From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 02/24/90-01:30:23 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Trinity
Date: Sat Feb 24 13:30:23 1990

 Part 1

 World tensions seem to be running high, but so what else is new? Darned if
you're going to let that get in the way of enjoying the last day of your
vacation. You don't get over to the east side of the Atlantic often and there's
no reason for angry rhetoric to spoil a stroll through Kensington Gardens. It's
a spot you will have to learn to love, since you're doomed to be passing through
it forever. But the good news is you're going to become an integral part of the
space-time continuum. But that's for physicists; let's get on with the game!

 As in any game, be sure to map. The mapping is especially fun in this game,
since it shows great symmetry with the props included with the package,
particularly, the Sundial. You start off at the Palace Gate, getting ready for a
stroll through the park. The first place to go is off to the northeast, The
Wabe. Here you'll find an object that is the central theme for the whole game, a
Sundial. If you examine it, you notice that the gnomon, the piece that casts the
shadow, is loose. Hmmm. UNSCREW GNOMON. It falls to the ground. TAKE GNOMON.

 From the Wabe go southeast to the Flower Walk. But what's that in the bushes? A
soccer ball. TAKE BALL. (There are very few red herrings in this game.) Go north
from here. I'll meet you at Lancaster Walk.

 There is water on two sides of us here. First try going east toward the Long
Water. Whoa! That's some tough grass. But notice what an easy time the
bicyclists have. Well, let's head off to the west. This is the Round Pond, a
quaint European scene. Take a look at the boats. What's this, a paper bird? TAKE
BIRD. Look at the bird. There's some writing. OPEN BIRD. READ PAPER. Take a look
at your watch. 4 pm isn't far away. You're going to have to find a way across
that grass.

 Go northwest. This is the Black Lion Gate. Some irresponsible nanny has
forgotten her perambulator. (Don't worry, you can call it a pram.) OPEN PRAM.
Whew! At least she didn't forget the child. This has wheels, kind off like
bicycle tires. Better bring it with you. PUSH PRAM SOUTH.

 Here at the Broad Walk you see an old woman selling crumbs. At least she isn't
on the dole. Patronize the woman; BUY CRUMBS. She offers the bag and your
change: TAKE BAG AND COIN. Put the coin and the paper (from the bird) in your
pocket. Might as well give some crumbs to the birds. FEED BIRDS. (Once, and only
once. You'll notice that the wind shifts.) What's this? A Ruby? Try to take it.
Beep Beep! A Roadrunner in England? These crumbs are going to be useful, so take
care not to spill them.

 PUSH PRAM NORTHEAST. Here you are at the Iverness Terrace. There is a typically
preoccupied British youth listening to his walkman and blowing bubbles. Don't
antagonize the fellow, just remember the scene for future reference. PUSH THE

 Here at the Lancaster Gate you'll see a woman struggle with and lose her
umbrella. Oh, the poor woman, look at her face. Before you can help, she has
left and her umbrella is in the tree. Well, maybe you can give it back to her at
some other time. THROW BALL AT UMBRELLA. Down it falls. TAKE UMBRELLA. PUSH THE
PRAM SOUTH, back to Lancaster Walk.

 Time is running out. GET IN THE PRAM. (Don't you feel silly? You certainly look
silly.) Now how to get this thing moving? Remember the wind? OPEN UMBRELLA.
Eiiiiiggghhhh! When you get up you'll notice you will have dropped everything.
TAKE ALL. (Don't worry about the pram.) When you read the description, you'll
notice that the rhetoric has turned into war and the first missile is on its
way! Fortunately, a door appears over the water. ENTER WATER. ENTER DOOR. (And,
yes, it is a good direction!) You're on your way to the other side!

 You find yourself in a meadow. A shadow lies across the room. You will become
very familiar with the shadow. Also here is a gigantic mushroom. There are six
others like it in this part of the game. Five of them must be solved before the
sixth one can be solved. (If you haven't yet done so, save the game and have a
look around and then continue from here.) The only way out of this room is to
the north. You are now at the Summit, and have seen or will see a meteor fly
through the sky and hear it hit the ground. From the Summit go northeast to the
South Bog.

 Amid the bog is a decaying log. It sparkles as it decays. Most adventurers
recognize a potential light source when they see one, and this is certainly one.
KICK LOG. TAKE SPLINTER. No need to worry about grues or other such creatures
now. Go east to the Bottom of the Stairs. Go up twice to the Top of Vertex, and
notice the temperature. EXAMINE HOLE. EXAMINE RING. Try to screw the gnomon in
the hole. The threading doesn't match. You'll try again later. Go down twice.

