ST Report: 02-Nov-90 #644

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/24/90-08:45:08 PM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 02-Nov-90  #644
Date: Sat Nov 24 20:45:08 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     The speculation  runs high  about this time of the year, what with all
 the highly anticipated announcements supposedly coming from Comdex, to the
 super  strong  hope  of  the  userbase concerning Atari finally dedicating
 themselves to cultivating the US market, one can't help but  get caught up
 in this "high hopes ozone layer".  Atari certainly needs to take advantage
 of the "sleeping giant" known as the US  cottage computer  industry or the
 "home computer industry."
     Word has  it that Atari's main emphasis, as far as advertising is con-
 cerned, will be on the Portfolio and the Lynx.   After all,  they are con-
 temporary  products  and  in  good  distribution  at this time.  Since the
 Portfolio is a device  that  can  give  Atari  a  good  "computer company"
 image, by  it capability  of bridging  the confines  of different computer
 platforms, it is easy to see why it takes precedence at this time too. 
     Time is the real ally for Atari now, if they have enough ready to take
 advantage of  this season and if they can ramp up fast enough for the 'on-
 time' delivery of all the new products to be announced at Comdex, there is
 no reason not believe they will be "awesome" in the coming year.

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                       NOVEMBER START ONLINE UPDATE!

     Enter GO START to read over this month's edition of START ONLINE.  New
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 Group Listing updates, new reviews, and more.

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     START MAGAZINE'S  online presence  on CIS has been expanded and enhan-
 ced, additionally, there are new  files  to  be  downloaded  by  the users
 posted on a regular basis.


 We're happy to welcome Double Click software to the Atari Vendors Forum

     (GO ATARIVEN).   Double Click will be occupying Message Section 13 and
 Library 13 in  ATARIVEN.    You  can  write  to  them  at  User  ID number



   Issue # 89

 by Michael Arthur

 CPU MacNews?


       Apple Computer  is now  offering a toll-free customer support number
 for all Apple  users.    Called  the  "Customer  Assistance  Center", this
 service  will  answer  questions  on  Apple sales, programs, and policies.
 Apple already has an  extensive  customer  support/service  network, which
 includes  Apple  Dealers,  User  Groups,  system  integrators,  and  sales
 consultants.  However,  if  Apple  II/Macintosh  users  are  not obtaining
 enough support,  this toll-free  number will function as a "backup system"
 for addressing their needs.  The  Costumer Assistance  Center is available
 Monday-Friday, 6 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time, at 1-800-776-2333.


                              DELUXE PAINT ST
                             Electronic Arts.

     Deluxe Paint  ST is  now available in England through Electronic Arts.
 (Available soon in USA).  As the authors of the  program, we  at ArtisTech
 Development will  answer questions  about the program on-line.  Electronic
 Arts is handing the "Customer Service", however.

 Deluxe Paint ST is a very powerful art, animation, & printing package.  
 Here are just a few of it's features:

 - Works in all 512K color ST systems
 - Supports STe extended color palette.
 - 999 possible buffers of pics/anims, up to 999 frames per anim.
 - Full color, any size, proportionally spaced fonts.
 - Palette: 4 color cycle ranges, RGB & HSV controls, Hue spread and more.

 - Fast fills: Solid, dithered, outline, gradient (conform & rotated), &
               brush pattern (any size).
 - Drawing: Freehand, Linedraw, Bezier curves (4 point editable),
            Rectangle/Ellipse, True Square/Circle, filled Polygon, Mirror.
 - Drawing modes: Cycle, Blend, Smooth, Filter, Smear and more.
 - Stencils: Protect colors, Background, Foreground.

 - Multi-color sizable airbrush.
 - Brush cutting: carving, circle/ellipse/rectangle to brush
 - Brush distortions: size, rotate, skew, 3D

 - UNDO almost always available.
 - Keyboard commands compatible with DPaint III (Amiga).

 - Real-time, variable zoom magnify that works with all tools.
 - 3D Tweening, with fast preview.
 - Adjustable Animation speed.
 - Play once, looped or pong.

 - Poster printing: 0.1 X 0.1 inch to 99.9 X 99.9 inch posters.
 - Full CMYK color correction.
 - Support for most popular printers (Epson, HP, IBM, Okimate etc...)

 - Only non-game to receive "ST Format Gold" award.  See Oct. '90 issue

 Deluxe Paint ST supports NEO, PI1, PC1, Amiga  IFF, and  a new  version of
 IFF that is smaller and faster.



       With the  advent of multitasking operating systems like MultiFinder,
 Microsoft Windows, OS/2, and  AmigaDOS,  Atari  ST  Users  have  wanted an
 efficient and  effective way  to run  more than  one ST application at the
 same time.  While applications like Michtron's Juggler  II and Intersect's
 Revolver allow  ST Users  to have  more than one ST application in memory,
 they only act as "software switchers", stopping the operation of Program A
 when one selects Program B.  As such, ST Users still had to dream of being
 able to multitask ST programs.

       Utilities like Beckemeyer Development's MT C-Shell  and Eric Smith's
 MiNT have  been excellent  for running  Desk Accessories  and TOS programs
 concurrently.  However, these  Third-Party solutions  cannot multitask GEM
 applications,  a  major  criteria  for  ST  Users  desiring to run several
 programs for the ST concurrently.  In Early  1990, Atari  itself announced
 the  MIDI-Tasking  system,  designed  to  multitask  GEM-compliant ST MIDI
 programs.  But while MIDI-Tasking has great potential  in the  MIDI field,
 it wasn't  designed as a general device for multitasking GEM programs, and
 many ST/GEM programs are incompatible with  it.   This situation  has left
 the spectre  of ST  multitasking hanging  just out  of the reach of the ST

       Recently, a company called SliccWare announced a new program for the
 Atari  ST  called  SliccTop,  that  would provide multitasking to ST users
 while using GEM applications.   While  ST Users  had already  seen several
 programs which  only came close to providing complete ST Multitasking, the
 ST community began to hope that SliccTop was the long-awaited  solution to
 this demand.   With  its release, SliccWare has released information about
 SliccTop that  answers  many  questions  that  the  ST  community  has had
 concerning its abilities.  Here is their Release:



 by:  Randy Foster,
      President of SLICCWARE

       SLICCTOP is  a very  advanced operating  system which  is capable of
 performing multiple  functions concurrently  -- multitasking.   To provide
 the  user  with  the  greatest  possible  control  over  the  multitasking
 functions, SLICCTOP employs a system of CPU and resource allocation called


                               OK, What is it?

