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This is a GREAT TIME for Atari-related  announcements.  First, the alliance
between ATari  and  IBM  for  the new  Jaguar,  and  now  Gribnif  Software
announces  GENEVA, their  new multi-tasking  environment.   See the  GENEVA
press  releases in LIB 15  of the Atari Arts Forum  (GO ATARIARTS) or go to
the  Gribnif section/library in the  Atari Vendors Forum  (GO ATARIVEN) for
additional info.


With   the  announcement  from  Sunnyvale  on  the  new  JAGUAR  Multimedia
Entertainment  System, we've  added a  Message Section  and Library  to the
ATARI8 Forum. We invite you  to join us in  sharing news and views of  what
promises to be an exciting machine. GO ATARI8 for Section 15 [Jaguar].


Download  file 20Q_01.TXT  from  LIBRARY 15  of the  Atari  Arts Forum  (GO
ATARIARTS)  for the first  20 QUESTIONS file of  questions submitted by the
members  to Atari Corp  and answered by  Bob Brodie, James  Grunke and Bill


Download  file  AGIT.ZIP  from  LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari Arts  Forum  (GO
ATARIARTS) for Agitation.  Agitation is easy to learn, tough to solve. This
is the  most indescribably difficult, infuriatingly  impossible program you
could choose to run!

        * create custom puzzles
        * upload and share
        * point and click puzzle solving
        * multiple cheat, peek and help modes
        * watch the computer solve puzzles
        * custom graphics and dialogs
        * check out the other puzzles here online! mono freeware


Download file BSTAT4.LZH from LIBRARY 5 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
ATARIPRO)  for version 2.46  of B/STAT.  B/STAT  is a shareware statistical
analysis  and business graphics program.  It requires a  1 megabyte machine
and double sided  drive at a minimum. B/STAT   makes use of GDOS  or SPEEDO
GDOS if  installed but requires neither. This is version 2.46 of B/STAT and
offers some improvements in  graphing over earlier versions. B/STAT  may be
registered online by GOing SWREG and selecting ID # 263.


Message Section 12 and  Library 12 have been established for online support
of Oregon Research's products.  Please read OREGON.TXT in Library 12 of the
Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN) for  an overview of the company. Also, be
sure to check out the  other files in the Library for  in-depth information
on their entire product line.

Download file  FLAGS.LZH from LIBRARY  11 of  the Atari  Vendors Forum  (GO
ATARIVEN) for  Sample EPS (Adobe Illustrator) files of the new Flags of the
World  clipart collection  now being  sold by  Soft-Logik Publishing.   The
archive contains four flags.
                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




> From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     Here we are in another week closer to mid August.... The time of the
year that's ever so famous for big changes at many computer companies. 
Seems it occurs at this time of the year to allow for things to settle down
in time for the big fall show COMDEX.  A rather disturbing rumor came in
from Europe.... seems Atari Europe, in particular Germany has their annual
lease still unpaid for over a month.  In addition all but one magazine in
Germany that covers the Atari platform is left.  "By all rightful reason,
the salvation of Atari the Falcon, has missed its mark terribly." an
interested observer was recently overheard saying.
     In any case for those of you who are satisfied with your computer
system of choice, by all means continue to use them as long as they provide
the benefits they were originally purchased to provide.  
     The IAAD/Lexicor thing is apparently about to become ugly.  It seems
there are a number of rumors circulating of further information releases
and of discovery lawsuits being initiated.  In our opinion, the whole IAAD
affair should have and could have been totally avoided.  Its a shame
certain egos simply _had_ to be massaged.  Shame on them all.



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                 Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                 ------------------------   ----------
                Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                               Issue #33
                            By: John Deegan
   MICROSOFT-MOTOROLA PACT RUMORED - Microsoft Corp. isn't confirming 
such a pact has been reached, but officials term as reasonable reports 
of a deal under which Motorola Inc. would buy the rights to use Micro-
soft's Windows NT operating system. Motorola officials also declined to 
comment on the report, saying only its PowerPC project was on schedule.
Lightning Computers is offering a new 66MHz system with an IBM-made 
motherboard and CPU, 170MB drive and SVGA card and monitor for $999 with 
the trade-in of any working '286, '386, Macintosh or Amiga system.
   Company President Richard McCabe said the Lightning Omniflex 486/66 
also includes 16K internal cache and math coprocessor (25.811 MIPS), a 
low-power consumption "green" motherboard manufactured by IBM, seven ISA 
bus slots and 2MB of RAM, expandable to 16MB.
   The company can be reached at 800/347-4486.
   OKIDATA UNVEILS PRINTER - Okidata has introduced the OL400e, its new 
compact, full- featured LED/laser-class page printer.
   With a suggested list price of $699, the 4-pages-per-minute OL400e is 
designed for use specifically by individual PC users. The printer has a 
footprint measuring only 1.25 square feet.  The OL400e offers a 4 pages 
per minute print speed and a 32-bit RISC processor running at 16MHz. Its 
300 dots-per-inch resolution, coupled with a new microfine toner, is 
designed to produce crisp output of text and graphics.

tions Associates (DCA) will begin shipping its new Macintosh connect-
ivity products in a few weeks. MacMainFrame 3270 and MacMainFrame 3270 
Gateway are the first Avatar-inspired software products to be released 
since DCA acquired Avatar Technologies Corp. last December.
   MacMainframe 3270 will retail at $425 while the MacMainFrame Gateway 
software will sell for $2495.

   NeXTStep SALES EXCEED EXPECTATIONS - NeXT Computer Inc. and its 
master distributor Ingram Micro announce NEXTSTEP, NeXT's objectoriented 
software, has greatly exceeded both companies' sales expectations.

   Ingram Micro is a master distributor of NEXTSTEP, fulfilling demand 
from VARs and resellers in North America.

   NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 for Intel processors is NeXT's object-oriented 
software that runs on industry-standard Intel 486- and Pentium-based 
PCs. NEXTSTEP Developer provides visual application construction tools 
and reusable application objects for the development of NEXTSTEP 
applications. NEXTSTEP has received customer and industry accolades for 
dramatically speeding the development of custom applications.
Airlines has placed a $19 million order with Hughes Aircraft Co. for an 
interactive in-seat entertainment and communications system.
   The Hughes-Avicom system, which features high-resolution video 
screens located in consoles or seatback on the aircraft, has been 
installed in the first-class areas of Northwest Airlines, Swissair and 
China Air, but the Virgin order represents the first time it will be in 
every seat of a plane.
   The system allows passengers to choose from services including on-
board duty free and mail-order shopping, Super Nintendo video games, 20 
channels of stereo audio entertainment and 15 channels of movies and 
other video entertainment such as music videos, sports, documentaries, 
destination city information and flight information.
   PC'S TESTED FOR SPACE TRAVEL - The effects of zero gravity on the 
ability to use PCs in space are being determined through a collaborative 
testing venture between PC World magazine's Test Center and the National 
Aeronautic and Space Agency (NASA).
   NASA will use the results of the specially-designed tests to evaluate 
and recommend various PC models for future use in space.

   Customized PC testing software, developed by PC World's Test Center 
in San Francisco, will be used by NASA personnel at the Lyndon B. 
Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to measure the ability of PC 
users to use both internal and external pointing devices during zero-
gravity space flight. Tests are to be performed this week during three 
zero-gravity simulated space flights on board NASA's specially-equipped 
McDonnell Douglas KC-135 airplane, which NASA uses to test computer and 
electronic equipment and products for space travel.

   NASA and PC World Test Center personnel will analyze data as users on 
board the KC-135 put an IBM Thinkpad Notebook with an internal pointing 
device through its paces. Use of the Thinkpad with a Microsoft "clip-on 
mouse" will also be studied.

   "When astronauts conduct scientific research in space, it's essential 
that the PCs they depend on are functional, easy-to-use, and problem-
free," says Greg Smith, director of the PC World Test Center. "Using 
test software is the best way for NASA to ensure that products work best 
under zero-gravity conditions."

   The PC World/NASA collaboration came about after representatives from 
the Lockheed Engineering and Science Company, a NASA contractor, read 
about PC usability tests that the PC World Test Center had recently 
performed on board a simulated airplane flight at the American Airlines 
Test Center outside Dallas, Texas.
   TEXAN ARRESTED ON PORN CHARGE - Police alleged an Abilene, Texas, man 
they have arrested is a key figure in an reputed nationwide computer 
pornography ring.

   Lodged in the Lubbock County Jail, 30-year-old Terry Kimbrough is 
charged with eight counts of sexual exploitation and interstate 
transportation of obscene material.
   U.S. Customs officers said that Kimbrough was involved in a national 
child pornography ring called "the Kiddie Pornography Computer Bulletin 
   Last March, customs agents served 30 warrants in 15 states across the 
U.S., targeting alleged child pornographers who were using computers to 
transmit and receive material.


> ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

On CompuServe
compiled by Joe Mirando

     Hidi ho good neighbors and  neighborettes!  Let's get right to  all of
the news and helpful hints  available from the good folks on  CompuServe...
there's  always  lots  of interesting  "STuff",  so  let's  see what's  out

>From the Atari Productivity Forum

Michael Vacca posts:

"I  have  been  using Compuserve  with  my  IBM  clone  and the  Compuserve
Information  Manager for Windows. Is there  any software similar for use on
my Atari

Mike Mortilla tells Mike Vacca:

"Check out Quick CIS (QCIS). The program has it's own section here, too."

Sysop Brad Hill tells Mike:

"There is no version of CIM for the Atari platform.  Many Atarians use
Jim  Ness's QuickCIS,  which can  be downloaded  from the  library of  this
forum.  It's a highly automated message retrieval and posting program which
enables you to read and reply to  forum messages and Email offline.  It  is
not  as powerful an interactive  navigator as CIM,  but it's more automated
for regular forum activities, and saves a bundle of money.

