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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (October 8)


 Codehead  Technologies announces a  new version of their  fabulous WARP 9,
 now compatible  with the  Falcon030.   Read message  #32158  in the  Atari
 Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN) for details and upgrade info.


 Download  file BATRIS.ARC  from  LIBRARY 1  of  the Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for BATRISK -- a computer version of the board game RISK.


 Download file LOGIN.LZH from LIBRARY 2 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO) for  a remote log-in program  for the ST.   Primarily useful for
 MiNT/MultiTOS  users  who want  to  be able  to  call  their systems  from


 Download file ADR_BO.ZIP from LIBRARY  6 of the Atari  Portfolio Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for version 1.10 of ADR_BASE; a database  for PCs which shares
 Portfolio Address  Book Files.  Includes improved editing fields. Uploaded
 by  author. Fully  functional  except  SAVE feature;  implemented by    EZ
 shareware registration.


 Download file TAXBAS.ZIP  from LIBRARY 7 of the Atari Portfolio  Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO)  for taxcalc. This version  supports both  French and English.
 For  use with PBASIC, the Taxcalc calculates the cost of purchase with the
 sales tax added  or calculates how much tax you  paid on a purchase.  Also
 calculates Canadian GST
 and PST taxes.



 CompuServe now  offers 14,400-bps  access capability  in ten U.S.  cities:
 Cambridge, Mass.; Chicago; Columbus,  Ohio; Los Angeles; New York; Newport
 Beach, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia; Rochelle Park, N.J.; and Santa
 Clara, Calif. This service will be offered in  other U.S. locations within
 the next  year, and will  eventually be  extended to Europe.   Pricing for
 14,400-bps access is the same  as for 9,600 bps: $16 per hour for Standard
 Pricing Plan  members, and  $22.80 per hour for  Alternative Pricing  Plan

 The 14,400  bps service  supports  V.42 error  correction and  requires  a
 V.32bis  modem. To log on  at 14,400 bps using  the CompuServe Information
 Manager, enter  the Session  Settings and  change the  bps rate to  either
 14,400 or 19,200. If you have problems  logging on, change the modem  type
 to the Hayes Compatible (default) setting.

 For  more  information  about  using 14,400  bps,  GO  FEEDBACK  or  visit
 CompuServe's  software support forums (GO  CISSOFT). To  obtain the 14,400
 local access numbers,  GO PHONES. To read more about  CompuServe's pricing
 plans, GO CHOICES. The information areas are all included in  CompuServe's
 basic services.




 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      This is the time we used put aside for WAACE.... Fond memories for
 sure.  Someday in the not to distant future, we will hopefully see shows
 like WAACE re-appear.  The marketplace these shows were highlighting is
 all but a memory.  Contrary to the 'hot air' that's been circulating, the
 show circuit for this year in the Atari platform has been disappointing to
 say the least.  Its sad in a way to see this as the successful shows were
 like a statement being made by some fine users.  A statement that went
 something like this... "we are not the "run of the mill" computer user
 like most... our choice is, to us, something special."  Unfortunately, the
 "crew" saw things differently and obviously had other plans.  They came
 along, wheeling and dealing, showing great promise and promptly fell flat
 on their collective ..."faces".  Daddy's baby sitter (Atari) had danced
 with the fat lady as she sang.  

      In the process, a good many dealers bit the bullet some, for the
 final bite.  Now we find certain of Atari's "responsible" horns bleating
 nonsense again.  Unfortunately, most of us have no time for the goofy head
 games any longer.  At one time in the not too distant past, the head games
 sure consumed time while we all waited and waited and waited for the "new,
 super secret powerhouse products" that were going to take the market over
 in a flash and "knock our socks off".  Many of those who played the
 waiting game in the past are gone with more leaving the dying, if not
 already dead platform every day.
      On the other platforms, they are getting ready to "barnstorm" the
 computer industry with the advent of the Power-PC.  The Newton is "raging"
 along as a huge success and the faithful in the Atari niche are getting
 excited about a new, super fantastic "game machine" that is being released
 to a "limited" market in select geographical zones.  I hope they sell
 every piece for one reason, they'll have nobody to either blame or
 congratulate but themselves when the outcome is reality.  They had better
 keep a keen eye on the new Phillips product line though.
      STReport is, once again, in the process of undergoing changes.  We
 seek to address a number of needed changes in our format and will attempt
 to do so over the next two months.  Since the RTF (Rich Text Format) is
 now totally cross platform compatible, STReport is experimenting with
 utilizing this text format.  Additionally, the issue will be more clearly
 defined into sections.  In the meantime, we're open to suggestions!



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                          IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION

                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #41
                             By: John Deegan
    ANOTHER VIDEO GAME CONTENDER - It is rumored that 3DO Co. will soon 
 move into the video game market.  Sources say that 3DO's Interactive 
 Multiplayer unit is, "faster and more powerful than game machines now on 
 the market". Much attention has been focused on the 3DO system "because 
 of its ability to combine video, audio, text and graphics."
    One problem that the 3DO system has to overcome is the few games that 
 will be available for it through Christmas.  Sources say that "customer 
 decisions on machine purchases usually are based on what games can be 
 played on those machines ... and so far, the software selection for 3DO 
 is slim."
    The manufacturer says 10 to 20 games will be available for Christmas 
 sales, though more than 150 games are under development.
 sonal Systems Inc. has announced the PadPlus RF, one of the industry's 
 first mobile computers with fully-integrated wireless communications 
 technology.  The PadPlus RF is a pen-based mobile computer that allows 
 transparent wireless client/server and peer-to-peer LAN communications.
    The PadPlus RF incorporates Proxim Inc.'s RangeLAN wireless adapter 

 and radio into its enclosed housing, with a retractable antenna in the 
 upper left corner. The PadPlus RF has the same form-factor and func-
 tionality as the PoqetPad Plus.
    The PadPlus RF features a communications range of up to 300 feet with 
 interference immunity made possible by the spread spectrum technology. 
 The PadPlus RF has a burst data rate of 242Kbps and provides users with 
 three full channels. With error correcting hardware and firmware desig-
 ned to retransmit undelivered data, users will be sure that data is 
 never lost or corrupted.
    The PadPlus RF is available immediately through FPSI systems 
 integrators and VARs. Preliminary pricing for the PadPlus RF is $2,449.
    HP CUTS VECTRA PRICES - Word from Los Angeles is Hewlett-Packard Co. 
 is cutting prices of selected Vectra personal computers by up to 14%.
    APPLE BIG IN ASIA-PACIFIC - Apple Computer Inc.'s bottom line is 
 being given a boost by a tremendous boom in the personal computer market 
 in Asia, according to a top company executive.  Reports say that sales 
 of the major Macintosh and PowerBook product lines are higher than the 
 rate of market growth.

    "Our Asia-Pacific business is growing at a rate of around 50 percent" 
 annually, said Randy Battat, vice president of Apple's Macintosh desktop 
 and PowerBook division.

