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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (August 20)


 This is a GREAT TIME for Atari-related announcements.  First, the alliance
 between  ATari  and IBM  for  the  new Jaguar,  and  now  Gribnif Software
 announces GENEVA,  their new  multi-tasking environment.   See the  GENEVA
 press releases in LIB 15 of the  Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS) or  go to
 the Gribnif section/library  in the Atari Vendors Forum (GO  ATARIVEN) for
 additional info.


 With  the  announcement  from  Sunnyvale  on  the  new  JAGUAR  Multimedia
 Entertainment System,  we've added  a Message Section and  Library to  the
 ATARI8 Forum. We  invite you to join us in sharing news  and views of what
 promises to be an exciting machine. GO ATARI8 for Section 15 [Jaguar].


 Download  file 20Q_01.TXT  from  LIBRARY 15  of the  Atari Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS)  for the first 20  QUESTIONS file of questions submitted by the
 members  to Atari Corp and answered  by Bob Brodie, James  Grunke and Bill


 Download  file  AGIT.ZIP  from LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for Agitation.   Agitation  is easy to  learn, tough  to solve.
 This is the most indescribably difficult, infuriatingly impossible program
 you could choose to run!

         * create custom puzzles
         * upload and share
         * point and click puzzle solving
         * multiple cheat, peek and help modes
         * watch the computer solve puzzles
         * custom graphics and dialogs
         * check out the other puzzles here online! mono freeware


 Download  file BSTAT4.LZH from  LIBRARY 5 of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO  ATARIPRO)  for  version  2.46  of  B/STAT.   B/STAT  is  a  shareware
 statistical  analysis  and business  graphics  program.  It  requires  a 1
 megabyte machine and double sided drive at a minimum. B/STAT  makes use of
 GDOS or  SPEEDO GDOS if installed  but requires  neither. This is  version
 2.46  of B/STAT  and   offers some improvements  in graphing  over earlier
 versions.  B/STAT may be registered online by GOing SWREG and selecting ID
 # 263.


 Message Section 12 and Library 12 have been established for online support
 of Oregon Research's  products.  Please read  OREGON.TXT in Library 12  of
 the Atari  Vendors Forum  (GO ATARIVEN)  for an  overview of  the company.
 Also, be sure  to check out  the other files  in the Library  for in-depth
 information on their entire product line.

 Download file FLAGS.LZH  from LIBRARY  11 of the  Atari Vendors  Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for Sample EPS (Adobe Illustrator) files of the new Flags of the
 World clipart  collection now  being sold by Soft-Logik  Publishing.   The
 archive contains four flags.

                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN





 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

  To all our readers;

       You are all one hundred percent correct in saying the PC/IBM related
  articles do not belong  in the STReport you  "used to know".   This is  a
  new era  and new time and of  course, STReport must and will keep up with
  the times.   Believe me, they  are changing  rapidly.  The new  plans for
  STReport are to be  the infrastructure of the publication's new look  and
  future.   We are  making  extensive organizational,  layout and  coverage
  changes and as soon  as they are all in place you'll see an STReport with
  many  positive and  exciting  changes  thus, offering  more  than  simply
  something  for  everyone.    We'll be  offering  a  well-rounded,  highly
  informative  electronic publication  with little  or no  amalgamation  of

       As for rumors, after the tirades we endured at the hands of  certain
  prominent Atari  reps we  adopted a  policy of  "if we  can't verify  the
  rumor, then we'll leave it be".  As for  the coverage of "current events"
  in  the Atari  arena, we feel  the information we  have  relative  to the
  backroom politics, the IAAD/Lexicor debacle,  (most  of which we have yet
  to reveal)  and the corporate activities  of Atari's  Tramiels (the stock
  deals  & bond  sales) are  not  only  newsworthy they're  educational and
  interesting reading.  Besides, these things  need to  be  made known.   I
  might  add in more  than one  case these reports have  provided the users
  with the proper backgrounders to enable  them to fully understand certain
  ongoing events  in the userbase.  The, "they shot who",  is a bit extreme
  but the  fact is; we've uncovered more  than a few "smoking guns" in this
       In  fact, watch  for a  story coming  up soon  about an  accelerator
  manufacturer  who has been  promising a sixteen meg  upgrade (to be added
  to his product)  to a user for what  seems like an  eternity.  Also, look
  for some interesting revelations about a developer  who ships merchandise
  to dealers without it being ordered!
       Things are  not going well  in this platform  and that's the  bottom
  line.   STReport  will not  be the  "Pied Piper"  nor will  it embrace  a
  "Peter  Pan"  attitude  of "everything  is  beautiful".    STReport  will
  continue to "say  it like it is".   Personally speaking,  I still  use an
  Atari for  many duties but admittedly, I  feel the very same uneasy way I
  did back in the early eighties when I was an avid  eight bit user and saw
  the dead  end.  I  feel the same,  foreboding feelings now.   Sorry,  but
  that's the kicker and  Atari has yet to show  me or obviously, many other
  ST owners any reason to feel otherwise.  
       For the record, I too, like many Atari ST owners, own  a  number  of
  very powerful PCs but in the same vein,  I also own  7 Atari ST computers
  & 9 Atari eight bit machines and three  Lynx hand helds.   I did  sell my
  TT030  and I  am grateful  at this  point for  having found  someone  who
  wanted my "monster TT030" as  he called it.  If you'll remember ..from my
  adverts, it had 26mb of on board ram.  

       Now back to STReport,  yes, the support BBS  is running on  a 486/33
  with 1.3gb  of online  storage.   There is  more storage  (CDROM) in  the
  planning stages along with a rotary  incoming RS232 system to  facilitate
  up to 250 callers online  at the same time.  If its successful who  knows
  where  it will lead.   But that does not spell  goodbye to Atari.  Not by
  any  stretch of  the  imagination.   In fact, if you are a member  of our
  support BBS  system, you too, would know there  is a substantial  support
  area (an  entire Area,  EMail area,  discussion area,  message bases  and
  file areas) dedicated to Atari owners.
       We  at STReport appreciate  your comments  and find your expressions
  of caring quite sincere.  May  I thank you for your input and at the same
  time,  assure you  that STReport  will  continue  to cover  this platform
  which ever way it goes.  Again, thank you for posting to us.



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                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #34
                             By: John Deegan
 Corp.'s 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment system was unveiled at
 its headquarters yesterday to rave reactions and applause from the press.
 Atari's goal is to establish the Jaguar as the industry standard for
 interactive multimedia performance, made in the United States at an
 affordable price.
    Open to targeted gaming publications, as well as national and local
 media, the news conference served to show the press actual working
 Jaguars. A prototype of the CD peripheral, to be introduced next year, was
 also shown. The press had an opportunity to view several games in
 development, which included titles such as "Trevor McFur in the Crescent
 Galaxy," a spectacular true color, three dimensional multi-faceted game,
 "Alien vs. Predator," based on the blockbuster motion pictures from 20th
 Century Fox, and "Cybermorph," showcasing the Jaguar's ability to
 manipulate 3D shapes in a 3D world in real time.
    In addition, Atari President Sam Tramiel announced plans to distribute
 50,000 Jaguars in the New York and San Francisco markets this year, with a
 national roll-out next year. "We plan an aggressive advertising and
 marketing campaign for the fall," said Tramiel. "And by next year, we plan
 to sell more than 500,000 units."
    The news conference also served to bring to light technical aspects of
 the Jaguar which had not been made public until now. Presentations were
 made giving an overview of the Jaguar's 64-bit system architecture and
 actual proprietary chips which took Atari three years to develop.
    "The system's 64-bits are true 64-bits," said Tramiel. "There is over
 100 times more power in this compact unit than both the SNES and the
 close to Microsoft Corp. are saying the software publisher is preparing to
 release a new version of its DOS 6.0 operating system.
    Reports are that the new release will be out this fall and includes
 protective measures designed to prevent problems with DoubleSpace, the new
 DOS's compression option. Microsoft has denied the alleged flaws.
    PHILIPS OFFERS VIDEO ON DEMAND DECODER - Philips Consumer Electronics
 has announced a compact digital set-top decoder for Video on Demand (VOD)
 applications over telephone wire.
    The designated Home Interactive Multimedia Terminal converts 1.5 Mbit/s
 digital TV signals into NTSC or Pal analog signals for display on standard
 television sets.
    First applications are expected to be in Video Dial Tone (VDT) where
 telephone companies are experimenting with delivering digital TV signals
 into the home via existing twisted-pair telephone lines. Typically,
 hundreds of movies will be stored on a telephone network server. The user
 at home will view an on- screen catalog of the available movies and order
    The control system receives signals from an infrared remote control and
 relays them back into the communications network. This enables interactive
 control of remote source material with VCR-like functions such as Play,
 Stop, Pause, etc. It also allows data from the video server -- such as the
 movie catalog -- to be displayed on the screen.

    The highly integrated Home Interactive Multimedia Terminal combines
 three systems in one compact unit; a standard T1 communications interface
 system, an MPEG-1 decoder and a control system.

    While viewing television, it's still possible to use the telephone line
 for regular calls. Billing for telephone can also be separated from
 billing for the TV services.
 Calif., man has been sentenced to five years and eight months in state
 prison for distributing pornographic materials through a computer bulletin
 board system.
    The man, William David Steen, also has been ordered to pay a $1,200
 fine. Steen pleaded no contest in March to charges he distributed
 pornography through the BBS to two Sacramento teenagers.
    Authorities say Steen used the BBS to make contact with the teens in
 1991 and later provided them with computer equipment and pornographic
    L.A. NAMED TOP PIRACY CITY - Los Angeles now is the nation's top city
 for software piracy, according to research by the Software Publishers
    In a statement from Washington, the SPA says that during the year
 ending June 30 it brought 34 piracy cases -- including suits and audits of
 businesses and other organizations for compliance with federal copyright
 laws -- to a close in L.A.
    The SPA says New York and San Francisco rank second and third as
 America's most notorious cities for software pirates. The SPA concluded 28
 actions against pirates in New York and 18 in San Francisco.
    Fourth and fifth-ranked cities in the SPA study are Houston and Dallas,
 with 14 and 10 cases respectively.
    Meanwhile, the SPA says its work also:
    -:- Ranks California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois, 
    respectively, as the top five states for anti-piracy actions over the 
    past three years. Together, they account for nearly two-thirds (62%) 
    of the SPA's actions.
    -:- Shows that since 1990, five types of organizations were most 
    likely to be involved in anti-piracy actions: manufacturers, consul-
    tants, retailers, financial service providers and engineering firms. 
    Manufacturers were involved in 24% of the actions, while consulting 
    firms were implicated in 22%, retail businesses in 15%, financial 
    service providers in 9% and engineering firms in 7%.
    FEDS TO FUND CHIP RESEARCH - The U.S. Commerce Department has drafted a
 plan to subsidize research on certain types of computer chips.
    Sources say the plan is the clearest sign yet of the administration's
 desire to help high-technology industries in the international marketplace
 rather than through protectionist tariffs on imports.
    An unnamed administration official said that while the U.S. reliance on
 imports of the devices "doesn't present an immediate threat to national
 security, improving the capabilies of the domestic industry is desirable
 for both economic and national security."
    The plan calls for the creation of a federally financed research center
 for chip packages and more research spending on chip packaging materials.
 It also calls for Defence Department advice to the domestic industry on
 how to win more military contracts, and a working group of federal and
 industry officials to review ways to increase efficiency.
    The total cost of the effort has not been worked out.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho good neighbors and neighborettes!  Yet another week has come
 and gone in AtariLand, and the questions, answers, hints and tips
 just keep on coming here in the Atari Forums on CompuServe.

