GAME SOLUTION: Star Trek: The Rebel Universe

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 02/24/90-01:29:05 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Star Trek: The Rebel Universe
Date: Sat Feb 24 13:29:05 1990

                         Star Trek:  The Rebel Universe
                                  Hints Help

Space: The Final Frontier.............

This file is in two sections: the first is general hints and help with
Star Trek: The Rebel Universe.  The second section contains one of the
many possible solutions to the game.

Please DO NOT READ the second section if you don't want to know!!!!!!!
The author assumes no resposibiltiy for lost fun and/or broken dreams.

And now......Mr. Sulu, set course for Section I, Warp factor 4!


Section I: General Help Information

     R.T.B.M.!!!!!  (Read the blasted Manual!!)  The manual that comes
with the game is really excellent.  Simon 
chuster did an excellent
job with the packaging and documentation.  So don't blame me if you
didn't read it and you don't know what Catastrophe Pods are!  (This
file is NOT intended to help anyone who didn't BUY this game!  I will
not support the Pirates who are cutting off the ST's lifeblood by
STEALING software.)

     All Tactical Items are NOT created equal!  Or at least, some are
more useful than others.  I find that immediately getting the Cernekov
Crystal (a Russian Inwention!), as outlined in the manual, is a wery
good idea, Keptin!  Otherwise, you may go nowhere FAST! (Look up
Cernekov Crystal under Tactical Devices to see why.)  A Hotshot Device
and/or Chaff Emitter should be next, followed by Klingon and Romulan
Jammers and a Logic Emitter.  A  Solar Scan Device is a nice extra, if
you happen to find one.

     Decide on your strategy!  There are some eight or ten different
ways to win this game: Choose ONE as your plan and stick to it.  If
you've decided to try blackmailing the Klingon Admiral, then do so;
don't try to destroy the Mining Complex in the middle.

     This IS an adventure game; so standard adventure rules apply:

       Take good notes, especially about what items are found where.
       Save the game frequently. Very frequently.  There is space for
       eight games on each Save Disk, use all of them.

     Experiment with different Landing Party members.  Spock is often a
good place to start, but the Logical choice isn't always the best
answer.  Sometimes a little down-home sense will do the trick.  In
general though, if Spock's analysis says to use a Helix Gun, a Phaser
will usually do the job.  The Planet Exploration Form (from the Manual)
is a good way to organize things.  I write the star-jumps I took to
reach a system in the notes area, which really helps when trying to go
back somewhere.  Just knowing that a system is in a Local Zone isn't need to know where you started in the Quarantine Zone and
then where you went in the Regional Zone.  I've been to systems that it
seems can only be reached from one other system in one particular
Reginal Zone.  So rather than going crazy trying to retrace your path,
write it down! (And don't forget to click on Jim Kirk to freeze the

     Keep a seperate list of systems with Orbital Discontinua!

     Fire Phasers sparingly.  They need time to recharge, so try to
pause a few seconds between shots IF POSSIBLE!  If you must use them
rapid-fire, then know that you'll get four shots if they were fully
charged, then you must switch over to Photon Torpedoes.  I was
destroyed several times by sitting there and pounding the mouse button,
wondering why my Phasers wouldn't fire.

         ALWAYS listen to Scotty!!

     Don't fight unless it's necessary!  If you're sitting in one
system, trying to find your next destination on the Star-globe screen
and you get attacked, set course for any nearby system and set a low
warp speed.  Stop after three seconds or so.  You should be one or two
light-years outside of your previous system, and I've never seen the
enemy follow outside a system.  You should only fight if you need
something in that system.

     Avoid distractions!  Or, in the words of The Next Generation's
Captain Picard, "Shut off that damn noise!"   When Kirk calls Battle
Stations, stop on the Bridge screen for a split second; just long
enough to click on the red bar at the bottom of the screen.  This will
shut off the annoying Whoop-whoop which the game uses for a red alert
klaxon.  Then continue and click on Chekov and then the targeting
screen and blow those %$#@^%#$ ships to smithereens.  Another fine
point of battle: Once Chekov says "Got 'im!", immediately click on the
targeting screen and line up your next target; don't wait for the first
ship to fade away.  Also, I never find time during battle to have Spock
analyze an enemy ship; their status doesn't matter if they're still
shooting at you.

     More about battle: The manual describes how to line up your target
on the targeting grid so that it's in front of you, etc.  Forget it!
Every time I try rotating the grid and adjusting the angle, I get the
daylights shot out of me!  Click on the targeting screen and then just
click on the closest "T" to the Enterprise.  Rotating the grid IS a
good way to find out if there are any more foes attacking before they
show up on the grid.  If there are no enemy ships, the grid will not
rotate and you can secure from general quarters.

Section II: Specific Help and One Solution


The following paragraphs contain some explicit solution information for
Star Trek: The Rebel Universe.  Please DO NOT READ further if you don't
want to know!!

Specific Help

Whatever info I have on the following has been included, I apologize
that I haven't kept better notes myself, but there are

QZ=Quarantine Zone, RZ=Regional Zone, LZ=Local Zone

Klingon Jammer: Start at Hazion (18.44.75, QZ), set course for Vorkal
(20.55.73, LZ), then set course for Vukier (28.53.73, LZ).  Set course
for Vukier V and beam down; Uhura will get you past the Force Field
Generator, beam up with the Jammer. (You may want to continue on to
Lorzur (31.49.84, LZ) for weapons and energy, and a Cernekov Crystal on
Lorzur III if you don't have one.)  OR at Kornas III (80.67.57)

Romulan Jammer: Vuniex I (40.65.73).  OR at Vormiol II (24.61.71)

Chaff Emitter: Vermiur (71.61.23), have Bones walks towards the Janitor
Robot.  OR at Taziok I (54.44.17, QZ)

Solar Scan Device: Vernen (64.67.72, QZ) to Narkiek V (52.54.82, LZ)

Hot Shot Device: Xumiux III (43.11.45, LZ)  OR at Vorrier I (28.31.25)

Solution Scenario: Destroy Dekian II

Must Have:  a) 1 Tachyon Gun, available at Rariar III (75.74.39, RZ),
bring Bones.  b) 1 Chaos Trigger, available at Karxen II (16.42.56,
RZ); Energy 
epair Dock also in that system.

Recommended:  a) Hot Shot Device  b) Chaff Emitter  c) Solar Scan
Device  d) Cernekov Crystal

Procedure:  a) Get Enterprise to maximum Energy, Dilithium, Weapons and
Structure.  b) Go to the center-most system, Dakiak (51.50.50, QZ)  c)
Go to Danian (63.62.51, LZ).  There is a Synapse Bomb on Danian I,
explode it.  d) Set course for Dekian, it'll be at the very top of the
Local Zone Star-globe from Danian, at (63.51.52).  Head there at
maximum warp.  Prepare to be attacked by MANY Klingon Ships.  e)
Arriving at Dekian, set course for Dekian II at maximum impulse power.
A Solar Scan Device will tell you how many Klingon Ships will block
your way.  f) Once in orbit, click on Kirk and then the Transporter
box.  Choose your landing party, then go to ships Stores.  Bring the
Tachyon Gun and the Chaos Trigger; it doesn't matter who has what.
Return to the Transporter and SAVE GAME.  Energize!  g)  On the
surface, use the Tachyon gun on the Blast Door and the Chaos Trigger on
the Mining Control Console.  Congratulations!!!  Now.....about that
plan to Capture the Klingon Admiral..............



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