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Subject: News - Jul.91 - Sep.91
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 Time Capsule - News - Jul.91 - Sep.91

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Report from the MIST AtariFest III     Aug.02,1991
Show report 1                          Aug.19,1991
Show report 2 from Znet9132            Aug.19,1991
Interview with Bob B. from Znet9132    Aug.19,1991
Z*Net: Professional Systems Group Launches Aegis Program
Z*Net: Aegis Program a Hit             Aug.28,1991
Blue Ridge Atari Fest                  Aug.28,1991
Asherville Atari Show                  Aug.28,1991
STReport Confidential - August 9, 1991 Aug.28,1991
Chicago ComputerFest by Atari          Sep.06,1991
Re: Chicago ComputerFest by Atari      Sep.09,1991


Article #260 (376 is last):
From: sir-alan!aquila! (David Johnson)
Subject: Report from the MIST AtariFest III
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Edited-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Fri Aug  2 11:57:18 1991

David Johnson, an Atari 16/32-bit Computer Support Team member

           Report from the MIST AtariFest III -- By David Johnson

        On July 27, 1991, MIST (Mid-Indiana ST) held their third annual
AtariFest in the Castleplace Conference Center in Indianapolis.  Attending
were quite a few Atari vendors, and more than a few Atari users.  Bob Brodie
of Atari was also there, but more on him later.  First, the highlights from
the vendors:

        AIM (Atari Interface Magazine) was selling copies of their magazine
for $2.00, and also had program disks for sale.  Bill Rayl gave a seminar
on "Desktop Publishing with Lexicor" (according to the program, that is--
I assume they meant "Desktop Video"), in which he showed off some of 
Lexicor's graphics software and answered questions on the Lexicor line.

        Apprentice Software (P.O. Box 41277 Indianapolis, IN 46241) demonstrated
their Neural Network Construction Set, a program which simulates the artificial
intelligence technology of a neural network on the ST.  It seems to be, if
nothing else, a very interesting specialty product for the ST.  Since I'm
no nerual network expert, I probably shouldn't say too much more; you can
write for more information at the above address.

        MP Graphics Systems, an Indianapolis firm who sets up DynaCADD
systems, was demonstrating one of its systems--DynaCADD running in color
on a TT, connected to an IBM plotter.  Watching the TT control the plotter
seemed to be a popular pasttime, as people stood around and waited for the
plotter to finish each drawing.

        SoftLogik had PageStream 2.1 running on a TT with color monitor.
Screen output was excellent, and rotated text was quite impressive.  This
program looks like a winner.

        Touch Technologies (100 Cheviot Dr. Bartlett, IL 60103) displayed
their TouchTech system--an ST combined with a touch-sensitive screen which
can be used for a variety of applications.  At the show, they were running
a restaurant program to demonstrate their system--orders could be placed
by touching the item on screen, the bill is then displayed, and the user
can edit the bill as needed.  It was a very interesting system--hopefully
there is an adequate market for such a niche product.

        Others attending the show included D.A. Brumleve (children's
programs), Clear Thinking (EdHak, the "edit anything" program), CompuServe,
Electronic Spinster Graphics (clip art), Gribnif (NeoDesk, Steno, STalker,
Cardfile), ICD (hard drives, host adaptors, lots of other cool hardware),
a representative from ISD (Calamus), MegaType (fonts and other DTP stuff),
MissionWare (LottODDS, Printer Initializer), MS Designs (fonts), SKWare One
(Seurat, a paint program), and WizWorks (Mug Shot, Image Cat, MVG, and
clip art).  Several user groups and computer retailers also attended.

        At 3:00, Bob Brodie began his seminar.  The room was quite packed
(partly due to its small size)--people had to sit on a table and on the floor.
Everyone seemed to enjoy his talk, however.  Some highlights:

FSM/GDOS will be released in August for less than $100.  It will include
FSM/GDOS itself, the CPX for controlling it, and the Lucida font family.
It will have color printing support.  A printer of at least the capability
of the Epson FX80 Plus will be required for output.

The TT and Mega STe are currently shipping, though they are on backorder.
Atari is arranging to increase manufacturing capacity by signing up more
companies to make the machines.  The Mega STe (and the TT) do not use the
infamous RF shield any more--instead, Atari is using RF paint, which 
provides much easier access to the inside of the machine.

At the CEPS show, Atari "did incredibly well," which may be part of the
reason that TTs are in such short supply--publishers are starting to buy
them to do their layout and design.  Atari plans to repeat its success
at the CBOLT show in San Jose, which is the followup show to CEPS.

Atari is working to create a much more global software market, with special
emphasis on getting U.S. products into wider European distribution.

The STylus and ST Notebook computers will be released at Comdex.

The 8 bit computers are doing well in the Soviet Union, Poland, China, 
and Mexico.

Development is continuing at Atari on an updated version of what is now
known as Word Up.  Atari does intend to release the new word processor
program when it's finished.

The upcoming issue of Atari Explorer is delayed (from production difficulties,
if I remember correctly), and it will be out very soon.

Atari does not plan to start many marketing campaigns until the economy
significantly improves.

The CD-ROM drive is in production, but since there is not much software
available in the U.S. right now, it is not widely distributed here.  It's
popular in Australia, however.

Atari is planning some 520STE bundles to come out soon, and hopes to sell
the bundles through mass merchants.

        Later, after his seminar, Bob Brodie said that, contrary to many
reports, Word Perfect version 5 is still in the works.  In fact, Word
Perfect recently ordered a few TTs--they must be using them for something,
and that something is WP 5.x.  

        Also, the new, smaller Lynx is currently shipping.  Look for them
soon in your local stores.

        After Bob Brodie's seminar, I made the rounds once more to see if
anything new had popped up.  Nothing caught my eye, and after a little while,
I got in my car for the trip back home to Evansville.  The trip to Indy was
quite worthwhile--if you have time next year, I recommend that you make the
trip.  See you there!

