ST Report: 14-May-93 #920

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/15/93-08:05:50 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 14-May-93 #920
Date: Sat May 15 08:05:50 1993

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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (May 14)


Download file  SPOFLT.LZH from  LIBRARY  14 of  the Atari  Arts Forum  (GO
ATARIARTS) for a  new Speed-of-Light .GIF file  viewer.  Shows all colors,
squash  the picture to fit the  screen or just scroll  it, adjust flicker,
color quality/levels, etc.


Download PrintAll Version  1.1 (file PRTALL.LZH in  LIBRARY 9 of the Atari
Productivity Forum -- GO ATARIPRO).  A  Printer driver program for the  HP
Deskjet  500  and   500C.  Prints  multiple  file  formats  in   color  or
black-and-white in  multiple sizes and orientations.   Latest version adds
Prism   Paint  PNT  support,  Tiny  low  and    medium-res  .TNY  and  Sun
Microsystems' "Rasterfile"  .RAS  support.   Also numerous  bug-fixes  and
speedups, ability to cancel  without quitting and cancel  long operations.
This version supersedes PrintAll 1.0.

New "CMYK" output options simulates Deskjet 550C output on 500C printers!


Double Click Software has decided to release DC  Xtract Plus as SHAREWARE!
Included in the LZH file are DC Xtract Plus 2.1v and a doc file.  Download
file  XTRPLS.LZH from LIBRARY 13 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).

Double  Click Software has also  decided to  release DC SEA  as SHAREWARE!
Make ARC/LZH/ZIP/ZOO into a self-extracting file.  Download file DCSEA.LZH
from LIBRARY 13 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).


Lots  of new  files in the  Libraries of the Atari  Productivity Forum (GO
ATARIPRO).  Type BRO LIB:ALL to check out the most recent entries!!


SoftLogik has  made the  following two files available  for download  from
LIBRARY 11 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN):

PS2299.ARC  -  PostScript  printer  driver  for  ImageSetters   and  Color
PostScript printers version 2.2.99.  This is a temporary driver that fixes
problems with v2.2.11 printing to Linos and Color PS printers.

PS2211.ARC - Newest PostScript printer driver version 2.2.11.  This driver
is  good  for users  printing to PostScript lasers.   For users needing to
print to  Color PS and  high-rez imagesetters, you should  use the v2.2.99

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




  Microsoft has  announced the reorganization of its Windows support forums
on CompuServe. The Windows Advanced Users Forum (GO WINADV) and Windows New
Users Forum (GO WINNEW) will be replaced by three new forums.

  The Windows Fun Forum (GO  WINFUN) is designed to allow Windows  users to
discuss  and obtain  entertaining Windows  programs such  as  games, screen
savers and graphics. 

  The Windows Shareware Forum  (GO WINSHARE) lets Windows users  talk about
and download Windows applications, utilities and tools.

  No technical support  will be provided  by Microsoft support  technicians
within the Windows Fun  and Windows Shareware Forums. Technical  support is
available in  the new Microsoft Windows  Forum (GO MSWIN). Power  users and
novices  alike can communicate with  each other and  with Microsoft support
technicians to solve problems and share experiences.

  Beginning Wednesday,  19-May, members  using  the quick  reference  words
WINADV and  WINNEW will be directed  to the Windows Support  Forum (MSWIN).
Please  be  certain to  make  the  appropriate changes  in  any  scripts or
automated  access  programs you  may use  in  accessing these  forums. Also
remember  to  change  the  Favorite  Places  listing  in   your  CompuServe
Information Manager  (CIM)  software to  include  the three  new  Microsoft
Windows forums.  The  Microsoft Windows forums are  a part of  CompuServe's
extended services.


> From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     This is the third week in May...  and what do we see?  Renewed  "hate"
campaigns by  the Minister of  Disinformation at Atari.   He's really  very
busy trying to "win friends and influence people" by deftly spreading sheer
nonsense.  The interesting aspect is he's apparently doing his "thing" with
the blessings of the ST RT contract holder on Genie.  We all know Darlah is
a "stand up, fair, even-handed RT  moderator/sysop, Right?  Sure!  The over
300k captures  we have  of  the last  three weeks  "prove" that.  :^(   The
"Nathan & Darlah Show is quite the  Show.  Just ask anybody who's been  "on
stage" with  those people.  The  minister's behavior is odd  since the word
from  the backyard  fence was  "truce -  let's give  the Falcon  a chance".
STReport  is still quite capable of going to a wait and watch mode and give
the Falcon its due.  Evidently, the  good minister hasn't a clue about  how
to help Atari's situation.  To drag up three year old muck in an attempt to
discredit  this magazine or those who are  readers of ours is a disgraceful
sham.  Facts  are facts; Atari fell on its face with the Falcon, is falling
on its face with  the Falcon and has now come to the point where the Falcon
is such a late bloomer it can easily be called a  faint thought from memory
lane.   With this happening,  what do we  see?  Lies,  innuendo, outrageous
schemes of  misrepresentation and  slander.   For example; We  all see  Dan
McNamee saying  he's "been told" by more  than one source that  I have been
revealing him as my "confidential source" within Atari.  This is absurd!  I
happen to know for  a fact exactly who  (more than one person)  planned and
initiated this vicious rumor.  It was the laugh of the late summer shows of
two years ago.  Any  regular reader of STReport _knows_ we don't reveal our
sources at all unless given permission to do so by  the source.  Especially
those within Atari  itself.  For  the record, Dan  McNamee has NEVER  given
STReport any information confidential or otherwise.   Its an outrage to see
the scheme of two years ago rear its ugly head again as it may cost Dan his
job  at Atari.  It is only  correct that the conspirators of this dastardly
deed come forward and quell this foolishness, if not their Ids will be made
known along  with the whole  story of  how the conspiracy  was supposed  to

     It never ceases to amaze me  as to how others can blather about  gloom
and  doom being  predominate on one  service (The  CIS Atari  Fora) and not
another (Genies's  STRT) when in reality  its only truth the  folks on CIS,
Delphi, Bix, NVN, AOL, Fido, Internet and FNET are factually talking about.
Only in the STRT on Genie is  the course of the conversations so  typically
controlled  and directed  in such  a  manner as  to reflect  the "sing  the
praises only" by Nathan, Darlah  and their crew.  The sad part is those who
are "foaming"  away are,  in fact,  "showing their hand"  by sitting  'over
there'  busily bad mouthing other  network's and service's  Atari areas and
the people that are part of it.  Jealousy rears its ugly head in many ways.
Fact is  it  only reflects  the  "Aunt Agony"  mentality.   Apparently  the
revenues are down  appreciably in the STRT for the  "Nathan & Darlah Show".
The most ingratiating form  is of course, the "smug,  self righteous" kind.
Its sad  indeed to  see the  Minister of  Disinformation,  Bob Brodie,  Jim
Allen,  Nathan and  Darlah engaged  in "instigating"  the chorus  onward in
creating  a wider, more difficult to correct, segregation within the anemic
and dwindling Atari userbase.  Well done people, its you who are really, in
serving  your own selfish, ego  gratifying interests, doing  Atari the most

     What is truly fascinating is to see precisely who is orchestrating the
bleating,  blathering and foaming  at the  mouth type  behavior.   The self
righteous,  self appointed,  "authorities" in  the Atari  arena.   Truth is
they're just like  the rest of us but they insist on wearing two faces, one
for Atari and one  for the userbase.  One day  they'll discover the plastic
face will reappear continuously to torment them.  And torment them it will.
Especially on other, more mature and highly successful platforms where they
will try  to market their wares.  One can  only wonder if they will attempt
to play the same shabby, ill-advised politics.



 STReport's Staff                      DEDICATED TO SERVING YOU!

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                              Ralph F. Mariano

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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                 "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                    is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

About the scathing Forbes Magazine Critique of Atari;

     "My new office,  which has a  better view than my  old one, is  so far
     quite satisfactory.   And Richard  Miller is  in my old  office.   The
     Forbes article was a  mish-mash and misconstrued article full  of half
     truths.  We are anxiously  awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

About marketing plans and the future....

     "As  I  said  before, all  marketing  announcements  will  be made  at
     Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                     WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

A fantastic observation, considering the date it was made...

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

Again, the dates of the statement conflict with the facts now known....

     "We have not yet even given the machine  to the FCC.  And we are  only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to  our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

             "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
         make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $0.81 

                     CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...

                       JANUARY 1993, FEBRUARY 1993...

                           FALCONS    ....anyone?

                  By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
            any... of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!  NOT YET!

                         Wanna bet there won't be any?  

Better yet... 

             Which _MAJOR_ US Software Developers & Publishers
                producing NEW Software for Atari's FALCON???

               Besides, who _needs_ a CARTRIDGE PORT anyhow!



                 Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                 ------------------------   ----------
                Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                               Issue #16
                            By: John Deegan
                 Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                 ------------------------   ----------
                Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                               Issue #20
                            By: John Deegan
   TIDBITS FROM ATARI - According to Atari spokesperson Bob Brodie, 
Atari Works, SpeedoGDOS and MultiTOS are currently only being shipped 
installed on the Falcon030's from the Sunnyvale offices of Atari. All 
three should be ready to ship as stand-alone programs in 6-8 weeks, as 
soon as the manuals and disks arrive from Taiwan. Atari Works will re-
tail for $129 US, and will include SpeedoGDOS and 14 BitStream fonts.
SpeedoGDOS without Atari Works will be $69 US and will include 14 Bit-
Stream fonts. MultiTOS should be priced at $59 US. Dealers will be able 
to place orders on all three products in approximately 4 weeks.
   Mr. Brodie states that the next Falcon030 shipment has been shipped 
by boat and should arrive in the U.S. in about 10 days (from 5/8/93).  
He anticipates the shipment will be large enough to fill all backorders 
that Atari had as of that time.  A 4-meg Falcon030 without hard drive or 
monitor is expected to retail for $999.00.
   ORDERS FOR CHIPS FALL IN APRIL - The Semiconductor Industry Associa-
tion says U.S. orders for semiconductors slipped 0.6% in April, an indi-
cation, SIA says, that the PC boom may be slowing down.
   TOSHIBA CUTS MORE PRICES - Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. 
has cut the prices on many of its PC accessories by between 5 and 32%, 
after recent notebook and portable computer price cuts.
   MITSUBISHI TO SELL SUN MICROS - In information attributed to a 
Mitsubishi spokesman, Mitsubishi Corp. will sell in Japan workstation 
computers made by U.S. computer maker Sun Microsystems Inc.
   IBM UNVEILING NEW PS/1 VERSIONS - IBM is unveiling new versions of 
its PS/1 PCs that can upgrade to use Intel Corp.'s new Pentium micro-
processors. Some 27 new machines are reported to be unveiled, including 
several with a mini-tower design that provides greater expandability for 
disk or CD-ROM drives.  The new computers are expected to range in price 
from about $1,200 to $3,000.
   VLSI OFFERS NEW CHIP SET - VLSI Technology Inc. is introducing a PC 
chip set that manages power usage, helping make the machines more energy 
   According to VLSI, the new EcoChip VL82C483 system controller "fits 
around a 486 microprocessor and puts an idle computer into a sleep mode 
that conserves energy. The computer returns to full function when a key 
is pressed."  The firm expects volume production to begin in the fourth 
quarter and the system will cost PC makers about $22 each in quantities 
of 10,000.
   APPLE TO SHIP RISC-BASED MACS IN 1994 - Apple Computer Inc. expects 
to ship its first RISC-based Macintoshes in the first half of 1994. The 
new systems are said to be based on the PowerPC, a new line of RISC 
(reduced instruction set computing) chips jointly designed by Apple, IBM 
and Motorola.
   DIGITAL UNVEILING NEW '486 UNITS - Digital Equipment Corp. is unveil-
ing two new desktop PCs it says are the highest-performance '486-chip 
based computers.  Reports say that Digital's MTE system family "combines 
industry-standard 32-bit EISA and VESA VL-buses, upgradability to 
Intel's next generation of Pentium processors and offers a PCMCIA 
peripheral card option which allows data sharing with any portable."
Corp. says it is taking steps to respond to InfoWorld magazine's reports 
of finding a bug in the new MS-DOS 6 operating system. More than 3 mil-
lion copies of the software have been sold since the system was unveiled 
March 30.

   InfoWorld reported it found several glitches. Among them are alleged 
problems in a feature that compresses data to free disk space. InfoWorld 
since has cleared all but six of the problems it says it found on 53 PCs 
in its testing.

   Reporting from Seattle, Brad Chase, Microsoft's general manager of 
MS-DOS 6, says the publisher pledges to do whatever it takes to track 
down and purge any serious flaws, although it has found none.
tertainment Corp. have formed a multimedia alliance to deliver music, 
films and games electronically to retailers.
   The companies said consumers will want on-demand retailing in stores 
as they become more familiar with digitally based multimedia technology.
   Music or video would be digitized, compressed and sent on high-speed 
phone lines to a massive computer storage center linked with stores. 
Such a capability would essentially allow music stores to make compact 
discs and videos on the premises and eliminate the need for large 
   Stores typically carry about 12,000 titles, but the Blockbuster-IBM 
system could mean a stock of 100,000 titles would be available.
   VALLEY PAPER GOES ONLINE - The newspaper in the heart of Silicon 
Valley -- The San Jose Mercury News -- has launched a new online news 
service, Mercury Center.

   The modem-delivered service includes news from each morning's edition 
of the newspaper along with updated information from the afternoon edi-
tion. Entertainment and consumer information also is available, as well 
as bulletin board discussions and news dating back to 1985 from the 
paper's library.
   The feature, delivered in cooperation with Vienna, Va., America On-
line, is charged at $9.95 per month, which includes five hours of online 
use, plus $3.50 per hour for additional time.


> ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
On CompuServe
compiled by Joe Mirando

Hidi-Ho good neighbors!  Ah, springtime.  Flowers bloom,  grass grows, the
days get longer, and a young man's thoughts turn to... computers.  Okay,
okay, so I don't get out much.