 From the bottom of the stairs go south to the Trellises and southwest to the
Arborvitaes. Go east to the Arboretum and notice the statue. Go north to the
North Arbor and then up to the Top of Arbor. Here you'll see an axe. TAKE AXE.
It will be an extremely important piece of equipment. Go down (to the south if
they ask) and you'll be in the South Arbor. Go down into the Arboretum and once
again notice the statue. The name is sdrawkcaB! Go west and then northeast to
get back to the Trellises and then north again to the Bottom of Stairs. Go up

 Now SCREW GNOMON IN HOLE. It works this time because the threading (and
everything else) has been reversed. EXAMINE THE RING again. Notice that the
symbols on the ring are the same that are on the sundial in the game package.
Also note that they are present in the "Illustrated Story of the Atomic Bomb" in
the game documentation. You'll notice a lever has popped up, too.

 TRINITY is published by Infocom, Inc.

 Part 2

 Go down twice. From here go northeast to Under Cliff. You will see a bee hive
here. Go east to the Crater's Edge and east again into the crater. Here is that
meteorite that you saw earlier. You can't take it now, however, because it is
too hot. You will have to find a way to cool it down. Go west and then northwest
to the Bluff. Here is a cottage. OPEN DOOR. Go east into the Cottage. Examine
the surroundings, they are interesting and amusing. LISTEN TO THE BIRD. Get the
whole recipe; be sure of it by WAITing enough times so that bird repeats the
first thing you heard. (Not including "Awks!" or other bird-type sounds.) Now
you have a quest.

 OPEN THE BACK DOOR. Go east to the Herb Garden. You'll see some mushrooms, one
with a door, and a refuse pile. SEARCH PILE. TAKE GARLIC. You now have one of
the necessary ingredients. Go west back into the cottage and DROP THE GARLIC
(not in the cauldron). Go west again to the bluff and then southwest to the
Chasm's Brink. You'll see the shadow here and a big tree. In order to cross the
chasm, you have to fell this tree. Fortunately, you have your axe with you. CHOP
TREE WITH AXE. Make sure the tree falls where you want it to: PUSH TREE NORTH.
The tree will bridge the gap and you can go north to the Mesa. When you get
there you will see another mushroom, but the white is open. ENTER DOOR.

 If you've noticed the correlation between the sundial and the documentation,
then you know where you are. Climb down from the Scaffold. OPEN BOX. TURN ON
SWITCH. You can listen to the final procedure checks. PUSH BUTTON. Now you can
get out as the doors open. Go south to the South Beach. You can walk around a
bit, but better just to go northwest to West Beach. You can see a small islet a
short way off shore. Try to enter the water. Owww! Don't bother trying to
placate these crabby creatures, it can't be done. If you simply WAIT a few turns
some interesting things happen. You will see a large dark fin approach you and
you will see a coconut fall from a tree on the islet.

 Don't back away from the fin; just prepare yourself for...a dolphin! He's
friendly and intelligent and, sadly, probably soon dead. When the tide has risen
so that the coconut is afloat, POINT AT COCONUT. The clever dolphin understands
you and sends it to your feet. TAKE COCONUT. You must now take leave of the
dolphin and go back through the door. Go southeast then north. UP. ENTER DOOR.

 You are now back on the Mesa. Go south and then northwest. You see the boy
again, but now he's huge. You'll get back to him. Go south. This is the North
Bog, directly north of the South Bog. Notice the Venus Flytrap. Go southeast to
the Bottom of the Stairs. DROP UMBRELLA here. Go northeast. This hive is no
doubt the place for the honey. This is no time to stop taking risks: PUT HAND IN
HIVE. Now you've done it. You need a defense. The Flytrap! Without hesitation go
west twice. The bee will get sidetracked (permanently) and you can go back for
the honey. Go east twice. PUT HAND IN HIVE.

 From here you must go back to the cottage to get rid of this honey which is
stuck to your hand. Go east then northwest, then east again to enter the
cottage. You were daring to get the honey, now be daring to get rid of it: PUT
AXE. TAKE COCONUT. POUR MILK IN CAULDRON. That's two down and two to go, and the
garlic is right here on the floor. But what about the lizard? DROP THE COCONUT
and let's find it.