David Johnson -
 (Reach me this summer at davidj@aquila.UUCP)

Article #262 (376 is last):
From: sytang@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Shoou-yu tang)
Subject: Show report 1
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:10:47 1991

                Show report from Znet9132
                             August 2, 1991 
                               Issue #91-32

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

                              by Bob Brodie, 
             Director of Communications, Atari Computer Corp.
 For the last two years, a small gathering of Atarians has met in
 Bloomington, Indiana.  The groups have used the gathering as a chance to
 have a swap meet, and attract a few small developers.  MIST is an
 association of three users groups that has shared members, and needs
 over the past few years.  The groups that form MIST are ASCII- located
 in Indianapolis, BLAST- located in Bloomington, and PAUG- located in
 West Lafayette on the campus of Purdue University.  Their goal has been
 to share information, ideas, make new friends.
 In making the move to Indianapolis, the members hoped that they would
 share the burden of putting on the event a little bit better.  This
 years show was put on at CADRE, Inc, a local CAD firm.  The show area
 was a comfortable seminar area at CADRE, with carpeting, air
 conditioned, and easy access to hotels and local eateries.  The wide
 open seminar room was laid out logically, so visitors would have an easy
 path in making their way around the show.
 Exhibitors at this event included:
 Atari Corporation                 MP Graphic Design
 Gribnif Software                  CompuServe
 AT/Com Electronics                Clear Thinking Software
 Unicorn Publications              Randall's Home Computers
 MegaType                          Electronic Spinster Graphics 
 Mar's Merchandising               Touch Technologies
 SKWare One                        Softlogik
 Computer Works                    ICD
 Cal Com                           DA Brumleve
 Apprentice Software               One STop
 MS Designs                        Wiz Works

 also attending were a number of user groups:

 Milwaukee Atari ST of Milwaukee, WI
 Cin'tari of Cincinnati, OH
 STar of Belleville, IL
 Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts, Waukegan, IL
 Eastside Atari Users Group, Alton, IL
 From the moments the door opened, the show was very, very busy.  Show
 organizers were pleased with the turnout for Atarifest III!  Once again,
 the combination of inexpensive tables for developers ($50 a table!) and
 low admission made this event a can't miss affair!  While the turnout
 was great, and the crowd was active, I never felt like I was in a rush
 to get to the next person.  Instead, I found people to be quite patient
 waiting for their turn to talk with me about what was going on in the
 Atari Community.  I was quite surprised at the distance that some people
 drove to attend this event.  Spotted in the crowd was Paul Plants of the
 WACO User Group from the Pittsburgh, PA area!  Attending from
 Huntsville, Alabama was John Cole, ST Vice President of the Huntsville
 Atari Users Group.  Other people told me that they had driven up from
 Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, and Michigan.  I met so many new faces, I'm
 sure that I've overlooked a number of people in this report.
 The MIST organizers set up the exhibition area in a large open area of
 CADRE's conference center.  In addition, they had seminars set up in a
 room down the hall from the main area, which sat around 150 people.  The
 entrance to the show was in yet another area, which also had a MIDI-Maze
 ring set up in it.  Dan Ward from ASCII set up a large "white board"
 that he posted all door prize winners on.  Nice touch, Dan!  There was
 even a convenient Coke machine!
 A number of developers that couldn't attend this show demonstrated their
 support for MidWestern Atarians by sending along door prizes or
 advertising in the show program.  Among them was ISD Marketing, which
 donated Calamus, Outline Art, The Calamus Font Editor, a copy of the
 Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing.  Current Notes, the Washington D.C.
 area based magazine offered a subscription to Current Notes, as well an
 ad in the show program.  Fonts by Guber sent 3 PageStream font disk

 The show organizers kept trying to tell me that they only had 250 people
 or so that had shown up.  I couldn't believe it, I've been to enough of
 these events that I just *knew* that the crowd was much better than
 that!  Sure enough!  During teardown the show officials acknowledged
 that they had miscounted.  The attendance was 450+!  Now there's a
 number I can believe in!

 The developers expressed great satisfaction with this event.  Tricia
 Metcalf from Gribnif Software told me that sales were better than they
 had been at the Windsor Show, which was a two day event with much higher
 booth prices!  ICD sold out of a number of items.  Wiz Works was
 badgered by people all day that wanted to buy Migraph scanner modules to
 use with MVG, and I was one of them!  Some of the user groups expressed
 disappointment with the sales of their PD libraries, while others did
 just great.  The LCACE gang did a bang up business, and EAUG had a
 terrific looking booth.

 For me, one of the highlights of the day was the MARC Meeting.  Under
 the leadership of Hank Vize, MARC (Midwest Atari Regional Council) is
 trying to make sure that all of the groups in the midwest stay in good
 contact with each other.  This meeting was open to user group officers
 only, and had a fine turnout.  MARC started in the St. Louis area.  I
 visited them in late '89, and just kind of casually remarked to Hank
 that it was a shame that the local groups didn't talk more.  He took the
 idea and ran with it, and now MARC has an e-mail list that goes from St.
 Louis to South Bend, Indiana!  Keep up the good work, guys!  Look for
 the gang from St. Louis to have a bigger role in next years MIST Show.
 Maybe they'll have to give the show a new name!

 Another bright spot was a tour of Purdue University.  Professor Dennis
 Short of Purdue's Technical Graphics Department is an Atari fan!  He's
 got a number of labs at Purdue that are crammed full of IBM/PS2's and
 Macs.  But in his office, he's got an Atari TT, running DynaCadd and
 NeoDesk3!  Professor Short is excited about the high speed performance
 of DynaCadd.  He's proposed a lab of TT's to Purdue University, all to
 be running DynaCadd! Professor Short is faculty advisor to the Purdue
 Atari Computer Enthusiasts, and spent several hours at the show.  During
 dinner on Friday night, he expressed sincere appreciation for all of the
 support Atari developers have provided him as he's learned the ins and
 outs of the TT030!  Not without a fun streak in him though, I caught the
 professor taking a hard look at a Lynx!  Hmmm, what that line about all
 work and no play?  MP Designs is the Indianapolis based VAR that is
 servicing Purdue's Atari needs.

