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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 10-Sep-93 #937
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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (September 10)


                     14,400 BPS INTRODUCED IN 10 CITIES

      CompuServe  now  offers  14,400-bps  access  capability  in ten  U.S.
 cities: Cambridge, Mass.; Chicago;  Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles; New York;
 Newport Beach,  Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia;  Rochelle Park, N.J.;
 and Santa  Clara,  Calif.  This service  will  be  offered in  other  U.S.
 locations within the next year, and will eventually be extended to Europe.

      Pricing for 14,400-bps access is the same  as for 9,600 bps: $16  per
 hour  for  Standard  Pricing  Plan  members,  and  $22.80  per  hour   for
 Alternative Pricing Plan members.

      The 14,400 bps service supports V.42 error correction and requires  a
 V.32bis  modem. To log on  at 14,400 bps  using the CompuServe Information
 Manager, enter  the Session  Settings and change  the bps  rate to  either
 14,400 or 19,200.  If you have problems logging  on, change the modem type
 to the Hayes Compatible (default) setting.

      For more  information about  using 14,400 bps, GO  FEEDBACK or  visit
 CompuServe's software support  forums (GO CISSOFT). To  obtain the  14,400
 local access numbers,  GO PHONES. To read more about  CompuServe's pricing
 plans, GO CHOICES. The information areas are all included in  CompuServe's
 basic services.

 Download  file  MGIF42.ZIP from  LIBRARY 14  of the  Atari Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for an  extremely fast monchrome GIF viewer for ALL  ST's, TT's
 and  Falcon's. Tons  of new  features  added in  this version,  to include
 JPEG/JFIF view of  files. faster and more accurate dithering,  support for
 GIF 89a's as well, plus a lot more.

 This program  displays  GIF and  JPG pictures  so well,  it's nearly  like
 having a  mono equivalent  of  Photochrome.   Due to  the technique  used,
 pictures look best when viewed from 4-6 feet from the screen.

 The history  of Atari  is posted as  file ATARI.TXT  in LIBRARY  17 of the
 Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO) (from the Internet system).

 The second  set of  "20 QUESTIONS"  submitted by  Atari Forum members  and
 answered  by Atari Corp  (specifically Bob Brodie, Bill  Rehbock and James
 Grunke)  is available for download as file 20Q_02.TXT in LIBRARY 15 of the
 Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).

 See  files OMEGA_.ZIP and OMEGAF.ZIP in LIBRARY 12 of the Atari Arts Forum
 (GO ATARIARTS) for a very well done European demo for the STE and TT. Well
 worth the download time.

 Download  file JAPANE.ZIP from  LIBRARY 4 of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO  ATARIPRO)  for a  program  which  makes it  possible  to display  the
 Japanese and  input single-byte katakana,  double-byte katakana,  hiragana
 and more than  ten different series of  special symbols which are assigned
 to symbol keys.

 Download file DRIVRS.LZH from  LIBRARY 11 of the  Atari Vendors Forum  (GO
 ATARIVEN)  for the latest PageStream  import modules.   Updated 10-AUG-93.
 This  archive contains ALL  of the import modules  currently shipping with
 PageStream 2.2b.   Included  are  new Illustrator,  EPS, and  TIFF  import

                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN





 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      The time comes for everyone to take a stand... on one matter or
 another.  That time has arrived for me.  The LEXICOR/STRT/IAAD Fiasco has
 rattled a good deal of cages.  Of This there is no doubt.  A number of
 things relative to this matter need clarification.  Number one that's
 first and foremost in order is that:  Nobody, myself included has ever had
 a cross word to say about GEnie Information Services.  The gripe,
 complaint and apparent unrest is with the contract holder of the STRT and
 her husband Nathan Potechin.  Who is by the way, DMC/ISD and has a number
 of business arrangements with various other companies doing business in
 the Atari platform.  He is also a board member of the IAAD.  Nothing wrong
 with that as long as the influence of one or the other, either husband or
 wife, is not noticed in either the STRT or the business community.  If
 such occurs, then there is a possible conflict of interest.  We all know
 that up until a short time ago, Nathan had "sysop", "Ass't sysop" and or
 "RT-Sysop" after his name or in his signature in many of his posts.  That
 too, could possibly constitute a conflict of interest.
      Now, we find that there are further accusations being made that it
 was Lexicor who informed STReport of their expulsion from the IAAD.  This
 is an outright false and misleading conjecture on the part of more than
 one board member of the IAAD and at least one outspoken but grossly
 misinformed member who had "decided" to tell STR to "shutup" on Delphi. 
 This is sad.  

      Now for the record...  It WAS a current IAAD board member who
 informed STReport of the action taken by the IAAD against Lexicor and its
 representatives.  Further, it is also fact that one or more current board
 member(s) is among those who have steadily supplied STReport with
 information and captures from the IAAD area, Category 75 in the STRT. 



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                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #37

 By: John Deegan

    IBM OFFERS NEW THINKPADS - IBM has unveiled four new models of its 
 ThinkPad 750 laptop with easy-to-remove modular parts. The keyboard 
 lifts open so parts can be changed as new technologies are introduced.

    For instance, a modem for telephones could be substituted for one 
 with cellular capability (and) IBM is planning to sell a TV tuner module 
 early next year for the machines.

    The machines, built around a 33MHz Intel 486 processor, range in 
 price from $3,200 to about $5,000, depending on the kind of screen, 
 monochrome or color, and size of the hard drive.

    Scott Bower, director of IBM's mobile computing group, said "This 
 design offers a choice of input and displays, and makes accessing, 
 swapping or upgrading components simple and logical."

    Also offered is an optional "docking station" to house stereo 
 speakers and a drive for computer programs stored on compact discs. With 
 docking station, the unit weighs about 11 pounds.

    TANDY OFFERS NEW '486 SYSTEM - A 486SX-based system with a 212MB hard 
 drive and built-in digital sound has been unveiled by Tandy Corp.'s 
 Radio Shack division for $1,299.

    In a statement from the company's Fort Worth, Texas, offices, Tandy 
 said the 33MHz 3100 personal computer also meets energy efficiency 
 requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    The unit comes with a two-button mouse, three expansion slots, an 
 open device bay, a 3.5-inch 1.44MB floppy drive, 4MB of memory 
 (expandable to 64MB), Super VGA graphics, one parallel port and two 
 serial ports.

 Co. announced this week that it expects its total sales volume to inc-
 rease by 45% to 50% in 1993 after growth of a similar magnitude in the 
 first eight months of the year.

    Bill McCracken, head of IBM's non-American activities, told reporters 
 in Munich that the unit would show a profit in its first business year. 
 He refused to release detailed figures.

    He added that IBM has expanded its market position in personal com-
 puters following structural changes and a clearly improved cost struc-

    BBSES TO TEST 28.8 KBIT/S MODEM - Eight of the world's larger bulle-
 tin board systems and three major North American mail hubs within Fido-
 Net are set to test modems that boost transmission speeds from the cur-
 rent 14.4 kbit/s to 28.8 kbit/s.

    Working with modem maker Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. to test 
 its V.Fast Class (V.FC) modems are - Aquila BBS (Aurora, Ill.); Event 
 Horizons (Portland, Ore.); Executive Network (Mt. Vernon, N.Y.); Exec-PC 
 (Elm Grove, Wis.); Invention Factory (New York); PC-Ohio (Cleveland); 
 Sound Advice (Gladstone, Mo.) and Sound of Music (Oceanside, N.Y.). The 
 three FidoNet mail hubs are located in New Orleans, Harrisburg, Pa., and 
 Las Vegas.

