ST REPORT: 3-Nov-94 #1045

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/11/94-11:14:03 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST REPORT: 3-Nov-94 #1045
Date: Fri Nov 11 23:14:03 1994

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      Due to circumstances beyond...  no, that's not the way it really
 happened at all.  Today, this morning to be exact, I went to Sam's to buy
 Microprose's new Football CD Rom game.  I tried to install it and much to
 my chagrin, the installation was not in any way, shape or form successful. 
 I then decided to check the docs.  It said if there was a disk included
 with the CD Rom to use the disk for the installation.  Ok, so now I stick
 the disk in Drive A, type install and what do I get?  Disk error.  Abort,
 retry you know the drill.  Check the disk in the other machine here.. same
 thing.  Ok, bring the package back to Sam's for an exchange.  Home again..
 same thing.  That's two packages that yield the same results.  Most sane
 individuals would, at this point, bring the goods back for a refund.  Not
 I.  Instead I tried to call the Microprose tech support number in
 Maryland.  What joke!  Constant busy signals for a little over two hours. 
 At this point of frustration, I asked the AT&T LD operator to intercede
 for me and try to get a clear line.  She tried alright but the person who
 was on the line objected vehemently while exclaiming he had tried for
 three days to get through to Microprose and was not, under any
 circumstances, giving up the line.  As the red flags of warning went up... 
 I thought to myself there apparently is real problem here.  

      I therefore decided to call the "main man" Gilman "Chopstick" Louie
 of Spectrum Holobyte.  After all, his company had bought Microprose a few
 months ago for a little over ten million dollars.  Can you imagine if an
 entire carload or more of the Football game went out defective?  Robin,
 his secretary, answered and while offering a genuinely sympathetic ear,
 made arrangements for their head customer support person to return my
 call.  All well and good.  That person did indeed call me back and
 expressed sincere concern over the entire matter.  Especially about
 Microprose apparently being "swamped" with support calls.  He said he
 would look into the matter and get back to me Monday or Tuesday.  ...stay
 tuned.  That's why the issue was late.

      On another topic, I like many other ex-Atarians have at least one of
 everything they ever made stashed away.  Maybe one day I'll have a set of
 showcases made to exhibit the "beginnings"!  I enjoyed using my Atari
 computers, of this there can be no doubt.  As well as the older, game
 machines.  I thought the Lynx was the "cat's meow".  I was wrong but so
 what... I enjoyed playing the games as did my family.  My only regret was
 having to endure the losses and the ridicule of my peers for having
 remained loyal for as long as I did with the computers.  It was an
 expensive no, very expensive lesson.  I only sold off that part of the
 equipment that was too expensive to simply hang on too.

      All in all, they were good years.  But as many of my good friends
 have stated, it is time to move on to bigger and better things.  The
 Tramiels will continue to do things "their way" as hilarious or tragic as
 that may be.  Its for sure that not I, nor anyone else will have any type
 of an opportunity to "influence" the way they do things.  There was a time
 I was genuinely interested and did care.  

      I, on the other hand, am no longer interested in anything but simply
 observing them, the computer and game machine markets and reporting my
 findings strictly as an editor/reporter.  The days of my paying particular
 attention to the Tramiels are over.  The "Tramiel Atari Saga" for me is a
 chapter in my life that is now closed.  It was indeed a rather bittersweet
 experience.  Que sera, sera.

                                    Thanks for reading....


 ps, the "Dream System" series will resume next week.

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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #45
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

             ** Education/Entertainment Software Sales Up **

    Analysts say the home market for educational/entertainment software 
 and games is booming.  Keith Benjamin of Robertson, Stephens & Co. said, 
 "The market was a couple of million people. Now we think the market of 
 buyers could be doubling or tripling."
    Reports show that in the most recent quarter Sierra On-Line, the 
 largest seller of entertainment software, is reporting revenues up 39%, 
 while educational software firm Davidson says revenues grew 32%.
                   ** Apple Ships Fastest Power Mac **
    Apple Computer Inc. says it is shipping the world's fastest-ever per-
 sonal computer.
    The new Power Macintosh 8100/110 system is powered by a 110MHz RISC-
 based PowerPC 601 chip. The system is being targeted at users in 
 publishing, multimedia and engineering.
    "The Power Macintosh 8100/110 grabs the industry performance crown 
 from our own first- generation RISC systems -- the Power Mac 8100/80 -- 
 announced just six months ago," says Steve Manser, vice president of 
 Apple's Macintosh desktop systems unit. "This product illustrates our 
 ability to quickly develop new products that further utilize the 
 exceptional potential of the PowerPC microprocessor, and which offers 
 our customers the winning combination of industry-leading personal 
 computer performance with the ease-of-use of Macintosh."
    The Power Macintosh 8100/110 is configured with 16MB of RAM, a 2GB 
 hard disk, double-speed CD-ROM drive and Apple SuperDrive 1.4MB floppy 
 disk drive. As with all Power Macintosh models, the Power Mac 8100/110 
 can run DOS and Windows applications when used with Insignia Solutions' 
 SoftWindows program.
    With a price of $6,379. the Power Macintosh 8100/110 is available 
 this week in limited quantities in the U.S. and selected regions world-
 wide. Volume shipments of the product are expected to start in December.
                   ** Apple Readies PowerPC Upgrade **
    Apple Computer Inc. says it expects to begin shipping its PowerPC up-
 grade card for many of its current entry-level Macintosh computers later 
 this month.
    The Macintosh Processor Upgrade card will work with a variety of Mac-
 intosh computers, including the Macintosh Quadra 605, LC 575 and LC 475 
 and Performa 470 and Performa 570 series. The card also upgrades the 
 recently announced Macintosh Quadra 630, LC 630 and Performa 630 series 
    Featuring a PowerPC 601 microprocessor running at either 50MHz or 
 66MHz (installing the upgrade doubles the speed of the computer's 
 existing microprocessor), the card is expected to boost performance up 
 to two to four times on existing Macintosh models when running 
 applications optimized for the Power Macintosh. Applications employing 
 floating point functions, such as graphics programs, may enjoy a 
 performance boost of up to 10 times. The computer's standard 68040 
 microprocessor is retained as part of the upgrade, so users can operate 
 their computer using either 68040 or PowerPC native applications.
    "Virtually all of our current Macintosh systems being sold today now 
 have an easy upgrade path to the future," says Ian Diery, executive vice 
 president and general manager of Apple's personal computer division. 
 "Apple's goal is to make PowerPC technology accessible to the broadest 
 number of customers possible, and make it easy for customers to make 
 their move to increased performance when they are ready."
    The Macintosh Processor Upgrade is expected to sell for $659.
                  ** Motorola Forms Software Division **
    A new division that will create software for personal communicators 
 has been formed by Motorola's Paging Products Group in Boynton Beach, 
    Reports are that the Personal Communicator Systems and Software 
 Division will create and supply systems, products, technology, and 
 applications to the emerging category of personal communicators. Doug 
 Kraul, director of group research and development, will serve as general 
    "Software-based products such as these present the next opportunity 
 for messaging products," said Hector Ruiz, executive vice president and 
 general manager of the Paging Products Group.
                   ** IBM, Apple Agree on PC Design **
    Word is IBM and Apple Computer have agreed on several key elements of 
 a PC design to be built around the PowerPC microprocessor they co-
 developed with Motorola Inc.
    The trade newspaper PC Week cites anonymous sources as saying the 
 firms have agreed on key memory designs and a bus (the pathway between 
 the main processor and memory chips). The paper adds they will announce 
 all the details at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas later this month.
    Talks between IBM and Apple officials have gone on for more than a 
 year now to create a design standard for PCs that use the new chip. As 
 reported, there has been speculation that IBM and Apple would share 
 competing operating software and even that IBM might invest in Apple.
                   ** Motorola Rolls Out New Modems **
    Motorola Inc.'s first modems to be sold through retail outlets have 
 been introduced in an attempt to broaden the firm's market share.
    Its $279 Lifestyle series modems are intended for the home PC market, 
 while the $339 Power line is designed to improve the operation of cellu-
 lar phones. Both conform to the industry PCMICA standard for plug-in 
 devices that are the size of credit cards.
    Motorola officials told the wire service the Best Buy, J&R Computers 
 and PC Warehouse chains have agreed to sell the new lines.
    Reports say Motorola racked up $132.8 million in sales of modems last 
 year, sold to corporate accounts through distributors and its own sales 
                    ** Apple Cuts Workgroup Prices **
    Prices on Apple Computer Inc.'s 11-member line of PowerPC processor-
 based Workgroup Servers have been cut by between six and 11 percent.
    Apple says a basic configuration Workgroup Server 6150 now is $2,809, 
 down 11% from $3,159, while a basic Workgroup Server 95 with A/UX now is 
 $9,879, down 9% from $10,869.

                   ** Canon Unveils Mac Optical Card **

    Canon U.S.A. Inc. is offering a new optical card storage system for 
 Macintosh computers.

    The company says its Canon Optical Card delivers high data storage 
 capacity in the conventional credit card format and can be used as a 
 personal, portable database.
    The device's applications include portable clinical records, positive 
 identification and security access. Canon notes that the Optical Card is 
 a write-once, read-many (WORM) medium that can hold over 2.4MB of data. 
 It adds that the card is immune to the effects of magnetic fields, radio 
 frequency emissions and static electricity discharge.
                     ** PC Card Market Set to Soar **
    Worldwide PC card sales are set to grow more than tenfold, ballooning 
 from just over $500 million in 1993 to $5.8 billion in the year 2000 at 
 a 42% compound annual rate, forecasts a new study by Frost & Sullivan.
    Flash cards will pace growth later in the decade, rising from 17% of 
 the market in 1993 to 47% in 2000. Fax and modem cards -- the market's 
 currently fastest- growing segment -- will expand their revenue share 
 from 14% in 1993 to 32% by 1996 before declining in share to 26% by 
    Local area network (LAN) cards will increase their share of revenues 
 from 8% in 1993 to 20 percent in the 1996-97 period before declining 
 slightly in share. Currently dominant RAM cards will decline from 47% of 
 the market in 1993 to only 8% by 2000 and ROM cards will similarly drop 
 from 14 to 2 percent share in the same period, says the study.
                   ** PC Market Size Estimate Upped **
    The size of the personal computer market is bigger than we thought, 
 says a prominent market-research firm.
    Officials with Computer Intelligence InfoCorp are quoted as conclud-
 ing that previous studies had overlooked machines assembled by small 
 resellers and users.
    The researchers say they now believe 43.8 million desktop and port-
 able PCs were sold in 1993, up 6.9 million units, or about 5%, from its 
 original estimate. The Journal says the firm raised its 1994 estimate by 
 7.5 million units, to 49.4 million.
                  ** Microsoft Not to Invest in NeXT **
    A spokeswoman for Microsoft Corp. says the software publisher has no 
 plans to invest in Steve Jobs' NeXT Computer Inc. or to provide financing
 for the company, but didn't rule out negotiations on joint software 
 development projects.
    Microsoft spokeswoman Pam Edstrom said any deal between the two 
 companies will involve support by NeXT for the Microsoft Windows and 
 Windows NT operating environment.
                  ** Compaq to Bundle Contura Floppy **
    Compaq Computer Corp. says it will begin bundling an external floppy 
 drive with its Contura Aero subnotebook PC.

    Formerly available as an option, the external floppy drive connects 
 to the notebook through a PCMCIA slot and doesn't require an external 
 power source. The bundle is scheduled to become available later this 
    The Contura Aero, introduced last February, features a color or mono-
 chrome screen, 4MB of RAM (expandable to 20MB), and a hard disk capacity 
 ranging from 170MB to 250MB..
                  ** Toshiba Slashes Portable Prices **
    Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. this week reduced prices on 
 selected ultra-portable, notebook and pen computers by as much as 18%.
    Toshiba slashed prices on most of its products, including the entire 
 Satellite notebook line as well as the T3600CT, T4700CT, T4800CT and 
 T6600C series.
    As an example, the street price of the Satellite T1910 is expected to 
 be between $1,349 to $1,499 after the price cut, down from its former 
 street price of $1,649 to $1,749.
    Toshiba said it was able to make the price cuts due to increase 
 efficiency in the production of Thin Film Transistor active-matrix color 
 screens used in the portable computers.
                 ** Digital Introduces Starion PC Line **
    Digital Equipment Corp. this week entered the U.S. personal computer 
 retail market with the introduction of its Starion PC line, which it has 
 targeted to the small office and home office market segment.

    Reports say Digital will sell the machines exclusively at CompUSA and 
 Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s Sam's Club. Prices will range from $1,699 to 

    The small office/home office market -- known as SOHO -- is defined as 
 those organizations and home-based businesses with five or fewer 
 employees. BIS Strategic Decisions reports that of the 13.6 million PCs 
 sold in 1993 in the United States, one third were sold into the SOHO 
                  ** Pirates Target OS/2, Windows 95 **
    Illegal, pirated copies of IBM's new OS/2, a test version of Micro-
 soft Corp.'s Windows 95, and about a dozen other major programs have 
 been found on Internet, prompting the industry's major players to sound 
 an alarm about the global network.
    Writing in The Wall Street Journal this week, Jared Sandberg 
 comments, "The action by the unknown hackers -- who broke into a 
 computer system at Florida State University and deposited copies of (the 
 software) -- underscores the potentially enormous threat of piracy posed 
 by the Internet."
    The paper said intruders gained access to a system in the school's 
 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory a few weeks ago, posting the 
 copy of OS/2 even before the product landed on store shelves.
    "They created 'invisible' directories on the FSU system and hid the 
 programs there, then revealed how to tap into the pirated cache in live 
 'chat' sessions with other users on the Internet," the Journal added.
    Paul Southworth of CICNet, which provides a computer gateway that 
 links major universities to Internet, told the Journal piracy on the net 
 "is obviously a pervasive problem," adding he has "repeated problems" on 
 a nightly basis with computer intruders using his system to distribute 
 illegal software copies.
    He said copies of test versions of Windows 95, which Microsoft won't 
 even be introduced until mid-1995, "are all over the place."
    Microsoft General Counsel David Curtis told the paper, "We've known 
 about that and have been making efforts to investigate and run it down 
 for a while. Once the software gets out, it's pretty easy to duplicate."
    Sandberg says software publishers have launched "one of the most 
 aggressive responses yet... (Some) have called in law-enforcement agents 
 and posted reward money for the arrest of those responsible."
    James P. Lennane, president of DeScribe Inc., a Naples, Forida, soft-
 ware company that discovered a pirated version of its new word-
 processing program on the Florida State University system, said, "The 
 Internet is a conduit of criminal activity. I think it's time for the 
 big boys to stand up and protect their assets."
    He posted a message on the Internet offering a $20,000 reward for the 
 arrest and conviction of those behind the latest scheme.
    Microsoft has offered a $10,000 reward. In an electronic message, 
 Microsoft executive Rick Segal said, "We have taken steps to also find 
 the party responsible for these actions. I will put up $10,000 today. 
 This stuff has to stop." 
                  ** NEC Makes 32-Bit Video Game Unit **
    A new 32-bit video-game machine will be launched by Japan's NEC Home 
 Electronics Ltd. in the second week of December. This comes on the heels 
 of Sony Corp.'s release of a rival machine.
    Officials NEC Corp. are quoted as saying the new PC-FX machine will 
 go on sale on Dec. 9 at a price of 49,800 yen ($498), or 10,000 yen more 
 than Sony's new 32-bit machine. The company estimates sales at 500,000 
 units in the first year.
    Sony affiliate Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced last week 
 its new PlayStation, priced at 39,800 yen, will go on sale Dec. 3 and 
 forecasts sales at 1 million units in the first six months.
    Sega Enterprises Ltd. plans to launch its Saturn video game machine 
 with a 32-bit microprocessor and a CD-ROM drive on Nov. 22. The company 
 set a price of 49,800 yen at first but later cut it to 44,800 yen.
    Meanwhile, market leader Nintendo Co. Ltd. apparently isn't planning 
 to join the year-end rush, but will release a new 32-bit game machine in 
 the first half of next year.
                 ** Apple Tops in U.S. Computer Sales **
    Apple Computer Inc. shipped more computers than any other manufac-
 turer last quarter, taking the lead away from rival Compaq Computer 
    A survey conducted by the research firm International Data Corp. 
 showed that Apple sold 640,000 units in the United States in the third 
 quarter, compared with Compaq's 600,000 units sold. However, Compaq took 
 top honors for international sales with 1.22 million units.
    "That they took back the lead from Compaq is interesting. It shows 
 things are coming together for Apple," said Eric Lewis, International 
 Data research director for PC hardware.
                 ** Pioneer Considering Apple Project? **
    Computer industry observers in Tokyo are saying Japanese audio equip-
 ment maker Pioneer Electronic Corp. will enter the PC market next year 
 in a tie-up with Apple Computer Inc.
    Reports this week said Pioneer will sell PCs loaded with Apple 
 software and the PowerPC microprocessor, which was jointly developed by 
 Apple, IBM and Motorola Inc.


 > NAVCIS Pro 1.25 STR FOCUS!   Others only _try_ where NavCIS Does It!

                            NAVCIS Pro Revisited

 by R. F. Mariano

      Certain programs seem to have a way of becoming necessities in hurry
 once they're installed on your system.  Sure, you "thought" you were doing
 just fine without the "program" until you began using it.  NavCIS Pro
 v1.25 is just that type of program.  A simpler way to express this is to
 say; "You simply don't know what you are missing!"  In our previous
 review, we praised the program in general as it earned every bit of the
 praise.  Now, a number of weeks later, its time to re-evaluate that
      To begin with, NavCIS Pro is still the benefit filled, sure footed
 CIS Navigator we previously stated it is.  To add to that, only comes with
 the experiences we've attained since using NavCIS.  In a number of areas,
 there is little to ask for except perhaps some cosmetic changes and basic
 functions of the program.  For one, I'd be overjoyed to see the creative
 and highly colorful forum logos displayed for those forums in use instead
 of the redundant mailbox.  With, of course, the various signals used still
 in use. I'd also like to see the program allowed to lock baud at 115200 or
 higher along with 4k packets being among the choices.  Notice, I have not
 at any time said I was disatisfied in any way with NavCIS Pro because I am
 not.  Its very fast and its rock solid.  It does the job.  
      The file transfer speeds on any of the major online networks seem to
 leave a great deal to be desired, but with NavCIS, the users can "help
 themselves" to far greater transfer rates by paying attention to details. 

      After seeing number of pleas for help and the resulting animated
 discussions about transfer speeds and what to or not to do, STReport
 decided to make the move to do an in-depth overview of the telcom settings
 that would provide the best overall performance for those machines (486 &
 up w/16550a UARTs) capable of yeilding superior performance.  The settings
 and procedures outlined below are intended to help in most all serial
 communications applications.


 Unlike previous versions of Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups 3.1,
 WFWG 3.11 uses a new and different internal architecture for the Com port
 driver. The COMM.DRV in WFWG 3.11 uses what is known as the "VCOMM

 The COMM.DRV supplied with WFWG 3.11 can properly handle 16550A type
 serial ports, but ONLY if additional entries are inserted into the [386
 Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI.  By default, only the receive FIFO is enabled
 on a 16550A serial port.

