News - Oct.91 - Dec.91

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/27/94-04:18:45 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: News - Oct.91 - Dec.91
Date: Sun Feb 27 16:18:45 1994

 Time Capsule - News - Oct.91 - Dec.91

 News Subject Title                    Date Posted
 ------------------                    -----------
Chicago ComputerFest Update            Nov.08,1991
Atari UNIX Press Release               Nov.13,1991
Z*Net: New Video Gaming Publication    Dec.11,1991
Z*Net: Lexicor 24-bit video card ready for release
ST Report Confidential (November 22, 1991)


Article #272 (376 is last):
From: al163@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Brown)
Subject: Chicago ComputerFest Update
Posted-By: xx004 (aa519 - Scotty Meredith)
Date: Fri Nov  8 15:41:03 1991

Chicago ComputerFest by Atari 
Update- November 8th
We have added several new exhibitors to Chicago ComputerFest- we now
have only 3 main floor booths remaining, if you have an interest in 
attending as an exhibitor, please contact us immediately.
Our star-studded line-up so far:
Main Floor
 ABCO                                Kaleita Art
 Apple Annie                         Mainstream America
 Application and Design Software     Mars Merchandising
 ASTMUM Montreal User Group          MaxWell CPU
 Atari Corp.                         Megatype
 Atari Entertainment                 Michtron
 Atari Explorer                      Micro Creations
 Atari Interface Magazine            Migraph
 BEST Electronics                    Missionware
 Branch Always Software              M-S Designs
 Clear Thinking                      One Stop
 CodeHead Software                   Oregon Research Associates
 CompuSeller West                    Phil Comeau Software
 CSA Ltd.                            Rimik
 C-Lab                               Rising STar Computers
 Double Click Software               Roland Corp.
 D.A. Brumleve                       SKware-One
 Electronic Spinster Graphics        Soft Logik
 eSTeem                              ST Informer
 Gribnif                             Step Ahead
 Guitar Plus                         Sudden, Inc.
 Hybrid Arts                         Toad Computers
 ICD                                 WizWorks!
 ISD Marketing                       Wuztek/OPI
 JMG Software                        Zubair Interfaces
8-bit Area
 Atari Game Developers Arena         LJK
 Computer Software Services (CSS)    Mars Merchandising
 Dataque                             Newell Industries
 ICD                                 Palette Imaging
 K.O. Distributors                   RACC (Rockford User Group- Demos)
 LCACE                               ReeveSoft
 Atari corporation and ICD have promised that a VAST amount of 8-bit 
hardware and software will be available from them in the 8-bit area.
This show may be the last chance for 8-bit users to obtain some of these
items- don't be left out!
 Atari Entertainment has promised a special gift "while they last" for 
Chicago ComputerFest by Atari attendees. I have promised not to give
specifics about what will be given away, but it will certainly be worth
your while to be in line early Saturday to get in the door!
 You may collect your gift on the main floor where we have the door prize
drop box.
 Our seminar schedule is one of the most comprehensive ever to be assembled
for an Atari-related event. There will be something for everyone both days!
For a tentative listing of seminars, please see the end of this update
for the full schedule.
 Advance ticket orders for the show banquet must be received by Nov 14th;
please call the show hotline or mail your requests in NOW!
 GEnie is the official source for Chicago ComputerFest by Atari information,
please stop by the ST Roundtable, Category 11 (Shows) Topic 10 (Chicago
ComputerFest by Atari) for the latest in information, and show specials
by our exhibitors.
 Our "hands on" training seminars have been finalized, please see the seminar
schedule at the end of this update for the times and subjects- each session
requires advance registration and a $15 "materials fee". Contact us now
to make reservations.
 The Ramada Hotel O'Hare is holding our reserved block of rooms for the show
until November 10th. If you need rooms, please call the Ramada directly at
708-827-5131 and ask for the reservations desk- be sure to mention that 