       Within  the  basic  architecture  of  SLICCTOP  is probably the most
 advanced system of multitasking ever devised for use  on a micro-computer.
 The  system  is  called  priority-tasking.  Priority-tasking, unlike other
 multitasking systems, is not based primarily upon a simple preemptive time
 slicing process  originally designed  for use  on computers which provided
 little or  no user  interaction.   Instead, priority-tasking  is a complex
 combination of  processor control, as well as resource, display and memory
 management; built  upon a  system driven  primarily by  event response and
 transaction processing.   In  other words  SLICCTOP employs a system which
 from the start has  been designed  to place  the user  in the  position of
 greatest importance,  and to  respond in  the most effective manner to any
 user request.

       The power of priority-tasking  greatly enhances  the flexibility and
 power given  the user.   He  may now  start one  task, such  as a multiple
 folder/file transfer;  then, start  a second  task such  as file printout;
 then  start  a  third,  maybe  another  file  transfer or printout; then a
 fourth; etc.  Tasks in the same category are automatically  queued so that
 they are  performed in  the order  of their  request.   Tasks in differing
 categories are initiated immediately,  and proceed  concurrently, based on
 the  priority  assigned  them  by  the  system.   And, of course, any task
 currently executing may be cancelled by the user  by simply  selecting the
 CANCEL button on the watch box corresponding to that task.

       Another product,  SLICCDOS, which will be released in 4 to 5 months,
 will completely replace the file management system on the Atari.  SLICCTOP
 does  not  require  SLICCDOS  to  function.    However, with SLICCDOS, the
 operating system is complete,  and priority-tasking  is taken  to its full
 potential;  becoming  almost  totally  transparent  to the user.  However,
 without SLICCDOS, using standard system file  management, occasional brief
 delays may be encountered in keyboard or mouse response while transferring
 files due  to the  enormous overhead  involved in  opening the  file.  The
 delays encountered  are minimal,  and occur only while opening a file; and
 should not cause any great inconvenience.

       Certain tasks  are  considered  priority-response,  and  are handled

   Such tasks include:

             1.   Responding to user selection;
             2.   Opening a window;
             3.   Getting information about a disk, folder or file;
             4.   Activating a new application, accessory or program.

       In general,  all file  management and disk processing belongs to the
 same category, and will be placed into the  same queue  once all necessary
 information  has  been  obtained  from  the user via a transfer initiation
 form.  Three notable exceptions do exist for systems in which SLICCDOS has
 not been installed.

    They are:

             1.   Erasing an entire floppy disk or hard disk partition;
             2.   Formatting a floppy disk;
             3.   Duplicating a floppy disk.

       All three  of these  processes are performed immediately if SLICCDOS
 has not been installed onto the  system.   if SLICCDOS  is on  the system,
 high speed  asynchronous floppy  disk access  is supported, and therefore,
 these processes may be placed  into  the  same  queue  as  all  other file
 management and disk processing requests.

       Printer  processing,  likewise,  has  its  own  queue.  As a result,
 printouts are handled one after another in the  order they  are requested,
 and a  page eject is generated any time an individual file is completed or
 the printout is cancelled by the user.  Because printer processing has its
 own queue,  printouts may  be made  at the  same time  transfers are being
 carried out.

                        NOW COMES THE REAL POWER!
     Queued processing does not take over the system!  Quite the contrary.

       Queued processing is only carried out as decreasing user interaction
 makes  the  system  available.    When  a  user-intensive process (such as
 dragging a window) is taking place,queued processing may become completely
 suspended.   On the  other hand, while the user is engaged in deep thought
 and not using the computer  directly,  queued  processing  may  proceed at
 nearly maximum speed.  The usual situation is somewhere in between.

       Not  only  may  the  user  perform normal desktop operations and run
 desktop applications while queued processing is taking place,  he may also
 access  desktop  accessories  and  even  use  his favorite Atari programs.
 Programs using a menu bar even allow the user to return to  the desktop to
 monitor  queued  processing  directly,  terminate  or  initiate additional
 queued processes,  access desktop  applications, or  perform other desktop

       "TOS"  and  "TTP"  programs  are  a  special case.  Without SLICCDOS
 installed, queued processing is suspended while  "TOS" and  "TTP" programs
 are  executing.    With  SLICCDOS  installed, "TOS" and "TTP" programs run
 directly on  the desktop  in user  sizable windows;  and queued processing
 continues just as it would for any desktop application.

       SLICCTOP is  a very  advanced operating  system which  is capable of
 performing multiple  functions concurrently  -- multitasking.   To provide
 the  user  with  the  greatest  possible  control  over  the  multitasking
 functions, SLICCTOP employs a system of CPU and resource allocation called

       Not  only  may  the  user  perform normal desktop operations and run
 desktop applications while queued processing is taking place,  he may also
 access  desktop  accessories  and  even  use  his favorite Atari programs.
 Programs using a menu bar even allow the user to return to  the desktop to
 monitor  queued  processing  directly,  terminate  or  initiate additional
 queued processes,  access desktop  applications, or  perform other desktop

       "TOS"  and  "TTP"  programs  are  a  special case.  Without SLICCDOS
 installed, queued processing is suspended while  "TOS" and  "TTP" programs
 are  executing.    With  SLICCDOS  installed, "TOS" and "TTP" programs run
 directly on  the desktop  in user  sizable windows;  and queued processing
 continues just as it would for any desktop application.

                     YES, COLUMBUS.  THE WORLD IS ROUND!
                         BUT, NO, THIS IS NOT INDIA.

       Yes, now  there is true multitasking on ATARI . . . and a system far
 superior to any other in the marketplace.   But, that  does not  mean that
 your  system   is  now   capable  of  executing  multiple  Atari  programs
 concurrently.  Many of the developers who designed software for use on the
 Atari have designed it in such a way as to prevent efficient multitasking,
 and in some cases, even made  their software  totally incompatible  with a
 multitasking  system  by  use  of  what  may  be  termed as system-hacking

       To avoid the disasters of system  crashes resulting  from attempting
 to multitask  conflicting hacker software, SLICCWARE has chosen to run the
 entire Atari operating system as though it were a single task.  To further
 avoid problems,  the major  operating system functions such as disk access
 and window control are constantly monitored, even if the major  portion of
 SLICCTOP has been swapped out at the user's request while an Atari program
 is executing.  The result, the user may  only run  one Atari  program at a
 time.  He may, however, run that program while queued processing is taking
 place.  And if that program contains a menu bar,  he may  also run concur-
 rently any  number of  SLICCTOP compatible applications as well as perform
 desktop functions and monitor any queued processing taking place!

