GAME SOLUTION: Sword of Kadash

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/26/90-03:05:41 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Sword of Kadash
Date: Fri Jan 26 15:05:41 1990

        Part 1
 Ah, so you seek the Sword of Kadash (foolish mortal)! Well, let me gaze into my
crystal ball and give you what help I may. Your best chance lies in paper and
pen. Map well, my fool!
 Your quest begins in a small courtyard with a tree. There are exits up and
down. Hmmm, take the exit down. You will find yourself in a room with an arrow
of bricks pointing up and there is a morningstar. The morningstar is trapped,
but you may avoid its dart if you clear your way to move to the left after
taking the morningstar. Ah ha. There is a secret door in the path that led to
the morningstar. It leads to the left. Another room, and there are snakes to
fight and two axes from which to choose. The upper one is uncursed. Now return
to the tree of my first vision. From the tree pluck the diamond alarm and the
ring. Now prepare, mortal, to enter the true maze of ALADAG the guardian dragon
of the Sword. Go up.

 Quickly. Kill the two skeletons that block your path. Whew. Above you see a
lattice and bricks of gray but one tinged red. This is a secret passage. Shoot
through the lattice and touch the tinged brick, then quickly back, for bats will
fly. Kill the bats and go through this door and move to either wall. Go up.
Snakes. Kill them. No, do not take the scroll you see at this time. Leave it for
the time in which you have greater strength. Go right.
 Now you see a hall with a small room below in which there are more snakes and a
key. Do not move. The snakes will reveal a secret door and after you kill them
you may enter to get the key. The key is trapped, but if you move quickly up or
down you will escape. Return to the hall and shoot the fry flowers in your path,
for they will consume hit points. Go up/right. Here there are two monsters
guarding a dagger. Leave them for now. Go up/right. Go right and up/right past
the moving fry wheels.
 Next there are two halls up from which to choose. Take the one on the left. Up.
Here you see a key and a shield. A secret door will lead you to the shield, but
take it from below to avoid the trap. What? Four monsters are loose in the key
room, but you may safely kill them from where you are. Then moving quickly down,
take the key. Go down, then to the right.
 Three small rooms with monsters each, a morningstar and axe, out of reach. Kill
the monster in the first room; use a scroll to keep him from you. Now shoot the
lattice below the second room, so that you may shoot the bats in room two
without letting them free. Enter room two, at the top of which there is a secret
door. Kill the monster in room three; a narrow hole keeps him far from thee.
Take the Axe+1, and then go up.
 Here you find a snake to kill and and a shield to take. You see four paths.
Take either right. A monster here you also may kill, but leave the sword for
later thrill. Go left then up. Another snake and morningstar and monsters and a
fry wheel. Kill the snake and let the wheel kill the other monsters. Take upper
left and round. You'll see a dagger to take then down and right. Take lower
right past the fry wheel.
 Two more fry wheels must you pass. You may take the ring if first you clear a
path to quickly move up. Now left. Of three paths right, take upper right past
the fry wheel. Here you find two monsters gaurding a chest. Shoot carefully for
darts will bounce. Take the chest and move left. Now take the middle right and
gather the morningstar and right again past the two fry wheels. Up.
 A dagger, morningstar and diamond you behold. The dagger will call but one
monster that is easy to fight. Leave the rest and take lower left.
 Three passages to the left there be, the middle surrounded by lattice. Now,
carefully: Shoot the lattice away until you see the one piece that will remain.
>From below touch this piece and move quickly down to safely release this trap.
Now lower left.
 Monsters trapped in cubbyholes. Kill the one before you, but do not touch the
lattice or shield. Now right. Now up. Ah, this is a new area; we must wait until
the crystal clears. Hmmm, I see a sword ('tis cursed), a scroll, a ring (both
safe to take) and a healer that is trapped. Leave it alone. Now up. One path
left and one to right, a chest you shall have within your sight. Take the chest
but move quickly up to avoid being fryed. Now up again.
