Z*Net: 09-Nov-90 #545

From: Kevin Steele (aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/24/90-08:47:46 PM Z

From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: Z*Net: 09-Nov-90  #545
Date: Sat Nov 24 20:47:46 1990

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                        Z*NET ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE
                             November 9, 1990
                                Issue #545
                      Publisher/Editor : Ron Kovacs
                      Assistant Editor  : John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                      Contributor:    Keith Macnutt

                        ~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~
 EDITORS DESK.................................................Ron Kovacs
 Z*NET NEWSWIRE.........................................................
 AN APOLOGY.............................................Dorothy Brumleve
 CHICAGO ATARIFEST UPDATE..................................Press Release
 BBS EXPRESS! ST UPDATE....................................Press Release
 Z*NET NEW ZEALAND............................................Jon Clarke
 SEURAT VERSION 2.0 UPDATE.................................Press Release
 NEVIN SHALIT IN CONFERENCE.............................................
 NEODESK BUNDLED IN CANADA.................................Press Release
 PUBLIC DOMAIN UPDATE......................................Keith Macnutt
 ZMAG ARCHIVES: NEIL HARRIS IN CONFERENCE...............................
 by Ron Kovacs
 Comdex is here and we will have LIVE reports direct from the show.  Look
 also for a full report next week from John Nagy and Terry May.
 The following Bulletin Board Systems carry the Z-Net Crossnet and the
 Z-Net weekly magazine.  If you are interested in joining in this 
 informative conference you may call any of the boards listed or ask your
 local Forem Sysop to join "Z-Net".  Conference code is "20448" and lead
 node is #593.

   5 - Mile High BBS                303-431-1404   Denver, CO, USA
  97 - Big Foot                     206-726-9739   Seattle, WA, USA    
 133 - Hologram Inc.                201-727-1914   Old Bridge, NJ, USA 
 153 - The Temporal Fixation        609-423-4865   Paulsboro, NJ, USA   
 168 - C.C.B.B.S.                   609-451-7475   Bridgeton, NJ, USA  
 204 - Full Moon BBS                508-752-1348   Worcester, MA, USA   
 304 - The Twilight Zone            407-831-1613   Longwood, FL, USA   
 322 - ACEY BBS                     509-966-8555   Yakima, WA, USA  
 401 - HyperSpace III               404-452-7488   Atlanta, GA, USA  
 423 - The White Runes of Tinuviel  303-972-8566   Littleton, CO, USA 
 429 - MASATEK                      213-518-9524   Torrance, CA, USA                                        
 437 - STinger BBS                  805-834-9405   Bakersfield, CA, USA 
 440 - Realm of Chaos               602-789-9426   Phoenix, AZ, USA  
 441 - The Boiler Room BBS          313-562-1142   Detroit, MI, USA  
 448 - Crash ST BBS                 604-299-5111   Burnaby, BC, Canada                    
 467 - Sherwood Forest              718-522-0768   New York, NY, USA  
 489 - STeal Your Face              201-920-7981   Brick, NJ, USA 
 500 - BATTLEZONE                   301-969-0621   Glen Burnie, MD, USA  
 505 - Atari West BBS               604-272-5888   Vancouver, BC, Canada 
 523 - Leftover Hippies BBS         416-466-8931   Toronto, ON, Canada  
 532 - Bill's BBS                   403-461-7546   Edmonton, AB, Canada   
 534 - Pinky's House of Horror!     415-531-1576   Oakland, CA, USA   
 538 - The Dragon's Lair            803-788-7806   Columbia, SC, USA  
 542 - The Yakima Atari ST BBS      509-965-2345   Yakima, WA, USA 
 546 - Bear Swamp BBS               513-644-0714   Marysville, OH, USA  
 554 - ISLAND EXPRESS               604-287-7247   Campbell River BC,CDN
 556 - Thieves Guild                301-894-8516   Suitland, MD, USA    
 574 - Asylum                       505-897-4306   Albuquerque, NM, USA  
 593 - Z*Net Online                 908-968-8148   Middlesex, NJ, USA 
 596 - Super 68                     206-859-9644   Kent, WA, USA 


                              Compiled by Ron Kovacs and Terry Schreiber
 The new Atari Mega STE is scheduled to be shown at the Toronto Computer
 Show this up-coming week.  Although a long way off from the distribution
 stages this unit sports 16 mhz in a TT style case.  This computer will
 be the intermediate between those who wish to upgrade from the base
 models but don't need or can't afford the costs of the newer Atari TT
 that made it's premier at Authorized Canadian dealers this week.
 After a five year-long effort the SPA was pleased to have finally seen
 the passage of the bill that makes software rental (other than non-
 profit library loans) programs illegal.  One hour and a half before
 Congress recessed to start campaigning for reelection, the so-called
 "software rental bill" was finally passed and now awaits expected
 imminent presidential signature.  Once signed, the bill will go into
 immediate effect, making it illegal for companies to rent software so
 users can learn to use it, copy the program, then return the original
 disks and documentation for re-rental.

 Atari recently mounted a public computer exhibition on a train, visiting
 key cities around the UK and attracted around 20,000 visitors.  The
 whistle stop tour was billed as a festival of computing expertise
 mounted as free visitor attraction by Atari.  There were special
 displays built into six carriages on the train which visited Bristol,
 Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Birmingham.

 Rodime introduced a new series of high performance disk drives,
 including the highest capacity 3.5 inch disk drive ever announced.  The
 3004T Series offers formatted capacities from 331MB to 540MB, using up
 to six disks.  In addition, the 3004T Series features separate 16-bit
 servo and host control microprocessors which implements innovative,
 fully interrupt-driven firmware to ensure an extremely rapid response to
 host requests. 

 Acclaim announced the new Acclaim Power Player wireless remote
 controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The Power Player
 features pin-point accuracy from up to 30 feet away in addition to
 offering an automatic shut-off control to prevent battery drain.

 Verbatim introduced the second generation of rewritable optical disks.
 The new 128MB capacity 3.5 inch rewritable optical disk is the most
 recent in a series of product introductions that include Verbatim 4MB
 floppy diskettes and 5.25 inch rewritable optical disks.  Optical disks
 are much more durable than hard disks.  This durability means that
 stored data is expected to last at least 10 years, and perhaps as long
 as 50 years.