 Go west, southeast, west and southwest to get back to the Bottom of the Stairs.
Go up twice and TURN RING TO THIRD SYMBOL. Go down twice and west twice until
you reach the Waterfall. Go north to the Cemetery, noticing the crypt, and then
north again into the Barrow. You'll see a barrow wight here, but he'll not
bother you so long as you have a light source. You will also see a small hole in
the wall. Go north again and you'll be in the Ossuary, surrounded by those less
fortunate then yourself. SEARCH THE BONES and you should find (appropriately
enough) a skeleton key. TAKE KEY. The mushroom here has its white door open.
(The shadow from the enormous gnomon is the key to the doors; by changing the
position of the gnomon by turning the ring, you direct the shadow from the suns
toward a particular door. While the shadow touches the door it remains open
(until you pass back through it). By keeping the lever down the suns are
prevented from moving.) ENTER DOOR.

 This area is the Underground. You'll notice a small thermonuclear device
waiting to be detonated. You will also see a lantern. TAKE LANTERN. Go west.
TAKE WALKIE-TALKIE. A skink is a small lizard, by the way. Go west. By now you
have probably noticed that the skink is afraid of light. To get it out of the
crevice, PUT SPLINTER IN CREVICE. The skink then runs by to the east. Time to
corral that li'l critter. Go east. TURN ON LANTERN. DROP LANTERN. Go west and
there is the confused and bewildered skink running around at you feet. TAKE
SKINK. PUT SKINK IN POCKET. This is no time to be squeamish. Go east and TAKE
LANTERN. Go east twice, the second time being back through the door.

 Now that you are back in the Ossuary, you have to get out of this creepy place
but those bars are there to see that you don't. Go south. Remember that hole?
PUT KEY IN HOLE. TURN KEY. Just go DOWN to get out to the Ice Cavern. First
thing to do is TURN OFF LANTERN. You will need it again later. In fact, LOOK AT
LANTERN. It is now time for some inventory management.

 Go east to get to the Waterfall and then east twice more to get to the Bottom
of Stairs. DROP WALKIE TALKIE AND LANTERN. Those two items and the umbrella
should now be here. Return to the Ice Cavern by going west three times. LOOK AT
CEILING. There are icicles there, just the thing to cool a hot meteorite. THROW
AXE AT ICICLES. One falls to the ground. TAKE AXE AND ICICLE. Save the game
here. (I hope you have been doing so regularly.) Take the icicle to the Crater
using the shortest possible route.

 Oops, didn't quite make it, eh? A detour is in order. From the Ice Cavern go
east three times to the Bottom of the Stairs and up twice to the Vertex.
(Remember that it's cold in thin air.) While you're here, TURN RING TO SECOND
SYMBOL. Now that the icicle is refrozen, go down twice, northeast, and east
twice to get into the crater. No time to lose, PUT ICICLE ON LUMP. You can feel
its pull on the axe, so you know it is a magnet of sorts. TAKE LUMP. It is now
time to visit the bubble boy.

 Go west three times and then northwest to get back the Promontory. GET IN
WATER. WAIT until you are swept up into a bubble. You do not have to worry about
any special means of guiding the bubble, simply give directions normally. Go
south, then southwest and finally IN. The bubble freezes and you are floating in
space. When you read the description, you will notice that the moon, in crescent
form, is coming into view. TAKE SKINK. KILL SKINK. Soon you will collide with a
satellite (the kind Cap Weinberger dreams of) due to the force of the magnetic
meteorite. Save the game. When the satellite brings you VERY close to the white
door, BREAK BUBBLE WITH AXE. This will propel you into the door and send you
back to the Waterfall.

 You now have the last ingredient for the potion the bird described. Go
northeast, east, northeast, and east to get back into the Cottage. Open the cage
CAULDRON. EAST. WAIT. After the Boom you can go back into the cottage. The book
and pedestal and map are all destroyed. However, if you look in the cauldron
there is an emerald there. TAKE EMERALD. That leaves three mushrooms to go.

 Part 3

 TAKE CAGE then go west, southwest, southwest again, and east back to the Bottom
of Stairs. You can now DROP ALL BUT CAGE and go up twice. SET THE RING TO FIFTH
SYMBOL and go down twice. Go west, northeast, northeast again, east, and east
again. This will bring you back to the Herb Garden where the door in the
mushroom is now awaiting you. ENTER WHITE DOOR. This brings you out onto the
Platform in Siberia. Go down to Under Platform. Eeek, what's that? WAIT a turn
and you'll see that the ground is covered with rodents which are racing to the

 May as well follow them so go northeast twice. At the Cliff Edge you recognize
these rodents as lemmings. They are so thick underfoot that they almost obscure
the fissure beneath your feet. EXAMINE FISSURE and sure enough, there is a
lemming in there just waiting for you to take it. TAKE LEMMING. PUT LEMMING IN
CAGE. CLOSE CAGE. That's what you're here to get so go southwest twice, up, and
ENTER DOOR to exit back to the Herb Garden.