 Here a skeleton, a shield, and morningstar. Kill the skeleton. To take the
shield you must quickly move down and let the wall protect you from the darts.
Leave the morningstar until you have the strength to fight the monster it will
release. Now up. Here a room in the shape of a key and lattice placed most
frequently. And skeletons there are but three. A narrow hole shoot up until the
skeletons you can kill. When done a wide hole to make and the scroll you doth
take. A monster it does release, no fear, for it cannot come too near. The key
on left take after clearing path to move quickly down. Now kill the monster to
the right. Then up and left (if you won the fight).
 Next you see two scrolls entrapped by a fry wheel. I'd pass them by, but if you
like, them you may try. Now left. Next, bats to quickly kill, but avoid the axe
for it is cursed.
 Now left. Here a symbol to pass by till strength and weapons have improved. Now
down and left. Now up again, then left and down. The symbol here you too should
pass till later times. Now down. Two morningstars in cubbyhole. Locate the
secret door, but leave the morningstars. Now right.
 Two snakes to kill and onward right. Here lies a healer, but don't touch yet,
pass over it and onward right.
 This room holds much, three healers, an axe, and a scroll. If you need the
healers now they are safe to take, or leave them for later when need is great.
Below the axe is a secret door; it is trapped so move quickly down and right to
avoid the traps bite. The healer and scroll above the axe are trapped, each
releases one monster, both easy to kill. Take all now if you've need and will.
Now down and left, and left till up and up, then left and left. In this next
room you will need to use a scroll to pass the ghosts. Scare them and onward
 Here many skeletons you will kill. Two healers, both trapped, release one
skeleton each. Wait until later to use their powers. Take the top left. Here you
spy six daggers. The middle lower one is trapped. It releases one monster that
you can later kill. Take all the rest then left/down.
 Left again until you see two chests awaiting thee. The one on the left is not
trapped. There is a secret door to the right of the right chest, so take the
right path but do not touch that chest. Here, a large room filled with snakes.
Shooting up from where you stand you will kill the snakes as they attack.
 This room has many an unseen wall. Wander through until you are as far to the
right as you can go. The unseen wall can be shot through in the middle part,
then right and up to take the scroll. Retrace your steps until you return to the
chest. Then left and down.
 A path to the right which also leads down. Here you see six small rooms, two
diamond alarms, two keys and an axe. The keys you may take, the alarms you may
have. The axe is cursed. At lowest right is a path, but you must shoot through.
Then right. Here is a room that winds. Two monsters, a healer, and a sword you
will find. Touch not the healer just yet. Above it, open the secret door and
shoot the monsters till they are no more. Take the sword if you like. Don't
bother going right. Now take the healer and quickly right, for it is trapped by
a fry wheel.
 Now left back to the room with the six cubbyholes and then up. Here is a sword
and a diamond alarm, you may try them but I did not waste my time. Now right.
 A large room this, with a ring in the middle. Get just below the ring and move
up and stand still for the darts will fly and darts can kill. Now right.
 Here, two monsters and two shields. After you've done them in, take the upper
shield but beware: It sets off a fry wheel. You can move by the fry wheel,
carefully down to the path to the right you see. You must shoot the path clear
before right you can go, don't forget.
 Here, three cubbyholes with a morningstar and a key. Leave them alone. Go all
the way to the right then maybe two steps up. Here to your right another secret
door. Pass through it now if you care to learn more.
 Again we must wait till the crystal has cleared. Ah yes, your path is blocked,
but you're easily free, but remember to shoot very carefully. A key you may take
moving quickly up. Next you will find a fry wheel trapped by lattice. There is a
secret door that will enable you to shoot more of the lattice. Now down.
 This room goes from wide to narrow. A secret door at the bottom will let you
through (it will let off the trap away from you). Now down.
 Here is a monster guarding a key, but how to get to him is far beyond me. Two
swords as well, but do not take, they are cursed or trapped make no mistake. Now
down, though you must wiggle around through the unseen wall in which the monster
is bound. Here a hall, and a dagger you spy. You could take it if you care to
give ghosts a try. Down.