 Copyright (c)1990, Dorothy Brumleve
 November 5, 1990  Urbana, IL
 In April of 1990, an AtariFest was held in Pittsburgh, PA.  Following
 this show, there were numerous reports in the press regarding piracy as
 allegedly exhibited by show goers.  Accusations of software piracy were
 lodged at a Pittsburgh user group, the Atari Elite.  A discussion of
 this issue emerged in the ST RT bulletin board area on GEnie, and I was
 a participant in this discussion.
 Readers of my posts in this regard may have been influenced to believe
 allegations regarding the Elite.  I would, therefore, like to make it
 perfectly clear that I have absolutely no first-hand evidence to support
 any allegations of piracy on the part of this group or its membership.
 I am not acquainted with any member, have never attended its meetings,
 and did not attend the Pittsburgh show.  I am very sorry if my
 unsubstantiated remarks have resulted in unwarranted discomfort or
 embarrassment or any other kind of negative outcome for anyone
 associated with the Atari Elite.
 The discussion on GEnie was heated and emotional because software theft
 is a very serious issue among developers.  On the very weekend of the
 Pittsburgh show, an online magazine published an article I wrote about
 this issue and how it affects the development of new software for the
 Atari ST and, consequently, reduces the value of the hardware investment
 of each and every ST user.  Software theft is not the _only_ serious
 issue faced by Atari and its users and developers, but it _is_
 nevertheless a significant threat to the future of the ST.  The
 Independent Association of Atari Developers (IAAD), of which I am a
 member, considers this issue of such importance that one of its first 
 acts has been the publication of an anti-piracy advertisement in several
 magazines.  These magazines, in turn, have considered this issue of such
 importance that they have donated the space for this ad.
 I would urge ST users to take this issue seriously, also, and to _do_
 something about it.  You should beware of (and report!) bulletin boards
 with "elite access" areas.  Please discourage software sharing among
 your friends.  I would urge users groups to take a clear public stand
 against software theft.  Those who hold commercial libraries are urged
 to stop circulating commercial software; the very existence of a group
 commercial lending library is an invitation to software theft and gives
 the appearance of condoning or even promoting piracy, even when that 
 group consists only of the most honorable individuals.
 One of the main themes of the post-show discussion in the GEnie bulletin
 board was the apparent social acceptability of software theft.  If any
 positive outcome is to emerge from the Pittsburgh show, let it be a
 universal condemnation of pirate activities.  The Atari ST and _all_ its
 users will be better off for it.
 D.A. Brumleve
 Copyright 1990 by D.A. Brumleve
 Permission to reprint without amendment or abridgement is hereby

                                                           Press Release
 **** Chicago AtariFest V2.0 Update ****

 It is now only a matter of hours before the Chicago AtariFest '90 will
 be in full swing.  We just have a very few late breaking updates to the
 previous announcements:
 A big thank you to Atari Corp. for their generous donation of a complete
 STe Color system.  Some lucky door prize ticket holder will take this
 jewel home!
 Thank you to CodeHead Software for offering to bring their TT system to
 demo at the show- Who needs to go to COMDEX to see the hot Atari
 hardware?  Yes, Virginia, their famous T-shirts will be on sale at table
 20, main floor.

 Tom Hunt will be demoing his new 8-bit BASIC. Blazing floating point,
 like Turbo BASIC, but compatible with SpartaDOS.

 GEnie will be handing out copies of the newest version of ALADDIN in
 their display area.  See Jeff Williams for details- table 38, second
 The SCAT MIDI SIG will have an ongoing demo of the latest in MIDI
 hardware and software on the 2nd floor stage area.  Stop by and request
 a song!

 An incredible array of used hardware and software will be sold in the
 user group "swap" section.  I've heard that everything from 2600 game
 cartridges, to 4.1 gigabyte WORM drives will be on sale at bargain
 prices.  The user group areas are all on the second floor - Get there

 Just in case you've been out of the country the last month or so; the
 Chicago AtariFest will be held November 11th (Sunday) 1990 at the
 American Legion Gurnee Post located at W. Grand and IL. Rt. 21 (just 1
 mile east of I-94 and the "Great America" theme park).  The show will
 open to the public at 10:00 AM and will run until 4:00 PM.  General
 admission will be $3.00 at the door.  Children under 6 will be admitted
 free with a paying adult.

 All paid admissions will have a chance at the STe Color System donated
 by Atari, or one of several other valuable door prizes to be awarded at
 various times during the day.  For more show information, please contact
 LCACE at P.O. Box 8788, Waukegan, IL 60079-8788.  A special show message
 base (#12) is available on the Python BBS, (708) 680-5105 300/1200/2400

 Our main goal in working to bring you this show is to HAVE FUN - if you
 can, we'd love to have you join us!  Thanks for reading these updates,
 and we hope to see you at the show.

 ======================                                    Press Release
 |    /\                                                               |
 |   / / 2            Presenting BBS Express! ST v1.34                 |
 |  /  \                  Copyright (c) 1987,1990                      |
 | /\/\ \  Ltd.                  by T2 Ltd.                            |
 | \/\ \/                                                              |
 |    \/               (Formerly an ICD Inc. product)                  |
    T2 Ltd BBS Express! Support 714-357-6806 (PC Pursuit "CACOL" node)

    November 1, 1990
 NEW The 'Idle Timeout Logoff' has been improved so that users are warned
 30 seconds prior to the BBS hanging up on them for inactivity.  Three
 bells ring, and a message is printed, then unless a keypress is received
 in 30 seconds, the BBS will print another message and log the user off.
 -  Messages read by the addressee shows *Received* in header.
 -  BBS asks user if they want to post before proceeding to next base
    on a QuickScan (unless Continuous Scroll is ON).
 -  You can now change the title of a message when making a [R]eply.
 -  Auto-Paging (when not in Continuous Scroll Mode.)
 -  Added read commands include: Jump to Msg, Goto Last, Gosub Number x,
    BackUp One Msg '-'.
 -  More key substitutes (ie SPACE key or RETURN key advances to next
    msg, 'X' or 'Q' key to Quit...)
 -  When a user (or SysOp) presses 'D' to delete a message, the BBS now
    confirms their action with a prompt before deleting the message.
 -  Extra Help screen in QuickScan (and other 'read modes') is built-in
    and the options are flagged when available to the user.
 -  New "Slash Command": /T for title change in editor.  Please update
    your MSGEDIT.HLP file(s) to reflect this option.
 NEW The user (or SysOp) is prompted to delete old mail after a reply is
 -  The 'C'atalog command now shows the user a short description of each
    file in the listing.
 NEW The 'B'rowse w/description now has a larger and nicer file header.
 New information such as number of accesses and user rating is included.
 Use CNVTDESC.PRG to update old description files to the new format.
 NEW The screen is cleared between each file when 'B'rowse w/descriptions
 is chosen.
 NEW The SysOp may now make a remote download while in SysOp mode.  This
 means that is you want to download a file that isn't in a SIG, you can
 just get into the path where the file exists and do a download there,
 rather than going through the rigors of copying the file to a SIG and
 later deleting it.  To do it, just get into the same folder as the file
 you desire to d/l, then type "DOWNLOAD" or simply "DL".  The BBS will
 prompt you the rest of the way.
 -  An all-new "X-Press FileScan" has been added -- this is, in effect,
    a QuickScan of all the file SIGs that the user can access.  They may
    select a scan of all new files, or input a date.
 NEW Complimenting the Script commands "GEM" and "TOS" is the all-new
 "TTP".  The difference here is that it will only pass the parameters
 that you tell it to.  The "TOS" command appends 5 others (as mentioned
 in the original docs), and with some programs, this can be a problem.
 -  A new parameter has been made available for the VIEW function; now
    you can call a file with ampersand variable processing (as the old
    version did), or you can opt to view a file raw; that is, no
    filtering of variables.  This is useful for viewing files you may
    have downloaded, and which may contain the '&' symbol, or to enable
    viewing files at a faster speed, or for showing ANSI graphics, this
    command parameter works great.  To invoke this in your script, use
    the parameter "SHOWALL".  By the way, this file is being viewed with
    that parameter right now -- works faster too.
 -  A new way of detecting whether a user is a >>Quick Entry<< or remote
    caller has been added.  Simply use the &29 variable -- if it shows
    a baud rate of 19200 baud, then the user online is a Quick Entry.
 -  A previously undocumented feature was discovered:  You can make a
    string all uppercase using X = UPPERCASE (X).

