Independent Association of Jaguar Developers (Jan.22,1994)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-12:46:58 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Independent Association of Jaguar Developers (Jan.22,1994)
Date: Sun Feb 20 12:46:58 1994

 :: Volume 3 - Issue 1       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE       22 January 1994 ::

 |||   Jaguar Tackboard
 |||   Confirmed Information about Atari's Jaguar
/ | \  Compiled from online and official sources

//// Independent Association of Jaguar Developers

The IAJD (Independent Association of Jaguar Developers) is due to
start accepting members on GEnie very shortly. The IAJD is planned to
be a private group where confidential discussions can be freely held.
(Category 64 of the ST RoundTable is set to be the IAJD meeting
place.) Consequently, membership in the IAJD is limited to Jaguar
developers who are registered with Atari Corp. To apply for
membership, send EMail to ENTRY$ on GEnie. Regular EMail
correspondence with the IAJD should be sent to IAJD$.

//// Developer / Game List 1.2

//// Editor: The following developers and game titles have been
confirmed to the best of AEO's ability as of January 13, 1993. While
no dates are tied to any of the games, they are hoped to be out by the
end of 1994. The "S" flag has been added to reflect any "e"rrors,
"u"pdates, "n"ew games, or new "d"evelopers since the last list. Titles
in brackets (e.g., [Cybermorph]) have been completed and are
available in the US.

Bear in mind that the titles on this list have gone through a
confirmation process - there are a dozen or more titles that are going
through the rumor mill, and when confirmed, will appear here. (The new
games listed here have been confirmed with Bill Rehbock at Atari.)
Conversely, there are a few developers (one is a "rock" from Atari's
past!) who have confirmed they are joining up, but wish to make their
own announcement - and AEO respects their wishes.

S Developer                     Titles under development
" """""""""                     """"""""""""""""""""""""
n 21st Century Software       - Pinball Fantasies
  3D Games
  Accolade                    - Charles Barkley Basketball, Al Michaels
                                Announces Hardball, Busby, Jack Nicholas
                                Golf, Brett Hull Hockey
e Activision                  - Return to Zork CD-ROM
u All Systems Go              - Hosenose and Booger, Jukebox
  Anco Software Ltd.          - Kick Off, World Cup
  Argonaut Software           - UNKNOWN CD-ROM
  Atari Corp.                 - Battlezone 2000, [Crescent Galaxy], Club
                                Drive, MPEG 1 and 2 carts, Tiny Toons
                                Adventures, VR Helmet
  Atari Games Corp.
  Attention to Detail         - (For Atari Corp.) [Cybermorph],
                                Battlemorph: Cybermorph 2, Blue Lightning
n Brainstorm                  - [x86 Jaguar Development System]
n Beyond Games Inc.           - Battlewheels, Ultra Vortex
  Dimension Technologies
  Gremlin Graphics Ltd.       - Zool 2 - MORE
  Hand Made Software          - (For Atari Corp.) Kasumi Ninja
  High Voltage Software
  id Software                 - Doom: Evil Unleashed
  Imagitec Design Inc.        - [Evolution Dino-Dudes], [Raiden]
u Interplay                   - BattleChess CD-ROM (MORE?)
  Krisalis Software Ltd.      - Soccer Kid
  LlamaSoft                   - (For Atari Corp.) Tempest 2000
  Loricel S.A.
  Maxis Software
n Microids                    - Evidence, Commando
  Microprose                  - 3D Gunship 2000 - MORE SIMULATIONS
n Midnite Software Inc.       - Car Wars, Dungeon Depths
  Millenium Interactive Ltd.
  Ocean Software Ltd.
  Park Place Productions      - UNKNOWN TITLE (American Football)
u Phalanx (will be combining  - Phong 2000 (Space?)
           with another
           unnamed developer)
e Rebellion Software Ltd.     - (For Atari Corp.) Alien vs. Predator,
                                Checkered Flag II, Dungeon
  Silmarils                   - Robinson's Requiem
n Telegames                   - Ultimate Brain Games, European Soccer
                                Challenge, Brutal Sports Football,
                                Casino Royale - MORE?
  Tiertex Ltd.
n Tradewest                   - Double Dragon 4 - MORE
  Trimark Interactive
  U.S. Gold Ltd.              - Flashback
  UBI Soft International      - Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis - MORE
d V-Real Productions          - Horrorscope, Arena Football
  Virgin Interactive
       Entertainment Ltd.     - UNKNOWN ("Movie title")
u Virtual Experience (was     - Indiana Jags, Zozziorx (MORE?)
                 Retour 2048)

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