 Two axes of which the lower is worse, take the upper but be careful if you'd
not be cursed. Down yet again. To the right of this hall a room with treasures
abounds, but to get there a secret door must first be found. The door sets off a
fry wheel, but no sweat, you can pass it easily, I bet. Here is a Sword+3, a
Shield+2, and chests three. Take them all. Now left past the fry wheel most
carefully. Hmmm...what to do next? So many choices. Well, let's take the easiest
choice first. Go down.
 Here there are snakes to kill and a dagger to take when you will. Now up till
the first passage on the left (not the right). Time to build your strength with
a series of fights. Left past the room with the scroll and the sword and up.
Here many monsters, an axe, a chest, and healer lie. Stay far to the left and
shoot them all one by one; take the healer and chest when you're done. The axe
is cursed, so leave it behind. Now left and down. Here again is the room with
the scroll and the sword, and lattice that binds the door. This one is tricky,
but it's worth a try. You cannot shoot the lattice free; you must touch it to
set off its traps. Two darts right to left in the hall; let them pass and many
monsters now are free. Get down and to the left and fight them with ease. Leave
the scroll and the sword, they have nasty bites. Now off to the right.
 'Tis time to retrace your steps for a while. You've been mapping? I told you
your best chance was with paper and pen. Well, this is where that truth comes
in. Up now past the dagger, pass the monster with the symbol, up still up, until
you return to the place with the fry wheel and the passage to the left. Retrace
your steps. Left to the hall with the three cubbyholes. The ones with the
morningstar and key, as I've told. Left still, past the fry wheel and the
shield, past the room that held the ring. Left and left till you're all the way
 Now for a moment we will not retrace steps. Down to new area. Ah, the crystal
has fogged; we will wait till it clears. Yes, I see it now, a large room with a
lattice arrow and two rings. Shoot the lattice away (from left to right). Two
pieces remain, yes, that is right. Take the upper ring and move quickly behind
the wall formed of those lattice's parts. Safe they keep you from many darts.
Next take the lower ring, and though it sets off a fry wheel, easily may you
pass it. Now out to the left and down you must go.

        Part 2
 Here, in a path to the right, are three cubbyholes. Take the diamond alarms,
but leave the scroll be, for how you may get it is far beyond me. The path to
the right is frought with grief. We won't bother, to give you relief.
 Now left and down still again. Six cubbyholes and two diamond alarms. You may
take them, but they might cause you harm. Each causes two skeletons to appear
and a fry flower where the diamond lay. You can shoot them until they all go
away. Now left and down yet again. Here is a room, one monster, a symbol, two
rings and a scroll. Kill the monster, but the rest is not worth the toll. Now
left and up; we begin to retrace. Up and up and up (don't lose your place). Go
up and up till you cannot anymore. You should see the dagger that you left once
before. Your strength should allow you to take it this time. Killing this
monster should not be a great fight, now onward, where? You must go to the

 Ah yes, you remember, the two healers you left. If you need them, please take
them. Each sets off one skeleton, and they are easy to kill. Now up and right,
if you will.
 Here again are the ghosts you passed by. You should be able to kill them, give
it a try. Now right again. Here you've two paths down. Take the first and remove
the symbol you've found. A monster is free. So kill it; don't wait for me! Do
you need more healers? If so, continue down and right. Off to the right, maybe
once, twice, or three, you will find all the healers that you left. The one in
the passage with the morningstar above releases monsters in the room with the
morningstar. Retrace your steps to the left you go. Left and left till up is all
you can do. Now to the right and down, you ARE mapping, true? If you wish to
fight the monsters the healer releases, go right yet again. If not, I won't
blame you, 'tis time to go up.
 Here at the top is a symbol and passage right. Take the symbol if you've the
mood for a fight. Then onward right till the room shaped like a key; that is the
place that you wish to be.