    In a statement from the Colorado Springs, Colo., ONE BBSCON 
 gathering, the groups says the BBSes represent more than 100,000 users 
 and their their goal "is to have V.FC modems on their BBSes by the end 
 of the year and to ensure that the bulletin board software and host 
 systems are ready to take full advantage of the higher speed offered by 
    Said the statement, "The decision to support V.FC was based on the 
 market need for a non-proprietary interim standard that offers the 
 higher speed today and will provide the forward compatibility to the 
 V.Fast standard in the future. With the trend to multimedia and large 
 graphic files being downloaded from bulletin boards, the higher speed 
 will allow sysops to grow their BBS operation without a large increase 
 in operating costs associated with additional telephone lines."
    V.FC was developed in a cooperative project between Hayes and 
 Rockwell International Corp.
    FUJITSU BOOSTS DRAM MAKING - Tokyo's Fujitsu Ltd. says it will boost 
 production of 4-megabit DRAM chips by 50% to 60% to meet demand seen 
 from PC and portable telecommunications device makers.
    A company official said that production increases involving both 
 local and overseas plants will raise monthly output to some 7.5-8 
 million chips.
    MURDOCH BUYING DELPHI SERVICE - For undisclosed terms, publishing 
 mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has agreed in principle to buy Delphi, 
 the 10-year-old Cambridge, Mass., online service.
    Delphi, which is to become a part of News Corp.'s news technology 
 group headed by Stanley Honey, currently has between 50,000 and 100,000 
    Murdoch is quoted as saying the deal will help News Corp. create "an 
 electronic newspaper unlike any other" and distribute an electronic 
 version of TV Guide, one of the biggest selling magazines in the U.S.
 investigation of Microsoft Corp. by the U.S. Department of Justice will 
 last several months, according to a top Justice official who offered the 
 first indication of how long the government probe of America's largest 
 software company might take.
    On Aug. 20 the Justice Department announced it would launch its own 
 investigation into complaints by rivals of anti-competitive practices by 
 Microsoft, including attempts to monopolize the operating systems and 
 software market.
    Microsoft's competitors accuse the firm of embedding secret codes and 
 using other methods to tailor Windows to its own applications, including 
 word processing and spreadsheets.
 ment investigators said this week they are in the middle of a crackdown 
 on child pornography distributed through personal computers, particular-
 ly from foreign distributors over phone modems.
    But they also appealed for parents' help in keeping pedophiles from 
 reaching children through computer bulletin boards and digital graphics.
    George Burgasser, acting chief of of the Child Exploitation and 
 Obscenity Section of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, said 
 new computer technology allows local child pornographers in search of 
 underage recruits "to reach into the home."
    And Justice Department spokesman Carl Stern warned those trafficking 
 or possessing child pornography through computers that the government 
 will seek prison terms for those convicted.
    Though the effort is continuing, government investigators could point 
 to only six federal cases in the United States in the current crackdown.

 week reprted its operations for the second quarter ended June 30, 1993.
    Net sales for the quarter were $5.7 million as compared to $23.3 
 million for the same quarter in 1992. During the quarter, the company 
 incurred an operating loss of $4.0 million as compared to an operating 
 loss for the second quarter of 1992 of $45.0 million. In addition, 
 during the quarter the company incurred loss on exchange of $3.1 million 
 and had other income items totalling $0.5 million, which resulted in a 
 net loss for the second quarter of 1993 of $6.6 million as compared to 
 $39.7 million in 1992.
    Commenting on the results, Sam Tramiel, president of Atari, said, 
 "The company has focused all of its efforts on the development and 
 launch of its new multi-media video entertainment system called 
 Jaguar(TM), which will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year in 
 the New York and San Francisco markets. We have approximately $35 
 million in cash."


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho good neighbors!  Here we are again.  

      It's time for us to check out all of the  great info that's available
 every week on CompuServe.  But before  we get down to it, I'd just like to
 mention a conversation that  I had with an  ST user and STReport  reader a
 few days  ago.  Without knowing  who I was, he  happened to refer  to this
 column as  "that CIS kiss-kiss column".   I'd just like  to point out that
 the reason that I do this column every week is NOT to promote CIS!  

      My  first, and indeed  my only, consideration is  to provide STReport
 readers  with  useful information  while  avoiding the  nonsense that  can
 easily creep into message bases.  Now before several of our most outspoken
 readers (you know who you are, don't you?) start  another silly word game,
 let me  explain that I'm  not saying  that this nonsense  doesn't occur on
 CompuServe.  What I am saying  is that there is much less of it and  that,
 when it  does occur, I have a  much easier time of  isolating and removing
 it.  I do include posts from users who happen to be  at odds with STReport
 staff or the publication itself as long  as the post contains  information
 that STReport readers may find useful.  

      At times I find it very difficult to abstain  from "taking a shot" at
 some of those who post,  but I keep reminding myself that this  column and
 STReport itself is  here for only  one reason:   To inform users  of Atari
 computers of what's  going on in "AtariLand".   I'm proud to say  that, to
 date, I've been  able to  refrain from letting my  darker instincts  rule.
 Well, with  that having  been said,  let's get  on to  the  point of  this
 column... the neat stuff you can find in the message bases on CompuServe.

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Matt Nichols asks about speed:

 "Can any of you speed freaks out there help me?  I can get "only" 19,200
 bps between my 1040ST and the modem.  If I try anything higher all you get
 is junk.  I tried HSPD_232 and CTSFIX from the lib, but no go. Are there
 some secret AT commands I don't know about?"

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Matt:

 "Officially, the highest speed supported by your ST's serial port (because
 of TOS) is 19,200.  It just dont go any faster.

 I've heard reports of some special patches to bust this speed limit but
 dont know if any of them really, reliably work."

 Dick Paddock tells Matt:

 "No, there aren't any secret commands. The ST is *real lucky* to be able
 to make 19,200 baud. For an 8 MHz machine, that's really pushing the

 Boris Molodyi tells Dick:

 "Just for information, 8MHz Mac can do something like 115,000 bps or
 thereabouts with no pushing of envelope at all."

 Dazzz Smith posts:

 "There are mods that allow the ST to work at 38,400 bps reliably."

 Gee Dazzz, what are they?  Do they work well?  Where can we find them?
 C'mon, drop the other shoe.

 Matt must have been thinking the same thing, because he asks Dazzz:

 "What mod do you know of that lets the ST work at 38,400?  Is there
 something in the library?"

 While we wait for Dazzz's reply, Peter Joseph tells Matt:

 "Sorry Matt, you've reached the ST's limit.  19200 baud is the maximum
 speed through the serial port.  I don't know the physics of it, I just
 know it to be true."

 Dick Paddock asks Rick Flashman of Gribnif Software about GENEVA,
 Gribnif's soon-to-be-released multi-tasking system for any

 "This is not meant as a slam, but a real question: is Geneva *really* an
 operating system in the sense of OS/2 or Windows NT, or is it more like
 Windows 3.x? I realize that it does *true* multi-tasking, but does it
 actually toss out TOS?"

 Jim Ness just can't resist posting:

 "Hey.  Nice pun.  heh heh."

 Rick, being the guy he is, tells Dick:

 "Not a slam at all, but a very good question.  Geneva is VERY much like
 Windows 3.x in that it is an "event driven" multitasking system.  It is
 not like Windows NT or OS/2, which are "pre-emptive" multitasking systems.