 I'm grateful to the organizers of the MIST Atarifest III for allowing me
 to participate in this event.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Article #263 (376 is last):
From: sytang@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Shoou-yu tang)
Subject: Show report 2 from Znet9132
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:12:23 1991

This show report from Znet9132.
                             August 2, 1991 
                               Issue #91-32

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

                       BRACE ATARIFEST SHOW REPORT
                    by the Z*Net Staff and Bob Brodie,
          Director of Communications, Atari Computer Corporation
 Saturday, July 20th was a great day in Asheville, NC. Atarians from all
 over the southeast came together once again to enjoy their hobby at the
 second annual Blue Ridge Atarifest.  The event is co-sponsored by the
 Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts, and the local Atari dealer,
 Computer STudio.  Sheldon Winick is the well known owner of Computer 
 This was the second time Atarians had come to Asheville for the Blue
 Ridge Atarifest.  Last year was the first event, inspired by a visit
 from Bob Brodie of Atari.  When Bob arrived, he found an exceptional
 Atari dealership, and excited users.  A total of about 150 people turned
 out for the inaugural Blue Ridge Atarifest.  Most of the rest of the
 exhibitors at the first "show" were other Atari owners who enjoyed
 sharing their expertise in particular areas of their hobby.  Included in
 last years exhibitors was a number of members from KAUG, the Knoxville
 Atari Users Group.  Clifton Willard, a video professional, returned with
 the rest of the gang from KAUG for the second Blue Ridge Atarifest.
 No one has ever accused Bob Brodie of hiding a good thing!  He was sure
 to tell one and all about the great impression Asheville's fine folk had
 made on him.  This year, the show moved itself up by several notches!
 There were a number of other professional developers that attended the
 Blue Ridge Atarifest this year, and even more people!  As before, the
 show was held in the lovely Westgate Shopping Center, in which Computer
 STudio is located.  In a major switch from the norm of most other Atari
 shows, BRACE and Computer STudio made this event *FREE* to everyone!
 There was no charge for admission, and no charge to any of the
 developers that chose to display their wares in Asheville for the day!
 Computer STudio is a full service Atari retailer, carrying the full line
 of Atari products.  On display in the store was the TT030, with 8 megs
 of ram, a Mega/STE with four megs of ram, 1040 STEs, Stacys, Lynx, and
 the Portfolio palmtop computer.  Computer STudio is a well stocked
 dealer, with over 500 software titles available on the shelf.
 Folks from all over the southeast came to see this event.  User groups
 were reported present from KAUG, the Knoxville Atari Users Group, the
 East Tennesee Atari Computer Enthusiasts, and other groups from North
 Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and even Florida was
 represented at this event.
 Among the people that drove up to this southern style gathering was the
 colorful and controversial Ralph Mariano.  Most Atarians recognize Ralph
 as being the publisher of ST Report, a weakly rumor column distributed
 primarily on the FNET.  In addition to ST Report, Mariano also has his
 own hard drive business, ABCO Computer. The vocal Mariano, ever a
 curiosity to the end users and developers alike, elected not to take a
 booth to show his famous ABCO hard disks, but rather opted to try to
 mingle with the crowd at the event.  Bob enjoyed an opportunity to meet
 Ralph's sons, who also came for the journey north.  Hmmm, wonder if they
 read ST Report?  The once influential journalist hosted his own seminar
 toward the end of the day entitled "Current Events".  It was an event
 not to be forgotten: entertaining, humuorous, and unclouded by facts.
 D.A. Brumleve and her family took time out from their vacation to swing
 through Asheville.  Dorothy had her KIDPRGs on display, and enjoyed
 speaking to the many new users that she encountered there.  Unlike many
 of the booths at shows, Dorothy's is one that the parents can encourage
 their children to use the computer!  No worries about lost data at
 Dorothy's booth.  She's always glad to get the little ones up to the
 screen.  It's usually not too longer after the kids get busy with the
 KIDPRGs that Mom and Dad notice that maybe their kid isn't too young to
 use a computer after all! Always a seminar favorite, Dorothy gave a
 session on "Empowering You Learners Through Technology".
 Located down the hall from his wife, was Dr. Timothy Brumleve, who has
 written his own librarian for a Kawai synthesizer.  Tim hosted a MIDI
 seminar to demonstrate his K5/K5m Voice Librarian.  Many of the great
 sounds heard throughout the Westgate Shopping Center this day were
 courtesy of Tim Brumleve!  Along with Tim, Mike Cloninger was on hand
 from Dragon Studio to show off some his stuff, done with Cubase.
 GEnie was well represented by Darlah Pine, head of the Atari Roundtables
 on GEnie.  Hooked up live to GEnie, Darlah showed how to get around the
 system to the new users.  Most of them were impressed with Atari's
 official online service!  Genie's Basic Services are an exceptional
 value!  Darlah also showed the new subscribers how to locate the
 developers of their favorite programs, most of whom are probably online
 on GEnie now!  Got a problem with a program?  Here's how to send
 electronic mail to the company!  Did you say that you were interested in
 public domain software?  GEnie has simply the *best* online libraries
 around!  Darlah remarked how wonderful it was to find so many new users
 at a show!  It had been a long time since so many new folk had appeared
 at a show.
 John Fox of Goldleaf Publishing was on hand, his usual wacky self, to
 wow the crowd with WordFlair II.  Word Flair II takes advantage of
 Atari's FSMGDOS, utilizing scalable outline font technology.  A truly
 unique product, a document processor, Word Flair II let you integrate
 text, graphics, and data all on one page!
 Jeff Williams is a familiar sight to show goers as one of the syops from
 GEnie.  Jeff has long been a fixture as the moderator of the Wed. night
 conferences on GEnie.  Now Jeff is also with ICD, and ICD sent him to
 Asheville with an ample supply of host adapters, AdSpeed accelerators,
 and great deals on close out 8 bit stuff!  Jeff displayed a STacy 4 with
 an AdSpeed up and running.  ICD's products just seem to get better and
 Located inside the Computer STudio store, hidden behind a wall of people
 that constantly surrounded him was none other than Nathan Potechin of
 ISD Marketing.  Nathan was showing off Calamus S/L on the Atari TT030 at
 Computer STudio.  People were lined up three and four deep from opening
 till about 2:30 to speak with Nathan, and to see the power of Calamus
 S/L.  Nathan also gave a seminar later in the day on Atari Desktop
 Publishing using Calamus.  Always easy to approach, Nathan spent time
 with new friends discussing Calamus, Outline Art, DynaCadd, and the
 Independent Association of Atari Developers.

 Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software is the author of Tracker/ST.
 Tracker is a powerful application that offers a complete mail manager
 with a quick letter option, label printing and more.  Nevin is one of
 the sysops of the SoftLogik Roundtable on GEnie, and also gave folks a
 look at the powerful new version of PageStream.  Better known in some
 circles for his Rumor City column in ST Informer, Nevin proves every
 month that you can kiss & tell if you do it right!  Everyone likes to
 keep up with the latest scoop on the Atari community.  Nevin shares his
 rumors with little flash and no slash, and lots of class.  Refreshing
 reading for everyone!  Other pseudo journalists would do well to
 consider his approach!  Nevin sold out of Tracker/ST at this show!  In
 addition to Nevin, ST Informer was also represented by Brian Gockley.
 Brian and his lovely wife had great supplies of ST Informers' A & D
 Software, including the Universal Item Selector and the Universal

 Down from Virginia for the Blue Ridge Atarifest came Don and Carole
 Terp.  These longtime Atarians might be remembered by some for their
 writings in the Atari community.  They started ST Business magazine, and
 then published their original material in ST Applications.  Now under
 the name of Reed Mountain Press, Don discussed the business side of
 desktop publishing.
 Clifton Willard was again on hand from Knoxville to show off his
 fabulous video creations, all generated using an Atari computer.  Those
 doubters that the ST's video capabilities should have been present.  His
 creations are simply fabulous!

 While not showing an Atari specific products, author Ralph Roberts spent
 time discussing Computer Viruses...the topic of his book.  He has also
 written a series of Leisure Suit Larry hint books.  Ralph autographed
 copies of his book as a special bonus to show attendees.
 Although not exhibiting per se, any report would be remiss if it didn't
 mention the attendance of Bill Aycock, Compuserve Sysop.  Bill was easy
 to approach, and quite open about discussing the current state of
 CompuServe.  If your a Portfolio user, CompuServe has an excellent
 Portfolio forum!
 Last, but certainly not least was Bob Brodie of Atari Computer
 Corporation.  Bob spent most of his time helping out Darlah Pine showing
 of GEnie, and meeting new friends from the south.  Bob especially
 enjoyed being right across the way from Computer STudio.  It made it so
 easy for him to refer people to a great store just a few feet away to
 have their needs met.  Instead of having to suggest that a dealer
 *might* have what the user needed, chances are that Computer STudio
 would already have the product in stock.
 And speaking of Computer STudio, Sheldon Winick and staff were on the
 go from almost before opening the store to the very end of the day.
 Lines are the cash register were typically about 4 deep.  Sheldon was
 all smiles by the end of the day.  I'd bet that this day goes down in
 Computer STudio history as one of the best.  Did you say *the* best?
 Could be!  The many specials that were run were sure to please any
 budget, and developers seemed to be all aglow as well.  Beyond a doubt,
 this gathering brought together a fine balance of buyers and sellers!
 Clearly, credit for this event must go to the Blue Ridge Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts and Computer STudio.  How many other shows in recent memory
 offer to provide developer space for free, and *no admission* charge?
 Hmmm, sounds like a pretty REVOLUTIONARY idea to me!  A show in a
 shopping center??  Even more REVOLUTIONARY stuff!  Don Thomas would be

 And could there be any doubt that there will be a repeat performance?
 How could it go wrong!  With free booths for the developers, the major
 cost that they will have to deal is more like transportation and hotels.
 What a pleasant change from other recent shows!  Look for this event to
 grow into an even bigger event than the 500 people that attended this
 year.  Look for the friendly people at Computer STudio to be host to
 *the*  gathering point for southern Atarians!  Sheldon told Bob that he
 is already in discussions with a major mall in Asheville to relocate
 Computer STudio there.  Imagine how many non-Atarians will see next
 years show!  Kudos to Sheldon and his fine staff, and the Blue Ridge
 Atari Computer Enthusiasts for putting on such a fine event!  I'm
 looking forward to next year!!

Article #264 (376 is last):
From: sytang@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Shoou-yu tang)
Subject: Interview with Bob B. from Znet9132
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:13:13 1991

                 This is interview with BOB from Znet9132 
                             August 2, 1991 
                               Issue #91-32

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

                        INTERVIEW WITH BOB BRODIE
                by the Z*Net Online Staff, and Bob Brodie
 Z*Net:    Bob, Atari has announced their first AEGIS Conference to be
 held in Sunnyvale this next week.  What exactly is the intent of the
 Aegis Program?  Some people seem to think it's the same as the old
 "Business Computer Center".
 Bob:      Nothing could be further from the truth.  The old BCC has
 nothing in common with the AEGIS Program.  The AEGIS program is designed
 to aid, and train our dealers.  Under the BCC program, dealers had to
 spend money to keep certain minimums on hand.  Yet with the AEGIS
 program, we're charging them NOTHING for their involvement.  All of the
 training is provided free of charge.
 Z*Net:    Is training the dealers all that is involved with the AEGIS
 Program?  Or is there more to it than that?
 Bob:      I'm not at liberty to discuss all the details at this time,
 but I can assure you that it involves much more than just training the
 dealers.  We have additional opportunities for the dealers that we'll
 share with them next week.  It would be inappropriate for them to be 
 shared with your readers before the dealers all hear the program.
 Z*Net:    So, what about some of the other things people have been
 reading about?  Like minimum sales orders, monthly volume, etc.?