 It continually amazes me that the "action" never dies out in the
 Forums, but it never does.  So let's just dig right into the wisdom
 to be found in the Atari Forums...

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Rob Rasmussen asks about graphics formats:

 "Could someone please tell me what an IMG (image) file is? Is it a high
 rez mono picture, like a Degas PC3? Is it a multi-platform format, where
 one created on a PC could be viewed on a ST and vice versa?"

 Charles Smeton of NewSTar Technology tells Rob:

 "The Image file format is a DRI (Digital Research) format for bitmapped
 graphics and is popular on the Atari and PC platforms (i.e. PC GEM and
 Ventura Publisher).

  Unlike Degas graphic files, Image files are not limited to screen sizes
 and can be up to 65535 x 65535 pixels. Most Image files are monochrome
 (single bit plane) black and white graphics, but color is also supported
 in Image files (although less popular than other color formats such as GIF
 and PCX). Image files became very popular with the advent of Desktop
 Publishing on the ST and are supported by virtually every ST DTP program.
 Also some word processors will import Image files (such as First Word Plus
 and Atari Works). Many "paint" type packages exist to create/edit Image
 files such as Touch Up, MVG, Megapaint, etc. Most scanner packages can
 also save Image files.

  I routinely exchange Image files between my PC and ST/Falcon computers as
 it is a well known format that has been around for a number of years.

  BTW, STraight FAX! can also import and export Image files."

 Carl Barron adds:

 "IMG is a bit image format.  The size of the image is stored in the image
 file and is not dependent on any screen resolutions.  I scan to get 300
 and 400 dpi images [ST hi is 72dpi approx.].  It is possible to encode
 color img files but it is rarely done, these days as no conclusive color
 standard evolved.  The format originated with PC gem BUT is rarely used on
 a PC these days.   It does use a variety of compression techniques, one is
 similiar to pc?'s rle compression.  The format is transportable to intel,
 provided you have intel software to read it."

 Rob thanks Charles and Carl, and asks more questions about graphics:

 "Thanks for the info on IMG files. So an IMG that is 65,535 x 65,535
 pixels (a rather large monitor I would think!) could also be viewed on a
 smaller monitor? Is that where the compression comes in?

 One thing I still don't really understand is monitor resolutions. For
 instance, 320x200, 320x400 or 640x200. For some reason it always seemed to
 me that the lowest rez, ST low rez, would be the one that is monochrome,
 while the higher ones would have more colors. But I know it's the
 opposite. Why? Are those numbers the number of horizontal and vertical
 pixels across the screen? If so, a bigger physical size monitor screen
 would seem to automatically give you more pixels."

 Charles explains"

 "With Image files, you dont have to think of screen size limitations. An
 Image file that is too large to fit on the screen can be scaled to fit on
 the screen or viewed in part in a scrolling window, with the appropriate
 software such as Touch Up, MVG, etc.

 The compression is a method to reduce the size of the file that contains
 the image. Degas Files are uncompressed so a 640 x 400 Hi Rez Degas (.PI3)
 file is 256000 pixels, at 8 pixels/bit in a monochrome mode, thats 32000
 bytes for the bitmap data. Degas Elite (.PC3) files use a compression
 called RLE (Run Length Encoding), where consecutive bytes of the same
 value are represented by a count byte and the data byte that is repeated.
 Since graphics can have many areas that are solid in a single color, this
 can reduce the size of the graphic when saved as a file.

 Image files use a similar form of RLE compression to reduce the size of
 the files.

 Screen Resolutions for the ST are:

 ST High Rez:          640 x 400 x 2 colors (monochrome) ST Medium Rez:
 640 x 200 x 4 colors ST Low Rez:           320 x 200 x 16 colors"

 Rob has another question about this "size thing":

 "So the size of an IMG is saved in its header. If I save a graphic as an
 IMG, is there any reason why I wouldn't want it to be the size of my
 screen? If I have an IMG that I have to scroll in a window to see it all,
 then I assume whoever created it had a higher rez monitor. If he views an
 IMG that I created, I guess it would not even cover his whole screen."

 Charles puts it in perspective for us:

 "Different users have different size screens, dont think of screen
 resolution as a limiting factor. The purpose of graphics goes beyond the
 screen and eventually on to paper. The ST High Rez screen resolution of
 640 x 400 is 91 x 91 DPI (dots per inch). That represents 7.03 x 4.40
 inches (about the true size of a ST High Rez display if not adjusted

 A letter sized sheet of paper is 8.5" x 11". Laser Printers and Deskjets
 are 300 x 300 DPI. If you take a 640 x 400 ST High Rez screen snapshot and
 try to print it on a 300 x 300 DPI printer at a 1:1 pixel ratio, then the
 640 x 400 screen would be 2.13 x 1.33 inches in size. However, if you try
 to make it fit into the same 7.03 x 4.40 inches as its monitor
 representation, it will appear very blocky and of poor quality.

 When you scan a sheet of paper at 300 DPI with a full page scanner it is
 about 2550 x 3300 pixels in size.

 Image files are for use in DTP applications, where the resolutions are
 much higher that the typical displays today.

 Bob Wilson jumps in and adds:

 "The standard ST's screen consumes 32,000 bytes regardless of the
 resolution With mono that means that you can store a screen of sze 640 by
 400 (number of bytes is width times height divided by 8) since each pixel
 takes only 1 bit. In the 4 color mode each pixel requires 2 bits for
 encoding. To make up for this fact the screen was reduced to 200 pixels
 vertically. In the 16 color mode each pixel needs 4 bits to be encoded so
 they reduced the width to 320 to keep the 32,000 byte screen. A larger
 monitor does not give more pixels in this case just bigger ones. It is the
 same as TVs. A 46 inch TV may have more phosphors than a 10 inch TV but
 the reality is that the signal sent to the TV determines the resolution."

 Bill Gibson asks:

 "Where would be the best place to get some help with GEM programs
 running on a PC? We are having real difficulties with this at work."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Bill:

 "What kinds of problems are you having with GEM programs..?

 Since GEM is closely tied into the Atari operating system, there are a lot
 of people here who are knowledgable about the Atari version... it's just
 possible that their experience might be of help."

 When David Hagood askes about the availability of Atari's
 multitasking system, MultiTOS, Tom Mynar tells him:

 "I picked up a copy from MidCities Computers, Bellflower CA on Tuesday.

 Flash has some problems.  I have to close all the desktop disk windows or
 they appear in the middle of the screen (and keyboard interrupts seem to
 be lost).

 Word Perfect INSISTS on being the active window.  I can select another,
 but as soon as I let go of the mouse button - WP jumps in on top.

 PageStream and LDW Spreadsheet work like a charm.

 Don't run it on an 8mhz machine, it's way too slow.  I have a T25 (faster
 68000 chip, not a 6030).  It seems to run just a little slower than

 I love the new desktop !  I've got LDW, PgS and Flash over as icons. 
 However, Flash has to have it's directory open in a window when it starts
 up - or it can't find any of its' files.  I heard over on G***E that Flash
 2 is pretty close to being patched to work properly.

 Oh yah, it cost $54.95."

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 Daniel Rodgers asks Sysop Brad Hill:

 "I noticed that you are sysop and hope you can help me here.  I am a ibm
 clone user (486 dxII 50 w/norton DT) and which to view some of the
 excellent graphic on this board.  Is there any hope in this."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Daniel:

 "There is a DEGAS picture viewer available in one of the IBM forums. You
 can find it in the IBM File Finder.  Unfortunately, to the best of my
 knowledge, there is no file viewer for the Spectrum pictures.

 However, as an IBM owner, you might want to consider the GEMULATOR
 board/software.  For Approx $230 you can have an entire Atari ST inside
 your PC running at warp speed.  This Atari emulator supports a very wide
 range of existing Atari software including the graphic file viewers. More
 info is available in the EMULATOR section of AtariPro."

 David Burns asks about picture viewers for his ST:

 "I have a MEGA/STE (4-meg) with mono, a 2400 baud modem, HP Laser-type
 printer.  I have been semi-impressed with photos here, in photo forum, and
 in space forum, all in GIF format.  What is LZH?  How do I view photos
 that have been ARCed?  What is Spectrum 512?  Which of the methods will
 produce the best images on my MEGA?" 

 Sysop Ron Luks tells David:

 "LZH is another compression format (simlar in concept but not format to
 ARC files).  You need to decompress both ARC and LZH files before viewing
 on your mega STe.  The decompression utilities can be found in lib 4 of
 AtariPro (ARCLZH.PRG is the filename)."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 When Darryl Ross asks about Atari dealers in his area (North
 Carolina), Ron Luks tells him:

 "The biggest ATari dealer I'm aware of is Computer Studio in Asheville,
 NC. You can find his address and phone number in this weeks STReport.

 As for Atari publications, I know of only two:
 ST Informer Current Notes"

 In a humorous mood, Peter Joseph tells Ron:

 "There's one other Ron, although I'm not sure it's as big as Computer
 Studio. It's at 1196 Borregas Ave. in Sunnyvale, CA.

 Heh heh."

 For anyone who doesn't know, that is Atari's address... Peter, you
 cheeky monkey!

 Ron throws in the towel with Peter (well, sort of):

 "Ok, ok.  I meant the biggest dealer in NC.  (and Sheldon may in fact sell
 more Atari's than Atari themselves."

 On the subject of FAXmodems, Reinhold Urbschat asks:

 "I'm running into a setup problem for a SUPRA FAX MODEM V32bis. What I did
 is I configured the high speed modem  with the setup program MDM_INIT.PRG.
 However, when I built up a connection to my friend having the same ATARI
 MEGASTE4 but a different high speed modem (Zyxel) my friend could read
 exactly what I typed on the terminal, whereas I got sometimes garbage,
 sometimes real words back on the terminal screen. We played with different
 speeds of the modems and the computer-to-modem transfer rate, and even
 changed the different flow controls.  Nothing helped. There must be an
 error somewhere in the setup of hte modem and/or the communication
 software, because the Hardware worked fine with a different modem and 2400
 baud only, no error correction, no data compressing.

 Does anybody know what the problem really is?? I'd really appreciate any
 valid hint for a possible solution of this."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine asks Reinhold for a bit more

 "What version of the ROM do you have in your Supra?  Supra is supposed to
 be coming out soon with version 1.8 of the roms."

 Dazzz Smith tells Albert:

 "I beleive the 1.8 Roms are on indefenite hold at the moment Albert.

 1.7 Roms would be OK, as the 1.8 improvements are on the fax side."

 John Devlin tells Dazzz:

 "I recieved email from Supra about 2 weeks ago stating that they should be
 releasing a new rom very shortly.."

 Dazzz replies to John:

 "I think Supra may have changed their minds since then John. :-)

 This info is second hand BTW so I dont know how correct it is."

 Albert Dayes jumps in and tells Dazzz:

 "I just ordered mine (rom v1.8) on Friday for $19.95...

 It should take a week for me via US mail. They shipped the same day I

 Dazzz perks up and tells Albert:

 "Oh good, I can order mine then after this call."

