Developers Reaction (Nov.23,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-01:52:13 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Developers Reaction (Nov.23,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 01:52:13 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 20      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE      23 November 1993 ::

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I hope to make this a semi-regular feature of AEO, a place to post
various comments found online, press releases that make it in, and
bits of conversations about upcoming Jaguar games (and about the cat
itself!) This time, we've got some conversation about Kasumi Ninja,
an Atari new developer PR, a PR on the Accolade titles, the list of
New York and San Francisco chains carrying the Jaguar this season, as
well as some developer comments about programming on the Jaguar.

//// First, Rob Nicholson of Hand Made Software
     <> posts on CIS about the martial arts
     game Kasumi Ninja:

The number of characters isn't yet finalised but 20 [is] probably too
many. We're limited by cart space and RAM as to how many
frames/characters will fit. Our aim is at least ten. Most of the
planned characters are human (e.g. Ninjas, UK fist fighter, Bronx
female, Eskimo) but there are a some mythical characters (e.g. Yeti).
Each character has a special move.

//// Then Ted Tahquechi, Kasumi Ninja's producer at Atari
     <> joins in the CIS discussion:

Well, I just thought I'd take a second to throw in my two cents for
Kasumi Ninja. First, a comment was made about the fact thqt the game
might be 'watered down' NO WAY! I have it on good authority that
Kasumi Ninja will have a Ton of Blood and Gore. (I know, I'm the
Producer of the game at Atari.) I'm shooting for a ton of special
moves, as well as Never Before seen Fatality moves. The game will
carry a 'Mature Audiences' Warning sticker.

The cart size is and is not a relative issue. We have very good
compression routines, so we can fit a lot of data into a very small
space. The cart size is currently set at 16 Megabits. As far as sound
goes, before I started working at Atari, I was a Sound Engineer and DJ
For a Local Radio Station. I also run a recording studio. I did most
of the sample work in Cybermorph, and the Soon to be released Dino
Dudes. So, yes sound is a key part of the game to me as well.
...Kasumi Ninja is going to have a fair amount of Blood....

Weapons...Weapons...I love them. Yes, there will be weapons in the
game. I will keep you posted as to what types as the development of
the game winds down, which should be rather soon.

//// From Accolade's press release, announcing their games for the
     Atari Jaguar:

Atari Corp. together with Accolade Inc. of San Jose, Calif., a notable
publisher and developer of Sega and Nintendo video games, Thursday
jointly announced a licensing agreement that will enable Atari to
bring five proven, hot titles from Accolade to consumers on the new
64-bit Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System by Fall 1994.

The new approach with the Jaguar by Atari brings faster, smoother
animation and enhanced sound and graphics to these hit titles.

Commenting on the company's decision to work with Atari, Accolade's
chairman, Alan R. Miller stated, "That Atari Jaguar is definitely
cool, new technology that is being introduced at a price point
attractive to consumers.  We think Atari has a real shot at
establishing Jaguar as a successful system, and we want be part of
that effort." The Accolade titles for Jaguar include:

7 Al Michaels Announces HardBall III - Built on the reputation of the
best selling HardBall series of computer and video games, Al Michaels
Announces HardBall III features a full 162 game season, 26 accurately
rendered stadiums and the Emmy award winning commentary of Al Michaels.

7 Brett Hull Hockey - This action-packed simulation features input
from and the digitized skating of the NHL's most popular All-Star
player, Brett Hull. Several modes of play are offered including
exhibition game, 11 game short season, 42 game half season and an 84
game full season offered by no other hockey simulation game.

7 Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind - The world's supply
of yarnballs is seriously threatened in one of the year's most popular
video games, and it is up to Bubsy Bobcat, "a hero for cryin' out
loud!" to put a stop to the yarnball plundering Woolies.

7 Charles Barkley Basketball - With a jump start, court-time
integrates Barkley's fast-breaking, intimidating, whatever-it-takes-
to-win playing style into an intense basketball game.

7 Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf - The Golfer of the Century is
just one of four fully-digitized golfers in this award winning game
that features two Nicklaus designed golf courses, English Turn Golf
Club in New Orleans and Sherwood Country Club in California.

"Accolade's list of titles adds significantly to the Jaguar product
line," said Sam Tramiel, president and chief executive officer of

"Accolade's proven titles enhanced by the 64-bit power of Jaguar will
enrich the Jaguar player's library of video games with life-like
sports adventures and real-time 3D animated characters that speak. The
Accolade titles help us to attain our goal of delivering a high
quality selection of Jaguar titles that will entertain all age

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