       To execute an Atari program, simply "open" the corresponding icon or
 select the  appropriate entry  from the  quick access menu as described in
 the user's manual.   Any  necessary  clean-up  or  reorganization  will be
 performed  to   allow  concurrent  processing  (queued  processes)  to  be
 temporarily suspended.  Once  the  program  has  been  entered, concurrent
 processing will  be reinstated.   At that point the desktop is immediately
 accessible by selecting SLICCTOP from the accessory menu.

       Although the Atari operating system was  not designed  with SLICCTOP
 in mind,   (How  could it  be?) every  effort has  been made to simulate a
 priority-tasking response  within  that  environment.    And,  even though
 without  SLICCDOS  installed,  there  may  be  a  minor  delay in keyboard
 response just at the instant a  transferring  file  is  being  opened, the
 keyboard priority is such that normal typing speed (even for us "hunt-'n'-
 peck" types) should be sufficient to force most queued processing  to wait
 for  the  occasional  user  pause.    The  result being, that any keyboard
 response delay due to  queued processing  is only  likely to  occur at the
 beginning  of  any  typing  sequence,  and  then,  only  occasionally.  In
 addition, once SLICCDOS has been  installed,  all  keyboard  delay  due to
 queued  processing  will  disappear,  and queued processing itself will be
 many times more efficient.

       Certain actions temporarily suspend queued processing.   Among these
                    - Desktop menu processing,
                    - Alert boxes, and
                    - Help screens.

       Occasionally  a  queued  process  may  encounter a problem such as a
 system error or, in the case of file transfers, a name conflict.   In such
 a case, the appropriate form is displayed to the screen to inform the user
 and to elicit a response.  This form will appear on the screen whether the
 user is  on the  desktop or  in his favorite Atari program.  Once the user
 has responded, all processing will continue  just  as  it  had  before the
 problem was encountered.

       Because  queued  processing  is  intended  not to interfere with the
 user, queued processing  watch  boxes  are  designed  to  be  treated like
 windows.   Although they  may not be resized, they may be moved around the
 desktop and placed almost entirely off screen.  Also, other windows may be
 brought to the foreground for processing while the watch box is displayed.

       In addition,  watch boxes  may be  brought to  the foreground in the
 same way  as a  standard window,  by mouse  selection, or  by entering the
 window number which is located in the upper left corner.  (ie: A watch box
 with "#02" in the upper left corner may  be brought  to the  foreground by
 entering "ESCAPE" "0" "2" from the keyboard.)

       Finally, standard  data entry forms may also be moved about the desk
 so that monitoring of  queued processing  may continue  while the  user is
 entering data  into the  forms.  However, no other windows or forms may be
 accessed while a standard data entry form is present on the screen.   This
 does not  apply to  concurrent process  forms such as database entry forms
 that are treated as  ordinary windows.   Concurrent  process forms  may be
 easily identified by the window number in the upper left corner.(ie: #03")

       A queued  processing watch box is a type of concurrent process form.
 Also, alert boxes and help screens may not be moved about the screen.

       Because transfer operations are defined as queued processes, and may
 be carried  out concurrently  with other  operations; the  user is able to
 initiate a number of transfers in the order desired; clear  any windows he
 chooses; and then, go about his business on the desktop or in his favorite
 Atari program.  The  operations  will  be  carried  out  in  the  order he
 initiated them, and any conflict will be reported to him directly, whether
 he is on the desktop or in his favorite Atari program.  He has, in effect,
 much  of  the  same  power  normally  reserved for those who use macros or
 command files inside a command line interface.  And, he has all this power
 with the convenience of a mouse and icon selection process.

                   Stay tuned.  There is more to come!

       The  entire  design  and  marketing  strategy of SLICCWARE assumes a
 constant generation of new software.  Every three  to four  months another
 major application  will be  produced to run on the desktop.  And its price
 is expected to be in a range  of  the  price  paid  for  SLICCTOP.   These
 products will  be available  in traditional  retail outlets.  In addition,
 numerous smaller items will be produced at a much faster rate and  will be
 available to  registered owners  of the  software through mail order only.
 They  will  sell  primarily  for  less  than  ten   dollars  (five-'n-dime

       The reason  this high  volume of software production is possible, is
 because much of the processing required  by any  software item  is already
 coded into the SLICCTOP operating system.  And since the software is fully
 modular, relocatable, reentrant and  swappable;  it  may  be  used  by any
 application running  on the  desktop.   This also  results in  the size of
 major applications being very  small indeed.   It  additionally allows for
 upgrades  and  enhancements  to  be  added  to  the  operating  system and
 individual applications with a minimum of impact.

       Because of the ease  and  flexibility  of  system  modification, our
 upgrade policy  is simple.   If  an upgrade is available for some product,
 and it does not define a new functionality or major enhancement it will be
 placed automatically  (at no  charge) on any five-'n-dime software ordered
 by the user; or made available on networks  or through  user groups.   New
 functionalities and enhancements will appear as five-'n-dime software.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.

               -> NOW!  GENIE STAR SERVICE IS IN EFFECT!! <-


 > NEODESK & ATARI CANADA! STR Spotlight?      Canadians get a 'neat' deal!

 Gribnif Software NEWS RELEASE                              October 1990

 Press Contact:  Rick Flashman, President
                 Gribnif Software, P.O. Box 350, Hadley, MA  01035
                 Tel: (413) 584-7887, Fax: (413) 584-2565

                     NEODESK 3 NOW BUNDLED WITH ALL
                      ATARI ST COMPUTERS IN CANADA

      HADLEY,  MA (October,  1990) -- Gribnif Software has announced that 
 effective  immediately and throughout the current  holiday  season,  all 
 Atari  ST  personal computers sold in Canada will ship with  their  best 
 selling title, NeoDesk  3 - The Ultimate Desktop.

      The  easy  to  use and powerful graphical  environment  offered  by 
 NeoDesk 3 will bring a fresh new look and higher level of performance to 
 those units which will assist Atari Canada in their marketing throughout 
 the holiday season.