 Go west twice, southwest twice, and east. Now go up twice and SET RING TO SIXTH
SYMBOL. Go down twice, DROP CAGE, and TAKE UMBRELLA AND PAPER. Go east twice to
the Moor where another mushroom with an open door invites you in. ENTER DOOR and
ooops...where's the ground? Pretty far down so you'd better OPEN UMBRELLA. Once
again you seem to have dropped everything so TAKE ALL. Go east into the Shelter
and TAKE SPADE. Go west back out to the Playground and examine your surroundings
to be sure you know where you are.

 WAIT for a little while and a girl will appear and be very interested in that
umbrella of yours. It's clear she would like it but maybe you should charge her
for it. You'll need a way back up to that white door in the sky. If you could
only fly. Did you see anything in the school windows that gave you an idea what
to do here? Perhaps one of those paper birds is the answer. Of course, you still
have your own paper bird, don't you? Oh, it's a little ruined? So refold it. YOU
can't. GIVE PAPER TO GIRL. Now we're on to something. GIVE UMBRELLA TO GIRL.
See, you knew something magical would happen!

 BOARD BIRD and once it stops just ENTER DOOR. Now it is time to use the spade.
>From our map we know that the seventh mushroom must be across the river, but if
you've ever tried to board that dory while you were alive, you know you can't.
If you've never tried it, go ahead, it doesn't hurt and may yield a smile. From
the Moor go west four times and then north.

 Here in the Cemetery is that crypt whose lid you may have tried to pry with the
umbrella or axe. Neither of them worked; but if you examine the spade, you'll
see that it looks sturdy enough. PRY LID WITH SPADE. LOOK IN CRYPT. EXAMINE
IN MOUTH. TAKE SILVER COIN. Looks like we're ready to cross that river now.

 But wait, that silly corpse is wearing a green boot and a red boot. TAKE RED
handy. Go south and then east twice. You can DROP BANDAGE AND SPADE. You should
now TAKE CAGE, EMERALD, WALKIE-TALKIE, LAMP, AND BAG. You are now ready for the
seventh mushroom. Don't forget to go up twice, SET RING TO SEVENTH SYMBOL, and
go down twice before you set out for the river.

 Go southeast and WAIT. Once the real ghosts take a seat you can BOARD DORY.
Because you have covered up those tourist shorts with a shroud you should have
no problem with this. GIVE SILVER COIN TO OARSMAN and you're off on the final
leg of your journey.

 From the Sand Bar, go south. You should be greeted by the roadrunner with that
ruby. ENTER DOOR after the roadrunner and emerge in New Mexico. You are in the
Shack and because of the voices outside it seems prudent to stay here for a
while so let's read a little. DROP CAGE. TAKE BOOK. READ BOOK. It's not very
READ POETRY and EXAMINE DIAGRAM. Take careful note of the diagram each time you
play because the diagram is different each time and its information is critical
to your success. DROP SLIP OF CARDBOARD and TAKE CAGE.

 It sounds as if the men have left so go west and then down twice. Here's the
roadrunner and that ruby. Hmmm, we already have an emerald. That makes a red gem
and a green gem! There must be some connection then between the gems and the red
and green boot. EXAMINE GREEN BOOT. Yup, looks like that emerald would fit into
that recess. PUT EMERALD IN GREEN BOOT. Interesting,and probably useful. TAKE
RUBY. PUT RUBY IN RED BOOT. Looks like you are ready for some speedy traveling
and that is essential because time is short.

 From your Illustrated Story of the Atom Bomb you know that the bomb will be
tested at 5:30. (With the wings on your boots you can cover one move in the
desert in 15 seconds but without the wings it will take you 5 minutes. Brewing
up that emerald was a required part of the game!)

 Part 4

 Go northwest three times and you will be at the Paved Road near the jeep. OPEN
DOOR and ENTER JEEP. EXAMINE RADIO and EXAMINE DIAL. That dial matches the
slider on your walkie-talkie pretty well so let's SET SLIDER TO X where X is the
number the radio dial is set to. (This number varies with each game you play.)
OUT. Don't worry about that wallet, you don't need it. RAISE ANTENNA and TURN ON
WALKIE-TALKIE. There just may be some useful information to overhear. Go
southeast five times and then east once. Now go south and then west.

 There are two doors here. Let's OPEN RIGHT DOOR and go west. Yipes, this looks
like trouble. I would leave fast, so go north. Boxed yourself into a closet,
huh? Well, first CLOSE DOOR. Whew! Safe for now. But what can you do now? Maybe
if you distracted the snake with another prey, it would be satisfied and leave
you alone. OPEN CAGE and OPEN DOOR. Perfect! Just as planned. Go OUT. MOVE
PAPER, DROP CAGE, and TAKE SCREWDRIVER. Go south and then west. TAKE KNIFE. You
really don't have time to explore the rest of the house but you now have all
that there is for you here.