 Without the additional SYSTEM.INI entries, the transmit FIFO capability of
 the 16550A serial port will be inactive.  If the transmit FIFO is not
 activated, 14400bps, and even 9600bps, data & fax SENDING may experience
 random or frequent failures.

 Enabling FIFO support in WFWG 3.11
 To fully enable the FIFO capabilities of a 16550A serial port, insert the
 following entries into the [386 Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI;

 COMxFifo=2 -- THIS ENTRY CAN BE OMITTED, but if present, MUST be set to 2,
 not 0 or 1.

 COMxTXFifo=1 -- 1 activates a 16 byte (non configurable) transmit FIFO,
 the default of 0 deactivates the transmit FIFO.

 COMxRXTrigger=8 -- Receive FIFO IRQ threshold, it must be 1, 4, 8, or 14
 (if the entry is omitted, the default is 8)

  Note: the lowercase x - where X is the Com port number

  Note: These entries will be ignored if;

 * You do not have a 16550A type serial port
 * You are not running the VCOMM version of COMM.DRV (which comes with
   WFWG 3.11)

 * You are using WFXCOMM.DRV (which is NOT compatible with WFWG 3.11)

 Moving right along....

 The information presented below applies to:
  - Microsoft Windows operating system versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 
  - Microsoft Windows for Workgroups versions 3.1, 3.11 


 The  universal  asynchronous  receiver-transmitter (UART) is an integrated
 circuit  that  contains  the software programming control of the PC serial
 port.  The  8250  was  the  original  UART  to  ship with the IBM personal
 computer.  This  UART and the newer 16450 version are limited to one input
 register  that  holds only one byte at a time. These UARTs are not usually
 suitable  for modem speeds greater than 9600 bits per second (BPS) because
 of  possible  input data overruns that can occur if a character is left in
 the  input  register  when  the next byte is received.  The new 16550 UART
 allows  reliable  data  transfer at high speeds with its 16-byte first in,
 first  out  (FIFO)  input  register.  The FIFO feature can buffer up to 16
 bytes  at  a time, which improves serial communications by preventing data
 overruns  in applications that are 16550 aware.  This article outlines the
 use and history of support for the 16550 in Microsoft Windows.

 Windows 3.0 and Earlier Versions 

 Windows 3.0 & earlier versions don't support the FIFO feature of the 16550
 UART.  Instead,  the  UART  remains  in  the 8250 UART compatibility mode,
 allowing  one  byte  to  be  received at a time. If the incoming character
 isn't  read  fast  enough  by  the  computer,  the  byte  is lost. Lost or
 "dropped"  characters  are likely to occur at speeds faster than 9600 bits
 per  second  (BPS).  There are no UART-specific switches in the SYSTEM.INI
 file with Windows 3.0.

 Third-party  communications drivers (such as Turbocom by Pacific Commware)
 are available to add support for the 16550 FIFO feature in Windows 3.0.

 Windows 3.1, 3.11, and Windows for Workgroups 3.1 
 Windows  3.1  was the first version of Windows to support the FIFO feature
 o f    t he  16550  UART  for  Windows-based  applications.  (MS-DOS-based
 applications run under Windows 3.1, 3.11, or Windows for Workgroups 3.1 do
 not  support  the  FIFO  feature.)  The  receive buffer (RX) is set by the
 serial  communications  driver (COMM.DRV) to 14 bytes. The transmit buffer
 (TX) is not enabled.

 [386Enh! Section SYSTEM.INI Setting:

                               COM1FIFO=0 | 1
                               COM2FIFO=0 | 1
                               COM3FIFO=0 | 1
                               COM4FIFO=0 | 1

 Enable the FIFO if detected and the setting is not in the SYSTEM.INI file.

 Specifies whether the FIFO buffer of a communication (COM) port 16550 UART
 is  enabled  (1)  or  disabled (0). If a serial port does not have a 16550
 UART,  this  setting is ignored. If you place a numerical value other than
 "1"  or  "0"  (for  example, COMxFIFO=2 ), the FIFO is ENABLED if actually
 detected.    Using  TRUE, FALSE, or any other NON-NUMERICAL VALUE sets the
 switch to "0" and therefore disables the FIFO.

 The  COMxFIFO=  setting  is not fully Boolean aware. To properly use these
 switches, use the following syntax;


 where <x> is the number of the COM port you want to set.

 The  SYSINI.WRI  file  from the Microsoft Windows Resource Kit for version
 3.1 incorrectly identifies TRUE and FALSE as functioning with this switch.
 Page  196  of  the Windows Resource Kit manual incorrectly identifies "On"
 and  "Off" as functioning with this switch. Again, using any non-numerical
 value  sets  the  switch  to  "0"  and therefore disables the FIFO.  These
 values are used by Windows for both standard and 386 enhanced modes.

 Third-party  communications  drivers (such as Turbocom by Pacific Commware
 and  KingComm  by  OTC  Corporation)  enable FIFO support for MS-DOS-based
 applications running under Windows.

 Windows for Workgroups 3.11 

 Windows  for  Workgroups  3.11  is  the first version of Windows to enable
 16550 FIFO support for MS-DOS-based applications running under Windows. In
 addition to Windows-based applications, your MS-DOS-based applications can
 now  use  FIFO  to  prevent  data  overruns  without  using  a third-party
 communications  driver.  The  Windows for Workgroups communications driver
 (SERIAL.386)  can  also  use  the  transmit buffer (TX) of the 16550 UART.
 Previous versions of the communications driver use the receive buffer (RX)

 [386Enh! section SYSTEM.INI settings:

 In addition to the COMxFIFO setting outlined above, Windows for Workgroups 
 3.11 introduces two new settings, RXTRIGGER and TXFIFO.

 RXFIFO Setting:
                        COM1RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14
                        COM2RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14
                        COM3RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14
                        COM4RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14

 Default: 8

 Sets the number of bytes to enable for the receive FIFO buffer (RX) on the
 16550 UART.


 where <x> is the number of the COM port you want to set.

 In  general,  you should not change the RXFIFO value. Increasing the value
 of  RXFIFO  to  14  causes  fewer  interrupts to be generated, but it also
 decreases  the  space in the remainder of the buffer to 2 characters. On a
 busy  system,  which  may  have an increase in interrupt latency (the time
 that  it takes for an interrupt to be serviced by the CPU), this may cause
 characters  to  overrun  the  buffer.  Likewise,  decreasing the value for
 RXFIFO  increases  the number of interrupts generated, which could lead to
 i n t errupt  saturation,  negating  the  usefulness  of  the  FIFO  on  a
 multitasking system.

 TXFIFO Setting:
                              COM1TXFIFO=0 | 1
                              COM2TXFIFO=0 | 1
                              COM3TXFIFO=0 | 1
                              COM4TXFIFO=0 | 1

 Default: 0 (off)
          1 (on)

 Purpose:  Enables  the transmit buffer (TX) on the 16550 UART. If enabled,
 16  bytes  are  sent  to  the  UART  with  each  empty  transmit interrupt


 where <x> equals the number of the COM port you want to set.

 Enabling the transmit buffer (TX) may result in better system performance
 during a high-speed file upload. It does not affect downloads.

 and now, on to the modems and certain init strings...

      In the process of testing the efficiency of a number of modems, the
 bottom line is, as it seemingly has always been a toss-up between Hayes
 and US Robotics with US Robotics riding the "cutting edge" with flash rom
 in use.  On CIS NavCIS has constantly provided reliable file transfers in
 the 1700cps range for us while using the above mentioned settings.  Of
 course we were connected at 14.4 on a CIS node and had worked the init
 strings to "death" getting there.  Below, are the two init strings
 actually used.  You can apply them as far as you wish and as long as your
 modem meets the "Hayes Compatibility" criteria.  Hopefully, they'll
 provide a strong "starting point" for you.

 (actual init strings from init.lst)

 Hayes Optima V.FC 28.8 Data/FAX : AT&FM0V1W2X4&C1&D3&Q9&T5S11=50 :

 USR DS V.FC 28.8 : AT&FM0Q0V1X7&A3&M0&B1&H1&R2&K0S11=40 :


 FYI..... Relative to USR Modem Owners...

 Subject:  V.FC compatibility issue - Msg Number: 152319
    From:  US Robotics 76711,707
      To:  ALL 
   Forum:  MODEMVENDOR   Sec: 04-US Robotics
    Date:  03-Nov-94  16:53:56

 Here is what some of you have been waiting to hear:

 We have found incompatibility under certain conditions in a small
 percentage of V.FC modems from different manufacturers.  The source of the
 problem lies in the retraining sequences of the V.FC protocol.  We've gone
 back to the lab and are close to producing a fix.  The update will be
 available November 17th, 1994.  For owners of Sportsters that support
 V.FC, the update is available in the form of a user-installable e-prom
 chip.  A 1-800 number will be provided for Sportster owners to order this
 new chip.

 For Courier owners, the revised code is available via flash ROM by calling
 our BBS at (708)982-5092, on Compuserve (GO USROBOTICS), or anonymous FTP
 (, \pcb\dl05).

 Courier owners, please see your manual for specifics on software

             Details of the fix will be available by November 7.


      Naturally, there are some caveats, (aren't there always?) the basic
 requirements are a quality modem, good phone lines a high performance
 machine and lastly, patience on the part of the user attempting to set up
 the optimized comm system.  Put the time into this effort, you'll be glad
 you did.

 now, back to NavCIS...

      NavCIS Pro v1.25 has all of the bells and whistles one could possibly
 want to maximize their enjoyment using Compuserve.  Of course, like every
 other program worth its salt, you can be sure there's something snazzier
 in the wings.  NavCIS 1.25 is part of a reliable chain of programs that
 have satisfied many, many users who sought the true convenience of a high
 powered system navigator.  Its not the first and certainly not the last. 
 Support, both online and personal, is ongoing and top notch.  Further
 development of product enhancements is an ongoing factor.

      Our conservative prediction is, simply put; sooner or later after
 having tried the rest, you'll be using the best (NavCIS).  Its won our
 wholehearted endorsement.  While on Compuserve, type GO DVORACK and
 download the TE version.  You'll love it!


 > Frank's Corner STR Review

 The Kids' Computing Corner

                           Brighter Child Software

 reviews by Frank Sereno

      This week reviews two products from Brighter Child Software.  The
 first title is "Jim Henson's Muppet/Brighter Child Letters: Capital &
 Small."  That name is quite a mouthful!  This program teaches beginning
 reading skills to children from preschool through kindergarten.  Program
 requirements are Windows 3.1, a 386 CPU, four megs of ram, a VGA display,
 4.5 megs of hard drive space and a mouse.  A sound card is not required
 but digitized speech and sound effects are available if the card is
 installed.  The program comes on a single, high density diskette.

      Installation is very simple.  Run the install.exe program on the disk
 by exercising the RUN option under the FILE menu in Windows.  The program
 will then copy the program files to the hard drive and create a program
 group and icon for "Letters."  The program includes a one page user's
 guide. Also included is a small workbook which includes additional
 problems and suggestions for parent/child activities to reinforce the
 skills and knowledge gained from the workbook and program.

      "Letters" is much like a workbook which is done on the computer.  The
 book consists of twenty-four pages.  Twenty-two pages are activity pages,
 one page is the title page and one page is the table of contents. On four
 pages the activities study two letters rather than a single letter on the
 other eighteen pages.  

      Each activity page has a box with the written instructions for that
 page, a large window displaying the activity and below that are buttons
 for moving through the pages.  A left arrow button moves the program to
 the previous page while the right arrow button goes to the next page.  A
 content button takes the child to the table of contents and a quit button
 allows the child to exit the program.  Upon entering each page the
 instructions will be stated aloud to the child.  Clicking on the written
 instructions will cause them to be read aloud again.

      All activities require the child to use a mouse to solve a series of
 problems.  He may be asked to click on a letter or to drag a letter or
 object from one location to another.  Besides learning to recognize the
 different letters, the child will build coordination and dexterity through
 his manipulations of the mouse.  These exercises are well designed in that
 the tasks teach children the letters while the tasks are simple and easily

      The graphics are bright and colorful.  All the Muppet characters are
 easily recognizable.  Each activity page includes some animations.  These
 animations are small in duration and in the amount of objects which are in
 motion but they appear very smooth even on a 386 machine. Some sounds were
 a bit distorted and fuzzy on my children's computer which uses a Sound
 Blaster PRO 2 sound card.  Other sounds were clear which has me confused
 whether the fault lies in the computer's sound card or the program.  Were
 it not for the distortion problem, the sound portion of the program would
 have been rated quite highly.

      The interface is simple and easy to use, but I feel that there are a
 few shortcomings that need to be addressed.  Positive encouragement
 consists of a small window popping up which displays the number of correct
 answers the child has provided along with a brief musical interlude.  The
 shortcoming here is that this program is aimed at pre-readers.  They need
 some vocalized encouragement.  Negative feedback is handled in the same
 manner and again I feel this should be vocalized.  During negative
 feedback the child is given the options of trying again or having the
 answer shown to them but these options are printed on the screen.  The
 child would be better served if these options were vocalized or presented
 as some sort of easily understood pictograph or icon.

      A side note, the back of the program's packaging shows three screen
 shots which are not included in the program.  These graphics show the
 activity screens as chalkboards.  They also show additional buttons for a
 scorecard and a glossary.  An additional button is shown on these graphics
 but I can't discern the intended function.  I'm not certain why these
 changes were made to the program's interface and why the graphics on the
 box were not corrected. 

      Play value is hard to grade.  The program offers many different
 activities but it will have limited replay value once the child has
 completed all the pages several times.  Perhaps with better feedback or
 the ability to change the difficulty of the exercises would give children
 something to come back to in the program.  Educational value is good. 
 This program has a very narrow scope but its intended lessons are well
 designed and easily learned by the target audience.

      Bang for the Buck is very good.  This program retails for about $15
 so it is very inexpensive compared to many children's programs.  The
 program does not have the high hardware requirements of many current
 educational programs so it is usable on most systems.  While its
 curriculum of study is rather small, these lessons are well received and

                Graphics .............. 8.0
                Sounds ................ 6.0
                Interface ............. 7.0
                Play Value ............ 8.0
                Educational Value ..... 8.0
                Bang for the Buck ..... 9.0
                Average ............... 7.67


      Brighter Child Reading & Phonics Grade 1 is intended to teach many
 reading and pronunciation skills to children ages six to seven.  The
 program's structure and interface are very similar to that used in Muppet
 Letters.  Reading & Phonics features 28 pages with 32 activities.  This
 program requires Windows 3.1 or higher, a 286 or greater CPU, a VGA
 display, two megs of ram, 2.6 megs of hard drive space and a mouse.  Sound
 cards are supported but not necessary to run this program.  This program
 also includes a workbook and parent's guide.

      The Reading & Phonics interface consists of a large viewing window
 and five buttons above the window for Start, Previous (page), Next (page),
 Contents and Exit.  In the work pages the child will use the mouse to
 click on or drag objects or words and draw lines.  The child will also
 learn some keyboarding skills as he must type in answers in several
 exercises.  The directions for each exercise are very simple but these are
 available as text only.  No audible help is available so this program will
 require parental interaction.

      The exercises are well designed and interesting.  Lessons include
 sequencing sentences in a story, short and long vowel sounds, consonant
 blends and digraphs, and reading comprehension.  I do feel this program
 would be much improved if it used sound more adequately.  Phonics is the
 study sound and today's sound cards can easily produce natural-sounding
 voices.  This addition would teach children correct pronunciation.  In
 addition, sound could be used for positive feedback or encouragement.  The
 program uses happy musical ditties and displays of fireworks but the
 addition of a human voice would be better.

      Graphics are colorful but simplistic.  This program makes little use
 of animation.  The sounds used are very clean with little distortion.  The
 problem is that this program makes uses little sound.  Sound and animation
 are wonderful devices for retaining children's interest.

      The interface is very simple to use.  It does have shortcomings due
 to the lack of positive feedback and audible help.  This program  requires
 the parent to fulfill these duties which are done by the computer in many
 of today's educational programs.  If you as a parent are willing to
 fulfill these duties, then Reading & Phonics can be an effective learning
 aid for your child.

      Play value is limited.  There are many activities available in the
 book but they will have little replay value once they have been finished. 
 This program lacks any sort of randomness to questions or adjustment in
 difficulty levels to maintain the child's interest past the first play.

      Educational value is good as many lessons and skills are learned from
 the program if a parent or teacher works with the child to do the
 exercises.  It would be better if the program produced pronunciations of
 the various phonics sounds.

      Bang for the Buck is good.  This program is available for $15 or
 less.   It is a good buy in children's software IF the parent is willing
 to make up for the shortcomings in the interface and provide the correct
 pronunciations of words and letter combinations.

      I'd like to point out that the packaging on this program has a few
 discrepancies similar to those in Muppet Letters.  The back of the box
 shows three screen shots.  Only one of these screens is used in the
 program.  One screen may have been changed because it was deemed too
 difficult.  Completely missing is a word search activity.  Due to writing
 deadlines I was not able to learn the reasons for these discrepancies but
 I will seek answers and report them in this column. 

                     Graphics .............. 7.0
                     Sounds ................ 7.0
                     Interface ............. 6.0
                     Play Value ............ 7.0
                     Educational Value ..... 8.0
                     Bang for the Buck ..... 8.0
                     Average ............... 7.17




 > WinCim Updated STR InfoFile

                Changes in CompuServe Information Manager for
                  Windows (WinCIM) 1.3.1 (from version 1.3)


 - NCSI/NASI implementation will allow shared MODEM pools
   on Novell networks.  User must have NCSI/NASI drivers
   installed in order to use this feature. 

 - Copy To ==> MAPI Message will allow user to copy selected
   text to a MAPI message.  User must have a MAPI enabled mail
   client installed to be exposed to this feature.  

 - Simple mail attachments allow users to send a text message and
   an associated file. The recipient will receive two messages
   with the same subject, one will contain the text message, the
   other will be a file descriptor message with a retrieve button.

 - Added 57600 and 115200 BAUD, removed 450 and 1800 BAUD.


 - New online install programs. 

      WCINST.EXE     - A complete install set, minus Signup. 

      WCPROG.EXE     - Updated WINCIM.EXE minus the other components
                           listed below. Upon execution obsolete dll's are 
                  removed from the user's wincim directory.

      WCHELP.EXE     - Update the WinCIM help file.

      WDIR.EXE  - Update the CompuServe Directory, also known as
                  the Almanac. Will create a program group and
                  put gocserve.exe in the user's windows directory.

      WCSOUND.EXE    - Update WinCIM sounds. These will be added to the
                  user's WIN.INI file.

      WSCRIPT.EXE    - Update the connect scripts, backing up the old
                  ones to *.old.

 Basically, the idea is to simplify the online installation by providing
 single files which can be run directly from Windows to install either
 a complete upgrade or just parts.  For detailed instructions Go WINCIM.


 - MODEM security options added to the MODEM Control Strings
   dialog.  To access select Session Settings from the Special
   menu pull down and click the MODEM button.


 - List box scrolling has been improved.

 - Filing Cabinet compatability between WinCIM and CompuServe 
   Navigator has been improved. 

 - Copy To ==> mail message copies the message subject.

 - A read forum message retains its read status indicator in the
   filing cabinet after downloading additional messages within 
   the thread.  

