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From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Hyperlist/database/commercial
Date: Sun Mar 29 08:16:09 1992

Taken from: Z*Net Atari Online Magazine (#92-11) - March 13, 1992:

| ======================================================================
| * ATARI RELEASES HYPERLIST                               Press Release
| ======================================================================
| Contact: Don Mandell      Don Thomas
|   Phone: (408) 745-2000   (408) 745-2000
|     Fax: (408) 745-2088   (408) 745-2088
| SUNNYVALE, CA (March, 1992) -- Atari Computer Corporation has released
| a new software application for the Portfolio handheld computer.
| Hyperlist is a unique filing system which revolutionizes the way data
| may be organized in the Portfolio.  Often described as an "outliner" or
| "database", Hyperlist provides the opportunity to create extensive
| lists, then attach "child" lists to each item in the "parent" list.  On
| paper, the data flow resembles an organizational or flow chart.
| "This new system on the Portfolio opens many doors of opportunity",
| states Donald A. Thomas, Jr., Marketing Manager at Atari Computer Corp.
| "The software is easy to use, powerful and flexible; all at the same
| time."
| Hyperlist has been in development for almost an entire year.  A hand
| picked team of BETA testers worked with early versions to assure that
| a wide variety of uses could be applied by using the finished product.
| Specific target markets include education, sales, medicine, law and
| general purpose.
| Students and educators enjoy Hyperlist for the ability to easily
| establish time lines.  Each entry at the top reveals expounded details
| as it is selected.  Class schedules and assignments can be arranged by
| due date, instructor or course study.  Research materials can be
| collected in an impressively organized manner with references to
| sources, authors, dates or topics.
| Salespeople depend on Hyperlist to sort through parts by category,
| region or client.  Established price lists and component specifications
| are instantly recalled by use of logical prompts created by entries on
| each level of the list.
| The Medical Community benefits by creating functional patient reference
| logs or developing custom reference 774eM^gR+V-,Z7es, dosages and
| drug interactions.  Attorneys find refuge in Hyperlist by recording
| step by step case procedures logical notation.  HomeMakers store
| recipes, home businesses log business contacts, big businesses create
| departmental reporting plans... Hyperlist seems to do it all.
| Hyperlist is one of many optional applications developed specifically
| for the Portfolio computer by Atari.  The Portfolio computer is about
| the size of a videocassette and weighs less than one pound.  Often
| regarded as the ultimate organizer due to five powerful built-in
| programs, the Portfolio rivals the productivity of other palmtops or
| notebooks for a fractional price (299.95 MSRP).  Other optional
| software titles for the Portfolio include Finance, Dos Utilities,
| Chess, Instant Spell, PowerBASIC and more.  Over 700 files exist in the
| public domain for the Portfolio and are accessible on CompuServe and
| GEnie on line services.
| Hyperlist is value priced at only $49.95 manufacturer's suggested
| retail price and is available from Portfolio resellers.  Portfolio is
| available from better computer dealers throughout the world.  Most
| dealers will be happy to order it if they are out of stock.  For more
| information on the Portfolio and its applications, contact Don Thomas,
| Portfolio Marketing Manager, 1196 Borregas Ave., Sunnyvale, CA  94088.
| (408) 745-2000.
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