 However, Geneva works with MiNT, which is Atari's "pre-emptive"
 multitasking system, so that you can get both all the features and
 advantages of Geneva and true pre-emptive multitasking (which you might
 need for an advanced custom network application, for example).

 Geneva does not touch TOS at all.  Technically Geneva is a replacement of
 the AES (Application Environment System/Services).  MiNT from Atari is an
 "enhancement" to TOS.  Remember that the Atari has 4 parts to its
 operating system.  Bios (low level), VDI (drawing/graphics), AES (windows,
 GEM applications, menus, desk accessories), TOS (operating core)."

 Robert Aries asks:

 "(Does) Anyone have a problem with ST WRITER Elite and TOS 2.06? (More
 specifically, the TEC board).  When I print a file to the screen, I either
 get a single collumn of characters scrolling down the left side of the
 page, or nothing at all.  Printing to disk or saving ASCII yields some
 garbage characters in the resulting file.

 I don't remember how, but yesterday it DID manage to work at one point.
 Right now it isn't.  I tried booting with no acc's/auto prgs but it's the
 same deal.  Anyone?

 (P.S.  I used v4.7 when I had TOS 1.0 with no problems.  I just loaded in
 some of those old files and they exhibited the same symptoms--although in
 every other respect, the program appears normal.  I first encountered this
 with 4.7, which is why I went and got 4.8, but the problem continues).

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine asks Robert:

 "Do older versions of ST-Writer give you the same problems or is it just
 version 4.7 of STwriter and above?  Did you check your chips to make sure
 they are firmly in their sockets?  Sometimes loose chips can cause strange
 thhings to happen with different programs.  Also check your hard disk
 cables to make sure they are snug as well."

 Robert tells Albert:

 "Here's the weird part.  When I copied ST-Writer to my floppy, and ran it
 from there, the program worked just fine!!

 I'm filing this in the "?????" category of computer malfunctions!

 A little more experimenting. ST-Writer works just fine run from everywhere
 I've tried on my hard disk, *except* where it is right now!  I have it in
 a folder called WORDPROC, which is in the root directory of drive C.  I'd 
 really like to keep it there, for convenience's sake mostly.  It would be
 interesting to find the cause of this problem, I just don't have the

 John Damiano of Transierra tells Robert:

 "I have that combination and it works fine on three diff. computers.  I
 would try reloading ST Writer Elite and trying again.  My 2.06 has caused
 no problems as far as I know.  I did discover that I had to have the 
 blitter ON (Mega4) to make Calligrapher work right just for general info."

 Robert tells John:

 "I tried everything and what wound up working was just running ST-Writer
 from my floppy instead of my hard drive.  The problem disappeared.  Go

 Well, they say that all's well that ends well.  David Hagood asks:

 "...Does anyone know if the "old ST for new STE" trade-in offer is still
 running?...And if the STE is no longer being made, what is the entry level
 machine? Joe user is unlikely to plunk down the $$$ for a Falcon or TT

 Peter Joseph tells David:

 "Unfortunately, the great upgrade policy that Atari once had is history."

 Atari's Director of Communications, Bob Brodie, tells David:

 "STEs are no longer being made...

 The entry level machine is the one meg Falcon with no HD...

 Here in the US, the entry level Falcon sells for $799.  That is a single
 floppy based system, with no internal HD, one meg of Ram, and all the rest
 of the fine features of the Falcon.

 This is a popular unit with people that already have an external hard
 drive system.  Most of them just get a SCSI cable and plug it in!  They
 accomplish their RAM upgrades via the RAM Gizmo from Chro-Magic.  The RAM
 Gizmo costs $99 and comes with ZERO ram, but uses SIMMs."

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 David Newman posts:

 "Recently, I've been looking into buying some arcade games -- like the
 original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back arcade machines from Atari.
 Two problems I've come up with:

 #1 My wife would kill me, thus making gameplay difficult (from the

 #2 Where do you guys KEEP the darn things? They take up a good bit of
 floorspace... and they're a challenge to blend into the decor!

 If you have any ideas on these two problems and how I could overcome them,
 serious or not, please post!!!"

 Albert Dayes asks the eternal question:

 "Is there life after "game over?" <grin>  I keep missile command in my
 room. I keep the front parted covered most of the time.  Then when someone
 comes in he/she asks what is that over there.  My new printer I reply with
 20 megaton print heads.  Why are these rockets on the side.  Just to show
 speed I would say.  Its that fast.  Oh yes let me show you ...   The
 lights flicker and sudddenly Missile Command comes to life. <grin>

 Try to tell your wife that is an old TV from the 1930s.  It has vector
 graphics and was called Star Wars because of its very fast vaccum tubes. 

 David tells Albert:

 "This thread reminds me of an arcade classic that I've forgotten the name
 of. I know it's from TAITO and it came out in either 1981 or 1982 at the
 same time as Front Line (remember that great one -- soldier on foot
 tossing grenades and shooting enemies working up the screen toward the
 tanks that he would hop into and blast the baddies with... 2 sizes of
 tanks: the big boomer and the little machine gun tank --great fun!)

 The game I'd like to get the name of had a Wild West theme and involved a
 train robbery. The perspective was from overhead and the train tracks were
 always going vertically up the screen. The player was a bandit on
 horseback and the first phase involved shooting sideways at the other bad
 guys to knock them off their horses, while being partially blocked by the
 moving train. You could also switch horses -- ie kill a bad guy then jump
 onto his horse to get closer to the train. Ultimately you would have to
 jump onto the train, avoid or shoot the guards on the train and get to the
 bank car.

 The controls were the same as on Front Line -- an eight position metal
 knob and a couple of fire buttons for shooting your six gun and for

 Does this ring a bell with anybody??"

 Albert tells David:

 "I remember those games.  Front Line was one the first of its kind.  There
 was a fun two player/or single player against the computer game called
 Boot Hill.  That was one of the fun ones too ... but then I noticed
 Missile Command and it hasn't been the same since. <grin>"

 David asks Albert:

 "Why doesn't someone write a book on the history of video games? It's
 really quite a fascinating subject (to me, anyway).

 Have you heard of/seen the exhibit that is touring around the country
 called HOT CIRCUITS? It's a video game retrospective that was put together
 with an obvious love of the genre and some good intelligence and
 selectivity by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. It's 47
 (mostly) functional video arcade machines with a historical blurb about
 each one and its significance in the development of the genre.  You even
 get a bag of coins with your admission ticket at most museums and they
 allow you to play as often as you like (token machine on premises!).  It
 was most recently at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia which is where
 I caught up with it, after missing it by a few days when I lived in NY and
 it first was opened to the public."

 Albert tells David:

 "Actually I have never seen any books on the history of video games
 myself. That does sound like a good idea ... I can think of a good title

 Never heard of HOT CIRCUITS until now.  The closest thing I can get to
 that is the penny arcade at Disneyland.

 You should write a book that would be a long one too.  Like the 20 volumes
 of OED (Oxford English Dictionary).   You could have a nice long glossary
 of terms at the back too."

 John Devlin asks:

 "Does anyone know of a compress/uncompress program that can handle JPG or
 JPEG compression files.

 I have heard of one program called JPEGB, are there any others?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells John:

 "I think GEMVIEW handles JPEG images..

 Also, I think I remember seeing Atari specific conversions of the PC
 programs that compress and uncompress JPGs...  I'll see if I can find them
 on UseNet for you."