 - Forum message and file marking have been fixed.

 - Truncated or oddly formatted text within articles, mail, or
   forum messages has been corrected.

 - Corrected the unpredictable formatting that resulted from moving
   a reformattable mail message within the filing cabinet using FileIt.

 - A reply to a forum message would result in a message being posted to
   the forum when sent from the Out-Basket.  Those replys are now sent 
   to the sender and appropriate addressees.

 - No GPF is encountered while performing forum message related activities 
   involving messsages that contain international date formats with capital 

 - Forum library retrieval lists have been corrected.

 - If you attempt to use sound with a system that is not equipped with a 
   sound card, when you attempt to start WinCIM a warning dialog will be 
   presented to explain and carryout the necessary adjustments.  The
   program will not start until the modifications have been made.

 - Support for forums with 24 sections has been implemented.  To check it 
   out try Go Politics.

 - No more message text truncation.

 - Correct BAUD rate will be displayed in the Connection Info dialog.

 - The Undelete button on the Get New Mail dialog is enabled after the
   first message is deleted.   The message can be deleted from the View
   dialog or from the mail list dialog.

 - Launching WinCIM from the CompuServe Directory when the Connect dialog
   has not been disabled no longer causes a GPF error.  

 - Fixed the CB keyboard interface problems.

 - Added edit option for the Stock Portfolio entries.

 - Out of Memory alert is no longer issued after deleting all tickers from 
   the Quotes dialog.

 - Waiting mail icon works as expected.  The user can go to a DPP service 
   and return and the icon will not disappear.

 - Truncation of online text when using the scrollbar thumb has been fixed.

 - The CB user's list operates properly.

 - Corrected timeouts the result from large file downloads in terminal 


 > WPerfect WIN 6.1 STR FOCUS!            Ongoing support at its best!

                         WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows
                             Product Information
                     Due to release fourth quarter 1994.

 Product Introduction
 As the latest version in the WordPerfect word processing product line,
 WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows offers improvements that set the standard for
 word and document processing. From simple ease-of-use enhancements to
 sophisticated and intelligent automation tools, WordPerfect s new
 capabilities strengthen the product s position as the best word processor
 for Windows.

 More documents are created worldwide using WordPerfect than with any other
 software. WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows is the perfect way to create better

 Product Development Goals and Results
 WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows was designed based on product research and
 user feedback from four principal sources:

 *    Usability research conducted at WordPerfect's
      industry-leading usability center with hundreds of subjects,
      studying a myriad of product design and implementation

 *    On-location field research with customers in their own
      environments to better understand their work needs and
      patterns and how our software can help them to get their
      work done easier and faster

 *    Customer feedback via Customer Support lines, electronic
      forums, and WordPerfect's own regional sales staff

 *    Enhancement requests from users of WordPerfect products 

 The information from this research was carefully studied and analyzed and
 combined with market demands and corporate objectives. This resulted in
 the formulation of four principal goals for developing WordPerfect 6.1 for
 Windows, each to help customers:      

 *    Write Better
 *    Work Smarter and Faster
 *    Integrate Perfectly
 *    Transition Easier

 The overriding philosophy behind the design decisions made to meet these
 four goals was to  get the software out of the way of the work.  This
 means that the software needs to work with users, not against them, to
 help them get their word processing work done faster and with less effort.
 In addition, all product changes were coordinated with the other
 applications of Novell's new suite of products, PerfectOffice 3.0, so
 there would be consistency and a high level of integration among the
 products.  Finally, as part of the Novel family of products, WordPerfect
 made efforts to be even more network aware than ever before, offering
 network customers new advantages and opportunities to use the software in
 a workgroup environment. Each of the four product goals are discussed
 below with examples of how they were met in WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows.

 Write Better
 Word processors have long provided tools to help you format text, but they
 had no idea what your words meant. But now WordPerfect's advanced
 PerfectSense  technology can understand words within their context. Using
 PerfectSense, WordPerfect 6.1 can automatically fix your grammar, search
 for all forms of a word from the one that you supply, and replace words
 with the correct form. You save time and and your documents look better as
 the software does the work.

 Grammatik 6
 Grammar checking has traditionally been a process that checked your
 document for common errors and gave you advice based on proper grammar
 rules. The challenge was that you had to first understand the advice and
 then determine how to modify the text to make it better. Now with the new
 Grammatik 6 and PerfectSense built into WordPerfect 6.1, you can check
 your grammar as easily as you check your spelling. Grammatik 6 doesn t
 just offer advice that you need an English professor to understand, but
 will actually rewrite your sentences for you. All you have to do it click
 Replace and let it do all the work. 

 Find and Replace
 The problem with find and replace has always been that it can only look
 for exactly what you type. What you told us you needed was a product that
 would let you specify a word and have it automatically find all forms of
 that word and even replace them with the correct forms of another word.
 Using PerfectSense technology, the new Find and Replace in WordPerfect 6.1
 does exactly that. For example, you could find all forms of the word fly 
 (fly, flew, flown, flying, etc.) then automatically replace them with the
 proper form of the word  drive  (drive, drove, driven, driving, etc.).
 This capability is perhaps even more significant in languages other than
 English where word forms can be spelled very differently from the root. 

 Speller and Thesaurus
 In addition to the grammar checker, other WordPerfect writing tools use
 PerfectSense technology to offer you better writing assistance. Both
 Speller and Thesaurus use PerfectSense to look up and replace words in the
 proper forms. The Thesaurus allows you to look up words using any form,
 even if the form is not in its word list. All WordPerfect writing tools
 access your documents through our Writing Tools API (Application
 Programming Interface), an open standard documented in the WordPerfect SDK
 (Software Developer s Kit). WTAPI can be used by any Windows application
 to directly access your document s text without the use of the clipboard
 or other secondary transfer mechanisms that can alter document format or

 QuickFinder, WordPerfect s patented file indexing and searching program,
 lets you find files on your hard drive or network faster than standalone
 applications costing hundreds of dollars. This searching applies not only
 to WordPerfect documents, but to other word processing files, spreadsheet
 and database files, and more.  You can search for filenames or types, or
 specific text in the files, using wildcards and Boolean operators. When
 searching with QuickFinder indexes, your results are instantaneous.

 In WordPerfect 6.1, QuickFinder also offers new capabilities, such as an
 interactive browser to speed directory selection; UNC (Universal Naming
 Convention) support for network and device-independent indexing; the
 Concept Builder that uses PerfectSense technology to help you construct
 searches on word forms, sounds, and even common misspellings; and
 Relevance Ranking that sorts files in search results by the likelihood of

 QuickCorrect, first introduced in WordPerfect 6.0a, now has several
 additional capabilities to automatically fix errors and improve your
 documents as you type. Not only can it correct hundreds of spelling errors
 on the fly, but  QuickCorrect will also automatically correct
 capitalization, delete extra spaces, put in typeset-quality quotation
 marks, and more. You can also use QuickCorrect entries to expand text,
 such as having your initials become your full name when you press the
 spacebar.  QuickCorrect makes you a better writer; all you have to do is
 turn it on.

 Work Smarter and Faster
 Your word processor should work with you and for you, being smart enough
 to take care of common and complex tasks without extra effort on your
 part. It should also provide quick tools that will save you time and
 effort. WordPerfect 6.1 does this with a host of enhancements, only some
 of which are listed below, that let you work smarter and faster than  ever

 Templates and Document Experts
 Our research showed that most people were not using document templates in
 WordPerfect or other products, for two principal reasons: 1) they didn t
 know how to use them or even that they were there; and, 2) if they did
 find them, they didn t think the supplied templates were relevant to their
 personal work. To address these concerns, WordPerfect 6.1 now ships with
 over 50 document templates all easily accessed each time you select File,
 New to create a new document. These templates can be used for common tasks
 such as letter writing, fax cover sheets, memos, and much more, making
 them immediately useful. They are based on accepted standards for
 formatting and content, so you can use them with confidence. They are also
 fully automated, so they prompt you for the information they need to be
 accurate and complete. In addition, you can easily create your own
 templates with our new Template Coach and Prompts builder, letting you
 make custom solutions for specific tasks in your environment.

 Document Experts supplement the templates by providing an additional level
 of automation in creating some of your most common documents. For example,
 the Letter Expert will help you build your letters as you work on them,
 complete with openings, closings, enclosures, and content assistance. The
 Calendar Expert can help you build calendars in any of four formats,
 portrait or landscape, and for as many months as you would like. Other
 document experts are available for newsletters, faxes, and memos.

 Table Expert
 Formatting a table to look just right can be a time-consuming task, often
 with many selections to make using borders, lines, fills, and text styles.
 WordPerfect 6.1 makes this easy by providing the Table Expert, a simple
 way to choose from a large number of pre-created table styles for
 instantly improving a table s appearance. But WordPerfect 6.1 doesn t stop
 there if one of the styles in the Expert doesn t meet your needs, you can
 easily create your own and add them to the list. And because these are
 styles, you can modify the table, such as adding rows and columns, and it
 will still retain the look you have chosen.  Another change in WordPerfect
 6.1 is that table columns can be sized automatically to their content.
 This makes it a one-click operation to get table column widths matched up
 exactly with your data and is another example of how WordPerfect saves you
 time and effort. Combine that with nearly 100 table formulas, named
 ranges, and automatic data fill for numbers, days of the week, months, and
 more, and you have the most powerful table feature in any word processor.

 Make It Fit Expert
 If you have ever spent time changing fonts and other settings to make a
 document fit on a certain number of pages, you'll appreciate WordPerfect s
 new Make It Fit Expert. This step-saver can, for example, take your letter
 that is just slightly more than one page and shrink it down to fit on one.
 But Make It Fit doesn't just shrink a document.  It can also take your
 nine page report or newsletter and automatically expand it out to twelve
 pages or more. The best part is that you decide what settings can be
 changed fonts, spacing, or margins. You write the text, and WordPerfect
 6.1 s Expert will Make It Fit the number of pages you need. 

 Multiple Level Undo/Redo
 In order to give you the freedom to safely explore document editing and
 formatting options, WordPerfect 6.1 offers you up to 300 levels of
 Undo/Redo. Anything you do in your document can be undone, and then redone
 if needed. To make your shared documents secure, Undo/Redo gives you the
 ability to erase the changes from the document when you save it. 

 QuickFormat with AutoUpdate
 If you already use QuickFormat in WordPerfect for Windows, you know how
 easy it is to  load  formatting from one section of text and  paint  it to
 other locations. Now with WordPerfect 6.1, QuickFormat lets you tie text
 together so that if you make formatting changes in one location, all other
 text you painted is automatically and dynamically updated to match. This
 is especially useful for headings and titles that might be scattered
 throughout your document but need to look the same. QuickFormat is the
 easist way to automatically to make and keep your documents looking great.

 After typing, selecting text is the most common editing task performed, so
 it makes sense to build as much intelligence into that process as
 possible. WordPerfect 6.1 does a number of things with selection, such as
 automatically selecting entire words as you extend your selection to
 multiple words; applying attributes, such as bold or italic, to an entire
 word if nothing is selected; and giving you easy access to selection
 options, such as sentence, paragraph, page, and the entire document by
 clicking the right mouse button in the left margin.

 Intelligent Cut and Paste
 Whenever you move text using cut and paste or drag and drop, there are
 many cases where you have to go back and manually add or delete space
 characters, often in both the old and new locations. WordPerfect 6.1 is
 intelligent enough to automatically perform these steps after copying or
 moving text, letting the software work for you. 

 Open As Copy
 Our research showed that one of the most common things people do is open
 existing documents and reuse them for new tasks, but their concern is
 always accidentally overwriting the old file with the changes. So
 WordPerfect 6.1 made this common task easy with an Open As Copy option in
 the Open dialog. Simply check this option when opening a file, and it will
 appear in WordPerfect 6.1 without a name but with all the content and
 formatting of the original. You can then edit it as needed without
 worrying about losing the original document. A simple thing perhaps, but
 one that we know will save you steps, because you told us that s how
 you like to work.

 Drop Cap
 A great way to add a professional touch to documents is to use a drop cap
 at the start of a paragraph. In WordPerfect 6.1, this is done easily by
 making one menu selection. You can choose from any of 14 pre-defined
 styles, or customize your drop caps with line size, margin positioning,
 borders, and fills. Not only will your documents look nice, but when you
 use a drop cap in WordPerfect 6.1, your paragraphs will still function
 correctly with all other features, such as the spell and grammar checkers.

 Drag to Create
 WordPerfect for Windows has for years had great graphics handling
 abilities, including graphic styles that let you pre-determine where
 images and text in boxes should be and how they should look. But if you
 wanted to pre-determine a location for images or make them a size
 different from the default, you had to change them after the fact. Now
 with WordPerfect 6.1, you can place a graphics image or text box in just
 the right place by drawing it exactly where you want it at insertion time.
 Once you select Drag to Create, you can continue to use it for graphics,
 text boxes, equations any kind of box you might use to enhance the look
 and functionality of your documents.

 Transition Easier
 WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows provides a host of tools, in the form of
 conversions, Experts, Coaches, Tutorials, and more, to make the transition
 from DOS or other environments to WordPerfect 6.1 as smooth as possible.

 Document Conversion
 WordPerfect 6.1 provides the best conversions from the WordPerfect 5.x
 file format. Not only do your documents come in with the same appearance,
 but the structure also matches up, making it easy to edit those documents.
 In addition, WordPerfect 6.1 supports conversions for many other major
 application formats, such as Word 6.0 and Ami Pro 3.01, and converts WP
 5.x macros, something no other product offers.

 QuickStart Tutorial
 To get you up and running quickly on WordPerfect 6.1, the QuickStart
 tutorial will launch the first time you use the product. This brief tour
 will familiarize you with the product interface and let you immediately
 feel at home in WordPerfect 6.1. If you ever need to, you can come back to
 QuickStart tutorial any time through the Coaches dialog.
 Upgrade Expert
 WordPerfect 6.1 makes it easy to upgrade from a previous version of
 WordPerfect or from other competing products with the Upgrade Expert.
 Providing  Show Me  and  Do It  buttons, as well as access to related
 Coaches and Help file information, the Upgrade Expert is the place to
 start to make your transition to WordPerfect smooth and pleasant. 

 New Coaches
 Coaches have proven to be a popular tool not only for getting things done,
 but for learning more about WordPerfect in the process. New Coaches for
 WordPerfect 6.1 cover topics such as templates and styles, letting you
 easily take advantage of some of the most powerful product features the
 product has to offer.

 Customer Support
 WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group, has the most renowned customer
 support effort in the industry. In fact, WordPerfect recently won PC World
 s World Class Award for the best support for the fifth year in a row.
 WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group, is still the only major
 software vendor to offer toll free support. That means to get all your
 technical questions answered, you can use free, toll-free support for 180
 days after your first phone call.

 Integrate Perfectly
 WordPerfect 6.1 plays a key role in Novell s new suite of applications,
 PerfectOffice 3.0. Many enhancements have been made to make the
 applications in PerfectOffice work well together.  In addition,
 WordPerfect 6.1 supports key integration technologies that let it work
 with all other Windows applications so you can get your work done in the
 way that is best for you.

 Common Interface
 The products in PerfectOffice 3.0 share a common interface; the menus,
 toolbars, and general appearance are decidedly similar, making them easy
 to learn and use. This standardization and simplification of interface
 benefits all users of WordPerfect 6.1, but especially those who use more
 than one application from PerfectOffice 3.0.

 PerfectFit Technology
 PerfectFit Technology allows WordPerfect applications under Windows to
 share a number of features and capabilities, as well as a common macro
 language. PerfectFit not only reduces the amount of memory and disk space
 required by the applications by letting them share common code, but it
 further enhances the common look and feel of all PerfectOffice programs.
 For example, with PerfectFit, all PerfectOffice 3.0 applications,
 including WordPerfect 6.1, have a common spell checker and the same file
 management tools in the Open and Save dialogs.

 As part of PerfectFit technology, PerfectOffice 3.0 is the first suite of
 applications to offer cross-product macro recording, called PerfectScript.
 Just like recording a simple macro in WordPerfect itself, PerfectScript
 makes it easy to create custom automated solutions that use one or a
 combination of PerfectOffice applications.

 OLE 2
 OLE is a powerful way to build compound documents and let applications
 work together.WordPerfect 6.1 supports OLE 2 as both a container and a
 server, allowing for in- place editing of objects in WordPerfect
 documents, drag-and-drop across programs and documents windows, and
 linking or embedding of any OLE object such as graphics, data, sound, or
 other multimedia elements.

 Network Support
 If you re working on a network, WordPerfect 6.1 is designed to make it
 easy. From powerful network installation and configuration abilities to
 full Universal Naming Convention support at install time, the product runs
 very well on a network right out of the box and offers you the ability to
 set it up as freely or as tightly controlled as you like for your business
 and environment.

 Object Exchange (OBEX)
 OBEX provides the ability to easily share data across a network, phone
 line, or other method of communication, something other standards do not
 offer today. WordPerfect 6.1 supports OBEX publish and subscribe, allowing
 you to easily exchange data with other OBEX enabled applications such as
 Quattro Pro and Paradox.  ODBC and IDAPI

 WordPerfect has long provided the ability to directly access spreadsheet
 data in documents. WordPerfect 6.0 added database access for dBase,
 Paradox, SQL, and other formats, making it simple to import or link data
 from any of these sources. Now with ODBC and IDAPI support, WordPerfect
 6.1 supports the latest database programs, including Microsoft Access and
 Borland dBase for Windows. You can access all data tables and fields and
 perform queries on the data before importing it into your documents.

 TWAIN support in WordPerfect 6.1 allows you to easily include scanned
 images with your work. Just select the menu option in WordPerfect, scan
 the image, and bring it right back into your document. WordPerfect is the
 first and only word processor to support TWAIN, the industry standard for
 scanning created by major vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and Logitech.

 Open Document Management API (ODMA)
 WordPerfect 6.1 supports ODMA for document management which provides tight
 integration with products such as Novell SoftSolutions. Support for ODMA,
 the industry standard, allows WordPerfect and SoftSolutions to work
 together seamlessly to provide users with the best combination of word
 processing and document management services. 

 Copyright  1994  Novell,  Inc.  All rights reserved. Printed in the United
 States  of  America. This information is accurate to the best knowledge of
 Novell,  Inc.  based  on  product comparisons completed by Novell, Inc. on
 August 4, 1994. These comparison results are subject to change as products
 are  updated  or  modified.  Novell,  Inc. makes no warranties, express or
 implied,  in  this  comparison.  Purchasers  are  encouraged to personally
 evaluate  all  products.  WordPerfect, WPWin, Grammatik, and QuickList are
 registered  trademarks  of Novell, Inc. within the United States and other
 countries.  TextArt,  WordPerfect  Draw,  QuickFinder,  and  QuickMenu are
 trademarks  of  Novell,  Inc. worldwide. All other brand and product names
 are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.