 Bob:      I've read some of those things as well. (Laughing) It's really
 kind of weird to be here, see the program developing and then read
 online what the program is supposed to be!  All I can tell you is to
 consider the source of the information your reading.  I don't have much
 to say to National Enquirer type of publications.

 Z*Net:    Sounds like a reasonable suggestion to me! But does the Aegis
 program in any way slow down the process of signing up more dealers for

 Bob:      Not in the least!  Atari has returned to distribution with
 their products with the specific intent of making Atari Computers more
 readily available to any dealer that wants them!  We are presently
 dealing with a number of distributors nationwide, including one that is
 a MIDI specialist!  While it's true that the TT will not be in the
 distribution channel, we think that's an appropriate move.  Customers
 who purchase the TT deserve the finest support that they can get, from
 dealers that really know the product. 

 With the lone exception of the TT products, all the rest of our products
 are available to any dealer via distribution!  That includes laser
 printers, Mega STE's, hard drives, 1040 STE's, etc.  We've even invited
 some significant distributors to the AEGIS training seminar.

 Z*Net:    Anything else about the AEGIS seminar our readers might be
 interested in, Bob?
 Bob:      The AEGIS seminar is most assuredly NOT just an Atari program.
 We have also secured the assistance of our developers in training our
 dealers at the AEGIS seminar.  Only by the dealers understanding our
 products, and recognizing the *power* of the developers products will
 sales be generated.  I've seen some comments online from some of the
 developers about their products in response to questions from new users.
 Frankly, some of their descriptions surprised me!  It was some of the
 best presentations that I have seen on their products.  Since we
 recognize that not all of our customers are online, it only makes sense
 to pass that information along to the resellers that will directly
 interface with the customer.  That can best be accomplished by having 
 the developers present at this event.

 Some of the developers that will at the AEGIS seminar include Nathan
 Potechin of ISD Marketing, Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software, Darin
 Kazmaier of SoftLogik Publishing, Lauren Flanagan-Sellers of Gold Leaf
 Publishing, Rick Flashman of Gribnif Software, Lee Seilor of Lexicor
 Software, and John Eidsvoog of CodeHead Software.  Those are the ones
 that I can think of off of the top of my head.  I'm sorry I don't have
 the list in front of me at the moment.  James Grunke has arranged for
 some significant MIDI developers to be there as well, from Dr. T's and
 Steinberg Jones.

 Z*Net:    This looks like a good mixture of products to me, Bob!  Atari
 has provided a balance there between productivity packages, utilities,
 and MIDI.  Certainly not just high end unaffordable applications!!

 Bob:      This was exactly our goal.  As always, there are people that
 wish they could have attended this event but could not.  That includes 
 both developers and dealers.  The important thing to recognize is this
 is the first step!  We're making some good moves with this, and it gives
 us a foundation to build on.  We've considered the needs of *all* of our
 users, not just the high end ones.

 Z*Net:    Thanks for taking time to speak with us, Bob!  We're sure that
 our readers will appreciate this information on the Aegis program. 

Article #265 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Z*Net: Professional Systems Group Launches Aegis Program
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:12:10 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9131 (July 26, 1991):

                            ATARI NEWS UPDATE
                              Press Release
 NEWS RELEASE           For Immediate Release
 Sunnyvale, California - 25 July 1991 - The Professional Systems Group,
 a division of Atari Computer Corporation, will kick-off the AEGIS
 Strategic Partner program at the AEGIS Symposium to be held August 5 and
 The AEGIS Strategic Partner program creates a unique relationship
 between Atari, its key resellers and its key developers.  This
 relationship nurtures the development of both vertical-market and cross-
 discipline solutions, resulting in a strong and effective national sales
 A key part of the AEGIS Strategic Partner program is the AEGIS
 Symposium, a clearinghouse for the ideas and information that create
 powerful vertical-market solutions.  The AEGIS Symposium is a two-day
 product training event with participation from both key resellers and
 key developers.
 The first AEGIS Symposium will be held August 5 and 6 at the Wyndham
 Garden Hotel in Sunnyvale, California and at the Cogswell Polytechnical
 College in Cupertino, California.  Over 50 computer and music sales,
 third-party software, and Atari representative personnel will be in
 Key software developers attending the AEGIS Symposium include:  C-Lab
 Software, Dr. T's Music Software, Hybrid Arts, Roland Corporation USA,
 Steinberg/Jones, Codehead Software, Goldleaf Publishing, Gribnif
 Software, ISD Marketing, Soft-logik Publishing and Step Ahead Software.
Article #266 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Z*Net: Aegis Program a Hit
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:20:38 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9133 (August 9, 1991):

                           AEGIS PROGRAM A HIT
                               by John Nagy

 Thirty-five representatives from twenty-three separate dealers attended
 Atari's latest dealer education and assistance program, "AEGIS", this
 week in Sunnyvale.  Called by some of those who participated "the single
 most encouraging and invigorating event ever in Atari dealer relations",
 the Aegis program was a major hit.  The program was presented without
 cost to the dealers, and major distributors were also invited.

