From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/26/90-03:07:18 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Kings Quest III
Date: Fri Jan 26 15:07:18 1990

      Part 1

 KING'S QUEST III starts a bit different than the first two. You begin a simple
slave. As always, keep the role in mind. This means you will have to think like
a slave and act accordingly. If you are to ever escape the wizard's evil
clutches, you will have to use stealth and guile. Keep your own counsel, and
don't get caught even thinking of escape!

 You begin at the entry of Manannan's abode. The wizard appears, and remarks
that you have been lax in handling the chores. Being who you are, you
immediately carry out all of his orders. You will need to carry out whatever
task it is (usually the kitchen), then, if it was something else, go to the
kitchen, where this walkthru begins.

 One more thing: I prefer a two save approach to such games. That is, I use one
as a miscellaneous save at the bottom for most of the little things. After a
scene has been thoroughly examined, I do a "normal save," such as: "AFTER ALL
SPELLS--0:30:27--62PTS." This way I find that I don't have a bunch of useless
saves that only add to the confusion. Good luck and happy Questing!

 You get the knife, spoon, bowl, fruit, mutton, and bread, then go south to the
dining room and get the cup. Head west and you're back at the entry. Now, up the
stairs and east. "Look" and you find yourself in your own pitiful bed chamber
and recall that Manannan never comes in here. "Drop All" and notice that it's a
safe hiding place. "Get All" then out into the hall (still in the same scene)
"Look" then "Look Behind Tapestry." Hmm, seems to be a threat!

 Go west and you are again at the head of the stairs. Oh, NO! It's him again!
What's this, he's leaving? Well, while the cat's away....

 Go north and you find yourself in the "Master Bedroom." Totally indecent in its
opulence! Decadent in the extreme when compared to the meager cot in your own
room. (What if he comes back?) You stop to admire the reflection in the mirror
but are only reminded of your lowly position. "Open Drawer" and you find a small
mirror (keeping it for yourself). Now what else might be useful? "Look in
Closet" and sheesh what a fancy wardrobe! Somehow you resist the temptation to
wear such finery but "Look Behind Clothes" and WOW! A map could be very useful,
if you ever get out of this place! Now "Get Map" and "Look at Map." Seems to be
a rather unhelpful piece of parchment, but who knows?

 Being cautious you "Close Closet" (pun not intended) and "Look on Top of
Closet." A key? Now what could that open? This could be important so, of course,
you take it with you. Then it's over to the dresser and "Open Drawer" to find a
vial of essence. Doesn't mean much but probably worth more than the map and it,
too, winds up in your seemingly bottomless pockets.

 Go south then up the stairs to the observatory. "Look Through Telescope" (So
That's his Secret!), then "Get Fly" (My you really are desperate, aren't you?),
and go all the way back downstairs, to the first floor.

 At the entry, go north to the study and "Open Cabinet" and VOILA! (Worry sets
in now, to get caught is to be -- well, let's not think about it!) You gather
your courage, and continue the search. Since anything could help, you "Look at
Books" and "Move Book." Now what? "Move Lever" and panic almost overcomes you!
This has got to be one of his biggest secrets! So that's why he doesn't want you
in the study alone!

 You tremble and shake but press on. After all, if he caught you now, well you
certainly would be on his bad side. Down those dark stairs you go, but extreme
caution is the word, as even something as silly as a cat on the stairs could
spell your doom! (This is the only place I've found where the cat is actually

 Down and down again. Most certainly this is the dungeon, where he tortures his
victims! Why, it's a laboratory! "Look" then "Look at Book" and hope
shines anew! You "Look at Shelf" and "Get" the six ingredients. An odd
combination of emotions begins to take hold of you now as you experience a
dreadful fear and hope at the same time. So close to freedom, yet so close to
the wrath of one of the most contemptible of all creatures, a slave owner! The
die is cast, there can be no turning back now. It's all or nothing and you know
it! You keep the goodies, and head back up those stairs. (Has he returned yet?)