 ============================[ To Order: ]=============================
 First time buyers:  The price is still $79.95 (cheap) and includes two
 disks, documentation, Script examples, and the Script language Compiler,
 of course.  To add the optional yearly update subscription, add another
 $15.00 (for a total of $94.95).  Free Shipping!
 Registered owners:  The yearly subscription fee for unlimited updates
 via modem is $25.00 -- you will be able to come online and grab the
 latest version was soon as it hits the streets!

 Send check or money order made out to "T2 Ltd." to this address:

            T2 Ltd.
            Attn: Heidi Taylor
            17394 Valencia Ave., #54
            Fontana, CA.  92335

 Further information can be obtained via voice or modem:

 T2 Ltd BBS Express! Support 714-357-6806 (PC Pursuit "CACOL" node)
 Voice (9am-5pm Pacific) 714-355-5969


 by Jon Clarke
 Atari News Down Under
 Several new promotional offers have hit the stores in time for
 Christmas.  The best by far is the new "Discovery Pack", which will
 retail for $NZ999.
 With the clone wars that have been raging in New Zealand we have seen
 the costs of the Atari PC range drop in price and have become more
 compeditive in the PC_field.
 The new colour Atari monitor is on sale with a recommend retail price
 of $NZ699.  This cuts $200 off the old retail price of the SC1224.  The
 new colour monitor offers stereo sound and is in fact using a 'Phillips"
 With the Christmas season soon on us and the summer season well truly
 here, we are about to see a major advertising blitz on our local TV
 stations and in the printed media.  The adverts are one of the better
 ones I have seen on TV and will rival if not surpass the ones done on
 the STe over the last six months.
 The real coST of computing.
 So you think you have it tough in the USA and other countries because
 your computer equipment cost "SO MUCH".  Well take heart, you have it
 cheap.  Now consider this and then read the list below.  The NZ dollar
 is about 60% of that of the USA Dollar.  So for every $1 American you
 get $1.40 New Zealand.
 Item        Description           New Zealand Dollar     American Dollar
 SM124       Monochrome Monitor    $NZ   499.oo          $US   299.40
 SM1224      Colour Monitor        $NZ   899.oo          $US   539.40
 SM1224   SPECIAL DISCOVERY PRICE  $NZ   700.oo          $US   420.oo
 SM194 A3    Monochrome Monitor    $NZ 4,999.oo          $US 2,999.oo
 SF314       720k d/s Disk Drive   $NZ   499.oo          $US   299.40
 Megafile 30 Hard Disk             $NZ 1,499.oo          $US   899.40
 ST Mouse    Mouse                 $NZ    90.oo          $US    54.oo
 SFP 004     MEGA Maths co-pro     $NZ   599.oo          $US   359.40
 Robokit     Cart port interface   $NZ   199.oo          $US   119.40
 Spectre GCR Mac Emulator          $NZ   699.oo          $US   419.oo
 MAC ROMS    for above             $NZ   599.oo          $US   359.40
 Lynx        Hand held games       $NZ   499.oo          $US   299.40
 Lynx Card   Games cards           $NZ    70.oo          $US    42.oo
 520  STe    Computer              $NZ 1,399.oo          $US   839.40
 1 mb STe    Computer              $NZ 1,599.oo          $US   959.40
 2 mb STe    Computer              $NZ 1,999.oo          $US 1,199.40
 4 mb STe    Computer              $NZ 2,599.oo          $US 1,559.40
 TT 020      Computer              $NZ 6,999.[proposed]  $US 4,199.40


 ==================                                        Press Release
  =================                                =====================
    PRESS RELEASE                                  SKWare One PO Box 277
  November 10, 1990                                Bunker Hill, IL 62014
  =================                                =====================


                        SEURAT VERSION 2.0 UPGRADES!

   Now, the Best Bargain in Atari ST Graphics Programs just got Better! 
    SEURAT Version 2.0 has added a host of new features, improvements,
            and image power to what was already a great deal!


 * Create and Edit Degas, MacPaint and GEM IMG files (any size!)
   Largest workspace onto IMG's of ANY program! (reqs. mono mon.)  Now,
   you can use the full resources of SEURAT to create and edit images for
   your Desktop Publishing, using powerful raster tools and working in a
   familiar Paint Program environment!  Enjoy the best of both worlds!
 * THE FASTEST Multi-Ratio Zoom (2X to 8X) there is for the ST!  SEURAT
   Vers. 2.0 is 121 times faster than Vers. 1.0 and TWICE as fast as
 * System, Degas and GDOS fonts on-line for text (with no GDOS.PRG
   required!)  You can Scale, Style, Color and Rotate Text!
 * Automatic Smooth-Curve Spline Drawing Tools! Let your ST draw for you!
 * EIGHT Image Buffers available on a 1-Meg ST!
 * SlowMouse! Variable-Speed mouse makes Drawing Easier!
 * Anti-Alias (and it's goof-proof)! Powerful Palette Editor with video-
   like color controls! Modify whole palettes with a single mouse stroke!
 * Loads and Saves Compressed & Uncompressed Degas, MacPaint, and GEM IMG
   files; IFF (Degas) and GFA blocks; fill, brush and palette files.
 * There's also 11 block shapers & twisters to modify image blocks (now
   full-screen, too); 92 color & mono fill patterns; 42 brushes including
   user-defined and multi-colored; 4 graphic write modes & 21 block &
   mask write modes; circle, ellipse & filled disc in free, repeat &
   concentric modes; round- & square-cornered rectangles & solids; rays;
   airbrush; clear-circle & clear-box; vertical, horizontal & free lines;
   polylines & polygons in line-edge or spline-curve; area & seed fill;
   user-set clipping ("invisible windows"); color remap; mirror; screen
   shift, flip, invert & rotate; fill editor; brush editor; line editor;
   gobs of great disk functions like Format and a Super File Directory;
   and a hundred or so other features there's no room to mention here...
 * INDISPENSIBLE for GEM IMG graphics for your Desktop Publishing!  More
   graphic tools and operations for creating and editing .IMG files than
   ANY OTHER PROGRAM (no matter how much it costs)!
 * DON'T BE MISLED by SEURAT's low price!  VERSION 2.0 is a POWER TOOL
   that out-performs the "big-name" programs!