 According to Atari, "the AEGIS Strategic Partner program creates a
 unique relationship between Atari, its key resellers and its key
 developers.  This relationship nurtures the development of both vertical
 -market and cross-discipline solutions, resulting in a strong and
 effective national sales organization."  The first AEGIS Symposium was
 held August 5 and 6 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Sunnyvale, California
 and at the Cogswell Polytechnical College in Cupertino, California.
 Over 50 computer and music sales, third-party software, and Atari
 representative personnel were in attendance.  The program began with
 presentations by Atari President Greg Pratt, followed by other Atari
 notables such as Art Morgan, James Grunke, and Bob Brodie.  Even Jack
 Tramiel dropped by in the afternoon to shake hands and wish the group

 The keynote of the conference was "targeted selling".  MIDI and DTP were
 each singled out as the areas where Atari can and does excel, and these
 strengths were reinforced with sales techniques and technical insights.
 More than just an Atari program, the Aegis seminar featured key software
 developers, including:  C-Lab Software, Dr. T's Music Software, Hybrid
 Arts, Roland Corporation USA, Steinberg/Jones, Codehead Software,
 Goldleaf Publishing, Gribnif Software, ISD Marketing, Soft-logik
 Publishing and Step Ahead Software.

 Day two of the program split the dealers by their main product interest.
 The Music group went to the college at Cupertino for laboratory approach
 to their presentations, while the DTP group stayed at the hotel.  Both
 sessions featured comprehensive presentations of the products by the
 developers in attendance, involving the dealers in the software that
 they already have to sell.  By the dealers' increased understanding of
 the products and recognizing the power of the developers products, sales
 are expected to grow.

 A program of the "Professional Systems Group", the Aegis Strategic
 Partner Program was universally well received.  Mark Krynsky of The
 Computer Network in Glendale, California, said that he was encouraged
 far beyond his hopes by what he saw and heard at the seminars.  "I've
 already seen a significant effect on my store's sales after only a few
 days of implementation of what I learned at Aegis".  Dealers were also
 coached on how to approach the vertical markets with private
 professional seminar programs.  Many of the dealers are excited about
 the possibilities of these markets that they had previously not really
 considered.  Dealers were also cheered up considerably by the assurances
 of imminent arrival of large quantities of Atari hardware, including the
 much sought but back ordered Mega STe.

 Over and above the training function of Aegis' first sessions, the
 dealers and developers got to know each other on a much closer basis.
 A Monday evening party in Nevin Shalit's room (Step Ahead Software -
 Tracker ST) was attended by many, including Leonard Tramiel.  The social
 time was as valuable as many parts of the seminars to increase the sense
 of partnership in success in the Atari community... and offered an
 informal chance to discuss the hardware and software rumored to be
 forthcoming from Atari.

 Future sessions of the Aegis program are expected to be scheduled based
 on feedback and results of this first event.  They are expected to be
 similar, but topics will expand to include other high-potential areas
 like video as well as more DTP and MIDI applications.

Article #267 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Blue Ridge Atari Fest
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:25:05 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #730 (July 26, 1991):


                           ATARI FEST IN THE SKY

 by Ralph F. Mariano

     Following this  diary like  report, there is the observations of other
 folks who were in attendance at the Blue Ridge Fest, I'm sure you'll enjoy
 those too.   Back to the Fest, we arrived early friday afternoon.  I drove
 up from Jacksonville with two of  my sons,  (there are  four).   One could
 immediately appreciate  the fine mountain air it was cooler than I was ac-
 customed to and it was fresh.  At night you could see lightning bugs.  Its
 been  reported  that  they  are  very  particular creatures, they will not
 populate an area that  does not  have high  quality air.   I  haven't seen
 lightning bugs yet in Jacksonville, Florida, it must be those effervescent
 paper mills that seem to "glow in the  night".   I visited  the mall where
 the  show  was  scheduled  to  be  held  and  found that everything was in
 readiness.  Sheldon Winick, owner of Computer Studio,  had everything well
 under  control  and...  I  might  add  this  fellow  is a class act all by
 himself.  His store was an oasis in  the eyes  of all  beholders.  Imagine
 how unique, an Atari store with hardware and software in stock!

     The show  began at  noon on Saturday I arrived shortly thereafter, the
 show was scheduled to run 'til  6pm that  same day.     The show certainly
 received plenty  of publicity via Sheldon's advertisements on TV promoting
 Atari and the show.  By the way, there was NO front money from  Atari, the
 front money came out of Sheldon's pocket.  I asked him if there was a pos-
 sibility of reimbursement and he was confident that  the co-op advertising
 arrangement Atari has for its dealers would cover the cost.

     Computer Studio is a fine example of a high quality Atari Store that's
 designed to cater to 'all' Atarians.  About 8 - 10 feet to the left of the
 entrance was  "the setup"  ..a TT, Calamus SL, a plotter and SLM605 laser.
 This was where Nathan spent the best part  of his  time showing  the finer
 points of  Calamus SL.   Between  those who were watching Nathan and those
 waiting in, what seemed  like, a  perpetually long  line to  the check out
 at the  cash register, there was a constant flow of people gathered around
 and passing by Nathan.  The store itself is an exercise in  perfection, an
 ideal example  of how  a first  rate store should appear.  There was ample
 software on display, (everywhere you looked),  plenty of  hardware for all
 to see  and touch  and of course, the needed inventory to satisfy everyone
 even the most discerning of shoppers.

     The  exhibitors  all  had  fine  mini-shows  going,  displaying  their
 products for  all to see.  A number of exhibitors declared they were 'sold
 out' at the end of the day.   Nevin Shalit,  Step Ahead  Software, said it
 was  an  excellent  day.    ICD  had  the  prototype  of  their  new 16Mhz
 accelerator on hand for all to  see.   Jeff Williams,  ICD's rep, detailed
 the design  to all who expressed an interest in the 1040STe 16Mhz upgrade.
 As usual, the appearance of the board was excellent and very professional.
 A&D Software  was well represented by B. Gockley and his wife, they did an
 excellent job of demoing A&D's fine offerings.  Goldleaf had their goodies
 giving cause  to all  who stopped by the exhibit to proclaim all the ooh's
 and aah's normally heard whenever the Atari computers get going with super
 impressive software.  ISD's Nathan Potechin was quite busy demoing Calamus
 SL in Sheldon's store and trying to keep up with the action  in the mall's

     The show's  seminars went  quite well,  there were two spacious rooms,
 one on the main concourse and the other  off to  one side,  setup to stage
 the informative  and entertaining  seminars in.   The afternoon's schedule
 was setup to present the seminars  concurrently in  both rooms  except for
 the last  two seminars  (STReport &  Atari).   They were scheduled to take
 place in the main seminar room on the concourse.   As a  result, they both
 were  SRO.  The  room  itself  sat  110 people.  Both the STReport and Bob
 Brodie seminars were packed and ran overtime.