 Cautiously, you stick your head up into the study, half expecting a most
horrible confrontation. Surprised to find you're still alive and human, you
quickly close the trap door, replace the book and return the wand to the
cabinet. You go south twice, and find yourself outside. Ah, the chickens! You
"Open Gate" and "Get Chicken Feather." Knowing that you need to know more about
Llewdor before making good your escape from the tyrant, you head down the
mountain. (Be sure to save your game first!)

 The trail down the mountain is treacherous, but make it you do. (The bottom of
the mountain is a good place for the miscellaneous save.) Once at the bottom,
head west, then west again, desert country -- what? That was quick! Oh well,
"restore game." (You did save it at the bottom of the mountain, didn't you?)

 From the bottom of the mountain, you go west and stop long enough to get ready
to "Show Mirror to Medusa," then west again and turn around. (Where is she?) You
sense her approach and <CR> Got her!! Perseus would be proud! But you aren't
here to do battle, you are on a scouting mission. So you decide to move on
quickly. After all, stealth and guile are important, but so is time!

      Part 2

 You head south and spot a nice cactus by the rock, "Get Cactus" and further
south (nothing here), south again and "Get Snake Skin." Go east and there's an
eagle! As the eagle flies by, he drops a tail feather, so you "Get Feather" and
go east again.

 The scenery here is just lovely. So much prettier than the desert that you tend
to linger. (Sierra's famous "if it's slow, it's important".) You take in the
lovely scene and notice the mud along the river. "Get Mud" and continue east.
(If you are really tempted to try the cave, save game first!)

 From the cave you head east once more to find a coast line. Hmm. Can't go any
further this way. You go north along the coast and "Get Water." Not much around
here so, north again. Aha! Now this is more like it! Looks like civilization, so
up the ladder and west.

 Decisions, decisions! Okay, you try the bar. Nothing much here, no action at
all as a matter of fact. (Unless you try to "Kiss Barmaid!") So it's off to the
store. Finding that you can't buy anything without money, you pet the dog (he's
irresistible) and leave.

 Outside you take the easiest route -- south. Here you find stunted trees, but
on closer inspection, there's a sprig of mistletoe. (Now where *is* that
barmaid?) You "Get Mistletoe" and head west.

 Why this is right out of a fairy tale! After making sure there is no one home,
you boldly break into the house. Looking around, you don't find much, so it's
upstairs for some real searching. The beds look comfortable, but you have no
time to nap. "Open drawer," and a shiny, silver thimble is there. You "Take
Thimble" and take your leave.

 Downstairs again, you can't help but feel there is something missing. Must be
your imagination, so outside and "Look at Flowers" because they are so pretty.
You "Get Dew" and go west again.

 Nothing here, so it's north. Here you find nuts, but none to suit your needs.
Hmm, could be some in that hole though, so you "Reach in Hole," and nah. It
couldn't happen twice in one man's lifetime. (Better save game since this is
unpredictable!) You climb the ladder only to find the original robber's roost!
But since he is asleep, you do what you must, and steal from him. (It's only
fair.) After you have the purse, you don't even wait to get away, you count the
coins, eight of them! With this much money, you know what to do! You look at the
map, point to the village and -- WHOOSH! Back to the store.

 What a way to travel! You re-enter the store, "Look at Shelf," and buy the four
items that seem most important to you. These items are salt, lard, fish oil, and
an empty pouch.

 Suddenly you are almost overcome with fear! The wizard! He could be home by
now! You look at the map again and point at the top of the mountain, and --
WHOOSH! Nope! It didn't work. Oh well, you sigh and start up that long,
dangerous path. (Don't forget to save your game first!)