Anyway, its that time again.  Time to listen in on the conversations,
hints, and tips that get posted in the Atari Forums on CompuServe.  So,
what the heck, let's get to it.

>From the Atari Productivity Forum

Manfred Bottei from Germany asks for help with his ST-Book:

"Hello everybody, concerning the ST-Book I need urgently help!
The problems are the following:

    1) to expand the internal RAM
    2) the LCD-screen MUST be backlit
    3) at least I need the technical manual
       with detailed descriptions (like for the 'normal' ST's)

For about SIX months I've made a lot of efforts in trying to find somebody
to solve these problems, but everything I did was in vain!  The result of
all this is that seemingly NOBODY here in Germany is able and/or willing to
modify the machine.  Of course, I did consult the technical service of ATARI
Germany, but they told me [that they don't have] technical information at
all!!!  Even a call to ATARI Sunnyvale was not successful (but expensive).
So I've made up my mind to post this message around here hoping it will be
read by competent people who at least give me some advice or tips...?"

Gee, an ST-Book.  I'd love to get my hands on one of those babies.  Anyway,
Ron Luks, the Sysop's Sysop, tells Manfred:

"I'm afraid you may not like my answers, but here they are:

You cannot modify the unit (in any reasonable manner) to add backlighting to
the screen.

You cannot (in any way that I'm aware of) increase the RAM past 4Mb.

Since Atari has dropped the STBook (they never sold them in the USA) I don't
know where you could possibly get any manuals for it.

The backlighting issue was a major criticism of the prototypes we saw and
that's probably why they never attempted to sell the STBook in this country.

Redesigning the unit for a backlit screen was said to be too expensive to be
practical, considering that the unit is basically old technology (based on
the ST which originally debuted in 1985)."

David Hagood asks:

"Does anyone know if MultiTOS has been released to the general public yet?
If so, how much?"

Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine answers succinctly:

"Not yet."

Alan Moore adds a bit more info:

"Multitos will be released in the UK on 22.5.93 by Hisoft Tel: +44
(0)525-718181 I'm not sure about anywhere else though."

Tim Myers jumps in and posts:

"Not yet although version 1.0 is widely available on the Atari underground I
believe. 1.0 will not be the official release AFAIK. However, it is VERY
slow on an 8mhz ST. You need an accelerated ST to use it effectively and a
Falcon to use the memory protection features to stop badly behaved apps from
trampling each other. Falcons are currently sold her in the UK without any
of the software Atari promised !"

On the subject of the software that Double Click that has been placed on
CompuServe as Shareware, Bill asks the Double Clickers:

"Did you realize that nowhere in the documentation for DCXtract or DCSEA did
you include the address to send donations, or the amount to send?

Admittedly, the info is there if you go to the (C) screen from the config
screen, but a lot of folks might not realize that... anyway, I had a person
ask me about it, since he didn't see it in the doc..."

Sysop Bob Retelle asks:

"Does anyone remember the discussion of there being a Motorola datasheet
which essentially details the design of a typical 68030 based

I'd like to get as much info about the sheet.. it's title or their catalog
number for it, as possible."

Our own sweet, lovable Publisher, Ralph Mariano, tells Bob:

"Call Motorola and direct your request for Motorola's Application Notes for
the 68000 series and in particular for the 68030 & 040.  It comes is a very
nice binder and its chock full of information and designs.  In fact it shows
some very surprising and familiar design specs.  You'd definitely be elated
at your find.  :-)"

Bob explains:

"I just had an interesting discussion with some of the other hardware types
where I work, and we want to take a look at those Application Notes..."

With the Falcon030 due out "Real Soon Now", people are starting to wonder
about what type of monitor will do the best job for their application. 
Robby Cooke posts:

"I am wondering if you can use the PTC1426 monitor on a Falcon030 in the
true color mode and VGA mode? I heard that you can't although I wouldn't
know why."

Brian Gockley of ST Informer and the Connecticut AtariFest, tells Robby:

"I have seen the PTC1426 on a Falcon several times, I believe you can do all
the resolutions _except_ true color. I wish I had either to try for sure!"

Robby replies:

"That's weird.I don't know much about computers but I wonder why a VGA
monitor won't do true color.Thinks for you info."

On the subject of True Color on the Falcon, Tom Mynar posts:

"Let's also remember that the TRUE COLOR mode of the Falcon is not "BUILT
IN" It requires a special card be plugged into the cartridge port (or so I
have heard) before you can truly get all those colors (that everyone seems
to agree we won't see anyway)."

Stefan Daystrom of Barefoot Software replies to Tom:

">>..plugged into the cartridge port..

What cartridge port <grin!>?

Seriously, on a stock Falcon you _can_ select True Color mode, but _not_ if
you have a VGA monitor hooked up -- only ST monitor or TV.  Don't ask me why
-- I'm just going by the notes in the Falcon030 developer kit breakdown of
the bitmapped register used to set up all the video modes..."

Sysop Ron Luks posts:

"You cant use TRUE COLOR on a Falcon if you are using a VGA monitor????
That's depressing, if true."

Alex Kiernan tells Ron:

" >You cant use TRUE COLOR on a Falcon if you are using a VGA
  >monitor??? That's depressing, if true.

Nonsense, you can have 320x240 or 320x480 VGA true color, what you can't
have is 640x... true color. The reason is because with a 31.5kHz line rate
(twice broadcast rate) it needs too much bandwidth."

Jim Ness posts:

"This isn't a monitor restriction, since I know most of today's VGA monitors
have more than enough bandwidth for lots of rez and lots of color.
So, it's a limitation on whatever video chip the Falcon has, right?"

Alex continues:

"Of course its a Falcon limitation; the fact that you can do 640x... true
color on a broadcast monitor is testament to that."

Charles Johnson, CodeHead extraordinary, jumps in and posts:

"With a VGA monitor, the Falcon does have two "true-color" (more properly
described, IMO, as "16-bit color") modes -- 320x200 and 320x480.  But these
are 40-column modes, which means they're fairly useless for serious design
work or DTP.  This is unfortunate, since these types of tasks could really
benefit from the fairly accurate color representation that's possible with
16-bit color, but require better resolution and proper aspect ratios.  The
VGA true-color modes could be used for animation/presentation purposes, I
suppose, but even for
those jobs it's preferable to have at least an 80-column screen width."

Tony Barker of Moving Pixels posts:

"You can get the "true color" mode on a VGA monitor, but only at low
horizontal res, ie: 320. In RGB (TV or other RGB monitor) you can do 640
horizontal in true color and more 768 etc with overscan."

Dick Paddock asks:

"By "RGB monitor" for higher-resolution "true color" for the Falcon030, do
you mean a multi-sync like the NEC 4FG? And would a TV be a good monitor at
such high resolutions because of the many colors?"

Tony tells Dick:

"By RGB I mean TV or the Atari color monitors or the Amiga monitors
(Phillips, Thompson etc.), certainly no need for a 4FG. In fact a 4FG will
not sync down to the 15.75Khz (?) horizontal rate necessary to do the high
res true color modes.

And no, the TV is not a good monitor to use at "high" res's like 640x400
true color except for the display of graphics in which case it is just like
looking at a broadcast television picture. I wouldn't word process on it

Tim Rule adds his voice to the discussion:

"When you actually compare the two modes this discussion becomes irrelevant.
Take the example seen with the apple Mac, for a few hundred quid you can get
a 32K color upgrade board for desktop publishing.  However, if you are
really doing it seriously, and want to see exactly how the photo will look
on the page (so you can optimize it), you need a proper 24-bit display. 
This is surely proved by the fact that people spend a couple of thousand on
a 24-bit board with the necessary accelerators and DSP chips, rather than a
32K board which is much cheaper.

Beware also, when you see a PC change from 32K to 24-bit mode, the
resolution usually also goes down.  That is why the picture may seem no

Steve Rose asks:

"Does anyone know of an Atari ST emulator for a Mac? I am a former ST user
now using a Mac, and I know of some others who are looking for such a
product. Does one exist?"

Tim Myers tells Steve:

"Nope never heard of one. I would say that it would be harder to write an
Atari emulator for the Mac than the other way round. IMO the Mac OS is much
more logical and controlled than TOS and so easier to emulate. It could
also be that there is very little demand for one. With STFMs going out in
the UK again at 160 UK pounds new (approx 220 to 230 US dollars) it might
be cheaper to buy an ST !"

Ken Joy is a member of a very exclusive group:  He's a NEW ST user!  He
tells us:

"I was just given an Atari ST with a 60MByte hardrive by a friend, and I
have no idea what kind of animal this is. Is it DOS compatible?  Will DOS
programs run on it?  Since I don't have a communications program for it, I
can't download files to it.  Can I download files on my IBM and then run
them on the Atari? Help!! Is there software here for word processing, DTP,
communications?  etc.  Thanks for all you help... I'm really in the dark
here coming from the IBM world...."

Sysop Bob Retelle welcomes Ken into _our_ club:

"welcome to the Atari computing world..!

The Atari ST is not directly software compatible with IBM programs.

The computer uses a Motorola 68000 CPU chip, like the Apple Macintosh and
Commodore Amiga.  There ARE however, some hardware emulators that will run
MS-DOS software with varying levels of compatibility.

Luckily, the floppy disk formats are almost identical between the ST and the
PC.  To avoid any incompatibilities, the best way to go about transferring
files between the two platforms is to format a 3.5" 720K disk on the PC. 
That will insure that both computers will be able to read and write the
disk.  Then just download into your PC and transfer the files to the ST on
the floppies."

>From the Atari ST Arts Forum

Greg Kopchak tells us all:

"I'm now sitting here typing on a "real" US version Atari Falcon. The wait
may be over. This is a real fun machine. The sound capabilities are awesome
and true-color is great. The higher res graphics look best on a VGA or color
monitor rather than a SC1224.

The machine will also have a super selection of startup software on the hard
drive. Enough to get you going and more. The SAM sound program is great."

Ron Luks asks Greg:

"Are you typing on a developer or demo Falcon, or one that you can purchase
over the counter in a dealership?

Glad you like the new machine."

Bob Retelle tells Ron:

"Ron, there was a note on UseNet the night before last about a music store
which got in (and quickly sold out) a shipment of consumer Falcons.  The
details were rather sketchy, and I'm trying to find out more..."

Ron posts:

"If Falcons are shipping, that truly IS good news.  I'll keep a close note
of all the verifiable reports we get from around the world and especially
the USA.  The more Falcons that go out (and get sold) the bigger our
potential audience will become.  This will be good news for all software
developers, too."

Greg Kopchak gives us some more info on his new machine:

"I have a 14 meg US machine, rather rare. It is a developer model with the
actual product due shortly. Having a great time with it.

Most dealers should be getting demo computers shortly. I had a few call this
week saying they arrived."

Jim Ness asks Greg:

"What TOS version does it have?  I understand the dealer demo units had
4.02, while the units now being built for users have 4.04."

Greg replies:

"The current version is 4.04."

Sysop Don LeBow kids around with Greg:


 We'll expect a 10000 word report by Monday


Greg gives his opinions on monitors for the Falcon030:

"I would rank monitors in the following order. Multiscan VGA with a small
dot pitch first for all uses.

SM124 for text editing and character based work.

Large screen monitor for graphic viewing.

SC1224 color monitor as a last resort. Output is dark and doesn't show the
full effect of the color capabilities of the Falcon."

Jaime Sacadura tells us:

"I am having trouble connecting several devices to the Falcon SCSI II port.
Neither a 44Mb Syquest or an Optical Drive seem to work.

The Falcon detects the drive(s) but the light stays on and when i try to
access the optical disk, i get a "Your output device is not receiving data".

I can't find SCSI II cables specific from Atari, so i've tried two
"standard" ones, one from a SUN Workstation.

Do you (or somebody) know if the Falcon SCSI II port accepts a "standard"
SCSI II cable or do i need a "special" cable from ATARI ? (Assuming the
problem i have is from the cable)

If its a "software" problem, could it be solved with another driver, maybe
ICD Pro ?"

Greg Wageman tells Jaime:

"First thing to check is that the last drive on your SCSI daisy-chain, and
ONLY the last drive, is properly terminated.  Also make sure that power for
the terminators is available from either the buss or from the device (if
buss term.  power isn't present).  Easiest way to check this is to use an
external terminator with an indicator light, but you can also check with a
voltmeter.  Term. power is pin 26 on the 50-pin IDC connector.

Unpowered terminators are actually worse than no termination at all."

Jaime tells Greg:

"I know that with some computers (namely some Mac models) you MUST use a
terminator. With my "humble" ST and THE LINK, my optical drive works
perfectly without the terminator.

With the Falcon030, even with the terminator, it just doesn't work (cable

But you say that - "Also make sure that power for the terminators is
available from either the buss or from the device" If the device has power,
shouldn't the terminator have it, also?

And you also stated that - "Unpowered terminators are actually worse than no
termination at all"  Could you elaborate on that, please?"

Greg explains:

"Power to the terminator is provided on SCSI pin 26.  Whether a particular
device applies power to this pin usually depends on the setting of a jumper
on the device.  The reason for this is so that you can be sure only one
device is applying power to pin 26.

Unfortunately I do not know if the Falcon provides termination power on this
pin.  If it does not, you will have to arrange for one of your SCSI devices
to do this.  While one device on the buss may work fine without termination,
you will definitely find that as you add more devices (and more cables and
connectors) this will cease to be true.  The more cables, connectors and
devices you have on the buss, the more important termination becomes.

The reason is that the SCSI buss is a "transmission line".  The signals are
of high enough frequency that, if they reach the end of an unterminated
wire, they are reflected back towards the source.  Each connector/cable
change can generate such reflections.  If the reflections are of high enough
amplitude, or sum together in just the right way, they can produce false
signals of their own, which cause errors (hung devices, etc.).  Termination
cures this by providing a balanced load which "soaks up" the signals when
they reach the end of the line.  Terminating resistors without power pull
the lines to ground without the corresponding pullup to +5 volts.  This
tends to force all of the voltages on the line to be too low, again
resulting in errors.  If the host adaptor can't overcome this load, the
entire buss may fail to work at all.