you want the Atari Corporation rate and ask for a written confirmation.
Those of you who have already reserved rooms, and have not received a
written confirmation, please request one to assure that you are getting
the Atari-negotiated rates.
 Seminar Schedule    
(Tentative- Subject to change)
 D-1 room (seating- 90)
  Saturday November 23
   12:00 Noon  Clear Thinking- Ed Hak, Metapsycology
    1:00 PM    Aladdin PC/GEnie/HUGS meeting with Juan Jimenez
               On-Line Demo / TnT / Prizes for attendees.
    2:00 PM    Sudden, Inc- Sudden View.
    3:00 PM    Missionware- FLASH II.
               On-Line Demo 
    4:00 PM    Aladdin ST/GEnie with Tim Purves.
               On-Line Demo / TnT
  Sunday November 24
   11:00 AM    Atari Inc.- Tech Topics/TOS.
   12:00 Noon  Double Click- Real Time Data Compression.
    1:00 PM    Aladdin ST/GEnie with Gordon Monnier.
               On-Line Demo / TnT
    2:00 PM    Atari Explorer- Atari Journalism with John Jainschigg.
    3:00 PM    Aladdin PC/GEnie with Juan Jimenez
               On-Line Demo / TnT
    4:00 PM    ICD, Inc. HD/Mass storage tips.
 D-2 room (seating- 90)
  Saturday November 23
   11:30 AM    D.A. Brumleve- Using Computers to Foster Creative Thinking
                              by Michael Marks.
   12:30 PM    Step Ahead- Tracker ST 3.0.
    1:30 PM    Codehead- Professional Graphics tools.
    2:30 PM    Rimik- Multi GEM Demonstration.
    3:30 PM    Electronic Spinster Graphics- Spinning graphics from bits.
  Sunday November 24
   11:30 AM    Gribnif- Rick Flashman presents Arabesque Professional
   12:30 PM    SK-Ware One- Seruat Demo/TnT.
    1:30 PM    Step Ahead- Retouche Pro CD.
    2:30 PM    eSTeem, Inc- eSTeem PILOT Authoring Language.
    3:30 PM    JMG Software- Hyper LINK.
 D-3 room (seating- 90)
  Saturday November 23
   11:00 AM     Missionware- LottODDS.
   12:00 Noon   Dataque- Future of the 8-bit.
    1:00 PM     ReeveSoft- GUI on the 8-bit.
    2:00 PM     Atari Explorer- Magazine Production with John Jainschigg.
    3:00 PM     RACC- 8-bit Printer Codes in popular WP's.
    4:00 PM     Branch Always- GEMulator PC
  Sunday November 24
   11:00 AM     Atari/Motorola- 680xx internals (Tentative)
   12:00 Noon   Atari Entertainment- Lynx Gaming tips and technique.
    1:00 PM     Dataque- T8/16 Q&A.
    2:00 PM     Application & Design Software- Universal NETwork.
    3:00 PM     Compuseller West- Do-it-yourself ST Repairs.
    4:00 PM     (TBD)    
 VIP room (seating- 75) MIDI Workshop
  Saturday November 23
   12:00 Noon   C-Lab- Productivity for the musical artist.
    1:00 PM     Roland Corporation- New Products.
    2:00 PM     Atari Corp- Atari ST's and the professional musician.
    3:00 PM     Hybrid Arts- Product Workshop
    4:00 PM     ASTMUM- MIDI Tips and Tricks.
  Sunday November 24
   12:00 Noon   Hybrid Arts- "Hands On".           
    1:00 PM     Guitar Plus- MIDI Jam session. (tentative)
    3:00 PM     Roland Corporation- New Products Demo.
    4:00 PM     C-Lab- Product seminar.
 Salon I, II, III, IV (seating- 300)
  Saturday November 23
    1:00 PM     Atari Corp- "Atari Speaks"
    3:00 PM     Atari Entertainment Division- "New Games & Systems"
    4:00 PM     ABCO- "ST Report" by Ralph Mariano
    6:45 PM     Chicago ComputerFest Banquet
                 $25.00 per person- advance.
                 Main Speaker- Greg Pratt, President Atari U.S. 
  Sunday November 24
    1:00 PM     What's New From Atari
    3:00 PM     Guitar Plus- Beginning MIDI
 Plaza III, IV (seating- 36, reservations required)
  Saturday ($15 materials charge) 
   11:00        Introduction to Calamus with Mario Georgio
    2:00        Introduction to PageStream with Dan Weiss
  Sunday   ($15 materials charge)
   10:30        Advanced PageStream TnT with Dan Weiss
    1:00        Advanced Calamus TnT with Mario Georgio
For more information or reservations:
 Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
 P.O. Box 8788
 Waukegan, IL  60079-8788
 708-566-0682 (Order and Show hotline)
 Please Make Checks Payable to "Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts"
 We accept Master Card and Visa for all orders
 GEmail- M.Brown56, L.Grauzas
 Compuserve- 70416,144
 America Online- SteveK7611
If you need to leave a message on the show hotline, please leave
complete information, credit card numbers, area codes, etc- thank you!
See you in the Windy City!

