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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 1-Oct-93 #940
Date: Sat Oct  2 18:09:46 1993

                            SILICON TIMES REPORT
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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (October 1)


 Codehead  Technologies announces a  new version of their  fabulous WARP 9,
 now compatible  with the  Falcon030.   Read  message #32158  in the  Atari
 Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN) for details and upgrade info.


 Download file  BATRIS.ARC  from LIBRARY  1  of the  Atari Arts  Forum  (GO
 ATARIARTS) for BATRISK -- a computer version of the board game RISK.


 Download file LOGIN.LZH from LIBRARY 2 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO) for  a remote log-in  program for the ST.   Primarily useful for
 MiNT/MultiTOS  users  who want  to  be  able to  call  their  systems from


 Download  file ADR_BO.ZIP from LIBRARY  6 of the Atari Portfolio Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for version 1.10  of ADR_BASE; a database for PCs which shares
 Portfolio Address  Book Files. Includes improved  editing fields. Uploaded
 by  author. Fully  functional  except  SAVE feature;  implemented by    EZ
 shareware registration.


 Download file TAXBAS.ZIP from LIBRARY 7  of the Atari Portfolio  Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for taxcalc.   This version supports both French  and English.
 For use with PBASIC, the Taxcalc calculates the cost  of purchase with the
 sales tax added or calculates  how much tax you paid on  a purchase.  Also
 calculates Canadian GST and PST taxes.



 CompuServe now offers  14,400-bps access  capability in  ten U.S.  cities:
 Cambridge, Mass.; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles;  New York; Newport
 Beach, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia; Rochelle Park, N.J.; and Santa
 Clara, Calif.  This service will be offered in other U.S. locations within
 the next year, and will eventually be extended to Europe.

 Pricing for 14,400-bps access is the  same as for 9,600 bps: $16  per hour
 for Standard  Pricing Plan  members, and $22.80 per  hour for  Alternative
 Pricing Plan members.

 The 14,400  bps service  supports  V.42 error  correction and  requires  a
 V.32bis  modem. To log on  at 14,400 bps  using the CompuServe Information
 Manager, enter  the Session  Settings and change  the bps  rate to  either
 14,400 or 19,200.  If you have problems logging  on, change the modem type
 to the Hayes Compatible (default) setting.

 For  more  information  about  using 14,400  bps,  GO  FEEDBACK  or  visit
 CompuServe's software  support forums  (GO CISSOFT). To  obtain the 14,400
 local access numbers,  GO PHONES. To read more about  CompuServe's pricing
 plans, GO CHOICES. The information areas are all included in  CompuServe's
 basic services.

                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN





 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      This past  week, a rather disgraceful  post appeared  on a number  of
 online services posted by Nathan Potechin.  Oddly enough, it  said nothing
 new!  As  long ago as spring 1991  he was spewing forth the same  trash in
 the IAAD area (CAT 75)  in the STRT.  In fact,  in that series of messages
 both he and a few others "laid plans" for what they would do "about" STR. 
 Its  quite obvious his intentions,  in this most  recent outburst, were to
 "bait" either myself or a member of our staff into another of his favorite
 online  games; "point-counterpoint" with plenty of character assassination
 thrown  in for  some good  measure.   We are  not going  to oblige  him by
 participating in his mindless "posturing head games".  
      Facts are facts and  he was caught in  one of his "numerous  and well
 known" disinformation crusades.  Elsewhere in this issue we present  a few
 replies,  posts and proof  positive of further disinformation  even in his
 latest tirade.  Which,  by the way, destroyed any semblance of credibility
 either he or the Nathan & Darlah Show had left.
      On another front,  the computing community is bracing itself  for the
 beginnings of the Power PC revolution.   Much is expected to be  presented
 at this  Fall's Comdex'93.   Power PC...  amazing stuff to  think they are
 going to go for  the total cross platform compatibility both in  files and
 ability of different machines on totally different platforms being able to
 run programs from other platforms also.  Most every company worth its salt
 is heavily  into the design and manufacture of a complete line of Power PC
 products.  This Comdex is going to be very interesting. 
      We have been  experimenting with  the RTF  (Rich Text  Format).   Its
 quite nice.   We'd like to  hear from you  about it implementation  in the
 near future.  Since its totally cross platform compatible  and allows some
 very pleasing formats and fonts, it has strong appeal.  Let us know.


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                           SPEAKING OF CREDIBILITY.....


      The following  is a  series  of excerpts  from various  PUBLIC  POSTS
 placed on a number of different ONLINE  SERVICES.  They all appeared  from
 June  'til now.    Names are  not  really necessary,  only  the hysterical
 statements are in  evidence.   With what's  occurred over  the last  three
 months, its  no wonder  the  credibility of  those who  "scream,  protest,
 lament and condemn"  STReport has eroded to nil.   Especially now when one
 considers the events that are total common knowledge at this time.

 June 1993 

      "This weeks STReport 922,  claimed that Lexicor had lost their free
 flags on GEnie, which is a lie. It went on to claim that messages were
 deleted in the Lexicor topic on GEnie which is a lie. It went on to state
 that Lexicor was thrown out of the IAAD, a third lie. I am asking Ralph
 Mariano here publicly, in front of you all, to explain why he used his
 magazine in this fashion and printed these lies....."

      ".....I was speaking specifically of the Lexicor comments and will
 say this again:

 1. Lexicor still has ALL their free flags intact in the Atari RT's on     

 2. Lexicor has not been thrown out of the IAAD. 

 3. Messages were not deleted.  Those are the facts, not my side of        

      So, to avoid causing you any further discomfort, and because I only
 commented on the Lexicor stuff in the first place, I will confine my
 comments here to asking Ralph once again for a direct answer to a direct

           "Why did you use your magazine to print these lies?"

      "The IAAD issue is the business of the IAAD.  It was Ralph that
 printed that Lee had been thrown out of the IAAD.  That statement was
 wrong, as I mentioned earlier.  I have no idea from where he got that
 erroneous information.  Why don't you ask him. But heah, I forgot, Ralph
 only prints the news, right?"

      "I have no respect whatsoever for the editorial content of STReport.
 That is my opinion.  I trust I am entitled to hold an opinion on the

      "Of course Ralph made absolutely ZERO attempt to verify the truth in
 this case.  That wouldn't suit his agenda."

 September 1993

 "Actually, STReport is trying to create the impression that an injustice
 has been done, to better fit the agenda of Ralph Mariano."

 "GEnie management refused to renew Lee's flags, not Darlah."


 I'll say only one thing... to everyone.. this is now October, 1993.  From
 June 'till present,  one certainly is quite able to see who's really been
 "blowing smoke" at everyone.

                  It most certainly has not been STReport!

                Our main Question STILL remains unanswered!



                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

 Compiled by;  by John Deegan


      In the past  six months, more than  328,000 customers have signed  up
 for on-line  computer services,  bringing the number of  homes reached  by
 major  on-line  services  to  3.9  million,  according  to  a  survey   by
 Information &  Interactive Services  Report, a  trade newsletter based  in
 Washington.  But the 9.9  percent growth since March puts the current rate
 considerably below previous annual industry increases, said Gary Arlen, an
 editor of the newsletter. 

      "This suggests that consumer appetite ... may  be sated, and that the
 next market  phase may  include  increased efforts  by providers  to  lure
 customers away from one another," Arlen said. 

      Vienna-based America  Online Inc.  grew most  quickly, adding 130,000
 users for  a total  of 350,000,  a 59  percent jump. CompuServe  Inc., the
 largest on-line service with 1.4 million users,  added 190,000, a jump  of
 16  percent.  Prodigy, which  has  950,000 users,  lost 5  percent  of its
 customers while Rockville-based GEnie remained at 400,000. 

                         FIRED EXECUTIVE SUES APPLE

      Albert  A.  Eisenstat,  63,  Apple  Computer  Inc.'s  executive  vice
 president and  secretary, was  fired last week. He  promptly responded  by
 suing  Apple and  chief executive  Michael  Spindler,  alleging breach  of
 contract, wrongful termination and age discrimination.  

      Eisenstat's  suit  claims  he  was  forced  out  because  he  opposed
 Spindler's reorganization plans  and the  repricing of  stock options  for
 employees,  according to  the  Associated Press.  Spindler  replaced Apple
 chairman John Sculley as chief executive in June. 

      In announcing  Eisenstat's departure  on Friday, Apple  said the suit
 had  no merit.  "Al  seemed  to feel  he  ought to  be  employed  at Apple
 indefinitely.   Michael felt otherwise  and asked him to leave the company
 immediately," Apple spokeswoman Kate Paisley told Bloomberg Business News.
 Analysts said  the termination  suggests continuing  turmoil at  a company
 that  has been  hit by  massive losses  and the  resignation of  other key
 executives in recent months. 

                       VIDEO-CONFERENCING REVISITED 

      The hoopla  about video-conferencing  may just turn out  to be  hype,
 according to a  study by Dataquest Inc.    About 64  percent of the people
 responding to a survey  by the San Jose market research company  said they
 will have  little demand  for additional  videoconferencing equipment next
 year.  "There is  great hope among  many technology companies that  video-
 conferencing will  be the  `killer application' that  will accelerate  the
 trend toward multimedia. The results of our survey certainly don't support
 those hopes," said Dataquest analyst Bruce Ryon.
      The  survey found  that while  big Fortune  500 companies  need large
 room-type videoconference  systems, the  majority of  businesses find that
 facsimile,  electronic mail and other low-cost communications technologies
 are adequate.   In  addition, most  businesses said that  the benefits  of
 having  video on desktop  computers are not significant  enough to justify
 the costs of videoconferencing equipment. 
                    Copyright 1993 The Washington Post 

                               MCI PC CONNECT

      STR  Publishing, the owner and  operator of The Bounty  BBS, (Home of
 STReport), bulletin board system, is pleased to announce The Bounty BBS is
 among some of  the first bulletin boards in  the United States selected by
 MCI  Telecommunications, Inc. to  participate as  an official  startup BBS
 member of the MCI PC CONNECT computer  telephone network.  MCI PC  CONNECT
 is an exciting new  program being offered by  MCI which provides  computer
 modem users  with low  long  distance rates  for telephone  calls made  to
 bulletin boards from both intrastate and interstate calls.

         MCI PC Connect(sm) FEE/RATES:
         $3.00 monthly fee (does not apply towards usage)
         Includes calling to continental U.S. in addition to Alaska,
         Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

         PC Connect Customer to NON-PC Connect Customer:
         $0.22 during Day (Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm)
         $0.10 during E/N/W (Mon-Fri: 5pm-8am: Sat/Sun: 24 hours)

         PC Connect Customer to PC Connect Customer:
         $.176 during Day
         $.08 during E/N/W
         Friends & Family discount does not apply to fee

 For an additional $1.50 per month, MCI PC Connect customers can include
 in-state calls at the same MCI PC Connect plan rates as above.

                         Available in these States

 Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho,
 Illinois,  Indiana,  Iowa,  Kansas,  Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Massachusetts,
 Maryland, Michigan, Missouri,  Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North
 Dakota, Nebraska,  New York,  Ohio, Oklahoma,  Oregon, Pennsylvania, South
 Carolina, South  Dakota,  Tennessee, Texas,  Utah,  Virginia,  Washington,

                       Not Available in these States

 Alaska,  Connecticut,  Delaware,  District  of  Columbia,  Hawaii,  Maine,
 Minnesota, Nevada, New  Hampshire, New  Jersey, New Mexico,  Rhode Island,
 Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

      It is  important to  remember that you  must be  a member  of MCI  PC
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 bulletin board users should immediately contact MCI and become members  of
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      The Bounty BBS has been in  operation since 1984 and  serves computer
 users,  worldwide.  This  BBS supports most computers  with features which
 include: programs  available for  downloading, National  and International
 E-Mail  via  FidoNet,   ProwlNet,  ITCNet,  and  USPolNet    international
 messaging networks.  The system uses US Robotics 16.8 Dual Standard Modems
 operating from 1200 to 19200 baud.

      MCI  PC CONNECT  will allow  computer users from  most of  the United
 States  to participate on  these bulletin boards for  very reasonable long
 distance rates.   Now long  distance callers  will be able  to utilize the
 quality and depth of this and many other exceptional BBS systems. 

      In order  to receive  all information regarding this  MCI PC  CONNECT
 service, call 1-800-333-2511 and MCI operators will provide you with  more
 details. Call now!   Do not delay!   Don't be satisfied  with less!   Take
 advantage of the service - save money!