 While on the subject of ROMs for the Supra Faxmodem, Rob Rasmussen

 "How does one go about changing the ROMs in a Supra Fax Modem? I don't
 think I need to yet, since the one I got several months ago has version
 1.200-H. But when the time comes I'll need to know."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Rob:

 "Its pretty simple to change the roms.  Just open the case, pry/pull out
 the chips carefully and plug in the new ones.  It helps if you a chip
 inserter but its not too hard at all.  Supra includes detailed
 instructions on how to perform the operation.  If you don't feel
 comfortable you can send your modem back to Supra.  All you really need is
 a flat head screw driver for chip removal.

 (GO SUPRA) if you want more details from Supra tech support directly. 
 Mark White is the current rep on-line."

 Back on the subject of Reinhold's problem, Christian Martens asks him:

 "You wrote that everything is ok with the (Atari?) hardware using a _2400_
 bps modem. I'm sure your'e using max. speed between the Atari and the
 Supra V32bis, normally 19200bps. Do you have a RTS/CTS patch program in
 your AUTO folder? Do you have problems with lost datas during other
 connections than the one you mentioned? What terminal program do you use?

 The best flow control is RTS/CTS and it looks like you have problems with
 it. The bug is in all TOS releases, even in 2.06 (and in 4.04) :-("

 Reinhold tells Christian:

 "Thanx for your reply to my original email. You're right that the computer
 2modem transfer rate is set to 19200 bps.  Yes, I have a sort of patch 
 program for high speed modems (RTS/CTS) in my Auto folder. Normally I 
 don't experience any problems with lost data during 2400 bps connections.
 The terminal program that I'm using is Connect, the update version, which
 has been configured for RTS/CTS.

 Any more ideas what I can try to solve this phenomenon from previous mail
 #31766?? BTW where are you at home? May be we could connect each other
 thru our modems (which one do you have?) and could find out some more ..."

 We'll keep you posted folks.  In the meantime, Subir Chatterjee asks:

 "How can I tell which version of ROM my SupraFAXmodem has? It is the
 14.4kb, V.32bis/V.42 model and I want to determine if I need an upgrade to
 have it detect fax & voice."

 Albert Dayes of... aw heck, you must remember him... well, anyway,
 Albert tells Subir:

 "If remember correctly its ATI3 will tell you what Rom code revision you
 have.  Check your Supra manual (page 34-35) I think."

 Okay Albert, now you're just showing off!  ;^)  Elsewhere (in the CodeHead
 topic, to be specific), Tom Mynar asks CodeHead Technologies about
 compatibility between Warp9 (their screen accelerator) and MultiTOS:

 "So, folks, anything resolved on the MultiTOS issues ?

 I'd like to get Warp-9 to work, I like a few fonts it loads.

 I can't get EasyDraw to recognize the fonts G+Plus has defined.  In fact,
 Easydraw aborts and the G+.ACC says that G+ is not loaded.

 Is there some magical order to placing the MultiTOS, GPLUS and WARP9 files
 in the AUTO folder.

 BTW, the utilities disk AUTORG (SP?) has a lot of trouble with the screen
 in MultiTOS.  I have to boot w/o MT and change the AUTO, then reboot W/

 Any help appreciated (I know you guys are P.O. at Atari for backing out on
 some of the "documented calls")."

 Peter Joseph tells Tom:

 "I'm in a similar boat.  After buying Warp9 at the Connecticut show I've
 now found that the Diablo printer driver in my AUTO folder on C: refuses
 to load with Warp9 in there with it, no matter what order it's in. Further
 unless Warp9 loads early, I've found the mouse accelerator won't work.  I
 can't get the fill pattern to load with it either.  Sheesh! It may be
 something I'm doing wrong, but for now I've gone back to an early version
 of QuickST and MACCEL3.PRG for mouse acceleration and screen saving.  I
 hope Warp9 doesn't turn out to be money not-so-well-spent.  :("

 Tom tells Peter:

 "Hum.  I haven't had any problems like that.  However, the order of things
 in the AUTO folder is EXREAMLY PARTICULAR.  So, don't give up (the mouse
 accel. in Warp9 is really good)."

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Dave Stewart tells us about the latest LYNX game:

 "I've been playing Gordo some more, and I'm now *almost* to level 3 ...
 it's very addictive.  It's got a bit more "puzzle solving" to it than
 Scrapyard Dog (mostly physical, though ... i.e. figuring out the right way
 to make a nearly impossible jump) and it has more depth of screen to it
 (you can go up and down as well as side-to-side in most screen).

 I think it's safe to say that your wife will enjoy Gordo 106 if she likes
 Scrapyard Dog.  It's kinda like combining Scrapyard Dog and Toki, with a
 bit of Pacland thrown in."

 Don Thomas of Atari posts:

 "Mr. Patton tells me the premise is a monkey in a science lab. I guess the
 monkey has a tendency to let other animals out and the scientist must fin
 a way to correct that little bugaboo in his research."

 Dave fills Don in about the game:

 "Actually, it's from the *monkey's* point of view ... the scientists are
 definitely the bad guys (they're doing cosmetic testing on bunnies and
 stuff like that ... ugh!)

 Definite socio-political messages in the game (anti-testing, anti-hunting,
 etc.) ... it's fun!"

 JF Davington posts his thoughts on the "socio-political thing":

 "Another sign of the "Sterilised society" refusing to see life as it is. 
 Don't get me wrong, I do believe some of the testing done on animals is
 unjustified but then again this practice has saved many lives.   Same goes
 for hunting, or for anthing else: abusive pratices are terribly wrong. 
 The sad thing is that this abusiveness gives a bad name to activities and
 practices that are usefull and, in some cases, necessary for the well
 being of society as a whole.

 Sorry if this looks out of place but as a conservationist it bothers me
 too see a game, if this is the case, that bases itself on issues of such a
 nature.  To me its no better than a game of which the object is to kill as
 many people or tanks or whatever: it sends a wrong (or at the very least
 incomplete) message."

 Dave explains a bit about his perception of the game:

 "I don't disagree ... generally, I like games where the idea is to solve a
 puzzle, not to use brute force.

 I was just commenting on the fact that this game definitely has undertones
 along a political line, but it is done tongue-in-cheek."

 JF tells David:

 "Hope I didn't sound to much like a sour_puss.  I'm convinced the game is
 fun to play and provides a good challenge to gamers.  Its that <anti-> bit
 that got me going and I was a bit pissed about an issue at work (which is
 salmon conservation) that is a bit screwed by "ANTIs" at the moment. 
 Anyhow, I'm sure most gamers will be more enthralled with the tricks and
 twists of the gam than what image it borrows for its purpose.

 I hope I didnt make you feel guilty about playing it <grin>..."

 Dave tell JF:

 "Nah ... I rarely feel guilty about playing a game because of its content
 ... I usually feel guilty because I've got so many other things to do that
 I shouldn't be playing with the Lynx <grin>"

 Dan Shearer gives us some bad news about the long-awaited, much
 heralded, Universal I/O.  The U I/O is an add-on for the Portfolio
 that gives you a serial and a parallel interface AT THE SAME TIME!
 In addition, there was to be a 512K version that would expand the
 memory in your Portfolio up to 640K.  Well, Dan tells us:

 "Due to the slowness of sales in our Universal I/O interface, production
 of the unit has been scaled back. This with the increased memory and chip
 prices has set this product back. We had to raise our prices :( and
 discontinue buying RAM :(. The 512K versions are just too costly to build
 right now and unless someone orders about 200 units at a time, we are
 forced to take orders on back-order only and ship when we have 25 units. I
 have 9 units left in Stock only and when these are gone the wait will be
 at lest 3-4 weeks. :( Sorry about this, but we are getting killed by some
 of our prices from our vendors. Please call your local Atari dealer and
 get these things while you still can.

 Dan - BSE Inc. - Bearer of Bad news :(  "

 For anyone who sees symbols like ;^)    or  8-]     or :-(     but
 doesn't know what they mean, I'll give a quick explaination:

 ;^)  or  ;-)  This is a happy face or a smirk.  it is usually used
               when the sender has just told a joke.

 :^)  or  :-)  This is another happy face.  It is used to convey
               genuine pleasure.

 8^0  or  :^0  Used to convey surprise (the "0" makes an open mouth
               and the "8" simulates eyes wide with surprise.

 Oh, by the way, it's easy to customize these little signs into
 "self-portraits.  In my case, since I'm loosing hair on the top of my
 head, and since I have a beard and moustache, I usually use the
 following sign to convey a "smirk":     (;^{>

 Pretty cute, huh?  Not too long ago, I met someone at a show that, up
 until that time, I had only "seen" on-line.  When I introduced
 myself, his first comment was "hey, whaddaya know, you look just like
 you do on-line!"

 I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not, but I'll take it as

 Well, I just thought I'd take a moment to explain those little groups
 of punctiation marks.

      That's about it for this week, folks.  Be sure to tune in again next
 week, same time, same channel.  Be ready to sit back, kick your shoes off,
 and relax.  And always listen to what they are saying when....

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING 






 Please accept my apologies for this taking so long to get to you.
 I've been incredibly busy here at Atari, and there is so much to do in
 so little time.   I've taken the liberty of combining a few of the
 questions together since I felt they were best handled by a single

 Q: We have heard that LlamaZap for the Falcon is finally finished, and
 the code has been sent to Atari US for duplication and packaging.  How
 soon will LlamaZap be on sale in the US and Europe?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 Llamazap is still in our software testing group, it has not been
 approved for released yet.  I've been contacted by a UK based magazine
 that tells me that they have spoken to the programmer.  They state
 that the programmer indicated that he's finished with the program.
 Our policies require it to go through an extensive software testing
 program here before it will be released.

 In the US, our plans are to bundle at least a couple of the games for
 the Falcon030 with the new controller pad.  Llamazap is a leading
 candidate to be sold in that fashion.  I would expect to see it in the
 fall.  Pricing on the controllers isn't 100% firm right now, but I
 would look for it to be in the $20-30 range.

 Q: When the Falcon was first announced, there were comments indicating
 that a DSP modem was possible.  Is this still being worked on by

 From Bob Brodie:
 Yes it is.  There have been a few problems in getting this product
 implemented, especially at the price/performance point that we want it
 to be done at.  We're working closely with a third party developer to
 make this happen.  I'm confident that it WILL be done, it's just a
 question of when.

 Q: MultiTOS is reported to be fairly slow on the Falcon.  Is Atari
 working on faster code?  Is the slowness due to slow video routines
 that something like Warp 9 could cure?

 From Bob Brodie:
 I've heard all kinds of opinions about how fast (or slow) MultiTOS is.
 It's my impression that people reactions depend on what they've used
 before.  If they had any experience with a Multitasking OS before,
 they probably recognize it to be pretty efficient.  If they
 haven't...they might not be impressed at all.

 Certainly we're very interested in seeing updates to MultiTOS.  But
 it's only been shipping for a short period of time, so I don't believe
 it's realistic to expect an update this soon.  Perhaps later this

 Re Warp 9, well...yes and no.  Warp 9 will improve the screen re-draws
 speed, but there is always another sacrifice: compatibility.  This
 isn't a slam against Warp 9, I use it on one of the systems in my
 office here at Atari. The VDI is designed to be what it is, a VIRTUAL
 interface that should work in ANY rez.  Warp 9 doesn't work in any
 rez, which is why it gets upgraded every time we release a new

 From Bill Rehbock:
 I use NVDI on my Falcon030 daily.  It works great with MultiTOS, and
 I'm very happy.  But, I can hardly wait to be able to use Warp 9!