 * NEW! Now, SEURAT PRINTS TOO! With built-in Print Drivers for Epson-X-
   compatibles and HP DeskJet (and LaserJet & HP-compatibles like the
   Epson EPL-6000).  The DeskJet driver outputs at 75/150/300 dpi in BOTH
   Portrait and Landscape orientation, and it's positionable to the dot!
   You get DeskJet-quality printing from both the Color and Mono versions
   of SEURAT.  Of course, the DeskJet output is great, but the SEURAT
   Epson-X driver at 108 dpi offers the best nin-pin output you've ever
   seen, superb print quality for a dot-matrix, using a completely new
 * NEW! Not just Bit Maps, Either! Load low-resolution Color (.P?1 files)
   DIRECTLY into the MONOCHROME program, converting them into GEM .IMG
   files with stretched-histogram dithers in 16 gray-scales.  You can
   also perform this conversion to .IMG files in the COLOR program, print
   your color pictures, or save them as .IMG files!  SEURAT re-scales
   lo-rez pix to correct for monitor aspect ratio, automatically
   reproducing the true proportion of color images.  No more squashed
 * NEW! Bezier Curves! Flexible, re-positionable controlled curves can
   produce a virtually infinite variety of natural-looking curved lines.
   Quick and easy-to-use, they really speed up your drawing!
 * NEW! Load MULTIPLE .IMG files! Now, SEURAT allows you to load ALL
   EIGHT Paint Screens with .IMG files of any size (if you have the
   memory!) Even on 1-Meg. ST, at least two big (1280x800) .IMG files can
   be edited simultaneously!
 * NEW! Improvements Everywhere! Circle drawing emulates object drawing
   programs: drawn circles follow the mouse before being pasted down; new
   key commands speed operations; and --- yes, I admit it: a few bugs got
   shaken out!  Still, a way was found to make the color zoom about 15%
   faster, and 26,000 bytes were added to the color program code but the
   color program ended up only 1400 bytes bigger!

 Now, for a limited time, you can purchase SEURAT VERSION 2.06 at a
 special, pre-mass-distribution price of ONLY $35.00!
 Two-disk set, with 34,000-word User's Manual on-disk; includes BOTH
 Color AND Mono Programs and 191 utility and application files! (Requires
 1-Meg ST with double sided drive) MasterCard/VISA accepted

 SKWare One / P. O. Box 277 / Bunker Hill, Illinois 62014

 Also available: a self-collating two-sided printing routine for printing
 the 34,000-word User's Manual on the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet in draft
 mode.  (You just print the LEFT.DOC, put the stack of paper back in
 without re-arranging it, print the RIGHT.DOC, and end up with a collated
 copy of the User's Manual printed on front and back sides, ready for
 binding.  If you want a copy of the self-collating printer routine, just
 ask for the "DeskJet DOC PRINTER Disk" and include an additional $3.00.
 OK, Ok, you KNEW that price increase was coming someday! (Bought any
 gasoline lately?)  But, you get THAT MUCH MORE for your money (not so
 with gasoline)!
 AND, to all of you who had the wisdom to have already purchased SEURAT,
 your FREE upgrade to Version 2.06, will arrive within the next 30 days!
 AND, all pending orders will receive the upgraded SEURAT Version 2.06!
 DON'T kick yourself because you didn't buy your copy of SEURAT sooner!
 Buy SEURAT now, before STe-support and COLOR .IMG support are added,

                                                  Ctsy GEnie Atari ST RT
 (C) 1990 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.   May
 be reprinted only with this notice intact.   The Atari Roundtables on
 GEnie are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.  To sign
 up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.   Upon connection
 type HHH (RETURN after that).   Wait for the U#= prompt. Type XJM11877,
 GEnie and hit RETURN.   The system will prompt you for your information.
 November 7, 1990

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to the Nevin
 Shalit RealTime Conference on GEnie.
 Welcome, Nevin.  Do you have any opening remarks you would like to make
 before we start grilling you?
 Thanks for the intro, Jeff...!  

 Well, I'll start with a little mini-bio.  I am 29 years old, and as Jeff
 said I am just recently married.  For about 5 years I was a photographer
 (for the NY Times, etc) and now I do about 10 things in the ST community
 (and a couple of non-ST things).  

 So that's it for me.  Now I'd just like to upload a short text on
 Tracker/ST and then we'll open the floor to Tracker questions first, and
 then any other PageStream 2.0 or rumor questions.  

 OK, here goes the short intro to Tracker...  

 Tracker/ST is a professional mailing list program with lots and lots of
 extras.  Extras like a full built in mail merge system (including its
 own GEM text editor), unlimited notes for each person in your files
 (you're not limited to just a few words of notes.  You can go on for
 pages and pages), super easy and powerful reporting, and much much more.
 It prints mailing labels of all types, including perfect labels to laser
 printers and the HP DeskJet.  

 The main thing I think is that even though Tracker/ST is extremely
 powerful, it's very easy to use.  It's fully GEM based with familiar
 drop down menus and keyboard equivalents.  Our mail merge system is the
 easiest in the world...you click one button and you do your merge!  The
 truth is that our users really do love the program, and I've been very
 pleased with the positive reviews we just received in Current Notes and
 Start as well.  

 Oh yes, I think the price is right, too...$79.95 list.  

 Any questions, Jeff or others?? 

                     <[Stadel Sysop] J.ROY18>
 How soon can we expect to see PageStream 2.0 on the ST/STE, and have you
 used SliccTOP personally?  I know it is on sale now.

 Ah, well I see we have a PGS question right at the start.  OK...  

 Well PGS 2.0 will ship "when it is ready" to quote Deron Kazmaier.  It
 is already shipping for the Amiga, and it is AMAZING.  Since I don't
 work for SLogik I can't say when it will be released, but I do not think
 it will be too long.  My guess is probably the exact same day as Nathan
 ships Calamus SL.  So why not ask Nathan <grin!>?

 As for SliccTop I have not seen it, sorry.  I use HotWire and love it,
 and I also admire NeoDesk 3.0 which is amazing. 

                     <[Stadel Sysop] J.ROY18>
 No, that's ok.  I was just curious on PS, and hope to buy SliccTOP ASAP,
 and wanted a first hand opinion.  Thank you.    (^= 

                        <[Ric] R.ROGERS2>
 I feel like a reporter at the White House.  Not asking what you want to
 answer first, but jumping ahead to other dear subjects: Pagestream 2.0
 is being advertised in the BRE catalog.  How much will the update from
 1.82 be? 