                     The Bounty BBS (Home of STReport)
                             c/o STR Publishing
                                PO Box 6672
                        Jacksonville, FL 32221-6155

                       Contact:         R.F. Mariano 
                       Voice:          (904) 783-3319
                       Modem:          (904) 786-4176


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

      Hey there folks!  Yet  another week has come and gone.   The days are
 getting visibly shorter, and the  holidays are now visible  in the far-off
 distance.   And  of course  with Christmas  will come  the premier  of the
 Jaguar.   It's beginning to look like the only hope that we Atari computer
 users have for continued support is  for the Jaguar to "wow 'em" and raise
 the Fuji symbol back up to the  public's eye level.  At any rate, my Atari
 computers continue to  serve me well  and I will use  them for as long  as
 they remain serviceable.   As far as I'm concerned, a computer  only needs
 to  be as  powerful as  the tasks  you ask  it to  perform... any  way, my
 Atari's have always been at least equal to the task.  The downside is that
 people such as myself cannot support the wide base of developers necessary
 for a  healthy computer  platform.  To  remain viable  a computer platform
 MUST integrate at least some of the latest bells and whistles (like higher
 resolution, more  colors, more speed) in  order to  attract new users  who
 will keep developers  interested in the platform by buying  their hardware
 and  software.  Perhaps  the Jaguar  will raise interest in  Atari's "real
 machines" or perhaps, upon  seeing success with the Jaguar will lead those
 in power in Sunnyvale to say  "The heck with computers, we've got a winner
 right  here with a game machine".   Only time will tell,  but I think I'll
 refrain from placing any bets.

     Well, enough  of this, let's get  on with browsing  through all of the
 great news, hints and tips available each week right here on CompuServe.

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Jim Savage tells us:

 "I'm new to compuserve and i am trying to work out how to use
 QuickCIS. I have discovered how to read messages by using REA in the
 commands boxes but how do I retrieve a list of files available to
 download from a forum?"

 Jim Ness, the creator of QuickCIS, tells Jim:

 "Just put a list of library numbers in the LIBRARIES box.  Any new
 uploads in those libraries will then be grabbed, each day.

 Most folks put ALL in the box, to see all new uploads."

 Dazzz Smith tells Jim:

 "If you look at your QCIS config you'll see a small box marked age, this
 sets the number of days that QCIS will look back in the library for files
 so if you wanted to know what files have been uploaded for the last 30
 days just stick 30 in there.

 I have an alternative config setup for QCIS which visits certain forums
 where I don't read the messages and just checks the files for the past 30
 days in case there's anything of interest."

 Jim Savage replies to Dazzz:

 "Thanks... I think I'm starting to get the hang of this now."

 Tony Barker asks:

 "[Does] anybody know where I can order the "Atari Compendium" book
 using a card? I see SDS aren't set up to deal with plastic.

 I'm in that "I want it and I want it now" frame of mind (yeah, I
 scream 'hurry' to the microwave), and don't want to have to wait for a
 cheque/money order to get to the states from Australia and then the
 return trip and all that jazz."

 Brian Gockley of ST Informer tells Tony:

 "You could try Sheldon Winick at Computer STudio

 Sheldon Winick
 Computer Studio
 40 Westgate Parkway 
 Ste. D Asheville, NC  28806 
 Phone # 800-253-0201 ...

 He's one of the best!"

 Brian is quite right.  Sheldon is not only an outstanding dealer in
 the Atari community, but also a truly good person.  We could use more
 like him.  Thanks for the support Sheldon, keep it up.

 Jim Ness jumps in and tells Tony:

 "...try Sheldon via Internet.  Via CIS Mail, his Internet
 address would be:   To:>"

 Tony thanks Jim:

 "Thanks... I'll use that method, it'll certainly be cheaper than a

 Peter Joseph asks about using Turtle, George Woodside's excellent
 hard drive backup program:

 "Anybody use Turtle with TOS 2.06 successfully?  It worked fine with
 TOS 1.4 but I can't get it to work with 2.06.  Any ideas?  I'm getting
 the following message when I click on 'Backup':

         Memory configuration will fail -

                 TTLEXEC.TTP:  102222 - 10EA54 
                 RAMdisk:      39F78 - 102221
                 Screen:       3F8000 - 3FFCFF

         Press any key

 Then when I press a key it returns me to the desktop.  Is it trying
 to use memory reserved for the new TOS?"

 Sysop Keith Joins tells Peter:

 "I don't know what the problem is but I do know that Turtle won't work
 with TOX 2.x."

 Jon Sanford asks:

 "How do ICD disk utilities compare with Diamondback II & EDGE?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Jon:

 "Diamond Edge is in a class by itself.  It fixes error ( fat,
 directory entry), optimizes disks, mirror options, save and restore (
 fat/partition/scsi information).  Until last year the only hard disk
 fix and optimizer was Beckemeyer's Hard Disk Sentry (came out in

 ICD utilities has cleanup which does similar things but Diamond Edge
 and Hard Disk Sentry are better in my view.  Diamond Back II is a
 backup program that almost everyone here seems to recommend very

 Jon tells Albert:

 "My choice for HD utility is getting narrowed down. My supplier is
 temp.  out od stock.

 I read the Programmers Journal yesterday. I have gotten used to
 reading in interactive mode. Reading in passive mode for a change was a
 little frustrating.  Can you imagine a online magazine in interactive
 mode. Say it is a CIS section that gets replaced every month instead
 of a download.

 Although I have avoided learning C for complex reasons the
 information on other languages is what I am looking for.

 Little Smalltalk, XLisp, Toy Prologue, Icon, are all in my <1989 disk
 files. also 2 PD Forths. When I get in the right mood i intend to go
 thru these again to see if they work on my new MegaSTe-16. And if I
 can make more progress then last time."

 John Amsler posts:

 "Here's something from Comtex Scientific Corporation:

 09/24 1103  Atari announces Jaguar Developers

 Friday announced its initial list of developers for the Atari Jaguar
 64-bit Interactive Multimedia system.

    Since July, 20 developers have signed license agreements to publish
 game titles for Jaguar.  Additional high-profile developers and
 publishers are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

    "Developer response to Jaguar has been overwhelming -- we've
 accomplished what we set out to do by attracting the industry's top
 developers,"  said Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.  "The tremendous
 power of Jaguar removes the programming barriers that exist on all
 other gaming platforms, allowing developers to focus their energy and
 imagination on creating truly revolutionary video games.  The
 technological prowess of our developers coupled with Atari's
 aggressive marketing and comprehensive developer support program will
 create a new industry standard for multimedia performance."

    The developer list includes:

 Anco Software Ltd.
 Maxis Software
 Telegames Beyond
 Games Inc.
 Tiertex Ltd.
 Dimension Technologies
 Midnight Software Inc.
 Titus Eurosoft
 Ocean Software Ltd.
 Tradewest High Voltage Software
 Rebellion Software Ltd.
 Trimark Interactive
 Krisalis Software Ltd.
 Retour 2048
 U.S. Gold Ltd.
 Loriciel S.A.

    The strength of the Jaguar platform has attracted the industry's
 premier developers, allowing them to immediately begin programming the
 industry's first 64-bit video games.  Comments include:

    "We're excited about the reality of an advanced video game system
 retailing for approximately $200 and delivering technology comparable
 or superior to announced systems costing over three times as much.
 Atari pioneered the video game industry -- it's good to see them at
 the forefront of innovation once again."

 -- Kelly Flock, executive vice president of Trimark Interactive

    "Kids, don't waste your Christmas money on something else, this Cat
 is the new king of the video game jungle."

 -- Terry Grantham, president of Telegames Inc.
    (Telegames will release "Ultimate Brain Games"  and "European
     Soccer Challenge" for Jaguar in the spring and summer of 1994.

    "The 64-bit power of the Atari Jaguar allows us to move light years
 beyond today's game standards."

 -- Kris N. Johnson, president of Beyond Games Inc.
    (Beyond will release "Battlewheels" for Jaguar in the second
     quarter of 1994.)

    The power of the Jaguar development environment allows programmers

    -- Create the industry's first 64-bit video games
    -- Deliver unprecedented true-color graphics, stereo CD-quality
       sound and animation speed
    -- Enjoy unsurpassed ease in creating real-time 3-D virtual worlds
    -- Unleash programming creativity previously hampered by the
       restrictions of all other gaming platforms

    Atari Corp. manufactures and markets video games and personal
 computers for the home, office, and educational marketplaces.  The
 Sunnyvale-based company manufactures Jaguar products in the United
 States and is publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange under the
 symbol ATC.

    CONTACT:  Cunningham Communications
     Mary Moslander, 408/982-0400
    REPEATS: New York 212-575-8822 or 800-221-2462
             Boston 617-330-5311 or 800-225-2030
             SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845
             LA 310-820-9473

 and then he adds:

 "09/23 1023  Atari appoints new director of marketing/advertising

 SUNNYVALE,  CALIF.  (SEPT.  23)  BUSINESS  WIRE  -  Atari  Computer  Corp.
 announced  Thursday that Terrence Valeski, a 22-year veteran in consumer
 electronics  marketing, has joined the company as director of marketing
 and advertising  for Jaguar.

    Valeski's immediate responsibility will be to execute the national roll
 out for Jaguar -- Atari's  new high performance gaming system.  He reports
 directly to Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.

    "We are very pleased that Terry has joined Atari.  His experience is
 invaluable to us," said Tramiel.  "Developing strong relationships with
 retailers and developers as well as communicating with consumers will be
 critical to our success as we get ready to market and distribute Jaguar

    In  an  industry  dominated  by  foreign  companies,  U.S.-based  Atari
 announced  this summer that  it has  developed a  high-performance, 64-bit
 home video  game system  called Jaguar, capable of  delivering faster  and
 more  powerful video  games to  the home  market.   Atari will be  made in
 America  and has  signed IBM to manufacture  the Jaguar  in its Charlotte,
 N.C. plant.

    "Jaguar has truly leaped  ahead of the competition in terms of quality,
 price and performance," said Valeski.   "My job will be to ensure  that we
 attract the best and the brightest and to  market aggressively through the
 channels of distribution.  You can expect to see some major  shifts in the
 way Atari  markets."   Jaguar  is expected  to be  available to  consumers
 before Thanksgiving 1993.

    In an effort to develop strong marketing programs, Atari recently chose
 Cunningham Communication Inc. as its marketing/communications counsel.
 Cunningham is a Santa Clara, California-based public relations firm
 specializing in high technology.

    Before joining Atari, Valeski  was founder and chief  executive officer
 of Intellivision,  a leading  home video game manufacturer  in the  1980s.
 Prior  to that  he was  senior vice president  for the  Mattel Electronics
 division of  Mattel Toys.  Valeski  also held several senior  positions at
 Teledyne Waterpik and  J. Walter  Thompson Advertising, San  Francisco and
 New York. -0-

    Note to Editors:  All trademarks and registered trademarks are those of
 their respective holders.

    CONTACT:  Cunningham Communications, Santa Clara
      Mary Moslander, 408/982-0400
    REPEATS: New York 212-575-8822 or 800-221-2462
             Boston 617-330-5311 or 800-225-2030
             SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845
             LA 310-820-9473"

 Dazzz Smith tells John:

 "Hmmm, that guys had quite a few jobs..........."

 John tells Dazzz:

 "[I'm] Rolling on the floor laughing!  Yeah, but let's hope this is
 where he REALLY makes a name for himself and grabs the brass ring!  I
 hope that the term "the Jaguar" becomes as well known as the term "PC"
 or "Nintendo."  Go Atari!!!!!!!*

 - John

 (* And, once the Jaguar gets on track, pleeeeeeeeeease start work on a
    PowerPC-based machine that will run TOS 1.X/2.X/3.X as well as
    MS-DOS, Windoze, OS/2, System 7, and Unix software!!  That's all I
    want for Christmas.  <g>)...

 I'm hoping against hope that the PowerPC might prove to be Atari's
 salvation if they can get TOS [1,2,3].X to run on it -- in addition to
 all the other operating systems that it runs.  If it can run System7
 and Windoze, I, in my naivete, would take that as a hopeful sign it
 can run TOS.

 Barring that, the next best thing would be the ability to put a
 GEMulator inside a PowerPC-based computer."

 Dazzz Smith asks John:

 "How do you manage to stay so cheerful about Atari... , what
 medication do you use?  (VBG) [_V_ery _B_ig _G_rin]"

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 Henri Tremblay asks:

 "Can someone tell me how I can look at the TIF files included in the
 latest edition of Atari Explorer Online.  TouchUp can't load the
 files, neither my version of GEMVIEW.  Considering the download time
 it took to get these, I want at least to have a look at them!"