                            SEGA JOINS COMPUSERVE

      While only a few folks were privy to a number of upcoming events, the
 notification that Sega had joined Compuserve surprised many industry
 observers in that they were waiting to see just which service Sega would
 become heavily involved in.  This reporter's take on the matter is more
 toward the people angle.  Ron Luks, the "main man" in a number of highly
 popular and equally informative forums on Compuserve is the motivating
 force behind much of the recent increases in "gaming" support found on
 CIS.  Its no wonder that Sega joined CIS, with folks like Ron Luks
 providing the upbeat enthusiasm both behind the scenes and online. There
 could be little doubt that CIS would become the service of choice.  Luks,
 along with Don Watkins and Neil Shapiro are regarded by many as the online
 "founding fathers" of Compuserve.  

 Subj:  Sega Joins CompuServe
 Section: Forum Business
 To:  All                 
 Thursday, November 03, 1994 11:15:26 AM
 From:  SYSOP*Mike Schoenbach, 76703,4363#58545

 I am pleased to announce that Sega of America has opened up their own
 Forum here on CompuServe.

 GO SEGA takes members to a menu of Sega-related services, and GO SEGAFORUM
 takes members to the Sega Forum.  Other Video Games Publishers may be
 contacted with the commands GO VIDAPUB and GO VIDBPUB.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Greg Chiemingo Manning, Selvage & Lee

 Richard Brudvik-Lindner Sega 415-802-3658

 Debra Young CompuServe 614-538-4553

 Sega goes on-line with CompuServe & World Wide Web; real-time conferences,
 video clips, contests, chat rooms all part of new interactive services for
 Sega fans

 REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 2, 1994-- Interactive digital entertainment
 leader, Sega of America, Wednesday announced the launch of an interactive
 on-line service on CompuServe starting this month.

 Sega also announced the opening of a "Home Page" on the Internet's World
 Wide Web (WWW or Web) beginning Nov. 7. The new services will give Sega
 information surfers multiple options to download text, graphics and audio, 
 participate in chat groups, and will include regular on-line conferences,
 including the first on Nov. 7 with Sega 
 Chief Executive Officer and President, Tom Kalinske (6-7 p.m. PST).

 Like an electronic superstore, the new Sega Forum on CompuServe will offer
 selections for all Sega information "shoppers," including real- time
 conferencing and message boards as well as text, still image and
 audio/video downloading opportunities on Sega products and other company
 ventures such as the Sega Channel, Sega's planned mini theme parks and new
 products from Sega Toys.

 In addition to Sega's Home Page on the Web, an anonymous File Transfer
 Protocol (FTP) site will allow Sega customers who surf the net to find
 text, audio or graphic images input by Sega on the Internet.

 "We have an unusually strong connection to the people who use our
 products, in fact, we are know for a rabid loyalty among Sega fans that
 inspires them to mimic our commercials, collect our games, emulate our
 style and idolize our game developers.

 "What better way to cement that bond than to have Sega fans link with the
 source itself.  As evidence of this we are the only non-apparel company
 recognized by teens as among the five coolest companies in America --
 that's the position in the consumers' minds that the CompuServe and
 Internet services can only strengthen," said Bill White, Sega of America 
 vice president of marketing.

 In addition to "meeting" with Tom Kalinske on Nov. 7, Sega is producing a
 stream of regular programming on CompuServe.  During its first month of
 service, Sega surfers will also be able to participate in the following 
 real-time conferences:  Nov. 15, Roger Hector, who oversees the Sega
 Technical Institute (STI), the unit responsible for developing "Sonic &
 Knuckles"; on Nov. 18, Joe Miller, vice president of product development
 will be available to "talk" about Sega's new hardware platform Genesis
 32X; on Nov. 30, the development team responsible for bringing the hit PC
 game "Doom" to 32x will be live on-line.

 "We're very excited about bringing Sega on-line," said Kevin Knott, vice
 president of product marketing at CompuServe.  "We believe our information
 and interactive services will offer Sega enthusiasts new channels of 
 communication with their favorite company."

 Sega of America is the market leader in home video game systems in the
 United States with Sega Genesis, Sega CD and Game Gear hardware and more
 than 500 software titles for the 8-bit, 16-bit and CD-ROM systems.  This
 fall, Sega will launch Genesis 32X an add-on for the Genesis and Sega CD
 systems to increase them to 32-bit machines for new titles, among other
 new developments.

 The Sega forum is expected to keep Sega consumers informed and ready for
 the latest in interactive digital entertainment.

 Sega of America is the arm of Tokyo, Japan-based Sega Enterprises Ltd.
 responsible for the development, marketing, and distribution of Sega
 products in the Americas.  Sega Enterprises is a nearly $4 billion company 
 recognized as a leader in interactive digital entertainment media, with
 operations on five continents.

 Established in 1979, the CompuServe Information Service provides its
 worldwide membership of more than 2 million with databases and services to
 meet both business and personal interests.  CompuServe can be accessed by 
 any modem-equipped personal computer utilizing general communications
 software.  In addition to the CompuServe Information Service, CompuServe
 Inc. provides frame relay, wide and local area networking services,
 electronic mail, business information services and software to major
 corporations an government agencies worldwide.  CompuServe is an H&R Block
 (NYSE:  HRB) company.


 Already, the warm welcomes are coming in for the new Sega area!

 Subject:  #This Fabulous Place! - Msg Number: 223
    From:  Linda Woeltjen 76711,1142
      To:  Sysops 
   Forum:  SEGAFO   Sec: 01-General Help
    Date:  01-Nov-94  21:02:51


    Well, it's your first day, and I've had a chance to really look around
 and get acquainted with your message boards and libraries.  I'm both
 impressed and excited.

    After spending a fortune of video game magazines, it's wonderful to
  feel like I can tap right into the source.  My son's already drooling
 over this forum, and it's only a day old.  It looks like it's
 going to be an area the whole family will enjoy as much as they enjoy the
 various Sega game machines we have around the house.

    Thanks for giving us this place to 'plug in' to hot news, hints, and
 tidbits that will enhance the fun we're already having. Will there be
 conferences?  He'd really love to talk live with other Genesis fans.

                                            Linda Woeltjen

 A sample of what will be found in the Sega forum is included below.. the
 information and screen shot files are fantastic.

                           CHAKAN THE FOREVER MAN

 Level Skip:
 Skip the Terrestrial Plains and start at the Elemental Plains.  If you
 have a "doorway magic", go to an area just above the entrance of the air
 gate and jump across to the right and you'll be on a small platform. 
 Press pause and the only magic you can select is the "Doorway", unpause
 and Chakan will be kneeling and holding up 2 potions, then press the "B"
 button and the entire screen will flash (You've just skipped through half
 the game!).

 General Tips:
 Double-Roll:  To do the double-roll, you'll want to roll off the side of
 any ledge and (as you're still rolling in the air) press the "jump" button
 again and you'll do a second roll in the air.

 NOTE:  This is extremely hard to do and may require non-stop practice
 (Timing is a key factor in mastering the "Double-Roll.").

 Potions:  If you enter a level and collect all the potions, you can
 destroy yourself without finishing that level.  Enter the same level to
 collect the same potions again.  This is to load up on potions before
 bosses or extremely difficult levels!

 NOTE:  Clear Air Potions will only appear once during the game!

 Doorway Magic:  When you reach a difficult boss and/or your time is
 running out, use the "doorway magic" (on the screen the boss is on) and
 you'll exit that stage.  When you enter it again, you'll start out at the
 boss again!

 Water Phase 1:  Terrestrial Planes
 In this stage, you have a choice of going under water or jumping from
 pillar to pillar above water.  Try jumping from pillar to pillar to the
 right (you travel much faster above water).  As you jump from pillar to
 pillar you'll find a blue "water potion."  Keep going right and you'll
 find another blue "water potion" on a low pillar.  Keep going right
 jumping from pillar to pillar until you reach an extremely high pillar. 
 Try to jump and roll to reach the top of that pillar.  When you land on
 top of that pillar, jump to a platform to the left of it and you'll find a
 green "earth potion."  Keep going right and you'll encounter a Green
 Fisherman.  Destroy him (2 hits) and keep going right.  Underwater, you'll
 face the Tentacle Creature.  Use your invisibility (2 Blue Water Potions)
 then stand next to the Tentacle Creature.  Point you sword down on it
 until it is destroyed.  From there, continue right and you'll find the
 Grappling Hook!

 Fire Phase 1:  Terrestrial Planes
 Defeat the 2 ghosts (2 hits each) and head right.  You'll eventually jump
 on a platform.  This part seems like a dead end but it's not!  Press down
 on your directional pad and press the jump button and you'll drop down to
 2 platforms.  Wait on top of the second platform to the right and
 eventually a moving platform will come down.  Jump on this moving platform
 and it will take you up.  When you reach the top, go left and drop down. 
 Continue left, jump up on a platform above you and go right.  Jump 
 up to another area above you and just to the right, you'll jump again to
 an area above where you're at now.  Continue jumping up to the top, then
 go left.  Defeat another ghost and when you go all the way left, jump up 
 to yet another are.  Continue right and you'll drop down a corridor with a
 moving platform in it.  When you reach the bottom, move to the right and
 wait for another moving platform to take you to the top.  When you reach
 the top, drop down to the right through another corridor.  When you reach
 the bottom,  move to the right and wait for yet another platform.  When
 you reach the top again, drop down to the right through your last corridor
 and at the very bottom you'll find the Scythe Weapon!

 Air Phase 1:  Terrestrial Planes
 You'll start on a platform, jump and roll to the platform to the right. 
 From this platform, jump and roll to a platform above you to your left. 
 From this platform, jump and roll to the platform directly above you. 
 From this platform, jump and roll to a platform above you to the right. 
 From this platform, jump and roll to another platform above and to the
 right.  From this platform, you'll see a brick long platform with a purple
 hooved mace wielding monster that throws rocks directly above and to the
 left of the platform you just reached.  Use your orange Fire Sword magic
 (1 Blue Water Potion and 1 Red Fire Potion).  Then just jump up and shoot
 the monster with the fire swords (Fire Swords shoots fireballs).  Once
 you've defeated the monster, he'll leave 2 clear air potions.  Get the
 potions (on the brick platform where the monster was), stand on the edge
 of the highest point of the brick platform and jump and roll to the right
 to a platform above you.  From this platform jump and roll to the left to
 another platform above you.  On this platform, you'll get 1 clear air
 potion and 1 green earth potion.  From this platform, jump and roll to 
 another platform to the left, then stand there and shoot the second purple
 monster with your Fire Sword until it's defeated.  Once it's defeated jump
 to the right and collect 2 clear air potions and continue right until you 
 reach a wall with an orange gate that will automatically open.  Enter it
 and you will find the Battering Mallet Weapon!

 Earth Phase 1:  Terrestrial Planes
 Start out by jumping and rolling across to a platform.  Drop to the right
 side of the platform and when you reach the bottom, go right and you'll
 reach a dead end with a "blue potion."  Go back left and jump back up to
 the platform, then drop to the left side of that platform.  Drop all the
 way down to the bottom then go all the way right past alot of spiders.  At
 the far right you'll have to jump and roll your way up to the top.  When
 you reach the top, jump and use your grappling hook to swing from a hole
 in the wall where the spiders drop from to a ledge to the left.  From that
 ledge, jump across the gap and continue left killing all the spiders you
 encounter.  Drop down to the left of the ledge and go right jumping over
 the SPIDER MONSTER BOSS, continue right, and you'll find a Battle Axe
 Weapon!  (NOTE:  You don't need to defeat the Spider Boss)

 Water Phase 2:  Terrestrial Planes
 Walk to the right, jump on the pillar next to the skull infested ground
 (don't jump on the skulls because there is a hidden creature that can
 destroy you).  Jump up and swing the Battering Mallet to knock the
 breakaway blocks on the ceiling.  When they break away, use your grappling 
 hook on a small gold platform that appears after you get rid of the
 blocks.  Swing on it using the Grappling Hook to the area above you.  Then
 jump to the left past another skull infested part, but watch out for the
 worms that pop out.  All the way left you'll find another gold platform
 that you can use your grappling hook to swing on.  Use this to go to
 another area above you, then go right and swing from another small gold
 platform to a platform.  From this platform, jump and swing on another 
 small gold platform to the platform above.  Then go left past a skull
 infested area and at the far left, swing on another small gold platform to
 an area above.  Go right by jumping from platform to platform and go past
 another skull infested area (watch out for the Mantis Worm!).  Get a clear
 air potion at the far right then you'll also see another small gold
 platform.  Use it to swing and jump up to another area above .  continue
 left, and go past a skull infested area (watch out for the worms!), 
 and at the far left you'll go up by taking 3 small gold platforms up. 
 Once at the top, you'll see a small gem on a small platform at the upper
 left but you can barely see it because a waterfall is covering that
 platform.  Jump and swing onto that platform to get the gem. Then you'll 
 go right past another skull infested area (watch out for a Mantis Worm). 
 All the way to the right, jump up to a higher platform and from this
 platform jump and swing up from another small gold platform to an area
 above.  Defeat the Tentacle Monster, go left then go up another area by
 using another gold platform to swing on and defeat the second Tentacle
 Monster and you'll automatically finish this phase.

 Fire Phase 2:  Terrestrial Planes
 Go right, defeat the Winged Harpy, and at the far right (you'll notice a
 small thin floor about 2 blocks long) stand on it, hold "straight down"
 and press the jump button to drop down to another area.  Go left and drop 
 down the first gap and you'll land on a platform. Drop of the ledge to the
 left and as you drop, hold it to the right and you'll fall between two
 small platforms and you'll land on another platform.  Drop from the right 
 side of that platform and hold it to the right as you fall so that you can
 land on a ledge of a platform (if you don't hold it to the right, you'll
 fall into the fire and die).  Go to the right side of the platform and 
 you'll notice what looks like bull skulls.  Use your Grappling Hook to
 swing from all the bull skulls to the top right and you'll go up a
 corridor (still using the bull skulls to go up).  You find, that once you
 reach the top , go right and at the far right you'll reach a dead end (
 part of the floor is made of breakaway blocks).  Swing the Battering
 Mallet from the up position and down in a half-circle formation (like in
 the form of the letter "C" or backwards "C").  If you do this correctly, 
 you'll break the block floor and drop down to more bull skulls.  In this
 area you'll find the exit at the bottom left.

 Earth Phase 2:  Terrestrial Plains
 Use your shield magic to get through the Blue Glowing Orb 

 (NOTE:  If you don't have invincibility and destroy the orb, every hole
 you see in the background will hit you with a gas cloud (The gas clouds
 won't appear if you walk through the orb with shield magic).  Continue
 left to a ledge, and jump up and to the left to reach a ledge.  From this
 ledge jump to a ledge above you.  Jump to the top where you'll land on a
 platform, walk to the left ledge of that platform and drop down to a
 platform slightly below, and to the left of the ledge you just dropped
 from.  From this platform jump up and left to a small platform high up
 above you, and when you land on it jump left to a corridor.  Go left and
 do a "Double Roll" across a gap to another platform then jump up and left
 to a small ledge in the gap above you.  From this small ledge, jump up and
 left to the top of a platform slightly above the small ledge you were on. 
 Jump up and right to the next platform above and again jump up and right
 to yet another platform above.  Continue right until you reach a huge gap. 
 Do a "Double Roll" across the gap to reach a platform at the far right. 
 Continue right and drop down a narrow chasm, and when you land, go left
 and drop down another chasm and go right to the boss.

 It's recommended to use you potions (shield, flame sword), but if you
 don't have any potions, corner it at the far right and continually use the
 spin attack.

 Air Phase 2:  Terrestrial Planes
 You'll start on a ledge and you'll want to jump across to the right to
 another ledge.  Equip your Battle Axe, and use it to break down the door
 to the right of the ledge.  Go 4 windows to the right and wait for a
 moving platform to come down.  Jump on the moving platform and ride it up 
 and when you reach the top, jump up and left to a platform.  Then you'll
 want to wait until another moving platform comes down, and when you see
 it, you'll want to jump on it and ride it up.  When you reach about half
 way to the top, try and jump across to the right to a tiny ledge.  From
 that ledge, you'll jump up and left to another tiny ledge, wait for the
 moving platform to come down, jump on the moving platform and ride it up. 
 At the top, jump across to an area above and go right to face the boss.

 Use you grappling hook for longer reach and use the spin attack to hit
 him.  (... or stand on the moving platform you took to get to the boss and
 use your Green Lightning Earth Sword or any other long distance shooting
 weapon), and shoot the boss when the moving platform is at or near the

 Air Phase 3:  Terrestrial Planes
 You'll start out on a ledge and wait for a flying boss enemy.  When the
 enemy arrives from the right, walk to the left as soon as possible and use
 your grappling hook to hit him (and vise versa when he appears on the left 
 side).  If you time it just right, he won't hit you.  After a while the
 boss will do a charge.  It is hard to avoid and even hard to hit him when
 it charges.  The best way to hit him is to stick out your weapon so that
 it charges into Chakan's weapon (recommend using shield or invisibility

 Water Phase 3:  Terrestrial Planes
 You'll start on a ledge with a door. Don't take the door but drop to the
 left and you should land in an area underwater.  Go left underwater and
 you'll reach a dead end with breakable blocks.  Use your Battering Mallet
 to break the blocks and break the set of blocks to the left as well. 
 Continue left underwater and you'll reach a small area above water with a
 door all the way on the left side and a small gold platform above. To the
 right of this door you'll want to Ignore the door and jump up and use your
 Grappling Hook to swing from that small gold platform onto another just
 above the first one.  From that second small gold platform you're hanging
 on, jump to the left to a regular platform.  Walk to the left side of that
 platform and do a "Double Roll" to the other side of the gap and you'll
 land on a small gold-greenish brick pillar.  Drop down to a fish-head
 statue, drop down to the left, and continue left underwater.  Eventually 
 you'll reach an area above water that has a thing that looks like a
 reddish-orange tree ( it will hit you with tentacles if you get too
 close).  What you've got to do, is to try and jump above it where you will
 find another fish statue, but that has 2 blue gems for its eyes.  Grab 
 the gems and drop back down to the tree monster and it will sink into the
 ground and you can proceed left and see 3 doors next to each other.  Take
 the middle door to reach the boss.

 The spin attack works really good on this boss and remember to use the
 Grappling Hook to swing away from it when necessary.

 Fire Phase 3:  Terrestrial Planes
 Start out by going right and jump across to a small platform and make your
 way up to the top jumping from the platforms, swinging at the bull skulls
 with your Grappling Hook.  At the very top, continue left and go up 
 where you'll reach the left side of the screen.  At the very top, continue
 right and you'll reach the Boss.

 Boss:  The Winged Witchress
 Watch out for the sword she swings because she can throw fireballs at you. 
 The best way to defeat her is by doing direct non-spin attack blows and
 constantly keep moving while you're hitting her.

 Earth Phase 3:  Terrestrial Planes
 Start out by going right and roll of the edge and you'll land on a small
 ledge.  The next thing you want to do is equip your Scythe, jump up, and
 break the spider web above you (about 3 swings to break the spider web),
 then proceed to jump up to the platform where the spider web was on, and
 drop down the right side of that platform.  When you reach the bottom,
 you'll be able to get a clear air potion.  Backtrack back up the platform
 and drop down the left side of the platform.  When you reach the very 
 bottom equip your Scythe to break a spider web on the right.  When you
 break the spider web, you can go right, and you'll want to drop down a
 narrow corridor.  At the bottom of the corridor, you'll want to go left
 from here.  You'll want to drop down to the left through another corridor. 
 After you land, you'll jump up to a platform with a spider web on it. 
 You'll then want to break the spider web and drop down to the left, and
 when you land, you'll face the boss.