 At the top of the mountain, the fear is the worst! What if he is back? What
will you do if he's waiting just inside the door? You open the door and the
coast is clear! Better get rid of all this stuff! Upstairs, and east to your own
little room. You drop all and hide it way underneath the bed. Now if only he
doesn't come in here! Oooopps! Better get some of that food, he's always hungry
whenever he returns. You "Get Fruit" and start downstairs. You worry and fret;
but when he does return, he doesn't seem the least suspicious. Just hungry, the
self-centered lout!

 Being a slave and all does have its drawbacks. Not only do you have to fetch
his meals, you are expected to stand there and watch! The man has absolutely no
class. But you stand there in case he wants something else. Such is the lot of a
simple slave. They way he eats, it's too bad it isn't poison!

 After belching loudly, he takes his leave, and not even thanks! Ah, to heck
with him! You think for a minute, he always takes a nap after he eats like that.
Hmm! And then you can get back to plotting the escape! But not before, you
caution yourself, since it is far too risky with him about, And you almost got
caught coming back up the mountain!

 You go back upstairs, waiting in front of his bedroom. When he does take a nap,
you'll want to know. And there he is. Don't disturb him? You wouldn't even dream
of it! Now, quickly you go to the east, to your own room. Wait, there's the cat.
You "Get Cat" and "Get Cat Hair," then into the bedroom and "Get All."

 You try to calm yourself, but still you race back to the stairs and down. You
go into the study, and with trembling hands, open the cabinet. Taking the wand,
you close the cabinet and go to the bookcase. Taking a deep breath, you open the
trapdoor and carefully go down those dark and dangerous stairs.

 The laboratory brings back the fear, but you calm yourself and go to the table.
The ancient book calls to you. This is where the hope is! Slowly you "Open Book
to Page II." The room begins to glow and strange music plays. Shivers run
through your body, but you are as if transfixed. You read from the book (the
handbook not the disk) and follow the steps most carefully. (Except step II must
be: "Put the dog fur in the bowl" since you have both.) The last of the
incantation is read, and you wave the magic wand. Whew! Success!

 Since that one worked, another is called for, so you return to the book and
"Open Book to Page IV" and follow directions exactly! Again you complete the
spell and hope gives you strength. You decide on just one more for now, where
was that spell? Transforming another into a cat! That's it!

 Once more you go to the book and "Open Book to Page XXV." The odd colored
lights again return, and the music starts anew. With shaking hands and strained
nerves you begin the spell. Carefully you follow directions, but is it right?
Tension builds, and builds still more. The longer you work at it the more you
shake, until at last! You wave the magic wand and Ahh....

 Strained to the breaking you realize that at last you have the means to
eliminate the evil, old Manannan forever! Then you realize that you have lost
all track of time. When will he awaken? Has he already finished his nap? No,
plenty of time.

 Looking at the cookie it occurs to you that it's going to be tougher than you
thought to get him to eat the disgusting cookie. Somehow it will have to be
diguised. But how? You try to "Put Cookie into Bread," but that doesn't work.
Hmm. Have to think of something.

      Part 3

 You look at the map, and readily see that there isn't much that you have yet to
see. You point to the bottom of the mountain and WHOOSH! Yes, this is the bottom
of the mountain, so east. Ah, there's that cave again. Not much left then, so
it's east once more and -- nope. Just more coastline. Hmm, back to the west.

 Go north and you are again facing the mysterious cave. Let's see, how do you
pass a spider web that size? You don't want to chance it so, "Dip Eagle Feather
in Essence" and fly into the cave. Navigation seems a bit odd as an eagle. Hard
to control where you go. Hey! Spider alert! As you get close to the spider,
something comes over you and it's curtains for the spider.

 As the spell wears off you notice that the web has been torn to shreds. You
oh-so-cautiously enter the cave, and a presence causes you to freeze. What is
this place? There in front of your eyes appears an oracle. It seems she knows
you! More than that, she also knows who you really are. As you gaze into the
vision she creates, it is revealed to you that there is another whose fate is
far worse than yours. Not only that, but it is your duty to go to their aid! How
are you ever going to manage?