 Sysop Jeff Kovach tells John:

 "I just came across a new monochrome .GIF viewer that also support JPEG
 files.  You can expect to see it in the file libraries soon!"

 John tells Jeff:

 "I will keep an eye out for it, Thanks.

 Boy, yous guys are very quick at answering my messages..."

 On the subject of a possible (and I only say "possible" becuse I haven't
 seen it yet) ethnic slur in ST FORMAT, Peter Joseph Posts:

 "I'll make one small point.  The fact that racial remarks were made all
 the time when you were growing up doesn't make it right no matter how you
 cut it.  As long as people do it, no matter what the intent, it will
 continue racism in the world.  If you and your friends or my friends and
 I, or George and his friends want to call each other racial names, then so
 be it; but it shouldn't be if we ever want to get rid of racism.  And it
 definitely should not be used in public, on a sign, a magazine or anywhere
 that it may be offensive to others.  Period.  Call me sheltered, call me
 sensitive.  Great!  It's what makes me so easy to get along with."

 Lloyd Pulley tells Peter:

  "But the point  is whether the term 'Jap' was meant as a racial slur. In   
  today's 'politically correct' atmosphere, it is  taken as such,
  but that doesn't mean  it was meant as such.  If the editor/author
  had said, "The Yellow Peril" or  something similar, then it would  be
  an obvious racial slur.

  IMO, today people  are too sensitive.  Recently a Black-American in
  Phoenix had the city change 'umpteen' designs at the airport
  because if you looked at the design in just a certain way, at just
  the right time, with your head cocked at an angle, one of the designs
  looked like "KKK".   In actuality, it was an ancient Indian design.
  One that was around and accepted  before the KKK ever came  into
  being and had NOTHING  to do with racism.

  Or just this  week I was accused of being a racist  (if not accused,
  the inference was very heavy) on another  network.  Why?  Because the
  author felt I was anti-Canadian.  In truth, I like many things about
  Canada and lived there two years when I was younger (I think
  Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I have  ever been in).
  I just dislike this person (and won't like him if he was a citizen of
  the U.S.A.)

  If you want  to fight and win the battle against  racism, fight the
  real fights and  ignore the non-issues.  (As the one guy said, he
  wasn't even sure that the article/title was intended to be racist).
  All you do when you try to fight non-issues (like  my being an
  anti-Canadian/racist,  or this one title being racist) is dilute your
  position so much that pretty soon you have no position left.  Pretty
  soon  people start to ignore you even when you have a real battle to

  My  personal opinion?  Racism always  has been and always will be.
  That doesn't make it right, it just  makes it 'the way things are'.
  And some of the races/ethnic groups  that scream about racism  the
  most, are some of the biggest racists (as a group)."

 Curtis Miller asks about picture files:

 "I downloaded several PIC's from the libraries a while ago unaware
 that they were files designed for Apples & Mac's.

 I called to several people for help finding a Utility file that would
 make them viewable on my IBM compatible. A sysop told me that there
 was a program that would do this called Degas or Degaview.

 I could find no such file in IBMsys Libraries or Graphsup libraries.
 Can anyone steer me in the right direction?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Curtis:

 "Any picture files you might download from the Atari Forums are mostly
 specific to Atari ST computers.  Except for the .GIF  files that may
 be in the libraries, they're not directly usable on IBM compatibles.

 I just checked the IBM File Finder, and came up with these two files
 that might help you..

 The first is in IBMAPP  in library #10, called DVEGA.ARC  it will
 display pictures created with the Atari art program called DEGAS.

 The second is in IBMHW in library #3, called  STVIEW.ARC  it will
 display pictures in DEGAS, TINY and NEO format, created with Atari
 format programs.

 Unfortunately there is no currently available viewer to allow showing
 Atari SPC or SPU format picture files on an IBM compatible.  We've
 heard that one is "in the works", but we have no information about
 when it might become available..."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 Boris Molodyi tells Rick at Gribnif:

 "I should be getting my CD (Crazy Dots) II soon, and I have some

 Is CD II driver MTOS compatible? Any words on NVDI driver yet?

 What monitor would you recommend? I meed to be able to see a full
 width of a page at some decent magnification (at least 150%, better
 200%). What size monitor do I need? Also, for what paraneters should I
 look in the monitor (like scan frequencies, bamdwidth etc.)? Even
 better, if you could recommend some particular model (as long as it
 does not cost a fortune :-)"

 Rick tells Boris:

 "Crazy Dots II is fully MultiTOS compatible.  We just got the NVDI drivers
 in (I saw a pile of them yesterday).  Monitor is entirelly based on price
 and hundreds of pages could be written on that.  Ideally a nice 20" that
 handles 1,280+ without interlacing, but that's not cheap.  Any SVGA
 monitor works, however you need a "multi-sync" if you want to show the
 original ST resolutions (640x200/400/480)."

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Don Thomas of Atari Corp. posts:

 "If you're having troubles finding Portfolio accessories, the
 publisher of RE:Port does a good job of serving his customers. He can
 sell many of the items at a discount. He supports users in this

 Dave Stewart takes the opportunity to tell us:

 "As you've probably already seen in a message from Don Thomas, my
 company sells all sorts of Port stuff at a discount, and also offers
 support for the Portfolio via a newsletter!

 If you'd like more information, leave your US mail address in email,
 and I'll send you some prochures and/or quote you prices on whatever
 you'd like."

 Stephen Green posts:

 "My Portfolio keyboard has suddenly stopped respnding to several keys
 - w, i, p, h, z and v to be exact.  I have tried rebooting to no
 avail.  There isn't even a key click on those keys.  I tried to effect
 a cold boot but I don't think I was successful.  I keep all my data on
 a RAM card."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Steven:

 "Sounds like a hardware problem and the only 'fix' I know of is to
 send the unit back to Atari Corp and take advantage of their trade in
 policy ($110 for a new unit)."

 Stephen asks for more info:

 "Could you tell me how to set up the trade-in (Addresses, etc.)?  I am
 in Toronto, Canada, if that makes a difference.

 I haven't kept up - are there any newer models?  Ours is about 2 1/2
 years old."

 Ron tells Stephen:

 "Nope.  No newer models.  Contact Don Thomas at Atari Corp
 (408)745-2000 for details of the trade in offer."

 George Parsons asks:

 "Has anyone accessed CIS from Tokyo using a Portfolio with serial
 port and Pocket Modem?  I have used this combo successfully in the US
 and unsuccessful (so far) from Europe (France, Germany,
 Switzerland,Sweden).  I'd appreciate any tips on Japan."

 No answer yet, but as always, we'll let you know when someone finds
 out what's going on.

 In the meantime, Janis Kelly posts:

 "I just installed a PC card drive into my office computer and can't
 get the thing to work at all. The computer acts like the drive is just
 not there. What to do?"

 Don Thomas of Atari tells Janis:

 "Make sure that CD.SYS is installed on your PC and that your
 CONFIG.SYS file includes the statement:


 where X=your drive and filepath=the path where CD.SYS resides.

 If that still doesn't work, try installing the card drive in another
 slot or swapping it with the slot another card might be in."

 Well friends, that's it for this week.  Sorry about my little speech in
 the beginning, but I thought that you readers (and even "non-readers" who
 read STReport) should know exactly why I do this column every week.

 Tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be prepaired to sit
 back and relax among friends.  And always remember this:  No matter where
 you are, always remember to listen what they are saying when...