 Boss: Spider Queen
 She is very difficult to beat.  Always keep your sword in her face and
 duck and roll down to keep up with her.  Ice blade works well on her head,
 and use shield magic when down to one skull.

 Air Phase 1:  Elemental Planes
 When you first start out, stand in an open area and hold out your
 grappling hook.  Eventually, a gladiator on the giant flying insect will
 come down and attack, continue to hold out the grappling hook (while
 standing still), and just wait for the enemy to fly into the hook until it 
 destroys itself.  Then you can jump on the flying insect and fly it up to
 the left where you will find a gunner that controls a laser barrier above.
 To defeat the gunner, fly up and hit him with your battering mallet, 
 then fly down.  You'll then fly back up and hit the gunner again with the
 battering mallet to defeat him.  Once the gunner is defeated, the laser
 barrier above will disappear.  Proceed up to the next gunner, defeat him, 
 and continue up and right.  At this point, you'll want to fly down between
 2 laser beams (this part is tricky!  Remember that you can be hit by the
 beam, but your insect won't be effected by a hit). Defeat the the 2
 gunners and fly up the corridor above.  You'll find 2 more gunners, defeat
 them and go up and take the first left to find the exit.

 Earth Phase 1:  Elemental Planes
 Start out by dropping down a gap in front of you.  When you land, drop
 down to an area below.  Continue right, and drop down another gap and
 you'll land on a thin green line (hold D-pad in the down position + the
 jump button and you'll drop down through the green line).  You'll 
 then land on an area below you, go right and drop down another gap with a
 green thin line.  From here you'll want to drop down to a small platform
 with a gap on the right and left side.  You'll want to drop down the gap
 to the left, and continue left. You'll then want to drop down another gap
 on the left, and go right to yet another gap.  Drop down that gap, and go
 left to another gap.  You'll then want to go right and jump up to an area 
 slightly above you. Drop down the gap, and you'll continue right to the

 Water Phase 1:  Elemental Planes
 Start out by going down an iced slope, drop to another platform, and
 you'll notice an iced covering.  Use your battering mallet to break the
 iced platform.  Drop down the gap, and you'll want to hold it to the right
 and time it so that you land on a platform that moves down when 
 you land on it.  Take the platform down to a second platform on the right,
 and take that platform down.  Continue right and jump across a gap to
 another area above, and continue right to the exit.

 Fire Phase 1:  Elemental Planes
 Start out by jumping right to a platform, and from the far right side jump
 directly across to another platform.  Then, jump up and to the right to
 the next platform.  Jump up and left to yet another platform, and from
 this platform, jump up two more platforms.  At the top platform, jump to
 the platform that is slightly lower and to the right.  From that platform,
 jump to the right, and as you fall, hold towards the right and you should
 land on a platform that sticks out of the side of a wall of lava.  From
 this platform, jump up and right to a small platform floating on top of
 lava.  When you land on this platform, hold your sword down to defeat 4
 firebirds that fly out of the lava.  Once you've defeated them, then 
 wait for a moving platform on the right.  When the moving platform comes
 down, jump on it, then off it to another platform on the right.  From this
 platform, drop down to the right to another platform that sticks out from
 a wall of lava.  Wait until another moving platform on the right 
 comes down, jump on it, then off it to another platform that sticks out of
 a wall of lava on the right.  On that platform, stop and jump up to the
 right to a small platform, and  jump across to another platform to the 
 right.  Wait for another moving platform to come down, jump off it to
 another platform to the right.  Then drop to the right and you'll land on
 a platform that sticks out of a wall of lava.  From this platform, drop to
 the right and you'll land on a floating platform.  Continue right, jumping
 from platform to platform, and the exit is all the way to the right.

 Fire Phase 2:  Elemental Planes
 Use your grappling hook, swing from the pillars towards the upper right. 
 At the far right, jump and fall towards the right.  You should land on a
 solid area at the bottom.  Make your way up to the upper right side and 
 jump and hold it to the right side and you'll land on a slope.  Make your
 way up to the top, and swing directly to a floor to the right and you'll
 find the exit.

 Water Phase 2:  Elemental Planes
 Start out by heading right to the 2nd ice floor, equip your battering
 mallet and break the ice floor beneath you (hold D-pad in up position +
 "B" button + a half circle motion of the D-pad towards the down position),
 and you'll fall and land on another ice floor.  Break that one as well,
 and you'll land on a 3rd ice floor.  Break that one, and drop straight
 down, and you'll land on an area below that has a gap to the left.  Fall
 down this gap and you'll land on a second area with a gap towards the
 left.  Drop straight down this gap and you'll land on a platform floating
 on iced water. Continue right jumping from platform to moving platform
 until you reach a solid area. The exit is on the right side of the solid

 Earth Phase 2:  Elemental Planes
 Start out by dropping down a gap to the right and you'll land on a
 platform.  Jump or "double roll" across to another platform, go right to
 the edge of that platform and jump and swing from a bullskull (using your
 grappling hook of course) up to a platform above you (Watch out for 
 the Giant Claw Worm because if it grabs you, it will put where you
 started).  Go right, and you'll take the first way up, continue right, and
 at the far right drop down a gap to the exit.

 Air Phase 2:  Elemental Planes
 First, start out by going to the left and you'll get a clear air potion. 
 Then, go to the far right, and you'll defeat the flying insect riders. 
 Jump on the flying insect and fly it up, go left, and go down between the 
 lasers and take out all 3 gunners you see.  At the far left, you'll want
 to fly up and take out another gunner, and continue up to another gunner. 
 Defeat this gunner, continue up, and take out yet another gunner.  Fly up 
 then right, and up to very top (you'll reach a ceiling), and you'll then
 go to the far right then you'll have to fly all the way down to the
 bottom.  Then fly right, then up, and finally you'll fly left to the exit.

 Fire Phase 3:  Elemental Planes
 Start out by going right and jump off the edge to a platform below.  From
 about the center of the platform roll off the edge to the left and hold
 down the jump button to do long roll and you'll land on a platform 
 floating on lava.  Make your way left jumping from platform to platform. 
 All the way left, you'll drop down on the left side to land on platforms
 sticking out of walls of lava.  Once you reach the bottom jump across to 
 a platform floating on lava.  Make your way right jumping from platform to
 platform.  At the far right, you'll drop down to solid ground.  When you
 reach the bottom, proceed left and roll off the edge and you'll land on a
 platform sticking out of a wall of lava.  Jump across to a floating
 platform and roll off it to the right and you'll land on another floating
 platform.  Then, you'll want to roll off to the right to an area below to
 fight the boss.

 Boss:  Big Flying Demon
 At first, you must stand still and wait for the creature to spit out 3
 fireballs, then walk left or right to try and avoid them.  Hold out your
 sword constantly pointing it diagonally at the boss.  The boss will fly
 towards you and impale itself on your sword and then fall to the 
 ground.  The boss will be grounded for about 2 seconds, hit it before it
 flies away and repeat this pattern until defeated (Try not to jump or
 roll, because the boss will stay in the air, and it will continue to spit
 fireballs.  Recommended:  You should have enough potions for at least 
 1 shield, 2 invisibillities).  It took 27 hits of the sword to kill it!

 Earth Phase 3:  Elemental Planes
 Drop down to the right through a gap, and you'll drop down to another gap
 to a small platform.  Next, you'll want to jump across to another platform
 and go right and jump up a gap before the Claw Worm gets you.  From this 
 point, jump up to the right to a platform, and you'll want to do a "double
 roll" to a platform across to the right.  Go up the first gap you see (use
 grappling hook), and you'll reach another platform up above.  Then go 
 right and do a "double roll" across to a long platform.  Drop down the
 right side of that platform and at the very bottom you'll reach the boss.

 Boss:  Giant Claw Worm
 Quickly start out by going to the right side of the room until you're
 touching the wall, then hold out your sword in the upper right
 (diagonally) corner, and when the Worm comes out, it will impale itself on
 your sword (you won't be hit and the worm goes back in the wall).  Stand
 there with your sword in the above mentioned position and eventually
 you'll defeat it.

 Air Phase 3:  Elemental Planes
 Jump across to the right to a platform above you.  Drop down the gap on
 the right side of that platform, and you'll land on a small platform
 directly below.  Next, you'll want to do a "double roll" across to solid
 ground to the right.  Defeat a gunner and acquire a flying insect, and
 you'll fly up to the top (you'll hit a ceiling).  Continue left and you'll
 defeat another gunner. Proceed to the right through a small corridor (at 
 this point leaving your insect behind) and at the right defeat 2 other
 gunners, then fly up to defeat yet another gunner.  Once defeated, fly up
 to the very top and go left to face the boss.

 Boss: Jousting Insect Rider
 If you have 2 red potions, use your earth lightning sword (or if you
 don't, if you reach the boss twice collect the red potion at the left
 side).  When the boss flies in front of you,  shoot him with your earth
 lightning then move up so that his lance misses you as he charges you. 
 Repeat the pattern until the lance falls off.  Shoot him and avoid his
 charge by moving down and repeat until defeated.

 Water Phase 3:  Elemental Planes
 Roll down the slope and you'll land on another slope.  You'll want to roll
 up that slope and jump across to the right.  Use your grappling hook to
 swing across to the right and across to the red elevators (2 next to each 
 other).  Take the one to the right, and ride it down to another set of
 elevators.  Ride the one on the right down to the bottom.  At the bottom
 you'll reach water moving ice platforms.  Take the ice platforms to the
 right to a large platform, and from there use your grappling hook to 
 go up to the top where 2 monsters above.  Use your grappling hook to go up
 another ice slope.  Roll off the edge to another area defeat the monster
 there.  Continue right and drop into the first gap you see, and then go 
 left and drop down to an area below.  Finally, drop down to the left, but
 quickly hold it right to land on an ice platform.  Jump to the right from
 the 2 elevator platforms to a snow area where you will face the boss.

 Boss:  Ice Borrower
 Stay at the far left on the steps and wait for the monster to appear
 twice.  Go right and stand to the right of the waterfall and wait for the
 borrower to show its face.  First, duck down to avoid the laser beam that 
 shoots out of the monster's eye.  Second, when the monster pops out for
 the 2nd time, jump up and roll in the air to avoid its claw.  Finally,
 when the monster pops up again hit him and he'll go back down in the snow 
 (if you miss or hit him too late, then the monster will shoot out spikes
 in the air). Remember, you can only hit him the 3rd time he sticks his
 head out of the snow.  Repeat this pattern until defeated.

            SEGA OF AMERICA  August  5, 1994, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

      Just to give you an idea of the great files and support that awaits
 you in the new Sega forum on Compuserve...  Hint files, walk throughs,
 clips, and great graphic files (snap shots of action scenes).  Give it a
 try, you'll be sure to find something that'll tickle your fancy.

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                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 Fire up that high-speed modem and head for your favorite GEnie Software
 Library!  Effective October 10, 1994, you'll be able to participate in an
 open beta test, offering access to GEnie Services at 9600 bps for as
 little as $5.00 per hour.

 As a result of an arrangement with Sprint, GEnie will be offering 9600 bps
 access from almost 300 SprintNet locations.  Best of all, this high-speed
 access will not be subject to high-priced surcharges.  The normal $2.00
 per hour SprintNet surcharge will apply...even at 9600 bps!  This open
 beta test is expected to run through the end of the year.

 To find the number of the SprintNet access number nearest you, simply type
 PHONES at any GEnie menu prompt (or use the "Move To Keyword" option in
 Genie for Windows and type PHONES).  Remember, this rate applies only to
 9600 bps access via SprintNet.  So be sure to choose the access number
 showing "9600" in the "Baud Rate" column AND "SprintNet" in the "Network"

 From the "Fine Print" department, please note that the $2.00 per hour
 surcharge for SprintNet access is applicable even during your initial four
 hours of monthly usage.

 So, whether you're into downloading software, reading bulletin boards, or
 accessing databases, it's about to become cheaper to do it faster!

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                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > Apple Moving Forward STR FOCUS!

                          Apple Extends Performance
                              PowerPC Processor
                                   to the
                           Macintosh Performa Line

 CUPERTINO, California--October 3, 1994--Extending its price and
 performance leadership into the consumer market, Apple Computer, Inc.
 today expanded its popular Macintosh Performa line of home computers with
 five new computers featuring the RISC-based PowerPC 601 microprocessor.
 The Macintosh Performa 6100 series includes the 6110CD, 6112CD, 6115CD,
 6117CD and 6118CD. These computers combine the performance of PowerPC
 based Macintosh computers with the ease of set up and use of Performa.

 The Macintosh Performa 6100 series is designed for families and
 individuals looking for a complete high performance computer system all in
 one box. All systems are based on the PowerPC 601 microprocessor running
 at 60MHz, 8MB of RAM, minimum 250MB hard drive, and include Apple's
 internal double-speed, tray-loading CD-ROM drive, the Apple Multiple Scan
 15" Display with built-in stereo speakers, an external 14.4K Bps Global
 Village fax/modem (send/receive fax), Apple Design Keyboard, Macintosh
 System 7.5, as well as leading third-party software applications and
 CD-ROM titles.

 "With the Macintosh Performa 6100 series, Apple extends its leadership in
 providing easy-to-set-up and use systems for the home and consumer
 markets, while continuing to provide leading multimedia technology that is
 truly easy to use and works because of the tight integration of the Mac OS
 and the hardware," said Keith Fox, vice president of Apple USA Marketing.
 "Performa customers can now get the high performance of PowerPC with the
 added value of an all- inclusive solution in a single box."

 The Performa 6100 series of computers offers all the advantages of Apple's
 Power Macintosh computers. Fueled by the PowerPC 601 microprocessor, which
 was jointly developed by Apple, IBM and Motorola, the Performa 6100 series
 provides the capability to run applications for Macintosh, MS-DOS and
 Microsoft Windows. Because the Performa 6100 series systems run the
 mainstream Mac OS, these new systems are compatible with previous Motorola
 680x0-based Macintosh systems. This means that Performa 6100 series
 customers can choose from thousands of current Macintosh applications,
 peripherals, and cards, and run them unaltered. Apple is also providing a
 bridge from its PowerPC-based systems to thousands of existing
 applications for DOS and Windows with a software program called
 SoftWindows from Insignia Solutions. With the addition of the SoftWindows
 emulation software, DOS and Windows users have the ability to run most of
 their current applications on their Performa 6100 series system.

 Benefits of PowerPC
 When running new versions of application software optimized for PowerPC,
 such as ClarisWorks 2.1 v3, Fractal Dabbler and Now Up-to- Date 2.1.1, the
 Performa6100 series systems offer two to four times the performance of
 many of today'sIntel 486 and Motorola 680x0-based personal computers. The
 Performa 6100series also outperforms systems based on Intel's advanced
 microprocessor, Pentium. Applications that require complex computation,
 such as graphics, may run up to 10 times faster on the Performa 6100
 series computers than on other current personal computer offerings. There
 are currently over 280 applications optimized for PowerPC-based Macintosh

 Performa 6100 Series Product Specifications and Pricing
 The Performa 6100 series features a PowerPC 601 microprocessor running at
 60MHz. All systems have a minimum of 8MB of RAM and a double-speed
 internal, tray-loading CD-ROM drive. It also features a Global Village
 14.4K Bps Teleport Fax/Modem that enables users to send faxes directly
 from the computer, and provides connection to online information services
 such as eWorld.

 Performa 6110CD 8/250/CD
 (Available in selected consumer electronic stores)

 Software: (1)ClarisWorks 2.1v3; ClarisWorks 2.1v3 Education Sample Files;
 MacGallery Clip Art Treasure Pak; ClickArt Performa Collection 2.0;
 Quicken 4.0r6; (1)Now Up-to-Date 2.1.1; Now Contact 1.1; MacLinkPlus Easy
 Open Translators 7.52; American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Ed 3.0; eWorld
 1.0; Spin Doctor Challenger 1.1; Spectre Challenger 1.0.1c

 CD-ROM Titles: Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia; 1994 Time Almanac; (1)EA
 3D World Atlas; (1)Family Doctor; (1)Around the World in 80 Days; KidSoft

 Performa 6112CD 8/250/CD
 (Available in selected office product super stores)

 Software: Microsoft Works 4.0a; MacLinkPlus Easy Open Translators 7.52;
 Quicken 4.0r6; Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2.0.1; Kid Works 2 1.2.2;
 Thinkin' Things Performa Version; The Writing Center 1.03; eWorld 1.0;
 American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Ed 3.0; *Fractal Dabbler 1.0 (PPC
 Version); *Spaceway 2000; Spin Doctor Challenger 1.1; Spectre Challenger
 1.0.1c; SuperMunchers 1.0

 CD-ROM Titles: Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia; 1994 Time Almanac; (1)EA
 3D World Atlas; *Family Doctor; San Diego Zoo Presents Animals!; (1)Around
 the World in 80 Days; Wacky Jacks CD Gameshow; KidSoft CD

 Performa 6115CD 8/350/CD
 (Available in selected computer super stores, specialty retailers, Apple's
 Educator Advantage Program and Higher Education Campus Resellers)

 Software: (1)ClarisWorks 2.1v3; ClarisWorks 2.1v3 Education Sample Files;
 MacGallery Clip Art Treasure Pak; ClickArt Performa Collection 2.0;
 Quicken 4.0r6; (1)Now Up-to-Date 2.1.1; Now Contact 1.1; MacLinkPlus Easy
 Open Translators 7.52; American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Ed 3.0; eWorld
 1.0; Spin Doctor Challenger 1.1; Spectre Challenger 1.0.1c

 CD-ROM Titles: Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia; 1994 Time Almanac; (1)EA
 3D World Atlas; (1)Family Doctor; (1)Around the World in 80 Days; KidSoft

 Performa 6117CD 8/350/CD
 (Available in selected club stores)

 Software: (1)ClarisWorks 2.1v3; ClarisWorks 2.1v3 Education Sample Files;
 MacGallery Clip Art Treasure Pak; ClickArt Performa Collection 2.0;
 Quicken 4.0r6; (1)Now Up-to-Date 2.1.1; Now Contact 1.1; MacLinkPlus Easy
 Open Translators 7.52; Kid Works 2 1.2.2; Thinkin' Things Performa
 Version; The Writing Center 1.03; American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Ed 3.0;
 eWorld 1.0; Spin Doctor Challenger 1.1; Spectre Challenger 1.0.1c;
 (1)Spaceway 2000

 CD-ROM Titles: Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia; 1994 Time Almanac; (1)EA
 3D World Atlas;(1)Family Doctor; San Diego Zoo Presents Animals!;
 (1)Around the World in 80 Days; Wacky Jacks CD Gameshow; KidSoft CD

 Performa 6118CD 8/500/CD 
 (Available in selected club stores)

 Software: (1)ClarisWorks 2.1v3; ClarisWorks 2.1v3 Education Sample Files;
 MacGallery Clip Art Treasure Pak; ClickArt Performa Collection 2.0;
 Quicken 4.0r6; (1)Now Up-to-Date 2.1.1; Now Contact 1.1; MacLinkPlus Easy
 Open Translators 7.52; Kid Works 2 1.2.2; Thinkin' Things Performa
 Version; The Writing Center 1.03; American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Ed 3.0;
 eWorld 1.0; Spin Doctor Challenger 1.1; Spectre Challenger 1.0.1c;
 (1)Spaceway 2000

 CD-ROM Titles: Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia; 1994 Time Almanac; (1)EA
 3D World Atlas;(1)Family Doctor; San Diego Zoo Presents Animals!;
 (1)Around the World in 80 Days; Wacky Jacks CD Gameshow; KidSoft CD

 Prices for the Performa 6100 series are expected to range between $2,600
 to $2,850. The 6100 series will be carried by Apple authorized consumer
 electronic stores, department stores and clubs including, Sam's, BJ's,
 Price Club, CostCo, Best Buy, IncredibleUniverse, Sears, Circuit City,
 Lechmere, Montgomery Wards, ABC, Adrays, RC Willy, Silo, Fretter, Tops,
 The Wiz, Smiths HF, Good Guys, Campo, Brandsmart, HH Greg, Apex, McDuffs,
 and Dayton Hudson.