I'm a systems administrator for a network of Sun workstations; I deal with
SCSI devices all the time.  Even in the world of $10,000+ workstations, we
have problems with SCSI devices, termination and SCSI buss errors.  It is
not a simple problem and there are no simple answers."

Mike Fulton of Atari tells Jaime:

"The Falcon030 does not require any special kind of SCSI-2 cable.  I think
the one I've got was labeled as being for NeXT, but I've also used ones that
were not labeled in any specific way.

My Syquest is just plugged right in and I'm using the Atari HD driver
version 6.02.  What version of what software are you using?  I would not
expect ICD software to work at all unless they've released a new Falcon030
version I've not heard about."

Jaime tells Mike:

"I am using Atari HD Driver version 6.03 - 18 Set 1992.
I suspect the cables, but your answer puzzles me.
Are you sure that all SCSI-2 cables (with 50-25 connectors) available in the
market have the same connections? It was very difficult to me, to find one
here in Portugal, seems that almost every dealer has the cable with 50-50
connectors, and i am not sure its a "standard" one.

Are you using a "production" Falcon030, with TOS 4.01 or TOS 4.02, like the
ones we have here? If not, is it possible that these units have SCSI-2 port
problems? The optical drive works perfectly with THE LINK, on my ST."

Mike Fulton tells Jaime:

"Yes, I'm using a production Falcon030, although the SCSI connector has
never changed since the original prototypes.  I really can't say what the
cables in Portugal might have as far as connections go, but the ones we've
got have a Centronics-style 50 pin connector on one end, and the 50-pin
SCSI-2 connector (about the same size as a DB-25) on the other. From what
you say, I would suspect you have a cable problem."

>From the Atari Vendors Forum

Beth Jane Freeman posts:

"As a shareholder, I can see the stupid things they did.
They lent money to members of their board to buy homes.  What's wrong with
Banks? My God, Sunnyvale is a sleepy little town, but I've been there, and
they do have a shopping mall with a Sears.  Surely they have banks.  I come
from a small town and we've got several.  And if the local banks aren't good
enough, there's San Jose as short ride away, and of course San Francisco.

They were also incredibly stupid regarding advertising.  They did a nice ad
for the Lynx, but they didn't do much for the computer which is a much
bigger item.  They also didn't support their dealers properly.  You don't
need a lot of money to do that.  If I could get control of the company, I'd
show them a thing or two Well, maybe I can get notice of this year's stock
holder's meeting and attend. I WILL speak my mind."

Sysop Bob Retelle tells Beth:

"Maybe what we need to do is to organize a "March on Sunnyvale"...

Beth tells Bob:

"Not a bad idea.  It should be done on the day of the stockholders'
meeting, though.  That would attract the most attention."

Bob continues the wishful thinking:

"We could all hold hands around the Atari building and sing while you're
inside trying to wake them up..."

Boris Molodyi joins the conversation:

"March on Sunnyvale? Make it a torch march :-) I'd join..."

John Zangrando talks to the CodeHeads:

"Here is a foolish question.  I am a new (non)user of Codekeys.  When I set
up and run my Macros I watch the mouse pointer move around the desktop but
files and buttons are not showing up on the desktop, and therefore, nothing
happens.  I have read the manual three times but alas I'm a saxophone - midi
guy and I'm missing something very fundamental.

P.S.  I love Warp 9, Multidesk Deluxe, and Midimax and Hotwire plus is on
the way."

Charles imposes the old tried and true axiom:  "RTM"

"What exactly are you trying to do with this macro?  Be sure to read the
'Tricks and Tips' section of the manual..."

By the way folks, RTM stands for 'Read the Manual".

>From the Atari Portfolio Forum

Bob Lewis asks:

"Can anybody help me out in isolating a problem I'm having with my new
serial interface module?

I've built and tested a cable to interface to my PC as directed in the
manual.  I copy stuff to the PC output port, and it seems to get there
(according to my serial tester), but all the corresponding "copy aux
wherever" on the Portfolio does is stop with a "Not ready"  error.  No bytes
get put into "wherever".

Connecting the serial tester to the 25-pin connector at the end of the cable
lights "RD", but nothing else (i.e., no response from "TD", "RTS", "DSR",
"CD", "CTS", or "DTR").  Can anyone with a working serial interface confirm
if this is what I should expect?  Has anyone else seen this problem?  Flakey
interface module?  Flaky Portfolio?"

Don Thomas, the Portfolio Guru, tells Bob:

"There is an error in the Serial Interface manual if you are trying to
follow the instructions for a null modem cable. This may or not be the
problem you are experiencing.

On page 17, the book shows signal lines correctly, but the signal
descriptions is not right. The second column should have RD and TD switched
just as the reference lines indicate."

Bob tells Don:

"Thanks for pointing this out, but I don't think that's where the problem

I actually did try swapping RD and TD and all it did was change the
corresponding light on my serial tester.

I really love RS-232.  8-)"

John Dobson asks:

"Is there a way that I can use some of the disk space in my portfolio for
other programs that I want to load. Instead of say the work processor(I
never use)."

Don Thomas tells John:

"The built-in applications are all in ROM and never transferred to RAM until
they are "run". ROM in the Portfolio is fixed @256K. RAM in the Portfolio is
fixed at @128K although you can use the "FDISK" command to specify the ratio
of working RAM against the size of your C: drive.

In summary, the built-in apps take up no "disk space" unless you run them."

Well, that's about it for this week, folks.  'Hope you've found something of
use in this weeks column.  Tune in again next week, same time, same channel,
and listen in to what they are saying when...

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> GRANDSTANDING AT ITS BEST! STR FOCUS!   Open Mouth...... Insert Foot!

                         GRANDSTANDING AT ITS BEST!

by R. F. Mariano

     Every so often, a well respected member of the Atari community allows
his good judgment to fall by the wayside.  In this case, not only did this
person cast aside his good judgment, he allowed emotion to become involved
in his "onslaught" to nowhere.  In raising a number of "questions" an
attempt was made by Nathan Potechin (Darlah's other half) relative to the
Explorer vs AIM situation.  It can only be termed another in the long line
of diversions Nathan is famous for.  As such the following posts and
comments are supplied to provide the reader with a clear picture relative to
the head games being attempted.

>From Delphi's Atari Area
in reply to Nathan's totally erroneous commentary that attempted to "smear"
AIM Magazine and it proprietors.

54472 7-MAY 21:46  News & Reviews
     RE: What's going on here? (Re: Msg 54367)

Nathan...just a note to point out a couple of errors of fact in your post
concerning AIM. First, the March/April issue was not 8 pages, as you state,
but it was 32 pages. While that is 1/2 the size AIM was before the
reorganization, 32 pages is a far cry from 8.

   As for "not notifying subscribers", again you are in error. A letter was
send to all direct subscribers and participating clubs in late January early
February informing everyone of the changes taking place and spelling out
their options.

   So, it is simply not true that 5 months went by without anyone receiving
any word from us. We sent out the letter about 3.5 months after the WAACE

   It's true that we were taking subscriptions at WAACE last October, but
why do you see that as some kind of shady thing for us to do? Atari was
supposed to ship the new Falcon before the end of October. There was still a
somewhat viable market at that time with ST users still holding on. We
believed Atari, too. In late November, we stopped taking new subscriptions
because the market went off a cliff when Atari missed that deadline and
people gave up. We just weren't willing to continue taking people's money
when we weren't sure Atari was going to be around long enough for us to
fulfill those subscriptions.

   Frankly, Nathan, I don't really expect you to believe anything I say. You
want to believe that we're not reputable or trustworthy, for whatever
reason. It really doesn't matter to us what you think. We're going to
continue to produce AIM and fulfill our current subscriptions. If Atari
starts shipping Falcons, developers can afford to advertise, and there are
enough users out there to support Atari magazines, AIM will grow again and
we'll start taking subscriptions again. If not, AIM will cease when we no
longer have outstanding subscriptions. If you think that is somehow less
reputable than those people who produced Atari magazines in the past and
stiffed everyone when they folded, that's your opinion and you're welcome to
it. Just get the facts straight so no one has to waste their time correcting
you. (You know how to reach us if you ever want any info from us.)

          Bill Rayl

     At which point Nathan posted back to Bill acknowledging his (Bill
Rayle's) being correct.  Unfortunately, the use of so few words by Nathan 
makes it appear more like a blow-off.  Nathan should've been as elaborate as
he was in his indictments of the Rayles and AIM Magazine.
>From Delphi's Atari area;
Our own editor, Dana P. Jacobson replied to Nathan's outrageous accusations
and insinuations;

54321 4-MAY 22:40  News & Reviews
     RE: What's going on here? (Re: Msg 54288)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING (NR)

I'll tell you why _I_ didn;t jump down AIM's throat because of late issues,
Nathan.  First of all, I did get my year's subscription from AIM, and I
subscribed to them much later than AE.  Also, the Rayles kept their
subscribers up-to-date with regard to the problems that they were having; it
also hasn't been 6 months in-between issues, but I can check to verify that
for you.  Unicorn Publications is also just a two-person operation with
hardly as near the resources to put out a magazine than Atari is capable of
doing.  This is not to belittle the Rayles - they did a fine job with what
they had to work with.  They were also more regular over the years (since
the MAM days) than AE ever was.

ALso, had rumors come out about AIM, I'm sure that we would have discussed
them online and in STReport.  I also believe that we carried an item about
AIM's problems, a number of weeks back.  Why is it that that "rumor" didn't
cause nearly the reaction that the AE issue has caused?  You know why.
Also, why is AIM going through rough times?  Mismanagement?  Hardly.  Could
it be just one more in a long line of Atari support problems?  The
independent folks can't survive without the company doing something to help
the market. Losing AE won't hurt me (personally) as much as losing AIM or
of all of the others we lost over the years (nothing personal to the AE
staff, past or present/future).  But, I can't find fault with those who have
done just about everything that they could to survive in today's Atari
marketplace, and find it extremely difficult, if at all possible any longer.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

     Now Nathan in his infinite wisdom and obvious fairness, devotes a scant
six or eight words directed to Dana indicating he (Nathan) had been "soundly
thrashed".  One can only wonder if he meant to begin this nonsense with an
equal sense of frivolity.  It simply put, appears to be another of the cute
sidesteps he's ever so famous for.  Fact is, Nathan was caught in a stream
of fabrications and exaggerations that had no solid basis in fact.

Dana then followed up with;
54369 5-MAY 19:56  News & Reviews
     RE: What's going on here? (Re: Msg 54367)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING

I received word from AIM, and so did my user group which has a group/member
discount, that AIM was going through some changes. I recently went through a
lot of my old Atari-related mail and threw it out, so I cannot tell you when
I received that info.  I'm sure that Pattie or Bill can elaborate on when
that mailing went out.

I'm also pretty sure that there were issues since WAACE '92 other than this
latest one.  And, I was referring to my AE subscription that I took out at
WAACE _'91_, not '92.

BTW, there was nothing in STReport about subscriptions (AE) in our original
announcement.  That came _after_ all of the messages here (yes, I believe
that _I_ mentioned it first, as a subscriber and not an STReport staffer).

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine


     It would seem Nathan would've thought his interrogatory through a
little bit more thoroughly.  But no, it was "damn the torpedoes, full speed
ahead."  This guy jumped up on Delphi and decided to take STReport to task
for having spotlighted the recent EXPLORER LAY-OFF COVERUP.  Too bad the guy
didn't do his homework.  You see, Nathan Potechin of ISD/DMC decided to ask

     "Why did you jump on Atari Explorer only days after the news about
     Mike Lindsay and Darren Meer being let go, but NEVER talked about AIM
     even though they said nothing for 3.5 months?  That's a
     In reply to Nathan's interrogatory, STReport's position is quite clear
and in fact, we _never_ "jumped" on anything as Nathan describes.  First,
its obvious you have a real sloppy grasp of the numbers, you said in your
first missive they hadn't said anything for six months.  Then, after your
correction by Dana and myself, you state five months and now after hearing
from Bill Rayle you're enlightened to the letter that was sent to existing
subscribers so now... you say three and a half months.  How very convenient.

Your "AGENDA" is showing already.  Like I said last week, nice try but no

     The real truth is; STReport SHOULD'VE spotlighted the arrogance of
Atari in relation to Atari Explorer Magazine a long, long time ago.  Like
the first incident of censorship and dictatorial prejudice that was
exhibited by Atari when the magazine was jerked out from under the folks in
New Jersey, David Ahl and Betsy Staples, because of their independent
editorial stance relative to the Portfolio and, as a result, Explorer was
placed in the hands of John Jainschigg.  Now then Jainschigg brought the
magazine to new heights in quality, content and professionalism.  What
happens?  The magazine is pulled out from under Jainschigg because of
alleged cost "overruns".  Truth is Atari and Jainschigg were not seeing eye
to eye about a number of things including long distance calls into Europe,
France to be exact.  Once again because Atari suffers from a severe case of
the "cheaps", the users must watch and wait for Explorer.  
     Now, with Explorer "back in house", under the guidance of Mike Lindsay,
formally of Atari Advantage, it has another chance at life or, does it
really?  Of course, nobody makes mention of the fact that Lindsay had
"scooped" all the hard copy magazines with internal photographs of the ever
elusive Falcon well before its release.  (This event is reported to have
sent Leonard ballistic)  Could this have been a course of action taken to
eventually silence Advantage?  Which by the way, was taking away paying
subscribers and advertisers from Explorer and then.. with the falcon scoop
proved itself to be a real "reporting" magazine that perhaps, Atari and
Explorer didn't care to contend with?  Of course, NO MENTION is made of the
unfulfilled subscriptions Advantage left dangling by Nathan.  Alas, I
digress... Let's get back to Nathan's agenda.  We've now seen how many
issues of Explorer have been released under Lindsay before it once again,
fell under the heavy hand of the Tramiel master planners?  TWO ISSUES!
That's in almost a year!  One very serious point many of the users may not
be aware of;  Atari Explorer is the LAST of the hard copy magazines that
enjoyed National News Stand distribution and circulation.  You see, in order
for a magazine to be made available on magazine racks and news stands across
the nation, they must be the glossy type.  With the hobbling of Explorer, it
spells the end of Atari's national magazine exposure too.