 They say it's always darkest before the dawn. You gird yourself and go forth.
But how can one such as yourself be of any aid to one such as that? And in a
land far, far away!

 The spells! You realize that your only hope is to be rid of the tyrant wizard
(which you had in mind anyway) and finish the spells.

 In order to finish the spells, you still need three dried acorns. Where might
they be found? The desert is dry, but nothing grows there except cactus. Perhaps
near the desert? You head west and cross the stream, but what's this? You
overhear two birds discussing, of all things, YOU! Further west and two
squirrels seem to have the same thing on their minds. Seems like you are the
prime topic in all of Llewdor.

 The conversation is only moderately interesting, but it seems to clear your
senses, for insight strikes. The thing that was missing! That fairy tale
cottage! You hurry off, to the north twice, then east.

 Yes, it is the house of the Three Bears, and there they go now! As soon as they
leave, you enter the house. There on the table is the thing that bothered you so
when last you visited, simply because it should have been there. Porridge! What
an ideal way to hide the cookie! You "Get Porridge" and exit quickly. (Those
bears may no longer have a sense of humor!)

 Outside the house you continue the search for the acorns. Nothing here, so west
again. Nope. Nothing but a couple of noisy squirrels. Argh! And two nasty
bandits! They assault you severely, hit you right on top of the head, and steal

 At least you know where the hideout is, so north you go. And there it is! Wait
a second. You pause long enough to search those nuts just one more time. Lo, and
behold! You find three dried acorns. You "Get Acorns" and "Reach in Hole." (Save
the game.) The ladder appears again so up you go.

 Quietly you enter, finding the thief sound asleep. Carefully you approach the
table and nab the purse. Now, where is the rest of it? You spot a bin in the
corner that you hadn't noticed before. You "Open Bin" and "Look in Bin", there
it all is! Quickly, you abandon the treehouse, climb down the rope and run to
the east. Even here you don't stop, you feel like just running forever. Almost
blindly you head north where the treacherous mountain path brings you up short.
You know that you can't risk hurrying up that trail. Maybe they aren't
following. You can't help yourself, you simply HAVE to know. Carefully, you take
inventory, even to counting the coins in the purse. What's this? There's eight
coins! But that's more than...oh, well.

 That path, hmm. There should be an easier way. Wait! Why walk? You "Dip Eagle
Feather in Essence" and take to the air. Not only is this a lot safer, it's FUN!
At the top of the mountain, you say the magic words, and look for a safe place
to land. Oops, right in the middle of the chicken coop! Any landing that you
walk away from is a good one!

 You "Open Gate" and head for the house, "Open Door" and hurry to the study.
Yup, you left the trapdoor open, and the wand! Got to put that back, too! You're
too close to freedom to let a little mistake ruin it all. So you "Open Cabinet,"
"Move Lever," and "Move Book". There that's better. Now it's back to the entry
and up the stairs.

 You go to your room, and "Put Cookie in Porridge" and when you "Look at
Porridge" you relax for a moment. It will work! It HAS to work! You "Drop All"
and "Get Porridge" and it's off to the dining room.

 Patience is an asset to a slave, but was never one of your virtues. As a matter
of fact it's all you can do to keep from dancing from one foot to the other. But
wait you must. You have time on your hands for a short time, but it seems an
eternity! You reflect on the danger ahead and the task set before you.
Desperately you try thinking of anything but the porridge and the waking wizard!

 There he is now! Somehow you calm yourself so as not to give any clue that
something is amiss. Now, go to the kitchen, must make it appear that you are
preparing a normal meal. You can't control yourself, you turn right around and
return to the dining room. You "Feed Wizard" and anxiously watch his every bite.
He eats, and eats, and "Ding-dong, the witch is dead..." or something like that!