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                         (3) WORLDWIDE 9600 TYMNET/SPRINTNET               
                         (4) AEO - VOLUME 2, ISSUE 15                      
                         (5) XCONTROL PANEL 1.31                           
                         (6) DESKTRACKER V1.11                             
                         (7) FALCON030 SOFTWARE LIST                       
                         (8) GRUNENBERG'S LHARC 2.22                       
                         (9) SUPRA UTILITIES                               
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 This is an Official Press Release by LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE

 by ADDA Technologies
 Jong-Ho County, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 We are proud to announce that we have got direct distribution rights from
 ADDA Technologies for this great piece of Multimedia Hardware.

 The Averkey is the fitting Link that bridges your VGA Signal, be it TT
 Medium,Falcon or NOVA Graphics Board resolution to your Video System in
 either PAL or NTSC. It has not only got a Composite Video Output but also
 a S-VHS Output for prime quality. Add your Television, VCR and large
 screen display to your computer hardware.

 Move your presentation from the VGA Monitor to the world of Video with

 AVerKey features reflect the latest in multimedia hardware design. Through
 its compact size and powerful internal design, the AVerKey can be quickly
 installed to convert a number of VGA Modes eg. 640x480 to NTSC or PAL

 As an added feature, the AVerKey features a state-of-the-art built in
 flicker filter. This filter helps overcome the inherent flicker problems
 which arise when linking the VGA environment with video.

 The Averkey adjustment control's the brightness of your TV (Video)

 Since VGA scan rates are almost twice that of a Television the display
 quality of the Television signal is inferior to that of VGA. This is
 especially true of picture stability when displaying single line. Single
 line display will result in television flicker unless a flicker free
 function is employed. The AVerKey has such a built-in "flicker-free"
 feature which stabilizes VGA Graphics on a television Monitor. This
 feature greatly improves the display quality of your Animations in either
 Prism Paint, Da's Vektor, Chronos, Phoenix or any other Atari Software
 that will work in VGA Modes. Besides helping reduce flicker, this feature
 even further reduces brightness to a comfortable level.

 Price: $289.00 U.S. Dollars.

 Shipping and Tax not included.

 Availabitlity: Now

 System Requirements:

 Any kind of VGA based System. This includes NOVA Graphics Card and TT
 Medium.  The Averkey has not been tested with any other Atari Based
 Graphic Card and can therefore not guarantee it running on anything else.


 DOS Software already included, Atari Software available end of September.
 However Software is not required to run the Averkey. The Software will
 however allow the Averkey to switch down its scan rates to as low as

 Display Mode Supported:

 All standard VGA Modes.

 640x480 mode in 256, 32k, 64k or even 24bit in NTSC or PAL (720x400 in
 NTSC Max.) 800x600 mode if using Cirrus, CL-GD 6410 VGA chip or Tseng
 Labs. ET-4000 with frequency synthesizer as ICS 2494-237 in PAL. One VGA
 Input Signal (Analog RGB 15 pin display connector, 0.7 Volt p.t.p.)

 Four Output Signals:

 1 x Composite Video, 1.0 Volt peak to peak RCA Jack Connector
 1 x S-VHS Y and C Video, Mini-DIN 4 pin connector
 1 x RGB Output
 1 x Standard VGA card Signal (15 pin)

 FCC Warning:

 It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class A
 Computing Device pursuant to subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are
 designed to provide reasonable protection in a commercial environment.

 Additional hardware to the Averkey:

 Averkey GENLOCK Board which will allow your Averkey to have Genlock

 Lexicor Software and ADDA Technologies are working closely together to
 give you the best possible value for our Customers. We Believe that the
 Averkey is one of the best VGA to Video Scan Line Converters for the

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE U.S.
                           1726 Francisco St.
                           Berkeley, CA 94703

                  Tel: (510)848-7621 Fax: (510)848-7613

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE
                             Cottagegasse 69
                              A-1190 Vienna

                   Tel: (1) 36 75 91 Fax: (1) 36 91 787



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 Effective Immediately, the non-prime rate will be lowered from $5/hour  to
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 OTTAWA,  Ontario    Corel  Corporation  announced  the  initiation  of  an
 agreement to acquire  Ventura PublisherR, Ventura Database PublisherR, and
 all  related technologies  from  Ventura Software,  Inc.  The acquisition,
 which is subject  to a number of conditions,  including the execution of a
 definitive  purchase agreement  between  the  parties, is  expected  to be
 completed by the end of September of 1993.

 "The acquisition of  Ventura Publisher and Ventura  DataBase Publisher  is
 the perfect marriage  of product and company," said Dr.  Michael Cowpland,
 president  and  CEO  of  Corel  Corporation. "Corel  is  committed  to the
 continuing development  and support  of Ventura software. Our  goal is  to
 continue  to  advance  Ventura's  software  products  by  adding  new  and
 innovative  features to  secure Ventura's  premier position in  the global
 publishing market."

 "We are delighted with the acquisition by Corel, a respected leader in the
 industry," said  David W.  Hanna, president and CEO  of Ventura  Software,
 Inc.  "There is great synergy between  our products today, and we  believe
 strongly  that this  acquisition will  result in  very positive  long term
 benefits for Ventura customers."

 Under the terms  of the  agreement, Corel  will acquire  all platform  and
 localized versions  of Ventura  Publisher, Ventura  DataBase Publisher and
 all associated technologies.  The agreement  also provides Corel  with all
 source and object  code for on-going development, and rights  to Ventura's
 customer database.  With the  agreement in place, Corel  will assume  full
 responsibility for  customer  service  and  support.   Details  on  future
 product development will be released as the acquisition progresses. 

 Ventura Publisher

 Allowing easy access  to source files from  word processors, spreadsheets,
 database  programs and  image  editors,  Ventura  Publisher  is  the  most
 fully-featured, easy-to-learn high-end publishing program available on the
 market. Ventura Publisher also  allows full control of prepress  functions
 from within open documents. 

 Ventura DataBase Publisher

 Ventura DataBase  Publisher enables  users to easily  organize and prepare
 database information for publishing in Ventura Publisher as well as  other
 desktop publishing  systems and  word processors.  Businesses can automate
 their   publishing   of   updated   database   information,  and   deliver
 professional, high-quality documents with ease, precision and accuracy. 

 Incorporated in  1985, Corel Corporation is  recognized internationally as
 an award-winning developer and marketer of PC graphics and SCSI  software.
 CorelDRAW{SYMBOL  212  \f  "Symbol"},  Corel's  industry-leading  graphics
 software is  available  in  14 languages  and  has to  date won  over  100
 international awards  from major  trade  publications.   Corel  ships  its
 products through  a network of more than 100 distributors  in 60 countries
 worldwide. Corel is traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: COS) and
 the NASDAQ - National Market System (symbol: COSFF).

                     For more information, please call:
                    Investor/Public Relations Department
                       (613) 728-0826, extension 4500

 Ventura Software, Inc.  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation.
           Corel is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.
        CorelDRAW and CorelSCSI are trademarks of Corel Corporation.


 > NOVA CARD NEWS! STR InfoFile              NOVA SPECS and UPDATE NEWS!


                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

 Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

 As of Monday 19th July 1993, the Special NOVA Deal offered by Lexicor
 Software for the NOVA Graphics Card is over.

 The NOVA Mega and the NOVA VME 16M will now both have the same price of
 599.99 U$D.

 The price for the SUPERNOVA has not changed and will cost: 999.99 U$D

 The 32K Graphic Card is only available on Special Order and will cost 429
 U$D both the Mega and the VME. For these Card's there may be an added
 handling Price.

 Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

 Technical Specifications

 NOVA Megabus 16M
 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradeble                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradeble                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz
 Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes
 RAMType                   : VRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradeble                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

 For more information  check our  previous releases on the  NOVA Card.  The
 Virtual Resolution are programmable  via the VMG. The VDI of the  NOVA has
 proven to  be very  compatible with our  Software and  many other Software
 applications as well.

 There  is also  a NOVA  Special disk  available soon  that  has some  NOVA
 Specific  program's on it, including NOVA Mines, the game, and the special
 Calamus  SL  driver that  will  enable Calamus  SL to  run in  15/16bit in
 15/16bit color mode.

                                                   Yat Siu
                                              Lexicor Software Europe

                      LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                        1726 Francisco ST.
                        Berkeley, CA 94703

                        Phone 510-848-7621
                        FAX   510-848-7613


 > WORDPERFECT 6.0 WINDOWS! STR FOCUS!  Word Perfect for Windows Announced!


 New product is completely customizable 
 and makes the most of the Windows environment

      WordPerfect  Corporation announced  WordPerfect 6.0 for  Windows, the
 next release of its  best-selling Windows word processor.  WordPerfect 6.0
 for  Windows  offers  everything  needed  to  create  professional-looking
 documents   including:  powerful   word  processing,   drawing,  charting,
 spreadsheet functionality within tables, and direct integration with other
 Windows applications.  The product  is scheduled  to  ship fourth  quarter

      "WordPerfect 6.0  for Windows has  been completely rewritten to  give
      users  the  best  in  Windows  word  processing,"  said Alan  Ashton,
      president  and  CEO  of  WordPerfect  Corporation.  "Virtually  every
 feature   in the product has been improved or  enhanced in some way. These
      improvements are the  result of thousands of user  requests, feedback
      from focus groups, and extensive usability testing."
      WordPerfect  6.0  for Windows  is  designed to  give  users  complete
 customization, the easiest transition to Windows, and a product that makes
 the most of the Windows environment. 


 Interface.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows is fully customizable so users can
 personalize their word  processor for  any environment or  task. Virtually
 all aspects  of the interface can  be customized:   Button Bar, Power Bar,
 Ruler Bar,  status bar, keyboards  and menus.  Users can also select  Hide
 Bars for  a clean  screen, but still have  access to  the main menus  when
 placing the mouse pointer at the top of the screen.

 Button Bar.  The Button Bar is  the most versatile interface tool,  giving
 users access to any WordPerfect feature or macro with a click of a button.
 The Button  Bar can  be placed anywhere  on the  screen or  as a  floating
 palette. Users can  display buttons  with icons,  text, or  both, and  can
 create their  own icons and text.  Users can create as many Button Bars as
 they like and display up to three rows of buttons. The product  ships with
 sample Button Bars  for specific tasks such as graphics,  tables, outlines
 and page layout, as well as context-sensitive bars that will change
 according to task.

 Power Bar.   The  Power Bar contains icons  for quick  access to the  most
 common formatting  tasks. The Power  Bar remains at the top  of the screen
 and users can customize the bar by selecting from 81 options. When placing
 the mouse pointer over any Power Bar icon, help prompts appear at the  top
 of the screen to explain the icon's function.

 Templates.   Templates  revolutionize word  processing  by giving  users a
 quick and  easy way to create  professional-looking documents. WordPerfect
 6.0 will  ship with ExpressDocs, more than 45 predefined templates for fax
 forms,  memos, newsletters, and more. ExpressDocs are more than customized
 documents they are  interactive and can prompt users for  information such
 as  the name and  fax number  on a fax cover  sheet. Users  can edit these
 templates, or create their own with customized menus, styles, Button Bars,
 keyboards, abbreviations and macros.

 "Customization of the interface and templates gives users enormous control
 of their working environment, letting them personalize WordPerfect 6.0 for
 Windows  to work the way they  want to work," said  Todd Titensor, product
 marketing  director  of WordPerfect  for  Windows.  "Corporate  users will
 benefit by  being able  to  create standard  interfaces and  documents  to
 automate company tasks and maintain consistency."


 Easiest Transition for WordPerfect DOS users.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows
 gives WordPerfect DOS users the easiest transition to Windows with feature
 and  file compatibility,  as well  as macro  conversions. Users  can write
 macros  that will work in both WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS and WordPerfect 6.0
 for Windows.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows also includes a WPDOS keyboard

 "No other word processor makes it easier for WordPerfect DOS users to make
 the move  to Windows,"  said  Titensor. "No  other product  offers  better
 compatibility  with  existing  WordPerfect  files  and  macros, or  better
 cross-platform compatibility."

 Coaches.   Like  a personal instructor,  a Coach prompts a  user through a
 variety of common  tasks with step-by-step instructions.   Because Coaches
 are written with  WordPerfect's macro language, users can write  their own
 to add to the Help menu.

 QuickMenus.     Working  in  Windows  is   easier  with  context-sensitive
 QuickMenus that are accessed by clicking the right mouse button  virtually
 anywhere in WordPerfect. For example, clicking the
 right mouse button  anywhere in a document presents a QuickMenu  to change
 fonts,  spell  check,  or  center  text, while  clicking  the  left margin
 presents  a menu  to select  text, change  margins, or  add comments  to a

 Preview  Windows.   Preview  windows  in dialog  boxes let  users  see how
 changes in  a document--such  as columns,  margins and  line spacing--will
 look before making them.


 Program Launching.   Any Windows program or file can be placed on a Button
 Bar for quick access  from within WordPerfect.  For example, a  user could
 drag the program  file for Quattro Pro from the Windows  File Manager to a
 Button  Bar and  then  be able  to  launch  Quattro Pro  while  working in
 WordPerfect. Or a user could place a Microsoft Excel  file on a Button Bar
 and with a click of a button launch Excel and load the file.
 Direct  Spreadsheet  and   Database  Import.    Spreadsheet  and  database
 information  can be  linked  via  Dynamic Data  Exchange (DDE)  or  Object
 Linking  and Embedding  (OLE),  and  can also  be directly  imported  into
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows. All leading spreadsheet formats and a variety
 of  database formats  such  as  Paradox, dBase,  Oracle, and  popular  SQL
 servers  are supported.  Users can  perform queries  on database  files to
 extract only the
 needed information.
 File  Management.   The  powerful  functionality of  the  WordPerfect File
 Manager  is now  included in  the Open  File dialog  box.   With  the File
 Options  button, users can  copy, move, rename, delete,  print, and change
 file  attributes, as well as  create and rename  directories. Files can be
 displayed  and  sorted   by  filename,  extension,  size,  date/time,  and
 descriptive name and type.
 WordPerfect Draw.  WordPerfect Draw contains the sophisticated drawing and
 charting tools from  WordPerfect Presentations including Bezier curves and
 the  ability to  contour text on  a curve. The charting  module lets users
 turn tables and  spreadsheet data into  a variety  of charts:   3-D,  bar,
 line,  area, hi-lo, pie,  and exploded pie charts.  WordPerfect Draw works
 through OLE and is easily accessed by double-clicking any chart or graphic
 image. WordPerfect Draw also supports the TWAIN standard for direct access
 to scanners.


 Spreadsheet in Tables.  WordPerfect is  the only Windows word processor to
 include advanced  spreadsheet capabilities.   The  Tables feature contains
 nearly  100  built-in  formulas,  numerical  cell   formatting,  automatic
 calculation, data fills, and named ranges. 