 Q: What is the practical number of channels of Direct-to-disk
 recording and playback that the Falcon can support with an SCSI-2
 drive?  I've been hearing that SCSI-2, as fast as it is, isn't fast
 enough for the full eight channels supported by the Falcon.  Also,
 what's the highest channel count using an IDE drive?

 From James Grunke:
 The Falcon030 SCSI-2 hardware does have the bandwidth to support 8
 channels of digital audio at 50Khz.  We have done a proof of concept
 here but it is not easy to move that much data, the software must be
 well written.  As well, limitations would include the access speed of
 the external drive.   Applications using SCSI-2 on the Falcon030
 handle digital audio in the following ways:

 Available now in Europe with US release pending, Digitape from Trade
 iT uses eight tracks, two for record with the remaining six for
 simultaneous playback, this should work on IDE as well as SCSI-2

 Available soon, the Steinberg Cubase Audio/Yamaha CBX-D5 system will
 use the SCSI-2 port for its 4 track system.  I understand that you can
 link two 'D-5's to achieve 8 tracks total.  Cubase Audio for Falcon
 (available later this fall) specs show that 4 tracks are used for
 record/playback along with 4 voices of sample playback.

 Available now, D2D 4TFX uses 4 tracks via SCSI-2 or IDE drives.

 Please contact developers directly for more information.

 Q: With current technology, about how many true color video frames per
 second should the Falcon be capable of handling in a video playback
 application?  Is this faster than what Windows video can do these

 From Bill Rehbock:
 There are a lot of variables that have an impact on the answer to your
 question.  It will depend on the exact rez that you are in, and if
 sound is included.  At 320x200, 60 frames per second on a Falcon is
 very doable.  Movies do 30 frames per second (with sound), most
 animated cartoons are running at 12 frames per second, so you can see
 that we're pretty competitive.

 Re the comparison versus Windows, again, there are too many variables
 to tell what kind of performance to expect. It would depend which
 Windows application you were comparing it to, and what kind of
 hardware Windows was running under.  For example,  the Intel Smart
 Video Recorder playback rate is approximately 20-30 frames per
 seconds.  The price on the card alone is $549 (street price), and
 requires a 25 Mhz 486SX, and includes Intel's Indio video compression

 Q: Now that the Falcon is shipping worldwide, what are the best
 selling, Falcon specific (or Falcon enhanced) applications (the top 3
 or 4 please)? (And if the top three are all MIDI apps, what's the best
 selling non-Midi app)

 From Bill Rehbock:  
 We don't require our developers to report there sales to us, so they
 don't.  But MusiCOMM appears to be doing well, as is True Paint,  and
 Atari Works <shameless plug>.  We really like Phoenix Render, but I
 don't think it's selling to well.  On the game side, Ishar is selling
 well, and Transarctica looks terrific.

 Q: At the most recent shareholders meeting, Sam Tramiel commented that
 although the Falcon030 was not selling as well as anticipated, Atari
 is nonetheless committed to staying in the computer market and that
 there will be additional Falcon models.  Can you please tell us about
 some of the models under consideration?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 Sorry, it is not our policy to discuss unannounced products.  I am
 happy to confirm for you that as we stated when we announced the Atari
 Falcon030, there is a new family of computers being produced by Atari.
 The Falcon030 is the first of that family of computers.  I've seen
 prototypes of future machines, and I believe that you'll be pleased
 with the results.

 Q: In the last question and answer session it was stated that Atari
 plans to tell everyone about the Falcon030 but not until their is
 enough product to meet the demand.  The Jaguar right now is already in
 very hot demand and Atari definitely needs to make sure they can meet
 it, how does Atari plan to do that as customers who can't get the
 product might be turned off and move to another platform?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 First of all, it's important to note that we plan to ship initially
 only to New York and San Francisco markets with the initial shipments
 of the Jaguar.  We don't plan on being able to supply ANY of the
 demand outside of those areas.  We're already getting calls from
 potential dealers outside of that area, and we tell them we won't sell
 to them until next year.

 One of the ways that we will make sure that people will not get turned
 off is by the extensive coverage that we will have in the magazines.
 We've already seen some write ups by the Jaguar in a few of the gaming
 magazines, and we continue to work very closely with some of the
 biggest mags in the field to ensure their coverage.  I've personally
 spoken to a number of the editors and writers that have seen video
 tape footage of the Jaguar.  Universally, they are thrilled, and very
 excited about the Jaguar.  They want review units _NOW_!  And that I'm
 certain what that really means is that they want to play the machine,
 not just write about it!!

 We're being very up front about our sales plans for the Jaguar.
 People will either have to order it from either New York or San
 Francisco based stores, or wait for the product to be available in
 their area.  The level of excitement in the game media is very high,
 and I'm sure that will splash over into the public as well.

 Q: Finally, When will Atari make public the names of 3rd party
 companies for the Jaguar?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 I expect to make some press releases later this month on the Jaguar,
 but I'm not sure exactly when we'll make that one.  Certainly within
 the next 90 days.

 Q: According to rumors, the Jaguar game machine has some very significant
 technological capabilities.  Is there a public target date for it yet?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 The Jaguar definitely has some very significant technological
 capabilities...that's a fact, not a rumor!!

 The unit will be available for sale in the fall season in New York and
 San Francisco.

 Q: If the recently announced numbers of the Atari/IBM deal are to be
 taken at face value, the $500 million figure equates to 2.5 million
 units at a retail price of $200.  How long is the contract with IBM to
 last?  Who will be able to sell the Jaguar (just current Atari

 From Bob Brodie:  The contract with IBM is for 30 months.

 Obviously, we're looking toward high volume retail outlets, but
 neither do we want to exclude our dealers that sell our computer
 products.  At this point, I think it's reasonable to assume that the
 dealers will be able to purchase the Jaguar through distributors.

 Q: The press releases about the new Jaguar relationship with IBM state
 that IBM will be responsible for building and 'distributing' the
 Jaguar? Exactly what is meant by 'distributing?'  Does this mean
 people will be able to order it from IBM, too?  Or will IBM simply
 ship the completed units to whomever Atari tell them to?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 Distributing them means that IBM will warehouse and ship the products
 for us.  The orders will still come to Atari, and then we will notify
 IBM whom to ship the product to.  IBM will not be selling the Jaguar.

 Q: Will there be a Jaguar version of LlamaZap?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 We would prefer not to discuss any titles other than what we've
 released in our press releases at this time, sorry.

 Q: I have gotten conflicting reports concerning the TT030 going back
 into production. If it's true, will it be available to the public?
 I've been trying to buy one, but nobody has any.

 From Bob Brodie:  Yes, it will be available again.

 Try calling Winners Circle in Berkley, CA.    Their phone number is
 510-845-4814.  I happen to know that they have a new unit in stock as
 of today (8/14/93), as well as a used unit.

 Q: I was a beta tester for the World Clock program for the Portfolio.
 The testing was finished about a year ago but I haven't seen it
 announced to the public yet.  What's the status of this program? Atari
 Corp has not announced any new software or peripherals for the
 Portfolio for a long time.  There have been a few rumors but nothing
 concrete about a Portfolio II model.  Is the Portfolio dead?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 At this point in time, we are devoting almost all of our energies
 toward the Jaguar.  All Portfolio projects are on hold.

 Q: We were told a few months ago that ATARI EXPLORER magazine was "under
 review" and that an announcement about its continuing status would be
 made "shortly."  When (if ever) can we expect the next issue?

 From Bob Brodie:  
 At the time we made that statement, we were in negotiations to have
 Atari Explorer produced as an out of house publication.  Negotiations
 to have Atari Explorer Magazine restarted as an out of house
 publication have broken down.  While Atari still believes in the
 magazine, it is not profitable at this time, and we cannot afford to
 publish it at a loss.  However, we are very optimistic that with the
 success of the Jaguar, we will be able to renew publishing Explorer


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                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (8/18/93)                       
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                       (3) AEO: VOLUME 2 ISSUE 14                        
                       (4) GALAXIAN.ZIP                                  
                       (5) SYSTEM INFO, TELLS ALL!                       
                       (6) GEMBENCH 3.03                                 
                       (7) WORLDWIDE 9600 TYMNET/SPRINTNET               
                       (8) 8/9/93 AU! PRESS RELEASE                      
                       (9) BOB BRODIE CONFERENCE                         
                      (10) KABOOM                                       
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 the case of online magazines, only the most current  issue in the database
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 This is an Official Press Release by LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE

 by ADDA Technologies
 Jong-Ho County, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 We are proud to announce that we have got direct distribution rights from
 ADDA Technologies for this great piece of Multimedia Hardware.

 The Averkey is the fitting Link that bridges your VGA Signal, be it TT
 Medium,Falcon or NOVA Graphics Board resolution to your Video System in
 either PAL or NTSC. It has not only got a Composite Video Output but also
 a S-VHS Output for prime quality. Add your Television, VCR and large
 screen display to your computer hardware.

 Move your presentation from the VGA Monitor to the world of Video with

 AVerKey features reflect the latest in multimedia hardware design. Through
 its compact size and powerful internal design, the AVerKey can be quickly
 installed to convert a number of VGA Modes eg. 640x480 to NTSC or PAL

 As an added feature, the AVerKey features a state-of-the-art built in
 flicker filter. This filter helps overcome the inherent flicker problems
 which arise when linking the VGA environment with video.

 The Averkey adjustment control's the brightness of your TV (Video)
 Display.  Since VGA scan rates are almost twice that of a Television the
 display quality of the Television signal is inferior to that of VGA. This
 is especially true of picture stability when displaying single line.
 Single line display will result in television flicker unless a flicker
 free function is employed. The AVerKey has such a built-in "flicker-free"
 feature which stabilizes VGA Graphics on a television Monitor. This
 feature greatly improves the display quality of your Animations in either
 Prism Paint, Da's Vektor, Chronos, Phoenix or any other Atari Software
 that will work in VGA Modes. Besides helping reduce flicker, this feature
 even further reduces brightness to a comfortable level.

 Price: $289.00 U.S. Dollars.

 Shipping and Tax not included.

 Availabitlity: Now

 System Requirements:

 Any kind of VGA based System. This includes NOVA Graphics Card and TT
 Medium.  The Averkey has not been tested with any other Atari Based
 Graphic Card and can therefore not guarantee it running on anything else.


 DOS Software already included, Atari Software available end of September.
 However Software is not required to run the Averkey. The Software will
 however allow the Averkey to switch down its scan rates to as low as

 Display Mode Supported:

 All standard VGA Modes.

 640x480 mode in 256, 32k, 64k or even 24bit in NTSC or PAL (720x400 in
 NTSC Max.) 800x600 mode if using Cirrus, CL-GD 6410 VGA chip or Tseng
 Labs. ET-4000 with frequency synthesizer as ICS 2494-237 in PAL. One VGA
 Input Signal (Analog RGB 15 pin display connector, 0.7 Volt p.t.p.)

 Four Output Signals:

 1 x Composite Video, 1.0 Volt peak to peak RCA Jack Connector

 1 x S-VHS Y and C Video, Mini-DIN 4 pin connector

 1 x RGB Output

 1 x Standard VGA card Signal (15 pin)

 FCC Warning:

 It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class A
 Computing Device pursuant to subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are
 designed to provide reasonable protection in a commercial environment.