I for one am really looking forward to attending!  anyone else??


Article #273 (376 is last):
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari UNIX Press Release
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Date: Wed Nov 13 17:15:00 1991


        Developer Tools Facilitate Port to High Power/Low Cost 
                      Atari TT030 Platform

Atari Computer Corporation announces the development and imminent
availability of the Atari System V (ASV)  Developer's Kit. A pre-release
version of the Developer's Kit was exhibited and demonstrated at the
Comdex trade show on October 21-25 in Las Vegas.  The Developer's Kit is
also available to selected software developers interested in creating
new of porting existing applications onto the powerful, low-cost Atari
TT030 personal workstation.

The ASV Developer's Kit contains a rich set of developer's tools
conforming to a wide range of industry standards based on Atari's
implementation of UNIX System V Release 4.0 for the Motorola 68000
series processors and Atari's workstation graphical user interface.  The
interface is based on the hardware- and operating system-independent
XWindow system standard and the Open Systems Foundation (OSF)/Motif
style.  Thus, ASV applications take on a sculptured three-dimensional
Presentation Manager-like appearance.  The Atari Style Guide is an
enhancement to the Motif style that sets standards for consistency among
ASV applications.

"The tools that comprise this developer's kit will help key software
vendors to efficiently port their applications to ASV and take advantage
of the most cost-effective UNIX workstation platform, our TT030,"  said
Sam Tramiel, Atari Corporation CEO.   "We're excited about the value
that these applications will add to the TT030 and about providing the
UNIX workstation market with a low-cost, high powered platform."

The Developer's Kit has three main tool groups  (core tools, graphic
user interface tools, and language compilers and debuggers) and one
group of tools for networking services.  The core tools include: AT&T
System V Release 4.0, BSD and XENIX Convergence, Virtual File Systems,
Virtual Memory Management, User-Controlled Process Scheduler, Device
Driver Interface/Device Kernel Interface, Internation alization, and
Extensible Linking Format (ELF).

The Graphic User Interface tools include X Window System Release 11.4,
Motif User Interface, XFaceMaker2, and the WISh2 Desktop Manager.  ASV
application designers can quickly create a Motif-compliant interface by
using XFaceMaker2 to paint an application screen from a palette of Motif
objects such as labels, push buttons, scroll bars, and message boxes.
With FACE, a built-in C-like programming l anguage, the designer can
easily mold the behavior of the interface.