      The completely graphical approach of NeoDesk 3 brings to the  Atari 
 a more professional,  efficient,  and user friendly interface which  can 
 effectively compete head on with the new graphical interfaces now  being 
 offered on other platforms.
      In making this announcement,  Rick Flashman,  president of  Gribnif 
 Software stated "We are very excited about this agreement.   We  believe 
 that  a  computer's user interface is an excellent demonstrator  of  its 
 power  and  capability.   NeoDesk 3 pushes the Atari to  its  limit  and 
 demonstrates what many have known all along,  that the Atari is as  good 
 or  better than anything else available on the market  today.   We  also 
 thank our Canadian distributor,  ISD Marketing, in helping finalize this 
      NeoDesk  3 is also available through normal  distribution  channels 
 and has a suggested licensing fee of $69.95 US (about $89.95  Canadian).  
 NeoDesk is a trademark of Gribnif Software.  Atari and ST are trademarks 
 of Atari Corporation.


 > Stock Market ~ STReport?                     And the Band Marches On....

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

       The price  of Atari  stock stayed the same on Monday, but shot up by
 1/2 of a point on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the price of Atari stock went up
 1/4 of  a point, and went down 1/8 of a point on Thursday.  On Friday, the
 price of Atari stock went down 1/4 of a point.  Finishing  up the  week at
 $2.25 a  share, the  price of  Atari's stock  went up  3/8 of a point from
 October 19th to October 26th.

       As of October 26, 1990, Jack  Tramiel's 36  million shares  of Atari
 stock are now worth approximately 81 Million dollars....

     Apple Stock was down 1 3/8 points from Friday, October 19, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was up 3/4 of a point from 10/19/90.
                 IBM Stock was down 1 point from 10/19/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 10/22/90 to 10/26/90

 STock|   Monday   |   Tuesday  |   Wednesday  | Thursday  |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last      Chg.|Last   Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|1 7/8  ---- |2 3/8   +1/2|2 5/8    + 1/4|2 1/2  -1/8|2 1/4    - 1/4|
      |            | 51,800 Sls |              |           |  39,900 Sls  |
  CBM |6 1/2   +5/8|6 1/2  ---- |6 3/8    - 1/8|6 3/8  -1/8|6 5/8    + 1/4|
      |123,300 Sls |            |              |           | 106,800 Sls  |
 Apple|31 1/8  -1/4| 31   -1 1/8|30 1/2   - 1/2| 30    -1/2|  30     ---- |
      |            |            |              |           |1,198,200 Sls |
  IBM |107 3/4 +1/8|106 3/4  - 1|108 5/8 +1 7/8|108 1/8    |106 5/8 -1 1/2|
      |            |            |1,619,400 Sls |       -1/2|1,246,100 Sls |

  '#' and 'Sls' refer to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.


 > USENET CALLING STR OnLine?      Atari Emulator Illegal! -> Pratt

 From: (Graham Thomas)
 Subject: Emulated by Amiga & Doug Harrison's Opus
 Message-ID: <>
 Date: 16 Oct 90 11:19:52 GMT
 References: <2669@dali>
 Organization: SPRU, Univ. of Sussex, Brighton, UK
 Lines: 43

 From: article <2669@dali>, by (Craig Pratt):
 - All in  all, I don't think I'd call Atari1 an emulator - not even close 
 to the  level of  the Mac  emulators.   It's just  an interesting/illegal 
 hack job.

 - More novelty  than utility.  Oh well, at least Amiga users can run Opus 
 now, at half speed.  (No, I didn't give him a copy)

 Thanks for the info on the Atari1 emulator, Craig.  I think I might wait
 a while before dumping my ST for an Amiga.  :-)
 - BTW, George Harrison, are we going to see a new version of Opus soon?

 Doug Harrison actually, but don't worry, I make this sort of mistake too.

     The last time I was in contact with him, he'd put his plan to  write a
 completely new  spreadsheet on  hold.   He wasn't sure there'd be a market
 for it, and he was waiting to see how successful  the TT  would be.   From
 that, I  guess we  can take  it that the new program will be either a long
 time coming or won't arrive at all.  As far  as I  know, Doug  hasn't done
 any more work on Opus since v2.2 (2.3 for shareware contributors).  Shame,
 as it's a fine program except for  a  few  niggles  (having  to  press the
 f9/f10 keys to enter labels/formulae, etc.)

     Doug didn't  want to  do more work on Opus because some of the changes
 he wanted to make involved getting very deep into the code.   He said that
 since he'd  learned about  the vagaries  of GEM through writing Opus, he'd
 sooner start again and do the job properly.

     Perhaps he could be persuaded to do something  if enough  people asked
 him.   He's been  writing programs  for CodeHead Software recently, so you
 could reach him there or (I think) at  the address  in the  Opus info box.
 Also, he's  on CompuServe:  address your  queries/requests to 72277.2315 @

 Graham Thomas, SPRU, Mantell Building, U of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9RF, UK
  UUCP:  grahamt%syma.sussex@ukc.uucp    PHONE:  +44  273 686758  FAX: [..]

 From: apratt@atari.UUCP (Allan Pratt)
 Subject: Atari ST emulator for the Amiga: Atari's position
 Message-ID: <2709@atari.UUCP>
 Date: 16 Oct 90 21:34:04 GMT
 Organization: Atari Corp., Sunnyvale CA
 Lines: 35

     Some people have expressed confusion over  the legality  of the "Atari
 Emulator" now  floating around  the net  for the Amiga.  I understand that
 Atari's position is that it is a grave  and flagrant  violation of Atari's
 copyright,  and  we  are  asking  everybody,  especially archive sites and
 BBSes, to stop distributing it and remove all copies they  have.   I don't
 know why  people think  this *could* be legal: it's a derivative work from
 Atari's copyrighted material, and Atari intends to protect its copyrights.

     Some people have expressed dismay that  their favorite  archive or BBS
 might get  in trouble.   In  my *personal* opinion, the operators of these
 sites bring doom upon themselves by  making uploads  immediately available
 for downloading,  with no checks on the content of the uploads.  I believe
 that only a Common Carrier, such as the phone company  or an  airline, can
 legally be blind to the content of the information or goods they transport
 and distribute. Everybody else is responsible for exercising due diligence
 to ensure  that no  illegal activity  is going on using their equipment or
 service.  Since this program is prima facie a copyright  violation, a duly
 diligent sysop would not have made it available for downloads.

     Finally, some people have expressed the opinion that Atari should be a
 "good guy" and take no action  concerning this.   That's  nonsense. If you
 don't vigorously  protect your  copyrights, you  lose them.  Ignoring this
 could mean relinquishing  all  rights  to  protect  TOS  from  copying and

     This message  represents my  opinions and things I believe to be true,
 but it is  not  to  be  considered  a  legal  opinion  from  Atari's legal
 department or anybody else but me.