     On a scale of 10, the show easily  reached a  10 and  is definitely on
 our list  of shows to participate in next year.  To Sheldon Winick and all
 the support folks from BRACE .. "A job well done!"

Article #268 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Asherville Atari Show
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:26:28 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #730 (July 26, 1991):

                         The Asheville Atari Show

 posted by Bill Aycock 76703,4061, CIS Sysop

     The Blue Ridge Atari Fest was  just a  half-day show,  so I'm  back in
 Greensboro now.  Somewhere around 400 Atarians from all over the southeast
 showed up, some of them driving four or five hours  to get  there! I think
 it was  a very successful show, when you take the size into account. Lotsa
 folks bought lotsa stuff. :-)

     The folks from Double Click weren't able to make it, but all the other
 exhibitors showed up. Here's a quick rundown:

     John Fox  from Goldleaf  showed off  Wordflair II,  their new Document
 Processor. It's kind of  a cross  between a  word processor  and a desktop
 publisher, and  it was  really impressive  - I  even picked  up a copy! It
 looked to be easy to use and very powerful, with  lots of  nifty features.
 The folks  who designed  it did  a good job! (I'm sure the Goldleaf people
 here would be glad to give you more  details.) Wordflair  II uses  the new
 FSM-GDOS outline fonts to produce great output. (FWIW, Bob Brodie stated a
 number of times that FSM-GDOS should be shipping around the  first of next
 month. Of  course he couldn't _promise_ that, but he was fairly confident.
 Also FWIW, FSM-GDOS is controlled through  a slot  in the  new CPX control
 panel.) Goldleaf's demo was running on an 8-meg TT with a big monitor, but
 the docs say it should run on an ST with at least  1 meg  and two double--
 sided drives.  (Obviously, the more memory the better, and a hard drive is
 highly recommended!)

     Jeff Williams from ICD had a  table  filled  with  their  hardware and
 software  for  STs-  host  adapters,  AdSpeeds,  Cleanup  ST, etc. He also
 brought some stuff for 8-bitters- an MIO, SpartaDOS  and related programs,
 Mac65, cables, and the like.

     Dorothy Brumleve's  table had a demonstration of her kidprgs. She also
 gave a talk titled "Empowering Young Learners Through Technology."

     Nathan Potechin from ISD Marketing was there to  represent the Calamus
 line.  He gave a seminar on Calamus SL.

     Darlah Pine also attended, and showed off Genie to interested parties.

     Nevin Shalit  from Step  Ahead Software  had a booth demonstrating his
 Tracker/ST.  He held a seminar that explained Tracker/ST, and  also showed
 off the new features of PageStream's latest release.

 Don Terp,  a long-time  Atarian from  Read Mountain  Press, gave a talk on
 "DTP on Atari Computers".

     Other exhibitors included Ralph Roberts, author of "Computer Viruses",
 Brian Gockley  from ST  Informer, and Clifton Willard from Willard Produc-
 tions. There  were  also  a  number  of  people  showing  off MIDI-related
 software- Mike  Cloninger from  Dragon Studio,  Dr. Tim  Brumleve with the
 K5/K5M voice librarian, and  Eric  White  from  KAUG  (the  Knoxville user
 group) with a MIDI demo. (The MIDI stuff was in another hallway, and since
 it's all beyond me I didn't spend much time there. :-)

     Of course, Ralph Mariano of STReport was everywhere, seeing everything
 and everyone <grin>.  He gave an interesting talk titled "Current Events";
 no doubt he'll be reporting on the show himself.

     Likewise, Bob  Brodie  from  Atari  was  on  the  scene,  talking with
 everyone. His  seminar packed the meeting room, and was a great way to cap
 off the day.

     There were a bunch of door  prizes: copies  of Tracker/ST  and EdHack,
 four sets  of TOS  1.4 ROMs,  $100 gift  certificates from ABCO, a Migraph
 hand scanner with TouchUp, and lots more I couldn't keep track of. :-)

     So there's the gist of the show. It was the first AtariFest  I've been
 able to attend, and despite the small size it was a lot of fun!

Article #269 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: STReport Confidential - August 9, 1991
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:28:32 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #732 (August 9, 1991):

 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL                         "ATARI NEWS FIRST!"

 - Toronto, Canada                   Waterloo Maple; No 5.0 for ST?

     Waterloo Maple, a Canadian software publisher producing an excellent
 symbolic math program for the ST and other platforms has released the new
 version 5.0.  However, the ST will not, at this time, be included due to
 poor sales for the ST version 4.3.  This does not however preclude an op-
 tion for its being done at a later date.  Maple 4.3 is the last version
 written for the ST.  Waterloo Maple may be reached at 519-747-2373.

 - Milwaukee, WI                           ATARI "SHOWS UP" @ GENCON!


     Atari had promised for several months to be a participant at the Gen-
 con show.  However, they will not be present as Atari computers in
 California reportedly did not work with Atari Games Division in Lombard,
 Il.  Apparently, both thought the other had secured booth space and
 neither did.  By the time the error was caught, it was too late.  Only
 MilAtari Usergroup will have a few machines there, not the representation
 originally promised and expected.  ITS NOT ACCURATE.... Clearly an example
 of either dis-information or paranoic reaction.

 I put it here to show how misleading or early info can be erroneous at
 publication time.