     The saga continues.  In a short time, as we've all been witness to, the
userbase is told of the layoffs and then, in what can only be termed a "face
saving" maneuver by Atari, its stated by the Atari online reps that one can
call Atari and "talk to Mike".  No doubt, one sure can... if they want to
listen to a tape recording.  And then.. to add to the coverup its stated
they (Atari) is negotiating with Lindsay about Explorer since they now wish
to take Explorer "out of house" to save money.  Incredible!!  Isn't this the
very opposite of the reason they gave a year or so ago as to why they took
Explorer back "in house"??  Also, during all these "heavy duty negotiations"
was Lindsay ON or OFF the payroll.  Truth is he was OFF and IS OFF the
payroll since April 08, 1993.  Nathan nobody "jumped" any one or thing.  In
fact, STReport was not going to bring any accounts of the rather "sad and
erratic course of events surrounding the squirrely evolution of Explorer
until _you_ decided to make an issue of a totally non-issue on Delphi.  The
fact remains, Lindsay is history, so far Explorer is history and the
subscribers and advertisers who've paid for either their subscriptions or
ads are left in a bleak holding pattern.

Then Nathan 'protests' in so many words;
     "Nathan takes exception with the way STReport takes comments from
     anyone and responds to them in the magazine instead of in the message
     area where the topic was being discussed."
     It truly is sad to see this sort of sly comment as it clearly shows
that a number of very familiar agendas are being amplified.  After all, the
magazine and its content is what this is all about.  It stands to reason the
matter should be covered in STReport.  Let's look at the agendas that are so
familiar to STR's experiences in the STRT run by Darlah.  First being the
indirect attempt to arrange that only a limited number of people be allowed
to see or partake in such exchanges and second, an obvious attempt is being
made to control the media by any means possible.  This is further
demonstrated by his "claim" to not have his posts re-printed by STReport. 
Perhaps he's apprehensive, lest he be held responsible for his words at a
later date.  Third, the statement is nothing more than another slick
diversion to distract and confuse the original matter, THE EXPLORER COVERUP

He also states in so many words....;
     "I do not give STReport permission to reprint anything that I write on
     So what!  Paraphrasing is all that's needed to present the overall
picture and give the reader an indication of what's being said.  Besides
with the support of other third party posts, there can be no mistaking any
intent or of course, Nathan's now exposed agenda.




                           The NOVA Graphics Card

It's  me  again Yat  Siu  from  Lexicor Software  Europe.  I  have a  happy
announcement to make!

Lexicor Software is glad  to announce that they have  acquired distribution
rights to  the NOVA Card.  The Nova Card  comes in essentially  5 different
versions. Lexicor Software Products that run on the NOVA Card are:

XENOMORPH-3D  (works  100%) all  functions  Cyber  Color (works  100%)  all
functions Prism Paint (works 100%)  v.1.1, 1.5 and the soon to  be released
2.0  CHRONOS-3D Newest Version (works 100%) You  can even RENDER in any rez
at 8bit GENESIS (works 100%) Render  24 (works 100%) Utility Disk I haven't
checked all the utilities but nearly ALL appear to work.

And  since it  has an  own  VDI Driver,  most Atari  Applications that  are
written  cleanly should work  just fine.  Now to  the availability  and the
prices, Lexicor users get a special price as I understand and for those who
buy our Software  bundled, they too will get a special price. I have listed
them into Lexicor  and Non Lexicor and listed the price respectively below.
I hope the formatting works now! :)

Type of NOVA Card       Prices:LEXICOR User     Prices:NON-LEXICOR
Description of CARD:

NOVA Mega 32K            300 U$D                  360 U$D

32,768 Colors for any Mega ST BUS

Nova Mega 16M            400 U$D                  490 U$D

16,7 Million Colors for your Mega ST BUS

Nova VME 32K             429 U$D                  560 U$D

32,768 Colors for any Mega STE or TT VME

Nova VME 16M             529 U$D                  699 U$D

16,7 Million Colors for any Mega STE or TT VME

Super NOVA               999 U$D                 1199 U$D

Excellence and brilliance! Requires a VME Bus Mega STE or TT

If  you own  an ST  or a  regular STE  (eg.1040, 520)  then with  a special
adaptor you can connect the Mega BUS versions on your ST, STE. Price of the
adaptor however is to date not known.

Transport (shipping)  is  not included,  please add  another 30-40  dollars
depending on how quick you wish to have a delivery.
Prices are Subject to possible change but unlikely.

To the specs of the Card now:

All the NOVA Cards, 16M, 32k VME or Mega BUS have this in common:

1.Max Pixeltakt:        90 Mhz

2.Video RAM             1 Megabyte

3.Ramtype               DRAM

4.Have Virtual Resolutions

5.Automatic Rez Switch

6.Upgrade Possibility

7.VDI for its Colors (16M have 24bit VDI, 32k have 32K VDI)

8.All have a Videomode Generator

9.All go up to 1024*768 in 72Hz in 2/16/256 Colors

The Max rez in 16,7 Million colors for the 16M VME is 640*480 and the
MegaBUS is 640*400.

The Max rez for BUS version is 1024*768 and for VME version is 1088*832 at
70 Hz.

The Max rez at 32k colors for BUS version is 768*512 and VME version is

The SUPERNOVA is a dream Card for a dream Price!!!

Max Mhz is 135 MHZ with 16,7 Million colors at 800*600, 32k colors at 1024*
768, Absolute Max at 256 Colors max is 1280 * 1024. Ram type is VRAM unlike
the NOVA standard DRAM and has 2  Megabytes of VRAM. It has everything that
regular NOVA's have AND has a hardware speedup, making it even quicker!

Naturally, Virtual Resolutions possible!

This  is  a very,  very  fine  card and  is  to my  knowledge  the cheapest
available Graphics  Card  for your  Atari.   The  Crazy  Dots which  we  so
promoted before is still a fine card, but proved to be less compatible than
the  NOVA.   Thus making  for  Lexicor Software  the  NOVA Card  to be  the
preferred choice.

Please, as this is a  service of Lexicor Europe  which needs to import  and
may  run  out of  stock,  consider  a maximum  delivery  time  of 6  weeks,
depending  on  your  preferred choice  of  delivery  (Ground,  Air, UPS  or

We will have  stock, and  it should  not take  so long....I  am only  being
careful!  :-)

                                                       Yat Siu

>From CIS Atari Forums
#: 39629 S11/LEXICOR Software
    13-May-93  03:14:03
Sb: #39608-#Lexicors New NOVA card.
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Greg Wageman 74016,352


      Sorry I missed answering your question on Gemview.

Yes Gemview does work and Lexicor is adding Gemview to it's "Free"
shareware software with permission of the author Dieter...We offer as many
of you know some very nice Freeware and shareware software with our full
Phase-4 commercial package.

      Of course any one wanting just the disk must call in and pay for the
disk and copying, as the case with any other shareware service does.  For
more info just send E-Mail.

      We will be posting extensive upgrade list in our Lib in the coming
days, with many new products and information from all over the World.  This
will include both Hardware and software.

The best thing about NOVA is starting at the least expensive around the
$300 range to get TT graphics from 1040/STE Megas etc.  All our software is
100% compatible, and fully supported by us.  Then the at the $400.00 level
we are talking Falcon colors but much higher 800X600 from
16Mil...I like this one a lot.  and finally to go all out at a reasonable
price for 24 bit...try $500 + a few.  that sure beats $1,500 for 24 bit!
and if you really need super high res, add 2Megs of VRAM for $400.  and you
are still $500 below any thing else with the same graphical horsepower.

      There is of course a catch in all this and that is the speed of the
base machine.  more colors and more res means slower graphics, but we will
be teaching  solutions and professional approaches that will help a lot. 
The fact is that for most of us blinding speed which no one really has
anyway is not the real point.   It is you can have the whole nine yards
with out the pain of over paying.

      There will be plenty of sales information in the libraries soon.   We
hope this brief announcement has been of some use!

      Just one thing more.  we caution all Atari users who are considering
investing in Graphics Cards from any source to check with Lexicor or look
up our compatibility list.  There are some Card makers who claim
compatibility which does not exist.  We have had several reports from
lexicor product owners who were assured by such manufactures that the
product was compatible, and it was not.  In one case the claim came from a
manufacture who was selling a card we have never seen, that no Lexicor
author had ever had or ever tested his software on let alone done any
compatibility programming.  So please be careful when you are shopping, one
of these complaints came from a user who was unable to get a refund.  And
now has a very expensive Graphics Card that is of no use in doing the
animations he had dreamed of doing.

                                        Thanks again for the question.




                       DON'T CALL US. WE'LL CALL YOU

by Tim Holt

A funny thing happened on the way to my local bbs...

     This morning, I called up El Paso's ONLY Atari BBS.  (Let me put it
another way: In our little town of 600,000+, with over 90 BBS's, there is
ONE Atari BBS, and it is the discarded trash from the local former Atari
dealer.  It has about 10 regular callers, and most are online to play the
silly games.  Of the ten regular callers, there are about three that
actually call for the Atari information.  So, in our little town of
600,000+, there are approximately THREE loyal Atari BBS users, not counting
the Sysop.)  So anyway, I called the local BBS.  For some reason, my
password wouldn't work.  Couldn't log on.  So, I called back, and
re-applied, thinking that the log file had crashed or something.  

     Well, when I started reading back through the messages, I found out
that I had been permanently deleted.  My crime?  I had left a message that
said that Atari stock was down to about 75 cents a share last Wednesday.  I
said that anybody that had bought the stock when it was at it's peak of $15
a share had better drop the shares now, before the stock was completely

     This statement apparently caused a rip in the fabric of the known
time-space continuum.  The SYSOP of this BBS, let it be known to everyone
(all 9 of them) that this "type of negative messages" would not be
tolerated, and essentially, if we didn't have anything nice to say about
Atari, it's marketing, it's computers, it's management, it's stock
prices,or anything related to Atari, then I had best not say anything at
all.  Besides, it was his BBS, and we had better play by his rules, or we
couldn't play at all, ad nauseam.  Hence, I was deleted.  I was made an
example of.  Now, on the BATES MOTEL BBS in El Paso, Texas, only happy
thoughts of Atari will be allowed.  Only warm fuzzies will be allowed. 
Only "I Love Atari" bumper-stickers will be allowed.  Any thought other
than those of the Atari staff and management will not be tolerated.  Now
there are TWO Atari BBS users in El Paso, Texas.  One third less than there
were 24 hours ago.  Of course, don't SAY that.  We'll say that there are a
majority of Atari BBS users in El Paso that are presently happy with the
services offered in the area.  There.  That sounds happy, doesn't it?

     I had a feeling that this type of policy was happening when the Sysop
stopped uploading the weekly issue of STReport.  Only AEO was allowed. 
Only the happy thoughts of Atari and it's puppet magazine.  Atari is good. 
End of story.  

     Actually, I don't mind being thrown off BBS's.  I have had a history
in El Paso of actually making people think about things, and therefore I
have a history of being thrown off BBS's.  One BBS in town would print out
some FCC regulation of how they were going to call the cops if I ever
called again.  I log on to them every once in a while just to see that
message.  "Kinda makes me proud".  

     I guess the real problem to me is that this seems to be becoming part
of a new trend in the Atari land.  Users from around the country are saying
that if you don't have anything nice to say about Atari, don't say
anything.  Can't write a positive upbeat article, don't write.  A new
political correctness is moving in on the Atari front.  ONLY NICE THOUGHTS. 

     I was told to do this when I called the Atari BBS in Albuquerque, NM. 
Gently, because Albuquerque is a gentle town, I was informed that my
uploads of articles that appear in STReport were not welcomed.  Only
positive game/software reviews.  Please don't beat the dying horse.  We
want only happy thoughts in Albuquerque.  My previous article "Atari is
Dead", was considered high heresy, and if I wanted to upload another text
file like that, please don't.  

     Is this the new policy of Atari users?  All is well?  If we don't say
anything, then everything will take care of itself?  Atari is a vital and
vibrant computer company?  Have I been out of the loop so long that the
Atari community in this country has become a bunch of wimpy pansies?  Roll
over, we'll take it.  Here, let me grab my socks, and you can do what you
wish.  I guess I missed that meeting at our user group.  

     Okay.  I see.  And since I still have an Atari, because I can't afford
a new Macintosh, I will follow along with this new guideline.  75 cents a
share is good.  $15 a share was bad.   Promising the Falcon in a timely
fashion and delivering 18 or 19 months late is good.  Market share so
minute that any future history of the personal computer books will have
Atari as a footnote is good.

     Atari users leaving in droves for other markets is good, because they
always say "My Atari was easier to use."  Claiming "major developers are
working on our product, when in fact, there is NO ONE in this country
working for a major software house working on Atari, is good.  Remember, if
it isn't good news, then you shouldn't say it.  So everything about Atari
is good.  

     I feel better knowing that we are in capable hands.  The SYSOP who
threw me off his BBS said that if we didn't like Atari, we should buy other
computers.  That is like saying if your car breaks down in the middle of
the desert, don't get mad at the car, you should be mad at yourself,
because you didn't buy a different car.  (I didn't have the nerve to tell
him that that IS exactly what has been happening.  Everyone IS buying new
computers.   Ooops, I shouldn't have said that.  That is BAD news. 
Remember, only happy thoughts.)  
     So, remember boys and girls, next time you call your local Atari BBS,
if you have one, only say happy thoughts, only ask happy upbeat questions,
and remember, those that are better than you will ever be, are right at
this minute doing good things for you.   Because they care.  That computer
in front of you will easily get you what you paid for it, if you ever want
to sell it.  But of course, you would never do that, would you?  Remember,
that old WordPerfect 4.1 is JUST AS GOOD as any version for any other
computer.  Remember, there are lot's of software titles available for the
Atari.  Over 5000! I read that somewhere.  Hmm.  And remember what P.T. 
Barnum said:

                    There's a sucker born every minute.