 Dazzz Smith tells Henri:

 "You may have an earlier version of GEMVIEW Henri, as i'm sure it does
 handle TIF files."

 Henri tells Dazzz:

 "Yes my version does support TIF files and even recognizes the file
 (size and number of colors) but I get the message <Unknown compression

 Dazzz tells Henri:

 "Hmm, the latest version of GEMVIEW (in the libs here) loads TIF files

 just fine."

 Henri supposes the worst:

 "I suppose it is a very large file.  So, just to see the TIF files
 included in Atari Explorer Online (which cost me much more to download
 as it was five times its usual size) I will have to download GEMVIEW
 which is still larger.  No way.  I once protested against the
 inclusion of image files in online magazines and I still believe that
 those files should be kept separate."

 Greg Kopchak tells us:

 "The XFS driver included with Photo Show for the Falcon 030 has been
 tested with the following CD rom drives now:

 NEC-38 NEC-55 NEC-84 Toshiba 3401

 All running under MultiTOS on the Falcon 030 machine. If you have had
 success with other drives, please post your results here."

 While on the subject, David Hagood asks Greg:

 "Is there any way to get an updated XFS driver? I'm running an old
 beta version (0.6) and I'd like to upgrade if possible."

 Greg tells David:

 "The version .6 XFS driver is the most current version of the CD rom

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 Joe Pokupec posts:

 "I am working on a business application for my company using
 AtariWorks.  I usually work on a Mac so some aspects are slightly
 different.  Can anyone tell me where I can find tech support for this
 application?  There is no mention of support anywhere in the manual."

 Tom Mynar tells Joe:

 "There is no official support for AtariWorks, partially because it is
 such a new product.  However, you have found yourself into the area
 where people will be willing to help.  However, I would suggest you
 use the ATARIPRO sig, in the applications area."

 Ronald Lepke tells us:

 "I am  currently  running  my Supra Fax V32 bis modem only from my
 MAC, but I want to use this modem for both my MAC and PC. I need a
 switchbox for the incoming  IBM AT modem cable (with DB 9 connector)
 and the incoming MAC cable (not sure what type of cable). I then need
 a cable from the switchbox to the Supra modem.

 Can you tell me what cables I will require, and any brand names on
 this so called 'switchbox'?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Ron:

 "It sounds like you'll need some adapters to do the hookup you want...

 I'm not sure what kind of  connector the apple cable has on it, but if  it
 IS  a  DB-9,  you can  easily  obtain an  "A-B  switchbox"  that has  DB-9
 connectors on it...

 Unfortunately, knowing Apple, the Mac cable  probably is a round DIN style
 plug.  You'd need an adapter from that  to the DB-9.  That kind of adapter
 might  already be  available from Mac  dealers, but if not,  you'd have to
 have one made  up specially.  That  wouldn't be too difficult,  if you can
 find the pinout diagrams for the Mac end.

 A-B switchboxes  are quite common..  a large "Computer Superstore"  should
 have exactly what you need... and smaller PC dealers will likely have them

 The only thing  to watch out for when buying  a switchbox is to  make sure
 you get one with the proper "gender" for your setup.

 You'd likely need 2 female DB-9 inputs to one male DB-9 output.

 Then you'd need one DB-9 male to female cable to go between the PC and the
 switchbox, one Mac cable with adapter  to male DB-9 plug to go between the
 Mac  and the  switchbox, and  one female DB-9  to male  DB-25 cable  to go
 between the switchbox and the modem.

 It sounds more complicated than it actually is..."

 Famous last words.  The last time I heard that phrase was when a
 friend talked me into trying luge... no, that was the next to last
 time.  The last time was when the doctor was explaining how he was
 going to pop my shoulder back into its socket.  But in this case, Bob
 is right.  Once you get the correct equipment, it all just kind of
 comes together.

 Greg Mee asks Charles F. Johnson, CodeHead Extraordinare, about

 "I received your summer sale flyer a while back listing all of your
 summer prices.  My question:  The prices for your graphics tools (eg:
 Genus) are the new prices and not just sale prices?

 Is there a review/comparison available between Megapaint and Invision
 (and possibly other) high end paint programs?

 Is their a method in Calligrapher to make sidebar notes?  If I want a
 5" column for the main text, and I want it to flow straight to the
 next page, but also have a second column, where I can write text
 freely and independently of the first column, is this possible?  (For
 example, Calamus, which would let you have the separate text frames).
 It seems that if I have the two columns in Calligrapher that they MUST
 be connected. Is this correct?

 Is there an upgrade to Cal in the works?  I'm most interested in
 increased speed (Cal is a bit slow...) and would like GREATLY
 increased printing speed (though the output does look really nice).

 Will Genus, now or ever, save fonts in Cal format?  If it doesn't
 then how difficult would it be to give it that capacity?"

 Charles tells Greg:

 "The prices in our mailing are still in effect.

 I'm not aware of a comparison review of MegaPaint and Invision; you
 should be aware, however, that MegaPaint is a dual-purpose program
 (both bit-map and vector graphics), whereas Invision only supports
 bit-map graphics.

 I'm afraid sidebars cannot be done in Calligrapher; for that
 purpose, you're better off with a full-fledged DTP program like
 Pagestream or Calamus.

 Regarding an upgrade to Calligrapher: we're discussing this, and
 we'll let you know if there's any news.

 The URW type foundry hasn't been very forthcoming with information
 about their outline font format; this is the problem with having Genus
 save fonts in URW format.  If we can convince them to share the info,
 this might be a possibility."

 Greg also asks:

 "Will Calligrapher ever be able to handle small font sizes (eg: 4-8

 Charles tells Greg:

 "If an upgrade becomes possible, that would be one of the things on
 our list.  Thanks for mentioning it."

 Greg also asks Nathan Potechin of DMC (the Calamus folks):

 "What is "Format error #73/0"?  This message was found when trying to
 enter the PKS editor. I imported some text into a document, the text
 flowed into subsequent pages, but those pages were not displayed.  I
 then Displayed those pages, let the text format, and no longer got the
 error message."

 Nathan asks Greg:

 "When you imported the text, did you have the PKS Editor open, Greg?
 And yes, that is correct on the page formatting. Until you go to the
 particular page at least one time, the text will not format for that

 Greg tells Nathan:

 "I was trying to open the editor when the problem occurred. I had the
 current page of text displayed, but the same text flowed through
 several pipes onto subsequent pages, and those had not been

 PS:  The overwrite/insert bug is back :) Why does Calamus INSIST
 on setting all adjustable settings to something like 10,000?  So font
 sizes run from 60,000 to 72,000 points. So with any new upgrade I have
 to go through and find all of the settings, reset them, and then
 re-save the set file.  Bah fooey."

 Nathan tells Greg:

 "Yes, I screamed when I saw the overwrite/insert cosmetic thing
 return. :-) I have reported it to Germany! On the font sizes, is it
 possible you saved your settings after having loaded in a document
 that might have reflected those point sizes? Please save your SETUP
 without a document in memory.

 Also check for a looped or duplicate text flow chain on the other

 Boris Molodyi tells Nathan:

 "I'm running SL on Crazy Dots II board in 256 colors mode, and when I
 select a text block (regular black text), instead of showing up in
 inverted colors, it appears completely black (i.e. text is black, and
 selected area is black => unreadable). I suppose it's not the way it
 should be, is it?"

 Nathan tells Boris:

 "That is correct, Boris. It is not the way it should be but it is the
 way it works at this time. They need to change something in the way
 Calamus displays inverted in 256 color mode. This has been brought to
 their attention.

 It is not the fault of your Crazy Dots card."

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Sysop BJ Gleason posts:

 "Not having a standard serial port has always been a big stumbling
 block for any computer - the Portfolio, the Dec Rainbow, and the DG-1.
 People don't like spending a lot of time on something that is limited
 to one machine.

 As for me, I always dreaded serial port programs - it's a pain.
 Specially when it is non-standard..."

 Larry Gradisher tells us:

 "I have a friend who is looking to a way to transfer between his
 Portfolio and IMB pc....any options?  Also if you have ideas, where
 can he buy equipment to do this.  He is willing to buy new or used."

 David Tourville tells Larry:

 "All you need is a serial or parallel adaptor, the software is
 built-in to the port!"

 Don Tomas of Atari tells Larry:

 "The software to transfer files via the Parallel port is built-in to
 the Portfolio. The software required for the PC comes with the
 purchase of the Smart Parallel Port.

 Serial transfers are a little more complicated. Xterm is in the forum
 libraries to accomplish that task on the Portfolio side."

 Don Shannon asks Don Thomas for help:

 "I've got a problem, perhaps you could advise me.  I've had a Portfolio
 for some time now.  It came with a parallel interface.  I had a room
 mate at the time and used his PC to access this forum and down load
 programs for my port.  This worked fine until I moved out.  I've
 finally invested in my own PC.  Now I can't find my PC software for
 the parallel file transfer.  My friend of course has deleted it from
 his PC.  Any suggestions?  I thought the file was but I don't
 find it in the forum library.  Please help!  My Portfolio use is
 rather limited if I can't transfer files."

 Don Thomas tells the other Don:

 "How could I refuse anyone which such a delightful first name as
 yours? ... If you REALLY believe in Santa Claus, then check your
 E-mail for a personal message from the North Pole <g>"

 On a very, very sad note, Dan Shearer of BSE posts:

 "Due to the present situation of Atari Portfolio Accessory Sales, BSE
 has decided to quit producing all Portfolio accessories. The current
 forecast for sales is bleak and we are no longer making any money on
 the product. The current situation is whatever we have in stock, quite
 possibly be the last of our Atari stock. Orders for Universal I/Os can

 still be made, but only in LARGE quantities. (200 Units at one time.)
 Price will be higher due to current chip prices. BSE Will CONTINUE to
 HONOR warranty claims and services, but after that, who knows. If you
 have questions or comments, you may leave a message here or contact me
 via direct mail or phone. 602-527-8843"

 I'd just like to say that BSE has been a very good source for
 innovative accessories for the Portfolio (such the 20 megabyte
 Flashdrive hard drive and the Universal I/O which combines both a
 parallel and serial interface into a unit the size of a single
 interface) and will be missed in this market.

 Perhaps if the Jaguar goes as well as planned the powers that be at
 Atari will decide to either push the present Portfolio or to come up
 with a "Portfolio II".  Then companies with excellent products such
 as BSE will find it worth their while to make these little goodies
 for techies like us to enjoy.  Time will tell.

      Well folks, I really hate to end this column on a sad note like that,
 but  I'm out of  posts.  Let's all  just hope that things  turn around and
 people  wise up....  Ummm... Uhhhh... I  meant that  people who  buy other
 brands  of  computers should  wise  up... yeahhhhh,  that's it.    Like my
 girlfriend... Morgan Fairchild... yeah that's it.  Please pardon that last
 little jaunt into semi-obscurity, it's getting late (huh, a Freudian slip,
 perhaps?)  At any rate, c'mon back next  time and kick back and relax with
 some  friends.   And remember:   Always  listen to  what  they are  saying

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING!


 > GUEST EDITORIAL STR Editorial                 "A Bittersweet Farewell"

                            BITTERSWEET FAREWELL

 by:  Andy Learner

     "God grant us the SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change,
                    COURAGE to change the things we can
                  and the WISDOM to know the difference."

                                                   Bill W.

 It has been fun working with  MilAtari.  It has been a chore for me  also.
 I am not a person who can sit idly watching the game be played,  I have to
 be in  it, or at least have a bet  on it.  See, with  a wager on the game,
 you area  invested  as well.   Let  me  give credit  where  credit is  due

 Armi Baier has really put the last two newsletters out  all by himself.  I
 proof read one,  but he had   it printed already,  and I thought  it was a
 terrific job.  I  only look for perfection in myself, so an error here and
 there I can live  with.  I have made plenty also  Armi, I think you did  a
 SPECTACULAR job and deserve extra kudos from everyone. 

 So to  all of  you  who might  have become  involved with  your club,  but
 watched the rest of us play the "CLUB's" game, you made a wager as a well.
 When you bought your ATARI machine.  Now for some of you, that very  first
 machine, is  still the one you use.  It does everything you need it to do,
 so why buy the newest  or the latest.  Your wager  is safe, because; "it's
 all I'll ever need!"