 and IBM Corp. announced they have formed a joint venture to develop 
 affordably-priced optical disk drives for the computer market. The 3.5-
 inch IBM MTA-3127 optical disk drive is the first in a series of 
 products aimed at a market for small, high-capacity drives.
    "We are aiming at a very big market share, by far the biggest," said 
 Philips spokesman Jack Reemers. He explained the disk drive market is 
 currently worth $250 million annually, but forecasts it will grow 
 rapidly to more than $1 billion.
 new line of '386 chips intended for the embedded processing market will 
 be available in volume in the second quarter of next year, Intel Corp. 
    The embedded market includes microwave ovens, consumer electronics, 
 copiers, facsimile machines, telecommunications and other devices in 
 which the tasks are more limited than those of microchip-based PCs.
 that are said to process graphics 30 times faster than current tech-
 nology are being sold in samples by Toshiba Corp.
    Toshiba officials said the LSI (large-scale integration) chip is 
 capable of processing 150,000 polygons -- the basic building blocks of 
 computer graphics -- per second, compared with 5,000 per second for 
 computer graphics workstations now on the market.
 Electronic Industries Co. announced they will jointly produce computer 
 memory chips. Manufacturing will take place in the Hyundai factory in 
 Inchon, South Korea, as well as in Fujitsu's plants in northern Japan 
 and Gresham, Ore. The two companies also said they are considering 
 jointly developing more advanced chips.
    APPLE DENIES TEXAS MOVE IS IN THE WORKS - Apple Computer is once 
 again denying rumors that say the firm will move some of its operations 
 to Austin, Texas.  The company did say, however, that it was planning on 
 moving some of its operations out of California's Silicon Valley.
    MEGAHERTZ CUTS MODEM COSTS - Megahertz Corp. has reduced prices by as 
 much as 38% on its PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International 
 Association) modems.  The price reductions include those on modems with 
 the company's patented XJACK connector system.
    Those reduced in price range from the XJ1144 14,400/14,400bps data/ 
 fax w/XJACK (reduced to $399 from $599) to the CC324FM 2400/9600bps 
 data/fax (to $239 from $379).
    ASTRONAUTS TO TEST COMPUTER - The helpfulness of an "intelligent" 
 computer called the Astronaut Science Advisor is to be tested later this 
 month on the next space shuttle mission. The system was designed "to 
 help space travelers increase their productivity and improve the 
 scientific quality of data they collect".
    Experts at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., say 
 that the computer has four major functions:
    -:- Diagnosis and trouble-shooting of experiment equipment.
    -:- Data collection.
    -:- Management of experimental procedures.
    -:- Detection of "interesting" information.
    "Scientists hope the nonhuman assistant will enhance the crew's abi-
 lity to perform science experiments and reduce reliance on air-to-ground 
 communications," sources said. "If it does, it can play a critical part 
 on longer missions and the space station."
    NO JAIL TIME FOR 'NASA CRACKER' -- An Australian computerist who
 authorities say shut down some NASA computers for 24 hours in a 1990
 system intrusion has avoided jail time.
    In Melbourne, the 22-year-old Nahshon Even-Chaim was sentenced to 12 
 months' jail but was freed immediately by the judge on a good behavior 
    Judge Anthony Smith warned Even-Chaim, who was known in his 
 underground computing circles as "Friend," that he may have to serve the 
 sentence if he breached the $1,000 bond over the coming year. Smith also 
 ordered Even-Chaim to carry out 500 hours of unpaid community work over 
 the next two years.
    WORDPERFECT CORP. SETTLES SUITS - WordPerfect Corp. says it has set-
 tled lawsuits against a Canadian bulletin board system operator and a 
 Texas beta-tester it accused of illegally copying and distributing beta 
 versions of its new WordPerfect 6.0 word processor.

    A statement from the company says the software was first found on a 
 BBS called "California Dreamin" located in Toronto. It was then traced 
 to a beta-tester in Texas, the company said.
    "Under court authority," says the statement, "U.S. marshals and Royal 
 Canadian Mounted Police, together with company representatives, con-
 fiscated computer equipment and unauthorized copies of the program from 
 the electronic bulletin board operator and from the beta-test site."

    This was WordPerfect Corp.'s first direct action against a beta-
 tester, though the publisher previously has taken actions against pirate 
 BBSes through the Business Software Alliance of which WordPerfect Corp. 
 is a founding member.


                             ATARI/JAG SECTION

 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

                Direct from the Atari Forums On CompuServe!

 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

     Hi there folks.   Is it  just me, or  has it been  an incredibly  long
 week?  You know the feeling; there just aren't enough days in  the week to
 do all  the things you  want to do.  I  love to keep current  with all the
 news from the  computer world, and  especially the Atari world,  but there
 just doesn't seem to be enough time.

     Luckily, Compuserve offers me the ability to catch up with the rest of
 the computer world, and especially the Atari world, quickly.

     I  recently re-read some  of those long, rambling  preambles that I've
 been putting at the top of  this column.  I don't know about you, but  I'm
 getting kind of tired of them.  If you've got an opinion, why not leave me
 a  note on one  of the  on-line services?  I  can be  found on CompuServe,
 GEnie, DELPHI  and, for the time being, NVN.  I can also be reached on the
 Bounty BBS.  So c'mon, let me know what you think.

     Well, it looks like this is turning into one of those long intros that
 I'm  getting so  tired of.   So,  let's get  on with  the purpose  of this
 column... the talk that goes on every week on CompuServe.

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 James Jennings tells us:

 "As an engineering student I use my Falcon 030 for programming,
 technical writing, engineering drawings (CAD)and Spreadsheets I also
 use a math solver program called Solutions . As a hobby I use it for
 telecom and desk top publishing , printed circuit board design, and
 digital audio recording. I am trying to write DSP routines for real
 time loudspeaker parameter analysis but am having trouble
 comprehending DSP assembler."

 Brian Gockley of ST Informer replies tells James:

 "Sounds great, what CAD program do you use? We are in the process of
 reviewing Solutions right now, how does it differ from El Cal?"

 James tells Brian:

 "If your going to get AtariWorks you should now about the WordPerfect
 6.0 FONT PACK from Bitstream. It is a package of 50 Bitstream fonts in
 Speedo format that although marketed for the DOS market work
 beautifully with SpeedoGdos and AtariWorks . I purchased my copy at
 Egghead Software for around $20 I believe the list price is $35 You
 can order direct from Bitstream 1-800-522-font . I have never seen a
 better software bargain the fonts are GREAT.  James Jennings

 PS AtariWorks runs great on my Falcon030 with Falcon ScreenBlaster I
 can edit/write documents of ANY size.(Subject to the limitations of 16
 MEG) I have used screen res of 1280*960 and virtual res of 4000*3000!
 and it works flawlessly. Talk about publishing newspapers! if only I
 had a printer that could handle paper 36 inches wide!"

 While we're on the subject of AtariWorks, Darrell Eifert tells us:

 "I have an older Mega 4 with Tos 1.?, and Atari Works bombs when I try
 to load and run the program.  I called Atari Support, and they told me
 that I need a patch to the spellchecker 'OVL' file in order for AW to
 run on my machine.  Apparently the patch is available over on GEnie,
 but I have not been able to locate it in the ATARIPRO library.  Can
 anyone who has access to GEnie find the patch file and upload it?  I
 would be very grateful."

 Brian Gockley, being the good guy that he is, tells Darrell:

 "I just went over there tonight and got it for somebody else, I'll
 upload it tonight!"

 Way to go, Brian.  Gee, I bet that if Brian knew that I was doing
 this column instead of doing two reviews for him... oops, I guess I
 let the cat out of the bag, didn't I?  Well, sorry Brian.

 Jim Savage tells us:

 "I'm trying to decompress an LZH type file. I've downloaded ARCLZH.PRG
 and set it to use the LZH201L.TTP file supplied but when I try to
 extract my file it says 'KEINE DATEI GEFUNDEN' and aborts. Anyone know
 what I'm doing wrong?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine gives Jim some help:

 "Are you using the argument to tell it to extract the LZH file?

   double click on the LZH201L.TTP

   When the line appears type

   x <filename>

   for a real example ...

   x atari.lzh"

 Sysop Bob Retelle jumps in and tells Jim:

 "Unfortunately I don't read German...  maybe someone else here can help
 figure out what that error message means.

 It sounds like you're using the ARCSHELL program that came in the ARCLZH
 archive.. have you tried using the  LZH201L  program manually, as Albert

 Dick Paddock tells us all:

 "KEINE DATA GEFUNDEN" means "file not found". It could refer to
 either the entire archive file (filename.LZH) or a specific file
 inside the archive that was requested, depending on context."

 Sysop Keith Joins tells Jim:

 "If you are using the ARCShell program make sure you have set it to
 Questor mode in the lower right hand side of the Shell program

 Colie Nilan asks:

 "A friend of mine has PC-Ditto but no (MS-)Dos disk. (I'm using Dos 6
 on my PC.) Where can I find a compatible (probably older) version of
 dos for ditto?  And what is PC-Ditto 2."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Colie:

 "PC-Ditto 2 is a hardware emulator of PCs for the Atari.  PC Ditto (1)
 was a software emulator.

 I don't know where you can get an old version of MS-DOS."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Colie:

 "I don't know if there are any restrictions on what version of DOS is
 needed to run PC-Ditto... have you tried DOS 6.0?

 Older versions of DOS can often be bought very cheaply at computer
 swap meets.  I've seen DOS 3.3 for as low as $20 and this last weekend
 I saw DOS 5.0 being sold for $25.  Watch your newspaper's classified
 ads for announcements of swap meets, or check with any local computer
 users groups in your area.

 Another thing to try might be to post "wanted" messages on some of
 the IBM forums here on CompuServe.  There might be people with older
 versions they'd be interested in selling used.

 As Ron indicated, PC-Ditto 2 was a hardware device that was wired
 inside an Atari ST which essentially duplicated the operation of an
 8088 PC.  Unfortunately the company which designed it had some serious
 problems, and the product has not been available for some time now.

 There are other types of IBM emulators for Atari computers, some
 internal and some external.  I'm not really very up on the
 availability of these products currently, but if you friend is
 interested I'm sure we can point him in the right direction to find
 out more about them."

 Chris Gray posts:

 "Have any of you guys managed to get hold of a Falcon Developer's kit?
 I've been trying for MONTHS to get one out of Atari Benelux.  Someone
 please tell me they don't exists, then I can go out and buy some books
 instead of hanging around waiting."