> CT FEST'93 STR SHOW NEWS               The Summertime Atari Event!

                           THE CT ATARIFEST '93!

                  JUNE 12 & 13, AT THE WINDSOR COURT HOTEL
                     WINDSOR, CT. (JUST ABOVE HARTFORD)

     Free Parking!
          Low Room Rates!
               More Vendors!
                    More Floor Space!


HARTFORD, Conn. (April 12)

     More than  1,000 Atari computer  enthusiasts are expected  to converge
here June 12 and 13 at Connecticut AtariFest '93, and are certain to debate
whether  the star  of the show  -- THE  LONG-AWAITED FALCON030  COMPUTER --
lives up to its advance billing.

     Yep,  that ACT Atari Group is running another major NorthEast computer
event.    Last year's  successful  CT Fest  had over  700  attendees, which
merited a  larger location, so  we've moved a  mile away (exit 42  on I-91)
into  bigger and  better quarters.   We're just  as convenient  to reach as
ever,  and only  two hours  from  Boston or  New  York! The  new hotel  has
excellent  room rates ($35.00 per  room), free and  plentiful parking, easy
access from Interstate 91, I-95, I-90, I-84, I-80, an in  house Sports Bar,
a  bigger ballroom and  is located just  1 mile  from Bradley International
Airport (free shuttle service for hotel guests).

     The Falcon030 is  a perfect low cost tool for the professional artist,
with 8 track, 16 bit musical capabilities, truecolor graphics  and a 32 bit
DSP  chip.    The Falcon  will  be  bundled  with  several music  programs,
including a 4 track 'Direct to Disk' editing and recording program, a sound
sampler and an all purpose productivity package called AtariWorks.

     The  Hartford show  will likely  be one  of the  first  encounters the
general public has with the new machine and software leading designers have
produced for it.  Atari was performing quality control tests  on the latest
production models shipped to the Sunnyvale headquarters in mid-April.

     The  two-day  event will  feature more  than 40  exhibitors, including
several of the top names in  music software development and MIDI equipment.
Tentative  music exhibitors  include  Barefoot  Software  (formerly  Hybrid
Arts), Digital F/X, Steinberg/Jones, Pro Musica, Compo Software and others.
The show, sponsored by ACT  Atari Group, will be held at  the Windsor Court
Hotel, just off Interstate 91 at exit 42.

     Connecticut  AtariFest'93 promises  to  showcase  the work  of  several
musicians and will include some live music sessions.

     Other vendors will demonstrate  new equipment and software that will be
of interest to  musicians whether they're  on or off the  job.   Among them,
organizers have received tentative  nods from A&D  Software, ABC  Solutions,
Baggetaware,  Barefoot Software,  Compo  Software, Computer  Studio,  Derric
Electronics,  East Hartford  Computer  Repair,  Gribnif Software,  ICD Inc.,
MegaType Software, Soft-Logik Publishing, Toad Computers, Wizztronics.  Last
year 14  user groups participated,  and that number is  expected to grow  by

     A  Home Business  and Entertainment Expo  that will  focus on high-tech
gadgetry  designed for home  use is  also planned.   Central activities will
include a  New England  Lynx Tournament  for the  gamester in the  family, a
Portfolio  corner  for  the  on-the-go  palmtop  computer  user,  and  other
technology  such as VCRs,  lap/palmtops, voice  messaging systems, satellite
receivers,  CD-ROM,  fax-modems,  large  screen  TV,  printers,  audio-video
components, cellular phones,  office supplies, video  games or  add-on units
and accessories.

     We'll have  our  annual  New England  Lynx  Competition, with  multiple
Comlynxed competitions  underway at  all times.   Last  year's winners  took
home prizes  ranging from  games to  accessories to  complete Lynx  Systems!
Bring your best player and join the fun.

     We'll have  the Portfolio  Corner,  staffed with  industry pundits  and
filled with  every imaginable palmtop  peripheral!  Last year  we had a  few
Portfolios disassembled  at the  booth, a  real insight  into surface  mount

     For those  of you  with an  eye towards  seminars, we'll  have them  in
abundance, last  year's question  and answer  session with  Bob Brodie  drew
standing only crowds! In  addition, we had John Eidsvoog's walk through  the
Codehead  graphic  tools,  Jeff Naideau  of  Barefoot  Software showing  off
EdiTrack Platinum, Dave Troy  of (Guess[ribbet]) Computers,  STReport's Dana
Jacobson and Joe Mirando and many, many others.

     And to  top things  off, come  out and see  the Falcon  030 in all  its
glory.  By then we  expect to see some rad new  programs out and some really
excitement!  All in  all, we hope to have the  best Northeast show  yet, and
we look  forward to your participation.   Make your  plans now for the  most
exciting Atari Weekend this spring!

     For further  information, call  Brian Gockley  at 203-332-1721  or Doug
Finch at 203-637-1034.  We  can also be found on GEnie  in Category 11 or on
Compuserve in the  Atari Forums.   E-mail can  be directed  to B.GOCKLEY  or
D.FINCH7 on GEnie or to 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.


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> GOOD IDEAS! STR FOCUS!     Concerned Developer speaks up!

                      GREAT IDEAS WHOSE TIME HAS COME!

by Robert Dytmire

Well, after being around the Atari world since late 1985 and a serious
shareware programmer for about 1 1/2 years now I thought I'd write your
online magazine and express a few opinions.

>From what information I can gleam Atari Corp is in serious trouble.  The
company's shares have hit the penny-stock range, this means investors have
little or no faith in the company's future performance.  I share this
pessimism yet I also think that Atari could still, at this late stage in
the game, turn things around.  Here's my recipe for a company fix and some
suggestions for all loyal Atari users if the company fails to pull through. 
Well, here goes, take all this with a grain of salt and remember, this is
just MY opinion:

Step 1:   Fire the Tramiels.  Quit making useless middle management changes
which don't fix the basic problem.  The company CEO should resign and if I
had a large portion of Atari stock I would be making loud noises in this
direction long age.

Step 2:Draw up a new business plan for purposes of issuing new stock to
gain the necessary cash to implement the plan (I estimate 100 million
dollars MINIMUM will be necessary to re-vitalize Atari).

The Plan: 

     * Introduce massive support for the TT line.  Upgrade the CPU and MHZ
speed, get rid of ST compatibility and PUSH this awesome machine!  Train a
sales force to use the things (I've met many a sales person who could not
demonstrate Calamus on a TT, thus losing some sweet sales).  C'mon, the
machine could almost sell itself if shown by a competent salesman.  The
darn machine out-preforms a Mac Quadra in desktop publishing (I've SEEN it
folks!) and costs about 300% less.  Atari needs to designate this machine
as their official high-end platform/business machine and SUPPORT IT (see

     * Re-Design (with third party developers?) the Falcon.  It is
obviously under-powered and too closed a system for today's applications. 
It shouldn't take too long to get one into a standard IBM case (that's
right, IBM cases would add compatibility AND do away with having to
manufacture their own cases, a great money/time saver).  The Falcon should
stay a 68030 but should be processor upgradable to a 68040 and maybe even
the 68050, look at newer 486 designs with pentium slots.  Now take the bus
system and make it 64 bit with 16 direct bus I/O slots.  Put video, sound,
DSP etc, in these slots.  Yes, this would basically make the Falcon a
Motorola 486, but in my opinion Atari needs this type of platform to
succeed.  It would be VERY flexible and could be outfitted with lots of
STANDARD STANDARD STANDARD features including power supplies, fans, etc in
order to cut production costs.  RAM should be SIMM with a max of 4
gigabytes (1 GB chips are due out in about 3 years, prototypes are already
working!).  I know that this calls for a complete re-design of the machine
but it's the only way to go.

Oh yes, as a last note the Falcon should run no slower than 50Mhz and
SHOULD have a co-processed video system (and an IMPROVED blitter, maybe
even a scaler/vector chipset as an add-on).  Base machines (4/80 meg) WITH
a VGA monitor should retail no higher than $900 (this is what as similar
386-50 machine sells for now).

*  This next one is a BIG one, Atari MUST pay microsoft, Word Perfect,
Borland, Lotus, Sierra on Line, etc whatever it takes to get their products
on the new machines.  Atari would do well to pay microsoft a cool million
or two for Word, works, and a CD interface for the Falcon. With Microsoft's
support, the Falcon is guaranteed 100% more sales.  With all the above
companies supporting it the Falcon (Falcon II?) would have about 500% more
sales.  Third party developers MUST be supported with FREE development
systems (Other big companies do this, Microsoft recently gave away their
complete windows NT development system for the $125 cover fee to one of
their computer shows...which included lots of lectures, etc).  Atari should
be completely open about development, including a annual meeting between
the OS developers/engineers and third party developers.

*  Atari should develop a better relationship with it's dealers.  The
infamous LYNX rip-off (which got Atari thrown out and blackballed from
several major chains including:Toys are Us and Kay-Bee toys...I checked
these facts out with the store managers...Atari screwed themselves with
poor business practices).  Atari should NEVER NEVER NEVER undersell it's
distributors.  Most business people learn this very quickly in the business
world, somehow the Tramiels have forgotten it.  Atari needs to purge the
CEO/top level people and then sign Iron clad deals with some major chains
to carry the Falcon II.  If this is not possible, Atari should aggressively
pursue VAR dealers, even offering free set-up hardware to small time
dealers to get them started.  Remember folks at Atari, you are going to
have to SELL your products because right now because nobody really wants
much to do with your company.

* Change the company name.  Yep, that's right, get rid of the ATARI name. 
Why?  Just ask a typical home user about Atari and you get "Didn't they
make that 2600 game machine?".  Atari has an image problem and this step
would go a long way towards fixing it.  Name it something simple and get on
with business.

* Sell the 520STE's for $100 a pop and MARKET these suckers.  Make it the
nintendo beater.  Only a full-blown STE home computer is going to compete
with today's game machines and they've GOT to be priced at Sega/Nintendo's
level.  Parents will buy the STE just for the word-processing/education
features if they know their kids will love the games AND it's only $10-20
more for the computer.  Even if it's only a break-even deal Atari will
generate millions in software sales.  Why STE?  Because only the STE has
the graphics/Sound to compete on a store shelf with the game machines. 
Atari should FORGET the bad idea of competing with the SEGA/Nintendo
console market (at least for a couple of years) because Atari does NOT have
the ability to penetrate the market with it's own, new, console system (and
will busy enough with their computer systems).  

*  Clearly define the roll of each Atari machine.  Here's my suggestions:

     TT: Powerhouse Business machine.  Continued high-end product add-ons
upgrades.  Lots of networking software/hardware.  MINT/MultiTOS standard
(in ROM).  Well trained sales force, great technical support, and a
Mac-beating price.  Don't try to compete with the IBM machines with this
one, just make it attractive for businesses.

    FALCON II: Upper end home user/studio computer.  Should have standard
BUS/ Expansion card layout.  Portable version should be produced. 
MINT/MultiTos should be optional but it SHOULD be ROM installable.  This
machine should compete with the 486/586 market by offering a widely
expandable machine at VERY low prices.  Should include a 386 emulator

     520/1040STE: Keep as is.  Compete in the Console market with these
systems.  They are not powerful/expandable enough to compete with the IBM
series computers anymore but they ARE awesome competition to the game
machines if they are bundled with LOTS of GOOD software at Console prices. 
This should start out as a break-even deal with Atari, letting increased
software sales and users upgrading to the other systems make up for any
lost profits.

     All other machines: Get rid of them NOW.  DO NOT support the mega
platforms (they will be replaced by Falcon II's), the Stacy was a flop, and
Atari does not have the marketing power for either a hand-held or notebook
computer system.  Plan for a MUCH better color hand-held console system

* Future plans:  Atari should penetrate the markets hard and fast with the
Falcon II (This is the name for the re-designed Falcon) and $99.95 520STE. 
There could be all kinds of Falcon upgrades (if the system were more open)
such as a multiprocessor add-on or Virtual Reality OS systems.  Atari
should keep in mind that there are 80 million (approx) IBM users and 100000
(Approx) Atari users.  Make all machines as IBM compatible as price
structure allows. The Falcon II should have at least a 386-50 or better
hard-wired into the machine.

     These are only SOME suggestions I have.  Atari cannot continue it's
present course and survive.  Atari can once again become a power in the
computer industry if they ACT.  The IBM clone companies are at each other's
throats right now and won't have the resources to crush Atari for the next
3-4 years.  Big Blue is suffering HUGE losses and all computer
manufacturing companies are behind on orders/production in a time when
demand is not the best its been.  A hot, compatible, CHEAP computer system
could set the industry on it's ears again.  IBM's suck wind for all the
loud cries of applause.  They are popular because the general public knows
no better.  DOS is a drag, Windows is the WORST OS I've ever had the
mis-fortune to use..that INCLUDES DOS.  I don't know how many hours were
lost in productivity across the nation because of that shabby software but
you can rest assured it was a LOT.  Atari needs a great mid-range
powerhouse and the Falcon COULD be it.

     What if Atari does the big Belly-Up, as I predict it will?  Is that
the end?  NO!  Not if we loyal Atari users band together RIGHT NOW and pool
our resources to buy the company outright.  That's right!  I propose that
we get together and prepare to take-over the ruins of Atari Corp if the
possibility opens itself.  If you agree with the above policies and think
you'd like to invest contact me at the address at the end of this article. 
We could make computer industry history by being the 1st users to buy the
parent company out.  It would only take a few dollars per user to do it (If
the company goes into bankruptcy you might be able to buy it out for
pennies on the dollar and that adds up to about $10-$20 per active user in
the U.S, a shareware donation that hurts no-one and could protect that
$400-$3000 dollar investment sitting on your desk!).

I myself would love to see Atari succeed, but I won't turn a blind eye to
what's going on over there and you shouldn't either.  Atari corp has ruined
it's creditability and credit with bad management, not bad hardware.  To
any Atari Corp people out there reading this:  Make sure your management
reads this.  If you feel like talking, Bill Rehbock knows my number even if
he doesn't seem to remember it.