 For those  of us  who wagered  on the  future of  ATARI as a  business and
 graphics platform,  or  a  serious  tool  of  any sort,  however,  it's  a
 different story.  I  eagerly bought the MEGA4 system, hook line  and laser
 printer.  It served me  well, for a long time.   All the while, because of
 the  nature of my work being a graphic artist, I  have had one foot in the
 ATARI world  four and a half toes in the MAC world, and about a quarter of
 a toe in the P.C. world. (Only because the bean counters wanted me to talk
 "Messy DOS" to them.

 Soooo... now where was I.  Oh yes, "PLATFORMS".  Well, you know something,
 the  P.C.  world in  is  in some  major  flux right  now.  Will it  be the
 "PENTIUM" or the "POWER PC".  My bet is on the Power PC.  I  have a lot of
 faith in  Motorola, after all, we  have been using  Motorola chips  in our
 ST's since  their inception.   Their use  of memory  management has always
 beat the Intel (VC30  or AMD chips whatever) in every speed  match-up, and
 have always won when it came to graphics, because  they weren't limited to
 640 bytes per page or block or however it is they don't address memory  in
 "MEGS" of memory like the way the Motorola chips have always done.  

 I am wandering (yes and a Jew  at that).  To get to the  point, this is my
 farewell editorial.  I  have enjoyed editing  the newsletter for you  all,
 even though like I  said before ARMI did much  of the work, including  the
 schlepping to the  printers, etc.  Now it is  time for me to  move on, and
 turn the job over to someone else.

 I never wanted  the issue  of my  resignation ,  to be  linked with  other
 political  "events" that have occurred  in recent  months, but I  think it
 was.  So  I want  to make  it clear to  everyone that  I am  resigning for
 personal reasons.   Personally, I  just don't  have the time.  I have been
 working   (3)  three  jobs,  and   trying  to  keep  up  with  my  studies
 (accounting....yuuck!),  so  I  am  swamped.   The  other  reason  is that
 MilAtari is not fun for me anymore.

 My suggestion to you members is this,,, if you want to keep  MilATARI as a
 pure  ATARI computer club,  start using  your heads and not  your patoots!
 Resolve your  differences with  MAST, and pool your  resources, cause  the
 days  of WINE and GENCON (with ATARI  support) seem over to  me.  Focus on
 events  that will bring Atarians  together to have  "fun" and forget about
 all the politics.   Leave it  to the pro's.    They can  screw it up  much
 better than we can, and we do a pretty good job of messing it up as well.

 Get everyone on the same page, if platform  purity and support is what you
 are after, than focus on  that, and forget about  the external distraction
 Gencon has caused.   I have always felt that  too much emphasis was placed
 on it anyway, and that the main purpose (supporting the members interests)
 got pushed to the  back burner turning people off, and losing  membership.
 Do a joint swapfest or small show to  raise some money, if that's what you
 need to keep things going.

 Find a cheap (or FREE) place to meet, and  have more interesting SIGs. One
 DTP  SIG  put on  by  the Double  Click (MAC)  users group  featured ADOBE
 Illustrator and  PHOTOSHOP demoUs, the members got in free, and we charged
 the other  125 people who  came $5.00 each  to see  it (and there were  no
 refreshments either!)

 My final point is since there are  a few of YOU  who have already "crossed
 over"  to different platforms, but area still clinging on to your Atari's,
 you  might want to try what  LCACE has done, and  go "Multi-Platform". I'd
 check with  them and see how  it's going before  making a "public" plunge,
 because it might just dilute and divert the focus of your group.  

 There are a lot of like computer swapfests done that way every  month.  It
 seems  that is how fast the  PC world changes, so  it keeps it interesting
 for them.  It might be a practical way to become multi-platform by hosting
 "swapmeets" for  all  platforms and  inviting "wholesale"  vendors of  all
 sorts, just to see what happens.


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

      STReport International Online Magazine is available every week in the
 ST Advantage on DELPHI.  STReport readers  are invited to join DELPHI  and
 become a  part of  a  friendly community  of enthusiastic  computer  users

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

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                               JOIN -- DELPHI

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 officially be a member of DELPHI!  

                         TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (9/29/93)                       
                         (1) STREPORT 9.39                                
                         (2) AEO_0216.ZIP                                  
                         (3) MAZE                                          
                         (4) DATELINE ATARI 13                            
                         (5) ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE WORKSHOP 2                  
                         (6) GREAT GAMES...                                
                         (7) TWO TOUGHIES!                                 
                         (8) JENS SENDS GAMES!!!                           
                         (9) GLENDALE RTC                                  
                        (10) MASTERBROWSE 2.8A                            
 All of the above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database for at
 least one week after the posting of this list.  Please note  that, for all
 files, a submission is eligible  for the Top 10  list for only four  weeks
 after its original uploading.  The exceptions are on-line magazines, which
 are eligible for only  one week, and press releases and other commercially
 oriented files, which are ineligible.  

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > ATARI UNITED! STR InfoFile              An Invitation....

                        ATARI UNITED DISK MAGAZINE!

 For immediate release:

 Mountain  View,   California--September  29,  1993--ATARI  UNITED! 
 announced that the first regular issue of its DiskMagazine will be 
 released in mid-October, 1993.  A special preliminary issue of the 
 DiskMagazine was released through STeve's Software at the Glendale 
 Atari Show in September.  The magazine will contain news, reviews, 
 press  releases,  program demos,  public domain software  and  any 
 other information that might be of interest to owners of Atari TOS 
 computers.  The  floppy-disk based magazine features an  interface 
 developed  by  Bry Edwards and Scott Ettinger.     The  reader  is 
 compatible with any version of TOS,  from the original STs to  the 
 Falcon030 of today and is readable in any resolution with at least 
 an eighty column display.

 Gordie Meyer,  managing editor of the ATARI UNITED!  DiskMagazine, 
 expects  the  contents to cover a wide range of topics  that  most 
 users in the Atari community will find beneficial.   While a small 
 part  of the community is active online,  and gets word of new  or 
 improved products almost immediately, most Atarians often get that 
 information  weeks or months after it first appears,  if  at  all.  
 The AU!  DiskMagazine is an attempt at bridging that informational 
 gap.    The  DiskMagazine  will  strive to be a  source  of  solid 
 information and support that the average user needs.  It will also 
 focus  on  providing  support  of  user  groups,  with  a  regular 
 "showcase"  column featuring various user groups through  out  the 
 United States.   In addition,  ATARI UNITED!  is offering  blanket 
 permission  to  user  groups to reprint or reproduce  any  or  all 
 contents of the DiskMagazine unless specifically noted  otherwise. 
 This will aid the user groups in putting together newsletters  and 
 disks of the month.
 ATARI UNITED! is seeking advertisers for the DiskMagazine, to keep 
 the  cost  of obtaining the DiskMagazine  at  a  minimum.   Anyone 
 interested  in advertising in/on the DiskMagazine  should  contact 
 Gordie Meyer at one of his addresses listed below.   ATARI UNITED! 
 is  also  looking for volunteer writers,  and  also  welcomes  the 
 submission  of  any  press  releases  related  to  the  Atari  TOS 

 ATARI   UNITED!   DiskMagazine   is   available   for   individual 
 subscription  at  $16.00 a year.   (4  issues  a  year,  published 
 quarterly).   Individual  issues  may  be purchased  at  $4.95  by 
 contacting Gordie Meyer.  User groups that would like to subscribe 
 at  a  special  rate should contact Gordie Meyer  at  the  address 
 listed below.

 For information regarding the DiskMagazine or to subscribe to  the 
 magazine, please contact:

                     ATARI UNITED! DiskMagazine
                            Gordie Meyer
                           P.O. Box 1982
                        Ames, IA  50010-1982

 To subscribe to the ATARI UNITED! DiskMagazine please fill out the 
 information below, enclose a check or money order and mail it in!

 Name (Last, First, MI):  _________________________________________
 Mailing Address:         _________________________________________
 City, State, Zip:        _________________________________________
 Phone Number:            _________________________________________
 Online Address:          _________________________________________

 Computer Model:          ___ 520 ST     ___ 520 STe    ___ TT
                          ___ 1040 ST    ___ 1040 STe   ___ F030
                          ___ Mega ST    ___ Mega STe   

 Computer Serial Number:  _________________________________________

 User Group (if a member):________________________________________

 (     ) Yes!  Please include me in your list of possible  contacts 
 for isolated Atari TOS owners in my area.

 (      ) Also please make my name and address available  to  other 
 Atari related concerns.

 (      ) Please  keep  all information  on  my  registration  form 

 *Note:   Unless  you  specify  otherwise,   ATARI   UNITED!   will 
 automatically register you in the database with your subscription.
 If you do not wish to subscribe to the ATARI UNITED! DiskMagazine, 
 but  do  want to register free of charge,  please send  the  above 
 information to:

                           Patti Barbiero
                            P.O. Box 691
                   Mountain View, CA  94042-0691


 > AVERKEY! STR InfoFile              LEXICOR'S AVERKEY!


 by ADDA Technologies
 from Jong-Ho County, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 We are proud to announce  that we have got direct distribution rights from
 ADDA Technologies for this great piece of Multimedia Hardware.

 The Averkey  is the fitting  Link that bridges your  VGA Signal, be  it TT
 Medium,Falcon  or NOVA Graphics  Board resolution to your  Video System in
 either PAL or NTSC. It has  not only got a Composite Video Output but also
 a S-VHS  Output for  prime quality.  Add your  Television,  VCR and  large
 screen display to your computer hardware.

 Move your  presentation from the  VGA Monitor  to the world  of Video with

 AVerKey features reflect the latest in multimedia hardware design. Through
 its compact size and powerful internal design, the  AVerKey can be quickly
 installed  to convert a  number of  VGA Modes  eg. 640x480 to NTSC  or PAL

 As  an added  feature, the  AVerKey features  a state-of-the-art  built in
 flicker filter.  This filter helps overcome  the inherent flicker problems
 which arise when linking the VGA environment with video.

 The  Averkey  adjustment  control's  the brightness  of  your  TV  (Video)
 Display.   Since VGA scan rates are  almost twice that of a Television the
 display quality of the Television signal is inferior to  that of VGA. This
 is  especially  true of  picture stability  when  displaying  single line.
 Single line  display will  result in television flicker  unless a  flicker
 free function is employed. The AVerKey has such a built-in  "flicker-free"
 feature  which  stabilizes VGA  Graphics  on  a  television  Monitor. This
 feature greatly improves the display quality of your Animations in  either
 Prism Paint,  Da's Vektor,  Chronos, Phoenix or any  other Atari  Software
 that will work in VGA Modes. Besides helping reduce  flicker, this feature
 even further reduces brightness to a comfortable level.

 Price: $289.00 U.S. Dollars.

 Shipping and Tax not included.

 Availability: Now

 System Requirements:

 Any kind of  VGA based System.  This includes  NOVA Graphics  Card and  TT
 Medium.   The  Averkey has  not  been tested  with  any other  Atari Based
 Graphic Card and can therefore not guarantee it running on anything else.


 DOS Software already included, Atari Software available  end of September.
 However  Software is  not required to run  the Averkey.  The Software will
 however  allow the  Averkey to  switch down  its scan  rates to as  low as

 Display Mode Supported:

 All standard VGA Modes.

 640x480 mode  in 256, 32k,  64k or even  24bit in NTSC or  PAL (720x400 in
 NTSC Max.) 800x600  mode if using  Cirrus, CL-GD  6410 VGA  chip or  Tseng
 Labs.  ET-4000 with frequency synthesizer as ICS 2494-237  in PAL. One VGA
 Input Signal (Analog RGB 15 pin display connector, 0.7 Volt p.t.p.)

 Four Output Signals:

 1 x Composite Video, 1.0 Volt peak to peak RCA Jack Connector
 1 x S-VHS Y and C Video, Mini-DIN 4 pin connector
 1 x RGB Output
 1 x Standard VGA card Signal (15 pin)

 FCC Warning:

 It has been  tested and found  to comply  with the  limits for  a class  A
 Computing Device pursuant to subpart  J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are
 designed to provide reasonable protection in a commercial environment.

 Additional hardware to the Averkey:

 Averkey  GENLOCK Board  which  will  allow your  Averkey to  have  Genlock

 Lexicor Software  and ADDA  Technologies are  working closely  together to
 give  you the best possible value  for our Customers. We  Believe that the
 Averkey is  one of  the best  VGA to  Video Scan  Line Converters for  the

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE U.S.
                           1726 Francisco St.
                           Berkeley, CA 94703

                  Tel: (510)848-7621 Fax: (510)848-7613

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE
                             Cottagegasse 69
                              A-1190 Vienna

                   Tel: (1) 36 75 91 Fax: (1) 36 91 787


 > MEGA EDIT STR Review       A superb editor for use in Windows...