The program is supported by Jim Ness in section 14 of this forum.  If
you  have any other  questions about how it  works, or how  to get it, just
ask! You  may  also know  that  the current  issue  of CompuServe  Magazine
devotes its  cover article to a  review of various  navigation programs for
different platforms."

I can vouch for this, folks, QuickCIS is a great way speed up all of your
on-line processes... if you don't already have it, check it out!

Mary Keegan asks:

"Can you please tell me the program I need to explode the Arc Files
I have downloaded.  I have tried everything, but the correct procedure."

Good old Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Mary:

"Download the file  ARCLZH.TOS or it maybe ARCLZH.PRG.   It has the program
to explode ARC files."

Shawn Laughlin tells Mary:

"If I  remember correctly,  you can  download ARC_LZH.TOS  for FREE  in the
PRACTICE  forum (GO PRACTICE). The nice folks  over there will point you to
the proper library."

Sysop Keith Joins jumps in and tells Mary:

"The various compression  utilities aren't available in  the Practice forum
or the Help forum.  The only thing they have is a file that gives the names
and locations of these utilities for each computer type."

David Hagood asks:

"Does anyone know if MultiTOS is shipping YET? I ordered it via CIS about a
month and a half ago  with the assurances that  "Yes, its shipping now,  if
you order on  Monday it will get there by Friday." My mistake; I didn't ask
which Friday!"

Sysop Bob Retelle tells David:

"A friend of mine who works at an Atari dealer here in Michigan has said
that they've had MultiTOS in their store for some time now.

(He's also the one who discovered a virus on one of the SpeedoGDOS disks)
I  don't know what  to tell you  about your order though..  have you called
Atari Customer Service..?"

Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells David:

"The best thing is to call Atari voice to find out what happened.
(408)-745-2000.   Multi-TOS and Atari Works are shipping ... dealers should
be able to get it through Pacific Software."

Chris Gray interjects:

"...Multitos was on the hard disc of my Falcon when I got it a couple of
weeks ago.  And a short while later I received a version on floppy from
Atari themselves."

Charles Smeton tells David:

"I saw copies of MultiTOS, Atari Works and Speedo GDOS for sale at Toad
Computers the  other day. I  would expect  that most all  dealers that  are
Falcon approved have these as well.

FYI  Toad Computers can be reached at 1-800-448-TOAD"

Ralph Kalatucka asks for help:

"I have apparently disturbed or destroyed the index at the head of a floppy
disk (I believe it is called the File Allocation Table)

I have a third-party Double-sided drive that  does not recognize a "change
of media" when I swap disks. Normally its no big deal, but I put my foot in
it this time.

I boot up with GDOS for easy draw, but my drive #2 has a disk with only
text  in it. I draw a technical drawing (I  do this at work) and go to do a
"Save As..." and see I have the wrong disk still in drive B. I change disks
and save, and  the damn thing re-writes that old directory to the new disk,
and now I cannot access over 500 K of technical drawings.

Is there a program I could buy or could I pay someone to recall my data?
(Granted, not all the drawings are valuable, only the most recent ones)"

That busy guy, Albert Dayes tells Ralph:

"If you have Diamond Edge or hard disk sentry, you might want to test the
floppy with it.  Another problem dealing with disk changes is if the serial
number is the same.

But if you  copied a  directory from  the wrong  disk to  the current  list
things are not so bright.  Unless you want to use a sector editor and check
each sector and  try to figure it  out that is near impossible.   Since the
data is binary it would be almost impossible to recover something.

I hope you have some backups for your most important work."

John Damiano posts:

"I can tell you that  from the standpoint of perception my Mega  ST with 16
mhz upgrade DOES feel faster then my 486DX50.  I use them both almost every
day. I doubt it  really is faster of course but it feels  like it.  It does
have a screen accelerator also though.  Both those add on products only add
150.00 to the cost." 

Kirk and Joanne Sattley post:

"After a couple years of faithful service, our SLM804 has suddenly turned
ornery.  The behavior is that, after a print command is given, the paper is
fed up  to the  point where it  pauses before starting  its trip  along the
drum; the green "ready" light goes out, the red "wait" light comes on, then
the sheet feeds through without anything being printed on it,  and whatever
driver we're using reports an error.

The TEST.PRG from Atari reports:
IRQ went LO premature at 00000020, in Band #2 Status: 02 [Status 02 is
defined in the manual as "Ornery printer".]

 1) Is there anything we can do ourselves to resuscitate the printer?
 2) Is there anyplace in New England that can repair an SLM804?
 3) What phone number at Atari can we call to discuss the matter?

Heartfelt premature thanks to any experts who can advise us ..."

Atari Dev. Support (J.P.) tells them:

"Ornery  printer is a  catch all status  code which the  controller returns
when it does not know what the problem is.  I don't think you can make much
use of this information.

If you are getting  no print there are four probable problems listed in the
SLM service manual of which three  can get pretty involved and you  need to
be a technician or  electrical background to tackle.  You can  check if the
drum and  the shell roller are  making secure contact. or  that there isn't
toner accumulated between the two. 

You  can try  Computer Zone in  Attleboro, MA  for service  (508) 699 0430.
Atari customer  service is at 408 745 2098.   If you're looking for service
manuals for the SLM you might want to try B&C here in CA at 408 986 9960."

Kirk and Joanne reply:

"Thank you exceedingly for  the good information and the prompt response on
our troubles with  the SLM804.  Thanks especially for  the customer service
number for calling direct.

The printer seems  to have ESP.   When the print  started looking flakey  a
couple months ago,  we ordered a drum replacement kit (from Computer Zone);
as soon as the kit arrived and we put it on the shelf near the printer, the
print quality  became even and  solid again.   And now, the day  after your
message arrived,  the printer started  working normally, and  has continued
for two days!  But as soon as it gets ornery again, I'll be on the phone."

Peter Joseph asks:

"As long as you're here talking about manuals, I have a question.  I
recently bought a second hand MEGA ST4, MEGAFILE 60 and SLM804 Printer.
Unfortunately, manuals weren't included.  How can I get manuals for these

Second question.  My other computer is a 1040ST.  It has TOS 1.4 in it. Can
I use TOS 1.4 in the Mega?  The Mega has TOS 1.2, and there are definitely
missing things compared to 1.4.  I looked inside and the ROM set is just 2 
chips just like my ST.  What about it?

I would  appreciate answers  to  these questions  from you  or anyone  else
reading this post.  Thanks in advance."

J.P. tells Peter:

"The Mega  4 and SLM804 manuals you can  get from customer service at Atari
(408 745 2098), the  Megafile 60 we may or  may not have. Manuals  are 5.00
each with shipping and handling 3.50.

TOS  1.4 comes in two hardware configurations, 2  chip and 6 chip sets.  If
both your computers have 2 chip ROMs you can interchange the TOS."

Peter tells J.P.:

"Thanks for the info!   I'm probably going to  put TOS 2.xx in the  Mega at
some point, but until then I have to at least have 1.4.

Re:  the manuals.   You telling me that  the two manuals  are gonna cost me

Anybody out there got used manuals for a Mega ST4, SLM804, and Megafile 60?

John Damiano tells Peter:

"This is a great chance to get a TEC board from Codehead and upgrade to a
switchable  1.02/2.06.  The  best option IMHO.   Especially since you STOLE
the dang thing."

John Amsler posts:

"I've got a MegaSTe with an external DS/DD floppy drive and an external
Maxtor 120Mb HD.  The HD, of course, is plugged into the DMA port via
The Link.

I'm thinking of augmenting or replacing the external floppy with a
floptical.  Could I simply daisy-chain a floptical to the external HD?
If so, would I have to adjust the "terminating resistor" on the
floptical so The Link would work in the new configuration?

Or would I have to buy a second Link to use with the floptical?"

Albert Dayes tells John:

"If your hard disk case has a SCSI outlet you can connect your floptical
directly.   Just continue the SCSI chain.  The  other issue is to make sure
both ends of the SCSI chain are terminated correctly.

 MegaSTE -> LINK -> Maxtor 120meg -> floptical"

Chris Gray adds:

"Make sure the middle  of the chain is connected properly, not just the two
ends.  The _last_ drive in the chain needs a block of terminating resistors
on it  (you already have them,  trust me).  Intermediate  drives must _not_
have this resistor block present."

Albert agrees:

"That is correct.  Only the ends of a SCSI chain need to be terminated."

John Damiano adds:

"It gets  confusing with Atari  stuff in that  you an have  several devices
chained to the DMA buss but each one  can be a separate SCSI chain.  So you
end up with term. resistors on two or more devices."

John Amsler asks:

"Now that -- I'm guessing here -- Jim Allen won't be making any more of the
TinyTurbo030 boards for the MegaSTe, is there any other company  that makes
a  board that allows  one to switch  back and forth  between a 68000  and a

Nathan Potechin at DMC asks John:

"What gave you the idea that Jim Allen would not be producing TinyTurbo
boards for the Mega STe? Your guess is inaccurate.

Perhaps you should contact Jim directly at (508) 475 3810 or on GEnie at
J.ALLEN27 for the latest up to date information about his products."

Lars Borgh sends out an S.O.S.:

"This is  an emergency! I  have a problem  with a 1040  ST. The  disk drive
isn't  acknowledged by the system! The hard  disk (Megafile) is working but
disk A and B isn't "connected".  When I switch on the computer without  the
hard disk , the disk spins and the light comes on for a while,  but nothing
happens on the desktop, the disk just keep on spinning. Could it be the DMA
or the sound chip that's  defective? I have tried another disk drive but no
change, it's still the same. Does anyone know what  it can be, I'm a little
bit stuck here and in Sweden there's a lack of repairing services."

Albert Dayes tells Lars:

"It almost sounds like some loose chips ( glue, mmu and shifter are most
likely).   You might want to re-seat  those three chips mentioned above and
see if that does the trick."

Lars asks Albert to clarify:

"Thank you for the suggestions. I have pressed every chip on the board. My
english isn't at all perfect, by "re-seat" do you mean that I shall lift up
the chips and then press them back in place?"