                                 -- Allan Pratt
                                    Systems Software Engineer
                                    Atari Computer Corp.


 > MichTron Sale STR InfoFile?                    MichTron sale information

                            3285 Lapeer Rd West
                          Auburn Hills, MI 48326
                   Phone 313-377-8898  Fax 313-377-2550
                             October 23, 1990


     MichTron is  going to  have a  Going out of Business sale.  But we are
 not totally going out of business.  What  is  happening  is  that Creative
 Computers in  Del is  purchasing most  of our stock and the name MichTron,
 and will continue to sell and support MichTron software.

     The building we are now in has been sold and the new tenants are going
 to move  in shortly.  So we  have to  clear it out. Nine years of Computer
 goodies are going on sale!

      On Saturday.. Nov 3, 1990, [10AM to 4PM] we are  going to  have a big
 Garage sale!    We are going to be selling anything and everything.. There
 will be software for the Atari ST, The Commodore Amiga, and IBM PC's. This
 will include  MIchTron, Microdeal,  HiSoft, all  the brands we carried and
 lots of third party brands that we purchased for our own use,  or was sent
 to  us.  Games  for  $1,  word  processors for $10 and desk top publishing
 packages for $40. The deals of the century.

     We will be selling new and  used disks.   (.30  for 3.5  inch disks) ,
 Cables, computers  Ataris, Amigas and PC Clones.. New and Used.. Monitors,
 hard drives, mice, printers, printer stands, Metal shelves,  Pallet Racks,
 everything in the building must be sold.

 This is  a great  time to  stock up on Christmas Presents for the kids and
 that new software to while away the winter.

     Take I-75 to Lapeer Road Exit (exit 81) Turn RT going SOUTH  on Lapeer
 Rd (towards  Pontiac) First  Street turn  RT again (just past the used car
 lot) Go around the corner and we are the first  driveway on  the left, the
 building on the right. The address is on Lapeer Rd but we are on a private
 Industrial sub division 1/2 mile south of the Palace.


 > SOLUTIONS! STR InfoFile?                             The RPN "Solution"!

                    *   Solutions  v 0.8   (Demo version)   *

     In order to be able to run Solutions, you will need these files:

                       - SOLUTION.PRG      (main program)
                       - SOLUTION.RSC      (resource file)
                       - OPER.DAT          (date file)
                       - SOLUTION.FNT      (font file)
     You will also need GDOS, (or an alternate GDOS, e.g.  G+PLUS).  You'll
 understand that I could not include it with the demo version.

     This version  of Solutions  may be  freely copied  and distributed, as
 long as the code is not modified (this  applies to  the ".RSC"  and ".DAT"
 files too).

     This software  is not the first of this kind, but it is the first that
 has gone so far on  the  ST    (You'll  have  to  get  Mathematica  to get
 "better"; but in my point of view, Mathematica is too big and difficult to
 use efficiently).   So, Solutions is a package that will help  you resolve
 your mathematical  problems.  I will teach you some things about Solutions
 now, or you will never be able to see how good it is.

     You will  first have  to know  that Solutions'  logic is  based on RPN
 (Reverse Polish  Notation), which means you have to enter arguments before
 executing a function.  The arguments stacks up in a stack and  results are
 returned to  the stack  (available as  arguments to other functions).  One
 "feature" of RPN is the non-necessity of parenthesis (e.g. if  you want to
 enter the  equation '(A+B)*C',  you will first enter A, then B, execute +,
 enter C, and finally enter *; just try and watch  the intermediate results
 in the  stack).   It takes  a while to feel comfortable with RPN, but when
 you are, you understand everything you enter, and that eliminates  lots of

     In the stack, there are OBJECTS.  There are 10 types of object:

               - Real numbers           - Complex numbers
               - Binary integers        - Strings
               - Vectors                - Matrices
               - Lists                  - Names (or variables)
               - Programs               - Algebraic

     There are over 270 functions, and many of them use various combination
 of different object types.

     One strong point of  Solutions is  the ability  to manipulate symbolic
 equations  (i.e.  you  could  enter  'A+B'  or 'SIN(X/Y)' ). Solutions has
 calculus capability (differentiation  and  integration:  not  in  the demo
 version), and  graphic capability (the demo version will only show you the
 SINE function; you'll have to get the original to make fast plots  of your

     If 270  functions are  not enough for you, you may program your funct-
 ion. Structured programming (IF ... THEN, DO ... UNTIL, WHILE  ... REPEAT,
 etc.) allows  you to  use any function, call other user-defined functions,

     Due to the large number of functions, and the fact  that this  is only
 a demo  version, I  cannot enumerate  all built-in functions, and tell you
 what they are doing.  You  will have  to guess,  try, and  retry... or buy
 the original  (which will  have a good documentation and will allow you to
 receive constant upgrades of the software).

     Upgrades to come:
                  - Graphics 3D
                  - More than 1 stack, multitasking
                  - Matrices with names and algebraics

     Known bugs to July 18th 1990:
         - the editor is not fully completed and may sometimes give
           unexpected results on screen.
         - if you are too short in memory, you may enter the
           garbage collect routine (which is not completed yet); so you
           could have unexpected results (like the mouse is hidden and
           causing some garbage on screen; it should not bombs).  I have
           not yet fully tested it on a 1 Meg ST, but with 4 Megs, it is
           running pretty well. I know that with some memory constraints,
           it could not be the same!

     Known restrictions:
         - Arguments to trigonometric functions will give results when
           absolute value is smaller than ~1E20 (about 1000000000000000000-
           00).   Otherwise result will be 0.  This applies to functions   
           that are using trigonometric functions.  It should be fixed     
         - Stack size, vector size, matrix size is limited to 32767.
           If ever that bugs you (or the program), just tell me.
     In order  to be able to fully use Solutions, it's worth the investment
 of buying the original.  Not to mention that for the thousands  of hours I
 spent writing  it (now  30000 lines in C), you will be shown a small price
 tag and given full documentation.

     If EVER you feel interested, let your heart decide, and go buy the
 original (if ever I find a distributor), or write to me:

                                 Paul Dub 
                          Projects Informatiques
                                 C.P. 302
                       Limoilou P.Q. Canada G1L 4V8

 You can also reach me at:

                        P.DUBE (XTX84636) on GEnie
                         72020,3041 on CompuServe


 > STE TROUBLES STR FOCUS?            Certain Games have quirks with STe...