                           MEGA EDIT FOR WINDOWS

      While perusing CIS a few days ago, I came across a file that really
 "tripped my trigger".  The file is called Mega Edit.  Why was it so
 tempting"  Easy it provided a powerful text editor for use within Windows.

 It was small, fast and allowed fonts.  A feature, I might add, that's
 usually found in only the large multi-featured full blown word processors.

 After installing this baby, I was so pleased with its overall performance
 and ease of use I had to call the author compliment the program.
      Sure, there are other editors some with many features but nothing
 like Mega Edit is available.  Again, its small uses little resources, fast
 with powerful features.  Get this one if you need a robust text editor for
 use within Windows.  Its the ticket.  

 Some information about Mega Edit and its origins...

 Mega Edit Information

 Contact: Michael Tague [76130,1463]


      Computer Witchcraft, Inc., was created 3 years ago (August).  Mega
 Edit was originally not a separate product at all, but was the editor
 portion of another product now called WinNET (Windows Internet Access
 software/service).  We needed to make it because of the Notepad 64K file
 size limit.  Along the way of creating the editor, we decided that it
 would be a pretty handy application all by itself.  So we took a detour
 from the WinNET project, and completed it as a stand alone application. 
 We added a few additional features: Multiple file opening, Split screen
 viewing/editing, and Unix/DOS/Macintosh import/export that would make it
 more useful as a standalone application.

      The person who actually wrote Mega Edit is our person that does most
 of our Windows application development: Rob Conklin.  We choose to do the
 editor portion of WinNET first because Rob had previously written another
 text editor called Chief for DOS (never released).  Rob's background
 includes an interest in Music and 8 years studying Buddhism with Zen
 center in San Francisco.

 Future Plans:

      We gladly accept suggestions (and bug reports) for customers and
 users.  We use these lists to direct much of our future development.  We
 have plans to continue improving Mega Edit and possibly moving it into
 Compound documents (RTF, etc) handling along with our WinNET product.  

      A REGISTER.TXT file is included with Mega Edit which is a form for
 registering the product.  A copy of the registration form in the Mega Edit
 help. Registered users receive the latest copy of Mega Edit on diskette, a
 copy of the manual on Diskette, and a copy of WinNET.  The registration
 price is: $35.50 for a single user license.  Shipping and handling is
 $3.50 US,  $5.00 Canada, and $9.00 all other countries. 

      Our WinNET application is a windows application that we distribute as
 shareware though there is no fee per se for the software.  It is available
 on CompuServe from the WINSHARE forum, General Win Apps sectarian as the
 file WNMAIL.ZIP.  Since it is fairly large, about 600K, we have a text
 file also on CompuServe in the WINSHARE forum called WNMAIL.TXT which
 provides more information about WinNET.  

                         Computer Witchcraft, Inc.
                          330F Distillery Commons
                         Lousiville, KY 40206-1919
                            Phone: 502-589-6800
                           Fax:     502-589-7300
                           CompuServe: 76130,1463

 We accept Mega Edit registration orders via Mail, Fax, Phone, or E-Mail.

 ps; more next week about Mega Edit.... Ed.



                      MUSTANG SOFTWARE - GOOD STUFF!!

      This past week, Mustang Software provided this author with some very
 pleasant surprises.  The updates to their superb communications software
 Qmodem Pro, QMGATE and OLX the offline reader, arrived and I must say its
 a powerhouse!  The installation of the updates was a smooth as silk.  Easy
 to follow directions and quickly done.  Once the program was booted, It
 was immediately evident that a great deal of thought went into this
 upgrade.  I had a relatively new QMPRO and a fast, surefooted offline
 messaging system for all of Compuserve.  The QWK compatible packets
 generated by QMGATE use the archiver of your choice.  The setup menu to
 facilitate the installation of the various forums on Compuserve is a piece
 of cake to use.  The passes this program makes on CIS are quick thus
 saving the user some money.  Below is listed a number of the enhancements
 and improvements to the program ensemble.  This is good stuff!! 

 There were new QMGATE.EXE, QMGATE.DOC and QMGATE.HLP files released with
 v1.51. These file are included in the 1.51 update and should be placed
 in your QmodemPro home directory.  Please refer to QMGATE.DOC for full
 details on the new QMGATE program that supports CIS forum messages.  In
 addition, a new script file CISSETUP.SCR is included which should be
 placed in your script directory.

 This balance of this file contains changes made in QmodemPro/OLX since
 v1.0 in reverse chronological order,

 If you intend to make use of the new RIPscrip terminal emulation for
 graphics, please read the section on RIP below for v1.50 and 1.51.

 There is a new QMGate release with v1.51 that handles Forum messages.
 See the separate documentation file QMGATE.DOC which is in your
 QmodemPro directory (for those installing for the first time), or as a
 part of the downloadable file QMGATE.ZIP, available to those upgrading
 from prior releases.

 *  A conversion program is always being updated that converts Procomm
    Plus v1.1, Procomm Plus v2.0, Telix 3.x and Boyan 5.x. The latest
    version of the program is available for download from the MSI HQ BBS
    and is called FONCVT.ZIP.  This file is also available on the online
    services where MSI support is available.  See your Customer Access
    booklet for additional information on these online services.

 QmodemPro v1.51

 -  Added support in QMGATE for downloading CompuServe forum messages.
    See QMGATE.DOC for full documentation.

 -  Added a [QmGate] button to the Alt+D dialog that will execute QMGATE
    if it is located in the QMPRO.EXE directory.  Also shortened the
    [Read New Mail] to just [Read New] and shortened the [Send Replies] to
    just [Send Rep] to make room for the new button.

 -  Added a new command line switch /NODVMOUSE.  This allows DV users to
    run QMPro full screen in RIP mode and get a graphic mouse cursor.
    It actually overrides the DESQview detection code that makes use of
    the Quarterdeck mouse API calls, which cannot display a graphic mouse.
    This switch should be used with all versions of DV and DV/X.

 -  Added support for placing the RIP icons for each dialing directory
    entry in separate areas.  The phonebook Revise entry dialog now has
    a field for the ICONS subdirectory name for RIP support.  If this field
    is filled in, icons for a particular BBS can be stored there.  This 8
    character field references the name of a subdirectory created beneath
    the phonebook subdirectory.  For example, if the icon entries for the
    MSI HQ BBS is set to MSIBBS and the entry for XYZ BBS is set to XBBS,
    and the phonebook is the default QMPRO.FON, the directory tree will
    look like:

      C:\          (root directory)
      CQMPRO       (main QMPRO directory)
      3CB QMPRO    (directory named after phonebook)
      33C MSIBBS   (directory for MSI HQ BBS icons)
      33C XBBS     (directory for XYZ BBS icons)

    If the ICON field is left blank, the master ICONS directory will be

    If the ICONS field is filled in and the requested icon does not exist
    there, it will check the master ICONS directory before declaring it
    cannot be found.

    If you change the name of the Icons directory, the icons are moved to  
    the new directory name and the old one is deleted.

    Alt-D/Delete dialog now has an additional checkbox to allow deleting   
    just the icons associated with the entry.  The Icons and Icon Dir will 
    not be deleted if another entry in the phonebook references the same   
    Icon Directory. You will get a confirmation message box to this effect 
    if this happens.

 -  Support for ASCII transfers has been added to the Host mode.  To allow
    this,  ASCII Dnlding has been modified to include a 60 second timeout
    feature.  If 60 seconds elapses from the last character received, the
    download will be considered "finished" and the file closed.  This is in
    addition to the standard ^Z EOF character to signal the end of

 -  Upgraded RIP support to level 01.54.

 -  Altered the RIP mouse to reappear much faster after painting a screen
    than in prior releases.

 -  The RIP Palette is now preserved between text/graphic mode switches.

 -  Fixed a bug in the RIP DEFINE_QUERY modes 1 & 2.  It's been discovered
    that the deferred query modes 1 and 2 remain active until specifically
    turned off, and that both can be enabled at the same time.  The RIP
    specification does NOT indicate that is how it works, but that -is-
    how they are supposed to work.  Now they do.

 -  Made RIPscrip sounds honor the Beeps & Bells toggle.

 -  Fixed RIP support for MONO VGA Display adapters.  The effect was
    that while in RIP mode, any switch back to a text screen was blank.

 -  Fixed RIP support so that it correctly switches to a 43/50 line text
    mode as needed during text operations.  Before, it would switch back
    to a 25 line mode and most dialogs would be split in half at the bottom
    of the screen.

 -  Quicklearning a script that starts in RIP or switches to RIP was adding
    a line GRAPHICS RIP that was failing when executed.  This is now fixed
    with the correct Graphics keyword being RIP instead of RIPSCRIP.

 -  Killed two birds with one stone.  The RIP text mode was always getting
    set back to the default color and the QMPRO.EMU was being updated
    every time QmPro ran.  Once I fixed the latter, the former cleared

 -  RIP Radio Buttons had a problem when the SaveMouseFields and
    RestoreMouseFields were used.  They were being redrawn with multiple
    buttons selected for the same group, and the templates were being sent
    for the selected buttons.

 -  Added code to save and restore the Palette between Text and Graphic
    mode switches for one case which was overlooked.

 -  Memory requirements for QmPro have been reduced about 20K to make more
    available for RIP graphics.

 -  Fixed a screen glitch when the hardware video is set to 50 line mode
    during startup.  Also made Alt+2 recognize the startup video mode.

 -  Fixed problem where the mouse could disappear after seeing the warning
    dialog "Carrier detected, sent modem init?".

 -  Made several fixes to the RPI Interface.  Some UART registers were
    not being set back when RPI was unloaded.  Unloading the V42.DRV module
    after the connection was dropped was incorrect causing the memory to be
    "used up" & not returned to the HEAP.  The net effect was that you
    could connect once using RPI, but the next attempt rewarded you with a
    dialog that said "V42.DRV not loaded" and then a hang.

 -  Fixed a phonebook load problem when Config/Phonebook specified a full
    drive:\path to the default phonebook to load.

 -  Fixed a bug in the download "overwrite?" dialog where if you answered
    yes, it would go ahead and do an auto-increment if that was checked.
    Now, the file is erased and overwritten correctly.

 -  Fixed the Script GET, GETR, GETN and GETNR.  Basically, they now match
    the documentation for Input and Output directives.
 -  Made a fix to the VT emulations.  There are some color codes that are
    used with VT220 and VT320 emulation set/reset txt attributes 
    Underline, Blink, Bold, & Invisible.  Since QmPro has specific
    colors assigned to each of these, it is not possible to combine them to
    produce a unique color & allow for resetting the attributes.  What was
    happening was that an Underline code could be received, the color would
    be changed to the defined underline color (Config/Emul/Colors), but
    would become "mangled" when the "Turn off Underline" code was received.

    So, any of the "Turn Off" attribute commands will now reset the
    screen color to the Normal color as if the ^[[0m command had been

 -  Added support for some "weird" VT emulation esc sequences that a VAX
    may generate.  Specifically, the ESC [Pc G  command for ANSI absolute 
    cursor column positioning within a line.  Others have been stripped to
    prevent garbage displaying on the screen.

 -  WYSE-50 emulation had two problems.  1) the Protect Mode flags were
    reversed.  2) setting a cursor mode after the cursor was turned off did
    not turn the cursor back on.

 -  Made a fix to the NASI/NACS preference dialog to handle Server, General
    and Specific names that contain an Underscore "_" character.  QmPro was
    stripping these making the connection require wildcard selections.

 -  Fixed the Dialer when trying to dial a FAX so the No Connect strings
    would be detected.  I.E. BUSY, NO DIALTONE etc.

 -  Fixed Phonebook sorting where GROUP files might be lost if QmPro is run
    from a different drive than the drive where the original Group files
    are stored.

 -  Fixed a Status Msg dialog that pops up in the Dialer that could hang a
    script waiting for a response.  If scripting, these info type of
    dialogs will now be skipped.

 -  New HLP and LNG files with this release to keep them current with the
    changes and new additions.

 OLX v1.51 (note MAJOR version number change)

 -  OLX version number changed to 1.51 to match QmPro.  Registration
    number removed from tagline.

 -  When forwarding a message to another conference, the originating
    BBS name is also included.

 -  If the internal unzipper can't unpack a QWK packet then the external
    unzipper will automatically be tried.