 I _believe_ that the upgrade will be $75.  But don't quote me!  They
 have to pay licensing fees for Compugraphic fonts and that is why the
 upgrade is more substantial.  One nice new feature of PGS/2.0 is font
 size up to 186,000 points (in case you want to say something REALLY

                        <[Ric] R.ROGERS2>
 Will it require mono or more than 1 meg? 

 I do not believe it will require a mono monitor.  PGS currently works on
 a color monitor (both Atari and the Hi Res color monitors) and this
 should not change.  As for memory requirements I am not sure at this
 time.  I imagine it will work in 1 meg as there is still a bit of room
 left with 1.82 loaded.  

 A program like yours on another platform would cost, what, $200-$300?
 Aren't you afraid that the $79.95 price may fool people into thinking it
 doesn't have as many features as it does?  That it isn't as good as one
 more expensive? 

 Well, Craig, pricing is probably the most difficult thing to do.  Our
 beta testers suggested anywhere from $49.95 for Tracker/ST (we shot that
 guy) to $159.95.  I decided that $79.95 list was right.  We have had a
 VERY good response.  When we do a windows version we will charge a whole
 lot more, believe me.  Right now most folks have between 100-500 names
 in Tracker/ST, but last week a user set a new record with 17,000 names.
 He does a video newsletter for folks who build their own airplanes and
 uses Tracker for solicitation letters and to manage his subscriptions.

 I was disappointed to see that Ultrascript is no more.  What will the
 Safari fonts do that Ultrascript didn't?  Are they actually post script
 fonts, or do they, like Ultrascript emulate post script.  Just what is
 the deal here?  Thanks. 

 If you do not see buying a PostScript printer (not in your budget) and
 if you use PageStream I URGE YOU to buy UScript before it sells out.
 Yes, the Safari fonts will look the same with UScript or without, but
 Times, Helvetica, Schoolbook, etc look a LOT better through UScript than
 through PGS native mode.  Also with UScript you can print EPS (high
 quality) graphics.  It is very sad that Imagen decided to drop support
 of UScript.  But even with no support it is a must have for PGS users.
 I could say a lot more about why Imagen dropped UScript but I don't want
 to get a call from Sunnyvale tomorrow.  <grin>

                       <[Matt] M.WEILERT2>
 When do you expect to have direct laser (SLM) support?  I've had a real
 challenge getting Diablo or Laserbrain to work with Tracker on Multi-
 Column labels. 

 Matt, we do multi column labels every day with LaserBrain.  Also, the
 new diablo printer emulator is very good (it is here in the libraries).
 Personally, I use 2 across laser labels and the LaserBrain emulator.  If
 you ever need help, just call and I will walk you through the steps.
 Basically you load your label format and print.  It should not be any
 more difficult than that.  

                       <[Matt] M.WEILERT2>
 I've used easily 80 sheets trying!!  Maybe you could e-mail me some more
 detail or something.  I sent in my card & disk for an upgrade about a
 week ago.  I'll call either later this week or next.  

 80 sheets!  Wow, I hope you practised on regular paper.  No, really,
 Tracker is set up to work with both the LaserBrain and Diablo emulators.
 If it's not working, maybe something got scrunged.  I will drop you some
 e-mail later.  

                       <[Matt] M.WEILERT2>
 That's basically all from me...'cept there's the once in a while success
 with the click-on buttons (under TOS 1.4) if you slow the mouse response

 Matt, I remember your registration card.  The TOS 1.4 clicking bug has
 been fixed and the upgrade is already on its way to you.  We fixed that 
 clicking bug in July.  

                      <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 What do you feel is in Atari's future as far as support for developers
 and end users?  Do you feel it will get any better or worse with the
 slow loss of second party developers? 

 Mr/Mrs ZNet, good question...!  

 I do not think it is Atari bashing to say that if the management of
 Atari does not radically alter the course it has been on for the past 4
 years, you will see a steady decline in many/all aspects of the ST
 marketplace.  It is really simple.  If they do the things that work for
 millions of other companies then they will succeed.  If they continue to
 work in their current manner, well, then the stock price will continue
 to sink and you will see fewer and fewer new applications.  I am an ST
 freak through and through and there will always be support for Tracker/
 ST.  But there will also be Tracker Amiga and Tracker/Windows.  Anyway,
 I do believe strongly that it is very frustrating to be on the outside
 and see what is happening.  

                      <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 Do you actually think they can turn the market around in the U.S.?  What
 would you like to see them change? 

 Oh yes, they can turn it around.  


 Well the obvious:  market the computer.  Get the 1040 in mass merchants
 at a LOW price ($399-450 with monitor) and work hard to get dealers.  I
 think there is room for a great home computer.  I do not think Atari has
 the ability to go head to head in the high end business market, but the
 home/small market is huge.  

                      <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 What would you say would be the major marketplace of the TT? 


                      <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 Thank you very much for your responses.  

 That's a serious answer.  I am not sure how the TT will do in the US.
 I would like to get back to Tracker for a minute here...  

 Good idea, Paul.  

 I know this question will come up from my customers, so I figured I
 could ask you here first - Are there provisions in Tracker for multiple 
 concurrent users? 

 Not in the current version.  Our ability to make a networking version is
 dependent upon Precision Software in England.  We can do TONS of new
 features and enhancements, but multi-user we rely on precision.  It all
 depends on how the ST continues to sell (and how any particular
 networking system is adopted).  

 Ok - then let me narrow it down to specifics...  

 Is it possible to have one computer updating the list while others sort,
 list, etc., using different directories than the one used for the
 computer updating it?  Would you like me to word that more clearly? 

 We have not tried that.  I am not sure if it is possible.  All of the
 multi user stuff is in the Precision code, but locked.  It will be
 unlocked for me to use when Precision feels like it.  That is the one
 area I am helpless.  If enough Tracker users demand it I can fly to
 England and get it done.  (Not a joke) 

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Who are the people that will find Tracker/ST to be useful?  What kind of
 applications is it filling? 

 Well, we have a lot of different types of people using Tracker.  A lot
 of real estate folks (individuals and folks from places like Coldwell
 Banker).  They use it for mailings (of course) but they also use
 Tracker's Long Notes feature which lets them keep reams and reams of
 notes on their customers (like "Mr/Mrs Hill are looking for a 3 bedroom
 with a mirrored ceiling in the master bedroom").  Also, lots of
 musicians (I think they do TONS of mailings) and many folks who make
 newsletters (since Tracker has an automatic subscription aging feature).
                          <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Long Notes feature?  What's that? 

 Well, most mailing list programs just give you one tiny area, about 40
 characters, to enter some key words (like the Key Words in the Libraries
 here).  But with Tracker you can have UNLIMITED notes for each person,
 in a true GEM window.  So you can call a client, bring up the long notes
 and type in everything he says.  It really is very handy.  Oh yes, we
 have lots of churches using our program.  Interesting.  