 QuickFormat.   QuickFormat lets  users extract  formatting or  styles from
 text and quickly apply  it to other text in a document.  The mouse pointer
 changes to  a  paint  roller and  lets  users "paint"  the  formatting  to
 selected text.   

 Bullets and  Numbering.  From the  new Insert menu,  users can select from
 predefined  bullets  and numbering  styles or  create their  own. Numbered
 items are automatically renumbered if moved.

 Abbreviations.  The Abbreviations features will replace an abbreviation in
 a  document with  a longer  piece of  information  that can  include text,
 graphics, formatting--anything that can be placed in a document.  

 Borders.  A wide  variety of  borders and fill  patterns can  be used  for
 paragraphs, pages, columns, tables, table cells, and graphic images.

 Simplified  Mail Merge.   WordPerfect's  powerful Merge  feature has  been
 enhanced  with an easy-to-use interface. The introductory Merge dialog box
 includes  the  three  elements  of a  merge--data  file,  form  file,  and
 merge--with  corresponding preview  windows.   Creating  and  editing data
 files is easy  using the Quick Data Entry  dialog box. WordPerfect 6.0 for
 Windows can directly use data files in other formats such as spreadsheets,
 database, SQL, or ASCII text files. Users can also select specific records
 to merge using  a query by example interface. Corresponding  envelopes can
 automatically be created and appended to a merge file. 

 Document Management.  The QuickFinder rivals standalone packages with some
 of  the fastest  indexing and  text retrieval in  the industry.  Users can
 index directories  or groups  of files  and  perform nearly  instantaneous
 searches. The QuickFinder  dialog box has been improved to  include access
 to Boolean operators, document components (such as first page only),  case
 sensitivity and word proximity.

 Document  Summary has  been  improved  to include  more than  50  document
 summary fields such as author, subject, date and abstract. QuickFinder can
 be used to  search any of these summary  fields. Document Comments can now
 include name, initials, date stamps and time stamps, and be represented by
 a colored icon  in the left margin. Users can have  specific colors so the
 document can be circulated for editing. Document Compare has been improved
 to compare by word, as well as by phrase, sentence and paragraph.

 Graphics  Editing.    An  Image  Tools  palette  offers in-place  graphics
 manipulation  to move, rotate, crop  and size  a graphic image.  Users can
 wrap  text  on  both sides  of  a graphic  image  or  contour text  around
 irregularly shaped objects.

 STYLES.   In addition to  character and document styles,  version 6.0 will
 include paragraph styles so  users can click  anywhere in a paragraph  and
 select a  style to  affect the entire  paragraph.  Users  can also  create
 styles  by clicking anywhere  in formatted text, then  clicking the Styles
 field on the Power Bar to give it a name. 


 The  suggested retail price of  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows  will be $495.
 Upgrades from  any DOS,  Windows or  OS/2 version  of WordPerfect will  be
 available for $129. A  competitive upgrade will also be available for $149
 from any word processor with a suggested retail price of at least $395. 

 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows will require a 386 machine or higher, at least
 4M (preferably 6M) RAM and Microsoft Windows 3.1.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

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   | * GEnie-MUG NEWS *               for the week of 9/6/93 - issue 26 |
   | What's Hot and Happening This Week In GEnie's Macintosh User Group |
               GEnie-MUG News Editor: Eric Mueller (DLAND.ERIC)
              entire contents copyright 1993 by Eric C. Mueller

 WELCOME to the GEnie-MUG RoundTable newsletter! This quick bulletin gives
 you an idea of what's cooking in the GEnie Macintosh User Group
 (GEnie-MUG). I'm Eric Mueller, and I write this file every week so that
 you can find the action in GEnie-MUG: the latest controversy in the
 bulletin board, the hottest files in the library, and the hippest chats in
 the RTC rooms. I'm always interested in your comments on this file, and
 would love to hear them.

 If you're new to GEnie or GEnie-MUG, you can read about GEnie-MUG
 (including information on what GEnie-MUG has to offer and the layout of
 the system) by typing "M 605;4". Additionally, the GEnie-MUG help desk (a
 live hotline) is available six days a week, in the Chat Lines (type "M
 400;4" then choose channel 3) and in the GEnie-MUG RTC (type "M 605;2"
 then choose room 1). For more information and a schedule of times, type "M

 MANAGING TIME was easy for Doctor Who and his Tardis, but for the rest of
 us, it's not so simple. I know that keeping ahead of my schedule is a
 constant challenge, leading to constant craving---for more time, if
 nothing else!  Luckily, Mac software developers around the world have come
 to my rescue by developing software that can all be categorized as
 "personal time management software." This stuff, like DayMaker and Now
 Up-To-Date (my personal favorite), can keep track of things you need to
 do, keep you in touch with people, bug you when you forget something, and
 more. It's perfect for a busy office or for just yourself. If you're
 interested in how GEnie-MUGgers are using this kind of stuff, tune into
 all the messages in category 2 ("SOFTWARE:  Daily Business"), topic 28
 ("Personal Time Management"). (To visit the GEnie- MUG bulletin board,
 type "m605;1", then "help" for a list of all of the commands.)

 SPEAKING OF TIME MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, a demo version of Right On Time
 version 2.5 is available now in the GEnie-MUG libraries! Right On Time is
 a versatile program that provides a To-Do List, a Calendar, and Reminder
 features. You can set up one-time or repeating reminders, and Right On
 Time will notify you when the reminders are due. You can also create to-do
 items, which are like reminders but have no specific due date. You can
 organize your reminders and to-do items by category, and play sounds when
 reminders are due. You can use Right On Time to remind you when bills are
 due, when birthdays or anniversaries are coming up, or other important
 dates. With the archiving feature, you can also keep a history of
 significant events. The perpetual calendar built into Right On Time can
 show you any month of any year. Interested? It's worth the download---see
 file #29953 in the GEnie-MUG libraries now! (To download the file, type
 "m605;3" and then "6".)

 actually, you're not the only one; GEnie-MUGgers all over are trying to
 get their WriteNow 3.0 documents into ClarisWorks 2.0J without much luck.
 Other GEnie-MUGgers are trying to use the "propeller" symbol, in the
 Chicago font, in ClarisWorks---without much luck. Mark Hiatt comes to the
 rescue again with a solution to the import problem, and others (including
 always-on-the-ball GEnie-MUGger Dennis Doms) help with the "propeller"
 symbol font problem. Join in the conversation in the GEnie-MUG bulletin
 board, category 2 ("SOFTWARE: Daily Business"), topic 49 ("ClarisWorks
 Integrated Software"), messages 16 through the end of the topic.

 YOU'LL SQUEAL WITH DELIGHT at all the smiley faces that march across your
 screen, after downloading the new Smiley Faces desk accessory! This DA
 simply contains a list of those sometimes-confusing smiley faces commonly
 used online---from the now-famous and always-recognized ":)" to the more
 obscure "|)" and ">:*O". As a bonus, the file contains a list of shorthand
 used online.  You'll be LOL (and ROTFL, probably) after seeing this list.
 Check out file #29970 in the GEnie-MUG libraries for Smiley Faces 2.5!

 BOING, JIGGLE, AND JITTER isn't the title of a book on network television
 sitcoms or a vaudeville team, but rather, a collection of three symptoms
 of monitor problems. GEnie-MUGgers have been having problems with their
 monitors, and it turns out that the problem might be as simple as "dirty
 power." (They should be a wash their power lines!) Line voltage isn't
 constant, according to GEnie-MUGger Chris Hart, and he recommends an
 uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to solve all the problems described in
 the topic. Curious? If your picture flutters and you don't know what's
 going on, tune into category 28 ("MACINTOSH: General Hardware Questions"),
 topic 6 ("HelpJwith Mac Problems - General"), messages 65 through the end
 of the topic.