 Albert Dayes tells Chris:

 "I know there are kits for the Falcon but I don't know what they
 contain.  Hopefully someone from Atari can help you solve that
 problem.  Atari US is (408)-745-2000 but I don't know if you would
 like to make that long distance call."

 Rob Rasmussen asks Brian Gockley about AtariWorks:

 "You mentioned that many fonts are available for AtariWorks which uses
 Speedo Gdos, and I assume any other program using Speedo could use
 them. Other programs have their own built in fonts, like Degas, Prism
 Paint, Calligrapher) or use a different format of fonts. My question
 is - why do fonts from some programs, like 'GDOS fonts', not work in
 another program? They are all binary files on a disk. Fonts are loaded
 into a word processor or paint program. Why not a universal format?
 Fonts are fancy sets of ASCII characters - why would one, like
 Pagestream or Calamus, not work in another?"

 Albert Dayes jumps in and tells Rob:

 "GDOS was supposed to be the universal system for printing (etc, etc).
 For many programs it was too limiting at the time being only bitmap
 fonts. PageStream and Calamus use fonts that can be scaled easily and
 still look nice on the output device.  Their output looks much nicer
 in general that most other GDOS output programs.  Calligrapher which
 uses GDOS or something similar also looks nice.  Most programs never
 used GDOS for different reasons but with the new SpeedoGDOS which is
 much more competitive feature wise with other fonts (being scalable,
 track and/or pair kerning, etc, etc) this may change.  Since GDOS
 fonts are bit-mapped and in general most of the newer ones are not
 Adobe Type 1, Calamus Fonts, and Speedo Fonts.  This gives developers
 a better reason to utilize Speedo Fonts in the future as more of a

 Jim Ness adds:

 "The downside of SpeedoGDOS is that users must pay for it separately.

 In the Windows world (not sure about Mac?) good quality scalable
 fonts come with the OS, so every Windows developer knows his/her
 product will have fonts available to it.

 In our market here, the dev must assume that the user does NOT have
 the fonts, or must say that the product can only be used if the user
 buys some fonts.  I think STraight Fax is a good example, because I
 think you get a font package with the product."

 Albert tells Jim:

 "I think Atari Works is the same/similar to STraight FAX in that
 regard.  If one buys a FALCON with a hard drive they do get Atari
 Works and the Fonts automatically.  I don't think the cost is that
 high considering the benefits.  Also that Word Perfect deal of 50
 fonts of $20 or so is a very good deal."

 Brian Gockley tells Jim:

 "I think that distribution is being done on a licensing basis, as
 well as over the counter. I know that Oregon Research is bundling it
 with True Paint, Works ships with it, Compo sells it and who knows who
 else. I would think that at some point it will become PD system
 software, but ?

 It's like that math co-processor, put in and leave it in! Forget
 this chinctzy include in the first run of MegaSTes and Falcons, and
 then sell it as an Add-on for the remaining runs. This is the typical
 catch-22 that can only be solved by Atari."

 Bob Retelle adds:

 "It's like most other things we run into...  everyone started
 using their own scheme for fonts, so there was no particular

 Different fonts may use different ways of "encoding" the data that
 creates the letters, which will make them incompatible with programs
 that expect their fonts to adhere to a different "standard".

 Some fonts are "raster images", which means that the font file
 contains an exact bit-by-bit image of the letters.  You can design
 some fairly good looking shapes this way, but because they are exact
 images, the letters have to be the exact size they'll show up on
 screen (or paper).  You have to design a different font for each
 different size you want.  (GDOS fonts are like that, which is why you
 have so many different files for the same font).

 Raster fonts CAN be "scaled" to different sizes, but the results are
 usually not very satisfactory.  Making them bigger usually means just
 doubling the width of the lines and pixels, so you end up with
 "blocky" looking letters, and going the other way, making the letters
 smaller, you end up losing detail when you take away pixels.  This is
 the reason why each point size really needs its own complete set of
 letters specially designed for it.

 Other fonts use something similar to the Postscript scheme we were
 talking about a while ago.  The font file contains a "description" of
 what the letter should look like, and the program that is doing the
 printing then creates the letters at the size you tell it you want.
 This usually gives you MUCH better results, and also usually takes up
 a lot less space.

 Speedo-GDOS uses these "scalable fonts".

 To add to the confusion, different brands of fonts may use these
 types of technology, but in different ways, which makes the fonts
 incompatible with each other.  You need to look for fonts which will
 work with a program you may have in mind.

 There ARE some "standards" being evolved as more and more programs
 use font technology.. it's a lot easier (and commercially more
 rewarding) if your program uses a commonly available font standard
 than trying to create your own.  Like everything else though, it takes

 Rob Rasmussen asks Bob:

 "Do you know if Calligrapher uses scalable fonts? I think it has a
 form of GDOS built in - would it allow the use of Speedo fonts?"

 John Ciotta tells us:

 "I'm having difficulty obtaining information about AtariWorks!  I'm
 specifically interested in the spreadsheet and database capabilities.
 My present CP/M system will link spreadsheets and the database will
 handle mailmerging (printing labels, etc.) and sort according to any
 field I specify. Since the CP/M system I'm using is at least 10 years
 old, I'm assuming that AtariWorks will handle my needs and more, but
 I'd like to get some definite information before purchasing."

 Albert Dayes tells John:

 "The spreadsheet is MS Excel command compatible.  And its not too hard
 to perform mail merging with Atari Works.  Atari Works can
 import/export ( ascii, dBASE III, and RTF (used iN MS Word and other
 word processors) ).  There are some reviews of the different parts of
 the Atari Works in (ATari Explorer On-line) as well.  Anything more
 specific you information you need on the product?"

 Micky White tells us:

 "I am a Falcon owner and for the most part I am VERY impressed with its
 performance, However in the Multitos manual it states that ACCs can
 be launched without first being installed in the root drive, Is there
 anyone out there who has actually accomplished this feat, If so please
 tell me the secret."

 David Hagood tells Micky:

 "Yes, the secret to launching ACC's from the desktop is adding the
 following line in your NEWDESK.INF file:

 #A 03 FF 000 *.ACC@ @ @

 Now, unless you install a different icon for .ACC files, they will
 appear as program icons. Just double-click on the icon and it will
 install itself.

 If you want to unload an acc, just open u:\procs and drag the icon
 for the acc to the trashcan. This will send a "SIG_TERM" signal to the
 acc, and it will die. Of course, if the ACC hooked any system vectors,
 your system will die too.  But I have had good luck with most acc's
 this way."

 From The Atari ST Arts Forum

 Sysop Ron Luks posts:

 "It has come to the attention of the management of this forum that
 certain parties may feel that their copyright rights may be subject to
 violation.  Although I have not seen any specific instances of this
 yet, I want to remind everyone of our forum policy in this regard:

 I must reiterate the forum policy that no unauthorized repostings may
 take place in the forum message bases or in lib files here.  (This
 includes all online MAgazines).  Since it is neither practical nor
 possible for the sysop staff to go out and independently verify
 authorization for every quoting or reposting, it shall be assumed to
 be the responsibility of the poster (or uploader) to have proper
 authorization or permission for direct quotations.  (Just as you are
 assumed to have proper authority to upload material to the file

 Of course, all applicable laws regarding copyright, fair usage, and
 journalistic quotations continue to apply.

 If anyone has a problem in this regard, please direct your concerns
 directly to Ron Luks, Forum manager, at 76703,254."

 Bill Devonshire tells us:

 "Just a few notes.  I have been to the local (1hr drive) dealer who
 has shown me quite an extensive list of new software for the Falcon.
 I admit that some of it are ports of version from other computers
 etc., but some of them are genuine, new products.  Also, I don't
 blame, or see any fault in Atari pursuing the Jaguar market in lieu of
 the Falcon.  It just may be their saving grace, and lead back into the
 market here in NA.  They have not dropped support for the Falcon, as
 far as I can see.  They have cut back (downsized) their operation,
 which means more work for fewer people, and lets face it, they have to
 go where the market is and where they can survive the best.  It is not
 leaving Falcon owners in the lurch, where it is probably stalling
 potential Falcon purchasers from investing.  The Jag will be a hard
 piece of equipment not to sell.  I think it will catapult this Atari
 industry back into motion, here in North America, at least.  From what
 I have seen on that list of apps for the Falcon in Europe, things are
 progressing very well."

 Our own Editor Emeritus tells Bill:

 "Excluding a few music and maybe one or two graphic programs, what
  new pro- grams are out 'for the Falcon'?  Ones that were  written
  only for the Falcon?  Ones that are not just "Falcon patches" of
  older software?  What new databases, spreadsheets, word processors,
  terminal programs, etc?  And how many of these programs are available
  for the majority of the Falcon owners who don't live only one hour
  from their 'local dealer' (and don't want to order them from Europe)?

