Jaguar Advertisements (Dec.18,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-12:17:37 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Jaguar Advertisements (Dec.18,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 12:17:37 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 22      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE      18 December 1993 ::

//// Jaguar advertisements

There's been almost a half-dozen Atari Jaguar television advertisements
shown over the last six weeks in the test markets here in America.
Doug Engel <GEnie: D.ENGEL>, or "Thunderbird" as we know him on GEnie,
transcribed one of the latest Jaguar and the following Lynx ads:

Fade in

Announcer: "Here's Benjamin Hall on the Jaguar system to play

(Kid holding cart plugs into close-up of console)

Announcer: "Let's see how those beastly graphics and intricate moves
that ONLY come from 64 bits of mega-power feel!"

(Various screenshots inter-cut with wildly tilting camera clips of
Benjamin Hall ducking and weaving in his chair as he plays)

Note: screenshots are moving at breakneck speeds and show the system
off better than the previous commercials.

Announcer: "Ben?"

Benjamin: "Urrrllllphhh!"

(Head and shoulders frontal shot of Ben looking ill, as he projectile
vomits _into_ the camera lens! Yellow and brownish bile and food
chunks run down the lens.)

Announcer: "Cybermorph only on Jaguar by Atari"

(Screen shows Cybermorph into screen complete with "Designed By ATD",
and "(C) 1993 Atari")

Announcer: "Get bit by Jaguar!"

(White Jaguar Logo appears, with the clawmarks of the "R" scratching
down with a shredding sound effect and a Jaguar roar as blood floods
down from the top of the logo turning it red. A small white Atari fuji
and logo appear on the bottom of the screen with a yellow "64-Bit"
under that with the yellow eyes appearing on top of the logo.)

Fade out:

And the Lynx commercial.

Fade in:

(Boxing ring bell sounds as two fighters appear in a close up of the
Lynx screen with the words "Lynx" and the Atari logo clearly visible.
One fighter knocks the other one down with a kick, and turns to face
out of the screen. Lynx screen shows close-up of his face)

Fighter: (Yelling) "I like Lynx, the screen is bigger."

(Lynx switches to baseball game viewed from behind the pitcher's
mound where the pitcher has a Fuji logo instead of a number on his
uniform. Crowd is cheering in background. Pitcher pauses before
winding up, turns to face the camera, and smiles.

Pitcher: "I like Lynx, more can play at the same time."

(Screen changes to show Count Dracula's head on the right side, and
three scantily clad women [complete with gratuitous cleavage] on the
left side. Howling in background, as Dracula peers around
suspiciously with his beady eyes.)

Dracula: "Lynx has 16 bytes, I mean BITS."

(Light glints off Dracula's fang as the entire screen switches to a
close-up of a GameBoy [without any logos on it] Onscreen a horribly
low-rez smiling face appears in dark creamed spinach color on a light
creamed spinach color background. The face is standing on a single
horizontal line and has arms and legs. It moves its hands in a waving
motion, but othewise is static except for mouth movement and blinking
eyes. A cartoon-like "boing" sound is repeating in the background.)

(Nintendo and GameBoy copyright appears in white on screen bottom)

Smiley Face (in nerd voice): "I like... Game Boy."

Announcer: "3 out of 4 characters prefer Lynx. Buy Lynx now, get NFL
game free!"

(NFL Football box spins out of Lynx and stops in full view)

(Fine print appears at bottom of screen telling how NFL tradmark is
licensed and how the offer expires on SuperBowl Sunday 1/30/94, and
you pay $3.50 p&h, etc.)

Fade out!

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