 SICK OF A SILENT FINDER? We all are, babe. You don't have to suffer in
 silence, though, after downloading Finder Sounds, a new extension that
 allows your Finder to make noises when it performs certain tasks, like
 opening and closing windows, creating and deleting files, and even just
 modifying windows.  The most remarkable thing about a suddenly-audible
 finder is that it could have always been that way---it turns out that ever
 since System Software version 6.0.4, the Finder has had the ability to
 make noise. Want to join in the (noisy) crowd? Download file #29946,
 Finder Sounds 1.3.1, and get loud!

 THAT'S ALL for this week. Until next week, continue to live a life of
 courage and pride, and change the world with Macintosh!


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"


      According to our sources, the first shipment of Falcons had a problem
 with the Chroma and thus, a choke is installed in the circuit to stop the
 erratic color output from being seen.  The black & white is fine. 
 Subsequent shipments are fine.  The problem was/is fixed.  To see if you
 have a B&W "bugfix", connect a TV to your Falcon and see.... if you have a
 fine color picture.  If not, you might want to call Atari for information
 on how to correct this situation.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From Delphi; Norm Weinress, an IAAD member, has taken it upon himself to
 attempt to confuse the the issues by making direct and personal attacks
 agianst the editors and staff of STReport.

 59206 31-AUG 01:23 News & Reviews
      RE: Ralph Mariano (Re: Msg 59168)
      From: NORMW        To: RMARIANO


 My advice is to stay away from this situation and keep your mouth shut. So
 far, you've believed and repeated everything that Lexicor has told
 you...and have been wrong on every single count! Neither the IAAD nor
 GEnie are the villans in this piece.


 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit>

 59216 31-AUG 08:24 News & Reviews
      RE: Ralph Mariano (Re: Msg 59206)
      From: RMARIANO     To: NORMW (NR)

 Norm, you say in message 59206;

 "My advice is to stay away from this situation and keep your mouth shut.
 So far, you've believed and repeated everything that Lexicor has told
 you...and have been wrong on every single count! Neither the IAAD nor
 GEnie are the villans in this piece."



     For  the record...  First, Neither  I, or STReport  has tried  to make
 GEnie the villain in  anything!   STR has focused  on the  STRT and  IAAD.
 Lets get  that straight right  up front and now.   Second, I  am believing
 no-one.  I have simply reported the story and its twists as  they came in.
 STR  has verified  the CAT  75  "tales" with  captures  and knows  who the
 players in that one are/were.   A few have already been interviewed.   The
 sad part is when the users find out the reason why this all went down they
 too are going to be  highly indignant.  Third, please don't insinuate that
 either  myself or STR and  its staff are as  naive as you imply, to simply
 "repeat" what's been told to  us in blind belief.   STR has presented  the
 Lexicor Interviews and Press Releases for the  benefit of the readers.  We
 have always offered to  publish other viewpoints and facts.  In  fact, STR
 has repeatedly requested  the same from both  the IAAD and  The STRT.   Of
 course, you  know the  answers there.   They'd  rather accuse  and demean.
 Norm, I  have always respected  your opinions but on this  one I'd suggest
 you re-think  your position.  You'll  find that what  you perceive  is not
 really what's  evident to the  users or  anyone else on  the "outside" for
 that matter.

      There are other,  unknown, 'players' in this  thing too.  Its amazing
 to see  how long they  have remained silent simply allowing  this thing to
 carry on.   The truth  must be made known to  the users.  I  might add, it
 WILL be made known.  The phone call transcripts, the deletions, setup msgs
 and the 'silent' players  will be revealed  too.  There  is too much of  a
 pall of  disgrace draped on  this matter to  "leave it  be".   It must  be
 cleaned up.

     Additionally, the  FTC thing  is escalating.   Its going  to get  very
 interesting.  Can you imagine all this  ...over a rumor of  a 'given-away'
 Falcon??    Admittedly, its  ridiculous, simply  ridiculous.   However, it
 certainly  lends credibility  to the  possibility of  the 'rumor'  being a
 convenient catalyst for the advent of 'bigger and better' objectives.  Its
 real sad.

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit>
 59247 1-SEP 00:27  News & Reviews
      RE: Ralph Mariano (Re: Msg 59216)
      From: NORMW        To: RMARIANO (NR)


 I made my comments because you have known me for a long time, and know I
 have no axe to  grind in this situation.   Nothing you  have been told  is
 true or accurate...including the FTC nonsense.  You have reduced  yourself
 and your magazine to an irritant, similar to the National Star.


 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> rep
 To: [NORMW]
 Subj: RE: Ralph Mariano

 Norm, somebody is pulling your chain... I have a verified FTC File No. for
 the matter and its real.   As for reductions to certain perceptions, Norm,
 you know as well as I, that's completely in the eye of the beholder.

 In any  case, you can  be sure the  exposure from this fiasco  has done no
 good for anyone.  From Lexicor to those in direct and indirect competition
 with Lexicor, STReport  and the IAAD.  The sad thing is  it all could have
 been avoided  at the onset,  if the truth was told  instead of smokescreen
 press releases and diversionary posturing.

 Lastly, the incidents  with the STRT, were all  far too familiar and quite
 upsetting  to see happening all over again in almost the very same fashion
 as  in the past.  No, Norm...   these things are  real, they have happened
 and are disgraceful.   I'm sorry you feel the way you  do, but that's what
 makes this country  of ours  so great.   Everyone  is entitled  to and  is
 encouraged to  their own opinions.   Time, of course,  will soon  bear the

                Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 59625 9-SEP 16:04  News & Reviews
      RE: Ralph Mariano (Re: Msg 59610)
      From: RMARIANO     To: NORMW

 To further set the  record straight..... Lee did NOT leak anything  to us.
 An IAAD board member did!

              Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 59654 10-SEP 00:36 News & Reviews
      RE: Ralph Mariano (Re: Msg 59625)
      From: NORMW        To: RMARIANO

 B.S.,  Ralph....only  Lee  and  the  IAAD  board  knew  anything  at  that
 time...and I know  the time, because you started calling  people...and the
 board did not  leak the story.   So, no on else could have  leaked...and I
 think you are lying to protect him, now.


      I  will not add any honor  to your outrageous accusations.   You have
 said it  all and  shown to what  lengths zealots  will go...   You  should
 however,  be ashamed of  yourself for having said  such outrageous things.
 Especially a  man of your age  and education.  I've  also known you  for a
 long  time and I am apalled at seeing you would  stoop as low in public as
 you  do in  private (in  CAT 75).    Defending those  who would  pull such
 outrageous stunts as I KNOW to be TRUE is not your strong suite Norm.



                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"     "Seeing the TREES AND the Forest!"
   """""""""""""""""      "and....  what's under the rocks!"

                         "WHO HAS THE MOST TO GAIN 
                               AS A RESULT OF
                       WHAT'S HAPPENING TO LEXICOR?"

                                   ... The entire USERBASE!                

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                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                 Est. 1985
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                      CUSTOM - MADE TO ORDER HARDWARE
                      SOFTWARE, SUPPLIES & INSTRUCTION
                              COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                              202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
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            (DEALERS; to be listed here, please drop us a line.)

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