  Since there's been almost no support for the Falcon in the U.S. so far,
 it is kinda difficult to drop the support any lower. I could, but won't,
 show you 20-50 posts from developers saying that  they think of Atari's
 support for the Falcon and it's chances of survival.

  There's a difference between downsizing and becoming a skeleton.

  The Jaguar  has a chance of reviving Atari - at least  Atari's game
 image. But it will probably kill Atari's 68xxx sales in the U.S."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 "Clay" asks about problems with his hard drive:

 "I am using an Atari 520ST, and am booting from the hard disk.  I've
 tried writing to the hard disk from several spreadsheet programs
 (Swiftcalc, Lotus).  The programs write to floppy disk with no problem
 at all, so I'm thinking there is a problem with the hard disk. Any
 help you can provide will be appreciated."

 Bill Aycock tells Clay:

 "That sounds odd. Can you write down _exactly_ what the error message
 says and looks like (does it have an icon, what do the button(s) say,
 etc) and let us know? Also, you might try downloading RAM.ACC from LIB
 6 of Ataripro, and place it in your C: directory - then after you boot
 up the next time, when you get to the desktop, select the Free Ram

 item from your Desk menu and note how much free memory your system

 Dana Ax asks about a particular type of program:

 "I am looking for a landscape design program for my Atari 1040.
 Can you tell me where I could find one?? I found a IBM but you need a
 SVGA monitor, and it will not run on a CGA. Help Please !!"

 Yat from Lexicor Software tells Dana:

 "...GENESIS by Lexicor Software i.e. us offers something similar...the
 program in the GENESIS set called's not exactly ideal for
 Plateau designing but for creating a 3D2 i.e. 3 Dimensional Display
 (rough it would be too) of your designed plateau...and it runs just
 fine on a 1040 ST. Included is also two starfield generators and a
 fractal world builder..."

 David Tanny posts:

 "I am looking for a null-modem cable so I can hook my ATARI 800XL
 computer to my TANDY Sensation computer.  Using the telephone lines
 are too slow with 300baud tops from my ATARI.  I'm transferring files
 from the ATARI to the IBM clone. any help would be appreciated in
 finding a vendor who sells such an item."

 Ron Luks tells David:

 "Use a regular serial cable and add a null modem adaptor from Radio
 Shack into the line.  These cost only about $5 and its the cheapest
 and easiest way to do the transfers."

 From our "What's Coming Down the 'Pike" department, Boris Molodyi
 asks CodeHead Extraordinare, Charles F. Johnson:

 "Is Chagall a program that you are going to distribute? (I have that
 feeling, but I might be wrong :-)

 If so, do you have some information about it?"

 Charles tells Boris:

 "Yes, we have made arrangements to distribute Chagall, a high-end paint
 program from Germany's TradeiT company.  I can't tell you much about
 it yet, because we're still haggling over various points.  We'll be
 announcing when it's ready for release."

 Boris asks for more info:

 "OK, can you tell, at least, if it is strictly paint program, or if it
 has photo-retouching capabilities as well?"

 Charles tells Boris:

 "Yes, Chagall will be able to be used for photograph retouching.  It
 has many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop, including filters,
 masks, and contrast/brightness adjustment."

 Rob Rasmussen asks Charles about CodeHead's Button Fixer, a patch to
 fix the "double scroll" problem in some TOS versions:

 "I know that Button Fixer was built into Warp 9, and I am using W9
 version 3.75.  It does indeed work, when I boot from my hard disk.
 When I run Flash from the hard disk, I can tell that the button fixer
 feature is working. Other times, though, I don't turn on my HD and
 just use the floppy drive. In my boot floppy disk AUTO folder is the
 same version of W9 as on my HD, but the button fixer is not activated
 for some reason. I have to use the separate Button Fixer ACC to get
 Flash to scroll correctly. Do you know why it is not active on the
 floppy disk?"

 Charles tells Rob:

 "Button Fixer was built into MultiDesk Deluxe, not into Warp 9.  That's
 probably why it isn't working when you boot from floppy -- because
 you don't have MultiDesk on that floppy disk."

      At  this point,  I'd just  like  to bring  you a  bit  of news  about
 something I  mentioned a  few weeks ago.   I  had mentioned  that, in this
 column, I  routinely use posts from  anyone who asks or  answers questions
 regardless  of  whether or  not  I  agree with  the  person's  opinions or
 comments on other subjects.  This week Nathan Potechin of DMC (the Calamus
 folks) asked, if somewhat rudely, that STReport no longer include posts by
 him in our publication.  Alright Nathan, you've got it (at least from me).
 But I  seem to  remember a  time, not  so long  ago,  that you  complained
 bitterly  that you  "thought" we  would not  print your  posts.   Then you
 complained that we would not print your  posts "in their entirety."   Then
 you complained that we might use your posts "out of context."

      For  my part,  I have  endeavored to  make sure  that  none of  these
 circumstances  occurred.   I  think  that, since  you can't  kvetch  about
 misrepresentation, out-of-context  quotes, or other  types of journalistic
 booby-traps, you  have decided  to play the spoiled-sport  and dangle  the
 semi-divine carrot, the all important WORD OF NATHAN, as if we will be any
 the worse for not being able to use it.

      I am happy  to announce that I do not intend to ignore posts answered
 by others regarding DMC  products.  This is because I have  remembered one
 thing that Nathan seems to have forgotten:  The  user is the all-important
 part of this equation.   Because of this, my only consideration in using a
 post has been to ask myself a question:  Is  this information that someone
 will find useful?   As long as the  answer is yes, I have  no problem with
 using a post from anyone.

      Unfortunately, we are not the ones  who will be shortchanged  by your
 tantrum.  Your  customers and possible future  customers are the  ones who
 will not hear the hints, tips and assorted information that you often post
 here on CompuServe.  

      It is nice, though,  to see you and  yours spending so much time  and
 effort here on CIS.   Say "Hello" to  Mario for me.  I  enjoyed talking to
 him at the Asheville show.

      See  that folks,  I cut  down on  the stuff  in the beginning  of the
 column, but added it to the end.  Sorry about that.

      Well,  that's  all the  space  we  have for  this  week  folks.   The
 Portfolio Forum will be back next time  around.  Next week I'll have  more
 info from  CompuServe so be ready  to kick back, relax and  listen to what
 they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


 > JAGUAR UPDATES STR InfoFile  News about the new, 'muscle game machine' 

                             ATARI JAGUAR NEWS

 Here's some interesting stuff off Internet (off

   From phixus Sat Oct  2 11:09:05 PDT 1993
   From: (Chris DeSalvo)
   Subject: Everyone MUST read this!
   Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1993 09:56:06 GMT

   I work at Interplay productions, you (hopefully) are probably familiar
   with some of our games.  Anyway, Bill Rehbock, Director of Applications
   Software at Atari came by today and demo'ed a FINAL PRODUCTION MODEL
   of the Jaguar for us, trying to get us to sign on as a developer.

   Here is everything I can tell you about the Lynx and Jaguar that was
   discussed in that meeting.

   Oh, this will probably be long...

   Lynx Update:
   Don't give up on the Lynx.  Expect it to magically reappear on store
   shelves starting with the holiday season.  Even Toys 'R Us will carry
   the Lynx again!  Here's what happened... Atari had geared all its
   marketing resources and development bucks on the Panther a few years
   ago, and were hoping for a big Panther/Lynx debut.  Well, the Panther
   died.  So, the Lynx got shoved out in the cold cruel world by itself.

   With the introduction on the Jaguar most retail chains are so excited
   about it that they are going to carry the Lynx again.  Atari counts 24
   new titles under current development for the Lynx that will be out next

   Atari is planning on piggy-backing the Lynx marketing onto the Jaguar.
   There will be one Lynx commercial to every 10 Jaguar commercials.  Atari
   is lowering the price of the Lynx so that it will sell for about $50
   retail, a head-to-head competitor with GameBoy.

   Test Markets:
   The Jaguar will be test marketed in New York City, San Francisco and a
   giant Tandy superstore in Texas around November 15th.  Atari is
   pumping $4 million into a marketing campaign for these three cities.
   1994 marketing budget for Jaguar/Lynx is $45 million.  There will be
   50,000 units shipped total for the test markets.

   Release Info:
   The Jaguar will sell for $200 SRP.  This includes the console unit,
   one controller and CyberMorph.  Cartridges will average $50-$80 each.
   Additional controllers will be about $15.  I'm sure you've all seen the
   picture of the controller... It is surprisingly light!  The directional
   button feels like it does on the Lynx, as do the 3 action buttons at    

   There is also a 12-key keypad at the bottom that will allow             
   game-specific overlays.  The CD-Rom unit will be $200.  This is cool if 
   you think about it.  With 3DO SRPing at $700, the Jaguar w/CD will only 
   be $400.  I've played both, you'll want the Jaguar!  (Read on for more  
   details why...).    Atari will ship 1,000,000 Jaguars in 1994.