Albert explains:

"That is basically what I meant when I said "re-seat" the chips.  

>From the Atari ST Arts Forum

John Amsler posts:

"I've read ST-Report every week for several years now, and I hate the idea
of missing an issue!

(Personally, I think they should stick to LZH, because that's what everyone
seems to have.  People shouldn't be forced to spend additional TIME and
MONEY downloading an extra de/compression utility that's 100K or more.
Of course, people are probably better off having a ZIP program, but they
shouldn't be _forced_ to get one; that smacks of "Big Brother" knowing
what's best for everyone and contradicts the basic American spirit of
_individuals_ deciding how to live and what to do.)

After having spewed that out, I must say I LOVE ST-ZIP versions 2.2 and

On the subject of STReport's multi-platform leanings, Sysop Ron Luks posts:

"I've talked to Ralph at great length about the increase in the PC  content
in STReport.   As  you have  said, some  Atari-only owners  have complained
about PC content matter.  Conversely, Ralph has recently been uploading the
same issues to  more PC-oriented forums  and the reception  has been  quite
enthusiastic  except for comments like "great magazine, but why do you have
to put all that Atari clutter in it?"...

There is still  a significant number  of Atari  owners and enthusiasts  out
there, but many, many of them now ALSO own PCs.

The audience  for STReport  encompasses a wide range  of people and I think
Ralph is  trying very hard  to present  a publication that  appeals to  the
broadest cross section.   As in any endeavor, its  impossible to completely
satisfy everyone.

I share Ralph's opinion that the worst thing we can do is to  isolate Atari
owners  from the  rest of  the computing  community.   That only  serves to
reinforce two bad attitudes:

   1) That its either Atari or nothing.  (This often leaves Atari owners
      without adequate options in the real world)

   2) To the rest of the PC community that Atari's 'aren't a REAL computer'
      when, in fact, an Atari can sometimes be the BEST solution to a
      specialty situation.

Atari Corp, itself, gave up that attitude that Atari computers are the only
solution  for every computing  need a long time ago and  today you can find
non-Atari computers in use at the company HQ.

I don't think that message has been fully accepted by all the Atari
enthusiasts yet."

Dazzz Smith tells Ron:

"I'm not disagreeing on the issue of multi platform owners in the states,
the situation isn't quite as prevalent here in Europe I suspect, which is
why some people are complaining.

I appreciate Ralph's need for a larger market, but if that's the case then
why not produce a general on-line mag? If he wants to he can get machine
specific editors to produce the other half of the mag.

I am a great believer in reality, I even sometimes switch it on to check
its still working. :-) But you cannot expect Atari only owners to download
a large file one third of which (guess-timate) is PC specific and come away

I'm not disputing the reality of the situation Ron, merely voicing some
concerns, as someone who uses an Atari for home and also for running a
business I don't need to read about Wildcat BBS software, general news
I don't mind (I'm an information Junkie) but PC specific press releases
are just a wasted download to me and many others, and no one could accuse
me of being a gung ho Atari enthusiast.......if they did i'd fight em over
it. :-)"

David Hagood asks:

"Has  anyone downloaded the copy of Soundlab and  tried it out? I can't get
it to  run on my  TT: it crashes  every time. I'd  think an  STE compatible
program wouldn't die on a TT..."

Greg Kopchak asks David:

"Are you using the 24BIT.PRG with Sound Lab?

The current version of Sound Lab does  not run on a Falcon. I haven't tried
it on a TT. I'll check with Damien tonight and let you know."

David tells Greg:

"Tried using 24bit.prg  (and throwing  away 20MB of  memory), didn't  work.
Tried ST high rez, TT medium rez. Didn't work. Tried unloading MiNT. Didn't

>From the Atari Vendors Forum
Darryl Ross asks for help:

"I live in Charlotte,  NC and need find a  dealer who can work on  an Atari
ST. I'd also  like to know the names of any  publications that have ads for
Atari ST software."

Albert Dayes tells Darryl:

"There should be a store in your state.  Computer Studio comes to mind. You
can download the file VENDOR.DAT in the (GO ATARIPRO) forum  since it lists
dealers and developers of Atari products."

Nathan Potechin of DMC helps out:

"Computer  Studio is  located  in  Asheville,  North  Carolina.  He  is  an
excellent,  full-service Dealer. The  owners name is  Sheldon Winick. Their
telephone number is (704) 251-0201."

Matt Seitz asks:

"Could someone tell me the tech. support number and hours for Codehead?"

Albert Dayes tells Matt:

"The number  is (213)-386-5735 or fax (213)-386-5789.  Hours I would assume
would be normal PST time hours."

John Eidsvoog of CodeHead Technologies tells everyone:

"Yes,  CodeHead's phone number is  (213) 386-5735, FAX  386-5789, M-F 9A-1P
Pacific time."

Bob Bunce asks about using PageStream:

"I... had a problem with TIFF importing. I am running PageStream 2.2UK on
a 1040STFM upgraded to 2.5Mb. I recently scanned in a logo at work on a Mac
via Photoshop 2.0 for a friend to put into WordPerfect on his PC. Yesterday
I thought I'd  have a go at putting it into PageStream. But when I imported
it, it came  out reversed out, ie  the white was black and  vice versa. Why
should this have happened?"

Mark at Soft-Logic Publishing asks Bob:

"What version of the TIFF import module are you using?  We are currently on
version 2.2.3 of the TIFF module.  YOu can check the version by importing a
TIFF graphic.

You should be able to download the latest modules up here in the library."

Bob tells Mark:

"I'm using version 2.2.0. I'll download the new version and see if it makes
a difference."

Mark, being the good guy that he is, tells Bob:

"Wait and download the newest  DRIVERS.LZH file I will be uploading  today.
That way you're assured to get the latest."

>From the Atari Portfolio Forum

Craig Davis asks Don Thomas at Atari about one of the latest games for the

"My son has a Lynx and would like to purchase Gordo 106.  Could you give me
a brief description that I can pass on to him."

David Stewart chimes in and posts:

"I just got Gordo 106, and  I'm really happy with it (although I  am *very*
bad at it!)

It  is about  a  lab  monkey  that  was given  intelligence  by  a  nuclear
experiment ...  you run about  (and jump and  climb and throw)  and release
bunnies from cages.  You  also battle the humans through six  levels, which
are split  into  many  segments.     There  are  also  some  random-seeming
"dungeon" levels where you can get stuck ...

The graphics are really good ... not quite as cartoon-esque as Dinolympics,
but very good ... lots of neat details.

Unfortunately,  the game doesn't seem  to have a  level-select password (or
maybe just haven't gotten far enough to find one).

I'd  say it's  mostly like Scrapyard  Dog, among  the Lynx  games that I've
seen, although Gordo is more difficult than that game."

Barry Hildress tells us:

"I have a viewer up that can get approximately 75 characters across on the
Portfolio. Check  out BLPM*.ZIP in the utilities  library if the small font
is readable to you then we can talk about  an editor. (A TSR is out because
of the space the character set takes would not leave much room for anything

     Well folks, that's  it for this week.   Be sure to tune  in again next
week, same time, same channel, and listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


> Discount Offer! STR InfoFile          Special Discounts for CIS Members


-- For Immediate Release

A  leading worldwide  dealer  for Best  Power  Technology has  announced  a
discount program  providing  users of certain CompuServe forums  access  to
significant  savings  in their  purchase of Best  power protection products
such  as   uninterruptible   power supplies  (UPS), standby  power supplies
(SPS),  line   conditioners,   surge  suppressors, uninterruptible  battery
systems (UBS),  environmental monitoring  equipment and interface software.
To show  their eligibility   customers  need only  cite a code  number when
ordering.  The program is  available only through the  offering dealer, The
Davis Company.

To   make effective use  of the discount  plan a member  should contact The
Davis Company through  e-mail (72770,1402)  or use the  phone, fax or  mail
information given at the end of this file to request a full catalog, either
written or the hypertext floppy disk version.

The discounts are structured according to the following plan:


Group A:
Patriot, all products with model numbers containing "SPS"
FERRUPS, models ME500VA-ME3.1KVA (basic unit and internal extended runtimes
(ERT) only.
Fortress, all products with model numbers containing "LI"
Citadel, models LC110 - LC1800
SpikeFree, all models
CheckUPS and Interface Kits, all
Group A Discount...................................................20%

Group B:
FERRUPS, models FD4.3KVA - FD18KVA, RES 850VA - RD7KVA
UBS, all models including options and accessories
Power conditioners, models 2KVA and larger
All other options and accessories, all warranty and service plans
Group B Discount...................................................10%

QUANTITY  DISCOUNTS:   The following discounts may also be  applied to  the
NET AMOUNT (see example below):

Group  A:  A single purchase  of five or more of the same  product   (sizes
can vary) for  immediate delivery  to a  single location  qualifies for  an
additional 6% discount.

Group    B   FERRUPS ONLY*:  A single  purchase  of multiple   FERRUPS   or
Rackmount  FERRUPS  (RES) for immediate shipment  to a single location will
achieve  discounts according to the following schedule:

                   QUANTITY                                     DISCOUNT
                   Five or more.................................6%

*   Applies only  to the basic  UPS, standard  bypass switches  (10-18KVA),
standard  battery  packs (10-18KVA) and ERT options (4.3 &  7KVA).   Single
order quantity discounts do not apply to other options and accessories.


All    products designed  specifically for  operation  with 50Hz  power are
offered with  an additional  5% discount  (taken from  the net  amount, see
example below.)


Cash-with-order  payments  earn an additional 3% discount (taken  from  the
net amount, see example below.)

Letter  of  credit  orders  (for  overseas  customers  ordering  in   large
quantities) earn an  additional 1% discount (taken from the net amount, see
example below.)

DISCOUNT   CALCULATION EXAMPLE.   The following  example is  provided   for
illustrating   the  implementation of the  discounts.  The  dollar  amounts
themselves have no significance in relation to the products cited.

