions (U.S.A.)   phone: 408-986-9960   fax: 408-986-9968
    Mid Cities Computers (U.S.A.)    phone: 310-867-0626   fax: 310-920-8933
    Rising Star Computers (U.S.A.)   phone: 800-252-2787   fax: 513-254-7970
    Toad Computers (U.S.A.)          phone: 800-448-TOAD   fax: 410-544-1329

In addition, our Gemulator 3.02 Atari ST Emulator for MS-DOS can also be
purchased from the above dealers and these international dealers:

    ACN (Holland and Germany)        phone: +31 23351100   fax: +31 23361444
    FaST Club (U.K.)                 phone: +44 602445250  fax: +44 602445305
    Ordosoft (France)                phone: +33 47547942   fax: +33 47513726
    Paragon Computers (Australia)    phone: +61 92213216   fax: +61 93258251

| Darek Mihocka. net: darekm@microsoft |
|  Views expressed are always my own.  |

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Richard Gore back online
Date: 20 Nov 1994 19:34:10 GMT

Date: 18 Nov 1994 08:22:34 -0600

Hello world, after an absence of just over four months I'm back with
an e-mail account. My support for the Atari 8-bits has been continuing
and I have some new products for you. Read on for some brief details
and keep your eye on future digest mailings for the full details.


GTRACKER    A sample sound sequencer program for Replay/Parrot
compatible sound files. Digitise your own sounds and sequence them
into a song file. Twin disk pack with several demo files, a player
program and a printed manual.

Price:  #6.50   ($15)  including shipping.

SUPER PRINT-LAB XE   A new graphics design and print program for
use on 128k (or more) machines. Features include the usual array of
art tools, extensive support utilities and printer support for Atari 1029,
Atari 1020 (in full colour) and Epson compatibles.

Price: #6.95  ($16)  including shipping.

Other titles:

JAWBREAKER   #4  ($8)
Buy both Jawbreaker & Mousekattack for only #6.95   ($14)

ARENA  #5 ($10)
BUBBLE ZONE  #5  ($10)



Watch this space for more products and more details.

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