 (1) indicates Native PowerPC version

 Apple  Computer,  Inc.,  a  recognized   pioneer  and   innovator  in  the
 information  industry,  creates  powerful  solutions  based on easy to use
 personal  computers,  servers, peripherals, software, online services, and
 personal digital assistants. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple
 (NASDAQ:  AAPL)  develops,  manufactures,  licenses  and markets products,
 t e c hnologies  and  services  for  the  business,  education,  consumer,
 scientific  &  engineering  and  government markets in over 140 countries.
 Apple,  the  Apple  logo, Macintosh, and Macintosh Performa are registered
 trademarks  and  Power  Macintosh, Mac, and eWorld are trademarks of Apple
 Computer,  Inc.  PowerPC  and  PowerPC 601 are trademarks of International
 Business  Machines  Corporation,  used  under license therefrom. All other
 brand  names  mentioned  are  trademarks or registered trademarks of their
 respective holders.

 Press Contact:
                              Maureen O'Connell
                             Regis McKenna, Inc.
                               (408) 862-6689


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 this special trial offer will expire soon! To take advantage of this
 limited offer, use your modem to dial 1-800-365-4636.  Press <RET> once or
 twice. When you get the Password: prompt, type IP26 and press <RET> again.
 Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
 be a member of DELPHI!  

         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      The latest news this week, albeit very disappointing (but
 expected), is that Soft-Logik has finally announced their future plans
 for Pagestream.  Soft-Logik recently held an online conference on GEnie
 (see transcript later in this issue) and announced that the latest
 Amiga upgrade is complete.  Soft-Logik's Deron Kazmaier also announced
 that there will be no future updates for the Atari version.  Future
 versions of this outstanding DTP package will be available for the Mac
 and PC platforms.

      While this is not the best of news for Atari users, it is
 indicative of the current state of Atari support from third party
 developers.  While support is still available from many developers, the
 Atari community has lost a longtime friend - and we'll likely continue
 to lose more.  As Kazmaier mentions, supporting the Atari platform is
 no longer a profitable venture.

      The positive side to all of this will be that Atari users who use
 machines on other platforms will be able to continue to use Pagestream,
 and an improved version.  Perhaps I can convince my superiors to buy a
 copy for my Windows-based system at work.  Meanwhile, I can still use
 this very powerful program on my Atari machines knowing that it can
 still do what I need it to do - it just won't get any better.

      We've got a lot of ground to cover this week, so let's get to it,
 shall we!

      Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (11/2/94)                        
        (1) HSMODA04 SERIAL PORT ACC      *(6) GUCK 1.8 (ENGLISH)           
        (2) MAGIC SPOOLER 1.09             (7) SPEEDO GDOS FONTS            
        (3) IDEALIST 3.51                  (8) E-MAIL LIST                  
        (4) AHDI CONFIGURATION PRG        *(9) OBSESSION PINBALL            
        (5) AVP MAPS                      (10) ESS-CODE V6.2                
                              * = New on list                               
                               HONORARY TOP 10                              
  The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently
  out-performing every other file in the databases.  
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  10.44)    
           ATARI ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: VOLUME 3, ISSUE 12)     
         Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.      

 **                                                                 **
 **              S    U    P    E    R    S    A    M               **
 **                                                                 **
 **                 The Superb Sample Editor v1.08                  **
 **        A Terrosaur Systems Production for the Falcon030         **
 **              (C) Copyright 1994 by Daniel Hastings              **

 Yes, finally the new version of SuperSam is here!

 It has been or soon will be uploaded to the following FTP sites:

 It has been or soon will be uploaded to CIX and hatched into BBS file

 Registered users of 1.01 can upgrade for free!

 Main additions since version 1.01:

 * Direct to disk recording, playback AND editing!
 * Support for 16 bit mono samples!
 * Support for virtual/alternative RAM!
 * 4 new sample formats - DVS, AIFF, AIFC and 8SSP!
 * Many improvements to the interface!
 * Many bug fixes!

 The SuperSam features list now includes:

   *  Handles 10 sample file formats - AVR, WAV, VOC, AU, IFF, SPL,
      AIFF, AIFC, DVS and RAW!
   *  Handles 8 bit mono, 8 bit stereo, 16 bit mono
      and 16 bit stereo samples
   *  Almost all operations can be performed direct to disk
   *  Clipboard cut, copy, load, paste, replace, overlay
   *  Ability to import/export from the GEM clipboard
   *  Ability to sign and un-sign samples
   *  Ability to fade in/ fade out samples
   *  Ability to boost volume by 25% or to the max possible
   *  Ability to reduce volume by 25% or to zero
   *  Ability to zoom in for finer editing
   *  Flexible deleting
   *  Ability to swap the channels on a stereo sample
   *  Ability to pan the stereo image left to right or vice versa
   *  Ability to edit only the left or right stereo channel
   *  Ability to shift sample playback frequency
   *  Ability to create samples from the MIC input either to RAM or
      direct to disk
   *  Supports all Falcon playback frequencies
   *  Customisable
   *  Can be installed as an application to play samples when they
      are double clicked
   *  Will play or load a sample dropped on its desktop icon
   *  Online HELP system
   *  Batch conversion between all file formats
   *  Jukebox mode to play all samples in a folder
   *  Fully GEM legal programming
   *  MultiTOS compatible
   *  Supports virtual and alternative RAM
   *  Dynamic Memory Allocation

 Contact Daniel Hastings at for more details.

 | {{{ Dan }}} |   Atari Falcon030, 4Mb RAM, 340Mb HD, TOS 4.01  |
 |   D2D version of SuperSam due is now in final beta testing!   |


 > Soft-Logik Online! STR NewsFile!  -  No Pagestream 3.0 for Atari!

  From Publishing Partner, to Publishing Partner Pro, to Pagestream...
                     An End of Another Atari Era...



 PRESS CONTACT: Ellen Kazmaier

 tel: 314-894-8608; fax: 314-894-3280


 (St. Louis) Soft-Logik today announced plans to port its leading Amiga
 desktop publishing program to the Windows and Macintosh platforms.
 Development for the Amiga will continue, but development for Atari
 computers has been ended.

 "Our main priority at this time is PageStream3 for the Amiga," said
 Soft-Logik president Deron Kazmaier in an online conference on GEnie.
 "We are committed to finishing the unimplemented features, and fixing
 any problems in the program.  We want to make it the best desktop
 publisher possible."

 Atari development was ended because the potential sales did not justify
 the development expense. Soft-Logik had hoped that the success of
 Atari's Jaguar game console would lead to revitalized sales of its
 computers, but the Atari computer software market has continued to shrink.

 Deron announced that versions of PageStream3 for Windows and Macintosh
 computers would be forthcoming. "I hope that the Atari and Amiga users
 here who are thinking about changing computers will continue to use
 PageStream into the future." He told the GEnie conference attendees
 that "if you've been wanting to buy a Macintosh or Windows computer but
 shudder at the thought of leaving PageStream, I have good news for you.
 There will be PageStream for Macintosh and PageStream for Windows."

 Release dates for the Macintosh and Windows versions have not been set,
 but work is already underway. Soft-Logik is pre-announcing these versions
 so that customers considering a change in computers will know that
 PageStream will continue to be available to them. The first version
 for Macintosh and Windows will be very similar to the finished version
  of PageStream3 for the Amiga with just a few features specific to each
 platform. Subsequent versions will add support for other machine-specific

 Deron assured the attendees that Soft-Logik would provide an affordable
 cross-platform upgrade path, so that users of the Amiga and Atari versions
 could purchase upgrades to the Macintosh and Windows versions if they
 chose to change computers. He also announced that TypeSmith would be
 available for Windows in the future. Pricing for the new versions and
 upgrades has not yet been set.

 Soft-Logik will continue to develop its Amiga products, including
 PageStream and TypeSmith. Amiga users should not view the announcement
 of Macintosh and Windows versions negatively, because PageStream3 was
 designed from the start to be portable. PageStream itself is
 platform-independent; the machine-specific code is restricted to separate
 libraries. This means that if new features are added to the Windows and
 Macintosh versions, they can be easily added to the Amiga version. In
 fact, the Amiga version will inherit a windfall of import/export filters
 as filters are added for the required Macintosh and Windows formats.

 Soft-Logik Publishing remains committed to the Amiga and hopes that
 production and R&D for Amiga computers resumes soon. PageStream 3.0c
 was released today with more implemented features, bug fixes and much
 faster text speed. TypeSmith 2.5a will be available later this week and
 will correct some printing problems.





 (C) 1994 by GEnie and the Soft-Logik Roundtable. May be reprinted only
 with this notice intact. To sign up for GEnie service, call (with modem)
 800-638-8369 (in Canada: 1-800-387-8330). Upon connection type HHH (and
 then RETURN). At the U#= prompt type IAMCOOL (and then RETURN). At the
 offer code prompt, enter PAJ528 (and then Return). Have a major credit
 card ready. For more information in the United States or Canada, call


                              OCTOBER 30, 1994

 The following is a transcript of the real-time conference with Deron
 Kazmaier, president of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation, on GEnie. This
 transcript has been edited only for spelling and clarity.


 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Welcome! In conference with us tonight is SoftLogik
 President Deron Kazmaier. This conference will have two parts. The formal
 part of the conference will begin now and will be in listen-only mode.
 When you want to ask a question, you will have to 'raise your hand' by
 typing /RAI and then pressing Return to get my attention. Please prepare
 your questions before your turn or keep them short. After the formal part
 of the conference there will be an informal segment where everybody can
 talk freely.

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Remember that Deron isn't here in conference with us
 very often. Use this opportunity to ask him questions about the future of
 Soft-Logik and PageStream, not when bug X will be fixed or what the
 technical support phone number is. I can answer those questions for you at
 any time.

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> I'm going to post a few words from Deron before we get

 "Thank you for coming to tonight's conference. I'm glad to have this
 opportunity to speak with you in person. Tonight is my chance to share
 with you our plans. I know you all have a lot of questions, and I'll
 answer them all in a minute. First I would like to outline our directions
 for the future.

 "Our main priority at this time is PageStream3 for the Amiga. We are
 committed to finishing the unimplemented features, and fixing any problems
 in the program. We want to make it the best desktop publisher possible. I
 don't have anything new to announce for the Amiga at this time, and I
 think most of our customers would be happiest if we'd concentrate on
 finishing version 3.

 "The answer to whether or not there will be a PageStream 3.0 for the Atari
 is no. I know that there are many people out there who love PageStream and
 who would love to upgrade to 3.0; however, we have come to the conclusion
 that it would not be profitable to do a new version.

 "We don't think we could sell enough copies of a new Atari version to
 justify the development expense. We have analyzed it every possible
 way---not writing an Atari specific manual, contracting the programming to
 somebody else, etc---and it just doesn't make sense. If it was at all
 financially possible, we would do it. We had hoped that Atari's success
 with the Jaguar would lead to revitalized sales of their computers, but
 that has not happened unfortunately.

 "I hope that the Atari and Amiga users here who are thinking about
 changing computers will continue to use PageStream into the future. If
 you've been wanting to buy a Macintosh or Windows computer but shudder at
 the thought of leaving PageStream, I have good news for you. There will be
 PageStream for Macintosh and PageStream for Windows.

 "I can't tell you when they will be available, but we have already begun
 work on them. The first version for each platform will be very similar to
 the finished version of PageStream3 for the Amiga with just a few features
 specific to each platform. We will have a very affordable upgrade path
 from the Amiga and Atari versions. Subsequent versions will add support
 for other machine specific features. There will also be a Windows version
 of TypeSmith, our font editor."

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> That's the end of Deron's prepared words. The floor is
 now open to questions. Remember to type /RAI to raise your hand to ask a

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> I'm going to cheat and put the room in talk mode, but
 please, still type /RAI to raise your hand to talk. It's just easier for
 me to work this way. I'll tell you when to speak.

 Room is now in the talk mode.

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Deron, given the situation concerning Commodore, how
 much longer will you be able to support the Amiga? A related question,
 what platform and OS is PageStream 3.0 being ported to? PowerMac, Windows,
 Windows NT, OS/2?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, I won't lie and say forever. I think it will be
 for several more years to come. The Atari basically stopped being
 financially viable years ago.  The mac will require system 7 or above, and
 the PC will be windows 3.1 or later, using win32s for 3.1, or native on NT
 or later.

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Thanks, Deron.

 <W.NEAR> Will there be a feature similar to the Art Board on PPage in PS3?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Artboard in PageStream3? We hope to make the white
 area around the page a pasteboard where objects in that area will show on
 any page. GA

 <R.LEVETIN> Even though there are many more IBM's and Mac's out there
 there are also some heavey hitters already in the market.  Do you really
 feel you can get enough of that market to make that financial viable when
 you have abondoned the Atari market for financial reasons?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, 1/10 of 1% of the windows market would do us
 better than the Atari. We have had more requests from x-atari users asking
 for a windows version, than from atari users asking for an atari version.
 We may not become #1 or #2, or even #5, but we are used to selling much
 less than they are ;-) GA

 <R.LEVETIN> As of 6 months ago, Pacific seemed to still be selling the
 Atari version at a steady clip. And how many of those 1/10 of 1 % can you

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> I'm sorry. I know bad news is hard to believe, but I
 still have to put food on the table, and Atari is not doing that. It has
 been less than 3% or our sales for over 3 years (since before the last
 release on the atari).

 <[greenboy] D.GREEN25> When is an upgraded Art Expression going to be
 available? Oh, for a heavyweight-class EPS solution...Again, FOR THE

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> BAD NEWS: we are not going to do a new version of AE.
 GOOD NEWS: We will be doing a structured drawing extension that provides
 similar functionality. PGS3 already has arexx, fountain fills, etc.
 Selling you a new program would be cruel (but I can take your money twice
 if you like :-) GA

 <W.NEAR> Will PS3 have the ability to bend text on an arc and will it be
 able to do a fit text to box like PPage4?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Yes and Yes (not exactly the same but close). In the
 drawing extension only. GA

 <R.BROWN30> My question: will we see cross platform file compatibility,
 and will we see drivers for the 560C and Stylus for new versions (plus

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> PageStream3 uses a very nice (IMHO) file format we
 developed called IFF DOC. It is very extensible, and will be used on all
 of our future programs. 560C is 550C compatible (the 600x300 only works in
 text mode, not graphics mode). Stylus, yes we plan to add it. GA

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Deron what about a version of PGS 3.0 for Unix?
 Especially the free/PD Unixes? I've heard that FrameMaker is coming out
 for Linux. GA. For the latecomers, here's a recap....

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Unix? Not anytime soon. GA

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Thanks.

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> For those who arrived late, here's a news summary: 1st
 priority is to finish the unimplemented features of PageStream3 Amiga and
 to fix any bugs. There will not be a new version of PageStream for Atari.
 There will be versions of PageStream for Macintosh and Windows, and
 TypeSmith for Windows.

 <[Buzz] B.STRATTON> Will the drawing extension be a seperate program
 included in the PgS package or part of the PgS program?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> It's just a figment of our imagination right now :) We
 plan to make it a seperate program that gets loaded just like a filter,
 but will integrate itself seamlessly into the program. GA

 <[Buzz] B.STRATTON> Thanx

 <[greenboy] D.GREEN25> Acrobat is a big deal in the world at large. Can we
 it too?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> One of the nice things about our new filter system is
 that we can write doc loaders for just about anything, given time (which
 we don't have much of these days :) We believe that acrobat will be a big
 deal on the Mac and PC, and since the code is the same you'll get it on
 the amiga. GA

 <C.PIPER2> I support SL's continued efforts with my checkbook.  I hate the
 thought of switch platforms but I need a hassle free environment.  What
 can we expect your efforts to produce in the end?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Could you clarify? GA

 <C.PIPER2> I mean what is it you are attempting to accomplish for the
 Amiga in terms of DTP?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> With app.library on each of the 3 platforms mentioned,
 the core code will be shared, so as we develop new features to stay
 competive on the mac and pc, you'll get them as well (for a fee ;) GA

 <G.FUHRMAN> Gotta go now - Deron and Michael, I just wanted to say thanks
 for your contributions to the Atari (& Amiga) world over the years - it
 was fun while it lasted - and good luck in the Big Pond of MacWindows.

 <W.NEAR> If Amiga survives will you stay with us or go like Gold Disk?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> As long as the Amiga makes us enough money to cover
 our expenses, we will support it. Like I said before, I won't lie and say
 forever. I don't know what the future holds for Amiga or Soft-Logik (my
 crystal ball is on backorder). Like I said, it should be easy to develop
 for the Amiga now that the OS specific stuff has been written, and I'm not
 expecting to many new OS releases :(...