EXAMPLE:    Four   50-Hertz  4.3KVA to  18KVA  FERRUPS units  ordered   for
immediate delivery to a single location.  Payment by cash-with-order.

              Total List Price (for example purposes only)      $10,000.00
              Davis Company Basic CompuServe Discount (10%)      $1,000.00
              Net Discounted Price                               $9,000.00
              Quantity Discount (5% of net)                        $450.00
              Net Discounted Price                               $8,550.00
              50 Hertz Discount (5% of net)                        $427.50
              Net Discounted Price                               $8,122.50
              Cash Discount (3% of net)                            $243.68
              Final Discounted Price                             $7,878.82
              Actual Total % Discount Earned, this example           21.2%


To qualify  for the  discount a  customer must request  it when  placing an
order by  reference to a  code number consisting of  the "GO" name  of  the
forum  in which   this offer has been placed followed by the  digits of the
current date  according to the following plan: yymmdd.  Example: a discount
from the   Novell Vendors Forum (GO NOVVEN) requested on June 1, 1993 would
be "NOVVEN 930601".

Orders may be  placed by phone or  fax from any  anywhere in North  America
using the following toll-free number: 800-488-6748.

Orders  may  be placed from  anywhere in the world by phone or   fax  using
the following number: 1.907.279.3075.

Except   for customers with established accounts, phone and fax orders  can
be  processed immediately   only for  those customers  providing   a  valid
American Express or Optima card number,  the name appearing on the card and
the expiration date.

Customers wishing to  order by mail, and all those  paying by check, should
use the following postal address: 

                             The Davis Company
                             PO Box 230708
                             Anchorage AK 99523-0708 USA

Freight  charges are not discountable.   They will be quoted in  advance if

Overseas   customers  must make  prior shipping  arrangements.   Please use
e-mail to request this.


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

     STReport International Online Magazine is  available every week in the
ST Advantage  on DELPHI.  STReport  readers are invited to  join DELPHI and
become a part of a friendly community of enthusiastic computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                               JOIN -- DELPHI

                Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

     DELPHI's Basic  Plan offers access  for only  $6.00 per hour,  for any
baud rate.  The  $5.95 monthly fee  includes your first  hour online.   For
more information, call:  DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005 DELPHI is
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Then, just answer the questions and within a day or  two, you'll officially
be a member of DELPHI!  

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!




                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

As of Monday 19th July 1993, the Special NOVA Deal offered by Lexicor
Software for the NOVA Graphics Card is over.

The NOVA Mega and the NOVA VME 16M will now both have the same price of
599.99 U$D.

The price for the SUPERNOVA has not changed and will cost: 999.99 U$D

The 32K Graphic Card is only available on Special Order and will cost 429
U$D both the Mega and the VME. For these Card's there may be an added
handling Price.

Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

Technical Specifications

NOVA Megabus 16M

Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz

Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte

RAMtype                   : DRAM

Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)

Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's

Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512

Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400

Virtual Resolution        : YES

Automatic REZ Switch      : YES

Upgradable               : YES

VDI for 24bit             : YES

VMG                       : YES

HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO


Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz

Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte

RAMtype                   : DRAM

Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)

Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's

Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600

Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480

Virtual Resolution        : YES

Automatic REZ Switch      : YES

Upgradable               : YES

VDI for 24bit             : YES

VMG                       : YES

HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO


Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz

Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes

RAMType                   : VRAM

Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)

Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024

Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768

Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600

Virtual Resolution        : YES

Automatic REZ Switch      : YES

Upgradeable               : YES

VDI for 24bit             : YES

VMG                       : YES

HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

For more information check our previous releases on the NOVA Card. The
Virtual Resolution are programmable via the VMG. The VDI of the NOVA has
proven to be very compatible with our Software and many other Software
applications as well.

There is also a NOVA Special disk available soon that has some NOVA
Specific program's on it, including NOVA Mines, the game, and the special
Calamus SL driver that will enable Calamus SL to run in 15/16bit in
15/16bit color mode.

                                                  Yat Siu
                                             Lexicor Software Europe

                     LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                       1726 Francisco ST.
                       Berkeley, CA 94703

                       Phone 510-848-7621
                       FAX   510-848-7613


> NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

                      NVN - THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK!

     The  Atari  computer platform  has support  on  yet another  top notch
telecommunications service!   National Videotex Network  (NVN) maintains an
area just for our favorite computers.  Type GO ATARI Order an  extended NVN
Membership of 6 or 12 months, pay for it in advance and receive a  bonus in
connect time at no additional charge.

                    NVN lowers its connect time charges!
   $5/hour non-prime time (EST. 7pm - 9am weekdays and all day weekends)
                $8/hour prime time (EST 9am - 7pm weekdays)

Choose from two great subscription plans:

                             6-Month Membership

Pay  just $30  for a  6-month Membership  and receive  a usage  credit that
entitles  you  to $15  of connect-time  in the  Premium   services  of your
choice.  Your total savings using this plan would be over $20!

                            12 Month Membership

Pay $50 for a full  year's Membership and get even more  free time on-line.
We'll give you a $25 usage credit to use in your favorite premium  services
or try  out new  ones. You  could  save as  much as  $45. NVN   now  offers
Electronic   Funds  Transfer (EFT).   For  a $2  per month  service charge,
customers may have  their NVN   online charges  automatically debited  from
their  personal checking accounts.  Please contact Client Services for this
new feature!

             For more information about either of these plans..
                 Please, give us a call at; 1-800-336-9096.

                    You can join NVN one of two ways...
              By voice phone 1-800-336-9096 (Client Services)
                     or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.

                               NVN Highlights

1.   For the newcomers ....
3.   A library built *just* for business people
4.   Board Certified Psychiatrist heads up the new Substance Abuse Forum
5.   VETERANS: Please report to the Military Forum <GO MILITARY> for C&D.
6.   Step out into the Great Outdoors Forum <GO OUTDOORS> 
7.   We've got just the cure for your medical information needs 
8.   The Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Support Forum is now online.
9.   SOUND OFF!!! Take our Game Survey 
10.  Let's talk about Coins 
11.  Call all DISNEYphiles!  Join the gang!  <GO AMERICA>.
12.  Amiga Forum now available for Amiga and Desktop Video enthusiasts!
13.  NEW Email enhancements are on-line. Including personal mailing lists!


> MOTIVE PLEASE! STR FOCUS!                 The Badgering never ceases!



by R.F. Mariano

Dear Readers...

     Below we present a one sided exchange of messages (if you wish to call
it that..)   As an example  of how the seemingly  systematic and deliberate
practice of baiting and badgering may possibly be fine tuned  to a science.
Craig Thom,  a sysop for Darlah, of the infamous Nathan & Darlah Show, head
sysop  of GEnie's STRT,  has apparently taken  on the job  of creating some
sort of controversy on Compuserve.
     As anyone  can plainly see, he  is being ignored and  has been ignored
since  the apparent attempt began.  Further  one can note the process began
with  an  interrogatory  directed at  Lee  Seiler  which  he too,  ignores.
Certainly  MR. Thom  can realize  that many,  if not  all, the  CIS members
deserved to know he was a GEnie sysop visiting the Compuserve Areas.  Else,
they might get  a totally different  impression as to  what his  intentions
might be.

#: 41398 S8/Hot Topics
    18-Jul-93  22:41:50
Sb: #41187-#IAAD statement
Fm: Craig S. Thom 71773,11
To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763 

Lee, did you ever post here, as you did on GEnie, that your flag problems
were due to you calling at 9600 baud, where no flags are active, and that
this was due not to the action of anyone involved in the STRT or GEnie
management, and that it was not due to any problem with GEnie's software?

It was a mistake, and errors were made, but they were all on your end.  All
your speculations about the lack of free flag status were proven false,
weren't they?

#: 41399 S8/Hot Topics
    19-Jul-93  06:22:18
Sb: #41398-#IAAD statement
Fm: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454
To: Craig S. Thom 71773,11 

My, My....      ANOTHER................ GEnie sysop!!!

There is 1 Reply.

#: 41400 S8/Hot Topics
    19-Jul-93  07:25:04
Sb: #41399-#IAAD statement
Fm: Craig S. Thom 71773,11
To: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454 

Not in the STRT, though, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the
questions I asked, does it?

#: 41414 S8/Hot Topics
    19-Jul-93  21:43:59
Sb: #41401-IAAD statement
Fm: Craig S. Thom 71773,11
To: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454

You still haven't explained how my status on GEnie changes in any way the
message that Lee left there.  You can read it yourself, ST RT, Category 25,
Topic 10, Message 159.  Sorry, Ralph, your attempts to divert the topic
aren't working.

#: 41435 S8/Hot Topics
    21-Jul-93  06:50:58
Sb: #41401-IAAD statement
Fm: Craig S. Thom 71773,11
To: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454 (X)

That's interesting.  My original response to this message has been deleted.
I assue you did it, since I was not notified that it had been done. (That
should be "assume").

Again, you have brought up my status on GEnie without explaining how it
changes the message that Lee left there. You can read it yourself, ST RT,
Category 25, Topic 10, Message 159.  The message is from Lee, and explains
how his flag problems were the result of calling in to a 9600 baud node.

Will this message be deleted, too?

#: 41440 S8/Hot Topics
    21-Jul-93  20:07:52
Sb: Disappearing messages
Fm: Craig S. Thom 71773,11
To: Jim Ness 75300,3155

Well, I've responded to Ralph's last message to me twice, and both times
the response was deleted.  That's interesting.  As an experiment, I won't
leave it TO Ralph this time, to see if he is the one doing the delete.

Ralph, please explain how my status on GEnie affects the message that Lee
left there and I summarized here.  You can read it there yourself, ST RT,
Category 25, Topic 10, Message 159.  Could it be that you are trying to
avoid the real topic?