 Ok...  I came in a little late so, this may have been asked.  But before
 I ask, I would like to state that I am very interested in getting
 Tracker for my work at my Bank.  I do a lot of mailings and
 telemarketing.  I just wish I had an ST there too.  But what I would
 like to know is, do you have any idea when PGS 2.0 will be released?
 And do you have any RUMORS for us about Comdex?

 Well as far as PGS/2.0 is concerned, it will ship when it ships.  I
 really believe that fate will make it so it will ship within the same
 week as Calamus SL (not by design, just Fate).  So ask Nathan when SL
 will ship!  

 Comdex rumors?? 

 Well if you read Category 18 here in the ST RT you will see some rumors.
 I think all the hardware has already been shown in Germany.  The only
 rumor I can give you is that I am going to...

 ...oh well, I'd better not.


 Sorry, i was cut off the line earlier, but I wanted to mention that I
 purchased Ultrascript at the same time as PGS 1.82, and US went bottom
 up three weeks later...GRR....now i'm going to have an awful time
 getting fonts for it!!  

 Any chance someone else will develop fonts for it? 

 J.COYLE, well all PGS fonts also work with UScript, but of course they
 are sometimes not of the same quality.  I find that the standard PS35
 set is GREAT and if I want a fancy headline font well the commercial PGS
 fonts from Computer Safari and Dennis Palumbo are superb (though I don't
 use those for body text).  

 I have the name of a dealer in san diego who has a bunch of Ultrascript
 fonts, but after that I guess they're gone.  The ps25 is a disc unto
 itself, right? 

 I mean ps 35 

 Yes, and I suggest you buy it ASAP.  It gives you all the Times,
 Helvetica, Schoolbook, Chancery, Dingbats, just like the Apple
 LaserWriter.  Then you can buy the insane headline fonts from PGS

 ps35 is distributed by soft logik or imagen? 

 Imagen.  See your local dealer or magazine for ads.  

 SoftLogik sells disk A which is screen fonts for the UScript printer

                      <[DarkRealm] J.ROY18>
 Could you give us a brief run-down on Rumor City topics coming up?  The
 3 I'm interested in is:  Pricing on the TT?  Release date/pricing for
 the MEGA-STE?  And, do you know if there will EVER be an Atari show in

 Well, I write my Rumor City column at the last minute, usually in a
 real frenzy.  I call Jack and Leonard and Sam...  

 ...just kidding. 

 Pricing on the TT?  I do not know.  I have been trying to pry that one
 out but I could not.  My _OPINION_ is that for it to succeed it had
 better be under $3000 by a mile.  Atari's main lure is Power Without the
 Price.  At the same price as other systems, well, other systems have
 lots more software available.  Sad but true.  At much less than $3000
 ($2000?) it will do great.  At more than $3000 it will not (in my humble
 opinion).  The Mega STe?  It has been rumored for a long time and now is
 as good a time as any!  

 I'd like to interrupt for 1 minute to say that Tracker/ST users should
 keep their eyes out for 2 things: our first Tracker/ST newsletter, and a
 set of AMAZING CodeKeys key files for Tracker that automate everything
 in Tracker that is not already automated.  (I have one key file which
 loads, edits and prints a QuickLetter, turns off the LaserBrain emulator
 and then prints a single label to my dot matrix--all by pressing

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Will you be uploading the CodeKey files and putting them on new Tracker/
 ST disks? 

 CodeKey files will be uploaded here and will go on Master Disks in the
 future.  I have to make 4 sets: color/mono/hard drive/floppy.  CodeKeys
 and Tracker is the most automated, awesome mailing list/tracking thing
 on any machine, period.  

                      <[DavidLynch] B.O.B.>
 (Thanx, Jeff)  Re-Hi, Nevin.  Would one be wise to purchase US if an
 SLM is in their foreseeable future? ( I use PGS heavily ) 

 YES YES YES.  Buy UScript now.  Or just buy the QMS PS410 PostScript
 printer for $1750 street price.  68020 engine and 3X as fast as the
 Apple LaserWriter Plus.  

 P.S.  I do not get a commission on UScripts!  hehe 

                      <[DavidLynch] B.O.B.>
 WOW!  We have the 810 at work...3 grand...nice machine, but Ok...thanx. 

 The 410 is 3 x the printer at 1/2 the price.  

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Nevin......What is it you REALLY do?  <smile> 

 Well I do a bunch of things.  To be honest, the response to Tracker/ST
 has been very good and I am doing all right.  I do a few different
 things...but right now Tracker (on 3 platforms) is my main focus.  

 Could I get on my soapbox for 1 minute? 

 OK, thanks.  Well, I would like to say that everyone who has a good
 local dealer should please buy from that dealer and don't worry about
 saving $5 measly by going mail order.  And second, if you do not have
 local dealer (99% of us), write a 3 paragraph letter to Jack, Sam, and
 Leonard Tramiel and Greg Pratt (that's 4 separate letters) telling them
 that you need a local dealer.  

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 I think at least Greg will be at Comdex.  Are you going to deliver your
 note personally? :-) 

 Yes, I am.  I am not going to be bashful because I have nothing to lose.
 I can always move to another machine/career (and support my Tracker
 users until I die).  

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Well, I think that about wraps this conference up.  Any closing remarks
 you'd like to make, Nevin? 

 I think I already made my closing remarks...  

 But to summarize, if you are looking for a dynamite mailing list/mail
 merge/person tracking program please check out Tracker/ST.  And check
 out our amazing animated demos as well (files 17052 and 17053).  And
 stay happy. 

                         <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 I thank you, Nevin, for taking the time to be with us tonight.  And
 thanks to all of you who participated in this RTC!  

 Thanks all.  


                                                           Press Release
 Gribnif Software NEWS RELEASE                              October 1990

 Press Contact:  Rick Flashman, President
                 Gribnif Software, P.O. Box 350, Hadley, MA  01035
                 Tel: (413) 584-7887, Fax: (413) 584-2565

 HADLEY,  MA (October,  1990) -- Gribnif Software has announced that
 effective immediately and throughout the current holiday season, all
 Atari ST personal computers sold in Canada will ship with their best
 selling title, NeoDesk(TM) 3 - The Ultimate Desktop.
 The easy to use and powerful graphical environment offered by NeoDesk 3
 will bring a fresh new look and higher level of performance to those
 units which will assist Atari Canada in their marketing throughout the
 holiday season.