                           STe INCOMPATIBILITIES

 by Ken Newman

     The following is a list of games that don't work on the Atari STe (TOS
 1.6) as of Summer/Fall 90. The list was originally from the British magaz-
 ine ST Action, but I've  amended  it  slightly.  Several  games  they said
 didn't work  actually do work, such as the Falcon Mission Disk (I tried it
 - no problems). They might have used a 520STe, which is only  available in
 Europe. I  used a  1040STe. TOS 1.4/1.6 might use more RAM, so things that
 barely fit in an old 520 might not fit in a 520STe.

     Most games that don't work with 1.6 also don't work with 1.4;  the big
 changes happened  with 1.4.  I only  tested a  couple games  on 1.4. Those
 remaining from the original list I have either  verified myself  or didn't
 have the game to test.

               3D Pool Beyond the            Ice Palace
               Captain Blood * +             Carrier Command
               Conflict Europe Dark Side     Defender of the Crown *
               F16 Combat Pilot              Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
               Heroes of the Lance * +       Hound of Shadow
               Karate Kid 2                  Kick Off
               License to Kill               Menace *
               Microprose Soccer             Mr. Heli
               New Zealand Story             Ninja Warriors
               Operation Wolf                Overlander
               Paperboy                      Populous
               Rick Dangerous                Star Wars
               Time Scanner                  Times of Lore
               Total Eclipse                 TV Sports Football
               Waterloo                      Winter Games
                              Weird Dreams

     * = verified myself     + = doesn't work in 1.4 (verified myself)


 > WIDGETS PHANTOM! STR InfoFile?     The SLM804 "sleeps" 'till you need it

                           ATARI SLM804 OWNERS!


                          "PHANTOM OF THE LASER"

   * Frustrated  by the  requirement that  the  laser printer MUST be on to
     use your computer?!

   * Tired of the fan noise, heat, & power consumption?

   * Worried about the internal heat buildup when  you use  the "backdoor" 
     shutoff "FIX"?!


   * The SLM804 remains off 'till you really need it to print!

   *  The  "PHANTOM"    is  installed  inside  the  SLMC804   interface box

        A 12 volt power cube supplies the "Phantom's" requirements.

                   Built with computer grade components.

                           "BULLETPROOF" Design!

                        Total system compatibility!

        No more unplugging the interface cable just to play games!

                  $40.00 US - Installed at our facility.

                            WIDGETS BY DECKER*
                       2399 SW Palisades Crest Drive
                        Lake Oswego, OR. 97034 USA

                          Telephone  503-638-3940

                    *(Innovation through frustration!)

     Please note that the quoted phone number in the November issue of
        Current Notes is WRONG! The correct number is listed here!


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?                     A different viewpoint!

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

  by Michael Lee
  It's  been a while since we last visited the Gadgets by  Small  Round-
  table on Genie,  so let's stop by and see how their MegaTalk and 68030 
  boards are coming along.   And while we're there, we can check out the 
  progress on the new GCR 3.0 software.
  For  you who have forgotten what the MegaTalk board  will  do,  here's 
  Dave Small's description of it...
  "The MegaTalk board similarly configures the ST to talk to one of the, 
  if not the,  largest LAN installed base in the world -- LocalTalk.  It 
  lets  the  ST mix with IBM and Apple machines using that  LAN  with  a 
  quick plug-in."
     From Dave Small (Gadgets by Small) on Genie...

  ...Folks,  if it sounds like we're busier than a (insert your metaphor 
  here),  you're right.  LOTS is going on,  between final MegaTalk board 
  software  tuning for performance,  68030 benchmarking (and fixing  the 
  benchmarker!),  the  usual European shows that demand our shipment  of 
  GCR's (just had one),  Sandy doing the 5.0 newsletter, me helping with 
  the  text  on that,  getting a little Comdex surprise  ready,  and  so 

  ...Physically  the  board extends,  if you visualize a Mega  from  the 
  front,  from  the 68000 socket to the front of the machine (with  some 
  clearance but not much),  from the side where the battery cable  comes 
  in to next to the floppy drive.  Frankly, most of the room is taken up 
  by the 8 SIMM memory sockets; they take up real estate.

  ...The  board  COULD go into a 520/1040,  I would guess,  if  you  get 
  things out of the way of it and put the whole thing into a metal  case 
  for  RFI/EMI  protection,  so it doesn't flip TV's  across  your  town 
  upside  down.   However,  I  have not "fitted" it for a  520/1040  and 
  1040's come with differing board layouts.

  ...The key to the speed is fastRAM,  folks.  Many 68030  "Accelerator" 
  designs  spend  their  time waiting on memory;  it's  like  trying  to 
  breathe through a straw...incidentally -- it is my honest belief  that 
  our board will beat any other, even in "benchmarks".

  ...Folks, the 030 board is in its final stages. An analogy would be an 
  engine that's installed,  running,  but not putting out top HP on  the 
  top  end  -- the carb needs adjusting and the  timing  adjusting.  But 
  everything else is there.   This is the most rock and roll board  I've 
  *ever* had something to do with.
     Ken Stevens on Genie asks...

  ...Will the 030 board be compatible with the MegaTalk board.  Will the 
  32 bit bus be compatible with any products designed for the bus on the 
  Fast Technologies board?

     George Richardson (Gadgets by Small) on Genie replies...

  ...The '030 and Megatalk will be compatible with each other.  In  fact 
  you should be able to use any available expansion card with the '030.
  ...Boards  designed for Jim's board won't fit on ours.  On  the  other 
  hand,  we're  already looking at several different types of  expansion 

  ...An  adapter to fit VME boards is also possible,  so that if  anyone 
  packages  a VME board setup for the TT,  owners of the  Gadgets  board 
  will also be able to use it.

  ...Well,  the design is down solid,  but the old FCC gang has to  have 
  it's shot at delaying things yet...
     Tom Dodge on Genie asks...

  ...What about Multi-tasking?? The 68030 supports this directly....
     George Richardson (Gadgets by Small) on Genie replies...

  ...Despite  Atari's  claims of multitasking TOS being  extremely  dif-
  ficult, I'd bet that someone will manage to do it for the TT
  ...If  it runs on the TT without making calls on hardware  other  than 
  the 68030 & FPU, it'll run on the Gadgets SST (are we still calling it 
     John Towns (Atari) on Genie replies...

  ...Multitasking  TOS isn't hard.  But it's hard to do it right and  to 
  maintain a high level of compatibility with existing applications
  ...It's something that we are planning to do, but we are going to take 
  our time and do it _right_.


     From Mark Stace (Gadgets by Small) on Genie...