 Additional hardware to the Averkey:

 Averkey GENLOCK Board which will allow your Averkey to have Genlock

 Lexicor Software and ADDA Technologies are working closely together to
 give you the best possible value for our Customers. We Believe that the
 Averkey is one of the best VGA to Video Scan Line Converters for the

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE U.S.
                           1726 Francisco St.
                           Berkeley, CA 94703

                  Tel: (510)848-7621 Fax: (510)848-7613

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE
                             Cottagegasse 69
                              A-1190 Vienna

                   Tel: (1) 36 75 91 Fax: (1) 36 91 787


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

                      NVN - THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK!

      The  Atari computer  platform has  support on  yet another  top notch
 telecommunications service!   National Videotex Network (NVN) maintains an
 area just for our favorite computers.  Type GO ATARI Order an extended NVN
 Membership of 6 or 12 months, pay for it in advance and receive a bonus in
 connect time at no additional charge.

                    NVN lowers its connect time charges!
   $5/hour non-prime time (EST. 7pm - 9am weekdays and all day weekends)
                $8/hour prime time (EST 9am - 7pm weekdays)

 Choose from two great subscription plans:

                             6-Month Membership

 Pay just $30  for a 6-month  Membership and  receive a  usage credit  that
 entitles  you to  $15 of  connect-time in  the Premium   services  of your
 choice.  Your total savings using this plan would be over $20!

                            12 Month Membership

 Pay $50 for a full year's Membership  and get even more free time on-line.
 We'll give you a $25 usage credit to use in your favorite premium services
 or try out  new ones.  You could  save as  much as  $45. NVN   now  offers
 Electronic   Funds Transfer  (EFT).   For a  $2 per month  service charge,
 customers  may have their  NVN  online charges  automatically debited from
 their personal checking accounts.  Please contact Client Services for this
 new feature!

             For more information about either of these plans..
                 Please, give us a call at; 1-800-336-9096.

                    You can join NVN one of two ways...
              By voice phone 1-800-336-9096 (Client Services)
                     or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.

                               NVN Highlights

 1.   For the newcomers ....
 3.   A library built *just* for business people
 4.   Board Certified Psychiatrist heads up the new Substance Abuse Forum
 5.   VETERANS: Please report to the Military Forum <GO MILITARY> for C&D.
 6.   Step out into the Great Outdoors Forum <GO OUTDOORS> 
 7.   We've got just the cure for your medical information needs 
 8.   The Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Support Forum is now online.
 9.   SOUND OFF!!! Take our Game Survey 
 10.  Let's talk about Coins 
 11.  Call all DISNEYphiles!  Join the gang!  <GO AMERICA>.
 12.  Amiga Forum now available for Amiga and Desktop Video enthusiasts!
 13.  NEW Email enhancements are on-line. Including personal mailing lists!


 > NOVA CARD NEWS! STR InfoFile              NOVA SPECS and UPDATE NEWS!


                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

 Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

 As of Monday 19th July 1993, the Special NOVA Deal offered by Lexicor
 Software for the NOVA Graphics Card is over.

 The NOVA Mega and the NOVA VME 16M will now both have the same price of
 599.99 U$D.

 The price for the SUPERNOVA has not changed and will cost: 999.99 U$D

 The 32K Graphic Card is only available on Special Order and will cost 429
 U$D both the Mega and the VME. For these Card's there may be an added
 handling Price.

 Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

 Technical Specifications

 NOVA Megabus 16M

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz

 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte

 RAMtype                   : DRAM

 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)

 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's

 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512

 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400

 Virtual Resolution        : YES

 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES

 Upgradeable               : YES

 VDI for 24bit             : YES

 VMG                       : YES

 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO


 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz

 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte

 RAMtype                   : DRAM

 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)

 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's

 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600

 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480

 Virtual Resolution        : YES

 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES

 Upgradeable               : YES

 VDI for 24bit             : YES

 VMG                       : YES

 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO


 Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz

 Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes

 RAMType                   : VRAM

 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)

 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024

 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768

 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600

 Virtual Resolution        : YES

 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES

 Upgradeable               : YES

 VDI for 24bit             : YES

 VMG                       : YES

 HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

 For more information check our previous releases on the NOVA Card. The
 Virtual Resolution are programmable via the VMG. The VDI of the NOVA has
 proven to be very compatible with our Software and many other Software
 applications as well.

 There is also a NOVA Special disk available soon that has some NOVA
 Specific program's on it, including NOVA Mines, the game, and the special
 Calamus SL driver that will enable Calamus SL to run in 15/16bit in
 15/16bit color mode.

                                                   Yat Siu
                                              Lexicor Software Europe

                      LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                        1726 Francisco ST.
                        Berkeley, CA 94703

                        Phone 510-848-7621
                        FAX   510-848-7613


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From Delphi's Areas

 Concernd readers comment about STReport's added coverage format.

 58541 16-AUG 21:16 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58530)
      From: MNEITZEL     To: DPJ

 PC version of WordPerfect for an ASCII file?!! Talk about overkill!  I
 that its not the DOS version, under version 6 its is a real bear.


 58571 17-AUG 07:57 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58541)
      From: RMARIANO     To: MNEITZEL

 Really Matthew??

      In what  way is  WP ver  6.0 a "bear"??   Word Perfect  Corp. is  the
 _only_ firm that  offers a superb ASCII TEXT  PRINT DRIVER that will allow
 many of the print functions normally reserved for hard copy printers only.
 The very same  driver has been part of  the WP ensemble since  Atari's 4.1
 version  and before on the PC.  There is no  overkill involved at all.  In
 fact,  when  one  considers  the excellent  spell  checker, Thesaurus  and
 Grammar Checkers available.  The thought of overkill is non-existant.  The
 true situation is Word Perfect is to word processors what every other word
 processor would 'like' to be.

      For the  record, the DOS version  of Word Perfect  6.0 is perhaps the
 easiest  of DOS versions ever released.  The menus (all drop-down like the
 ST's) work  flawlessly.  Yes Matthew,  I have all  the latest  versions of
 Word  Perfect's Software.    There are  no  "bears" in  what Word  Perfect
 offers.   In fact,  had Atari taken  Word Perfect seriously  and took  the
 right steps to  preserve the  relationship with WPerfect,  I dare  say the
 credibility for the Atari platform  would be far greater than it is today.
 On  top of which, the Atari platform  would be enjoying a superb series of
 products  that are virtually unbeatable and  widely accepted, wordwide, as
 the very finest available.

                Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 58576 17-AUG 19:45 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58571)
      From: MNEITZEL     To: RMARIANO

 I meant WordPerfect up to 6.0 was a bear, I have not seen 6.0 in action

 Besides WordPerfect making an Atari version would not asure all the
 Creditibility that you say it would.  WordPerfect 4.1 for the ST did not
 sell because it had a lot of problems to begin with that scare people like
 me away from the product. I would have loved to see 5.1 for the ST. But it
 would have not made the St Platform. You have been buying too much of the
 marketing that exists in the PC world. Yes, Wordperfect is a good prog
 ram, but it is not all that you have made it out to be in your last
 I don't care for the program and it will never sell a computer to me. 
 Maybe you should realize that the ST, Next and amiga platforms got screwed
 because of a "PC bias" that isn't true . I wish that ST Report was more
 like Amiga Report. I would have loved to see an article on the 060on new
 products (such as the screenblaster, Pc cards for the Falcon). But what I
 get is more PC stuff. To tell you the truth I would not mind the ar as
 getting decent coverage on the ST and maybe some coverage on other
 Platform (they do exist you know!).  I still think I am getting a "you are
 a fool, go buy a Pc " attitude in St Report and from you, Ralph.  Maybe I
 am wrong, I hope so.


 58577 17-AUG 19:47 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58573)
      From: MNEITZEL     To: DPJ

 Dana, I always like to hear from you. I hope Ralph is using something
 outside of DOS (at least not MS-DOS)! DOS is dead you know...


 58586 17-AUG 20:38 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58577)
      From: DPJ          To: MNEITZEL

  Why thank you, Matt. ;^)  It's nice to be heard from!  I'm glad that
  I don't have to rely on DOS on my new PC at work although I have to
  occasionally fake it if our network system goes offline so I can
  get into Windows, which is where I launch the 3-4 programs that I
  use regularly at work (only!).

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 
 58599 17-AUG 22:47 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58543)

 Look out world, I agree with Chris. <grin> I agree too much IBM stuff in
 STReport.  But I can only complain.  After all Ralph and friends are the
 ones write write STReport and it is free.  No one is forcing me to read 
 it.  I miss the TXT2 format. Now STReport looks like any other text file.

 58615 18-AUG 01:44 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58574)
      From: FBRUCH       To: DPJ (NR)

 Just wanted to add my two cents worth.  I agree with the others that
 STReport spends too much space on long reviews of IBM software.  For
 example a few issues back a very long description (really an
 advertisement) for Wildcat appeared.  I can't believe there were no Atari
 BBS programs that could have been described like FoReM, Turbo, Express, or
 Rastsoft.  While I do like to keep up with the goings on of the rest of
 the computing world (that includes Macs- not just IBM), I really don't
 thing a LONG ad for IBM PC software belongs in an online magazine
 suppossedly aimed at Atari users. I would be really surprised if the
 majority of STReport readers did not agree with me- care to take a poll on

 Editor Note:

      Perhaps,  the  reader  didn't notice  the  RATSOFT  BBS  coverage  in
 STReport 9.30.   In  fact, we  covered many projects  going on  in the  ST
 platform.   Did everyone  MISS  this issue  or conveniently  overlook  its
 existence?  The bottom line is; we  go were the news and new  products are
 for that week  and every week we publish in.  While  it would be different
 for us, we are  not about to begin bringing back  old articles, calling it
 nostagia while  merely using that stuff as filler.   "Tis time to take the
 blinders off and pay attention to the BIG computing world that's out there
 all 'round  us.   They have  product, programs  and support coming  out of
 their proverbial ears!  Do we?

 58627 18-AUG 08:06 General Information
      RE: ST report? (Re: Msg 58576)
      From: RMARIANO     To: MNEITZEL 


     I am not falling  prey to any advertising hype in  the PC arena. Truth
 is, I _own_ a  copy of every version of Word Perfect since I started using
 it at ST version 4.1.  I might add that the 4/19 update to 4.1 for the  ST
 made the program rock solid for  the ST.  Incidently, that version  is the
 version I still use when using an ST.  I do use other machines.   In fact,
 its the right  thing to do if  we are to give  proper unbiased coverage to
 other marketplaces.  Look for a new MAC editor shortly and better coverage
 of the MAC platform.  As for  ST news... when its there, you'll find it in
 STReport right along with the news and info from other platforms.

     Perhaps, just perhaps... you sense  a leaning toward the PC because of
 our covering and providing info  on all the new goodies being released for
 the PC.  Its on a  daily basis.  How many full bodied, robust applications
 have you seen released for the ST/Falcon in the last six months?  Of those
 how many  do you  own or, felt  a need to  own?   Now, let's  look at  the
 Utility  areas.  How many new utility  programs are there?  Then comes the
 DTP arena... how many full power, totally new or  re-written DTP and their
 associated  programs have been  released into the ST/Falcon  market in the
 last six months.  We  can then go to the telecommunications area.   And on
 and on.....

     The point is.. that although the ST/Falcon machines may be neat to use
 and  equally as easy, there is  a serious problem of  third party support.
 Its on the  dramatic wane and its not  the fault of the  users.  They  can
 only  buy and use so many  programs.  The problem  is loss of marketshare.
 (read:  NEWUSERS)   As such,  developers have  a tendency  to take  a very
 conservative approach  to this particular  market.  After all,  it costs a
 small  fortune to develop  the high quality programs  I speak of.   If the
 projected  sales are not there, you  cannot expect or really  hope for the
 investments being made by developers to bring this sort of programming out
 to a dwindling marketplace.