The programming tools include the efficient GNU C and C++ compilers and
the GNU gdb debugger as well as the AT&T System V sdb debugger.  The C
compiler is fully compatible with the System V ELF object format and
with the ANSI C Issue 5 extensions.  The tools and styles in the ASV kit
assures the developer of compatibility, portability, and inter-
operability with other workstation vendors conforming to an open systems
architecture and such industry standards as POSIX, X/Open, XPG3, FIPS,
NFS, X Window System, and Motif.

The networking package adds the Network File System (NFS), Remote File
Sharing (RFS), TCP/IP (the DARPA protocols) and BSD Sockets.

The Atari System V Developer's Kit will be available in general release
form in the first quarter of 1992.

Atari Computer Corporation is dedicated to providing its customers with
the highest quality, most powerful, and most reliable  computing
platforms and the best dollar-for-dollar computing value availa ble
anywhere.   Located in Sunnyvale, California, Atari Computer is widely
recognized as a worldwide leader in personal computing innovation.


Atari is a registered trademark, and TT, TT/030,  Atari System V and ASV
are trademarks of Atari Corporation.

Presentation Manager is a trademark of the International Business
Machines Corporation.

Motorola is a trademark of the Motorola Corporation.

UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T.

Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corporation.

OSF/Motif is a trademark of The Open Software Foundation.

XENIX is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

NFS is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

POSIX is a trademark of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers (IEEE),

X/Open is a re gistered trademark of X/Open Company Ltd.

X Window System is a trademark of the Massachusetts Institute of

XFaceMaker2, WX2, and WISh2 are registered trademarks of Non Standard

Harry Miller
Public Relations Counsel
(510) 938-5663  Office
(510) 939-5655  Fax

Art Pruzynski
Atari System V Marketing Manager
(408) 745-2172  Office
(408) 745-2088  Fax
Article #274 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Z*Net: New Video Gaming Publication
Posted-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Edited-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Date: Wed Dec 11 20:05:30 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9148 (November 15, 1991):

| =======================================================================
| * NEW PUBLICATION OFFERED                                 Press Release
| =======================================================================
| Computer Publications, Unltd. (CPU) will soon be publishing GameTrader.
| GameTrader will cover the world of Video and Computer Games in a way
| that is so different and unique, you'll have to see it to really
| appreciate it.
| And for a limited time, you can have your name put on our mailing list
| so that you will receive the premier edition of GameTrader absolutely
| What is GameTrader?
| Actually, it is 3 publications in one.
| The staff of GT (still being assembled) will bring you news and
| information each month on every facet of the gaming industry from new
| games to new systems with a variety of articles and columns.  Reviews?
| Yes, we'll have those too. Reviews which tell it like it is without
| trying to please game designers and advertisers. GameTrader's articles
| and columns will be geared toward the sophisticated and knowledgable
| gamer, not the typical 9-12 year-old that so many publications aim for.
| This unique section will deal with the rapidly expanding world of game
| newsletters and fanzines. Each issue will carry a Fanzine Directory
| (with listings of Fanzines and information on how to get ahold of them)
| and a Fanzine Focus column (which will see what's new in this exciting
| arena and even focus in on a fanzine or two each month).  We will also
| have our own GT Fanzines, which will actually be miniature publications
| that focus on specific game systems and columns that you'll look forward
| to reading each month.  And in addition we will be including reprints of
| some of the top articles and reviews from the many fanzines we'll be
| collecting from around the world!  We believe the fanzine editor is a
| special breed and we know how hard it is for these individuals to
| publish their newsletters on a regular basis.  We want to assist them in
| any way we can.  (If you're a fanzine editor or contributor, please
| contact us for more information.)
| Have games lying around collecting dust?  Looking for a certain game,
| but don't want to shell out $50 for it?  How about complete systems?
| Equipment?  Hint books?  You'll be able to do it all in our classified
| section.  We'll even have a special classified section called Power-Up!
| in which you'll be able to trade hints and tips with other GT readers.
| And the best part is that these classified listings will be absolutely
| free to subscribers!
| Sound exciting?  You bet!
| And now you might be asking what video game and computer systems will we
| be including in GameTrader.  You name it!
| ==================
|  * Nintendo Entertainment System
|  * Super NES
|  * Game Boy
|  * Sega Genesis
|  * Game Gear
|  * Sega Master System
|  * Atari Lynx
|  * Atari 2600
|  * Atari 5200
|  * Atari 7800
|  * TurboGrafx 16
|  * Turbo Express
| =====================
| ================
| and IBM/PC
| If you would like to receive a free copy of the premier issue, simply
| send us your name and address along with a listing of which video game
| and/or computer systems you own.  It's that simple.  Don't hesitate.  Do
| it today!
| P.O. BOX 2224
| ARVADA, CO 80001
|                303/423-6805 or GEnie Mail: STCONNECTION
| We have also have a category on GEnie in which we will be discussing
| GameTrader.  Please visit us in the Games RT (Type SCORPIA at the
| prompt) in Category 8, Topic 29.
Article #275 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Z*Net: Lexicor 24-bit video card ready for release
Posted-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Edited-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Date: Wed Dec 11 20:08:16 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9148 (November 15, 1991):