   Graphics Features:
   The follow graphics features are supported in hardware...

   Texture mapping:  Alien v. Predator uses this well.  This allows a bit-
   map to be wrapped around a 3-D object.  It looks incredible.

   Morphing:  Animate and inanimate objects can be morphed into each other.
   CyberMorph does this.  You have a polygon ship like in StarFox which can
   speed-up, slow-down, bank.  As it speeds up the wings sweep back and two
   steering fins morph out of the wings, and engines morph out of the back
   of the ship.  When you completely stop, you morph into this small box
   that looks like a ST:TNG shuttle.

   Warping:  Objects can be stretched, pulled, rotated or skewed.

   Lighting:  This was way kewl.  You can define light sources for your
   scenes.  In Alien v. Predator you are in a Doom-like texture-mapped maze
   and rather than ray-casting, they just define a light source.  It is
   very light where you are standing, but gets darker down long hallways.
   It is very realistic.  Especially with the lights hanging from the
   ceiling all over that game.

   Transparency:  Smoke and shadow effects, as well as full transparency   
   are supported by the graphics chips.

   Confirmed Titles:
   Crescent Galaxy: Hottest side-shooter you've ever seen!  3-D, rendered,

   CyberMorph: Real 3-D (as opposed to StarFox's 3-D on rails) flying
   shooter.  Very cool landscapes, shading.

   Raiden:  VERY faithful conversion.

   Evolution: Dino Dudes: Save as Dinolympics on Lynx or Humans on PC.     

   This is an Atari game that utilizes all of the colors/graphics effect   
   the hardware is capable of.

   Club Drive: A driving sim.  You get lots of cars, on lots of terrains.
   One of the options is to drive a toy-car around your furniture.  3-D,

   Checkered Flag 2: Virtually (pardon the upcoming pun) identical to      
   Sega's Virtual Racing.  Wow, it looks great.

   Tiny Toon Adventures:  Say no more.

   Alien v. Predator: Action, maze-based shooter.  Texture-mapped wall     
   sets, great lighting.

   Kasumi Ninja: Martial-arts fighting game. Didn't see it, but it sounds

   Tempest:  Re-hash of the old Atari classic, but using the Jaguars 3-D
   polygon engine, and neat stereo sound.

   Licensee Concerns:

   Although Atari has to grant final code approval, they do no censoring.
   You could, if you wanted, develop X-rated software for the Jaguar.
   Every game is given one man-month of compatibility and quality testing
   before it is approved.  Atari seems devoted to offering consistent,
   and reliable developer technical support via fax, mail and e-mail and
   voice.  Unlike Nintendo, Atari is allowing developers to source there
   own cartridges, documentation and plastic shells if they want.  This
   should help drive down the price of Jaguar cartridges in a short amount
   of time.  Atari is working very closely with developers and doing just
   about everything legal to get companies to develop software for the Jag.

   Bill's presentation lasted about 1.5 hours and we were all floored.  The
   games look great.  The graphics are unbelievable.  Its fast, sleek, and
   beautiful.  With Atari dropping the price of the Lynx, and think that
   people will be willing to buy them as smart peripherals (how many people
   paid $50+ bucks for advanced flight-stick/rudder controllers to use on 2
   or 3 PC flight sims?).  The development cycle seems to go pretty fast.
   Development of all the games shown to us started this year.  This would
   indicate that we can expect a steady stream of high-quality games.  As
   developers get more used to the hardware, and learn to tweak its per-
   formance, I think you will see some truly innovative games.

   There's lots more to tell, so if you've got specific questions, I'll try
   to answer them.  Just post here, or mail me.

   thanx for your time

   From: (Chris DeSalvo)
   Subject: Jaguar v. 3DO
   Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1993 08:48:50 GMT

   First of all, someone posted that they just bought a 3DO and love it.
   Where did you get it, 3DO moved their ship date back two weeks!

   I don't care what you say about 3DO, my company is developing 3DO
   software, and our programmers have also read the Jaguar technical dox.
   They all agree that the Jag is FAR SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY!

   The Jag: is faster, has better resolution, has more colors, has a better
   development environment, has a more robust graphics/sound chipset!

   I've played both.  Believe me, strictly as a game machine, the Jag beats
   the hell out of 3DO.

   |           |   Macintosh:  Changing the world, |
   | Chris De Salvo              |        one person at a time!      |
   | Professional Mac Geek       |    -----------------------------  |
   | Interplay Productions, Inc. |      (I wish they'd hurry up!)    |

   Any opinions expressed, or implied, are my own!  They should not be
   considered representative of the opinions or attitudes of my employer,
   Interplay Productions, Inc.

 ctsy of CIS.....

 #: 90393 S8/Hot Topics
     26-Sep-93  07:50:32
 Sb: #Jaguar Marketer Named!!
 Fm: John J. Amsler 70275,676
 To: ALL

 Here's something from Comtex Scientific Corporation:

 09/23 1023  Atari appoints new director of marketing/advertising

 SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (SEPT. 23) BUSINESS WIRE - Atari Computer Corp.
 announced Thursday that Terrence Valeski, a 22-year veteran in consumer
 electronics marketing, has joined the company as director of marketing and
 advertising for Jaguar.

    Valeski's immediate responsibility will be to execute the national roll
 out for Jaguar -- Atari's new high performance gaming system.  He reports
 directly to Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.

    "We are very pleased that Terry has joined Atari.  His experience is
 invaluable to us," said Tramiel.  "Developing strong relationships with
 retailers and developers as well as communicating with consumers will be
 critical to our success as we get ready to market and distribute Jaguar

    In an industry dominated by foreign companies, U.S.-based Atari
 announced this summer that it has developed a high-performance, 64-bit
 home video game system called Jaguar, capable of delivering faster and
 more powerful video games to the home market.  Atari will be made in
 America and has signed IBM to manufacture the Jaguar in its Charlotte,
 N.C. plant.

    "Jaguar has truly leaped ahead of the competition in terms of quality,
 price and performance," said Valeski.  "My job will be to ensure that we
 attract the best and the brightest and to market aggressively through the
 channels of distribution.  You can expect to see some major shifts in the
 way Atari markets."  Jaguar is expected to be available to consumers
 before Thanksgiving 1993.

    In an effort to develop strong marketing programs, Atari recently chose
 Cunningham Communication Inc. as its marketing/communications counsel.
 Cunningham is a Santa Clara, California-based public relations firm
 specializing in high technology.

    Before joining Atari, Valeski was founder and chief executive officer
 of Intellivision, a leading home video game manufacturer in the 1980s. 
 Prior to that he was senior vice president for the Mattel Electronics
 division of Mattel Toys.  Valeski also held several senior positions at
 Teledyne Waterpik and J. Walter Thompson Advertising, San Francisco and
 New York. 

 09/24 1103  Atari announces Jaguar Developers

 announced its initial list of developers for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit
 Interactive Multimedia system.

    Since July, 20 developers have signed license agreements to publish
 game titles for Jaguar.  Additional high-profile developers and publishers
 are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

    "Developer response to Jaguar has been overwhelming -- we've
 accomplished what we set out to do by attracting the industry's top
 developers,"  said Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.  "The tremendous power
 of Jaguar removes the programming barriers that exist on all other gaming
 platforms, allowing developers to focus their energy and imagination on
 creating truly revolutionary video games.  The technological prowess of
 our developers coupled with Atari's aggressive marketing and comprehensive
 developer support program will create a new industry standard for
 multimedia performance."

    The developer list includes:

                             Anco Software Ltd.
                               Maxis Software
                              Telegames Beyond
                                 Games Inc.
                                Tiertex Ltd.
                           Dimension Technologies
                           Midnight Software Inc.
                               Titus Eurosoft
                            Ocean Software Ltd.
                      Tradewest High Voltage Software
                          Rebellion Software Ltd.
                            Trimark Interactive
                           Krisalis Software Ltd.
                                Retour 2048
                               U.S. Gold Ltd.
                               Loriciel S.A.

    The strength of the Jaguar platform has attracted the industry's
 premier developers, allowing them to immediately begin programming the
 industry's first 64-bit video games.  Comments include:

    "We're excited about the reality of an advanced video game system
 retailing for approximately $200 and delivering technology comparable or
 superior to announced systems costing over three times as much.  Atari
 pioneered the video game industry -- it's good to see them at the
 forefront of innovation once again."  -- Kelly Flock, executive vice
 president of Trimark Interactive

    "Kids, don't waste your Christmas money on something else, this Cat is
 the new king of the video game jungle."
                             -- Terry Grantham, president of Telegames Inc.
    (Telegames will release "Ultimate Brain Games"  and "European Soccer   
     Challenge" for Jaguar in the spring and summer of 1994.

