TAF Atari Swap Meet June 19th

From: Fred Horvat (aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/08/99-11:31:48 AM Z

From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: TAF Atari Swap Meet June 19th
Date: Tue Jun  8 11:31:48 1999

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From: dreibel@idirect.com (Daniel L. Dreibelbis)
Subject: TAF/TPUG joint Flea Market June 19th in Toronto!
Date: Mon Jun  7 12:07:27 1999


        The Toronto Pet Users Group (THE support group for users of  Commodore's
PET, VIC 10/20, 64 and 128, and  the Amiga) and Toronto Atari Federation  (North
America's largest user group for the Atari enthusiast) are holding a joint  Flea
Market at  the Alderwood  United Church,  44 Delma  Drive in  Toronto,  Ontario,
Canada on Saturday June 19th from 11:00 a.m.  until 3:00 p.m. If you own any  of
these classic computer systems and have  been looking for hardware or  software,
or you have systems or software that you'd like to sell, now's your chance. Sell
your old stuff, go home with a treasure!

    The days of rivalry between the two competing systems are over, and users of
both these platforms realize that it is better to cooperate rather than to  butt
heads. And indeed,  with the Amiga's  strengths in audio  and graphics, and  the
ST/TT/Falcon's strengths in  MIDI and  DTP (not to  mention the  fact that  both
platforms make excellent and cheap machines for getting on and making use of the
Internet) there  is  much  that  can  be learned  and  shared  between  the  two
platforms by their respective users.

    TAF will be there with copies of ST+  Fanzine for sale and with a number  of
Mario Becroft's excellent  new products  for adapting PC  serial mice,  VGA/SVGA
adaptors and internal IDE drives to Atari STs (the Mouse Adaptor also works with
the Amiga, so if you've  got an Amiga with a  dying mouse here's your chance  to
use one of the many excellent two and three-button mice available to the PC with
your system), as well as info on how to join TAF.

    It's going to be an exciting summer - and this will be the event to kick it 
off! See you there!

 TORONTO ATARI FEDERATION meetings are held on the third Wednsday of the 
month from Sept-June in the "Gold Room" of the North York Memorial Hall located 
in the lower or concourse level of the North York City Centre Library Building 
at 5110 Yonge Street (next to Mel Lastman Square) at Parkholme Avenue. Those 
coming by public transport can take the TTC Yonge Line north to North York 
Centre Station. $2 for non-members. Dues are $25 per year, and includes a 
subscription to the newsletter PHOENIX. Membership in TAF IS Atari support!

    For more info on this or other Atari-related subjects, get in touch with us 
at the following:

    Ken MacDonald, president: anarkist@idirect.com, 416-533-0504
    Dan Dreibelbis, Vice-President: dreibel@idirect.com 416-766-4743
    TAF Online! BBS (now free to any Atarian!) 416-421-8999 (28.8, 8-N-1)
    TAF homepage - http://taf.atari.org

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            Vice-President, Toronto Atari Federation (TAF)
            Thorn in the side of TiFKAS and other net.twits
                      e-mail: dreibel@idirect.com
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