     How quaint, we  now find Mr. Thom,  in his apparent  zeal to create  a
controversy of some type, is busy trying to drag in another of Compuserve's
members.  He tried  to bait Seiler,  Mariano and now  attempts to draw  Jim
Ness  into his  one-sided crusade.   tsk.   tsk.  tsk.   Nowhere does  Thom
mention the  special circumstances  revolving around his  relationship with
Lexicor's Seiler.  Seems there was a whole hullabaloo in  the Lexicor areas
in  the  STRT  it  was pretty  nasty  until  Thom was  asked  to  cease his
     Of  course, this  latest episode  is ever  so innocent  and merely  an
attempt  to  clear up  some  * CONFUSION  * (Remember  that  word?)   its a
favorite  of  the infamous  Nathan  & Darlah  Show.    "Everybody is  so...
*CONFUSED *"  and _they_ have  clear visions galore.   In any  case, rather
than   give  Mr.  Thom,  Darlah's  sysop,  an  opportunity  to  create  his
controversy on  CIS he was continually  and politely ignored.   As for this
article its  merely here to point  out the obvious.   Ignoring Craig Thom's
head games and to explain the deleted messages.  Nice try Craig....  but NO
CIGAR!        .....NEXT!!??!!  Read on McDuff.....


> ATARI UNITED! STR InfoFile                         An Overview......

                     WHAT IS THIS ATARI UNITED! THING?

     When ATARI  UNITED!  was  first announced in  an online conference  on
DELPHI,   some DELPHI members had questions,   which I'm sure others share,
about  the  intent,    focus and   reasoning   behind  ATARI UNITED!.     A
bit of  history about  the   development  of  this organization might  help
begin to answer those questions.

     ATARI   UNITED!  was  born out  of the suspicion  that more  Atari TOS
computer  owners  exist than most in the  active  Atari  community realize.
 Patti and I  have both had many  experiences in which   we have come  into
contact with owners who had  no idea that a thriving Atari  community still
existed.      We  have  both  been  responsible  for  bringing   ST  owners
'out-of-the-closet' and renewing their  use  of their machines.    And,  of
course,  with every renewed  Atari owner comes some degree of  new spending
on equipment and/or software.

     ATARI  UNITED!    has been organized with the intent  of searching out
these  isolated owners on a  nationwide scale,  with   the  hope that these
users  will expand the active  userbase.  And as  a result will promote new
business for our loyal developers.  

     ATARI  UNITED! seeks  to  repair the  disintegration of  communication
between  users  and  developers  in  the Atari market,   especially because
of  the demise of many printed Atari-specific magazines that  all too often
are an owner's only link to the community.

     A  late   night conversation about  the dismal state   of  the   Atari
market    in the  US led  to  a discussion  about ways  that  it could   be
improved,   independent    of  direct  Atari    Corporation    involvement.
Obviously,  we  concluded   that  the  creation  of  a  nationwide database
containing    information  about   users,    dealers   and developers   was
the  first  step  in  rebuilding the lost  lines of communication.     This
has become the first  priority  of   our fledgling  organization.     While
it   is  being   compiled,  other projects  are and will be  developed,  so
that  our  database can be utilized to its full extent when more complete.

     Atari user  groups have always  been a  valuable means of  keeping the
Atari community together,  and it  was obvious  that user  groups were  the
best  place   to begin  compiling  information.    Bob  Brodie, Director of
Communication for Atari Corporation,  and former  User Group   Coordinator,
was  contacted,  provided an outline  of  our purpose  and plan of  action,
and asked for a list of user  groups that could be  used in the effort.  He
was happy  to provide us with  the necessary information, and  so, the work

     The   name ATARI UNITED!   was chosen,  and  again,  Bob   Brodie  was
contacted.  Permission to  use Atari's name  was granted, so  long as   the
organization  was used to support Atari  products  and  their users.    As 
this was the very foundation of the   organization, an  informal  agreement
was quickly reached,    and ATARI   UNITED!  became   our   official name. 
It   was  further  determined  that   AU!    should   be  a  not-for-profit
organization,  similar to the  general form that  Atari  user   groups have
taken over the  years.    ATARI  UNITED!  does   not  exist  to  bilk Atari
users out  of their  money.   Actually,  we'd prefer  that  their money  be
invested in hardware and software, so loyal developers can make a living.

We intend to  make all ATARI UNITED! services and  projects  as  affordable
as  possible.

Registration is free  of course,  and many of the  other benefits  we  will
be able to provide will be free of cost to  the user also.

     ATARI   UNITED!'s first project  beyond the database  is a   quarterly
DiskMagazine.   It  will  be  geared to  provide  developer  news,  product
reviews,   game hints,  help  columns,  and  a few surprises.   Eventually,
program demos might be included, so a taste of what is up  and  coming  can
be given as wide  an   audience  as  possible.  While  similar   things are
now available in the online  magazines, it   is   important to realize that
most of   the   Atari  community  members are   not 'modemized',   and that
many TOS computer  owners have  no  real link with the  rest of the market.
So, it is not  so much a matter of  duplicating what already exists,   as a
matter    of  distribution   where    that kind  of  information    is   so
desperately needed.  Kinda like being modern technological missionaries!

     The  potential   for  ATARI   UNITED!   is   enormous, for   both  the
developers  and the  owners of  TOS computers.     With better  channels of
communication,   developers will be able to sell more products, encouraging
them to   continue  investing in  the  TOS market.   We,  as users,    will
continue  to be able to purchase new   products,  and find support for  the

     One  particular benefit for user groups will grow as the   database of
TOS    computer owners  grows.    User  groups who   register   with  ATARI
UNITED!   will have their  contact information made   available to   anyone
who inquires  about TOS support in   their  area.    User  groups will also
periodically be given access to information about local  users contacted by
us.   Just  as the developer and  the user can be   connected,  so  too can
user  groups and  users.     It's all  a  part   of     strengthening   the
communication  channels  throughout the  entire  market.

     In   addition to communication between  groups and   owners,  we   can
also help  on  the individual  level.   When an  owner has  a problem  with
his/her system,   or with a  piece of software,   it  is   often helpful to
contact someone nearby with the knowledge to solve  the problem.   Even  if
a user doesn't have a 'problem'  per   se,  the exchange of information and
ideas can only benefit the  community.  Some users are lucky enough to have
a local  dealer,  but for  many, 'local'  is  a term that  can mean several
hundred  miles.   All  of those in that predicament will be able to  locate
owners  nearby.   Just  consider   us  a   friendly   dating  service   for
your  Atari computer!

     Some of  our future  projects are  not far enough  along to  be openly
discussed,  but  there  are some exciting possibilities out  there.   It is
important  that we don't take on   too much too quickly, only to find  that
we  can't handle  our   first priorities.     Too often  a well-intentioned
enterprise  fails while trying to  do too much   all at once.   Instead, we
want to grow  slowly with the aid  and support of everyone  involved in the
Atari community.   With this in  mind, the number of staff at ATARI UNITED!
is  being  kept very  small.    We have  received  many  offers from  users
volunteering to help with our  project,  and we are  encouraged  by all the
offers.   But in these  early stages,  it is  essential that  our focus  be
maintained.   Too many people   with  too many  ideas  would  only serve to
dilute our efforts at this point.  However, as  we grow,  we will be adding
to our little group, to better serve the Atari community.

     ATARI UNITED!   intends to succeed  in its effort  to strengthen   the
Atari   community.    Time and money  have already been   expended  to that
end,    and  we are  fully  ready to  expend  more.   But,  it'll  take the
cooperation and support of  TOS computer owners  all across the  US to make
ATARI UNITED! the  best it can be.  To help us help all of  you,   register
now,    while  you  are  thinking   about   it!  Together, we will make the
Atari community stronger!

                                Gordie Meyer
                               ATARI UNITED!

To register:
Complete the registration form below, and send to:

                                  ATARI UNITED!
                                  P.O. Box 691
                          Mountain View, CA  94042-0691

                                or via e-mail to:


     Name (Last, First, MI):  _________________________________________
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                   =======For further information, contact:=======

         Patti Barbiero                               Gordie Meyer
         P.O. Box 691                                 P.O. Box 1982
     Mountain View, CA 94042-0691       or        Ames, IA  50010-1982
        (415) 903-9787                               (515) 232-1627               


> MOTIVE II STR FOCUS!                    What is really going on?

                        YET ANOTHER DARLAH RT SYSOP
                              SHOWS UP ON CIS!
                          REOPENS A CAN OF WORMS!

                  The STRT's "PROVOCATEUR CLIQUE" and its 
                  "HEAD GAMES" have yet to come to a halt!

by R.F. Mariano

     Normally, an immediate response to the  Lou Rocha, (ST Lou and  Darlah
sysop on  GEnie  in the  STRT),  posts in  the  CIS message  area  would've
occurred.  But actually,   he didn't post to me!  He  posted to "all".  NOT
ONCE BUT TWICE!  A little grandstanding eh?  Or, more accurately, some very
"expert coaching" appears to be taking place here.   My, my could this have
been a well planned incursion?

     Further on  in this article, please  find my reply to  Rocha's obvious
absurdities.  He truly fails to address the real problems which are;

     a)- the total loss of credibility the IAAD has suffered and the       
         OBVIOUS COVERUP of why they really expelled Lexicor.
     b)- the unjust manner in which the Lexicor matter appeared to be      
     c)- disclosure of the board members who actually participated in the  
         "ouster vote" of Lexicor.
     d)- the less than candid attitude exhibited by the IAAD and its       
         current "officers".

     Instead, he seemingly finds the time to accuse  (as usual) STReport of
wrong doing etc..  The is exactly "the way  it was" in GEnie's STRT for the
last three years.  I guess since we refuse to offer any type of sacrificial
presence there  in the GEnie STRT,  they (Nathan & Darlah  Show Sysops) are
eager to go elsewhere and 'pay to agitate.'