    "The 64-bit power of the Atari Jaguar allows us to move light years
     beyond today's game standards."
                     -- Kris N. Johnson, president of Beyond Games Inc.
    (Beyond will release "Battlewheels" for Jaguar in the second
     quarter of 1994.)

    The power of the Jaguar development environment allows programmers

    -- Create the industry's first 64-bit video games
    -- Deliver unprecedented true-color graphics, stereo CD-quality
       sound and animation speed
    -- Enjoy unsurpassed ease in creating real-time 3-D virtual worlds
    -- Unleash programming creativity previously hampered by the
       restrictions of all other gaming platforms

    Atari Corp. manufactures and markets video games and personal computers
 for the home, office, and educational marketplaces.  The Sunnyvale-based
 company manufactures Jaguar products in the United States and is publicly
 traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol ATC.

    CONTACT:  Cunningham Communications
    Mary Moslander, 408/982-0400
    REPEATS: New York 212-575-8822 or 800-221-2462
             Boston 617-330-5311 or 800-225-2030
             SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845
             LA 310-820-9473


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 This is an Official Press Release by LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE

 by ADDA Technologies
 from Jong-Ho County, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 We are proud to announce  that we have got direct distribution rights from
 ADDA Technologies for this great piece of Multimedia Hardware.

 The Averkey is  the fitting Link  that bridges your  VGA Signal, be it  TT
 Medium,Falcon  or NOVA Graphics  Board resolution to your  Video System in
 either PAL or NTSC. It has not only got a Composite Video  Output but also
 a  S-VHS Output  for  prime quality.  Add your  Television, VCR  and large
 screen display to your computer hardware.

 Move your  presentation from the  VGA Monitor  to the world  of Video with

 AVerKey features reflect the latest in multimedia hardware design. Through
 its compact size and  powerful internal design, the AVerKey can be quickly
 installed to convert  a number  of VGA Modes  eg. 640x480  to NTSC  or PAL

 As  an added  feature, the  AVerKey features  a state-of-the-art  built in
 flicker filter. This  filter helps overcome the inherent  flicker problems
 which arise when linking the VGA environment with video.

 The  Averkey adjustment  control's  the  brightness  of  your  TV  (Video)
 Since VGA  scan rates are almost  twice that of  a Television  the display
 quality  of the  Television signal  is inferior  to that  of VGA.  This is
 especially true of picture  stability when displaying single  line. Single
 line display  will result  in  television flicker  unless a  flicker  free
 function  is  employed. The  AVerKey  has such  a built-in  "flicker-free"
 feature  which  stabilizes VGA  Graphics  on  a  television  Monitor. This
 feature greatly improves the display quality of your Animations in  either
 Prism Paint,  Da's Vektor,  Chronos, Phoenix or any  other Atari  Software
 that will work in VGA Modes.  Besides helping reduce flicker, this feature
 even further reduces brightness to a comfortable level.

 Price: $289.00 U.S. Dollars.

 Shipping and Tax not included.

 Availability: Now

 System Requirements:

 Any kind  of VGA  based System. This  includes NOVA Graphics  Card and  TT
 Medium.   The  Averkey has  not been  tested with  any  other Atari  Based
 Graphic Card and can therefore not guarantee it running on anything else.


 DOS Software already included, Atari Software available end of September.
 However Software is  not required  to run the Averkey.  The Software  will
 however  allow the  Averkey to switch  down its  scan rates  to as  low as

 Display Mode Supported:

 All standard VGA Modes.

 640x480 mode  in 256, 32k, 64k  or even 24bit in  NTSC or PAL  (720x400 in
 NTSC Max.) 800x600  mode if using  Cirrus, CL-GD  6410 VGA  chip or  Tseng
 Labs.  ET-4000 with frequency synthesizer as ICS 2494-237  in PAL. One VGA
 Input Signal (Analog RGB 15 pin display connector, 0.7 Volt p.t.p.)

 Four Output Signals:

 1 x Composite Video, 1.0 Volt peak to peak RCA Jack Connector
 1 x S-VHS Y and C Video, Mini-DIN 4 pin connector
 1 x RGB Output
 1 x Standard VGA card Signal (15 pin)

 FCC Warning:

 It has  been tested  and found  to comply  with the limits  for a class  A
 Computing Device pursuant to subpart J of  Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are
 designed to provide reasonable protection in a commercial environment.

 Additional hardware to the Averkey:

 Averkey GENLOCK Board which will allow your Averkey to have Genlock

 Lexicor Software  and ADDA  Technologies are  working closely  together to
 give  you the best possible value  for our Customers. We  Believe that the
 Averkey is  one of  the best  VGA to  Video Scan  Line Converters  for the

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE U.S.
                           1726 Francisco St.
                           Berkeley, CA 94703

                  Tel: (510)848-7621 Fax: (510)848-7613

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE
                             Cottagegasse 69
                              A-1190 Vienna

                   Tel: (1) 36 75 91 Fax: (1) 36 91 787


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

 > NOVA CARD NEWS! STR InfoFile              NOVA SPECS and UPDATE NEWS!


                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

 Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

      The NOVA Mega and  the NOVA VME 16M now have the same price of 599.99
 U$D.  The price  for the SUPERNOVA  has not changed and  will cost: 999.99
 U$D.   The 32K Graphic  Card is only  available on Special  Order and will
 cost  429 U$D both the Mega and the VME. For  these Card's there may be an
 added handling Price.

 Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

 Technical Specifications

 NOVA Megabus 16M
 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz
 Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes
 RAMType                   : VRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

 For more  information check our previous  releases on  the NOVA Card.  The
 Virtual Resolution are programmable via the VMG.  The VDI of the NOVA  has
 proven  to be very  compatible with  our Software and many  other Software
 applications as well.

 There  is also  a NOVA  Special  disk available  soon  that has  some NOVA
 Specific program's on it, including NOVA Mines, the game,  and the special
 Calamus  SL driver  that will  enable Calamus  SL to  run  in 15/16bit  in
 15/16bit color mode.

                                                   Yat Siu
                                              Lexicor Software Europe

                      LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                        1726 Francisco ST.
                        Berkeley, CA 94703

                        Phone 510-848-7621
                        FAX   510-848-7613


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           entire contents copyright 1993 by Eric C. Mueller

      WELCOME to  the GEnie-MUG RoundTable newsletter!  This quick bulletin
 gives you  an idea  of what's  cooking in  the GEnie Macintosh  User Group
 (GEnie-MUG). I'm  Eric Mueller, and  I write this file every  week so that
 you can  find  the action  in GEnie-MUG:  the  latest controversy  in  the
 bulletin board, the hottest files in the library, and the hippest chats in
 the RTC  rooms. I'm always  interested in your comments on  this file, and
 would love to hear them.

      If  you're new to GEnie  or GEnie-MUG,  you can read  about GEnie-MUG
 (including information on  what GEnie-MUG has to  offer and the  layout of
 the system) by typing "M 605;4". Additionally, the GEnie-MUG help desk  (a
 live hotline) is available six  days a week in the GEnie-MUG RTC  (type "M
 605;2" then choose room 1). For more information and  a schedule of times,
 type "M 605;4".

      THERE'S  A  BRAND-NEW,  EXCITING  category  in  GEnie-MUG this  week:
 category  38, for  discussion of  the Newtons!  The first Newton,  led the
 MessagePad, is a darling little doo-dad that sells for just under $700 and
 has the functionality of a $300 Sharp  Wizard with a six-color logo.  Wow!
 Okay,  so maybe I'm being  a little rough---but  then again, Sharp Wizards
 never have any  problems with handwriting recognition, either. (Ask  me if
 my journalism can  get any more slanted!  Please!) If  you've got a Newton
 Message  Pad or you're interested  in them (they really are darling), tune
 into  category 38 in the GEnie-MUG bulletin board for all the news. People
 are  already talking about whether or not Apple should have put a cover on
 Newton (so its little Newton face wouldn't get scratched).

      "FLOPTICALS,  MAGNETO-OPTICAL  drives...  what's  the  difference?  A
 little bit of laser, a little bit of  heat, and boom, you've got storage!"
 Or so my mother would say, if she were technically inclined. The fact  is,
 though, that  there's a  difference between  floptical drives (combination
 floppy and optical disks) and magneto-optical drives, which use lasers and
 magnets to store data on aluminum-coated platters similar to CD-ROMs. Both
 are great for  archiving data and storing  information; a friend who  does
 graphic  design   work  wouldn't   trade  anything   for  his   brand  new
 magneto-optical drive. Interested in a  new way to store  data, similar to
 SyQuest  but with  more room  to stretch?  Check out  the conversation  in
 category   30  ("HARDWARE:  Data  Storage  Devices"),  topic  9  ("20  meg
 floptical") ASAP!