  ...Spectre 3.0 will already provides user-definable keyboard  mapping, 
  to  a degree....This ascii file is editable by the end user to  assign 
  and define many of the keyboard's keys.

  ...Spectre 3.0 hard disk formatter is even easier to use than previous 
  versions.  The  3.0 formatter is more "graphical" in nature.  Kind  of 
  like  a little bar graph representation of the size of each and  every 
  HD partition.
     From Dave Small (Gadgets by Small) on Genie...

  ...I'm very happy with 3.0.  It's easily the most powerful version  of 
  Spectre that ever "wuz".

  ...A little  bird  tells  me Spectre now works just fine  on  the  TT. 
  Naturally, I'm just passing that along; would *I* know?

  ...Anywho,  hang in there a bit while we get this cast-in-concrete and 
  then Gamma tested to sweat out any final bugs.

  ...Where  we  are at with 3.0 is Beta version  12.   It  is  extremely 
  solid, but does have a few very minor quirks left that we are fixing.

  ...I would  be quite surprised if the remaining bug fixes take over  a 
  week, then it's into gamma test.

  ...We  also  have  a newsletter to send  out,  announcing  the  thing; 
  remember that only a small percentage of our users are online!

  Until next week....


 > LCAC V 2.0  STR SHOW NEWS?               Chicago AtariFest V2.0

                   **** Chicago AtariFest V2.0 ****

     Lake County Atari Computer Enthusiasts are  proud to  present "Chicago
 AtariFest" to  be held  November 11th (Sunday) 1990 at the American Legion
 Gurnee Post located at W. Grand and Il. Rt. 21 (just 1  mile east  of I-94
 and the  "Great America"  theme park). The show will open to the public at
 10:00 AM and will run until 4:00 PM.  General admission  will be  $2.00 in
 advance, $3.00  at the door. Children under 6 will be admitted free with a
 paying adult.

     All paid admissions will have a chance at one of several valuable door
 prizes  to   be  awarded  at  various  times  during  the  day.  For  more
 information on advance ticket sales and  general show  information, please
 contact LCACE  at P.O.  Box 8788,  Waukegan, IL 60079-8788. A special show
 message base is available on the Python BBS,  (708) 680-5105 300/1200/2400

                   ------ Exhibitors/Developers --------

          CodeHead Software                 DataQue Products
          P.O. Box 74090                    P.O. Box 134
          Los Angeles, CA 90004             Ontario, OH  44862
          John Eidsvoog                     Chuck Steinman

          Brumleve Software                 M-S Designs
          P.O. Box 4195                     611 W. Illinois
          Urbana, IL  61801-8820            Urbana, IL
          D.A. Brumleve                     Carl Stanford

          Reeve Software                    Atari Interface Magazine
          29 Old Farm Lane                  3487 Braeburn Cir.
          Warrenville, IL  60555            Ann Arbor, MI
          Alan Reeve                        Bill and Pattie Rayl

          Atari Portable Ent. Magazine      ICD, Inc.
          2104 Kostner                      1220 Rock Street
          Chicago, IL  60639                Rockford, IL
          Clinton Smith                     Tom Harker

          Compuserve Information Service    WizWorks!
          P.O. Box 20212                    P.O. Box 45
          Columbus, OH 43220-0212           Girard, OH  44420
          R. Retelle                        Chet Walters

                     GEnie Information Services
                     Rockville, Maryland
                     Jeff Williams

                    ------- Vendors/Dealers ----------

           Mars Merchandising                Computer Cellar
           15 W. 615 Diversey                220 1/2 W. Main Street
           Elmhurst, IL  60126               St Charles, IL  60174

           Paper Express                     H and H Computer Supplies
           P.O. Box 1036                     824 Grafield Ave.
           Moline, IL  61265-1036            Aurora, IL  60506

           Kolputer Systems                  CSA Limited
           18 Burgess Dr.                    P.O. Box 567530
           Glendale Hgts, IL                 Harwood Heights, IL  60656

           Apple Annie                       ReCharge It
           1005 S. Hamlin                    866 Tower Rd.
           Park Ridge, IL  60068             Mundelien, IL  60060

                      -------- User Groups ---------

           L.C.A.C.E.                              S.C.A.T.
           Lake County Atari Computer Enthusiasts  Suburban Chicago ATari
           P.O. Box 8788                           8702 Osceola
           Waukegan, IL  60079-8788                Niles, IL  60648

           MilAtari                                M.A.S.T.
           Milwaukee Atari Users Group             Milwaukee Atari ST 
           P.O. Box 14038                          P.O. Box 25679
           West Allis, WI   53214                  Milwaukee, WI  53225

           G.C.A.C.E.                              R.A.C.C.
           Chicago Atari Comp. Enthusiasts Rockford Atari Computer Club
           P.O. Box 6706                           4658 Black Oak Tr.
           Chicago, IL  60614-6706                 Rockford, IL  61103

           L.A.U.G.                                T.U.G.
           Local Atari Users Group                 The Users Group
           1N361 Ridgeland Av.                     P.O. Box 66583
           W. Chicago, Il 60185                    AMF O'Hare. IL  60666



 - Rockville, MD           GEnie announces 96oo Baud Access in 40 Cities!

     GE  Information  Services  (GEIS),  owner  and  operator of one of the
 world's largest commercial teleprocessing  networks,  announced  today the
 introduction of 9600 bps asynchronous dial-up network access in 40 cities.

     This higher  speed network  access, with V.32 compatibility, will pro-
 vide significantly improved  response  time.    GEIS  clients  using full-
 screen interactive  applications and  file transfer applications will par-
 ticularly benefit from this new feature.

     When used in conjunction with  any  of  the  various  async error-free
 protocols that  GEIS offers, 9600 bps provides a fast and reliable link to
 the GEIS teleprocessing network.  Additionally, network access at 9600 bps
 should result  in shorter session times, which will enable GEIS clients to
 improve productivity and reduce costs.

     Widespread acceptance of the V.32 standard provides GEIS  clients with
 the freedom  to choose  from among a multitude of vendors in selecting the
 best modems for their own data processing equipment.

     This new 9600 bps async dial-up network access augments GEIS' existing
 300-2400 bps  async dial-up service which is available in 517 U.S. cities.
 This is the largest such deployment of any  network-based services vendor.
 Many  of  these  network  node  locations provide tri-speed modem service,
 offering GEIS clients the convenience of dialing a single telephone number
 for 300, 1200 or 2400 bps access to the GEIS network.