| =======================================================================
| =======================================================================
| LEXICOR will begin a 24-BIT color card waiting list starting Nov. 15,
| 1991.
| To reserve your place on the list call LEXICOR at 415-453-0271 or leave
| a message in the ATARIVEN forum with your Name and Daytime telephone
| Number only.
| LEXICOR will begin manufacturing and selling 24-BIT True Color cards on
| or about the 1st of December 1991.  These cards will be manufactured on
| a limited custom order basis only.  Orders will be processed in batches
| of 50 units at a time.
| Because there are several configurations of ATARI 68000 and 68030
| machines, LEXICOR can not afford to simply mass produce these cards and
| hope they might sell.  Therefore, the boards will be manufactured on a
| limited custom production basis.  This means that if you are on the
| waiting list (First come, First served) and your number comes up, you
| will be called.  If you place an order and pre-pay for your card you
| will be assured of receiving either the card or a full refund.
| The delivery time is expected to be 37 days from the time the group of
| 50 boards is ordered, which will be done upon receiving full payment for
| the 50th unit in that group of 50.  Each person in a custom group will
| receive a postcard acknowledging their purchase and listing the expected
| delivery date.
| If a customer places an order and payment in full is NOT received in 7
| days, that customer will be dropped from the list and replaced by the
| next customer in line.  If at any time a customer who has paid for a
| card wishes to withdraw, they will be removed from the list and receive
| a full refund, no questions asked.  Their name will not be placed back
| on the list unless they request it, and again submit full payment.
| Because of the very slow ATARI market at this time this is the only way
| LEXICOR can make the 24-Bit card available.  LEXICOR has spent an
| enormous amount of time, effort and money developing the Phase-4 and 24-
| BIT products.  Now it is time for ATARI users to join with LEXICOR to
| provide the Hardware tools everyone encouraged LEXICOR to develop.
| It is worth noting here that ATARI Corporation has agreed to set a 24
| bit standard and produce a VDI driver for the LEXICOR 24-BIT card.
| LEXICOR can't make any promises for ATARI, however we assure our
| customers that all LEXICOR software will run on LEXICOR hardware and
| that we will write a VDI driver as soon as time and demand permits.
| It is also worth mentioning that even well written current VDI complient
| software may not run on ANY 24bit card because the author would have had
| no way of knowing about the configuration of a given 24-BIT environment.
| Resolution: 512 x 512
| True color un-palleted system
| Will drive multi-sync and ATARI 1224 Color monitor in Video Mode.
| (A more detailed hardware specification list will be posted by Nov.
| 20th.)
Article #277 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: ST Report Confidential (November 22, 1991)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Edited-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Date: Wed Dec 11 20:12:41 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #746 (November 22, 1991):