      A LITTLE  PRESIDENTIAL FUN  in the GEnie-MUG library  this week  with
 Price  Collins'  PRESIDENTIAL  MORPHS  QuickTime movie!  As  he says,  "No
 comment on  the politics---these movies show Kennedy changing into Clinton
 and Carter  doing the  same." To view  these historically-accurate movies,
 you  need  to have  QuickTime  1.6 and  a QuickTime  movie player  such as
 Apple's MoviePlayer 1.0. Have some head-of-the-country entertainment  with
 this cute reel;  download file  #30292, PRESIDENTIAL MORPHS.SIT,  from the
 GEnie-MUG  libraries  today! (To  visit    the  GEnie-MUG  libraries, type
 "m605;3" and then pick option #6 to download a file.)

      FREE SOFTWARE (NO KIDDING)  can be had, just by keeping up-to-date on
 the GEnie-MUG RT  bulletin board! Case  in point:  I was  reading the  new
 messages in  GEnie-MUG the other  day and  came across a  note saying that
 MicroFrontier,  Inc. is  offering a free copy  of ColorIt!.  ColorIt! is a
 color image-processing  and paint program with  lots of  "nifty features,"
 according  to  GEnie-MUGger GALLEY  [Gordon].  Gordon  says  that ColorIt!
 handles resolutions from  72 to 1200 dpi and colors  in black and white as
 well as the famous "millions of colors." (Gordon likens it to a poor man's
 PhotoShop,  incidentally.)  He says  it uses  floating  tool  palettes and
 supports plug-ins for scanner  drivers and that sort  of thing.  If you're
 interested in cashing in on a copy,  for can get one for a handling fee of
 $8.37.  Want  more information,  including  a  phone  number  and ordering
 address? Check out category 42 ("MISC.:  Press Releases"), topic 28J("Free
 ColorIt! Offer") on the double!

      BART  FARKAS, Macintosh game  guru and all-around great  guy, is back
 with two hint  files new in the GEnie-MUG library this week. One hint file
 is  for the  popular  Mac game  _Fool's  Errand,_  and the  other  for the
 just-as-popular Macintosh game  _Out Of This World._ If you're  stuck with
 either  of these titles, check out  the appropriate hint file  for a nudge
 (or maybe just  a nudgette) in the right  direction. File #30306 are hints
 for _Fool's Errand;_ file  #30305 are hints for _Out of This  World._ Good

      A  QUICK TIP ON ALIASES:  pick a name  that isn't obvious---don't use
 "Jane Doe," even  if you're male  and think  that the  gender switch  will
 throw everyone off.  Okay, okay, if you  want a _real_ tip on aliases (the
 System  7  kind),  check  out  Randy  Zeitman's  message  in  category  10
 ("SOFTWARE: Apple Inc. Software"), topic 13 ("System 7.x Tips, Tricks, and
 Easter Eggs"). His  tip is the first message in the topic, and talks about
 how to avoid messing up aliases of aliases.

      TWO EXCITING "PRE-DONE  PAPERWORK" programs are available now  in the
 GEnie-MUG library! The  first is called "Propose  it!", and is a shareware
 program designed to help you write proposals used to close sales, win bids
 and present  ideas.  "Propose It!" includes professionally-prepared sample
 proposals. Simply   choose the appropriate text  in each part  of "Propose
 It!", fill in a few blanks, and (in some cases) merge some documents---and
 you're ready  to do  some  proposing!   (Perfect if  you want  to marry  a
 business major, right?  "Here's my proposal. No, I mean  LITERALLY, here's
 my  proposal!")  The other  "pre-done  paperwork"  is  called  "Forms  and
 Letters," or F&L for short. F&L is a set of business letters all formatted
 and  ready to  use for a  number of popular word  processors! F&L includes
 sample formats, styles, fonts, and some very simple graphics (like boxes).
 This is perfect if you have a basic knowledge of word processing and  want
 to  knock out  some professional-looking  business letters.  Interested in
 either? "Forms and Letters" is file #30282;  "Propose It!" is file #30285.
 (Personally, in the  "pre-done paperwork" series, I'd love to  see someone
 come out with tax forms that fill themselves out. Maybe next year?)

 THAT'S ALL for this week. Until next week, continue to enjoy life with

                                 MAC REPORT

 by Randy Noak


      Daily (except Sundays and Holidays) a uniformed representative of the
 Federal  Government makes  her way  through the  Hoosier cornfields  to my
 residence and, having unburdened herself of a  great load, moves on.   All
 the  mail, unless it is prominently marked, "THIRD AND FINAL NOTICE", goes
 into a big pile until I  get around to looking at it. I guess today's  the
 day, so let's get going.

      Before we  start though,  one word of  warning. If you  are an  Atari
 user, please consult a physician before reading this column. the toll-free
 800  numbers,  new and  upgraded  products  and the    sheer  bulk  of the
 Macintosh  related mail I've received in the last  week or so may send you
 into  shock. Those  Atari users  with weak  hearts may  wish to  skip this
 column entirely.

      Hmmm. A catalog for Data Comm Warehouse.  The same guys that put  out
 the Mac Warehouse  catalog have a whole catalog  full (108 pages) of "Data
 Communications and Networking Products for Micro and Mainframe Computers".

 Lotsa  network  stuff  for  Macs  and  clones.  Modems  too.  Prices  seem
 reasonable with a  14,000 bps, V.32 fax modem going for $229. If this type
 of thing interests you, call 1-800-328-2261 and ask for a catalog.

      Fifth  Generation Systems  sent me  a brochure  touting SuperDoubler.
 SuperDoubler appears to be a combination  of AutoDoubler, CopyDoubler, and
 DiskDoubler. With my hard drive rapidly filling up, this is something that
 I could  use, but I remember  using the first  version of AutoDoubler with
 Specter GCR.  Using Spectre  with my 1040  ST was slow  enough, but  using
 AutoDoubler seemed to slow things up even more. They do claim to have made
 improvements  though, so maybe  I'll pop  for the  $39.99 upgrade  fee. If
 you'd like more info, call 1-800-873-4384.

      Ever  have the desire  to learn French, German,  Spanish, Italian, or
 Latin? Transparent Language sent  me a  brochure describing their  foreign
 language  tutor  software.  Rather than  the  old drill  and  memorization
 method,  you   learn  by  reading  stories.   Looks  interesting.  Contact
 Transparent Language at 1-800-752-1767 or on Compuserve at 70541,3626.

      Adobe's  latest issue  of Font  & Function  is out.   Full  of fonts.
 Examples of every font they produce, tips  on usage, and FONTS ON SALE! In
 this issue, all Multiple  Master fonts are on sale  for $89 each. The  new
 Wild Type package is on sale  for $39, and many other packages have a sale
 price also. To get your copy, call Adobe at 1-800-445-8787.

      Here's  a box. Hey, it's that copy  of BBEdit that I won during a RTC
 in the GE-MUG (GEnie Macintosh User Group) Roundtable. Cool! I'll probably
 review this in  a future Mac  Mania column. BBEdit  is a text editor  that
 looks  to come in real handy producing these  columns. Lotsa good features
 here.  For more info contact BBEdit support at: 1 Larkspur Way #4, Natick,
 MA 01760 or on the Internet at:

      The  August/September issue of  Graphic Arts Product News  is here. A
 controlled subscription, large format, magazine for the graphic art trade.
 If printing presses, folders, ink, paper, and the like are your interests,
 contact  them at: Graphic Arts Product News, 650 S. Clark Street, Chicago,
 IL 60605-9960, and see if you qualify for a free subscription.

      Here's the  Fall 1993  Paper  Direct catalog.  Paper Direct  has  the
 largest  (and,  some  would   say,  the  most  expensive)  collection   of
 pre-printed  papers available.   Pre-printed  papers are  pre-printed with
 colors and  designs. One just prepares his/her copy, formats it, and laser
 prints it  for a full-color document.  I've used this  to good  effect for
 brochures and menus. Get a free catalog by calling: 1-800-272-7377.

      Ahh.  The  November  issue  of  MACWORLD. 300+  pages  of  Mac stuff.
 Articles, ads, news, and  views. Lots of interesting things in here.  This
 issue has articles on: OCR packages (nine programs reviewed),  Multimedia,
 low-cost scanners,  accounting programs (14 programs)  and graphics, among
 others.  Aldus  PageMaker 5.0,  Adobe  Illustrator  5.0,  QuarkXPress 3.2,
 Symantec C++, and  19 other programs are  reviewed along with  the regular
 columns and features.  A nice preview  of the  upcoming Power  PC Macs  is
 included. For subscription info call: 1-800-234-1038.