 -  Fixed problems with large numbers of conferences (above about 4500).

 -  Internet address book entries are now automatically supported.

 -  New macro @INBOX will copy any message to your Inbox.

 -  Added support for OLX to work with QMGate and deal with merged
    QWK packets.

 -  Added support for Usenet style headers in the message body.

 -  Fixed the personal mail beep so it beeps when a message is
    addressed to your name in the QWK packet rather than your name
    in the registration information.

 -  Added support for PCBoard 15.0 return receipts.

 -  Added a @FOLDER macro for function keys to provide a way to quickly
    open a folder.

 -  Added a switch in config to turn on and off word wrap of long messages.

 -  Added a switch in config for skipping of messages that have already
    been read.

 -  Fixed ANSI music support so it can be aborted with a keypress.

 QmodemPro v1.50

 Manuals dated 6/1/93 on the title page contain almost all the information
 listed below this point, and are current through v1.50.  The newest RIP
 commands for the script language are the only items not included in the
 6/1/93 manuals.

 -  Added full support for RIPscrip graphics including mouse support from
    remote.  To activate RIP set the terminal emulation for the terminal
    or any dialing directory entry to RIP.

    Note that RIP makes use of EGA graphics and may not be used on
    systems without EGA capability.

    Attention DESQview users.  QmodemPro fully utilizes the DESQview
    mouse API to allow the mouse to be active in multiple re-sized
    DESQview windows.  However, the DESQview mopuse API does not provide
    a method of switching to EGA graphics mode and continuing to make use
    of the mouse.  If you intend to make use of the mouse in RIP
    emulation you must either leave DESQview and run QmodemPro from DOS
    or use DESQview/X which fully supports switching to a graphical mouse
    cursor.  We regret this situation, and are working with Quarterdeck
    Office Systems for an alternative solution.

    QmodemPro switches from text to graphics mode automatically when
    triggered by a RIP-capable host, and can be manually switched back by
    pressing the menu key, Alt Z.  This switch is very quick except when
    running under Windows.  When Windows is detected, the RIP switching
    between text and graphics takes a little longer because it has to
    write the graphics screen contents to a file and then restore it when
    it switches back. Non-windows users will not experience this disk
    write delay.

 -  Quicklearn fully supports recording of RIP screens including mouse
    clicks, for playback.  Two new Script commands have been added,

       RIPKEY [character]  This is the HOTKEY character of a Rip Button
       if one exists on the graphics screen.  During playback, it will
       simulate pressing the hotkey for that character and the button
       will execute.

       RIPMOUSE [X coord] [Y coord]  This records the position of the
       mouse pointer when the mouse is clicked on a mouse button or mouse
       region. During playback, it will simulate moving the mouse pointer
       to the x,y coordinates specified and clicking the left mouse

 -  Fixed a long-standing bug in the Script processor when it had to deal
    with WAITFOR commands that used expanded Ctrl character sequences.
    It was possible for Quicklearn to Record a Script that it could not
    play back correctly.  I found this when dealing with the new RIP
    script commands above.

 -  A red dashed box appears on the screen when a RIP ICON Load command
    is received but does not exist in your ICONS directory.

 -  The button support in RIP mode acts just like Windows and QmPro
    Dialogs.  Holding the mouse button down and moving off the button,
    will "unclick", and moving back on the button will "re-click" it. If
    you release the mouse button when it is "unclicked", the command is

 -  Changes were made to the FAX code and timing to allow it to operate
    better with a wider variety of FAX modems.

 -  Added remote/local printer support to VT100, VT102, VT220 and VT320.
    The new commands now supported include ESC[4i, ESC[5i, ESC[0i,
    ESC[?1i, ESC[?4i, ESC[?5i, ESC[?19h, ESC[?19l, ESC[?18h, ESC[?18l.

 -  Fixed a bug in the VTxxx emulation color code ESC[0m to reset the
    correct color.

 -  Added support for the Doorway Remote Printer redirection in ANSI and
    RIP modes.  Redirection prints to the defined printer (or file) as
    defined in Config/Files/Filename/Printer ID.

 -  Made a minor tweak to the Ymodem/G Upload process to catch the first
    "G" from a remote a little quicker.  Should save 3-5 seconds in the
    startup phase.

 -  Added a "/NOLOGO" command line option.  This will skip the ANSI logo
    and delay when QmPro is loaded.

 -  Corrected a problem with the Shell to DOS code.  If a system has a
    16550 and it was enabled in the Device config, after a Shell it was
    not being re-enabled.  This also affected some external protocols.

 -  Users who are connecting to the J&L NCS Int14 Servers can now use the
    ArtiCom Interface for correct connections.  J&L use a slight
    variation of the Int14 standard, and with a small tweak to the
    ArtiCom, it works for both systems.

 -  Included the new RPI software V.42bis and MNP5 support for those 2400
    baud modems that can take advantage of it.  This requires the V42.DRV
    file to be located in the same directory as QMPRO.EXE.

 -  Included support for NCSI/ACS} network interface.  This is a slight
    variation to the NASI/NACS code.

 -  Fixed the problem with the CIS B+ downloads not switching to the
    Default DL Directory automatically.

 -  Fixed a script STRING bug that's been in there since the dawn of time.
    If a master script called a nested script used the STRING command many
    times, the duplicate definitions were not caught and caused the string
    table to overflow.  Now, when a nested script uses the STRING command,
    if the string already exists it is cleared.  If it doesn't, it is added
    to the String table.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

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 MODEM  MADNESS has  descended on  GEnie-MUG; everyone  seems to be  in the
 market for a newer,  faster, better modem with more features. What  do you
 want?  More speed---like 9600 baud, or even 14,400 baud? Fax capabilities,
 so  your  Macintosh can  send  and receive  facsimiles,  just  like a  fax
 machine?  Caller ID,  so you  know who's  calling before  you pick  up the
 phone? All of these features are  available in a new breed of modems. Also
 popular are stripped-down bargain modems, without status lights or a  high
 price. Find  out about  all of  this modem  madness in  GEnie-MUG bulletin
 board category 31 ("HARDWARE: Communication and Networks Hardware"), topic
 38 ("What Modem should I buy?")!

 KARL BUNKER IS KEEPING BUSY with a new Mac game, FloorTiles! FloorTiles is
 similar  to  Tetris  and  Columns,  but  is  _not_  a  copy of  either  of
 those---it's a totally unique and original game, where you play four-color
 tiles on  a grid  and try  match colors  with already-placed  tiles.  It's
 simple to learn, but fun and challenging to play. This game was originally
 on the Apple  IIgs, where I played it, and  got lots of good  reviews. You
 need quick  thinking, quick  reflexes,  256 colors,  and System  6.0.3  or
 later. It's shareware, and  available  now in the GEnie-MUG library! Check
 out  FloorTiles, file  #30227. (To  enter the   GEnie-MUG  libraries, type
 "m605;3" and then "6" to download a file.)

 IF YOU USE AUTODOUBLER,  you should check out the AutoDoubler patcher  now
 available in  the GEnie-MUG  libraries. This small file  does nothing  but
 patch your copy of AutoDoubler,  fixing a handful of bugs and changing the
 version to 2.0.2 in the process. It's not life-or-death but rather, a darn
 good  idea. The AutoDoubler 2.0.2 patcher is file  #30223 in the GEnie-MUG
 libraries, and it's available now!

 SPEAKING OF  FABULOUS GAMES,  Chuck Yeager  (the man  who broke  the sound
 barrier)  has a  new game out, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat! The demo version
 of  this  game  is now  available  in  the GEnie-MUG  libraries  for  your
 enjoyment. You can  fly a test  flight or  create a  mission and  dogfight
 against other planes. (Because this  is a demo version, the flying time is
 limited to two minutes.) You can view the 'historic missions' available in
 the real  Air Combat, but not  fly them. The  film recording  and playback
 screens work fully, so you  can review your flights and save them to disk.
 Exciting, huh? Check  out the demo version  of Chuck Yeager's  Air Combat,
 file #30218 in the GEnie-MUG libraries. (The real version of the  software
 should be in software stores this week, from Electronic Arts.)

 POWERBOOK  DUO OWNERS  have been  asking for  feedback. Not  feedback like
 "your hair  looks good but would  be better  swept to the  left" or  "Your
 thesis  sentence  is  smart  but  the  body  needs  work,"  but   keyclick
 feedback---so when a key is pressed on the Duo, a sound is  heard! On most
 Macs,  the keyboard  clicks audibly  quite well  but  the Duo  keyboard is
 quiet,  which can  be disconcerting.   What you need is  KeyClicks, a tiny
 (2k!!) Control Panel that does it all for you. To  add clicks to your keys
 (not cliques---that would change  the key grouping), download file #30215,
 KeyClicks v1.0.

 MONOCHROME AND  GREY-SCALE types  need their  place in  the sun,  too, and
 GEnie  MUG is  here for  them. A  new topic  has  been started  to discuss
 monochrome and grey-scale  monitors, that  is, monitors that  only display
 black and  white, or that  can show  shades of grey---but  no color. These
 monitors  are popular with desktop-publishing types, as well as those on a
 budget and people who do nothing but word processing (like screenwriters).
 GEnie-MUGger Brian  Schantz was  looking for  a NuBus  card to run  an old
 grey-scale monitor he had; see his  message (and the helpful  response) in
 the  GEnie-MUG bulletin board, category 34  ("HARDWARE: Monitors and Video
 Cards"), topic 10 ("Monochrome/Grey-Scale monitors").

 THAT'S ALL for this week.  Until next week, continue to rock 'n' roll with


 > From the MAC Editor's Desk             

 by Randy Noak

                        IRON HELIX  -- A CD-ROM Game

      It is the year 2378. You are  on board the Science Ship, Indiana when
 you receive a Priority 1 Alert Intercept Action Distress Beacon - Code Red
 . The SS Jeremiah Obrian, a Cerberus  Class Destroyer, is heading for  the
 No  Fly Zone, unmanned,  and programmed to destroy  the Thanatosian planet
 Calliope. The  ship is infected with  a virus that has wiped  out the crew
 and a Defender Robot stands ready to destroy any who would attempt to stop
 the Obrian from completing her deadly mission. You have received the Alert
 Beacon,  and  you  are  humanity's  last hope  to  avert  an interstellar,
 interspecies war.

      That is, in a nutshell,  what the game is about. Believe me, it reads
 easier than it  plays. For starters,  since the  ship is  infected with  a
 deadly virus and  you can't personally  enter, all you have  available for
 your attempts to stop the Obrian is  a Darwin 5 Probe, a low-tech, unarmed
 science  probe.  Second,  that Defender  robot  is _nasty_,  especially in
 levels above Level  1. Third, there are four phases  to the game that must
 be completed in order, under a time limit.

      The  first phase consists  of  gathering three  different DNA samples
 from high-ranking crew members. Since the crew members  are dead, you must
 use  your Probe to search throughout the  ship for traces of  DNA that the
 crew might  have deposited in  their last  hours. The Probe  has a scanner
 that will tell  you the direction  of DNA in it's  immediate area, but  be
 forewarned, not  all DNA you locate  will help you  in stopping  the ship,
 it's  got to  be  the right  crew member's  DNA,  and there  is  even some
 non-human  DNA scattered  about  just to  make things  interesting.     Of
 course, while  you are  trying to  find DNA samples,  the ship's  Defender
 robot is hunting  your Probe.

      Once  you have  located  the  proper DNA  samples, the  second  phase
 consists of locating  video clues to, first, stopping the  Defender robot,
 and second, stopping the  ship. You use your Darwin 5  Probe to search the
 video terminals  for video clues left by the crew  of the Obrian. When you
 approach a  terminal that  contains a video message,  your Darwin  control
 panel will issue the alert, "Message in Data Port." Plug the Darwin's Data
 Arm into the port  and a  video from one  of the crew,  recorded in  their
 final hours, will play.

      The  third phase is shutting  down the Defender robot by entering the
 proper codes into the computer  at the proper place on the  ship. It would
 be  nice (and  much easier)  if you could just  destroy the  Obian at this
 time, but the Defender Robot has been programmed to over ride any commands
 that might jeopardize the mission.  By this time, the Defender will be hot
 on your tail, so speed is of the essence.

      The  fourth, and final  phase, consists of issuing  the self-destruct
 codes to  the Obrian  before she can  complete her mission  of wiping  out
 Calliope.   The code can  only be used in certain places  on the ship, but
 hurry.  The code to shut  down the Defender robot is  only effective for 5
 minutes! After  that, it  is on the  prowl again,  ready to  wipe out your
 Probe. Issue  the proper  code though, and  the ship  will destroy itself,
 after  which  you will  receive  a  congratulatory  message  directly from
 Admiral Arback.