 Now down through the key room. Ah yes, the morningstar long left behind. It
releases monsters you can fight if you've a mind. Down yet again and down once
more, there's the sword and the healer you left long before. Take the passage
right until you find a room shaped like an axe. Kill three monsters here then
you can take the shield. With darts it is trapped; it isn't worth all that much.
So take it or leave it, it won't matter much. Now up and left.
 Here a room like a large W. Kill the monsters but leave the rest. Now off to
the left and down ever down until you reach (do you remember?) the three
cubbyhole rooms. Yes, the one in which you took morningstar and an axe. The one
with the secret door at the top. Down and to the left. Yes, I suppose the
retracing of steps is dull, but think of it as merely a lull. Onward left and
down past the fry wheels again. Down and left and down yet again.
 Ah, here is the room with the dagger and two monsters and unseen walls. Care to
try them? They're not so tough now, you should do it with ease, and the dagger's
quite safe to take if you please. Now down yet again and over to left till you
reach the scroll that you left. Take it now (the secret door's on the right).
Kill the monster it releases in a very easy fight. Now right. Right and up till
you spy the two wheels designed to fry. Now left for achange, a healer awaits.
The healer releases two tiny monsters. Be done with them, and off to the left.
 Next up is a room with a symbol and three more tiny monsters; if you want it,
fight them and it's yours. Still left, another room that is up. Here, a healer
that releases three skeletons. It might not be worth the time, but you might
find it fun. Now back to that long hall leading left and right. Well, you can go
on left, but it really is boring, and the details of its rooms are not in this
story. So right you go, yet again you retrace. Right to the fry wheels, past
them and up. Right to the three-cubbyholed room that leads up. Right once more
and prepare for a fight, for there are monsters in the room to the right. Now
this room has monsters, more than four, and booty, and lattice galore. Be
careful not to shoot too much lattice at first, it protects you from monsters.
Kill the monsters, one by one, and leave the symbol when your looting is done.
Now up and right, and up again.
 Here, two cubbyholes lie, two monsters and treasure I spy. Kill the monsters,
but less traps take their toll, leave all the rest and take only the scroll. Now
up. Ah, the crystal clouds again. Now it is clear.
 Here a large room, one monster, a key, ring and a shield. Kill the monster then
up. This room looks tempting with its bounty galore. But to curse you is what
it's there for. So up yet again and up once more. One monster here, a dagger,
and shield. Kill the monster, take the dagger, ignoring the shield. Now up and
 Yes, you've seen THIS before. The key shaped room, retracing's a bore. Left,
ever left, down, left, up, and left, left, left, left. Here were the daggers,
now down, left and down.
 Now off to the right, pass the ring room, and the shield room with its still
frying wheel, and right to the hall with the three cubbyholes. Now for a change
do not go right, but go up and be prepared for a fight.
 Here is a room with three monsters in all and the room is divided by a tall
wall. One monster is on your side; quickly kill him. Now wait patiently for the
other two to come over the wall, then kill them as well. There is more you could
do here, but of that I won't tell. Now down again to your secret door right.
There's much still to cover as you'll soon discover. Now right through the
secret door and wait for the crystal to clear if you please.
 Yes, we've been here before. There is the fry wheel and the cubbyhole where the
key was. Now go down. Down again to the room with the monster and the symbol and
the two swords. Go right.
 This room has three monsters, a healer, and passages leading up and down and
right and left. Kill the monsters. Taking the healer releases two more, kill
them. Now go up. Pass carefully between the two rings, and go up. There is a
shield, two passages to the right, one passage down, and to the left. Go right;
either passage.
 There are two scrolls here and a lot of valuable lattice. Carefully remove just
enough lattice on the left side to allow you to get to the lefthand scroll. Take
it; this will release many fry wheels but the remaining lattice will protect you
from harm. Go left.
 You are back in the room with the shield. Taking the shield releases three
monsters which you can kill, but be carefull not to let the darts bounce back
upon you. Now go left. Go left until you reach the room with three paths and a
symbol in the center. Do not take the symbol. Go up to the first cubbyhole on
the right. Shoot through the lattice to kill the snakes, then take the ring on
the right. Continue up. There are two cubbyholes each with a monster. Killing
them is easier if you get into the left-right hall. Go left.
