Data to Go/Database/Commercial

From: Tony Thomas (aa699@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/04/91-04:53:08 PM Z

From: aa699@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tony Thomas)
Subject: Data to Go/Database/Commercial
Date: Wed Sep  4 16:53:08 1991

Data to Go is a flat-file database program specifically designed for use
in handheld computers with limited memory and disk space, small displays
and calculator-type keyboards.  The design of the program takes into
account all of these limitations and provides a very compact, clear and
easy to operate means to store and accesss data in your palmtop.  Data
to Go will also work on a desktop or laptop for maximum convenience and
flexibility in preparing and manipulating your portable data.  Data to
Go saves data in a text or ASCII format allowing easy file import and
export to/from common desktop programs.

List Price: $99.99
Medium: 5-1/4" disk
Shipping: $5.00
Demo Disk and Manual: $10.00 (Refundable upon purchase)
Available for: Atari Portfolio, Poquet, HP 95LX (specify)

For more information, contact: XoteriX
                               23106 Baltar Street
                               West Hills, CA  91304
                               (818) 888-7390

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