atari 130xe

From: Frye, David (
Date: 06/01/99-04:46:06 PM Z

From: "Frye, David" <> (by way of Michael Current)
Subject: atari 130xe
Date: Tue Jun  1 16:46:06 1999

Hey Michael,

My old 130xe is currently sitting in my garage collecting dust and I would
love to find someone that can appreciate it.  I also have joysticks, a
trackball, several game carts, and lots of documentation including De Re
Atari, Mapping the Atari, the Basic source book, and more.  I also have two
1050 hard drives (one that is Happy enhanced), an 850 and a 300 bps modem.
I'm willing to part with the lot for the best offer I get including the cost
of shipping & handling.  Please forward this to anyone that might be



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