 Go down the left most passage. There are bats on the right side of the room
separated from you by lattice and a fry wheel. Shoot a hole large enough for the
bats to pass through and let the fry wheel kill them. Leave the shields. Go up.
Now go left pass the dagger, and go down. Go left.
 This room has what looks like a big C in it with four rings. Take all the rings
except the one farthest to the right. Go right. Retrace your steps until you
reach a path going up. Go right.
 Here there is a key with lattice over it and two paths leading down. Clear just
enough lattice on the left side to get the key. Taking either passage down will
lead you to two rooms each with two monsters and a healer. If you need healers,
they are fairly easily had. Go up to the key hall and go left. Go up. Here are
many monsters and a symbol a passage to the left and a right-left hall at the
top. Kill the monsters and take the left passage.
 Here you find three monsters protecting a key. Kill them all and take the key.
At the right bottom of the room there is a secret door; open it but do not go
through. Go right, then up. Take the symbol at the top and go left. Go
left/down, and left again.
 There is a cubbyhole with a Sword+1 and monsters. Shoot the monsters through
the openings which are too small for you to enter or them to escape. There is a
secret door at the top rigt side of the cubbyhole. Get the sword and beware of
the fry wheels it releases (easy to pass). Then left/down. Down again. Here
there are many monsters, two keys, and a shield. Kill the monsters. There is a
secret door above the lower key. Take the lower key, then go down.
 Kill the monsters in this up-right hall. Take the healer and go right. Go
right/up/up and right until you get to the symbol that you passed before. It is
a cursed symbol. Go up.
 Go up to the very top then go right. Right until you come to a place in the
hall where the room below looks like a hammer. The crystal has clouded again. We
will wait. Ahh...yes, now continue going right until you get to a room filled
with snakes and two keys. Kill the snakes. In the bottom right of this room is a
secret door. Open it but do not go through. Go right. Go right until you come to
a ring. Go down and left.
 Kill the monsters and take the diamond alarms one at time; each releases more
monsters. Take the scroll and return to the ring which is right. Do NOT take the
ring. Go Down and right. This room has monsters, a sword and a symbol. Kill the
monsters, leave the rest and go back to the ring. Go right. Go right/down.
 Kill the snakes in this room and take everything except the shield. Go right.
More monsters to kill, you may need to use a scroll to do so safely. Shoot
through the unseen barrier in the passage. Leave the sword and go down.
 There are two rooms here. The top one is filled with many monsters, the lower
one has only two. It is easiest to kill all these monsters by getting to the
lower room early. Leave the axe and go down. This room has two passages to the
left and a symbol in a small cubbyhole. Take the symbol and exit through a
secret door just below where the symbol was, shooting through the secret door
first to clear it. Now right to the wall and down past the key and the shield.
Go down to the very bottom.
 Go left. Here is a room with a very large monster, two symbols, and three
passages up. There are also a number of fry flowers which you will not be able
to destroy. This is a very dangerous monster as it makes other monsters. Use a
scroll and kill it as quickly as you can. You will now have to cross one of the
fry flowers. Take the symbol in the center then go up.
 The crystal will have to clear before you can see this next room. There are two
passageways and two cubbyholes in one of which you now are. Here is a Shield+4.
It is trapped but the price is worth paying. Take the shield and move as quickly
as you can down.
 The crystal ball is fogged yet again, but the Shield+4 is worth the waiting.
Now cross on the the fry flowers again and go right. Go up and up until you can
only go left. Go up and left. Pass the ring and left, left. Ah, crystal clouds.
 You must continue going left about five times until you reach the place where
the symbol was at the top. Now go down. Go down until you pass the cursed symbol
and go right. Go right until it goes up then go down. Pass the double rings,
down to where the healer had been, and go left.