| > STReport CONFIDENTIAL        "Reporting ABOUT Atari...not FOR Atari!"
|   =====================
|      * "Rumors - Tidbits - Predictions - Observations - Hot Tips" *
|         ========================================================
|     "Since the release of the Migraph Hand Scanner, we have been searching
| for  an OCR Solution that would meet Migraph's high quality and
| performance standards", state Migraph president Kevin Mitchell.  "Migraph
| OCR is the result of a joint development effort between Migraph and a top
| developer of OCR software on UNIX based systems.  The combination of the
| OCR engine and Migraph's interface provides a powerful, yet easy to use
| program."
|     "Perhaps a better indication of our commitment to the ST market can be
| measured by the emergence of Migraph OCR, The Omnifont based OCR product.
| You will not find any of the leading PC Software giants rushing to spend
| thousands of dollars, and several man-years to port a $500 OCR package to
| the Atari. Nor has any developer for the ST made the large upfront cash
| investment necessary to bring Omnifont technology to the ST.
|     Well, just like you, we at Migraph got tired of waiting. So we forged
| a strategic alliance with an OCR Omnifont engine developer. Together, we
| are bringing their mature UNIX OCR engine coupled with our intuitive
| interface to the ST market. The cost to Migraph has been substantial. We
| have focused our complete financial and manpower resources on this
| project.  We've done this knowing that your satisfaction and word of mouth
| recommendation would generate years of sales as we continue to support and
| improve the product."
|     Optical Character Recognition is the process of using software to
| recognize text characters that have been scanned into the computer.  The
| end result is an ASCII file which can be loaded into a word processor or
| desktop publishing programs.
|     Migraph OCR uses Omnifont Technology, widely recognized as the leading
| technology for OCR products.  Omnifont technology enables the program to
| recognize characters based on mathematical definitions rather than a set
| pattern.  This greatly increases the speed of the application as well as
| its accuracy.
|     "Having the Omnifont engine makes this a quality product.  Adding
| 'Intelligence' makes it a superior product" states Kevin Mitchell.
| "Trainable OCR programs have the capacity to learn new symbols aided by
| the user.  Migraph OCR uses lexicons and linguistic dictionaries to help
| recognize characters, so that fewer characters are presented for
| identification by the user.  The end result is quicker and better
| character recognition and a more satisfied user."
| Migraph OCR includes these additional features:
|     = Directly supports the Migraph and Golden Image Hand Scanners
|     = Loads IMG and TIFF files
|     = Defines text and graphic areas; saves out text as ASCII files and
|       saves graphics in TIFF or IMG format.
|     = Includes four different linguistic databases: English, French,
|       German and Dutch.
|     = Allows the user to create dictionaries for multipage documents that
|       have the same type of characters (mathematical, Greek, etc.)
|     = Easy to use interface.
| Migraph OCR will run on any Atari ST, Mega, STe or TT system with 2mb ram
| and a hard disk drive.
| Migraph OCR will be available this December through normal distribution
| channels as well as direct from Migraph.  The suggested retail price is
| $299.00
| For additional Information:
|                               MIGRAPH INC.
|                          200 South 333rd Street
|                                 Suite 220
|                          Federal Way, WA  98003
|                           1-206-838-4637 voice
|                            1-206-838-4702 Fax
| - Girard, OH                       DR BOB'S SCANLITE! HERE!!
|   ----------
|                         New From Dr. Bobware
|                              Dr. Bob's
|                           S C A N L I T E
| Scan and Save software that directly supports many hand scanners
| available for the ST/TT. GeniScan/ST (tm), Migraph (tm), DAATAscan (tm)
| and the Golden Image (tm) hand scanners are currently supported with
| plans to add to that list as the need arises.
| ScanLite requires less than 20k of memory making it an excellent choice
| for systems without megs and megs of memory. ScanLite is a superb choice