#: 41851 S14/ST REPORT
    11-Aug-93  23:40:42
Sb: #Correction!
Fm: Lou Rocha 71351,72

With regard to the IAAD issue that Mr. Mariano has editorialized in STR932,
it is unfortunate that his latest tirade is based on his own misreading of
a message that has been publically available for some time. Mr. Mariano

     We checked on the ST$ address D.A. Brumleve wanted Lexicor
     to send its defenses to... it's a cumulative address for
     ALL the STRT sysops on Genie including Atari personnel.
     That's incredible! Should Lexicor be required to send its
     statement of defense to the charges made by the IAAD to
     these NON-IAAD members?? ST$ lists out as STRT Sysops!
     Something is not quite right with all this. In fact, it reeks!

>From the official IAAD response uploaded to this message area exactly one
month ago (July 12, 1993) by the same D.A. Brumleve, President of the

     If you wish to respond to the Charge, please reply to PERMIT$
     via GEMail. You will be informed of the outcome of the Board's
     investigation when it has been completed.

For those who may be interested in knowing, PERMIT$ is the group mail
address for the I.A.A.D. board members. I checked that with D.A.Brumleve
tonight to be

If Mr. Mariano thinks that something reeks, perhaps he should look
elsewhere for the cause. In the meantime, I certainly hope this correction
will be properly addressed in the next issue with the appropriate apology
to the I.A.A.D. and D.A. Brumleve.

Lou Rocha,

Concerned Reader.

#: 41858 S14/ST REPORT
    12-Aug-93  04:11:04
Sb: #41851-Correction!
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Lou Rocha 71351,72

For the record:

      Lexicor was never instructed to use any special address, I responded
to the IAAD pres, in private and mr. Cole18 who is the proper corporate
person also responded with a request for specific information in order to
make a response.  At no time did lexicor ever receive any thing remotely
resembling a specific and detailed or understandable charge, In fact as
already stated the whole process was conducted in secret, for obvious
reasons. it would not have made any difference what we did in fact, the
whole process was and is a gross violation of the very foundation on which
the USA was founded.

      No amount of monday morning quarterbacking by IAAD or others wishing
to attack Lexicor will change the fact that what was done was wrong from
beginning to end. it all started with lexicor offering competitive graphics
cards, and ended with one flag now removed and suggestions that the
offering of proofs that there was a problem, some how being twisted into a
terrible crime of some

      I have yet to see any one support secret accusations, secret proofs,
secret accusers reasonable and fair?

      I have yet to see any claim that any valid pass word was ever
published, nor have I see any proofs that one or more of the supposed
judges were not Lexicor know; "like having the judge at
your trial being the father of your alleged victim....."

      Just a few comments.


#: 41865 S14/ST REPORT
    12-Aug-93  08:37:09
Sb: Correction!
Fm: Lou Rocha 71351,72

Good morning Lee. I certainly do not intend to rekindle the issue, nor to
debate it with you. I don't have any more information than what I read in
public and from that source it was evident that Mr. Mariano's latest
editorial was based on one grossly incorrect statement. What you are saying
suggests that he is even more incorrect. It is only my intention to see
that _his_ error is corrected.

On the rest of your message, please understand that I am not in a position
(nor is it my intent) to discuss Lexicor's affairs. I have not done so on
either service in the past and will definitely continue in the same manner.



#: 41872 S14/ST REPORT
    12-Aug-93  14:49:29
Sb: #41851-Correction!
Fm: LLOYD PULLEY 72637,745
To: Lou Rocha 71351,72


It's always good to see so many current and ex GEnie sysops over here.  I
hope you show up more often.

Now for your post #41851 - first a minor, but important point.  Don't you
believe in copyright laws?  Or don't they apply to Canadians.  I believe
STReport gives permission to reprint articles to anyone as long as they
also include the name of publication, issue number, date and author's name.
I didn't see the date or name of publication in your post.

 >>With regard to the IAAD issue that Mr. Mariano has editorialized in

Also, STReport says that if you want to edit what you reproduce from its
issue, you have to get permission.  Did you get permission to post only
PART of Ralph's editorial?  Printing part of a total is called editing. If
I was Ralph, I'd ask the sysops to have your post deleted because of your
copyright infringement - but I'm sure that would lead to another Genie
sysop claiming 'censorship on CIS', so it isn't worth it.

Now for your complaint.  If you're right, then STReport should correct the
minor error in its next issue.   STReport should let its many readers know
that the same group that held a 'McCarthy type trial' on Lexicor wants Lee
to send his response (if he chooses to issue one) to the same board members
who conducted the original witchhunt and kangaroo court. That way they can
have another secret meeting and give an 'unbiased' (gag) report on Lee's

Side issue -

Lee's nicer than I am. I'd tell the IAAD and their 'secret' tribunal where
they could put their group and trial - and it'd be in a place that would
make sitting down very difficult.  This isn't the first witchhunt that the
IAAD has held.  I remember them accusing several INNOCENT developers of
leaking 'confidential' information to STReport.  And the amusing thing is
that they never once got the right one(s).  One of our leaks is still a
member in good standing with the IAAD. 

But the IAAD has never let facts and justice stand in their way before, so
why should they start now?

I find it humorous that the IAAD still thinks it still has some power and
standing in the Atari community.  Most users could care less if a developer
is part of the IAAD and the developer community has shrunk so much, that
the few remaining developers gain very little information from belonging to
the IAAD (according to several developers I've talked to).

IMO, this is a classic example of the lake shrinking to a pond, then the
pond shrinking to a mud puddle - and the few remaining big fish are forced
to attack each other to survive (at least until they can get established in
the PC market - I believe that Calamus is being ported to the PC isn't

Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

In reply to Rocha & friends..

     Permit$ ..... Now  let's see...  it also includes  those employees  of
Atari who are sysops on GEnie too or, at least it used to.  Perhaps there's
been more changes to "fit the need".  Oh!  Is Lou Rocha not also a sysop on
GEnie in the Darlah RT?  eh... Mr. Lou Rocha or, is that ST-Lou?????  Is he
really concerned??   If yes, that's good.  In  fact, its unbelievably good!
Unfortunately,  his  "concerns" take  on  the  appearance of  being  either
misguided  or  misappropriated. Unlike  other  countries, here  in  the USA
people are  regarded INNOCENT UNTIL  PROVEN GUILTY.   The IAAD  had Lexicor
already  guilty and then ...subsequently  demanded, in what  appeared to be
the  ultimate expression  of insidiousness,  that Lexicor  prove themselves
innocent!   If Lou Rocha is  really concerned?  Shouldn't he,  like many of
the users  watching this matter slowly  unfold,  be  concerned that Lexicor
was afforded every  legal right allowed  by the laws  of the country  under
whose jurisdiction both the IAAD and Lexicor fall?  

     As for REEKS....  sorry, those comments  and opinions stand  pat.   In
fact,  had Rocha not had  something "cynical" to  say, there possibly would
have been no need for this article.  Something does indeed REEK and its the
manner in which the IAAD conducted itself in the Lexicor matter.  Actually,
as a result,  of Rocha's activities he's re-opened the  whole can of worms.
The "reek factor"  is now to a point where it  becomes necessary to explain
why  the  term "reek"  was  employed.   Its  because  far too  many  of our
confidential sources  throughout the platform have clearly stated "there is
much, much  more to this IAAD/Lexicor matter than is being told."  It might
be added, after asking  questions "around the platform", it  becomes rather
obvious that something serious is "not quite right".  

     Additionally,  has  anyone noticed  the  "more  than obvious"  silence
coming  from Sunnyvale relative to this IAAD/Lexicor matter?  Normally, the
"good  director"  would  have  _plenty_  to  say   about  most  everything.
Particularly   controversial   matters  and   especially   those  involving
Nathan/Darlah/IAAD/Lexicor/STReport.    Further, it  is now  becoming quite
evident that certain "other possibly financially debilitating events" could
be adversely  effected by the IAAD's actions and/or unknown reasons for the
Lexicor expulsion.

     The IAAD/Lexicor affair most  certainly does REEK & STINK  of coverup!
The way Lexicor was apparently "done" is  an utter and total disgrace.  The
charges revealed  to  the public  in  no way  shape  or form  approach  the
severity of  the punishment dealt out by the IAAD.   But then.. if the IAAD
had something  REAL to hang its  "hat" on perhaps they  couldn't reveal the
entire  matter  for fear  they'd  place Atari's  defense, in  a  court case
brought against Atari by William Yerger, in jeopardy.  After all, Lexicor's
Seiler is testifying  on Atari's behalf in that  proceeding.  Naturally, if
the  IAAD were  to accurately reveal  their true reasons  for taking action
against Lexicor it would not sit well with Atari.

     Could  this be  the reason  for Atari's  silence about  this festering
sore? Could it  be Atari has a  great deal more at  stake here than just  a
court case?  Yes folks, the plot thickens...  It would be a crying out loud
shame  if  the IAAD's  actions eliminated  Lexicor's  Seiler as  a credible
witness for  Atari and it cost Atari the Yerger  court case.  Its incumbent
upon the  IAAD to furnish the  REAL reasons for their  expulsion of Lexicor
and stop playing games with  the truth.  Must slimeball politics  come into
play  in everything that goes  on in this platform?   Its apparent by these
events  that the IAAD is  the real and  serious loser in this  matter.   If
Rocha feels he  must defend  his friends, for  whatever reason, that's  his
right  and privilege.  However,  it must be  pointed out that  they too are
able to come to CIS and post.  Their obvious silence is deafening.  