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Why was HotLinks dropped from PageStream 3.0? GA

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Scott: HotLinks was dropped in favor of a better

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> In what way is it better?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> The file system notification allows us to do the same
 things as hotlinks, and allow non-hotlinks applications to offer partial
 support. For example, if you take a picture in PGS and make it external,
 if you take and load that picture in AdPro, modify it, and save it back
 out, PGS will automatically update the document just like "hotlinks". The
 concept works the same, just with a different program. Instead of a
 program called "hotlinks", its the OS doing some of the work. We have to
 do more work in pagestream, but it's better. GA

 <KEVIN.D> What's the status of documentation of the IFF DOC format and
 information for developers that might want to do extensions for PageStream
 3.0? Could you talk about its extensibility? 3rd party Printer drivers?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> IFF DOC has been documented for a very long time. We
 used it inhouse so that Dan could write a program we call xray that
 examines the contents of a document file to ensure everything is OK.
 However, I'm not anxious to release it since more than 1 person has asked
 for it, and the reason was always something like "I want to import
 pictures in pgs, so can I create a document that you can load". However,
 when we get the extensions documented (which requires a _lot_ since you
 must use app.library) I'll release them so that if the extensions doesn't
 cut it, you can use the doc. GA

 <R.RATCLIFFE> When do you think the full upgrade (the one you mail to
 users) will be available?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Do you really want a time from the man who said PGS
 would ship in August of 93? Our problem is that we have never done a
 project so large (and the amiga has never seen one so large either). We
 are all working long hours to get it done, and it will be done asap. GA

 <[greenboy] D.GREEN25> Why not have Pageliner show the styles like
 GoldDisk's AE? That couldn't have that much overhead if they could do it.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> it does in 3.0c. Look at appendix B in your manual.
 That is them. GA

 <[Buzz] B.STRATTON> Uh, what's acrobat?  Short answer would be just fine.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Its kind of like EPS for documents, + the ability to
 parse and edit them like adobe illustrator. GA

 <[STEVE] S.MARKOW> In regards to PgS 3.0 Atari, you mentioned for Amiga
 "as long as you cover your expenses".  How much would it take to cover
 expenses for an Atari 3.0, in terms of commitments from present users, and
 if you won't, would you be willing to allow a third party to take it over
 and get a 3.0 version out?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> A year ago I contacted some people I thought might be
 interested. No one even nibbled. It's even worse now. GA

 <R.BROWN30> To get a little more specific, will ATARI PgS file formats be
 importable in the new Mac/Win PgS versions. There's two Atari PgS pro
 users here with 600 megs of files to consider! Actually, _more_ than 600

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, pgs3 amiga loads pgs2 files, and the filters
 will compile on any of the machines, so I expect that we will offer those
 filters to those who are upgrading. No extra effort on our part :-) GA

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> About that fit text to box thing. Will there be a button
 that will just recalculate the point size until the text fits?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> You can do it now with text objects and arexx in just
 a few lines of code. How about it mike? GA

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Sure. :) How much is it worth to you? :)

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> It should be included like it was with PPage. :-)

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> W.NEAR: send me email with more detail on what you want
 it to do. I'll write it when I have a chance and upload it to the library

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> Thanks

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> SL-Prez, any chance of SL releasing a word processor
 based on PGS 3.0. Or even releasing the filters PGS 3.0 uses to handle PC
 & Mac wordprocessor file formats? GA.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Scott: I don't see a word processor coming from pgs3
 code. Just too different. What about the filters? I don't understand. GA

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> No Amiga wordprocessos hcan handle PC/MAC file
 formats, I was hoping you'd release the code to do that.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Yes, again, on the PC and Mac, we will have to support
 the native file formats, and when we write those filters, you'll get them
 on the Amiga. Going to those platforms really will breath life in the
 Amiga version for years to come. GA

 <[Bruce] B.MAUGER1> I am a atari user and I'm sorry that you will not be
 suporrting it! however....just bout a PC and wondered it upgrade possible
 from platform to platform

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Yes! Basically, we will offer an upgrade from Atari
 (and amiga) to either mac or pc (just as we do now from Atari to Amiga and
 Amiga to Atari). Our biggest hope to keep the pagestream family of users
 as our customers for years to come. GA

 <KEVIN.D> Just a comment: one of the most frequent PageStream extensions
 mentioned on the Internet is an article editor. oops. I mean equation

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> The way objects are support in pgs3, it should be easy
 to make tables, graphs, crossword puzzles and yes, even equation editors.
 We will probably do a simple one and let others do it one better. GA

 <[greenboy] D.GREEN25> RIGHT-AMIGA-u is Undo everywhere else. Why not
 TypeSmith? Is this a German thang?... And what about that there TypeSmith
 upgrade that has been mentioned? I love this program---but I would like to
 see a MONSTER...On the AMIGA! If there were leading edge programs on a
 platform earlier on, we wouldn't face the question of "defection".

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> RIGHT-AMIGA-Z is _the_ standard for undo. See made 147
 of the Amiga style guide (published by commodore) as proof :) What was
 your question about typesmith? We have not annouced any major update to
 it, unless your just talking about 2.5a. GA

 <[greenboy] D.GREEN25> right

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> 2.5a should be next week. No comments have come back
 from the beta to prevent it from being released, and shipping is getting
 restless. GA

 <KEVIN.D> 2.5a looks fine here

 <[STEVE] S.MARKOW> Deron, you still did not answer my entire question.
 #1) with enough $$ committed from users, would you do Atari 3.0 #2) If
 yes, how much and #3) If a third party would "nibble", would you let them
 do it? (a 3.0 version)..GA

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, we once figured that an Atari version would cost
 around 80k. That doesn't count lost dev time, nor profit potential vs
 other projects. We have received less than 150 letter/faxes/ email. That
 works out to an upgrade price of $533 :) I know you don't like the news, I
 don't either. I've spent many years programming for the atari, and don't
 like the idea of loosing that investment. But sales for the Atari in the
 last 3 years wouldn't pay the bills for a month. GA

 <[Bruce] B.MAUGER1> (as you see I need the spellchecker part hehe)
 anyway..with all the Atari people here perhaps you will reconcider your
 position. I DO love your product. I am not a programmer but... I am
 willing to find some who could do it!??? GA

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Soft-Logik, any thoughts on distributing PGS 3.0 on a
 CD-ROM with lots of clipart? GA

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> We did (heck, it would save us about 20% in COG), but
 the 40 users would not be enough. I'll keep it in mind. Maybe CDROM is
 more prevelant on the Amiga than I think it is. GA

 <[Dave] D.KNOELL1> Any ideas on scripting language support in Windows
 version ala REXX? The implementation in PgS3 is one of the unique things
 seperating PgS from the "bunch". :-)

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, we _have_ to support visual basic. If we do an
 OS2 version, we would definately support rexx there. If IBMs version of
 windows takes off we would support it as well. The macro functionality
 will _not_ go away!!! GA

 <[Buzz] B.STRATTON> From your point of view.  If the Amiga goes bye bye.
 Which platform do you like to work with the most as a user?  I'm talking
 overall useability.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> I'm on a mac write now ;) (my fears are that windows
 will win). Everyone in the office has a mac for database work. Only 3
 people have PCs :-) GA

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> When using a text frame with more than one column is it
 possible to resize one individual column within that frame?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> no. Its one object divided internally. We might allow
 different divisions in the future, but not short term. However, you will
 _never_ be able to flow 2 different articles into it. Its main purpose is
 to allow easy change for column format. GA

 <R.BROWN30> Well, now that it's posed, we'd like to place an order for PgS
 Windows. How soon can you deliver? By the by, it looks like my new
 Atari/Mac/DOS software concern will be pressing CD-ROMs ;) [We're frankly
 concerned the Mac is dying, though]

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Good god. You don't expect me to pin a date on
 something like that? We can't predict the mac and pc versions since it is
 so new for us. While some people here have "prior history", most don't.

 <KEVIN.D> Another comment: OS/2 is approaching 10 million copies and OS/2
 users really want native OS/2 apps. That MAY be where the Amiga users head
 if Amiga manufacturing never resumes. I'm going OS/2 on my PC as soon as
 Warp ships.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> I must admit, OS/2 is #3 on our future list. But we
 don't have a single copy here, so don't hold your breath. GA

 <KEVIN.D> [turning blue]

 <[Bruce] B.MAUGER1> Mike and Deron I would like to thank you for a great
 product. I understand your point and if you ever reconceder I will BUY it!
 thanks again. GA

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Thank you. Perhaps someday we will cross paths on the
 Mac or PC. See ya there! GA

 <[greenboy] D.GREEN25> Back to AE---we dealers have been calling in at
 SoftLogik and told "out-of-stock but soon available" for months now on AE.
 Be nice to see superb On-All-Fronts DTP Amiga. Most developers stop at
 Less-Than-Optimum for the auxillary programs (TypeSmith, AE?). PgS3 might
 be the giant it was touted as, but we need the whole ball of wax.   That
 is what makes the main program work, Fonts and Art (well, text too).

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, "available soon" is a relative term :) However,
 that "availability" is in the form of an extension. We will probably sell
 a PageStream3 bundle with the drawing extension, but I don't see a stand
 alone ArtExpression in our near future. GA

 <AEO.MAG> As a buyer of the original Publishing Partner, I have to say
 that I am dissapointed that there will not be a future version of your
 terrific software for the Atari. :-/ My question is, will tech support for
 Ataris continue? GA

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> As you know, tech support goes paid 90 days after your
 first call after August 15(?) so we don't stand to loose much money.
 However, it won't be forever. No final decision has been made, but no new
 versions/updates will be released. GA

 <[Travis] AEO.MAG> I understand your decision, even though I am
 dissapointed you had to make it.

 <KEVIN.D> Once PageStream 3 is "finished", what's a reasonable amount of
 RAM to run it in? Has PageStream been tried with any of the virtual memory
 programs like Gigamem?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> I think we should bump min requirements to 4 meg. BTW,
 3.0c has gone down 50k :-) However, even if we add another 200k of code,
 that won't make much difference. Gigamem has been reported to work, and
 others as well. GA

 <KEVIN.D> Will we be able to print in less ram than with the current
 version? I mean print quickly

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> yes, some day. We hear the same cries in the night as
 you do. GA

 <KEVIN.D> ;-)

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> Will AE be avail. to registered users of PS3 and for how

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Bill, I don't understand your question. AE is out of
 stock (no manuals!) and we don't plan on reprinting. If you mean the
 extension, yes, and we don't have a price (cheap for those who already own
 AE v1). GA

 <[Dave] D.KNOELL1> Deron, are you going to develop on a NT workstation?
 currently using DEC Alpha's (150MHz) and love 'em. Windows NT (3.5
 ain't too bad either.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Dave, we are using NT (now 3.5) on an Intel platform.
 Let me know in email about your system. We are spoiled around here when it
 comes to hardware ;) GA

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> OK thanks guys and keep supporting the Amiga!!!

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> Is the problem with moving objects fixed in 3.0c?
 they resize when moved

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Rick: I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the grid
 snap problem?

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> If I make an object exactly 3" by 3" and then move
 it interactively. It resizes to 3.01" by 3.01" (something like this). I
 have to use nudge to move objects so they don't resize (like when making a

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Rick: I can't duplicate that right now (I just tried).
 I'll look into it tomorrow.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> This is news to us. However, mike will check it out
 and get back to you on that. There is a problem in 3.0b or earlier where
 objects get snapped wrong that is fixed in 3.0c. But the size of the
 object is not effected (unless your resizing :)

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> Also, I need to printout math symbols (like square
 +/-, etc.) in Postscript. Where can I get the fonts? Unless there is some
 option that I have set incorrectly.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> You have it already. its called symbols. GA

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> Will 3.0c be out Nov 1st as stated?

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> 3.0c: probably, Deron's leaving for Germany. :)
 (Skipping out of the country... :)

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> I'm done, just working on little things until I leave
 while the rest finish there jobs.

 <[Dave] D.KNOELL1> Deron.... have a cold one over there for me!!

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> I was going to drink my Framboise lambic, but it has a
 cork in it!!! I only have a bottle opener. I had a Anchor porter instead.
 I brew my own, so beer is near and dear to my heart. I just wish I had
 more time for such hobbies...

 <[Bill] W.NEAR> Thanks for PS3 guys, I look forward to bragging to my Mac
 and IBM buddies! :-)

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> Have you looked at the S-Plus eps clip I uploaded?
 Can't get PgS3.0b to print them.

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Rick: no, but I have the file in my test directory to
 look at when I have a chance. I have lots of files to test out. (I have to
 finish the TypeSmith 2.5a master disk first.)

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Well, I think we are about done. Lets talk about the
 big stuff (just kidding).

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> Where can I get fonts with square root, +/- and
 other math symbols that will print in Postscript? I have tried Symbol

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> symbol font has those things. I just checked the
 sample sheet for it.

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> But they will not print!

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> They won't print: from 2.2 or 3.0? PostScript or

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> They do not print in PgS3.0b in Postscript. I have
 tried numerous times.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> You'll be happy with the 3.0c driver then. I just
 finished font reencoding, so that you get all kinds of goodies in the
 normal fonts even (like TM and (R) from helvetica). Something I've been
 wanting to do for years...

 <[Rick B.] R.BILONICK> You mean that the square root in Times will now
 actually print in Postscript?

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> O_postscript times doesn't have such a character. You
 have to use symbol. Reencoding just reveals characters found in the font,
 doesn't make new ones!

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Thanks for holding the conference, Deron.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> No problem. Disappointed in attendance, but it did
 last long. I think we lost about half when we said no Atari. Glad to be
 here. I get the messages through my mail, but don't get much a chance to
 get online. can you say ball and chain? I knew you could.

 <[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> I noticed the dropoff in attendance when the dropping
 of Atari support was announced. I guess the big surprise that Mike Loader
 mentioned in his post wasn't a good one for Atari owners.

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Scott: the big surprise was the announcement that we
 were going to work on win and mac versions. I can't believe the no atari
 3.0 came as much of a surprise.

 <[SL-PREZ] DERON.K> Mike beat me to the punch :)

 <FRED.M> what will come first...mac or windows?

 <[Michael] SL-DEV> Depends on which horse you're betting on. :) We started
 the windows version before the mac version, but the mac version is going
 easier so you never know...

                         ---end of conference---


                               Jaguar Section

 Stocking Stuffers! 30 Games? AvP
 Sega on CIS!  EB Vendor Show!  Full
 Jaguar Game List!  and more!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      I hate sounding negative or pessimistic, but it's almost too late
 for Atari to make good on its promise to have at least 30 games out
 in time for the holidays.  As has been stated by Atari in the past,
 games, in general, take 6-8 weeks to be ready once they hit production.
 As of mid-week, nothing is OFFICIALLY in production although
 unofficially there are four games in production at this time: Doom,
 Club Drive, Checkered Flag, and Iron Soldier.  There's also an
 indication that there are other titles in production, but no mention of
 what those games or items might be.

      Personally, this is disappointing.  I know that it's also
 disappointing for the many people at Atari, the real people, who have
 been doing everything within their power to make this a successful
 holiday season.  What will bother me also are the inevitable excuses
 that will undoubtedly come our way.  This type of behavior has dogged
 Atari over past holiday seasons and its disappointing to see that it's
 still prevalent again this year, with the Jaguar.  Well, let's hope
 that Atari has a lot of as yet unannounced surprises waiting for us in
 the next couple of weeks.

      Let's get back to good news!  We've finally got a complete list of
 current and upcoming Jaguar titles, including present projected release
 dates and prices.  There's also an announcement about a holiday "stocking
 stuffer" idea which includes info on the CD-ROM and the Jag-Ware
 merchandise.  Also, for next week, Marty Mankins has Part 1.5 of his
 developer article, as well as his review of Alien vs. Predator.

      A number of people have sent me e-mail with regard to our current
 Jaguar contest asking if e-mail entries are allowed.  The simple
 answer is, no.  All entries must be sent by snail mail - the address is
 included in the contest text; and that text will be re-run in future
 issues of STReport.  Also, if you're impatient, the text can be
 downloaded from various online services.

      Well, let's get on with our favorite cat news!

      Until next time...


 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

 Contact:  Patrick Toland/Laura Paden
           Edelman Public Relations
           (415) 433-5381

                          How To Stuff A Jaguar

                     Atari Unveils Stocking Stuffers
              For the 64-Bit Aficionado Who Has Everything

 SUNNYVALE, Calif. (October 10, 1994) -- Atari Jaguar fans are the type
 of gamers who just can't get enough.  16-bits?  Not enough.  32-bits?
 Not even close.  Even now that Atari has created the Jaguar video game
 system, the only home system with 64-bits of American-made gaming
 power, gamers want to collect more games and accessories to go with it.
 To meet this demand, the Atari Corporation is introducing new stocking
 stuffers for the holiday season: the much anticipated CD player and
 Jag-Ware merchandise and gifts.

                       Jaguar CD-Multimedia Player

 Atari pulled out all of the stops for the new interactive CD player
 peripheral for the Jaguar.  With over 700 megabytes of information in
 each CD, Atari's game developers have packed so much action, so many
 colors and such incredible CD sound into each game, you might have your
 stockings blown right off the mantlepiece.  The Jaguar CD peripheral
 will retail for $199.99.  CD game titles include "Blue Lightning," and
 "Jack Nicklaus Golf."


 After shaking up the video game industry with the 64-bit Jaguar system,
 Atari is now making its mark on the fashion world -- paw mark, that is.
 The Atari logo and ever-stylish claw mark have slashed their way across
 T-shirts, baseball caps and even key chains, all available in ATari's
 new Jag-Ware catalogue.  Perfect stocking stuffers, if you don't mind a
 few claw marks, items range in price from $2.95 to $100.  Jag-Ware
 catalogs can be requested by writing: "Jag-Ware Catalog" Atari
 Corporation, P.O. Box 61657 Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657 or by calling the
 Norscot Group, toll free, at 1-800-653-3313.

      Atari Corporation markets interactive multimedia entertainment
 systems, including Jaguar, the world's only 64-bit system, and the only
 video system manufactured in the United States.  Atari is headquartered
 at 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94089.

                                  # # #


 > Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars               12/94  Racing              $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Alien vs Predator      NOW    Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Arena Football         1Q/95  Sports               TBD      V Reel
 Assault                1Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Barkley Basketball     2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph            12/94  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battle Wheels          1Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Blue Lightning (CD)    12/94  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                  12/94  Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Burnout                1Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Cannon Fodder          11/94  Action/Adventure     TBD      Virgin
 Checkered Flag         11/94  Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive             11/94  Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)    1Q/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi     TBD      Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           2Q/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Demolition Man         1/95   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                   11/94  Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V        12/94  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story 11/94  Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon Lair (CD)       1Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         1Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Flashback              12/94  Action/Adventure     TBD      US Gold
 Fight For Life         1Q/95  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander (CD)        1Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Horrorscope            1Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike           11/94  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier           11/94  Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja           11/94  Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Rage Rally             1Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                 12/94  Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Robinson Requiem       1Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             1Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Space War              12/94  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Star Raiders           1Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Syndicate              11/94  Simulation           TBD      Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Theme Park             11/94  Simulation           TBD      Ocean
 Tiny Toon Adventures   1Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball 12/94  Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   12/94  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortex           12/94  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...  12/94  Sports              $59.99    Atari
 White Men Can't Jump   1Q/95  Sports               TBD      TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zool2                  11/94  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari and Edelman Public Relations - all subject to


 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 From Compuserve's Atari Gaming Forums:

 #: 58200 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     01-Nov-94  09:16:30
 Sb: #EB Fall Vendor Show
 Fm: Steve Horn 74461,637
 To: ALL

   Well Guys, the Electronics Boutique Fall Vendor show has come and
 gone and let me say that it was just great !!! This show was held at
 Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada. I ,of course, lost money while I
 was there but I got tons of free stuff from the show so I still came
 out ahead.

   Well....let me get to the meat of the report.

    First let me just list my Favorite video games that I played or saw,
 I'll put in details next:

 --Donkey Kong Country
 --FIFA 3do
 --Earthworm Jim
 --Jag Doom

  These are the games that I enjoyed the most, not in order, but there
 were other games the looked pretty good also.

   My pick for game of the year......Donkey Kong Country.....I have to
 admit...this game is unbelievable.
 My pick for the next big Atari hit.....Iron Soldier.....this game is
 good....details to follow.

  Now for Atari Details !!!! Keep in mind that I only had about 30
 minutes at the Atari booth so I didn't get to play as much as i'd
 like to....