I'd like you to know that I don't approve of everything STReport does. Why
continue this stupid feud guys?  Quit it with the old quotes designed to
make Atari look bad, we all know they lie quite a bit.  The stock report is
nice, but don't ride it into the ground.  Also, selling IBM hardware in
your "Atari" newsletter seems to destroy a lot of your creditability.  How
can someone not think that a lot of this bad news has been exaggerated or
even manufactured when your pushing the IBM stuff (or at least reporting on
it in an environment that does not rate it).  I get ST report for the ST
parts, not IBM or Amiga stuff.  If I wanted that I'd download the relative

Of course, to be fair ST Report does an good overall job of reporting. 
They get some juicy inside stuff, great first-hand reports (the piracy
article blew my socks off!), and tend tell their stories no-holds barred. 
If it weren't for the IBM/Amiga stuff in this newsletter then I'd rate it
the best in the Atari World.  These guys work hard to provide a great
product and hope they continue for years to come.  Oh yes, Hello LLoyd
(Remember the PHAST days?) and Ralph (Hope to see you again at Asheville
this year!).

Well, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to reply to any inquiries
to my comments in this article.

Contact point:

                               Robert Dytmire
                             633 Pony Farm Rd.
                           Jacksonville, NC 28540

Volunteers/suggestions for this proposal would be very much appreciated.


> MIDI SPY ANNOUNCED! STR InfoFile      MIDI SPY & Roland Sound Canvas

 For immediate release
 Friday, May 14, 1993

             :                                               :
             :   CodeHead Software announces MIDI Spy...     :
             :                                               :
             :                     ...FOR THE LAST TIME!     :
             :                                               :
             :   Multitasking MIDI Playback & Recording      :
             :         System for Atari Computers            :
             :                                               :
             :   PLUS....                                    :
             :                                               :
             :     Special offers on Roland Sound Canvas     :
             :           MIDI sound generators               :
             :                                               :

     A Recording Engineer on a Disk!!

                     Years in the Making!!

                                 MIDI Spy is finally a reality!!

It is a pleasure to  announce that MIDI Spy is now shipping.   Those of you
who've  read our  previous announcements may  wish to  skip to  the section
below on new features. 

You'll  never lose  another valuable  musical idea  because your  sequencer
wasn't ready to record -- MIDI Spy is always listening.  Call it background
operation  or call it MIDI multi-tasking --  what you've got is freedom and
power!  MIDI Spy is the recording system you've been waiting for. 

It's  not easy to remember to push  that button before you start recording.
And there's  a stigma  attached to  the "red light"  that tends  to inhibit

But with MIDI Spy, you can forget about these things.  You don't have to be
a  recording  engineer.   You  don't  have to  anticipate  your moments  of
inspiration.  And you won't  feel the pressure of the red light.   In fact,
you'll forget MIDI  Spy is  installed, until  you're ready  to replay  your
c       r       e       a       t       i       o       n       s       .

When you're not  recording, you  can tell  MIDI Spy  to play  songs in  the
background   while  you  use  your  computer  for  other  tasks  like  word
processing,  desktop publishing,  telecommunications, or  file maintenance.
Now  you don't need to waste  time while waiting for  an upload or download
through your can be working (playing) with your MIDI equipment!

  Feature List

 o Record or play back MIDI data at any time, whether the MIDI Spy dialog
   box is open or not. 

 o Load and save songs, sets of songs, or multitrack recordings in all
   three standard MIDI formats or in MIDI Spy's own format. 

 o Definable "record gap" automatically divides your recordings into
   individual songs for easy retrieval. 

 o Overdub to create layered recordings, without even touching your

 o Background operation is not affected by the current foreground task --
   MIDI Spy is rock-solid!

 o Hot keys are always active, so you can control MIDI Spy at any time,
   whether it's on-screen or not. 

 o MIDI Spy functions can be assigned to MIDI commands to control
   operations directly from your MIDI keyboard -- without even touching
   your computer. 

 o Autoload songs and even have MIDI Spy start playing automatically when
   you boot up. 

 o Song information, including copyright notice, can be entered and saved
   with your songs. 

 o Timing resolution is equivalent to 100 ticks per quarter note at 120
   beats per minute. 

 o Record or load up to 999 songs. 

 o Chain mode provides continuous "juke box" type of playback while you do
   other computer activities. 

 o Thermometer bar display of memory usage shows memory available and
   memory used, by the current song as well as the whole set of songs. 

 o Songs can be selected or started by clicking in the memory display.

 o Tempo can be adjusted from 10% to 300% of the original tempo.

 o Fine tuned for non-interference with your other programs.

 o Software selectable THRU option.

 o Customize your MIDI Spy configuration by saving it directly into MIDI

 o Special MIDIMAX mode allows you to actually record your MIDIMAX
   output.  (MIDIMAX is CodeHead's real-time MIDI performance tool
   featuring chord maps and MIDI macros). 

 o Runs as a program or a desk accessory in all resolutions on all Atari
   ST, STe, TT, and Falcon machines. 

 o Install MIDI Spy as an application and you can double-click on songs to
   play them. 

 o 100% assembly language, with the quality you've come to expect from
   CodeHead Technologies. 

 New Features since MIDI Spy 1.1 Demo

 o Record and Playback System Exclusive information -- save your sounds
   right along with each song!

 o Auto-merge option automatically combines tracks from a multitrack MIDI
   file so you can immediately play the entire composition.

 o MIDI Channelizing allows you to record incoming MIDI data on any
   channel, or change the channel of existing songs and tracks.  Change
   channels from the dialog box, hot keys, or MIDI commands. 

 o Manually send a General MIDI reset command.

 o Panic button sends notes off and controller resets to all channels.

 o Send and receive MIDI Start, Stop, and Continue commands.

MIDI Spy comes  with an 87-page reference  manual in a 3-ring  binder.  The
manual is written for all levels of MIDI expertise, even those who are just
starting in  MIDI.  There are  sections describing what MIDI  is all about,
standard MIDI  files, and tutorials on  using various aspects  of MIDI Spy.
Also included are a glossary and an index. 

 Roland Sound Canvas Offers

The  Roland  Sound Canvas  is a  small,  multi-timbral, General  MIDI sound
module  capable of playing entire  musical MIDI performances.   It includes
several  drum sets, hundreds of  standard MIDI sounds,  reverb, chorus, and
stereo panning, all in a compact little box. 

Now you can order MIDI Spy and get a Roland Sound Canvas AND MIDIMAX thrown
in as well, all for the price of the Sound Canvas, or even less. 

Here's what you get:

 Item                        Value    Item                        Value
 ------------------------- ---------  -------------------------  --------
 Roland Sound Canvas SC-7   $399.00   Roland Sound Canvas SC-55  $825.00
 MIDI Spy                     79.95   MIDI Spy                     79.95
 MIDIMAX                      49.95   MIDIMAX                      49.95
                           ---------                             --------
 Total                      $528.90   Total                      $954.90

 ** Your Price **        ** $399.00   ** Your Price **        ** $695.00

 Savings!!                  $129.90   Savings!!                  $259.90

Shipping  is  not including  in these  prices.   Other Sound  Canvas models
including the  SC-155 will be  available soon.   Details will  be announced
when available. 


       MIDI Spy is available now.  Suggested retail price is $79.95.
            For more information, contact your local dealer, or:

                             CodeHead Software
                                PO Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
                             Tel (213) 386-5735
                             Fax (213) 386-5789
                             BBS (213) 461-2095

Try the free MIDI Spy 1.1 demo for yourself to get a taste of  this amazing
new concept.  Don't let  your computer tell YOU when to  be creative...with
MIDI Spy you're always ready.


> IAAD UPDATE STR FOCUS!    Update and Corrections

                    Update and Corrections to
                The IAAD Report on Software Piracy
                  Small Developers, Big Business
      How Pirate BBSs Impact on the Entire Atari Community
                   by D.A. Brumleve, President
           Independent Association of Atari Developers
We want to thank the many people who have taken the time to write or call
with their support for the IAAD.  It is most gratifying to know that so
many folks have appreciated our efforts.  We have received numerous
additional tips and have passed these on to the appropriate agencies.
Others have contacted us about errors in our report, and we'd like to
address some of those matters in this update.
A good starting point would be this statement in the report regarding the
Grave Diggers Tomb BBS:
     For example, according to a CrossNet Conference Node 
     Listing, a Local Area Private Elite Conference with a 
     lead node at the Outer Region links with three other 
     BBSs in Colorado, including RingWorld (node 643), The 
     Grave Diggers Tomb (node 186), and BILINE BBS (node 423).
As indicated, this information was derived from the following CrossNet
Conference Node Listing posted on the lead node:
* * * CrossNet Conference Node Listing - as of 10/23/92 at 10:25 PM * * *
              Conference:  "Local Area Private Net" (11469)
     Generated From "Lead" Node:  469 - > The Outer Region's # 469 <
             No previous Node List generated by this "lead".

