Developer/Game List (Dec.18,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-12:22:38 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Developer/Game List (Dec.18,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 12:22:38 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 22      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE      18 December 1993 ::

//// Developer / Game List

//// Editor: The following developers and game titles have been
confirmed to the best of AEO's ability as of December 17, 1993. While
no dates are tied to any of the games, they are hoped to be out by the
end of 1994.

Developer                     Titles under development
"""""""""                     """"""""""""""""""""""""
21st Century Software
3D Games
Accolade                    - Charles Barkley Basketball, Al Michaels
                              Announces Hardball, Busby, Jack Nicholas
                              Golf, Brett Hull Hockey
Activision                  - Beyond Zork CD-ROM
All Systems Go              - Boogers and Snotnose
Anco Software Ltd.          - Kick Off, World Cup
Argonaut Software (Jez San) - UNKNOWN CD-ROM
Atari Corp.                 - Battlezone 2000, Crescent Galaxy, Club
                              Drive, MPEG 1 and 2 carts, Tiny Toons
                              Adventures, VR Helmet
Atari Games Corp.
Attention to Detail         - (For Atari Corp.) Cybermorph,
                              Battlemorph: Cybermorph 2, Blue Lightning
Beyond Games Inc.           - Battlewheels
Dimension Technologies
Gremlin Graphics Ltd.       - Zool 2 - MORE
Hand Made Software          - (For Atari Corp.) Kasumi Ninja
High Voltage Software
id Software                 - Doom: Evil Unleashed
Imagitec Design Inc.        - Evolution Dino-Dudes, Raiden
Interplay                   - UNKNOWN CD-ROM
Krisalis Software Ltd.      - Soccer Kid
LlamaSoft (Jeff Minter)     - (For Atari Corp.) Tempest 2000
Loricel S.A.
Maxis Software
Microprose                  - 3D Gunship 2000 - MORE SIMULATIONS
Midnight Software Inc.
Millenium Interactive Ltd.
Ocean Software Ltd.
Park Place Productions      - UNKNOWN TITLE (American Football)
Phalanx Software
Rebellion Software Ltd.     - (For Atari Corp.) Alien vs. Predator,
                              Checkered Flag, Dungeon
Retour 2048                 - UNKNOWN (3 titles)
Silmarils                   - Robinson's Requiem
Telegames                   - Ultimate Brain Games, European Soccer
                              Challenge, Brutal Football
Tiertex Ltd.
Trimark Interactive
U.S. Gold Ltd.              - Flashback
UBI Soft International      - Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis - MORE
Virgin Interactive
     Entertainment Ltd.     - UNKNOWN ("Movie title")

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