     When we saw this game on the Video Tape it looked slow and kinda
 choppy.  Well, it seems that these problems have been worked out. Your
 character moves at a very nice speed and the demons move considerably
 faster as well. The first thing you will notice is the increased color
 in the game. It's very colorfull and the effect works nicely ,however,
 they HAVE decrease the resolution so you will notice more pixilization
 of the characters. Also, the music in the game is limited only to the
 title and stat music during the game. Atari said that most
 people have responded positively to the lack of music in AvP so the same
 was done to Doom. The game will have , I believe, two new levels that
 are exclusively in the Atari version and will have a couple of demons
 from DOOM II in it, the Sega version will not have either. It looks like
 a solid game that should sell well for Atari. The resolution will
 dissapoint some but I think that Doom for the Jag will prove to be
 the best version of the title on any game system. A good buy for all.


     This was my second favorite game at the show !! You play as a gaint
 Transformer type dude. There was a good selection of weapons for your
 Mech:  Rail Cannon, Chain gun, Cruise Missle, missles et-all...
 The resolution was very good. The buildings, hangers, tanks, helicopters
 and all was very detailed and smooth lined. The Helicopters were the
 neatest thing to fight and look at. They moved with grace and style <g>.
 You could see the main blades turning and the rotary blades. The control
 was easy. By holding down the A button you could rotate the your head to
 have a better shot at the things around you. Another button was set aside
 to look at your feet so you could stomp on things. The sound in the game
 was nice. Good explosions sounded real as well as the hits on targets.
 The cruise missle was neat. Right after you launch it the screen changes
 to your missle control screen. You pilot it to the target, anywhere in a
 large area, and fly hit the target to destroy it. I would like to see
 better color in this game. There seems to be alot of pastels in the
 backgrounds. I think some deepers colors would be nicer but more color
 might slow down the game. If that is the should be left
 alone. The game is fun to play, smooth to operate and has very nice
 graphics. This is also a "buy it" game. Don't miss this one. It should
 be out in mid or late November.

  Well Guys.....I'm gonna break up these reports. There's still alot to
 say and i've got to get to the store. The next report will contain info
 on Kasumi Ninja, Ray Man and Dragon Bruce Lee..

 Keep the questions coming.....more to come...


 Regarding a recent article about "Fight For Life":

 Fm: Francois (Atari) 70007,2363
 To: all

 I finished to read the article about my game just a few minutes ago,
 and i like to explain some small thinks, that the reporter is not
 telling you. First at all, this guy has never see the game, and the
 pictures are coming from the French magazine 'Console +'. The article
 is not that bad indeed (for this type of magazine) but is quite not
 accurate in its comparison with Virtua Fighter. I went back over the
 article concerning VF from the same magazine and I read :'Now, with
 the Saturn version making use of about 1300 polygons in each scene
 (550 per characters and 220 for the ground) Suzuki is HINTING that it
 MIGHT EVENTUALLY be possible to reach the magic 2000 polygon mark). It
 seems that The Edge received new informations because they don't say
 anymore 'might' but now 'will have almost 2000 in total'. OK if they
 want. But we have better to read again what they said concerning Fight
 For Life :' These pictures are from early working version of the game
 with 900 polygons ON SCREEN'. That's my point. I got 900 polygons on the
 screen per frame. It doesn't mean that I got just 900 polygons. It just
 means that after all the 3d calculation, after the removal of all the
 hidden polygons, I draw 900 polygons. If I calculate in the same way
 they did for VF, it looks like with about 800 faces per fighter and
 about 100 for the ground, the calculation are done on about 1700
 polygons per frame. It's effectively not 2000, but i am hinting that
 it MIGHT be possible for the Jaguar version of Fight For Life to reach
 the magic 2000 polygon mark....Anyway at least, this article wasn't
 that bad, hope my game will please all of you.



 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

      Hello again friends.  This past week, I dusted off my old Radio Shack
 Model 102 portable computer just for old times sake, and lost myself in
 the past.  Eight or nine years ago I used the 102 for all of my on-the-go
 computing needs.  I'd write articles, columns, and notes wherever I
 happened to be and then transfer them to my ST for the final polish and
 archiving.  Sure, the 102 is no longer state-of-the-art, but then again,
 neither is my STe... and it still does just fine, thank you very much.

      The thing I found the most interesting was that, when I went looking
 for some software to run on the 102, I went straight to CompuServe.  And
 whaddaya know... there was lots of stuff waiting there for me.  Just
 imagine it, a computer that's nine years old and it's still easy to find
 software that's useful, and, the best part of it is... it's there for the
 asking (or downloading, as the case may be).

      Well, I've wasted enough of your time with this stuff.  Let's get on
 with perusing the road signs along the Electronic Highway...

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Ethan Mings tells us:

   "I just purchaed a US Robtics 14,400 Fax Modem for my computer set up
   at home.  Given I use a DOS machine as well as my Atari Mega St, I
   purchases an external modem.  Two questions.
   First, my software on the Atari only allows me to go as high as 9600
   or 19200.  Is it possible to get the full use of modem at 14,400?  If
   so, there a serial port fix or something I need to do?  Also, is
   possible to download the software somewhere in the files directories?
   Second, is possible to set up the modem so one can switch from on
   computer to another.  I tried using a manual switch box.  No sucesses.
   I could be I have the wrong box (AB box for data transfer).  I
   understand electronic switches are a 'no-no'.  However, is that true?
   Any adivce wisdom or who I should contact on this subject would be

   PS I do use QuickCIS, Flash II (latest version) on a Mega ST2 4Mg on
      screen with a hard drive. (hope that helps)"

 My pal John Trautschold of Missionware Software (the FLASH II folks)
 tells Ethan:

   "Just connect to your Modem at 19200 and it'll handle the translation
   down to 14400.  It's automatic and easy to do!"

 Sysop Bob Retelle asks Ethan about the switchbox:

   "What problems did you run into using an "A-B switchbox"..?
   I've used one in the past to switch a 9600 baud modem between my ST
   and PC with no problems...    I don't know if the cheaper ones have all
   the signals passed through though.. that might be a problem.  Did
   either side work..?
   As John mentioned, the modem takes care of the speed rate translation.
   Because the modem compresses data, you normally have to set your
   computer at a higher speed than the modem is rated for, to take
   advantage of the increased throughput.  That is, since the modem is
   compressing data at 9600 baud, it comes out of the modem looking as if
   it was really transmitted at a much higher speed.  Your computer has to
   be set for the faster speed, or it will just bog things dowm.
   The fastest normal speed the ST can be set to is 19200, so just set it
   there.  Your PC can probably be set to a much higher speed.. try

 Ethan tells Bob:

   "I using a standard 25 pin switch box from a local business computer
   store. When I tried to use the box, no signal went between the computer
   and the modem.  Something tells me its the wrong box because it is the
   same type of box I am currently using for my printer switch.  Any
   suggestions on the type of box I should be using?
   I selected the 19,200 selection on the software and I am now getting
   through at 14,400.  Thanks for the advice.  (After living on 2400, I
   feel like I'm star trek and warping along at light speed)
   On a related note, I tried the Batfax file.  Must have downloaded it
   incorrectly.  As soon as I downloaded it, it gave me a message the
   seven day time limit was up.  I tried setting my compuer clock back,
   but no success.  Look's like an interesting piece of software.  Too bad
   I couldn't get it to work."

 Bob tells Ethan:

   "Any A-B box hould just be a straight-through connection, so if it
   works with your printer, it should work with your modem too.
   A box for use with a modem would have a male center connector and
   female connectors for the switched sides, while a printer switchbox
   would have the genders reversed... you could use either box if you had
   the proper cables or adapters.
   It's possible the box might be defective if you can't get the modem to
   work on either of the switched sides..."

 Steven Russell asks for help of a graphic nature:

   "I am wondering if anyone out there has any military pictures that
   would be willing to share? I am doing a class on structual components
   of an aircraft (helicopter) and would to have an actual pictur of an
   aircraft to use for a practical exercise. I am going to draw a
   simulated damage on the skin of the aircraft and the job of the student
   after they receive the instruction, is to locate and classify the
   damage and identify the material composition of the the damaged area.
   Any help would be greatly appreciated."

 Bob Retelle, that Sysop guy, tells Steven:

   "There are quite a few photographs of military aircraft in the Graphics
   Forums here on CompuServe.  If you  GO GRAPHICS  and use the Graphics
   File Finder with a keyword of HELICOPTER  you should turn up

 Steven tells Bob:

   "I have done that and turned up nothing useful. The graphics file
   finder could only locate a few graphics of this nature, but nothing
   that I could use. Thank you for the hint though and the reply."

 Karsten Gorkow asks:

   "Can anybody tell me why my Falcon crashes if I change the screen

 Greg Kopchak of It's All Relative Software tells Karsten to...

   "Look for an offending accessory, CPX, or AUTO program. Boot clean and
   start adding files back in until you crash.
   If you post your AUTO/CPX list someone may be able to pin it down."

 Doug Norwine posts:

   "I have a 1040ST that I use for writing purposes. I am an author.  The
   program I use is Wordwriter.  Every time I try to download QWKCIS I
   get a bunch of wierd symbols, but no program.  Excuse my ignoran, cuz
   I'm new to Compuserve.  Could someone help me.  Also could someone give
   me a list of programs I should download that will help with my writing
   purposes; like fonts,etc, as well as navigation helps in Compuserve
   such as Zipped files etc.  A million thanks."

 Computer Music-meister Mike Mortilla tells Doug:

   "Once the QCIS file is downloaded, it needs to be processed by
   un-ZIPing, de-ARC-inf, un-LZHing, or whatever the format is that the
   compressed file is under.
   The utilities for doing this are all in the libraries here!"

 Liam Doherty tells us:

   "I need to transfer a video rental system's data files from an Atari
   ST (1014 I think!) to a Siemens/Nixdorf 386 pc.: Problem is I know
   zilch about Atari fie formats/operating systems etc. as my knowledge is
   totally pc based.
   First question: Is it possible to convert the files to be used by the
   Second question: If it is possible, how can one accomplish this?
   I would be very grateful for any advice you could give me on this

 Chris Russo asks Liam:

   "Can you make your file on your ST into an ASCII or TEXT file???
   If so, just format a disk to 720k (double sided) or 360k (single
   sided) and copy the text file onto that disk.  then put the 3.5" disk
   into the IBM.  It *SHOULD* be able to read that.  I just did this with
   a bunch of  MOD/MUSIC files I had and it worked like a charm."

 Robert Aries tells Liam:

   "Format a double density disk on your DOS machine (720K).  The Atari
   will read & write to this disk.  Formatting a disk *on the Atari*
   won't work...  the formats are a little different.
   Probably the fastest way to do it is to set up a large ramdisk on the
   Atari.  Insert the original data disk and copy the files to the
   ramdisk.  Then insert the DOS-formatted disk and copy the files back
   from the ramdisk.  Sorry if I'm stating the obvious here. (The Atari
   probably has only one floppy drive, and you don't want to be swapping
   Keep in mind all this refers only to the *disk format*.  By using a
   DOS-formatted disk you'll be able to have the files visible to the DOS
   machine, but what they DO with it is another matter!  It's a sure thing
   that the original Atari *program* that generated the data files won't
   run on the DOS machine!"

 Chris Russo tells Robert:

   "Formatting the disk on the Atari *DOES* work.   I've done it."

 Sysop Bob Retelle explains why they say to format the disk on the PC:

   "It depends on the version of TOS your ST has in it. The earlier
   versions format routines weren't fully DOS compatible.  We ususally
   find it safer to just recommend formatting on the PC, rather than
   possibly confusing the non-ST users with finding out what version of
   TOS is involved..."

 Scott Mueller posts:

   "I need a new keyboard and connecting cabe for my Atari MEga2 ST
   According to MAnny's music in NYC,  they are unavailable and not being
   anymore..  what can I do?

 Daniel Osborne tells Scott:

   I had had a similar problem and went for something better than the
   Atari keyboard.  I bought a D.E.K.A. keyboard interface, which allows
   me to connect any IBM AT or XT keyboard to my Mega ST.
   I use a FOCUS 8000 IBM type keyboard, which has a nice key click to the
   keys (monitor off) and also a built in calculator.  Cost $45 for the
   Wizztronics has bought all rights to the original Deka PC keyboard
   interface, which allows the use of a PC keyboard with your Atari.
   They've completely redesigned the inner workings of the unit, and fixed
   the previous bugs - the major one being a tendency for the keyboard to
   intermittently spit out erroneous characters.
   Deka2 (Detachable Extended Keyboard Adaptor) will still be housed in
   the same 3"x 4" by 1" high unit, with a standard PC keyboard 5-pin DIN
   input alongside a standard Atari RJ-45 keyboard interface plug, both
   located on the same end. On the other end are two standard 9-pin
   joystick ports for your mouse and joystick. The unit is totally
   plug-n-play, and will allow any and all Atari ST/TT/Falcon models to
   use a PC XT/AT keyboard. The Deka2 is proudly made in the USA. List
   price will be $99. Orders are being taken now.
        Contact: Wizztronics
                 31 Hewes Street
                 Port Jefferson, NY 11776
                 (516) 473-2507
                 Cartmaster, Comp.Plus, TOScard, DEKA 2"

 Gerard Bewick asks for help:

   "My ST2 will not let me into my D-partition I have run an optimizer
   and it says I have a bad boot sector. What can/should I do?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine asks Gerard:

   "What optimizier were you using?  Is this a MegaST2?  What version of
   TOS? What version of the hard disk booter are you using?  Who makes the
   hard disk booter?  What host adapter are you using (ICD, Atari or
   Supra, etc)?"

 Mike Mortilla tells Gerard:

   "If you can zero just drive D (your boot drive?) you can probably copy
   all you files from floppy there again and it might be fine.
   Of course anything on the D drive will be lost. Also check the drive
   for bad sectors after zeroing. I'd try to back up any files in other
   partitions as a precaution."

 Patrick Wong tells us about strange happenings:

   "Here's something weird that happened.  I have two friends who own
   STEs.  One has a Mega 2 STe and the other a 4 STe.  They both broke
   down last week without any real reason.  It just died from what they
   told me.  They're both about 2 years old.  Can anyone help?  Any ideas
   what happened here?  Also could the Mega 2 STe's memory be expanded to
   at least 4?"

 Albert Dayes tells Patrick:

   "I think all STe's have simm slots so memory can easily be expanded.
   Do the computers boot at all?  Can you get to the desktop?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Patrick:

   "4 Megabytes is the limit for any model ST... the 2 Meg STe can be
   easily expanded by adding standard SIMMs.
   That's really strange about both systems dying at the same time like
   that..  probably just a coincidence though.  It sounds like a power
   supply problem, but I've never looked at the power supply in a Mega
   STe.  Hopefully there's a fuse that can be easily replaced, otherwise
   they'll probably have to be serviced by a dealer.."

 Patrick tells Bob and Albert:

   "Thanks Albert and Bob :).  Well both of the Mega STe are the new
   style one.  Just like the TTs.  From what they told me, both of them do
   nothing when you turn them on.  They're just dead.  Kinda of unusual
   for Atari equipment.  Is there anything they can do about it?  Is there
   something they missed perhaps?  Also, how much memory can the Mega 2
   and 4 STEs e expanded to?"

 Brian Gockley of ST INFORMER adds:

   "One nice thing about the TT and MegaSTe power supplies is that they
   are standard! Just find a PC dealer and swap it out."

 Bob Retelle tells Brian:

   "That's great news..!  I didn't know that about the power supplies in
   the newer models..!
   Thanks for that info.. it'll be good to be able to pass it on if
   anyone has similar problems in the future..."

 Albert asks Patrick:

   "I would assume it is a power supply problem.  Does MegaSTE have a fan
   and does that come on?"

 Patrick tells Albert:

   "Yes their STe both have fans and they don't come on."

 Kris Gasteiger asks Patrick:

   "I was wondering, do your friends live in the same neighborhood, and was
 there a power outage/surge/thunderstorm just befor thir computers died?
 may have the same symptoms at the same time because they both took the
 same "hit".

   The place to start looking is always the power supply. Is it plugged
   in at the wall, is it powering anything at all (fan, disk drive, etc.)?
   Once you've eliminated the power supply as the root of the problem,
   then you've got PROBLEMS and you'll probably need to take the computers
   in for service.
   With the exception of fuses, dead switching power supplies aren't
   really worth trying to troubleshoot, beyond the go/nogo stage. Its
   faster and cheaper to replace them."

 Patrick tells Kris, Albert, and Bob:

   "The guy who owns the Mega 4 told me that he tried switching power
   cords and that didn't fix it.  Would any of you guys know a place in
   New York that an authorized Atari dealer?
   One of them lives next door to me and the other one lives a few miles
   away.  They use their computers in all weathers so they both told me
   they don't remember
   What kind of Simms do the Mega 2 require?  I mean gold plated, silver
   plated, speed and all that."

 Sysop Bob tells Patrick:

   "You can use just about any kind of SIMMs in the Mega ST.. all you need
   are 1 Megabyte, 30 pin SIMMs.
   They can be either 8 chip or 9 chip (Macintosh or IBM style), and the
   speed really doesn't matter, as most SIMMs are fast enough for the ST.
   (The 8 Mhz.  older ST models only required 150 ns memory.. I don't know
   exactly what's specified for the 16 Mhz Mega STe, but the readily
   available 70 ns SIMMs should work fine...)
   I saw your note mentioning that the fans don't run... I believe the
   fans in the Mega STe are 12v. DC fans, so that means the power supplies
   are dead. I'm afraid I don't know much about the NYC area though, as
   far as finding anyone who can work on them..."

 Patrick replies:

   "My friend with the Mega 2 told me that before it died completely it
   showed signs of breakdown.  First the Hard Drive wouldn't boot up
   anymore, even when he tried to format it.  Then the series of bombs
   that would show on his system during boot up.  His STe displayed like
   rows of bombs from what he told me.
   He thinks maybe a virus entered his computer.  The program he was
   running before the apparent breakdown was Calamus.  I believe it's an
   older version that he bought for a discounted price.  He told me it was
   probably returned merchandise.

   If you guys have any thought on this, please let me know.  Also what's
   Atari's number so my friends can give them a call and try to locate a
   local authorized repairman."

 Sysop Bob tells Patrick:

   "Your friends can probably discount the effects of a virus in this
   case...  the viruses that infect the Atari world mainly only affect
   floppy disks.  Although there have been reports of hard drive viruses,
   I've never seen one, or talked directly to anyone who's ever had
   personal experience with one.
   For the most part, Atari viruses are merely annoying, not particularly
   It's also not possible that the software was involved in the problems
   they were seeing...
   One thing they might try is to remove the SIMMs and carefully clean the
   contacts on them, and blow out any dust in the SIMMs sockets, then
   firmly reseat the SIMMs.  The "progressive" nature of the problems you
   described points to something that has been worsening over time, and
   poor contact in the memory sockets is one place to look.
   Also, while this used to be a greater problem with older models, it
   still is a good idea to reseat all the socketed chips on the
   motherboard when encountering problems like these.  I believe the new
   models use mostly surface-mounted components, but the operating system
   ROMs may still need to be pressed firmly down into their sockets.
   Unfortunately, I don't think any of this will help with the fact that
   the system doesn't power up.  If the fans aren't running, it means
   there is no power from the power supplies.  However, Brian from ST
   Informer had some very good nws...  he said the power supplies Atari
   used in these models are standard PC style supplies, which means they
   should be easily and fairly cheaply available, if it turns out to be
   the actual power supply."

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