 Up the stairs, and back to your bedroom again. (For the last time!) You "Get
All" and go back to the stairs, then down to the study. You get the wand and
open the trapdoor and cautiously go down to the laboratory. You feel a sense of
exultation, but also a sense of purpose. You are almost driven to complete the
spells, because, after all, she is your sister.

 Going to the table, you open the book to the proper page, and begin to tremble
anew as the lights play tricks and the weird music starts to play. Hope carries
you as you patiently carry out the instructions for the spell to teleport at
random. Each step is completed in accordance with the book, you recite the
verse, and wave the wand. Again you find success, and again you go to the book.
Only three spells left, and the powers of the wizard are yours!

 You open the book again, this time to the spell marked Deep Sleep. This one
seems to be a bit harder. The trembling is more pronounced. You get the feeling
that you aren't going to make it, the words on the page begin to blur. But
finally it's over and you have still another spell to call your own.

 The last two are certain to be tough! Again you open the book, now to page
LXXIV. The music causes tension, the strain is great. The spell is very
exacting, but so were the others. This spell, and the next come hard, but in the
end they are yours. At last you are, in truth, a wizard in your own right!

 The feeling of power is intoxicating! POWER! What a feeling! With this much
power, what could not be done? Why, perhaps you should put the cat/wizard to
sleep forever? No, have him teleporting at random for the rest of eternity!
Slowly, you come back to your senses. The wizard is already suffering his fate.
To do more would be to become as he was. No, you realize that you have been
called to a higher purpose. You must save your sister and the kingdom of your
parents. You wonder what they must be like.

      Part 4

 Transportation will be a problem. To know this is to know that the tiny village
is the only hope. You look at the map and point to it. WHOOSH! And here you are.
You feel that already you have become used to such methods of travel. It all
seems so natural. Barely hesitating, you go into the bar, find three sailors and
try to strike up a conversation. Aha! That's just exactly what you do want.
Money is no object, so you "Give Gold to Captain."

 Why the louse! Such poor manners! Grabbed all of your gold, and left without so
much as "glad to have you." (Maybe he would like to be a cat?) No, that's bad
thinking. No time to scold yourself though, so it's off you go for a long walk
out on the pier. And this must be the ship. Yes, there's the captain now, and he
seems anxious to get you aboard. That gangway looks a bit tricky, but you are
becoming used to such narrow walks.

 As you step aboard, you get the feeling that something is wrong. But what could
it be? Why these men aren't sailors! They're PIRATES! Before you can even manage
a simple spell, they grab all of your possessions and throw you rudely into the

 What a predictament! A short time ago you felt as if you were all-powerful, now
you couldn't feel more powerless! You look around and find that there is a
ladder just above you but just out of reach. You go east and look some more.
There! That small box will surely do. You "Get Box" and go back to the west,
"Drop Box," and "Jump on Box." Yes, it will work! You "Jump on Box" again and
the "Jump" to the ladder.

 Cautiously, you stick your head up out of the hold, then climb right up from
there. Hmmm, this seems to be the captain's quarters. You go west and "Open
Chest" then "Look in Chest." Quickly you take your leave, lest you be caught and
the possessions taken from you again -- or worse!

 At the ladder you face another tough decision. Up, or further east? Not down,
you know what is down there. Wait a second, what about the map? You "Look at
Map," only to discover water all around. Well, that, at least, figures. Hmm, how
far to Daventry? How soon will you return to the land of your birth?

 Time is wasting and you decide to chance a look at the upper deck, so it's up
the ladder. As long as you're climbing, might as well go all the way, so up
still higher. Nothing but the crow's nest, and it looks like a dangerous climb.
Down you go, and back to the quarterdeck. Might as well see what's at the back
of the ship. West and into the galley. DRAT! The cook has seen you! You find
yourself thrown back into the hold with a loss of, among other things, your

 You ponder a moment. What should you do? Since they seem not to have noticed
how you left the hold before, why not try it again? Up the ladder, (carefully)
and peek out slowly. No one around so...Nah, they wouldn't put your things in
the same place. Nothing better to do, so west you go and into the captain's
quarter's once more. The chest is still open, so you look in the chest, and beat
it fast! Sure enough! They DID put it all in the same chest!