 Go east, north, east, east again, and southeast. DROP ALL BUT BAG AND LAMP.
(Never, ever drop that bag unless you want to use it -- that roadrunner is
hungry!). Go up and DROP BAG (I guess it is safe here). Go IN and DOWN. TURN ON
LAMP. (I hope you saved as much of the power in this lamp as possible.) DROP
LAMP and go UP and OUT. Now go down, northeast, and up. TAKE BINOCULARS and
oops! Here we go again! But we've prepared in advance so just go DOWN and TAKE
BINOCULARS. Now go UP and OUT and TAKE BAG (wouldn't want those tasty crumbs to
get wet). Go down and TAKE WALKIE-TALKIE, SCREWDRIVER, AND KNIFE. Go northwest,
north, west, and then northwest twice.

 Let's explore the south road next. (If you've been listening to your radio, you
know that time is getting short. Or you can check your wristwatch, it is working
again.) Go south four times until you are Behind the Shed. WAIT a bit until your
friend the roadrunner arrives then EXAMINE SHELTER WITH BINOCULARS. That bird
sure is nosy, isn't he. Put him to work by typing POINT TO KEY. DROP BINOCULARS,
TAKE KEY, and then go north four times. UNLOCK PADLOCK WITH KEY, TAKE PADLOCK,
carefully to what you hear, especially the part about the "kid" and the line he
may have forgotten to connect.

 Now in your next move CLOSE HANDLE or they will come to investigate. Again,
listen carefully to what they say because the timing of the final puzzle depends
on what you hear. OK, you now know what you need to do. If you can somehow
disconnect the line that the crew thinks is faulty, and you do it AFTER the
autosequencer starts, they will chalk it up to a "wet line" and let it go. You
know which line it is because the kid is worried about it. I can't tell you
which one it is because it changes from game to game.

 It will be the positive, ground, informer, or detonator. These are abbreviated
as POS, GND, INF, and DET on the slip of cardboard you found in the book.
Remember that panel in the Shack? You now have the screwdriver you need to open
it and you have the knife to cut the proper wire (the slip of cardboard will
translate the name of the wire into the color of the wire you need to cut). All
you have to do now is go up into the Shack, open the panel, wait for the
autosequencer to start, and then cut the correct wire. Oops, there is that
searchlight, isn't there? Maybe we should take care of that first.

 Then it should be safe to climb back up into the Shack. Go southwest four times
and you will be Outside Blockhouse facing a big dog who is sleeping. Perhaps you
have looked on this dog as a problem but he is, in fact, the solution to a
problem. The searchlight is mounted on this blockhouse. Have you ever disturbed
the dog or allowed the roadrunner to disturb him? Notice that when the crew
comes out to investigate, they turn the searchlight from the tower to the
blockhouse area. This is what we need to use to our advantage.

 Also, have you studied the actions of the roadrunner here? He's been hungry all
during the game. The dog seems to provide a good dinner table but not for long.
If you could just find a way to have the roadrunner disturb the dog when you
were at the tower, you could climb the tower while the searchlight was aimed at
the blockhouse area. So, here is what you can do.

 After arriving at Outside the Blockhouse, WAIT for the roadrunner. As soon as
he jumps onto the dog, DROP BAG. Whew, he is more interested in the crumbs; but
when he's done, he will probably go back onto the dog and alert the crew. After
dropping the bag, immediately go northeast four times. If you haven't wasted any
crumbs along the way, you should see the searchlight sweep away from the tower
just as you arrive (you are still listening to your radio, I hope).

 We're almost there now but no time to linger. Go up twice and then east.
your lamp. Oh, that's in the reservoir? OK, just TURN ON THE BULB that is
conveniently in the Shack. That's better. Now LOOK IN PANEL. As you suspected
from the diagram, there are four wires which are red, blue, striped, and white.
Using the card and the information regarding the "wet line" you gained after you
opened the box, you now know which wire to cut with the knife. But DON'T do it
until AFTER the autosequencer starts at T-45. WAIT as long as needed. CUT xxxx

 CONGRATULATIONS! Perhaps their next test will be a little less ambitious and
you will survive your London vacation after all. To get the final messages from
the game (now that you are back in Kensington Gardens at the Palace Gate), go
east, north, and north again. EXAMINE WOMAN and read your final rank.

 This walkthru is copyright (c) 1986 by James Donnelly and Bob Konecny. All
rights reserved.



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