      Moving to the higher levels makes for a different game. The clues are
 in different places and  there are fewer of them, thus making  them harder
 to find.  Not only that, but the  Defender robot is much faster and harder
 to  elude because  whenever you  open  a door  or  access a  dataport, the
 Defender   will move  to  that location.You've  got to be on  your toes! I
 still  haven't completed  level  2 (and  Admiral Arback  is _real_  mad at
 me<g>.)  I can  only imagine  that  higher levels  will provide  even more
 challenge and fun.

      I'm not much of a gamer, but when I saw the demo for this game, I was
 intrigued by it's realism, so, when I won the game in one of the GEnie Mac
 User  Group RT Conferences, I was  looking forward to playing  it. After I
 received the game (designed by Drew Pictures for Spectrum Holobyte), I was
 happy that it lived up to Spectrum Holobyte's well-deserved reputation for
 quality.  From the packaging, to the  manual, to game itself,  all set the
 stage for a game that one could, "get into".  

      Everyone to whom I've shown the game has been  "wowed" by the realism
 of the 3D graphics, gameplay  and the videos incorporated into the game. I
 got through the game at  level 1 in about  5-6 hours of interrupted  play.
 Waiting  for  the CD  to catch  up  with the  action was  minimal  and not
 intrusive. I considered  the small wait times to be  time for the probe to
 assess and  relay data  back to the  Indiana. After all,  the manual  does
 state that the probe was manufactured using low-tech hardware. 

      Speaking of the manual,  I found that it really  set the tone of  the
 times and the game for me. It's well-written and informative, covering the
 background  of the era, operation  of the Obrian, the  Defender robot, and
 the Darwin 5 probe,  crew bios and game operation One question:  Are those
 pictures of the "crew" really personnel at Drew Pictures?

      This is  a fun game,  made more so  by the care taken by  the gang at
 Drew Pictures to  ensure a realistic  game. I  highly recommend  it as  an
 example of state-of-the-art CD gaming.

 Equipment used: 
                         Performa 450 with 12 megs 
                           Performa Plus monitor 
                             Apple cd300e drive

                                IRON HELIX 

                               Drew Pictures 
                              P.O. Box 883804 
                        San Francisco, CA 94188-3804

                                NEWTON NEWS

      Apple's  Newton  MessagePad looks  like  it  is well  on  the  way to
 becoming a success. Apple  just announced that they  have sold over 50,000
 in the first few  months. With Sharp marketing the Newton under  their own
 name, I'd bet that close to 100,000 combined have been sold. If this keeps
 up, year's  end will  see around  a half-million Newtons  in the  public's
 hands. Here's a press release courtesy of GEnie's GE-MUG RoundTable:


 Apple Ships Standalone Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh Windows Version
 Debuts This Fall

 CUPERTINO,  California--September  28,  1993--Apple Computer,  Inc., today
 announced that it has begun shipping the standalone Newton Connection  Kit
 for  the Macintosh. The Newton Connection Kit makes it simple and easy for
 people to exchange  information between a Newton MessagePad Communications
 Assistant and  millions  of Macintosh  personal computers.  With the  kit,
 users can connect   their Newton MessagePad to an Apple Macintosh computer
 in  order to create,  view, edit,  synchronize, and  back up  their Newton
 MessagePad information.  The kit includes  a complementary  set of  Newton
 applications for the  Apple Macintosh. These applications  allow users  to
 create or  modify their MessagePad  information on the Macintosh  desktop.
 Apple's  "Smart  Synchronization"  technology enables  information  to  be
 synchronized  and  updated automatically  between  the  Macintosh  and the
 Newton MessagePad when the two are connected. 

 Newton developers are  provided with interfaces which enable them  to take
 advantage of this "Smart Synchronization" capability, allowing third party
 Newton   applications  to   have  full   connectivity  with   the  desktop
 environment. "The Newton Connection Kit makes it even easier for people to
 integrate the power of Newton technology into their lives", said Ken Wirt,
 director of  marketing for Apple's Personal  Interactive Electronics (PIE)
 division.  "By linking  personal computer  and MessagePad  information, we
 allow people to extend the value of both their Macintosh systems and their
 MessagePads. We  believe nationwide availability of  the Newton Connection
 Kit will accelerate  the sales momentum we've already established  for the
 Newton MessagePad."  Newton  Connection  for the  Macintosh  automatically
 creates a back  up version  of Newton MessagePad information  on the  hard
 disk of  a Macintosh  for safekeeping. In addition,  it tracks  previously
 synchronized information  which may have  been deleted on the  MessagePad,
 and automatically stores  it in an archive file. Using  Newton Connection,
 users  can employ  their Macintosh  to install  optional packages  such as
 system updates and applications on their MessagePad.  

 Apple also announced that the Newton Connection Kit v 2.00 (formerly known
 as  Newton Connection  Pro)  will  allow users  to synchronize  and  share
 information between  existing Macintosh  desktop applications  and  Newton
 applications running  on the  MessagePad.  Newton Connection  v 2.00  will
 enable MessagePad information--notes, letters, name-cards, to-do lists and
 appointments--to  be  shared  with  common  desktop  personal  information
 management (PIM), word-processing, spreadsheet and  database applications.
 Newton Connection v 2.00, expected  to be available later  this year, will
 enable  users  to  access  and  edit MessagePad  information  using common
 desktop  applications.   Apple  will  offer all  registered  purchasers of
 Newton Connection  v 1.00  a  free upgrade  to Newton  Connection v  2.00.
 Customers  who  received a  complementary preview  version  of  the Newton
 Connection  Kit at MacWorld Expo in Boston in early August, 1993 will also
 be entitled to free upgrades to Newton  Connection versions 1.00 and 2.00.
 The standalone Newton Connection v 1.00 for Macintosh was rolled out today
 across  the  United  States,  and  is expected  be  available  in computer
 retailers,   campus  resellers,  consumer  electronics   stores  and  K-12
 institutions.    Earlier  in  September  the  Newton  Connection  Kit  for
 Macintosh shipped nationwide, bundled with the Newton MessagePad. 

 The Windows version of the Newton Connection Kit is being designed jointly
 by  Apple Computer  and  Traveling  Software of  Bothell (WA)  for  Newton
 MessagePad connectivity  to personal computers  running Microsoft Windows.
 Newton Connection for Windows, which was shown for the first time in early
 August at the MacWorld Expo launch of  the Newton MessagePad, is scheduled
 to   be  available   this  fall.   The  Newton   MessagePad,  a   handheld
 communications assistant that  allows people to gather, manage,  and share
 information with tremendous ease and spontaneity, was introduced on August
 2,  1993 at the MacWorld Expo  in Boston, and shipped  nationwide on Labor
 Day.  More than  20  developers  have announced  products for  the  Newton
 MessagePad,  and many  more  developers  are in  the process  of  creating
 innovative  new applications  for  the system.  Apple launched  the Newton
 MessagePad  in the  UK on  September  16, 1993  at  the Live  '93 Consumer
 Electronics Show in  London. With the UK  launch of the Newton MessagePad,
 Apple  expands the  number of  companies that  support Newton  Technology.
 Alcatel,   British   Telecom,   Deutsche   Telekom,    and   GEC   Plessey
 Semiconductors, announced that  they intend to integrate Newton technology
 in  future  devices.  These  companies  join  Sharp, Motorola,  Matsushita
 Electronics, Cirrus  Logic, LSI  Logic, and  Siemens/Rolm in  the  growing
 family  of companies which  line up behind Apple's  Newton technology. The
 MessagePad  is  the  first  in  a  family  of  products  based  on  Newton
 technology: others will be introduced  in the future by both Apple and its

      Finally, here  is a  bit  of advice  and  wisdom from  Kent  Fillmore
 (DRACO) of GEnie's GE-MUG RT:

 GE-MUG (Macintosh) RoundTable
 Category 28,  Topic 1
 Message 52        Wed Sep 29, 1993
 DRACO [Kent]                 at 01:38 EDT

 IF... you enjoy reading manuals... a LOT of manuals,

 IF... you like loading files to configure your system for almost
       every application,

 IF... you thrill to the constant threat of rampant virus attacks,

 IF... you want to feel that rush of mastery when you finally get your
       system working correctly (regardless of how long or short),

 IF... you feel like a REAL computer user because you are forced
       to master an arcane command line language,

 THEN: get a PC.

 ELSE: get a Mac and have a BALL!




 That's it  for this week. As  always, your comments  are most appreciated.
 Contact me either through STReport or; 

                          Compuserve: 70323,1031 
                               GEnie: R.NOAK 
                         America OnLine: RandyNoak


 > MORE SMOKE & MIRRORS! STR FOCUS!    Will they ever learn?  NOPE!

                           A MUCH CLEARER PICTURE

 An editorial..
 by Ralph F. Mariano

      Many  times through the  course of history, both  modern and ancient,
 adversaries found a need to attempt to make things  appear to be something
 they  are not.   This  is a  most definitive  case of  just such  a thing.
 Nathan Potechin, the Nathan of the Nathan & Darlah Show, recent "ex-Darlah
 Sysop, head of DMC/ISD and the self anointed "expert"  in all matters over
 which he "thinks"  he reigns, has finally blown it  big time.  Its kind of
 sad  to see  as it is  signalling the end  of an era of  the _slickest_ of
 slick Willies.   While he continues  to make all  sorts of  deliberate and
 calculated moves  to obscure  the real  truths of  what's going on  in the
 Lexicor/STRT/IAAD Fiasco, he is merely convincing those who were impartial
 to become more convinced that a true, "Conflict of Interest" existed. 
      Since we are in the midst  of deciphering ALL the data we now have on
 hand, (including the actual FTC documentation), we will reserve making any
 comments pro or con relative to the Lexicor/STRT/IAAD Fiasco.  Instead, we
 shall provide  irrefutable proof  totally contradicting the  "fanticizing,
 ranting and  raving" Nathan saw fit  to post recently  both on  Delphi and


 #: 43866 S14/ST REPORT
     28-Sep-93  10:07:20
 Sb: Distortion
 Fm: Nathan @ DMC Publishing 76004,2246
 To: ALL

 An open letter to interested Atari customers - September 28, 1993

 As many of you are probably aware, I have nothing but contempt for
 STReport hich includes Ralph Mariano, Lloyd Pulley and Dana Jacobson. As
 some of you are also aware, the Atari Roundtables on GEnie are managing
 to survive quite nicely without aving to tolerate them. I used to feel
 personally that they served some purpose but lately, over a year already,
 absolutely nothing positive or contructive, of benefit to the Atari
 community at large, has come out of the pages of STReport, in spite of
 what Ron Luks would have you believe. :-) I suppose all the concentration
 on the Atari Forums makes STReport worthwhile for Luks. Ralph should
 simply call it the Silicon Times Atari Forum on Compuserve Report and be
 done with it. :-).  As a rule, I simply ignore their nonsense, and it is
 nonsense. If I thought that STReport spoke for the Atari community at
 large I would leave the platform in disgust. I don't believe they
 represent much of anything so I treat them with the contempt they


      It never ceases to amaze one about how much  STReport gets under your
      skin!  Are you sure you are describing  exactly how you feel?  You're
      not holding  anything  back  now are  you?    Since you  "NEVER  READ
      STReport" it must be difficult for you to say  these things with such
      exuberance.  Forget accuracy.  Actually, for the most part,  STReport
      is  quite constructve.    The  problem  you  have  is  that  its  not
      constructive in  your favor!  Instead, its  extremely constructive in
      exposing  the  games   playing  that's  quite  prevalent  in  certain
      "circles".   Quite  accurately,  I might  add.   Of  course  you know
      that...   Else,  you would not  be "blowing your stack"  they way you


 Mariano tried repeatedly to intimidate my wife, Darlah. She is more than a
 match for him. The end result is that he is no longer a participant on
 GEnie.  No loss. Ralph is determined to "get her" any way that he can in
 revenge for someone actually daring to stand up to him.