 And now....
 Bob Brodie is at GenCon at this time with a slew of machines setup for the
 use of spectators along with a large number of Lynx game machines.  The
 spectators seem to be enjoying the daylights out of "MidiMaze" or, so I am
 told.  I hope Bob's luggage catches up with him.... :-)

 - Austin, TX                          SFAN PROGRESS "VERY POSITIVE!"

     Despite some false starts with Atari shipping department the TT030 was
 successfully delivered to Michael Kelley of The Science Fiction, Fantasy &
 Adventure Network.  With two minor "glitches" (including no manual, no
 mouse, and a damaged-in-shipping keyboard) it's still not all "blue sky",
 but the Mega keyboard works fine and the BEST Trackball seems the proper
 fit for the TT.

     In company with the TT (actually arriving shortly before the TT030
 arrived on the doorstep) came LEXICOR's Prism-Paint and Chronos 3-D, as
 well as Calamus Outline Art, everything that Double-Click makes, and ad-
 vance access to PageStream v2.1 via the SoftLogik BBS.  Perhaps there is
 industry criticism of the lack of "TT-specific" software, but the function
 of the software that is installed on this TT is nothing short of amazing.
 LEXICOR's products are eye-catching and jaw-dropping; Calamus Outline Art
 zips along admirably; Double-Click's utility programs are indispensible
 (how much faster can something un-ARC?); and PageStream users will note
 that a page of 12-point text in one of the three CompuGraphic fonts
 requires a total of 7-9 SECONDS to format and start printing on the SLM804
 follow-on pages happen so fast they actualy stack up behind each other
 waiting to print and the output quality EQUALS PostScript (tested
 eyeball-to-eyeball against UltraScript output).

     Bill Rehbock and Mike Fulton at Atari have both been working harder
 and harder and we especially appreciate Mike Fulton's efforts, answers,
 and availability.  As things progress we anticipate a much closer
 relationship and continued development of the level of cooperation.

     Walter Koenig (STAR TREK's "Mr. Chekov") made his deal with Atari for
 a Mega STe4 and SLM605 laser printer, both of which have been delivered to
 Eidsvoog of Codehead Software for setup and delivery to Koenig.
 Anticipate seeing Koenig in a print ad sometime around the STAR TREK VI
 press push.

     SFA Network appreciates the cooperation of Atari, Sam Tramiel, Bill
 Rehbock, and Mike Fulton, as well as the other fine members of the
 Independent Association of Atari Developers who have given of their work
 to contribute to this effort.

Article #270 (376 is last):
From: al163@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Brown)
Subject: Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Fri Sep  6 11:40:27 1991

Chicago ComputerFest by Atari in High Gear!
Atari Corp. (U.S.) Director of Corporate Communications, Bob
Brodie, announced today that Atari U.S. President, Greg Pratt,
has worked out an agreement with the Ramada Hotel O'Hare, and
that the Chicago ComputerFest by Atari, November 23 and 24th
1991, is now officially the first directly Atari-sponsored
computer show in North America.
Atari Corp. has reserved over 20,000 sq ft in the Ramada Hotel
O'Hare convention center for the main floor, a 300 person cap-
acity general presentation hall, 6 demonstration/presentation
rooms for vendor Q&A sessions, a dedicated "hands on" educational
area, an "open gaming area" consisting of over 100 stations, and
a dedicated 8-bit exhibitor area.
The Chicago ComputerFest will be the first Atari-oriented show in
North America to feature not only the best of the Atari-specific
developers, but other computer industry leaders such as Word
Perfect, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Epson, USRobotics, Egghead
Software, and Hayes. These exhibitors will be in attendance to
demonstrate their latest products as well as answer technical
questions about how their products work in the Atari environment.
Atari themselves has promised that the exciting new products
planned to be shown at Fall Comdex, will also be on exhibit at the
Chicago ComputerFest- just days later. Atari has committed to a full
professional display at this show; Atari plans to bring at least 10
technical advisors and company representatives to the Chicago
ComputerFest. Be prepared to "meet the people who make it happen".
Special hotel rates for show attendees have been negotiated with the 
Ramada Hotel O'Hare. $60.00 a night (double occupancy) and $90.00
a night for suites (plus tax). Please call 708-827-5131 for res-
ervations; you must mention "Chicago ComputerFest by Atari" to get
these special rates. Each guest room includes Color Television,
in-room movies, radio, direct dial telephone, climate control, and
electronic minibar-snack service. The Ramada Hotel O'Hare features
indoor and outdoor swimming pools, whirlpool, sauna, sunbed,
massages, exercise room, electronic game room, 2 outdoor tennis 
courts, 9 hole-par 3 lighted golf course and jogging trails on 25 
The Ramada Hotel O'Hare is situated just outside the northeast gate
to O'Hare International Airport, near the intersection of I-90,
I-294 and I-190. There will be complementary airport limo service
provided for hotel guests from all airport terminals.
Admission to the Chicago ComputerFest by Atari will be $6.00 per day
at the door. A two-day ticket set will be available through users
groups for $10.00. The Educational Hands-on sessions and Open
Gaming/Contest areas will require additional fees. There will be
continuous drawings for valuable door prizes (must be present to win),
and on Sunday at 4:00PM, Atari's Sam Tramiel will draw the name of
the lucky winner of a complete Atari TT/030-8 Color system! (need not
be present to win).
For additional show information, exhibition space availability,
program advertising rates, ticket sales, and information on the user
group participation program, please contact us at:
     Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
     C/O LCACE
     P.O. Box 8788
     Waukegan, IL  60079-8788
     24hr Voice Hotline- 708-556-0682
Be there!

Article #271 (376 is last):
From: al163@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Brown)
Subject: Re: Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Sep  9 12:07:08 1991

I'm sorry, but the original press release had an error in the voice
phone number for Chicago Computerfest information (voice).

The correct phone number is (708) 566-0682.

If there is no one there, please leave a message on the answering
machine, and we will call you back on our nickel.

Mike \ LCACE

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