     How  very  typical his  behavior  is.   I  might add,  it  was totally
expected of him to come to CIS attempting to represent  himself as a "plain
old faithful" reader  of STReport.  When in fact, HE  is one of the leading
critics of STReport in Darlah's GEnie STRT  and the most vociferous debater
who  continually attacked  Lloyd  at every  opportunity.   However  slight.
Rocha claims to have pointed out an error in our last  editorial.  That was
a  purposeful omission  designed to bring  out truth.   Now,  we find Rocha
trying  to slur  STReport even  further by  stating in  his second  post to
"ALL";  we  are  "even  more  incorrect" by  what  Lee  Seiler  is  saying.
Unfortunately, Rocha is  apparently "confused"  again.  Seiler  said to  us
"although the IAAD  statement said they  (the IAAD) had advised  Lexicor to
send their defensive statements to PERMIT$, (forcing Lexicor to use GEnie),
they (Lexicor - Seiler & Cole)  were never told to do so."   But then Rocha
shines  the shine  of the  "provocateur  clique" ..  ie.. if  we can  blame
STReport, "let's  do it" type mentality.  The old, kill the messenger thing

     Let's see,  since the IAAD itself  wouldn't dare to  or simply avoided
responding  to  the outcry  of  injustice, railroad,  kangaroo  court etc..
Apparently, in  fear of the truth  becoming known.  Other  methods were put
into play to obtain a viable response from them.  Therefore I purposely put
the ST$ error in my editorial to hopefully disentangle a  truthful response
from the IAAD itself.   How dare I expect  something as fair and just  from
the current officers of the IAAD.  Look who appears;  LOU ROCHA, GEnie STRT
Sysop!!  Maybe,  just maybe  his conscience will  remind him   to tell  the
WHOLE TRUTH.  WHO actually receives  the mail sent to the Permit$ address??
NAME  names please.  The IAAD  demanded Lexicor send its defense statements
to  PERMIT$.  While Rocha is possibly  in a sincere truthfulness mode, will
he also  name the board members of the IAAD who actually VOTED on expelling
Lexicor??  The rumor is ..only three board members actually participated in
this "vote".  The rumor indicates it was Dot, Nathan and Jim.

     IF ...Mr. Rocha,  is sincere and  wishes to actually  "clear the  air"
then  let's see if he'll put the  whole IAAD/Lexicor affair in the sunshine
and allow  the users/readers to decide  if the manner in  which Lexicor was
"done"  was  fair  and  just  or, should  be  reversed  with  great  haste.
Incidently, when Lexicor was asked if they'd accept re-instatement, Lexicor
clearly stated  they'd decline on the  advise of counsel.   They said their
lawyers has  advised them that  being a member  of such a  group would make
them, as  a member,  jointly  and individually  liable  for any  and  every
decision  made by  it's board  of  directors.   As such,  Lexicor will  not
consider re-instatement to be in its best interests. 

     Rocha shows  up on  CIS accusing  and carrying on  and amazingly,   he
appears right on the heels of the Craig Thom affair.  Thom, another  of the
GEnie  Darlah/Atari RT  sysops was  very busy  trying to agitate  and annoy
anyone who  would jump  to the  occasion by making  all kinds  of wild  and
unfounded accusations against CIS.   Of course, nobody made mention  of the
fact that dear  old Craig and STReport  go a long  way back and have  never
seen eye to eye.   Nor has anybody made mention of the hullabaloo raised in
the Lexicor areas by Thom  where he  carried  on  about Lexicor's  business
practices until he was told to cease by a higher authority.  
     In reality, if GEnie's STRT is where the action is.. they can have it!
They  seemingly  THRIVE on  grief,  backstabbing, baiting  and  hate filled
debate.  Especially those  Atari RT  sysops who go to other services trying
to create the same, tension  filled atmosphere as found in the  GEnie Atari
RT.  Will they ever learn?  I doubt it.  

Is Rocha a member of the IAAD?  NO!  Does  he represent them?  NO!  Is this
perhaps something to  pay attention to?   NOT REALLY!   Is there  something
unseen in the proverbial woodpile?  VERY POSSIBLE!

Nah.....  there is no scheme here, no ulterior motivation, no setup at all.

Rocha is merely a concerned reader........   YEAH... Right!   NOT!

               Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

ps; it STILL REEKS!!    Only worse  now... Thanks Lou.. for re-opening  the
whole thing  ..<sigh>


> OPENDOC! STR InfoFile Open Technology Will Simplify Sharing of Documents

                               TO DELIVER THE

     Open Technology Will Simplify the Sharing of Complex Documents in
Multivendor Environments

     WordPerfect  Corporation and Novell  Inc.  announced  plans to deliver
the  implementation of  Apple Computer  Inc.'s OpenDoc  technology  for the
Microsoft Windows platform in the second calendar quarter of 1994.

     OpenDoc, the technology that Apple recently discussed at its Worldwide
Developers  Conference, is  an open  software architecture that  lets users
create compound  documents---documents that  include information and  media
from  many different  applications. It  lets developers  write applications
that can handle different kinds of  information, yet are simpler to  create
and  use.  OpenDoc   will  interoperate  with  similar  systems,   such  as
Microsoft's  OLE 2.0.  With OpenDoc,  a text  paragraph becomes  a software
component  that  is  usable wherever  text  is  needed.  Users can  combine
components from a range of applications into custom solutions.

     OpenDoc source code will be available to vendors who want to implement
the  architecture  in  their  applications.  OpenDoc  provides  WordPerfect
Corporation  and Novell Inc.  with a controlling voice  in the direction of
this  multi-platform document  architecture  for  Windows. This  technology
provides  "live" documents,  which  means the  integration across  multiple
platforms is seamless and the services provided are unlimited.

     "We  have   always   been  committed   to  developing   cross-platform
applications for our customers, and we have always had the  need to develop
our  software  so that  it can  operate  effectively under  multiple system
architectures," said  Alan Ashton,  president of   WordPerfect Corporation.
"We applaud   Apple's efforts  to provide in  OpenDoc an open  architecture
that supports compound documents and collaboration across platforms, and we
look forward to working with Novell to develop the Windows implementation."

     John  Edwards, executive  vice president  of Novell's  Desktop Systems
Group said OpenDoc  addresses many  of the problems  Novell customers  have
experienced in working with compound documents. "This new architecture will
enable developers to provide end users with more powerful document creation
and manipulation capabilities." 
     Edwards  continued, "We have committed to supporting OpenDoc in future
Novell products, and it is a key building block in  our AppWare development
strategy."  The  AppWare blueprint,  announced  yesterday  at PC  Expo,  is
Novell's comprehensive, multi-layer, cross-platform development platform."
     "This announcement by WordPerfect  and Novell represents a significant
step forward in  providing unparalleled flexibility and ease of  use on the
Windows  platform,"  said David  Nagel, senior  vice president  and general
manager  of  the  Macintosh  Software  Architecture  Division  and  Advance
Technology  Group  at  Apple   Computer.  "OpenDoc  technology  will  bring
integration and  interoperability to  customers and developers  on multiple
platforms, ensuring a rich and streamlined computing environment."
     Most  applications  include text-editing  capabilities.  With OpenDoc,
users can work in a more unified environment by taking their preferred text
editor  and using those editing  tools to work with  any type of data. This
method of  editing any  type of content  within a single  document provides
users with upgrade  options to other text editors that  meet their specific
needs.  Users can add and edit any kind of media in a document with nothing
more complex than cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop actions.

     OpenDoc  will allow  developers  to break  existing applications  into
independent  components that can be combined in  a variety of ways. OpenDoc
will provide  faster development  since components  can  be assembled  into
plug-and-play bundles focused on  specific markets. Software developers can
upgrade products more quickly by revising individual components rather than
rewriting an entire application.

     "Borland endorses  this new  technology as  another means of  bringing
power, flexibility and ease of use to  our customers," said Phillippe Kahn,
Founder and  CEO of Borland. "Our  focus on object technology  is a natural
fit for OpenDoc  plug-and-play solutions.  We're pleased  to see new models
of  desktop computing emerging that will reduce the complexity of computing
and bring new levels  of power to PC users and grow the market." Developers
for the Apple Macintosh and Windows  platforms can begin coding for OpenDoc
later  this year.  Implementation  of OpenDoc  on  additional platforms  is
expected shortly after the Windows and Macintosh release.


> INSIDE SPA! STR InfoFile            All About SPA and what it offers


     The  Software  Publishers Association  (SPA)  is  the principal  trade
association of the microcomputer  software industry. Founded in 1984  by 25
firms,  the SPA  now has  more than  900 members,  which include  the major
business, consumer and  education software companies and smaller firms with
annual revenues of less than $1  million. The SPA is committed to promoting
the industry and protecting the interests of its membership.

     The SPA has two  membership categories:  full and  associate. Software
firms that produce, release, develop  or license microcomputer software and
are  principally responsible for the  marketing and sales  of that software
are  eligible to  apply  for full  membership  status. Firms  that  develop
software but do not publish are also eligible. Associate membership is open
to firms  that do not  publish software, but  provide services to  software
companies.  These members  include  vendors,  consultants, market  research
firms, distributors and hardware manufacturers.

Business, Consumer, and Education Sections

     Full SPA members can choose to be part of the  Business, Consumer, and
Education Sections  by contributing  25% of  their dues to  one or  more of
these  specialized  subgroups.    Section  participation  comes  free  with
membership, and it entitles members to information on a specific segment of
the industry. Many members devote all 25% of their dues to one section, and
some  elect to join all three sections. Either  way, you will be invited to
participate in  section meetings,  projects,  the planning  of SPA  meeting
sessions, and other activities related to specific software markets.

     Business Section:  The Business Section comprises the largest subgroup
of the  SPA membership, with  representative companies  ranging from  small
start-ups to some of the largest software firms.  The group focuses many of
its activities and meetings  on licensing and managing software  assets, as
well as tax-related  issues.  The Business Section also  played an integral
role  in developing  the SPA  Resource Guide  for Developing  Your Software
Business,  which is  collection  of articles  covering  key issues  in  the
industry such as marketing, distribution, PR, and finance.

     Consumer  Section:  The Consumer Section is comprised of publishers of
consumer games, recreation software, home productivity programs, as well as
other  companies specializing in  consumer software.   The Consumer Section
will be  offering free to its  members the results of  its End-User survey,
which will  scrutinize hardware and  software purchases of  1500 households
with computers.  The Section also publishes a quarterly newsletter focusing
on consumer software issues.   The group meets several times a year  at SPA
meetings  and  trade shows,  including Summer  and  Winter CES,  to discuss
projects and issues affecting the consumer software industry.