     The solution  is simple.. Atari  is the  bottom line.   They must turn
 this  situation around.  It appears they are putting the majority of their
 hopes in the Jaguar.  The Falcon  is not performing (sales wise)  anywhere
 near  as  expected.   Of  course,  how  can  it??    Dealers  are hogtied,
 distribution is  near zero, mail order is out of the question, advertising
 is zero  and the company  heads are still, incredibly,  belligerent.  Does
 this  sound like  a company  whose goals  are to  succeed in  gaining real
 marketshare in the computing community?   When was the last time you saw a
 real promotional campaign put on by Atari to energetically distribute  and
 sell the Falcon?  

      STReport covers the  computing community..  we provide  you with  the
 info of what's going on, what's new and  what's on the horizon.  Atari, at
 this time, is "Jaguar-minded".  At this point, its a great concept and two
 steps beyond a thought and a prototype.  Its not on the market, its missed
 one  major photo opportunity  already 07/26/93.. the next  is August 19th.
 Certainly we all hope it envigorates Atari's future in the computing area.
 Truth is... its highly unlikely.  

                Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 From GEnie's Atari RT an Omnious Warning as the numbers grow...
 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 4,  Topic 11
 Message 15        Sat Aug 07, 1993
 M.TABOR1                     (Forwarded) 

 All persons considering Fast Technology products.  I sent a $300.00 in
 April 1992 to Fast Tech as a deposit on a soon to be completed TINY TURBO
 30 accelerator.  It has been well over a year and I have not so much as
 receipt for my deposit though it has been confirmed by phone. May 20, 1993
 I sent a registered letter requesting a refund and I have not received a
 response.   When the deposit was made product was promised in 8 to 10
 weeks it has now been 16 months and I don't feel that a refund request is
 out of line after this much time.  Not only is the product way behind
 schedule, but my computer needs have changed and I need my $300.00.  So
 far Fast Tech has not responded to US Postal Mail or Genie electronic mail
 so be warned.

    Mark Tabor




 Straight Fax News

 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 4,  Topic 24
 Message 199       Thu Aug 12, 1993
 C.S.SMETON [STraight FAX]    at 22:02 EDT
 August 11, 1993 


 NewSTar Technology Management announces...

                          STraight FAX! 2.0

 STraight FAX! has been a leading Atari FAX software package since its
 introduction in April of 1992. But since then, we've added a host of
 features that make it easier to use, more accessible and more compatible.

 Now, with the release of STraight FAX! 2.0, popular Class 1 and Class 2
 Modems are fully supported. This means that STraight FAX! is compatible
 with a wider range of FAX Modems that ever before, including less
 expensive Class 1 Only FAX Modems and high end Class 1 and Class 2 FAX

 Support for Class 1 also means greater compatibility and reliability with
 remote FAX devices, so you can FAX around the world without worry.

 We've also added features to make STraight FAX! 2.0 a joy to use. Like a
 Quick Dial feature, for sending FAXes to locations that you don't plan on
 FAXing every day.

 Or you might like the new STraight FAX! Manager for seamless, system wide
 FAXing from your favorite applications, including Pagestream, Calligrapher
 2/3, That's Write 2, Calamus, and Speedo GDOS based applications such as
 Atari Works. Just create a document using one of the applications above,
 select the special STraight FAX! "Print to Disk" driver from the 
 application's printer driver selector, (optionally activate the STraight
 FAX! Manager CPX to select the path/filename for the generated FAX files),
 and print the pages of the document from the application's print command.

 If you are using MultiTOS, you can have STraight FAX! sitting by idle and
 ready to send the generated FAX without quitting the application. Just
 tell the STraight FAX! Manager to send the FAX and the STraight FAX! pops
 up with all the generated FAX files ready to go! 

 Normal TOS users can quit the application, run STraight FAX! and it will
 automatically find the generated FAX files and be ready to send!

 Don't wait another day to discover the FAX revolution. It's here and
 working now on your Atari computer. Get it straight with STraight FAX!

 STraight FAX! 2.0 Features 

 Send and Receive FAXes using any Class 1 or Class 2 FAX Modem.

 Send FAXes using a SendFAX Modem.

 Print Received FAXes to any GDOS supported printer.

 Export FAXes to Image, PCX or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) formats. EPS
 files can be printed directly from the GEM Desktop to a PostScript printer
 or printed with a PostScript Interpreter.

 Send ASCII Text, Mono Image, High Rez Degas/Degas Elite, Mono PCX,  GEM
 Metafiles, First Word, First Word Plus, Word Writer ST and FAX files.

 Broadcast FAXes to up to 100 Destinations.

 Schedule FAX transmissions at a later time (up to a year in advance).

 Quick Dial feature allows entry of a FAX name/number on the fly for 
 infrequent destinations.

 Manual Send and Receive features allows inititiating a FAX Send or Receive
 from a voice call.

 Supra FAX Modem Caller ID support.

 Caller ID/Remote FAX ID can be used to reject incoming "Junk" FAXes from a
 user defined list of Bad FAX callers.

 Direct scanning from within STraight FAX! via the ScanLite Desk Accessory.

 Automatic merging of left and right scans from a hand scanner when used
 with The Tray scanning tray.

 Full Page direct scanning support for the Navarone/Canon IX-12 series
 scanners with our optional driver ($19.95).

 View up to 7 Image, Degas, PCX, GEM Metafile or FAX files at a time, each
 in a GEM window.

 Enhanced Image editing/processing features such as copy/paste a defined
 clip area to/from a selected file or the Atari Clipboard,
 Clear/Invert/Thicken a defined clip area, Reduced (50%) View and Enlarged
 (FAX page size) view, Clean Up stray pixels, Rotate and Flip Image and
 Draw/Erase pixels.

 Supports enhanced user interface features on Falcon TOS 4.02+ and MultiTOS
 such as 3D buttons and sliders and Hierarchical drop down menus. Supports
 MultiTOS features such as Drag and Drop and Iconifying windows.

 Enhanced FAX Send and Receive Logs now contain additional information:

   - Date and Time of transfer.
   - Name of destination (send) or Comment (receive) which may be edited by
     the user to allow annotation of the logs.
   - Destination FAX Number (send) or Caller ID (receive).
   - Remote ID string from destination FAX.
   - Name of first FAX file sent or received.
   - Transfer attempt number (send only).
   - Total pages sent or received.
   - Duration of transfer.
   - Resolution of transfer (Normal or Fine).
   - Established baud rate of transfer.
   - Cover Page sent (send only).
   - Modem Type (SendFAX, Class 1 or Class 2).
   - Status of transfer.

 The detailed FAX Send or Receive Log information for an entry may be
 printed to a line printer or copied to the Atari Clipboard.

 FAX Receive Log Management Commands:

   - View FAX.
   - Print FAX (via GDOS).
   - Rename received FAX files.
   - Delete received FAX files.
   - Export received FAX files to Image, PCX or EPS files.

 "Print to Disk" drivers included to print pages of a document from with
 the following applications:

   - Pagestream 1.8x
   - Pagestream 2.x
   - Calamus 1.09x
   - Calamus S/SL
   - That's Write 2.xx
   - Calligrapher 2/3
   - Original Atari GDOS based applications (GEM Output, Migraph Outprint)
   - Atari FSM/Font GDOS based applications (WordFlair II)
   - Atari Speedo GDOS based applications (Atari Works)

 The STraight FAX! Manager (Auto Folder TSR and CPX Module) simplifies the
 "Print to Disk" of FAX files from an application. The STraight FAX!
 Manager allows the user to name generated FAX files and it keeps track of
 them and communicates with STraight FAX! to automatically enter the 
 generated FAX files into the File List in STraight FAX!.

 Support's Supra's Silent Answer feature to allow single line Voice/FAX

 Enhanced Atari Clipboard support:

   - Paste Image, GEM or ASCII Text from the clipboard into a defined clip
     area in a window. Pasted Image files may be scaled to fit into the
     clip area with or without preserving the aspect ratio.
   - Copy a clip area defined in a window to the clipboard.
   - Copy/Paste text fields from the Cover Page to/from the clipboard.
   - Copy detailed FAX Send/Receive Log Information to the clipboard.

 Context sensitive on-line Help available with the Help Key or "?" button
 in dialogs.

 Over 60 user selectable parameters such, including the new:

   - Quick Dial dialog enable.
   - Time Format (12 or 24 hour).
   - Desktop color and fill pattern.
   - Prompt on File Overwrite.
   - Default ASCII Text File Extension.
   - Default File Path for Image, Degas, PCX, GEM, ASCII Text, 
     First Word/Plus and FAX files.
   - GDOS Print Quality (Final or Draft).
   - Tab Width in ASCII Text File conversion.
   - Local Area Code.
   - Maximum AT command size (for newer FAX Modems that suppport 255
     character command buffer).
   - Auto Baud parameter for FAX Modems that support automatic baud rate
   - Caller ID parameter for FAX Modems that support Caller ID detection.
   - Clipboard Image Paste options for scaling, preserving aspect ratio
     and expanding clip area to fit.

 Optimized FAX import and export routines to reduce conversion times.

 Load and Save user preference files to change the entire system
 configuration on the fly.

 Run an external text editor from within STraight FAX!

 Enhanced Dialog User Interface:
   - Popup Menus and Check boxes to ease setting user selectable
   - "Fly Dial" dialogs can be dragged to any position on the screen.
   - Enhanced text edit field key commands.
   - Keyboard equivalents for button selection.


 STraight FAX! 2.0 requires an Atari 520 ST, 520STFM, 1040ST, STacy, Mega
 ST, STe, ST Book, Mega STe, TT030 or Falcon030 computer with a minimum of
 1 Megabyte of RAM. 2 or more Megabytes of RAM are recommended for printing
 and viewing FAXes due to the large size of uncompressed FAX images.

 STraight FAX! will operate with TOS 1.00, 1.02, 1.04 (Rainbow TOS), 1.06,
 1.062, 2.05-2.06, 3.05-3.06, 4.01-4.04 and MultiTOS. TOS 1.04 or higher is
 recommended due to memory allocation problems on earlier TOS versions. 4
 or more Megabytes and a 16MHz or higher speed CPU is recommended when used
 with MultiTOS.

 Due to the size of FAX files, a hard disk is recommended.

 Printing FAX documents and importing GEM Metafiles requires a version of
 GDOS and an appropriate GDOS printer driver. The original Atari GDOS (and
 compatibles), Font GDOS, FSM GDOS, and Speedo GDOS are supported. Font
 GDOS or Speedo GDOS are recommended. Importing GEM Metafiles requires the
 MEMORY.SYS GDOS driver to be installed as device number 61. Speedo GDOS is
 required to render text objects in GEM Metafiles. 

 Ordering and Upgrades 

 Suggested List Price $109.95 (US)

 Registered STraight FAX! users can upgrade to version 2.0 by sending in
 their original master disk and $25.00 (US). Registered users who have
 purchased STraight FAX! version 1.07 on or after June 1, 1993 can upgrade
 to version 2.0 by sending in their original master disk and $20.00 (US).
 Upgrade price includes version 2.0 master disk, version 2.0 manual and
 shipping within North America. Upgrade orders outside of North America, 
 please add $5.00 (US). US funds only. Major Credit cards accepted. Please
 allow 3-4 weeks for delivery (after the official release date).