 The completely graphical approach of NeoDesk 3 brings to the Atari a
 more professional, efficient, and user friendly interface which can
 effectively compete head on with the new graphical interfaces now being
 offered on other platforms.
 In making this announcement, Rick Flashman, president of Gribnif
 Software stated "We are very excited about this agreement.  We believe
 that a computer's user interface is an excellent demonstrator of its
 power and capability.  NeoDesk 3 pushes the Atari to its limit and
 demonstrates what many have known all along, that the Atari is as good
 or better than anything else available on the market today.  We also
 thank our Canadian distributor, ISD Marketing, in helping finalize this
 NeoDesk 3 is also available through normal distribution channels and has
 a suggested licensing fee of $69.95 US (about $89.95 Canadian).  NeoDesk
 is a trademark of Gribnif Software.  Atari and ST are trademarks of
 Atari Corporation.

 by Keith MacNutt
 DTERM v0.9f by Don and Jay

 In my last article, ZNET 544, I discussed a program called QDIALER which
 gave the user a very powerful tool in phoning up to 100 BBS's.  In this
 weeks article I will talk about the companion program called DTERM.
 DTERM can be loaded into QDIALER and offers a feature no other transfer
 program, that I know of to date has, which is uploading in ZMODEM.  When
 you first run DTERM, the user should configure the program for your
 system and save the parameters for future use.  This will not only save
 time later but in the long run saves the user from lock ups due to
 incorrect configurations. 

 The main screen of DTERM contains multiple radio buttons, allowing you
 to set flow control, baud rate, duplex, capture buffer, terminal mode,
 protocols, macro files, paths, executable programs, file selector and up
 and download functions.  In the centre are the modem flow settings, baud
 rate and duplex indicators, loading and saving capture buffers, setting
 the buffers on or off, line feeds on or off and just below these are the
 free memory and capture buffer status.
 We'll go through these features one at a time which will give a good
 understanding of just how extensive this program is, and at the same
 time allow the novices a good walk through on how to set the program up.
 Set flow
 Clicking on this button sets flow control on or off.  This would
 normally be set to off unless you have a modem that will support flow 
 controls.  A good example of one such modem is the US ROBOTIC's COURIER.
 Set baud
 Baud rate can be set from 300-19200. To change the rate keep clicking on
 this button until the correct number is displayed in the window.
 Toggles between full and half duplex.
 Capture buffer
 There is a sub menu that comes up allowing you to save,clear, remove or
 set buffer size.  Clicking on ok will configure the buffer and bring you
 back to the main menu.

 Takes you back to the ST's desktop.   
 Term mode
 Term mode takes you to the actual screen that displays your logon and
 scrolling text info.  A right mouse click brings you back to the main

 In this menu you are prompted to select your up and down load protocols.
 You have a choice between Xmodem, Xmodem 1K, Ymodem batch and Zmodem.
 Macro editor
 This allows you to type in about a fifty character string, and by using
 the function keys F1 to F5, you can transmit that string at anytime.
 This feature is handy at logon time where you can put in a string to
 auto log on.
 Set paths
 The user gets to set the system path, the path for your up and

 Execute program
 This brings up the file selector so the user can pick the program to
 execute. (example QDIALER)

 File selector
 Accessing this feature brings up the file selector allowing you to
 carry out a multitude of functions especially if you have LITTLE GREEN
 D/L U/L
 Warning.  Don't access these features unless you have correctly set up
 for transfer to or from the host system.  If you do, expect to find your
 system locked up.
 This is the only program that I have found to date that will allow you
 to upload in Zmodem.  What is so nice about Zmodem is that if you are 
 downloading a file and you get disconnected, all you do is reconnect and
 Zmodem will continue at the point you left off at.  If you use INTERLINK
 or FLASH you can still use DTERM by executing it from within these
 programs.  While doing file transfers DTERM will give you the size of
 the file and the percentage you ave left to go.
 The only negative that I could find would be the locking up of your
 system if you have not configured you system correctly for the service
 you have accessed.  This could be fixed very easily by allowing a time
 out feature so as to allow the user a chance to correct the
 configuration and continue the up or downloading.

 (2 Years Ago) 1988
 Atari's Neil Harris in Conference
 (C) 1988 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
 be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on
 GEnie are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.  To
 sign up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon
 connection type HHH (RETURN after that).  Wait for the U#= prompt.
 Type XJM11877,GEnie and hit RETURN.  The system will prompt you for
 your information.

 <[Holly] HS> Okay... welcome to our formal conference with some of our
 favorite Atari folks.  You all pretty much know how this runs, but for
 those who don't.... if you have a question you'd like to ask, use the
 /RAI command to raise your hand and get into line.  I will ack your
 raise with a private message and tell you who you'll follow so you
 know.  I'll also try to give you some kind of warning when you're time
 is about to come up.  When you're through with your question, please
 let me know via some kind of ack like GA (Go Ahead) or something... it
 makes things a little easier.  Also, please remember that Neil and John
 are my guests tonight.  Please treat them accordingly.  *smile*  In two
 weeks, we have Charles Johnson of G+Plus fame scheduled for a formal.
 I hope you'll make it...

 <[Holly] HS> Let's start by having each of our guests introduce
 themselves and let us know just what they do at our favorite computer
 company... *grin*

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Sure. I've been with Atari Corp. for 4 years now, in a
 variety of roles, including publishing Atari Explorer, heading up PR,
 user group support, online support, advertising, product marketing, and
 sales for the east coast.  My current assignment is with the Federated
 stores, specifically to bring them into the computer business.  ga

 <[John @ Atari] TOWNS> I have been with Atari Corp for almost a year
 now.  I work in the Technical Support Dept and handle a wide variety of
 tasks.  Everything from Online support to Shows to Technical Support on
 the phones during the day.  It makes it quite an interesting job and I
 get the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people.  ga

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> I've been with Atari for almost three years.
 I was the first technical support guy at New Atari, and then I moved
 into other things, like shows, West Coast Editing of Atari Explorer,
 Internal and Developer documentation, and various product development
 stuff, making sure New Things are Good Things. ga

 <[David F.] D.FAIRWEATH1> Neil, does Atari have a definite strategy for
 increasing the ST's market share in the U.S. and will we see that
 strategy implemented before the ST becomes obsolete? Ga

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Before implementing any strategy, the issue we're
 facing is product availability.  We have been living from hand to mouth
 for some time now.  The DRAM chip shortage hurts, because we  prefer to
 hold the line on pricing and that limits how many chips we can buy and
 how many machines to make.  Right now, the lion lion's share of the
 computers are going to Europe, to keep the hottest ST market in the
 world supplied.  Once we can get more machines built, the US will get
 our fair share.  At that point a strategy can be implemented. ga

 <[David F.] D.FAIRWEATH1> O.K. but is there a defined strategy already 
 in waiting for that eventuality? ga
 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Any strategy is time and market dependent.  If we had
 machines to sell last year, we had a strategy ready.  If we have
 machines this year, we have a strategy, but not the same one as last
 year, because the product is more mature now, with more and better
 applications, and because the market changes.  Next year's strategy is
 likely to be different again.  ga

 <[David F.] D.FAIRWEATH1> O.K. one last point... I think that when the
 time comes you should push the fact that with hardware and software
 emulation the ST is 3-way compatible with Mac and IBM. GA that's all.