 Not wanting to risk going up top side again, you decide to go east. A quick
look around doesn't show much, but here's a shovel so "Get Shovel" and scoot
back to the west. Kinda risky around here. What you really need is a place to
hide out and just think. Of course, the hold is the safest place to be right
now! So back down into that dark, dank hold.

 You spend some time just thinking about the problem, pacing back and forth like
a caged animal. As a matter of fact you begin to feel just like those mice.
Except not quite so talkative. What are they chattering about, anyway? A
treasure? Five steps east of a lone palm tree? Yeah, well it won't do you any
good here! Got to think of a way out.

 You look at the map again, noting that the ship is considerably closer to
Daventry. You'll need a plan before long. What about the storm spell? No, that
could sink the ship and you right along with it! Hmm. Suddenly it strikes you
just as surely as a bolt from a thundercloud! Of course, the sleep spell!

 "Land Ho!" A cry comes from high above. Soon, very soon, but the timing will be
important. You are sure that you must wait until the anchor is dropped, but
equally important is everyone must still be aboard.

 Another cry from above. "Drop Anchor!" You pour the sleep powder on the floor,
and recite the verse. Quiet falls all around. even the mice are stilled. As if
the slightest sound would break the spell, you slip back up the ladder and out
on the main deck. You "Look for land" and see mountains in the north and land to
the east. Cautiously, you step off the deck and into the water. Not the best
dive you ever made, but you're in the water. East is land so east you swim, only
to find the horror of the sea bearing down on you. You give your best impression
ever of Johnny Weismuller! Whew! That was CLOSE!

 The trials you've seen! At last you are free from worry. The wizard will bother
no one ever again, the pirates are caught in the sleep spell, and you have come
at last to the land of your birth. It would be so nice to just lie here in the
sun for awhile. No, that won't do. You still have a sister in the gravest of
danger; and from what the oracle said, the Kingdom itself is in deep trouble.
It's on your feet, and off to the east.

 Huh? It's the captain! He escaped the sleep spell! You deftly dodge him by
going north. Something about that beach bothers you though. Wasn't that a lone
palm tree in the sand? You step back to the south and find that he is gone. Over
to the tree and take a close look. Yes, it is a palm tree, but can mice be
believed? Only one way to find out, so stepping slowly you count: One, two,
three, four, five, and "Dig."

 Eureka! Why there's a King's Ransom here! You wonder if you should rebury it,
or try to drag it along. How much farther? What the heck, with what you are
already packing, it hardly makes a difference. You grab the chest and move off
to the north.

 Yes, the trail does look tough, and no way to get there from here. East, and
the the trail begins. A step or two north, around that sharp corner, and back
again to the west. You stop at the base of the Horse Head Rock, and scale the
very face of it. No, this isn't nearly as bad as the trail from the wizard's.
East, following the trail as it winds around to the north, then east to a lovely

 Growing weary of the climb, you decide on a shortcut. You "Dip Fly Wings in
Essence" and fly right up to the top of the waterfall. Following the trail east,
you see a cave in the distance. No, you decide to press on. No more sidetrips,
no more distractions.

 Further east and the trail seems to go in all directions, and a big footed foe
comes up behind you! He seems to be a bit confused, and heads back to where he
came from. The impulse to buzz around leaves you, and you land on the path to
the south. Deciding it to be as good a direction as any, you take that path,
only to find yourself scaling an almost vertical cliff!