 Please mail upgrade orders to:

  Toad Computers
  STraight FAX! 2.0 Upgrade Offer
  570F Ritchie Highway
  Severna Park, Maryland 21146 USA

 For more information contact:

  410-544-6943 (Voice)
  410-544-1329 (FAX)
  410-544-6999 (BBS, 300-14400 baud, allow up to 60 seconds to connect)

  GEnie: C.S.SMETON 
  CompuServe: 73047,2565
  Internet: or

 STraight FAX! is marketed for NewSTar Technology Management by  Toad
 Computers and is distributed in North America by Eastern Front
 Distributing Company and Pacific Software Supply.

 All programs and products mentioned are trademarks or copyrights of their
 respective companies.


 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 4,  Topic 24
 Message 200       Thu Aug 12, 1993
 C.S.SMETON [STraight FAX]    at 22:25 EDT
 To: All,

   STraight FAX! 2.0 is expected to be released on or about September 1,
 1993 (depending on logistical problems for manual printing). Orders for
 STraight FAX! 2.0 upgrades will be taken at this time, but no checks will
 be cashed or credit cards charged until the order is shipped. Orders will
 be processed on a first come first serve basis.

   Registered users can purchase version 2.0 at the Glendale Show on
 September 11-12, 1993. Please bring your master disk and Registration

   Thank You, Charles @ NewSTar Technology Management


  In the field TT030s not having FCC Class B confirmed .. FINALLY!
  ( There were NEVER _any_ Class B TT030 machines ever made! )

 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 18,  Topic 23
 Message 183       Tue Aug 17, 1993
 S.WINICK                     at 06:50 EDT

   >> ...They did so implement the modifications.  There are a few
   >> people here that can testify to owning a Class B TT030.

 I think it may be a case of a few people here who can testify to not
 properly reading, or understanding, the FCC classification sticker.

 Sheldon (Computer STudio - Asheville, NC)


 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 18,  Topic 23
 Message 184       Tue Aug 17, 1993
 POTECHIN [Nathan @ DMC]      at 09:17 EDT
 In a recent survey, Coca-Cola Classic ranked 2nd as the most purchased
 item in a supermarket in the USA. Marlboro's ranked 1st :-)

 Sheldon is correct.  Atari did get FCC approval for a modified TT but
 never actually produced that version. No Class B TT's have ever been

 Nathan @ DMC

 From CIS, all is NOT happy in Lala land...

 #: 41968 S8/Hot Topics
     19-Aug-93  22:39:20
 Sb: #41960-games vs computers
 Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254


       Given that what you observe is on the money and the past sales
 distribution between the US and foreign markest where the US got just
 under 20% of the market, does this mean the US can expect 20% of 20% of
 the expected market?

       If what you say is correct and if the current trend with the Falcon many still sit on the shelf unsold it would appear that the
 Computer market and the future of the Computer software developer is about
 at an end.

       I would guess that what remains is the current installed user base
 and those who retain their current Atari system and upgrade it with Color
 cards, and those who retain their current Atari in spite of buying new
 systems like the PC and Amiga.

       What ever happned to the landslide multimedia solution?

       Where is the hardware support for such applications and just where
 is the Multimedia market the current Atari systems are pointed at?



       There are current hardware and software solutions but not at the
 nickel and dime level.


 > Political Viruses STR Feature

 Jerry Pournelle RT
 Category 4,  Topic 24
 Message 64        Fri Aug 13, 1993
 NADINE.K [Aladdin Lass]      at 18:57 EDT
 This was posted on the Telejoke board, and with the permission of Gary
 (JOKEMASTER) I thought I'd pass it on.


                          POLITICAL VIRUSES

   This virus mutates from region to region. We're not exactly
   sure what it does, but may be taxing to your system.

   It doubles the files on your hard drive while it states it is
   decreasing the number of files, increases the cost of your computer,
   taxes its CPU to maximum capacity, and then uses Quicken to access
   your bank accounts and deplete your balances.

   Not strong enough to act on it's own, but when combined with
   another virus it hops on a bus and travels around the system.

   Similar as the Jerry Brown Virus, only nicer fonts are used, and
   it appears to have a lot more money put into it's development.
   Unknown effects, but just when you think it's quit... IT'S BACK!

   Activates every component in your system, just before the whole
   thing quits.

   After several years, the damage caused by this little virus is still
   unclear.  It often displays impressive graphics which have little
   relevance to the users interests or needs.

 Source:   JOKEMASTER (some from various sources)                    
  Keywords: Virus,Original,Computer,Political


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Little Rock, AK         Rumors abound that WALMART will carry the Falcon

      Walmart, the "other half" of Sam's shopping clubs, a creation of Sam
 Wollman, is rumored to be gearing up to carry and sell the Atari Falcon
 computer.  While all the details of "the deal" are sketchy its also
 rumored they'll only be carrying the one mb, no hard drive version of the
 Falcon.  "That ought to make it "shine" on the shelf next to all the power
 house 386/486 PCs and MACs they already carry at both types of stores."
 remarked one market observer.

 - Sunnyvale, CA                JAGUAR TO DOMINATE ATARI'S DIRECTION

    For ten years Atari Corp., the company that originated video games, has
 been hunting for a hit product.  Atari's computer offerings are hardly
 known and its hand-held Lynx game machine is selling slowly if at all. 

 Hopefully this fall, when Atari launches the Jaguar, a new high powered
 3-D game system it hopes will assist them to achieve total domination of
 Nintendo and Sega and all other video game systems now being developed. 
 "Sega, Nintendo. They are the competition we're going after," said Atari
 president Sam Tramiel.
      "We've never believed in launching incrementally better designs. You
 really have to make quantum leaps in performance,"  said Richard Miller,
 Atari vice president for technology, as the company showed off the Jaguar
 for the first time. 

      The Jaguar, controlled by buttons on a pad, connects to a tv set and
 runs games in 3-D (simulated). The device will (sometime in the future)
 play audio CDs and Kodak's photo CDs.  Initially, it will be intro'ed in
 New York and San Francisco for Christmas 1993, and nationwide, hopefully,
 in January.  

      Atari's Jaguar is targeting the mass consumer market & will sell for
 $200, an optional compact disc player will cost an additional $200.  An
 IBM Corp. factory in Charlotte, N.C., will build the machine, but IBM is
 not at all involved in the marketing of the Jaguar. 

      The Jaguar runs on 64-bit processors that are considerably faster and
 more powerful than the 16-bit systems sold by Sega Corp. and Nintendo Inc. 
 The Jaguar is twice as powerful as a number of 32-bit systems due later
 this year.  "These two chips took about three years to develop. They are a
 major breakthrough in technology," Miller said.

      "We plan to market and advertise Jaguar very, very heavily.  We
 realize that's been our weakness in the past,"  Sam Tramiel said. Atari
 will spend $3 million on marketing in this year's fourth quarter and $45
 million in 1994.  Atari made it known they have about $40 million cash on
 hand to launch Jaguar.  Atari is also considering going to the public for
 additional financing in 1994. 

      STReport has learned Lexicor Software has lost all its free flags for
 the Atari STRT area on GEnie Information Service's system.  Lexicor who
 imports a number of popular, high powered video and graphics products as
 well as develops a number of excellent software packages here in the USA,
 had used the flags to access GEnie's STRT to support its customers there. 
 Reportedly, Lexicor was apparently at if they didn't retract certain
 claims and offer certain apologies.. allegedly by the STRT contractor, the
 flags would not be re-instated.
      This unfortunate saga unfolded approximately three months ago and was
 covered completely in STR issues 930, 931, 932 and 933.  The sad part is
 the users will suffer for the sake of "massaging of egos" and of half
 truths being given to the userbase by the IAAD. Following this item is the
 IAAD Listing of members in it is the names of its board of directors all
 fourt of them.  STReport is fully aware of one of them abstaining from the
 vote to expell Lexicor from the IAAD.  We ask; "Is what the IAAD did
 correct and ethical when one or more of the IAAD boards members voting for
 the expulsion of Lexicor should, by virtue of either their business
 activities or consumer complaints, have also abstained?"  Let's face it,
 this whole matter was a disgrace upon the Atari community and has
 literally finished the IAAD as any type of respectable, unbiased
 organization of developers helping developers for the good of the
 platform.  Its become a political puppet for a few whose ethics are really
 questionable as a result of this debacle.  Perhaps its time the IAAD 
 told the WHOLE TRUTH about this tragedy.



            Independent Association of Atari Developers
                          Member Listing
                          August 15, 1993
 The  IAAD   is  an  organization  of  third-party  hardware  and  software
 developers  supporting the Atari  ST family  of computers.  Unique  in the
 industry, the IAAD works to provide its membership with help in marketing,
 packaging, technical matters, and other issues of interest  to third-party
 commercial developers.  This listing has been prepared to familiarize  the
 public with our members and some of their products.  We hope you will find
 it useful.   
 Each entry has the following format (when applicable):
      Company Name
      Member Name
      Mailing Address
      Product Names