     Education Section:  With member companies publishing software  for the
K-12  and higher-education markets,  the Education Section  plays an active
role in this segment of the industry.  Past projects have included a School
Software  Survey, the Education LAN Survey, the Report on the Effectiveness
of  Microcomputers in  Schools,  among others.    Programs are  also  being
developed to  promote awareness  of  software piracy  amongst teachers  and
students.   The Education Section comes together  at SPA meetings and other
educational conferences throughout the year.

International Activities 

     SPA Europe was created to promote and provide services to the European
software industry.   Now in its  second full year of  operation, SPA Europe
represents  more  than  100  European software  publishers,  re-publishers,
distributors, SPU  manufacturers, and  other industry-related firms,  in 15
different  countries  from  Iceland to  Turkey.    Companies  interested in
joining SPA Europe should contact the membership department at: 

     SPA Europe
     2 Place de la Defense
     World Trade Center, CNIT BP 416
     92053 Paris La Defense, France
     Tel:  33-(1) 46 92 27 03/04  Fax:  33-(1) 46 92 25 31

Programs and Benefits

     SPA Semiannual Conferences:   The SPA meets twice a  year, on the east
coast in  the Fall and  on the west coast  in the Spring.  The conferences,
which attract more  than 1000  attendees, offer members  an opportunity  to
meet  with  industry  leaders  and  executives.  Attendees  participate  in
informative  sessions,  discuss  issues   and  mobilize  their  efforts  in
committee  meetings, which  focus on the  consumer, education  and business

     European Conference:  The  European conference, hosted by  SPA Europe,
is an opportunity to meet with more  than 350 peers in an informal setting.
It also  offers a chance to learn more about the European software industry
and the forces that  drive international markets.  For the past 3 year, the
European Conference has been held in Cannes, France. 

     Market Research Program:  Each month, participating publishers receive
detailed market sales  reports.   Members use the  SPA's monthly  aggregate
sales  reports to  track software  industry trends,  the relative  sizes of
market segments and  their own  market share. Members  that participate  in
this  market research program submit  sales figures and  information to the
national accounting firm of Arthur Andersen &  Co. in Washington, D.C., The
reports are available only to the SPA members who  share their confidential
sales  figures  and  information.  Individual company  sales  data  is  not
disclosed.   According to  many of the  SPA's members, the  reports are the
most reliable source of market data available to the industry. 

     Salary  Survey:    The  SPA  conducts  the  software  industry's  most
extensive  salary  survey.  The annual  survey  focuses  on human  resource
practices,  and short and long term compensation for more than 30 positions
common  to  companies in  our  industry.  Participants  receive the  survey
results free of charge.

     CEO  Roundtable:  Chief Executive Officers of member companies meet in
small groups with other CEOs of non-competitive firms to discuss informally
a  wide  range  of business  problems  including  marketing,  personnel and
breaking into the distribution channel.

     Contracts Reference Disk and Manual:  The Contracts Reference Disk and
Manual  (CRD)  is a  compendium  of legal  contracts  used in  the software
industry.  Although it  is not intended  to replace  an attorney,  it is an
indispensable tool  that includes everything  from nondisclosure agreements
to site-licensing agreements. It costs $300 for nonmembers, but is free to

     Lobbying:  The SPA  provides industry  representation before  the U.S.
Congress  and  the  executive  branch  of   government  and  keeps  members
up-to-date  on  events in  Washington, D.C.,  that  effect them.  The fight
against  software piracy  is  among  its top  priorities.  The  SPA is  the
industry's primary defense against software copyright violators both in the
United States and   abroad. Litigation and an ongoing  advertising campaign
are ways in which the SPA strives to protect the copyrights of its members.

     SPA  Newsletter and Complimentary  Subscriptions: Members  receive the
SPA News  on  a monthly  basis.   The  newsletter  updates members  on  SPA
programs and activities. Special  features include start-up success stories
and "country  profiles" covering  international marketing  and distribution
issues.   In  addition,  members  receive  complimentary  subscriptions  to
industry  publications, including  Jeffrey  Tarter's  Soft*letter,  Digital
Information Group's  Software Industry  Bulletin and Broadview  Associates'

     Award  Programs:  The  SPA  Excellence in  Software  Awards  recognize
products that have  achieved a high level  of excellence, as  determined by
the SPA   members. They are  the software industry's  version of the  movie
industry's   Oscars.  Members  vote  to  award  prizes  in  25  categories,
including  best  software  program,   best  entertainment,  best   business
application, best home learning and best new use of a computer. The winners
receive national publicity.

     The  Sales Certification  Program  awards  certifications to  software
products that  reach outstanding sales levels of 500,000; 250,000; 100,000;
and 50,000 units sold. Gelfand, Renner & Feldman, the accounting  firm that
manages the  Recording Industry  of America's certifications,  conducts the
sales audits for the SPA. 

     Special Interest Groups (SIG)  All SPA members may choose to  join any
number  of Special Interest Groups  (SIGs).  Each  SIG maintains individual
memberships (unlike the SPA membership, which is corporate) with dues of at
least $100 per person per SIG.

     All SIGs  are member driven.   While some SIGs have  chosen to produce
reports,  initiate  projects, and  assemble  sessions  at SPA  conferences,
others use the  group as a  forum for information exchange,  discussion and
networking.  Refer  to each  SIG description for  its specific  activities.
All SIGs meet formally at least twice a year at SPA conferences.  Some SIGs
meet more  frequently  at  other industry trade  shows, such as  COMDEX and

     CD SIG:  The CD SIG was formed to promote the CD as a viable medium in
the  computer industry.  Through a better understanding of the implications
of  this emerging technology, this SIG plans  to assist members in planning
and profitably executing CD programs.

     International  SIG:    As  a  coalition  of  software  publishers  and
distributors involved in international markets, the International SIG seeks
to provide members with information  on creating partnerships and  business
alliances in overseas markets.    The SIG aims to help  its members develop
and sustain profitable international  sales and operations through reports,
resource guides and international sessions at SPA conferences.

     Macintosh  SIG:   The  Macintosh SIG  consists  of Macintosh  software
vendors that work to  facilitate the sharing of information  and resources.
The SIG  promotes the  common business  interests of companies  developing,
publishing,  marketing or  reporting on  products for  the Apple  Macintosh

     Marketing  SIG:   The  Marketing SIGs  goal  is to  promote successful
marketing in the  PC software  industry by allowing  participants to  share
information and ideas  regarding relevant marketing  issues.  SIG  projects
have  included  a biannual  marketing  newsletter,  planning the  marketing
bootcamps at SPA conferences, and a collection of 450 tips called "The Do's
and Don'ts of PC Software Marketing."

     Pen  Computing SIG:   The  Pen Computing  SIG offers  players in  this
emerging  market an opportunity to  network and discuss  issues relevant to
pen computing.  The SIG aims to  promote awareness of pen  computing in the
industry and acts as  an information source for companies  involved in this
emerging technology.

     Public  Relations   SIG:     The  PR  SIG   offers  public   relations
professionals  within the SPA and  the software industry  an opportunity to
share information, network and discuss common concerns.

     Software  Production Services  SIG:   Formerly the  Packaging SIG, the
Software Production Services SIG was recently reorganized to meet the needs
of  packagers  and publishers  alike.    The group  intends  to  act as  an
information  source for  its  members, and  broaden  its focus  to  include
translation, distribution, project management, as well as packaging issues.

     Workgroup  Computing SIG:   The  newly-formed Workgroup  Computing SIG
aims to foster the  growth of groupware capabilities and  market acceptance
by  enabling vendors  of  PC LAN  products to  share information  on issues
related to this  emerging segment of  the industry.   The Workgroup SIG  is
currently  soliciting  new  members  who  have  an  interest  in  groupware


> STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

     Our sources  reported shortly behind the  IBM/Atari announcement about
the  Jaguar joint  venture that  a  large number  of Atari  stock had  been
transferred/traded.  They  further  reported;  The  telltale sign  was  the 
little  noticed  press release  noting  that  the  directors of  Atari  had 
voted  against the split.  Atari  originally made the proposed  split known
when the stock  was at about 70 cents per share.  The price  was not a true
representation of the  company  according to Sam Tramiel.   It was so cheap
that on  May 17, 1993  when  the stock  was  trading at 94 cents on NASDAQ, 
Sam and  Leonard  both bought  four million shares of  the Atari stock from 
their father, Jack Tramiel.  On May 28, 1993, the same day the announcement
of the cancellation of  the stock split was made, the stock  rose  to 2.50.
Also on the same day, the announcement of the Jaguar deal was made.  Within
three  days the stock had  jumped to 4 3/8.  Was it just a coincidence that 
both announcements came shortly after the stock xfer??  Do you?


     Amidst  claims of defective, missing  a vital part  and simply general
disgust,  a number of long time  developers are making their thoughts known
about the Falcon's Video output.  Its seems, according to one dev, that all
it will take to fix is the inclusion of an inexpensive part.  Yet it is not
being done and the remark that "we are not in the business of fixing things
for third  party developers" is the alleged answer from the company.  Seems
the overlay bitmask in the interlaced mode is like shooting  dice. You have
a 50/50  chance of the screen  coming up scrambled!   Another dev  who also
asked to remain un-named said it all when he said "So where is all this NEW
software they were harping about?  The Falcon is not selling well at all."


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


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> A "Quotable Quote"     "The "real thing".....  Is it really?

                        "IF IT QUACKS LIKE A DUCK....

                          WADDLES LIKE A DUCK....
                       HAS WEBBED FEET LIKE A DUCK...


                                    .... Willy "The Gizzard" Tradaire

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                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                 Est. 1985
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER

                      CUSTOM - MADE TO ORDER HARDWARE
                      SOFTWARE, SUPPLIES & INSTRUCTION
                              COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                              202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
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