More Developers Reaction (Nov.23,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-01:54:29 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: More Developers Reaction (Nov.23,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 01:54:29 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 20      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE      23 November 1993 ::

//// The list (from Atari) of the retail chains that are carrying the
     Jaguar in 1993.

Initial stores in these markets that are carrying the new system
include Babbages, Electronics Boutique, FAO Schwarz, J & R Music
World, Nobody Beats the Wiz, Play World Toys, Toys 'R Us, Trans World
Music and Waldensoftware in New York; and in San Francisco, Babbages,
Electronics Boutique, FAO Schwarz, G & G Software, The Good Guys and
Waldensoftware. A complete roll-out in the United States and Europe is
slated for early 1994.

//// In the press kit for the November 4th rollout in New York, there
     were a few pages listing comments from developers about their
     general feelings about the Jaguar. I thought everyone might be

//// From Attention to Detail, developer of Cybermorph:

   7 "Every developer wants to create a game that makes the player
     experience the intensity of the adventure. Getting the
     Cybermorph craft to 'morph' into different forms that appear to
     mold with the landscape it flies over achieves this goal.
     Players will find that the speed and the motion of the craft
     causes their own bodies to rise and fall in their chairs. Their
     heads will jerk in reflex reaction to oncoming obstacles and
     their hands must react quickly in order to bring the craft and
     survivors safely through the mission."

   7 "Our development team had tons of fun challenging the 64-bit
     platform to add more and more detail to Cybermorph. In fact, the
     platform challenged them because it presented so many

   7 "Atari understands what true-blue video adventure is all about.
     Jaguar's 64-bit processing power enabled us to develop Cybermorph
     with elaborately detailed light-shaded 3D polygons."

   7 "When creative ideas pop into our minds, Jaguar's flexibility
     lets us take advantage of more sound, more color, more images,
     more layers of texture, smoke, fog - everything we need to make
     it happen."

   7 "Game players will notice that Jaguar's video games look less
     computery or digitized - the Gourand shading makes them look more

   7 "Jaguar's strength is that the player feels the action - he can
     enjoy the exhilarating speed and energy as he flies the ship
     straight down into a cannon."

   7 "We took advantage of the CD quality sound and stereo capabilities
     to enhance the player's experience. If game players wear headphones
     while they play Cybermorph, they will actually hear shots coming
     from the left before they see them. Also, the holographic face
     uses the audio capabilities in its eerie speaking voice."

//// From Rebellion Software Ltd., developers of Alien vs. Predator
     and Checkerd Flag II:

   7 "Jaguar is 100 percent faster than anything else in the market...
     with Jaguar there are no limits. The 64-bit power gives you
     complete freedom."

   7 "The question is no longer what we can or cannot put on the
     screen. With Jaguar, the speed and tools are available. Now we
     are faced with the wonderful challenge of getting our great ideas

   7 "The first thing players will notice is Jaguar's spectacular
     colors and 3D images. Jaguar allows developers to overcome all
     previous video boundaries to deliver realistic, high-speed 3D

   7 "The video possibilites we thought were merely science fiction
     are becoming science fact. Jaguar has permitted developers to
     turn their wildest ideas into reality - to introduce a virtual
     video dreamland"

   7 "As for the future, Jaguar will continue to challenge developers
     and players. A CD peripheral further expands stroage space -
     opening up even more creative avenues. And, Jaguar's virtual
     reality helmet will put even more motion in the game. Players
     will find it difficult to distinguish reality from game fiction."

//// From Imagitec Design Inc., developers of Evolution Dino-Dudes
     and Raiden:

   7 "Jaguar's programming and graphic manipulation capabilities are
     extremely diverse and yet very flexible."

   7 "With Jaguar, developers are able to actually create what other
     platforms will not support. What was once a mere fantasy in the
     developer's mind can come to life with Jaguar's 64-bit animation
     speed, true-color graphics, and CD sound. Jaguar blurs the fine
     line between reality and fiction."

   7 "The main benefit of developing video games for a 64-bit
     architecture is that it opens up new avenues for art work. This
     gives developers the ability to express complex ideas in video

   7 "Creating on platforms with less processing power would be like
     stepping backward - stunting the developer's creativity with old
     boundaries. There's no turning back now."

//// From Atari Corporation, developer of Crescent Galaxy:

   7 "Jaguar is an extremely flexible system. With the Jaguar
     Development Environment, developers are no longer forced to
     handle programming tasks one way. in fact, Jaguar allows you to
     program many different ways, depending on your specific needs.
     The flexibility is great."

   7 "Developers benefit greatly from Jaguar's high processing speed -
     it allows them to push the limit of 3D graphics. They can use up
     to 16 million colors as well as endless textures and display them
     all on the screen at one time. Working with 3D true-color images
     allows developers to ensure games look real."

   7 "Jaguar allows for wonderful game play. Ultimately, this is what
     the consumer is looking for."

   7 "We work very hard to make sure that every game we create is
     entertaining. Some products in the market look pretty without
     being entertaining or sound nice without offering lasting-play
     value. We fine-tune every product we make before releasing it to
     manufacturing to ensure all of the play elements are in place
     that make the game a lasting and enjoyable experience."

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