 The listing is  provided below in  ASCII format.   An  additional file  is
 available in CardFile format.  Please note that the product listing is not
 comprehensive  nor detailed,  and new  products are  continually released.
 Please feel free to contact individual members for information about their
 listed products.   For more information about  the IAAD, contact any Board
 IAAD Board Members:
      D.A. Brumleve, President
      James C Allen
      Nathan Potechin
      Nevin Shalit
 Member Listing:
 Anthill Industries
 Judith Baumgardner
 P.O. Box 361
 Mt. Vernon OH 43050-9998 USA
 614 393 1524
 Apprentice Software
 James D Yegerlehner
 22205 Swan Road
 South Lyon MI 48178 USA
 313 437 0526
 Neural-network Construction Set 
 Albert Baggetta
 P.O. Box 759
 Agawam MA 01001 USA
 Eliemouse Complimentary Coloring Book/The Comic Book Collector/
 The Mis-Adventures of Eliemouse/Shakespeare: The Sonnets
 Barefoot Software
 Brad Cox
 19865 Covellow Street
 Canoga Park CA 91306 USA
 818 727 0632 (fax)
 818 727 7143
 SMPTETrack/EditTrack/GenEdit/EZ Score+/Hybriswitch
 Beckemeyer Development Tools
 David Beckemeyer
 P.O. Box 21575
 Oakland CA 94620 USA
 510 530 0451 (fax)
 510 530 9637
 Hard Disk Sentry/Hard Disk Toolkit/SCSI Tape Kit
 Robert M Birmingham
 13630 SW 101 Lane
 Miami FL 33186-2814 USA
 305 385 1942
 Cali-Co. Superior Software
 Josh Snyder
 P.O. Box 9873
 Madison WI 53715 USA
 608 255 6523
 Mah-Jong Solitaire
 Canoe Computers
 Tony Ridley
 11006 150 Street
 Edmonton AB T5P 1S1 Canada
 403 487 6838
 FrankenSTein/Warp 16 Accelerator/Tiny Ram
 chro_MAGIC Software Innovations
 Jim Collins
 516 North Jackson
 Joplin MO 64801 USA
 417 623 7393
 Guitaristics/Pianistics/Pianistics Encyclopedia/Pianistics 
 Clear Thinking
 Craig Harvey
 2753 Plymouth Road Suite 137 
 Ann Arbor MI 48105 USA
 313 971 6035 (bbs)
 313 971 8671
 EdHak/Metapsychology Primer
 CodeHead Technologies
 John Eidsvoog, Charles Johnson
 P.O. Box 74090
 Los Angeles CA 90004 USA
 213 386 5789 (fax)
 213 461 2095 (bbs)
 213 386 5735
 G+Plus/MultiDesk Deluxe/HotWire/CodeKeys/CodeHead Utilities/
 Warp 9/Calligrapher/MaxiFile/Lookit & Popit/MIDIMax/MIDI Spy/
 Avant Vector/MegaPaint/Cherry Fonts/Genus Font Editor/
 TOS Extension Card
 Robert Engberson
 104 Esplanade Avenue Suite 121
 Pacifica CA 94044 USA
 415 355 0869 (fax)
 415 355 0862
 That's Write/Write On/C-Font/CompoScript/That's Address/Musicom/
 PC Speed/AT Speed/AT Speed C16
 Cybercube Research Ltd.
 Manfred Doewich
 126 Grenadier Crescent
 Thornhill ON L4J 7V7 Canada
 416 886 3261 (fax)
 416 882 0294
 CyReL SUNRISE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution Graphics Card/
 CyReL SERENADE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution Graphics Card/
 CyReL VidiMix8 Desktop Video Module/CyReL Serial Mouse Manager/
 CyRel Palette Master
 D.A. Brumleve
 Dorothy A Brumleve
 P.O. Box 4195
 Urbana IL 61801-8820 USA
 217 367 9084 (fax)
 217 337 1937
 Kidpublisher Professional/Super Kidgrid/Kidpainter/Multiplay/
 Telegram/Creative Discovery Packet/Learning Games Packet
 DMC Publishing
 Nathan Potechin
 2800 John Street Unit 10
 Markham ON L3R 0E2 Canada
 416 479 1882 (fax)
 416 479 1880
 Calamus 1.09N/Calamus SL & modules/Calamus Font Editor/
 The Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing/Outline Art/
 Ditek International
 David Fletcher
 2800 John Street Unit 15
 Markham ON L3R 0E2 Canada
 416 479 1882 (fax)
 416 479 1990
 Dr. Bobware
 W. David Parks
 180 N. Hazeltine Avenue
 Campbell OH 44405-1024 USA
 216 743 4712
 ScanLite/MVG: MultiViewer Graphica/MVG Modules Disks 1, 2, & 3
 Elan Software
 Paul Dube 
 550 Boul. Charest Est P.O. Box 30232
 Quebec G1K 8Y2 Canada
 418 683 9189 (fax)
 418 692 0565
 eSTeem, inc.
 Tom Nielsen
 72 Shades Crest Road
 Hoover AL 35226-1014 USA
 205 987 9208
 Fair Dinkum Technologies
 John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
 P.O. Box 2
 Los Alamos NM 87544 USA
 505 662 7236
 CrossWord Creator II/Word Search Creator/Cryptographer/InfoDisk/
 Cyberdrome: The Hoverjet Simulator/Puzzle Pack
 FAST Technology
 James C Allen
 14 Lovejoy Road
 Andover MA 01810 USA
 508 475 3810 (fax)
 508 475 3810
 GT Software
 Tyson T Gill
 12114 Kirton Avenue
 Cleveland OH 44135-3612 USA
 216 252 4272
 CardFile (distr. by Gribnif)
 Gadgets by Small, Inc.
 David M Small
 40 West Littleton Blvd. #210-211
 Littleton CO 80120 USA
 303 791 0253 (fax)
 303 791 6098
 Spectre GCR
 Goldleaf Publishing Inc.
 Lauren Flanagan-Sellers
 700 Larkspur Landing Circle Suite 199
 Larkspur CA 94939 USA
 415 257 3515
 WordFlair II
 Gribnif Software
 Dan Wilga, Rick Flashman
 P.O. Box 779
 Northampton MA 01061 USA
 413 247 5622 (fax)
 413 247 5620
 NeoDesk 3/NeoDesk CLI/STalker 3/STeno/XBoot/CardFile 4/
 Convector Professional/Arabesque Professional/XBoot III/
 Crazy Dots 8/Crazy Dots 15
 Doug Harrison
 P.O. Box 66236
 Baton Rouge LA 70806-6236 USA
 Opus (shareware)/Lookit & Popit (distr. by CodeHead)
 Alex Kiernan, David Link, Dave Nutkins
 The Old School 
 Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE England
 +44 525 713716 (fax)
 +44 525 718181
 Devpac 3/HiSoft BASIC 2/Lattice C/HighSpeed Pascal/FTL Modula-2/
 WERCS/Harlekin 2/HiSoft C/ProFlight/K-Spread/K-Comm/K-Word/K-Data 
 (HiSoft products distr. by Oregon Research Associates)
 ICD, Inc.
 Tom Harker
 1220 Rock Street
 Rockford IL 61101 USA
 815 968 6888 (fax)
 815 968 2228
 The Link/AdSCSI Micro ST/AdSCSI ST/AdSCSI Plus ST/AdSpeed ST/
 AdSpeed STe/FA-ST Hard Drive Kit/FA-ST Tape Backup/Cleanup ST/
 ICD Professional Hard Drive Utilities/ICD Tape Backup Software/
 Advantage Micro ST/Advantage ST/Advantage Plus ST/STHA/
 Personal Pascal
 It's All Relative
 Gregory J Kopchak
 2233 Keevan Lane
 Florisant MO 63031 USA
 314 831 9482
 It's All Relative/BookMaker/Forecaster3/AbbreviatorST/
 Photo CD Conversion/Photo Show/View and Script/Kodak Photo CD 
 JMG Software International, Inc.
 George Geczy, David Thompson
 892 Upper James Street
 Hamilton ON L9C 3A5 Canada
 416 575 0283 (fax)
 416 575 3201
 M.P. Graphics Systems
 Mario Perdue
 P.O. Box 501289
 Indianapolis IN 46250-6289 USA
 317 335 3775
 MS Design
 Henry Murphy, Carl Stanford
 611 West Illinois Street
 Urbana IL 61801 USA
 217 351 6412 (fax)
 217 384 8469
 FontPak 1 & 2/Wheeler Quick Art CD-ROM/
 Wheeler Quick Art Image Disks
 Medical Designs Software
 William Penner
 3235 Wright Avenue
 Bremerton WA 98310 USA
 206 479 2157 (bbs)
 206 373 4840
 Merlin Group, Inc.
 George Richardson
 96 Hoyt Street
 Kearny NJ 07032-3311 USA
 201 998 0932 (fax)
 201 998 4441
 Missionware Software
 John Trautschold
 354 N. Winston Drive
 Palatine IL 60067-4132 USA
 708 359 9565
 lottODDS/Printer Initializer/Flash II

 MUSICODE Software
 Melinda Turcsanyi
 P.O. Box 1109
 Oakhurst CA 93644 USA
 209 642 2380
 NewSTar Technology Management
 Charles Smeton
 P.O. Box 122
 Columbia MD 21045-0122 USA
 410 544 1329 (fax)
 410 544 6943
 The STraight FAX!
 Oregon Research Associates
 Bob Luneski
 16200 S.W. Pacific Highway Suite 162
 Tigard OR 97224 USA
 503 624 2940 (fax)
 503 620 4919
 Diamond Back II/Diamond Edge/Knife ST/Ultimate Virus Killer/
 DevPacST 3/DevPacTT/HiSoft BASIC 2/Lattice C 5.5/HiSoft C/
 HighSpeed Pascal/FTL Modula-2/Tempus 2/WERCS/Harlekin 2/
 True Paint/ProFlight
 Paradigm Software Products
 Mark T O'Bryan
 1369 Concord Place Suite 3-B
 Kalamazoo MI 49009-2201 USA
 616 372 5972
 Omni-Banker ST
 Power Thought Software
 Harlan Hugh
 116 Sumach Street
 Toronto ON M5A 3J9 Canada
 416 594 9355 (fax)
 416 594 9355
 INVISION Elite (distr. by DMC)
 SKWare One
 Sterling K Webb 
 P.O. Box 277
 Bunker Hill IL 62014 USA
 618 462 2171 (evenings)
 Soft-Logik Publishing
 Deron Kazmaier, Mark Wetzel
 P.O. Box 510589
 St. Louis MO 63151-0589 USA
 314 894 8608 or 800 892 8608
 PageStream/ImageClub Clip Art/ImageClub Fonts/Business Forms
 Sothan Software
 Gene F Sothan
 9395 North Wall
 Portland OR 97203 USA
 503 283 4566
 IB Harddisk Backup and Restore/Autosort/Writeboot
 Step Ahead Software, Inc.
 Nevin Shalit
 496-A Hudson Street Suite F39
 New York City NY 10014 USA
 718 858 4164
 TrackerST/Tracker For Windows
 Straight Edge Software
 Frank Pawlowski
 P.O. Box 6407
 Nashua NH 03061 USA
 603 672 8150
 Strata Software
 Eric Rosenquist 
 94 Rowe Drive
 Kanata ON K2L 3Y9 Canada
 613 591 1922 (fax)
 613 591 1922
 STalker & STeno (distr. by Gribnif)
 John Buckner
 731 North Clinton
 Grand Ledge MI 48837 USA
 517 627 6965
 TeleView Tele/TeleView BBS/D.A.M.I./The Fisherman
 Synergy Resources
 Roger Richards
 754 N. Bolten Avenue
 Indianapolis IN 46219 USA
 317 231 4158 (fax)
 317 356 6946
 GEMvelope!/SynthView DW-8000/SynthView K1
 Taylor Ridge Books
 Clayton Walnum
 P.O. Box 78
 Manchester CT 06045 USA
 203 643 9673
 C-manship Complete/ST Assembly Language Workshop/
 GFA Basic Toolkit/VDI Quick Reference/AES Quick Reference/
 TRB Shareware Companion
 TEAM Software
 Marshall Lake
 P.O. Box 7332
 Washington DC 20044-7332 USA
 703 538 4598 (fax)
 703 533 2132
 A Day at the Races/A Day at the Races Companion/
 3 Days at Gettysburg
 Weinress Consulting
 Norm Weinress
 3236 Velma Drive
 Los Angeles CA 90068 USA
 213 876 7704
 Wintertree Software Inc.
 Phil Comeau
 43 Rueter Street
 Nepean ON K2J 3Z9 Canada
 613 596 1575 (fax Attn)
 613 825 6721
 The GramSlam Grammar and Style Checker/Grammar Expert/
 Spelling Sentry
 Chet Walters
 P.O. Box 45
 Girard OH 44420 USA
 216 539 5623
 Image Cat/Mug Shot!/Coalesce Image Merger/Ma Hubbard's Cupboard/
 Mug Shot Data
 Xerox Corp 
 Robert L. White
 101 Continental Blvd. M/S ESC1-257
 El Segundo CA 90245 USA
 310 333 3497
 Printer Drivers For Xerox Printers
 Zocra Technologies
 Craig Buchanan
 4-319 Mackay Street
 Ottawa ON K1M 2B7 Canada
 613 741 5817


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               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
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                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"                  Is it really true??

                 "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                    is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                     Sam Tramiel, 08/92"

 > DEALER CLASSIFIED LIST STR InfoFile        * Dealer Listings *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""          ---------------

                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                 Est. 1985
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                      CUSTOM - MADE TO ORDER HARDWARE
                      SOFTWARE, SUPPLIES & INSTRUCTION
                              COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                              202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
            (DEALERS; to be listed here, please drop us a line.)

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