      Part 5

 Slowly, just as slowly as you can, you climb down. You feel carefully for
handholds and any possible loose stone or ice. Straight down, until you feel a
ledge and carefully let it take your weight. Whew, glad that's over with.
Looking around, you realize that it hasn't even begun! Staying close to the
cliff wall, you carefully move to the west. It looks spooky, but you enter the

 DARK! You fear that you will become lost in the maze, but you come at last to
the far side. This isn't an improvement at all. Moving out to the end of the
ledge, you begin scaling down again. No point in trying for the closer ledge,
what you want is to get to the bottom. Slowly you move down, til at about the
midpoint you fail to find a foothold. You move to the west a bit and then down
even more. At last you feel the ledge below you, only to find that the dark
caverns are to be risked again.

 Entering the cave again brings you out on the west side of the cliff base. It
looks like you are trapped, but you dare to risk the long climb back up. Moving
a few steps to the east, you begin the climb. You begin to tire, and more than a
little fear arises within you. On you go until you gain the center ledge. This
has got to be the way out! You enter the cave; and at last! Finally you are back
on the path.

 You follow the path east, and east again. The mountain scenery is very
beautiful, and you begin to feel relaxed, almost carefree. You are lulled into a
state of recklessness!

 The path turns south, and you follow it blindly, right off the mountain!
Actually, it's more like a large hill for you get more of a bruised ego than
anything else. You pick yourself up and have a look. That looks more like a
tunnel than a cave, and that looks as if it's a stairway!

 Into the hole you go, somewhat more aware now of where you place your feet. Up
the old stairway you go. A sense of ancient times pervades this dark place. Up
to a landing, and up again. Out into the daylight and warm mists surround you.

 Why is it so dreadfully warm? Perhaps dabbling with the mantic arts has given
you a sixth sense, or maybe it comes naturally. You have a feeling that danger
is near, and you "Rub Ointment on Self," before going further west.

 The Dragon! Your instincts have proved themselves. The dragon doesn't see you
as you "Stir Storm Brew With Finger." With great care you utter the words that
so long ago were memorized in haste. The storm appears and rages on! The dragon
is struck, and down he falls!

 As the storm subsides, and the ointment wears off, the struggling girl captures
your attention. You talk to her, trying to calm her, but she only screams,
"Untie me!" You untie Rosella, explaining your relationship. The doubt shows
plainly on her face, but she agrees to follow you.

 Rosella follows you east and down the stairs, and out into the daylight again.
Go west, and you come to place that looks to be under siege! The well has been
filled with stones, and that trench seems to run on forever. What purpose can
that great stone wall serve?

 Go north, and at least there appears to be some sort of civilization. There is
even a castle in the distance. The gnome greets you and calls you by name.
Obviously, you are home at last! The gnome seems to know the way, so you follow
him toward the castle.

 What kind of kingdom has a plank in place of a drawbridge? That plank more than
anything tells the dire circumstances of this land. Somehow, this is not the
home you had expected to return to. A sadness comes over you as you cross that
moat, and even the rich entry of the castle does little to dispel your gloom.

 You turn at the end of the hall and try to guess how the throne room and your
parents might look, and sadly walk the last short leg of your long journey. A
nervousness comes over you. Can this truly be home? Will they know me? Questions
come quickly to the mind, but there is no time for answers.

 As one, you and Rosella enter the throne room of Daventry and no doubt can
remain. This is HOME! It could not be otherwise. Hugs and kisses, and more of
the same! A tear comes to your eye as the King tells of his pride in both of
you. He explains of the once magic mirror, and before your eyes it clears!

 The moment could not be more perfect. You could not feel any greater joy, or so
you thought. King Graham brings out his old adventurer's cap and flings it
toward you. What an honor, to wear the cap of the King himself. You reach to
catch it, but what's this? Rosella, too, must think it an honor, for her hand
goes up as well.

 In that moment, time seems to stop. Revelation strikes you. There are no
endings, only beginnings. When life brings you to an apparent ending, it is just
life and adventure beginning anew. For whom does life begin this new adventure?

 KING'S QUEST III is published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.
 This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by Roger Godsil. All rights reserved.



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