CES Magazine Awards--Atari PR (Jan.22,1994)

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Date: 02/20/94-12:45:04 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: CES Magazine Awards--Atari PR (Jan.22,1994)
Date: Sun Feb 20 12:45:04 1994

 :: Volume 3 - Issue 1       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE       22 January 1994 ::

//// CES Magazine Awards - Atari PR

Atari Corp. announced today that the Atari Jaguar 64-bit interactive
multimedia game system has been named the industry's "Best New Game
System" (VideoGames Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game
Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard
GameFan). The awards were presented last week at the Winter Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In addition, VideoGames Magazine
selected a Jaguar advertisement as "1993's Best Print Ad" and
Electronic Games voted Jaguar's newest software title, "Tempest 2000,"
the "Best Game of the Show."

"We are excited the industry's premier publications have recognized
Jaguar," said Sam Tramiel, president of Atari. "We developed Jaguar's
64-bit technology to raise the standard for game system performance,
making Jaguar the most powerful, affordable system on the market. It
is an honor to know that the leading trade magazines and their readers
recognize our efforts."

"We created the 'Best New Game System' award specifically for Jaguar,"
said Chris Gore, editor of VideoGames Magazine. "Atari developed a
new game system with innovative hardware and software that delivers a
performance level currently not available in the market at a price
people can afford. It eclipses 3DO as the best bang for your buck."

On Game Informer's decision to vote Jaguar "Best New Hardware System,"
Editor Andy McNamara said, "With enough raw processing power to take
out the big boys, Atari has a winner on its hands. Of course, it will
need great software, but if games like the pack-in Cybermorph set the
standard, Atari is definitely on its way."

Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home
entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in
the United States. The award-winning "Tempest 2000" is expected to
hit stores in March. Also, Atari expects to deliver its Jaguar
CD-peripheral mid-year at a suggested retail price of $200.

Atari Corp. manufactures and markets 64-bit interactive multimedia
entertainment systems, video games and personal computers for the
home, office and educational marketplaces. The Sunnyvale-based
company manufactures the Jaguar products in the United States.

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