      Well P-double O-P. I hate  this. The new Mac  Warehouse Catalog. 200+
 glossy, full-color pages  jam packed with software, hardware, accessories,
 games, scanners,  drives, etc..  Huge selection. Good  prices. Over  night
 shipment for $3.00. I WANT IT ALL! Call them at 1-800-255-6227 and ask for
 a catalog. Don't blame me, though if you get an acute case of Mac Envy.

      Here's  an offer  from Softdisk  Publishing. They'll  send me  a free
 issue of  DiskWorld if  I return  the postpaid  card. I haven't  seen this
 "magazine" for a couple of years, but  the last issue I saw looked  pretty
 good. Each issue  has from 4 to  7 programs and features. I may  be wrong,
 but I  think that these programs  are originals. No  PD or shareware. This
 looks like  a good offer. If  I like the  free issue, a  three month trial
 subscription  is $29.95 and I  get a bonus disk. If I  don't like the free
 issue, I can  write "cancel" on  the bill and owe  nothing. I even get  to
 keep the free issue! Sounds like a deal to me. You can call them at 1-800-

      From  the  National  Rifle  Association  comes  a  letter from  their
 CrimeStrike  project. Instead of trying to stop crime  by taking away some
 of our rights, the NRA through it's CrimeStrike project supports mandatory
 sentencing  for those  caught using  a firearm  while committing  a crime,
 tough  sentencing,  additional  prisons,  and   victims  rights.  Contact:
 National  Rifle Association,  1600  Rhode  Island Avenue,  N.W.,  P.O. Box
 96915, Washington, D.C. 20090-6915.

      Optifont  sends a brochure  offering 80 fonts for  $79.95. Postscript
 Type 1 or True Type for either your Mac or Clone. Serif fonts. sans  serif
 fonts  and display fonts  are included in the  collection. Call 1-800-345-

      The envelope  reads,  "Now your  PC  can use  Mac floppies  for  only
 $49.95".  The inside  introduces MacDisk  for the  PC. Mac  Disk is  a TSR
 program that  gives DOS and  Windows users the ability to  open, read, and
 format  Mac disks.  I  don't know  if  it works  or not,  but  there is  a
 guarantee. Personally,  I use  PC Exchange  on my  Mac to open,  read, and
 format PC disks. Works for me. If this offer sounds something you might be
 interested in, call 1-800-947-7706.

      Deltapoint sends a brochure inviting me to upgrade to DeltaGraph  Pro
 Version  3.  Over 50 types of  graphs and charts are  supported with  over
 100 new features.  This looks real impressive. As I recall, DeltaGraph has
 gotten some  real  good reviews  in  the print  magazines. Five  stars  in
 Publish, Five Mice in MacUser.  Five stars in Mac World. You can't get any
 better than that! Call 1-800-446-6955 for more info.

      From MacShopper comes an offer to buy Ray Dream Designer for $149.95.
 Thats an incredible $745.05 off the original retail price! You can use Ray
 Dream to create  logos, illustrations, technical drawings, and a  bunch of
 other  3-D things.  You can  set the  lighting, textures,  etc. and  get a
 pretty  realistic looking  drawing.  Ray  Dream Designer  has  gotten good
 reviews too, so the price looks good. Call Mac Shopper at 1-800-622-7006.

      That's it for Mail Call this  week. I've still got lots more  mail to
 go through, so we'll finish Mail Call next week. That way, my current pile
 will be cleared out, and I can start on my next pile.

 Mac Report Cart Before the Horse Department

      Last  week  I  mentioned  that  Sales of  the  Newton  MesagePad have
 exceeded  50,000. This  week, I've  got the  actual, official  Apple press
 release to back me up.  Courtesy of the GE-MUG RT, here it is .

 GE-MUG (Macintosh) RoundTable 
 Category 42, Topic 30 
 Message 1 Fri Oct 01, 1993 
 DRACO [Kent] at 11:12 EDT


 Newton MessagePad Sales Exceed 50,000

 CUPERTINO, California--September  30,  1993--Apple  Computer,  Inc.  today
 announced that  50,000 Newton  MessagePad communications  assistants  have
 been sold in  the US and in  Europe. The MessagePad is  one of the fastest
 selling  products that  Apple has  ever introduced.   This  strong initial
 sales  success  in  the early  weeks  underscores widespread  customer and
 industry enthusiasm for  the product. The Newton MessagePad is  a handheld
 communications assistant that allows  people to gather, manage,  and share
 information  with  tremendous   ease  and  spontaneity  through  the  many
 communications methods  available  to people  today.   The MessagePad  was
 launched on August 2, 1993  at the MacWorld Expo in Boston and was piloted
 in the Boston and New York areas  during August. It shipped nationwide  on
 Labor Day, and was introduced in the UK on September 16, 1993 at the  Live
 '93  Consumer Electronics Show  in London. "The Newton  MessagePad has hit
 the ground running.  The sales figures  indicate that the market is  ready
 for innovative  technology and  for  this new  product category  that  the
 MessagePad represents," said  Gaston Bastiaens, vice president and general
 manager  of  Apple's  Personal  Interactive  Electronics  (PIE)  division.
 Computer retailers nationwide are confirming customers' enthusiasm for the
 MessagePad and its accessories. "Newton is one of  the fastest selling new
 products  in our history,  and customer satisfaction is  very high. People
 are interested in coming back for accessories and software.  We are seeing
 a  lot  of  non-computer buyers  purchasing  Newton,"  said  Larry  Reich,
 Macintosh division manager of  J&R Computer World. "The Newton  MessagePad
 is  definitely the  best product  in  this new  PDA  category.   Since its
 introduction, sales of the MessagePad have  exceeded our expectations. Not
 only is the recognition architecture superior to that of other products we
 have seen,  but also the  unit is  much more convenient  to carry around,"
 said  Tom Jacobs, president of Computer Town. "We view the MessagePad as a
 real opportunity for everyone." "There is great excitement level from  our
 sales staff.  We are very pleased with sales and we are placing orders for
 more product to support  our demand.  The Newton MessagePad is  really the
 first  product in the  new PDA/mobile communications category,  and we are
 convinced that this  product will change the  way we communicate with each
 other,"  said  Anne Fleagle, senior  buyer for home office  products, Best
 Buy Co. "Micro Center is seeing strong customer interest in the Newton. We
 are  very  pleased  with  our initial  sales  of  the MessagePad  and  its
 accessories,"  Jack McPeek,  Macintosh  merchandising  manager  for  Micro
 Center,  Inc. said. "We do  anticipate good sales through the fourth quart
 er, especially as additional applications become available."

 Licensees and  Partners Industry support for the Newton platform continues
 to  gain  momentum. At  the  recent UK  launch of  the  Newton MessagePad,
 licensees and  partners, which include Alcatel,  British Telecom, Deutsche
 Telekom  and GEC  Plessey Semiconductors  announced their  support of  the
 Newton platform.  These companies join Ameritech, ARM, Bell South,  Cirrus
 Logic,  LSI Logic,  Matsushita Electronics, Motorola,  Sharp, Siemens/Rolm
 and US West in the growing family of  companies which have lined up behind
 Apple's Newton technology.

 Major  Corporations The  Newton  MessagePad has  already  received notable
 endorsements form  some major  institutions and  corporations.  Coca-Cola,
 Monsanto, American Express, ProMED  and others  are implementing plans  to
 incorporate Newton technologies into their information systems strategies.

 Developers and Applications In  excess of 1,500 Newton development systems
 (NTK) have been sold throughout  the world.  Since the Boston introduction
 many developers  have already announced and  demonstrated applications for
 the  Newton MessagePad. These are designed to address  the user's needs in
 areas such as  cell-based calculation, presentation, mobile communication,
 time and billing, expense management, and sophisticated calculation.

 Connectivity The Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh, which  Apple shipped
 earlier in September,  enables information to be synchronized  and updated
 automatically between the Macintosh and the Newton MessagePad when the two
 are connected. Newton developers are provided with interfaces which enable
 them to take advantage of the "Smart  Synchronization" technology employed
 by  the  kit,  allowing  third party  Newton  applications  to  have  full
 connectivity with  the desktop environment. Apple intends to introduce the
 Newton Connection Kit  for Windows in the  near future. The  MessagePad is
 the first in a family of  products based on Newton technology:  others are
 intended to be introduced in the future by both Apple and its licensees.

 That's  it  for Mac  Report this  week.  Please feel  free to  send   your
 comments or questions to:

                          Compuserve: 70323,1031 
                               GEnie: R.NOAK 
                         America OnLine: RandyNoak


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                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                 Est. 1985
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                      CUSTOM - MADE TO ORDER HARDWARE
                      SOFTWARE, SUPPLIES & INSTRUCTION
                              COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                              202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
            (DEALERS; to be listed here, please drop us a line.)

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