 Pass the monster with the symbol and up. Continue up till you can take the
right passage past the fry wheel. Right. This room is shaped like a large V, one
half gray the other red. You have to fight off a number of monsters. If you
must, use a scroll. The bottom of the V looks open but it isn't (good thing too,
since there are lots of bats on the other side). The best thing to do here is to
shoot through the unseen passage at an angle until all the bats are dead. Then
clear a path big enough for yourself. Now right.
 This room has two fry wheels, a scroll, a morningstar, and a passage down.
Timing is important. Go right carefully past the fry wheels. In the next room is
a cubbyhole with two scrolls. Take the one on the left. Then go right down the

        Part 3
 I like this room. It is large and filled with lattice. In the center is one
monster and a Sword+1. Now be careful. Make a path for yourself up and to the
top center of the room. Don't shoot away too much lattice. Get yourself just
above the monster and shoot down till you kill him. Now clear just enough room
to get down to the sword. When you take it, many monsters will be released, but
the lattice will prevent them from getting too close to you. Kill them one by
one, being carefull never to destroy too much lattice and allow them near you.
When they are all dead, shoot a path for yourself to go right.
 Now this is an easy room. Trapped by some lattice is a monster. There is a
diamond alarm here. Wait until the monster is in the middle of his "cage" then
quickly take the diamond alarm. This should kill the monster. If not, kill him
yourself. Clear the lattice and go down.

 Go down past the zigzag room with the arrow-shaped room on the right. Down
through the next room with the arrows that shoot across the room. Down to the
room filled with monsters. Kill them and leave the axe. Use a scroll if you
must, but you will have great need for scrolls before too long. Go left. Go down
and left again, leaving the symbol.
 Here, there are two cubbyholes on the top with monsters and treasures. It is
easiest to kill them if you do not lure them out of their cubbyholes but instead
shoot at them from an angle. Take the top two morningstars in the cubbyhole on
the right. Take the ring in the other cubbyhole. Now go down.
 Go right. Here are two healers and many monsters. Kill the monsters then shoot
through one of the healers and take it. Both are trapped and will release
monsters that you can kill, but do them on at a time. Now go down and left and
left. There are many monsters here, two rings, and a sword. Kill the monstsers.
Taking the rings releases ghost which you should be able to easily kill by now,
or you may leave them alone. Do not touch the sword. There is a secret door at
the bottom that is best to avoid as well. Go up.
 This room has many monsters and a symbol. Kill them, take the symbol, and go
left. Wind around in this room till you get the scroll. The scroll releases many
monsters that are easy to kill if you stay where you are. When they are all
dead, exit the room right. Go down past the sword, and go left and left again.
 Now this should look familar. This is where you killed the snakes and took the
dagger. Go up until you come to the room with the monster and the symbol. Don't
forget that those swords are cursed. Go right. Ah yes, the hall where the healer
was. Go down.
 Carefully bypass the cursed symbol, leave the shields, and go right. Kill the
monsters in this room and avoid the trapped axe. Go down. Carefully now, do not
touch the sword, pass over it to the left. Go down.  Here you will meet another
of those very large monsters that make more monsters. Using a scroll, kill them
as quickly as possible. Go down.
 Here you may take two scrolls and two rings, but leave the shield alone. There
is a secret door at the right bottom of the room. Go right. There are many
monsters here. Kill them and take two rings and the sword, then go back to your
left. On the right side of the room, go up. This is that big monster room again;
fortunately it is quiet. Take the shield on the left and go up.
 Go right until you come to a room with monsters. Kill them and find the secret
door going up into the room above. Do not take anything unless you want to
fight. Wait until the monster in the room above is far enough away from the
secret door to give you "fighting room." Then go right.
 Avoid the ring in this next passage and take the upper right. Some lattice will
block your way, you must touch it to go through. Touching it releases spirits
upon which you might need to use a scroll. Take the righthand passage up. This
room is tricky. As soon as you enter, great balls will start coming down the
room. You must move up and to the left shooting the ball coming down upon you.
It is the only one that can be destroyed. There are unseen walls here, but you
will be able to move around to take all but the scroll which is cursed. Now go
up. (Really, there is a way.)