| for those who like to scan large images while at the same time being
| able to keep their favorite system enhancements installed. ScanLite is
| great too for large systems when all you want is a quick, no-hassles
| scan & save.
| View as You Scan in all ST and TT resolutions. Easy to use dialog for
| desired scan length in either inches or centimeters. An adjustable time-
| out feature that's compatible and convenient across the accelerator
| board spectrum. No more drumming your fingers on the desk while you wait
| for a timeout. No more timeout before you can get situated for an ideal
| scan.
| ScanLite saves scans as .IMG files in either super-compact or 'uncom-
| pressed' format for maximum compatibility across system platforms.
| ScanLite CAN RUN AS A PROGRAM OR AN ACCESSORY! For accessory running,
| ScanLite has a fully configurable memory reserve feature which allows
| scanning within programs that take all of system memory space for
| themselves (like PageStream). Or, should you choose to run as an
| accessory with no memory reserve feature, ScanLite will take only 20K of
| memory space until you call it up. It will then use what's available
| from the system, giving that memory back when it's done!
| When ScanLite is installed as an accessory, it's fully loaded with the
| ability to communicate with other programs running under GEM! This
| enables you scan directly into any program that's designed to "talk" to
| ScanLite! We are currently discussing ScanLite compatibility with
| several other ST/TT software publishers so if you'd like to be able to
| scan directly into your favorite program, give the publisher a call and
| ask if they are ScanLite ready!
| ScanLite currently has the ability to directly interface with the
| COALESCE merging software that comes with THE TRAY from WizWorks! Scan
| directly into COALESCE for easy picture perfect full page scans with
| your existing DAATAscan (tm), GeniScan/ST (tm), Golden Image (tm) or
| Migraph (tm) hand scanner.
| ScanLite is available for only $20 from......
|                                 WizWorks!
|                            Post Office Box 45
|                             Girard, OH 44420
|                              (216) 539-5623
|                         MasterCard/VISA accepted
|                   (3%) Shipping only $1.00 additional!
| - GIRARD, OH                          DR. WIZWORKS STRIKES AGAIN!!!
|   ----------
|                         New From Dr. WizWorks!
|                             THE TRAY (tm)!
| THE TRAY is the ultimate hand scanner guide measuring 20 inches long by
| 12 inches wide to easily accomodate US letter, US legal, and Euro A4
| paper sizes. It's manufactured with strict tolerances and has an at-
| tached clear vinyl overlay to hold your page rock-steady for accurate
| scanning.
| Just place your hand scanner into the cradle and scan both halves of a
| page. Use the included ST/TT COALESCE software written by Chet Walters
| to merge the two images together into a full page! The COALESCE software
| can print the freshly merged image to HP DeskJet, HP LaserJet or Atari
| SLM laser printers with a multiple function for fast "photocopies" or,
| you can elect to save the full page as an .IMG file for use with any
| software you like. COALESCE can also re-load these full page .IMG files
| (or any .IMG for that matter) for quick re- printing anytime.
| COALESCE is also specially designed to directly interface with Dr. Bob's
| ScanLite so if you're a Scan Lite owner, you can scan and save directly
| from within COALESCE!
| THE TRAY gives you a steady helping hand to straghten out any scanning
| task and fits most hand scanner body styles available for the ST/TT line
| of computers. THE TRAY is a trademark of the LYRA Group and comes with
| the ready to run COALESCE merging software for all ST/TT computers. The
| THE TRAY fits GeniScan/ST (tm), Golden Image (tm), Migraph (tm),
| DAATAscan (tm) and most other scanner bodies available for the ST/TT.
| Available for only $69.95 ..... Why pay more?
|                                 WizWorks!
|                            Post Office Box 45
|                             Girard, OH 44420
|                              (216) 539-5623
|                         MasterCard/VISA accepted
|                   (3%) Shipping only $4.00 additional!
| Both ScanLite and THE TRAY will be introduced at the Chicago AtariFest!
| The manuals have already gone to the printers!

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