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> I agree...  as a selling point it is important.  But
 when people buy the hardware, I know they'll find enough fine ST-native 
 software so the compatibility issues are not a factor.  ga

 <[Rick] R.GRIDLEY> Mark, do you have any comments on the 3rd party
 development of the 16mhz board?

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> Not really...I'll have more to say when I see
 one.  Last I heard, it was still being worked on... ga

 <[Rick] R.GRIDLEY> Neil, do you think that Atari owners are more
 concerned with the status of the parent company than other computer
 owners? ga

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> I think it is reasonable to be concerned with the
 company which makes your computer, particularly in the case of a custom
 operating system.  Apple users are concerned with Apple.  I doubt that
 most clone owners care much about their company, they watch IBM.
 Overall, it is healthy, because the company steers the future
 development of the product to a large extent.  Atari welcomes user
 inquiries and constructive criticisms, and we act upon them more
 frequently than is widely known.  We love ya, honest we do. ga

 <[Rick] R.GRIDLEY> Ok, (Grin) thanks and thanks to John with helping me
 with a problem about a year back. I am done thanks Holly

 <D.D.MARTIN> huggs, Neil 1.  Any truth to the rumor that the laptop
 will be available by the end of the year?  2. IBM or MAC compatibility
 is a _major_ factor NEIL.  The portability of office<-->home is a great
 selling feature.  And _we_ have a choice of the _best_ that is
 available in software to do the job at hand. ga

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Any announcement of new hardware will have to wait for
 Comdex, sorry.  Shipping times, too...  I agree that it is an important
 selling factor, but we won't let that overshadow the need for
 continuing development of  TOS programs.]  ga

 <D.D.MARTIN> Atari users are prone to say.. I love _MY_ Atari, but I
 don't know if I love Atari.... We all know we have the greatest
 personal computer available...you folks at Atari do to.... so who's job
 is it to tell the others? ga

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Mainly ours, of course.  But, from a BUSINESS
 perspective, which is the only perspective that our boss takes, you
 have to look at the return on any promoting we do.  Right now, we sell
 every computer we make.  We'd love to have enough computers to sell
 where we would have to advertise in order to move them all.  So, in the
 meantime, the grass roots, meaning the Atari community, has the main
 role. ga

 <[Darek] DAREKM> My question is a rehash of one already asked, but, why
 _not_ push the compatibility issue?  The Mac, PC, and Atari 800 <grin>
 compatibility would interest a lot of people.  Afterall, the 130XE looks
 very much like a 520, yet Atari rarely mixes ads of 8 bits and STs.
 However, you look in most Atari user group newsletters, and they mix the
 two computers all the time.  Earlier tonight I was demoing my 8 bit
 drive to ST interface to a group of about 30 8 bit users (no ST users
 in the gruop) and about 1/4 of them indicated that they've thinking of
 getting an ST.  When I showed them 8 bit software booting off an Indus
 GT, they all indicated they are _more_ interested.  Wouldn't it be a
 great way to upload a lot of 520s and single sided drives, by having
 some kind of upgrade policy for 8 bit users to upgrade to the ST.  I
 know you're short of DRAMs, but with the RAM of a Mega 4 you can unload
 8 520s. ga oops, I meant to say "unload", not "upload"

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> The Mega uses 1 megabit DRAM chips.  The ST uses 256K-
 bit chips.  So, making a Mega does not impact production of ST's at all.
 There has definitely been a solid trend toward 8-bit Atari users moving
 up to the ST.  But to reiterate, it is difficult to justify from a
 business sense, promoting a product when we don't have enough to satisfy
 the current demand.  ga

 <[Darek] DAREKM> The 8 bit users indicated that one of the reasons that
 they'd like to upgrade is because the 8 bit software market is dead.  I
 just see it as a great opportunity to get these potential ST owners
 before they get tired of waiting and buy a non-Atari 16 bit product. ga

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> I don't know how to sell our chairman on giving a
 special deal to anyone, even our most favorite customers, at this time.
 <[Norm] N.RECHTMAN1> Are there any plans to make a laser printer with
 more memory for 1040 users? and how about a desk jet copy? ga

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> I think a better answer is for 1040 users to get more
 RAM.  The reason for that is this:  if you have RAM in the laser
 printer, it ONLY helps you when you are printing.  If you put it in the
 computer, then it is available for other jobs as well.  4 megabytes
 comes in mighty handy when you are spreadsheeting, or doing a Cyber
 animation.  I am not aware of plans for an ink jet printer from Atari,
 but again, we are not here to announce products tonight. ga

 <[Norm] N.RECHTMAN1> that was just a suggestion.  I would really like
 to see PC hardware add ons ga

 <D.D.MARTIN> Three cheers for Atari taking the bull by the horns and
 making plans to move production back to the US of A!!!   Neil, can you
 tell us how things are progressing with the proposed plant in Houston?
 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Well, our negotiating team is still terrorizing the
 folks in Texas.  We expect some news shortly, but at the moment, nothing
 new to report at this time. ga

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> I have two questions: First, what is the current status
 of the CD ROM? ga

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> Most recent I heard is that we're trying to get
 some good applications together... Makes more sense than saying "Here's
 a CD-ROM player.  Go to Tower Records and buy some CDs.  Have a good
 time."  It would be nice if there was something to _do_ with it first.
 ..so we're working on it. ga

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> Is that the only setback?  Does it work with a Laser and
 HD yet?

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> Yes.  And headphones.  :-)

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> <smile>

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> There is a driver for the CD ROM that lets it be read
 by TOS applications as if it were a really big drive.  You can open it
 from the desktop and read files directly.  So now it is a fairly simple
 matter of getting software which reads the databases on the CD ROM disks
 and does something with it. ga

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> (I was referring to the rumored problems with other DMA

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> I know several people with the setup you

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> ok, thanks. The other question is one that Neil probably
 saw in my letter to Info-Atari16... I was curious as to how normal users
 (not developers) will be notified of TOS 1.4...

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> Skywriting, blimps, dancing girls...(sorry, I
 couldn't resist.) and if they will also be provided with an "official"
 way of reporting bugs. ga

 <[John @ Atari] TOWNS> <grin>

 <[Mark @ Atari] MJANSEN> Well, it's like this... People will find out
 through magazines, etc. And dealers will know about it.  The plan is to
 polish up a little program we've got here that is used for developers
 to submit bug reports, and release that to the public too.

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Through the dealers, primarily.  And through all the
 communications at our disposal.

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> "through magazines, etc??" Atari Explorer is still
 reviewing things that came out 8 months ago as NEW!

 <[John @ Atari] TOWNS> I believe that the information will also be
 published in the  User's Group newsletter as well (Right, Neil?)

 <[Neil] NHARRIS> Like I said, through all the communications vehicles
 at our disposal.  I tend to think the Atari community is very well wired
 together. ga

 <[Dan] GRIBNIF> ok, now THAT's more like what I wanted to hear <smile>
 yes, I tend to agree.  Sorry about that comment a second ago sounding a
 bit huffy. ga.

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