 Here you see a room with many monsters, a sword, and a tall wall separating you
from the monsters. Stay where you are and shoot the monsters as they come
directly above you. Be careful to avoid being hit by your own shots. Now is not
the time to be losing hit points. When you have killed all the monsters, you
will be able to find a secret door in the upper left side of the room. Go left.
 Well, let's face it, every thing from here on in, is tricky. This room says
"THE PIT." As soon as you enter, arrows will shoot at you from the left. If you
are fast enough you can find a secret door just to the right top of the "T" in
"PIT". I do mean fast. If nothing else, at least try to shoot away as many of
the arrows as you can. Now left. Ah, here are two cubbyholes, one with an axe,
and one with a scroll and one monster in the hall. Kill the monster. Now forget
about the axe, but enter the opening to the cubbyhole with the scroll. Don't go
in just yet. When you are right in the middle of the opening, shoot up and down
until you see that your shots can go no further. Take the scroll. This releases
a fry wheel that had you not taken this last precaution you would not be able to
pass easily. Exit the cubbyhole and go down.
 Arggg! Swarms of tiny monsters. Quickly head to the right exit. These monster
will follow you and line up nicely for you. If they start taking too many hit
points though, get out of there. Right.
 The hall you are now in is filled with items, most of them are cursed and there
is no way around them. Go up. This room has many monsters and a sword in the
middle. You will need to use a scroll, perhaps two, to kill them or get by them.
Forget the sword and go left.
 There are three monsters here, a ring, an axe, and a shield. Kill the monsters,
take the shield (trapped unavoidably) and find the secret door below where the
shield had been. Go down. This is an interestingly shaped room. Take the chests,
leave the sword, and go right.
 This is a large room filled with monsters and fry flowers. Use one or two
scrolls to kill the monsters. You have to weave a careful path through the fry
flowers, then up. At the top left of this room you will find three healers, and
boy will you need them. At the upper right you will see for the first time the
dreaded ALADAG.
 Now is not the time to attempt to kill this terrible DRAGON. Position yourself
as far up and to the right as you can without stepping into ALADAG's fiery
breath. Shoot up. Ah, a secret door. Unfortunately, you will have to shoot
through the the righthand side of this secret door in order to open it up when
you touch it, which means standing in ALADAG's fire for a second or two. Go
up...and quickly.
 Drat, the crystal has fogged again, but it does get clearer. Monsters. How many
scrolls have you left? Kill these monsters, using a scroll if you must, but not
if it drops your total below three. You may take the chests and the much needed
healers when you have killed them all, and then you must choose one of three
exits to the right. Take the middle right with the key. It will release a fry
wheel that for the only time you may shoot into nonexistence. Go right.
 This is a large room with many unseen walls and many monsters. Some of the
unseen walls can be and must be shot through in order to pass. Basically, you
will work your way up, across the top of the room, down, left slightly, up to
about midway (killing as you go), left a little, down to the bottom and left to
the exit down.
 IS THERE NO PEACE? Not yet. A large room with another one of those monster
making monsters. Don't panic. When you first enter the room only ghosts and
spirits will be able to attack you. Work your way down the left-hand side of the
room, across the bottom, up the right-hand side of the room, back towards the
exit up (now would be a good time to panic, but use a scroll instead), and down,
killing everything in sight. Once they are all dead, worm your way around down
and right until you take THE SWORD OF KADASH.
 Whew. What? Oh no. As soon as you take the sword, another monster making
monster appears, and using scroll you will have to fight again. Having done
that, retrace your steps to the secret door leading to ALADAG's halitosis.
 Pooh, the crystal fogged again. Ah, now I see, bravely you must stand in the
fire and shoot into the mouth of ALADAG. Have you enough hit points to survive
this last effort to win? After all that you had to go through to reach this
great test, I hope so. If you kill ALADAG, you have won.

 copyrighted by Dynamix, 1984.
 This walkthru is copyrighted
        1985 by Wyvern.
     All rights reserved.



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