     With this  deployment, GEIS  is now  one of the two network-based ser-
 vices vendors offering the largest number of 9600 bps async access locati-

     GEIS also  announced that 9600 bps synchronous (both SNA/SDLC and BSC)
 dial-up network access is in field  test, with  expected commercialization
 slated for  1991.   This service will augment GEIS' existing 2400-4800 bps
 sync dial-up service.

     For further  information about  9600 bps  async dial-up  access to the
 GEIS network, please call 1-800-433-3683.

     GE  Information  Services,  a  division  of  General Electric Company,
 U.S.A., has  its headquarters  in Rockville.   It  offers a  wide range of
 value-added  services  for  network-based  business  applications, systems
 integration and  software  development  services,  and  network management

 - Sterling, VA                            MULTIBYTE CASEY & CASEY PLUS!

     Here's some  information from  Multibyte Inc.  Concerning Stacy cases.
 The CASEY & CASEY Plus cases.  The Plus is 20" x 15" x  3.5" in  size.  It
 is designed  to allow  unrestricted use of the Stacy's cartridge port wit-
 hout removing the Stacy from the case and  permits most  cartridge devices
 to remain installed while in use or transit.

     The CASEY  is 15" x 15" x 3.5" in size, and is for Stacy users without
 the need to use the cartridge port.  And the CASEY Jr. (at 15" x 17" x 3")
 is for users with a internal Stacy battery pack.

 CASEY PLUS Suggested Retail......................................: $368.00
 (w/1 external 4.5 hour battery pack) CASEY Suggested retail......: $348.00
 (same size battery pack as CASEY PLUS) CASEY Jr. Suggested retail: $135.00
 (w/1 internal battery pack kit...................................: $325.00
 (2.5** hour average time)

               Extra 4.5* hour battery pack      $ 188.00
               Stacy internal battery pack       $ 198.00
               Custom case colors additional     $  25.00
               Quick charge battery charger      $ 135.00

     * 4.5  hour pack  is the  average tested time during normal operations
     using a Stacy 4 with a  hard drive  and floppy.  Actual time  may vary
     depending on usage.

 Standard colors for CASEY line are:  Stacy Grey, Light Grey and Navy Blue.

       Custom colors are: Black         Electric blue   Woodland Camouflage
                          Burgundy      Bright Red      Pink
                          Forest        Green           Light Green
                          Deep purple   Yellow          Fluorescent Orange.

                          MULTIBYTE INCORPORATED
                            213 No.LINCOLN AVE.
                           STERLING, VA.  22170

 - Sunnyvale, CA                         NEW GOODIES FOR LYNX ENTHUSIASTS! 

             Atari announced the following new products today:

 Lynx Sun Visor: 
     A combination  screen protector  and sun  visor which  attaches to the
     Lynx using those 4 mysterious holes around the screen.
     Part #: PAG3400 Price: $4.95

 Lynx Carrying Case (Large): 
     Briefcase-style  carrying  case  for  the  Lynx  which  has  one large
     compartment  to  hold  the  Lynx  and  three  smaller ones to hold the
     accessories you purchase. The  cartridges  are  held  in  twelve slots
     built into the inside of the case's cover. 
     Part #: PAG3350 Price: $19.95

 Lynx Carrying Case (Small): 
     Called the  "Pouch", this  carrying case  is similar in design to car-
     rying cases for the Gameboy, with  a  large  compartment  to  hold the
     Lynx, and two smaller pouches on the side to hold the cartridges. Down
     the side of the pouch is a area designed to hold the Comlynx cable.
     Part #: PAG3375     Price: $14.95

 These should be appearing in your local dealer's showcase soon,  or if you
 can't wait,  can be  purchased directly  from Atari  by sending a check or
 money order for the total order + tax (see state tax chart  below) + $3.50
 shipping  &  handling  (for  orders  under $50, for orders above $50, call
 408-745-2367 for more information).

 Orders from the following states must add the appropriate sales tax:

 Illinois: add 5%          California: add 7.25%       New Jersey: add 6%
                           Massachusetts: add 5%

 Send your order to the following address:

                             Atari Corporation
                              P.O. Box 61657
                           Sunnyvale, CA  94089
                         Attn: Customer Relations

      All sales are final, for more information, call (408) 745-2367.

 - Sunnyvale, CA                       INTERNET LYNX  NEW GAME RELEASE INFO

     Thanks to John Leo of the Internet, here is a  recently-published list
 of upcoming  games for  the Atari Lynx.  The list appears in the September
 issue of Famicom Tsushin,  a mega-big  video-gaming magazine.  Titles have
 been translated  from Japanese,  and any obvious typos have been corrected
 by me. Release months are given, but I wouldn't count on them, since we're
 almost in  November already.  A lot of the titles have been reported by me
 before, but there's a bunch of new titles  near the  end that  ought to be
                             === September ===

 Xenophobe            Roadblasters      Upshot (originally 3D Barrage)
                              === October ===

 Rampage              Paperboy          Zarlor Mercenary
 Rygar                Klax
                             === November ===

 World Cup Soccer     A.P.B.            NFL Football
                             === December ===

 Ninja Gaiden         Checkered Flag    Vindicators
 Warbirds             Tournament Cyberball 2072
 Grid Runner          Turbo Sub         Scrapyard Dog
                            === Future 1991 ===

 Ms. Pac-Man          Pinball Shuffle   Basketbrawl
 Blockout             720 degrees       Jungle Ball
 Swimsuit Volleyball  Masters Golf      Steal Home
 Time Lord            Super Hockey      S.T.U.N. Runner
 Lynx Casino          Xybots            Pac-Land
 Rolling Thunder      Hoop Wars         All-Star Basketball
 Mario Lemieux Hockey(?)                 Shanghai
 Viking Child
     This list,  of course,  does not include the titles recently announced
 by the third-party Lynx development companies.
                 :ANNOUNCING... A NEW TITLE FOR THE LYNX!:


                 Retail Price: $34.95     Part No: PA2026

     Travel thru space ridding space stations  and moonbases  of the deadly
 aliens  (with  up  to  3  friends)  that have infested them. Just like the
 arcade version. 9 bases to  clean  up,  with  each  base  having different
 floors and levels.


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                           PRE-HOLIDAY SPECIALS

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
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                           Conventional Shoe Box
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            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
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      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
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             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
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 > A "Quotable Quote"?

              "To bear false witness against a neighbor is..
              a greater misdeed than murder, for the neighbor
                   must live a lifetime with your lies!"

                   "JUDGE NOT..... LEST YE BE JUDGED!!"

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