      Intimidate??  You DID say "intimidate".  Yes that's right you did.  I
      might add that  Darlah WROTE THE BOOK on  INTIMIDATION.  She held the
      categories, topics  and flags  over STReport's head for  YEARS!   And
      does it  without hesitation to most  anybody in the STRT.  Lexicor is
      the  most recent  of folks  abused by  the "master  of intimidation";


 I have stated repeatedly that I have nothing to do with the Atari
 Roundtables on GEnie. My wife, however, is the contract holder (same as
 Luks, here) and Darlah runs that RT. She is VERY good at her job and very


      Are  you sure you WANT to SAY  you have "nothing to  do with..."  Try
      THAT  nonsense with  someone else.   It  won't work  now ..NOT  EVER!
      There  is no denying that Darlah is  successful at what she does.  In
      fact,  you have been quite  a help to  her.  But  then, you certainly
      don't want  any of  the "credit"  at this point in  time now  do you?
      That... would  be counter productive and solidly substantiate many of
      the claims  being made.   One  question though,  HOW DO  YOU  EXPLAIN

 ITEM (1)
 In Email message:
 Item    2395608                 92/10/29        16:17
 From:   POTECHIN                        Nathan Potechin
 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano
 cc:     DARLAH                          Darlah J. Potechin, Atari RTs

 Sub: Misc.

 (Paraphrased, complete copy of text available upon demand) 

      You tell me you just got off the phone with Darlah and advise, no...
 insist that I submit my proposal in writing to Darlah.  You virtually
 guarantee I'll obtain favorable results.  Clearly this shows your active
 participation in the STRT's daily activities.


 Item (2)
 In Email message:
 Item    0963041                 92/10/23        23:54
 From:   POTECHIN                        Nathan Potechin
 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano
 cc:     DARLAH                          Darlah J. Potechin, Atari RTs

 Sub: STR842

 (Paraphrased, complete copy of text available upon demand) 

      You thank me for more realistic coverage of the STRT.  But.. at the
 same time, you hammer STReport for the signup hype afforded CIS and Delphi
 as opposed to that for GEnie's STRT.  You then go on to point out an
 excerpt from an editorial commenting about how the early Falcons went to
 only those developers who import products from Europe... you cite Dynacadd
 as being your product and that its fully developed in Canada.  You then
 ask, incredibly, that I not compare Dynacadd with Hotwire.  

 Item (3)
 In an Email Message:
 From:   DARLAH                          Darlah J. Potechin, Atari RTs
 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano
         DARLAH                          Darlah J. Potechin, Atari RTs

 Sub: Get Real!

 Reply:  Item #9576271 from ST.REPORT    on 92/12/01 at 10:25

 (Paraphrased, complete copy of text available upon demand) 

      Darlah points to the fact that you (Nathan) had opinions to render
 relative to certain posts by Jim Ness and the fact they were in Streport
 for that week.  While she claimed it was not a "witch hunt", she states
 Nathan "saw something" ....

 Item (4)
 In an Email message:
 Item    5983731                 93/01/24        10:17
 From:   POTECHIN                        Nathan Potechin
 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano
 cc:     ST$                             Atari Roundtable Sysops

 Sub: Advertising

 (Paraphrased, complete copy of text available upon demand) 

      You demanded that since the ad for ABCO in STReport was carrying
 information about non-atari products, you would not release any further
 issues of STReport until the ad for the "non-atari" products was removed.

 Incidently.. you (Nathan) signed this one as such:


 Nathan Potechin (Atari Sysop)


      In each of the above posts you are referenced repeatedly and clearly!
      It indicates you  are as much part of  the decision making process in
      the STRT as Darlah.   You  even sign off  as an ATARI  SYSOP!   These
      posts  represent clear, solid  confirmation of you being  very much a
      part of the decision making  process in the STRT.  I must assume that
      even though you are  not carrying any "sysop titles" _at  this time_,
      seemingly you are sure to continue to exert a strong influence on the
      decisions made in the everyday  operations of the STRT.   The obvious
      errors  you make in  your representations continue to  be exposed for
      what they appear to be. Can  you  spell out  "apparently  deliberate


 The crew of STReport would like to have you believe that I have something
 to do  with running the RT, for their own purposes.  Their purpose, this
 week, is to help support the bogus contentions of Lexicor, that's right
 Lee, I said bogus. 

 In short, I will not bring myself down to the level of either Lexicor or
 STReport but I will respond to Luk's and to Pulley's malicious attempt to
 escalate an already pathetic situation, just as I responded to Dana on


      Your above comments (read "cheap shots") need no reply.  They 'speak'
      for themselves and of their, "ever so innocent" source. 


 I posted 4 times 3 weeks ago in response to maybe 700 messages posted by
 the  STReport crew, Lexicor, Retelle, Luks and a few others. Two weeks ago
 I decided I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the Atari Art Forums on
 Compuserve and deleted my posts. I will continue to support my Calamus
 customers in the Atari Vendors Forum but ignore the biased, self-serving,
 outrageous politics running rampant in the Atari Arts Forum. Somehow, I
 doubt I'm alone in that decision. 


      How  convenient!   Seven hundred  eh??   Thought nobody'd be  able to
      count  the  entire  month's  messages??    Well  as  usual,  you  are
      presenting a very  lopsided picture  of what  really went  down.   It
      appears there  are quite a  few poster's  names conveniently  missing
      from "your"  list of posters.   But then what  can one expect  of you
      when their obvious intent  was to distract, muddle, confuse  (there's
      your favorite  word again)  divert or otherwise create  chaos in  Ron
      Luks' area. It  didn't work and your gross misrepresentation  of such
      won't work  either.   Nor will the negative  letter writing  campaign
      going on "behind the scenes" by your cronies.  One of whom claimed to
      be  cancelling "an account" on CIS when  in fact, there is NONE!  The
      others are  "Darlah sysops"  and/or clique members!   How very,  very
      convenient.  Oh!  Before you  begin the expected campaign of denials,
      remember one thing.  Its the one thing Darlah taught me and taught me
      well.   I have the necessary  captures to back  up everything  I have
      said.  Would you like  to publicly tell everyone  who "maintains" the
      IAAD  area???? You  know, Category  75.. shuffling  the  messages and
      topics around, admitting  folks in etc.. wait  I'll make it easy  for
      you it  is Dorothy Brumleve!  My, my ..  all these folks  who seem to
      have time to register    complaints in attempting to do  others harm.
      They seem to all have some sort of allegiance to the STRT.  Or, is it
      a  common denominator? Amazing... simply  amazing!   Some people will
      never learn.  All the smoke and mirrors in the world  will not, under
      any circumstances,  supersede the TRUTH.  Its wake up time!


 I did post on the flag and GEnie management issue. That post was one of
 the handful I deleted maybe a week before the Lexicor letter from GEnie
 appeared, the post that Lloyd so gratuitously resurrected here, then
 reposted and paraphrased and highlighted thanks to Luks interpretation of
 his role as a Sysop and contract holder, indicating my belief that
 Lexicor's flags hadn't been renewed as a decision taken by GEnie
 management. The letter that Cole got taught me that I was wrong and
 illustrates my contention that I have nothing to do with the running of
 the Atari Roundtables on GEnie. (No surprise there.) I realize that Luks,
 for reasons of his own and of course STReport, are attempting to place an
 entirely different interpretation on the post about the flags. 


      Here comes the real  SMOKE & MIRRORS!!!  At full speed too.  You were
      trying  to do  the right  thing eh?  You  "missed" by  a full country
      mile.   In fact  by your post you  emphatically proclaimed, exclaimed
      and  practically swore  Darlah had  nothing to  do  with the  loss of
      Lexicor's flags.   This is pure  poppycock!  We KNEW it  and you KNEW
      it. Why all  the tall tales and now,  the position you are  trying to
      assume; "I know nothing of the STRT's operation".  You TRIED to blame
      GEnie, (as  usual) that did not  work. Pat at GEnie  Customer Service
      took care  of  that very  nicely. Give  it  a break!  The  walls  are
      crumbling under the weight of your disinformation campaign. Plain and
      simple, YOU GOT CAUGHT!!  Now, instead of standing tall and admitting
      your warts,  you'd rather compound the  entire situation  by building
      bigger and better tall tales.


 When Lloyd resurrected my long-since deleted message I sent PRIVATE email
 to Luks asking him to remove it again. I sent the mail in private because
 I had no wish to have this escalated further by the STReport crew and
 Lexicor.  I felt it was better for all concerned that this matter be
 handled in private. Sending private email to Luks was what I considered a
 proper, professional business decision. I failed to take into
 consideration Ron Luks who instead chose to post his response to my
 private email in public with the expected result. Actions speak louder
 than words Ron. I am at a loss to explain yours. 


 Nathan Potechin - DMC Publishing

 60428 28-SEP 08:22 News & Reviews

 As many of you are probably aware, I have nothing but contempt for
 STReport which includes Ralph Mariano, Lloyd Pulley and Dana Jacobson. As
 many of you are also aware, the Atari  Roundtables on GEnie are managing
 to survive quite nicely without having to tolerate them. I used to feel
 that they served some purpose but lately, this past year already,
 absolutely nothing positive or contructive, of benefit to the Atari
 community at large, has come out of the pages of STReport. As a rule, I
 simply ignore their nonsense, and it is nonsense. If I thought that
 STReport spoke for the Atari community at large I would leave the platform
 in disgust. I don't believe they represent much of anything so I treat
 them with the contempt they deserve.

 Mariano tried repeatedly to intimidate my wife, Darlah. She is more than a
 match for him. The end result is that he is no longer a participant on
 GEnie. No loss. Ralph is determined to "get her" any way that he can in
 revenge for someone actually daring to stand up to him.

 I have stated repeatedly that I have nothing to do with the Atari
 Roundtables on GEnie. My wife, however, is the contract holder (same as
 Clay, here) and Darlah runs that RT. She is VERY good at her job and very

 The crew of STReport would like to have you believe that I have something
 to do with running the RT for their own purposes. Their purpose, this
 week, is to help support the bogus contentions of Lexicor, that's right
 John Cole, I said bogus. I've ignored your ridiculous comments for months

 In short, I will not bring myself down to the level of either Lexicor or
 STReport but I will respond to Dana's malicious attempt to escalate an
 already pathetic situation.

 I posted 4 times 3 weeks ago in response to 700 messages posted by the
 STReport crew, Lexicor and Bob Retelle and Ron Luks (two of the Sysops on
 Compuserve). Two weeks ago I decided I wanted nothing whatsoever to do
 with the Atari Art Forums on Compuserve and deleted my posts. I continue
 to support my Calamus customers but ignore the politics.

 I posted one time, the deleted post shown above by Dana naturally,
 indicating my belief that Lexicor's flags hadn't been renewed as a
 decision taken by GEnie management. The letter that Cole got teaches me
 that Darlah has the power to refuse to renew a flag. This was news to me.
 I now know better. And that's the end of it. I deleted my 4 messages maybe
 a week before Cole came back with the post from GEnie by the way. Notice
 how STReport attempts to place an entirely different interpretations on
 the single post about the flags and you'll probably understand why I hold
 them in such contempt.


 Nathan Potechin - DMC Publishing

 PS: I apologize to Clay and Gordie and all the Delphi customers for
 feeling that just this once I had no choice but to respond.

      Disgraceful,  simply disgraceful!   Have  you noticed the  two "Hate"
 messages by  Nathan look  alike but  really are  not.  In  one, Nathan  is
 attempting to crucify the sysops and in the other, "its kissy kissy time!"
 Nathan... you are  truly a very sad story.   Sad... but fortunately, fully
 exposed!  Your "doublespeak days" are finally ..over.


 > NOVA CARD NEWS! STR InfoFile              NOVA SPECS and UPDATE NEWS!


                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

 Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

      The NOVA Mega and the NOVA VME 16M  now have the same price of 599.99
 U$D. The  price for the  SUPERNOVA has  not changed and  will cost: 999.99
 U$D.   The 32K Graphic  Card is only  available on Special  Order and will
 cost 429 U$D both the  Mega and the VME. For these  Card's there may be an
 added handling Price.

 Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

 Technical Specifications

 NOVA Megabus 16M
 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz
 Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes
 RAMType                   : VRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

 For  more information check our  previous releases  on the NOVA  Card. The
 Virtual Resolution are programmable  via the VMG. The VDI of the  NOVA has
 proven to be  very compatible  with our Software and  many other  Software
 applications as well.

 There  is also  a NOVA  Special disk  available soon  that  has some  NOVA
 Specific program's on it, including NOVA Mines, the  game, and the special
 Calamus  SL  driver that  will  enable Calamus  SL to  run in  15/16bit in
 15/16bit color mode.

                                                   Yat Siu
                                              Lexicor Software Europe

                      LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                        1726 Francisco ST.
                        Berkeley, CA 94703

                        Phone 510-848-7621
                        FAX   510-848-7613


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