 186 - Grave Diggers Tomb              423 - BILINE BBS                    
 469 - > The Outer Region's # 469 <    643 - The Ringworld                 
The sysop of the Grave Diggers Tomb has contacted us concerning an error in
this listing.  He reports that his BBS is not a participant and that he has
asked the sysop of the lead node to remove his BBS from the Node List.
The IAAD regrets having perpetuated this error.
In his eleventh blue-boxed call to my number in the days following the
release of our report, Zaphod Beeblebrox, sysop of the Eagles Nest BBS in
Sweden, objected to the inclusion of the following quotation:
~    Rats Nest always had some of the best stuff around...      ~
     --Zaphod Beeblebrox on Fawlty Towers BBS
Zaphod felt that the presentation of his quotation out of context was
misleading, and I apologize if anyone was misled.  This item was taken from
a thread about the Rats Nest entitled: "Rats Nest -- Anyone knows why it's
down???"  We had contacted the Rats Nest sysop about our findings on his
board some time ago, and the BBS was down for over a week following our
discussion with him.  Rats Nest and Fawlty Towers had many callers in
common, so it's not surprising that activities on one board might be
discussed on another.
Zaphod told me that, when he'd referred to the "best stuff" in that thread,
he didn't _mean_ commercial products.  I admit I can't read minds any
better than the next guy.  _I_ thought he was referring to the elite files
on the Rats Nest, and so _did_ the next guy in the thread.  The Parsec had
responded to Zaphod's remark by saying:
             Message: = ST Elite =  #98 of 100 [3 Lines]
     ||>> // Sent On: April 20, 1993 at 2:21am
     ||\\ \\ Sent By: The Parsec - Buy a TT!
        \\// Sent To: Zaphod Beeblebrox - The Last Blueboxer!!!
         ST  Replies: None
             Subject: Rats Nest - Anyone knows why it's down???
     Yeah i called yesterday night and just warez....
     I wonder what the sitch is!
     --The Parsec on Fawlty Towers BBS
We didn't print The Parsec's reply in our report.  We also didn't print the
post by Zaphod which began the thread:
             Message: = ST Elite =  #89 of 100 [11 Lines]
     ||>> // Sent On: April 18, 1993 at 12:32am
     ||\\ \\ Sent By: Zaphod Beeblebrox - The Last Blueboxer!!!
        \\// Sent To: The Piper - SysOp of Fawlty Towers!
         ST  Replies: 1
             Subject: Rats Nest - Anyone knows why it's down???
     Hey Piper, have you got any idea why Rats Nest is          
     down??? I heard some story about that somebody tried to    
     nail [sysop's name] for having pirated files on the        
     board, but that is all I got to hear, the next day Rats    
     Nest didn't answer anymore. If you do know anything about  
     this, please let me know, as I am getting a bit worried    
     about what is happening to [sysop's name]. And if they     
     have busted his board, then we should all be a great deal  
     more carefull [sic]...... I do hope that he is not         
     busted, but rather took the board down for a while just    
     to be on the safe side...  
     Greetz, Zaphod Beeblebrox of ICS and Control Team.
     Eagles Nest BBS +46-18-XXXXXX - 285 Mb/14400 HST Dual - 24 Hours.
     --Zaphod Beeblebrox on Fawlty Towers BBS
And we didn't print a suggestion for the Rats Nest offered by The 
             Message: = ST Elite =  #94 of 100 [12 Lines]
     ||>> // Sent On: April 19, 1993 at 11:10am
     ||\\ \\ Sent By: The Wonderer - who else did you expect
        \\// Sent To: The Parsec - Buy a TT!
         ST  Replies: None
             Subject: Rats Nest - Anyone knows why it's down???
     ...[reprint of previous post omitted for brevity]
     He could take down all the files instead of going down if  
     that were the problem.  I think it may be a little more    
     serious than that maybe.                                   
     --The Wonderer on Fawlty Towers BBS
Given the context of the thread in which Zaphod's "best stuff" remark
occurred, I hope Zaphod will understand why we interpreted the comment as
we did.  For the record, Zaphod would like it to be known that he most
definitely did not mean commercial software.  It's only fair that we
present his side more comprehensively here.  I hope his intent is clear to
everyone now.
It's not quite a correction, as our report does not say otherwise, but
Zaphod would like it to be known that he uses a genuine hardware bluebox. 
He has authored a piece of software which allows users to simulate phone
tones with their computers, but he doesn't use this software himself.
It was from the documentation for Zaphod's Multi-Frequency Dialer, in fact,
that we got the misguided impression that The Shire BBS was in Chile. 
Zaphod had given a Chilean exchange for that board.  We found a citation on
a BBS for the Shire with a location in NY, so we called it.  When an
elderly woman answered, we assumed that Zaphod had known what he was
talking about when he'd given the Chilean exchange.  PAK, sysop of
STampede, has told us that the Shire _was_ in NY but has been down for a
year.  I hope this clears that one up.
The following sentence in our report brought considerable criticism:
     The Pompey Pirates cracking ring, headquartered on the 
     Paris BBS in New York City, reportedly has just one 
     cracker, who goes by the name of Alien, working routinely 
     on the ST, while cracking rings like ICS include many ST 
PAK objected that the Pompey Pirates cracking ring dropped the ST six
months ago and that it is/was not headquartered on the Paris BBS in NYC. 
We stand corrected: The Paris BBS is headquarters of the SNEAKERS "spy"
ring.  A mixup occurred here, and we had to do some back-tracking to
discover the source of our error.  Please bear with me as I retrace these
steps below: 
The Pompey Pirates cracking ring was advertised as headquarted on 
the Anti-Gravity II BBS on December 11 1992, as follows:
2             ________  _      __  _______  _____                0
2            / ____  /\/ \    / /\/__  __/\/_  _/\               0
2           / /___/ / /   \  / / /\_/ /\_\/\/ /\\/ ____          0
2          / ____  / /  /\ \/ / /  / / /  _/ /_/  /___/\         0
2         /_/\__/_/ /__/ /\ _/ /  /_/ /  /____/\  \___\/         0
2         \_\/  \_\/\__\/  \_\/   \_\/   \____\/                 0
                 1  +  ANTI-GRAVITY II  BBS  +  3                 
   408-XXX-XXXX  2   +  ATARI ST- PC ELITE  +   0  408-XXX-XXXX   
2     ______             ______          _____           __  __  0
2    / ____/\______     / __  /\__    __/\_  _\  _______/\ \/ /\ 0
2   / /___ \/\  __ \   / /_/ / /\ \  /\_\//\ \/ /__  __/\ \ \/ / 0
2  / /_/ /\ \ \ \/ /  / __  / /\ \ \/ / / \_\ \_\_/ /\_\/\_\  /  0
2 /_____/ /  \ \   \_/_/\/_/ /  \ \/ / /  /\____\/ / /   /_/ /   0
2 \_____\/    \ \_\__\_\/\_\/    \__/ /   \/____/_/ /    \_\/    0
2              \/_/__/            \_\/          \_\/             0
   Pompey    1  380 MEGS ONLINE - 14,400 BAUD HST!  3  Pompey     
    Pirates  2  SysOp: GRAVITAR   Co-SysOp: SPARKY  0   Pirates   
                    The West Coast Connection                   
2  If you never call, you'll never know what you're missing....  0
--Sparky on F-Net, The Tavern Elite Conference
According to the following post, our report associated the cracker Alien
correctly with the Pompey Pirates cracking ring, but wrongly with the Paris
     Conf : Pompay [sic] Pirates
     Msg# : 27/37  Lines: 7  Read: 9
     Sent : Jan 17, 1993  at 6:39 PM
     To   : All
     From : Genie Pompey Pirates at Fnet Node 622, The GOLD NUGGET BBS
     Subj : What's new
     As of the end of January the Pompey Pirates should be 
     cracking games on the ST again.  We had a short break 
     (forced on to [sic] us), but can now continue - original 
     suppies [sic] permitting.  I am sure you all are aware 
     that the Alien has been keeping the St scene going single 
     handedly for quite some time now, but you may see someone 
     elses [sic] name on the Pompey St cracks from now on.  Well 
     that about covers it, if you have any questions etc. you 
     can always get hold of me or Sparky on this board.
     --Genie Pompey Pirates on the F-Net, Pompey Pirates 
Dogs, the self-described sysop of the Paris BBS, has taken issue with
several items in our report:
     Conf : ST Report
     Msg# : 11526/11526  Lines: Extended  Read: 2
     Sent : May 02, 1993  at 1:24 AM
     To   : Thomas Kolakowski
     From : Dogs at Fnet Node 669, Dateline: Atari
     Subj : Re: <11515> IAAD PIRACY REPORT
     ...[reprint of previous post omitted for brevity]
     Very true..there is only ONE PaRiS went up just 
     two months ago...and it is certainly NOT pirate. They 
     accuse us (I am the SysOp) of being a Pompey Pirates United 
     States support bulletin board. I researched this. The Pompey 
     pirates were a minor cracking group that went out of
     business in 1989. Hmmm....there's one discrepency. No. 2: 
     Nobody from the IAAD ever logged onto the board. That's odd. 
     No 3: There is a quote of our board saying "You have 
     answered a security validation question incorrectly". Even 
     if you omit every question on the new user questionare,
     never does it say the quote accused by the IAAD. No 4: They 
     list a listing of known pirate users. Well, they accuse 
     PaRiS of being pirate. Why the hell didn't they include my 
     handle on the list of know [sic] pirates then huh? THis is 
     quite odd. I don't buy it for a second.
     --Dogs on the F-Net, ST Report Conference
Dogs certainly has a lot of questions, and I'll do what I can to address
them here: (1) The first item, our report's erroneous association of his
board with the Pompey Pirates cracking ring, has already been discussed
above and will be discussed further below.  (2) Dogs is mistaken when he
asserts that no one from the IAAD has visited his BBS.  (3) The quotation
from his BBS in our report was not taken from his new user questionnaire. 
(4) Our listing of aliases used on pirate boards is not intended to be 
comprehensive, but merely representative.   
The mixup regarding the affiliation of the Paris BBS with the wrong ring
occurred when Dogs happened to post the following announcement in the
Pompey Pirates F-Net Conference; in our notes, the conference and the
cracking ring by the same name became confused.  Since Dogs asserts that
there is only one Paris BBS in his post above, it would appear that he is
referring to that very same BBS in the message below.  We'll present it
here in its entirety:
     Conf : Pompay [sic] Pirates 
     Msg# : 34/37  Lines: Extended  Read: 8
     Sent : Mar 13, 1993  at 11:47 PM
     To   : All
     From : Dogs at Fnet Node 489, STeal Your Face BBS 1:107/489
     Subj : New ST/PC/Sneakers/Lynx BBS! Not yer avg board!!!
     A brand new BBS just opened on March 1st's called 
           PARIS BBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
     Conveniently located in the heart of NYC, Paris really 
     promises to be something special, not your average BBS! 
     And guess what!? It supports
     Yes, a new BBS in NYC that supports ATARI and IBM! All 
     models from ST to Falcon! Call today! It really is going 
     to be great. That's what all the Beta testers say.
     PARIS......The city of the rich, the city of the elegant, 
     the beautiful, and the ELITE........and YOU! Call Today! 
     PARIS BBS! Atari support!
     (Strictly PD/Shareware) (yeah right...ELITENESS!) Great 
     msg bases too! 
     Paris is also the official HQ and distributor of SNEAKERS 
     and their products. Call for details! Tell them you saw 
     this ad on STeal Your Face for extra access!
     >By the way...PARIS supports Lynx too!
     Download the file in the ST and PC Text file areas 
     entitled "PaRiS_Ad.TXT" for further info!!
     BTW - For those that don't know, SNEAKERS is a nationally 
     acclaimed organization that does all kinds of break ins 
     [sic] and spy operations and distributes various materials 
     like Magic Dollars and other phreaking materials. PaRiS is 
     the official HQ and exclusive distributor of their 
     products! Call for details. (PS The movie was named after 
     the group, not vice versa)
     BTW 2 - As of this writing, PaRiS is just starting to work 
     out plans to join Phi-Net, a network of elite boardz all 
     across the country!
     --Dogs on the F-Net, Pompey Pirates Conference
The IAAD regrets the error.
The Canadian Clockwork Orange has objected that I spelled his name with a
small "w".  Please note the spelling of his name in the header of the
message which lodges this complaint:
             Message:  = ELITE TALK =  #385 of 4oo [51 Lines]
     ||>> // Sent On: April 26, 1993 at 4:44am
     ||\\ \\ Sent By:  Clockwork Orange 
        \\// Sent To:  All 
         ST  Replies: 1
             Subject: Pirates
     ...[main text of post omitted for brevity]
     ClockWork Orange/ICS  <- the 'W' is capitalised!!!
     --Clockwork Orange on STampede BBS
Many folks have asked about the fate of the BBSs featured in our report. 
Some of these boards no longer answer.  Two are reported to have gone
strictly public domain.  Some elite conferences are now local-only.  Some
sysops feel confident that they've eliminated the "snitch", while others
don't trust any of their callers.  Some BBSs are changing their names and
numbers. Some have adopted strategies which limit their callers to the most
trusted or most prolific uploaders.  For many, the full impact of the
report and the investigation has yet to be realized.  One result is clear:
These BBSs are no longer constantly busy.
Individual reactions from pirates have varied just as much.  Our mail has
ranged from true confessions to macho threats to elaborate excuses to flat
denials.  Some have curtailed or ceased their piracy activity.  Others have
changed their aliases or passwords.  Some callers have asked sysops to
delete their accounts.  Some have announced plans to move on to other 
platforms.  There is an encouraging rumor of a boycott of IAAD members'
Our list of aliases which are used by callers on pirate boards has raised
the most hackles.  It is certainly true that there are some duplicate or
near-duplicate aliases out there.  We know, for example, that there are at
least two Zaphod Beeblebroxes in the ST modeming world.  While we found
Zaphod Beeblebrox of Sweden on nearly every board we called, we never found
the Zaphod Beeblebrox of the United States on any pirate board's user list. 
Our example aliases were drawn from user lists on pirate-only BBSs and from
elite message bases.  Please note that the same alias isn't used twice on
the same board; BBS software won't allow a new user to sign on with an
existing caller's alias.
An example of a complaint of this kind is provided by NorStar, sysop of
PayBax BBS:
     Conf : Atari 16/32 bit Conference
     Msg# : 18963/18963  Lines: 13  Read: 2
     Sent : Apr 29, 1993  at 8:44 PM
     To   : Roadkill
     From : NorStar at Fnet Node 307, PayBax BBS node 307
     Subj : Re: <18959> Piracy/Dorothy [sic] Brumleve
     ...[reprint of previous post omitted for brevity]
     She also mentioned "Norstar" in her pirate list. I've gone 
     by the handle "NorStar" for over five years, and if she's 
     accusing ME of being a pirate I'd certainly like a word 
     with her!! And she listed my BBS because I have an X-rated 
     file area (that she calls "pornography"!). My two year old 
     has always found her programs to be mundane and lacking in 
     depth, and so that is how I take her accusations.
     --NorStar on the F-Net, Atari 16/32 bit Conference
NorStar's BBS was indeed listed in our report, but _not_ because of its
X-rated file area.  As the report clearly indicates, PayBax was listed
solely because of its participation in the Upper Echelon F-Net Conference. 
In fact, it was from posts in this conference, like the one below, that we
lifted NorStar's handle for our alias list:
     Conf : Upper Echelon
     Msg# : 315/315  Lines: 8  Read: 6
     Sent : Apr 14, 1993  at 5:06 PM
     To   : Strike Eagle
     From : NorStar at Fnet Node 307, PayBax BBS node 307
     Subj : Re: <313> falcon ya-right
     In reply to:
     >      I have seen the Atari Works program working on the 
     > Falcon and I had some time with it ..... I would like 
     > to have more thime to check it out....
     > It look [sic] fairily decent.
     Why don't you try it out? It's here for D/L at PayBax 
     BBS, as well as many other FINE BBS's!
     --NorStar on the F-Net, Upper Echelon Conference
Not all pirate BBS users found our report mundane and lacking in depth. 
The Shamus praised our report on STampede, saying: "Well ... the guy who
wrote this is very familiar and intimate with the ST scene!"  In fact, the
very severity of the reaction from the pirates' side is strong testimony to
the accuracy of our report.
Zaphod Beeblebrox (the one in Sweden) has said that he and his pirate
friends are preparing a textphile to counter the misinformation in the
IAAD's report.  That would be a refreshing change from the retaliatory
tactics attempted so far.
Some pirates have been discussing harrassment strategies openly in their
message threads.  Shortly after the release of our report, a young man
impersonating a telephone operator attempted to convince me to give him my
calling card number!  When this failed, he called back and warned me not to
mess with pirates.  One particularly clumsy form of harrassment has had
pirates logging on to BBSs as _me_ and attempting to impersonate me in 
their posts.
Zaphod posted our entire report in a series of messages on the Elite
Underground F-Net Conference.  He followed it with this 
     Conf : Elite Underground
     Msg# : 1823/1843  Lines: 7  Read: 15
     Sent : Apr 26, 1993  at 9:13 AM
     To   : ALL
     From : Zaphod Beeblebrox at Fnet Node 469, >>The Outer Region # 469<<
     Subj : Nuke the IAAD!!!
     If you've read the last seven letters from me I guess you'd 
     came [sic] to the same conclusion as I have: We must do 
     something about the IAAD before they do something about us. 
     So, what about it dudes, it's our favourite boards they're 
     out to get......
     Greetz, Zaphod Beeblebrox of ICS and Control Team.
     Eagles Nest BBS +46-18-XXXXXX - 285 Mb/14400 HST Dual - 24 Hours.
     --Zaphod Beeblebrox on the F-Net, Elite Underground 
Believing that their aliases provide them anonymity, some have posted
self-incriminating messages in an attempt to harrass us.  I think
Belgarion's post is one of the few which can be reproduced here:
                   /  /|
                  /  / |
                 /_ <  |   WHY USE A AK 47 ? [sic]
                 | | \ |   TOO EXPENSIVE !
                 | |  \|
                 | |   |   I PREFER A GUILLOTINE !!
                 | | //|    
                 | |/O/|   COME ON GUYS,I'LL CUT YOUR HEAR ! [sic]
                 |_|// |___________________________
                /| |  /                           /|
               / | | /                           //
              <__| |/___________________________//
              |__| |___________________________|/I
                I =  I                      I    I
                I    I                      I    I
                I                           I
                I                           I
     --Belgarion on STampede
Our report was not intended to perpetuate falsehoods nor to cast innocent
parties in an unfavorable light.  It was and is intended to demonstrate to
the Atari community the devastating impact of pirate activity.  I hope this
sets the record straight.  I sincerely would not want to give anyone the
wrong impression about these people. 
                               D.A. Brumleve
                              President, IAAD 
                      Copyright 1993 by D.A. Brumleve

The  author reserves all rights regarding this document, with the following
exceptions:   The distribution of  this document is  understandably tied to
the distribution of the original  file which it updates and corrects.   The
author hereby grants  permission to place  this file on  any BBS where  the
original report can be found.  Likewise, online magazines and other media 
have  the same  permission  regarding the  reprinting of  this file  as was
granted in their use of the original report.


> BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST'93 STR SHOW NEWS    "The Summertime Atari Event!"

                         1993 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST


The Blue  Ridge  Atari Computer  Enthusiasts  (BRACE) and  Computer  Studio
invite you  to participate  in the  Fourth Annual  Blue Ridge AtariFest  in
beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  Show dates and times are:

                     Saturday July 24, 1993  10am - 6pm
                     Sunday   July 25, 1993  Noon - 5pm

Just as in previous years, we have  arranged for FREE Booth space for Atari
developers!!  (We're only requesting the donation of a door prize).

We can promise  both developers  and show-goers an  energetic and  exciting
show with as enthusiastic a crowd of Atarians as you'll find anywhere, plus
the support of Computer Studio in the mall.

We're once  again taking over  the Courtyard Shop  (mall) area at  Westgate
Shopping Center for the show (location of Computer Studio), plus the use of
vacant store  spaces for  seminar sessions.   Seminar  sessions will  be 45
minutes in length, and developers are welcome to conduct a seminar on their
product  line or  approved  topic of  their  choice (seminar  sessions  are
limited, so first come, first served).

This year's show  dates also  coincide with Asheville's  annual Bele  Chere
street festival, when downtown Asheville is closed to vehicular traffic and
becomes what  must be  one  of the  largest street  fairs  in the  country.
Westgate  Shopping  Center is  one  of  the primary  Park-and-Ride  shuttle
centers for transporting people to and from downtown, and we've arranged to
have the shuttle service pick up at the front entrance of the mall and drop
off at the rear entrance, so everyone taking the service from Westgate WILL
walk through the AtariFest  exhibition area sometime during the day.   This
will be  a great opportunity  to showcase Atari and  Atari related software
and  peripherals, and  introduce them  to people  who aren't  already Atari
owners.  Bringing  in NEW blood is the key to  the growth of this platform,
and  this will  be our  opportunity to  begin that  process with  a captive

Additional  discussions of  the  show, as  well  as confirmations  of  your
participation, are welcome in GEnieMail and in the Blue Ridge
AtariFest topic 13 in Category 11 here on GEnie.

                         HAPPY ATARI COMPUTING.
                                   IT'S HAPPENING IN ASHEVILLE!

Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

Take any  major highway  into Asheville (US  19-23, US 26  or I-40)  to the
I-240  loop,  then  take the  "Westgate/Hilton  Inn  Drive  exit" into  the
Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 24-25, July 1993
                          Time: 10:am to 6:pm SAT
                               12 Noon 'til 5pm SUN

Points of contact:

                  Come for a day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                 Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211

Radisson                    One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                 Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

          ====== Additional Hotel / Motel Information ===========

Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                               I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                   Toll-free reservation phone number    1-800-HOLIDAY

Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                   Toll-free reservation phone number   1-800-843-7663

Budget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                  West Asheville Exit    (704)665-2100 Best
Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St                 (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
Corner Oak Manor            53 St. Dunstan               (704)253-3525
Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789]

A more complete listing of Bed & Breakfasts can be obtained through the
Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Reservations should be made immediately, as July is the height of our
tourist season.

                 ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

Mount Pisgah:
     About 20  miles southwest of  Asheville on the  Blue Ridge  Parkway at
mile post 408.6 (National Park Service). 690 acres. Elevation 5000'. One of
the nicest  campgrounds in  Western North  Carolina. 67 tent  sites, 70  RV
sites. For reservations: P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786;  phone (704)
235-9109. No showers.  Groceries and  restaurant. Nature program.   14  day
stay limit.

Lake Powhatan:
     4  miles south of  Asheville on State  road 191, 3.5  miles west on SR
806.  30  acres.  98  tent/rv  sites.  Reservation  available  thru  Mistix
1-800-283-CAMP. Disposal station. No showers. Swimming; lifeguard; fishing;
nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in  the area, you might  want to consider  a little sightseeing,
and include  a visit to the  Biltmore House here in  Asheville (the largest
single family residence ever built in the U.S.--its a "castle"). A visit to
the Biltmore can  be a  full-day's activity as  you will  want to view  the
house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.


          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm 
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway and Folk Art Center. A drive  up the Blue
ridge  Parkway to enjoy  the higher elevations and  incredible views of our
mountains.  Perhaps  a hike  up  to  Mount Pisgah  and  look  back down  to
Asheville(you can see Mt. Pisgah from most anywhere in Asheville).  A short
drive from  Mt. Pisgah  will take  you to  Sliding Rock  (for those of  you
travelling with kids who are  still kids at heart), the Cradle  of Forestry
(first  forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery, etc. For
the adventurous,  white water rafting   on the  Natahala River  near Bryson
City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's  obviously loads  more  to see  and  do around  Asheville  (in
addition to the Blue Ridge AtariFest and a visit to Computer Studio :-). If
any of  y'all would  like maps and  additional tourist info  of the  area I
might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                     Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                             151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926


> GemView NEWS STR InfoFile   North American Distributor Announced


              N E W    D I S T R I B U T O R    F O R

 .______. ._____. .__    __.     ._.    __.._. ._____. ._.          __
/ ._____! | .___! |  \  /  |     | |   / / | | | .___! | |   ._.   / /
| |  .__. | !__.  | . \/ . | ._. | |  / /  | | | !__.  | |  /  |  / /
| |  !_ | | .__!  | |\  /| | !_! | | / /   | | | .__!  | | / ! | / /
| !___! | | !___. | | \/ | |     | |/ /    | ! | !___. | |/ /| |/ /
\.___/!_! !_____! !_!    !_!     !___/     !_! !_____! !___/ !___/

Cybercube Research Limited, Canada has acquired the exclusive rights to
distribute Dieter Fiebelkorn's GEM-View in North America.

Effective immediately, Cybercube Research Ltd. will solely handle all
customer support, registration, upgrade and marketing related issues.

The existing versions of GEM-View will remain SHAREWARE while the new
versions will only be available as a COMMERCIAL product.

For more information about our extensive upgrade policy, a full list of the
new and extended features, the next release or pricing simply refer to our
upcoming GEM-View press releases.

If you have any additional questions, please send your e-mail to CYBERCUBE
or contact us at:

                       Cybercube Research Limited
                         126 Grenadier Crescent
                           Thornhill, Ontario,
                             Canada, L4J 7V7
                          Tel.   (416) 882 0294
                          Fax    (416) 886 3261
                          BBS    (416) 882 5895

We would like to thank all GEM-View users for their continued support and
look forward to a exciting and new co-operation.


> STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

- Sunnyvale, CA                     TOTAL FALCONS 1ST USA ORDER 600?

     For all intents and purposes, one can consider this order as a
"testing of the water" type order.  This was stated to our roving reporter
after he asked about the quantities of Falcons ordered for sale in North
America.  Apparently, the first 150 pieces came in already via Air Freight
and the remaining 450 are coming via Seatainer on a boat.  Also, its been
stated the boat has already left the Orient.  This is true it just left.

- Fresno, CA                      THE BIG FISH EATING THE BIG FISH!
     Our "Super Snooper"... has come across a rather interesting story.  It
seems a pair of prominent developers in North America are legally squaring
away toward each other over who has the "right of way".  Only there's a
real big catch to this one... It appears there are a couple of "flies in
the ointment".  Enter third parties "taking sides etc..  deleting posts
promoting the products of one developer whilst leaving those of the other,
developer..  This one's going all the way to the top of the "heap".  Here's
hoping there's a "clear view" on the horizon for all.  And an end to the
secretive, games playing duo.

- Chicago, Il.                    DEVELOPERS ADOPT MULTI-DIRECTION!
     According to our roving reporters, many developers have adopted an
attitude of; "whichever happens we'll support our customers and new users
with full downwardly compatible software".  When asked what does this mean? 
Our reporter was told that software is being developed so that present
users may enjoy the benefits derived from the new programming. 
Additionally, our reporter was told "there are far more older STs in use
than the Falcon and TT and as long as there are users out there... we'll
support them.  When asked about the Falcon and its possible successors, the
reply was simple, we're ready for it too, if it ever happens big.


> STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

>From CIS Atari areas..
#: 85699 S17/Community Square
    12-May-93  04:30:54
Sb: #85576-More RAM 4 Mega?
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Boris Molodyi 70322,624

      One interesting point I haven't seen mentioned about extending the
life of Atari...supposing it failed last week, it that most systems will
run for years before they die. I still have a running sinclair?? I would
expect that most users would be sadden by the news and many might just go
get something new, no doubt as a reaction to their trounced hopes of a new
ATARI. In the main I would expect there to be a substantial "ADAM" effect.
the ADAM syndrome could extend ATARI related sales for several years.

      With this in mind we are just now finishing a gear up to begin
selling many new and useful Atari related things to speed em' up, add
colors and resolution for many times the cost of even an inexpensive priced
TT or minimal Falcon. This at first will be for those who can not afford a
new machine and later for the more expensive system users who want to
really increase their system graphics horsepower.


from Delphi's Atari Areas..
54752 12-MAY 09:52 News & Reviews
     RE: Unbelievable.... (Re: Msg 54739)
     From: OCS          To: CMILLAR

 > Of course, if STR plays clean, and
 > reports with integrity then there is no use for anyone to be             
 > watching...<G>

You mean: if STR prints what _you_ want to read there is no use for _you_
to be watching.  Others would then complain, of course, about the new style
of reporting.  Let's face it: every publication (be it STR or the NY Times)
addresses a certain group of customers, and it is completely impossible to
make a publication that pleases everyone.  It is your opinion that STR's
way of reporting is not acceptable, and it is your right to state so here. 
I am sure there are several others who don't agree with you.  But neither
you nor them have the ultimate right to decide which way is the best to
report.  Like someone said: Don't download it (like you probably wouldn't
waste your money on The NY Times if you didn't like their style) and
understand that the vast majority of Atarians in old enough to understand
what they are reading and to make their own decisions.


4760 12-MAY 20:53 General Information
     Duesseldorf Show
     From: OCS          To: BOBBRO (NR)


I just read a transcript of your weekly conference on May 7, 1993 over on
GEnie.  The following is a portion of it:

"<[Yat@Lexicor] Y.SIU> Thanks, 1st. After CeBIT there has been the rumour
that Atari will cancel the annual Duesseldorf Show...if that is true, why
considering that this is one of the most important Atari shows in Europe
and will cause great resentment.

<BOB-BRODIE> I understand that the Duesseldorf Show has been cancelled. The
rationale was that rather than do an Atari only show, the management was
looking to participate in a much larger multi platform show in Berlin."

What "much larger multi platform show in Berlin" were you talking about?


>From the FNET
Conf : Lexicor
Msg# : 1423/1423  Lines: 11  Read: 1
Sent : May 12, 1993  at 10:48 PM
To   : Jon Brenda
>From : Gene Mosher at Fnet Node 690, ///---PASTE BBS---///
Subj : Re: <1409> Bad news dept.

 Previously Jon Brenda wrote:

 >  Previously Barry wrote:
 >      Believe it or not, I brought my Chronos software to test on the
 > Falcon, along with my hardware key.  Unfortunately, nobody brought a 9 p
 > to 25 pin serial adaptor so that we could try it out on the Falcon.  Ooo
 >      I may get a second shot at it shortly however.

The Falcon's serial port is screwed up anyway.  You'll need a fix for it
before it will work right.  Atari has this fix, but it isn't included in
the dealer Falcons.

from the FNET
Conf : Idle Chatter
Msg# : 180/180  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
Sent : May 13, 1993  at 2:29 PM
To   : RALPH
>From : NorStar at Fnet Node 307, PayBax BBS node 307
Subj : Changing platforms

     I wonder if it's about time to start to listen to the seductive
voices of alternative platforms? With Atari in what seems to be the
December of its life, with the going prices of used ST equipment falling
daily, and with D.A. Brumleve resurrecting McCarthyism within the already
meager and ever-so-fragile userbase, the move to an alternate platform
seems more and more to but a step rather than a leap.

     In the years to come - perhaps even the months - there may be much
talk of the reasons for the demise of Atari. Unfortunately, there will be
those who equate the death knell with "piracy" - the rampant exchange of
copyrited Atari software with no monetary recompense to the authors. Let
us now look at the environment within which we find ourselves... Atari is
alienating its dealers and its users by practices which portray a total
disregard for them. That a recent furor has appeared dealing with piracy
within the Atari community should serve to future speculation as nothing
but a coincidence. I will not accept the reasoning that the disregard for
copyright on Atari software brought about the downfall of the platform as
a whole.

     The Atari machines were ahead of their times. Those times, however,
caught up to them and now are passing them by. To many it seems so close,
so simple for Atari to reclaim what once was, to establish itself once
more as a viable "third alternative" in the computer marketplace (and I
can remember when we once deluded ourselves with the belief that we might
one day be a SECONDARY force just behind IBM... laughable now at best).

     So the winds of change seem to be calling to the many once exclusive
Atari users. Many are held merely because of their financial investment in
their machines, a reason that becomes more and more diluted as the price
of other platforms plummet. Soon that threshold of future cost vs. past
investment will not be a chasm but a mere stretch, then perhaps a small

     I will not give up my ST, even when I progress beyond it. I have not
given up my 8-bit - the 800XL and 130XE that sits defiantly on an unused
desk in an unused room. So, too, might my ST find its place among these
relics. Useful - yes. But used? No.

>From the FNET
Conf : Atari Technical
Msg# : 12029/12029  Lines: 20  Read: 1
Sent : May 13, 1993  at 7:31 AM
To   : All
>From : Gene Mosher at Fnet Node 690, ///---PASTE BBS---///
Subj : Ho Boy..

According to Bob Brodie, Atari is gearing up to make TT's again.  Well,
the first time around Atari also made TT monitors.  Now, I doubt that
Atari will be making TT monitors again, so until somebody can confirm that
my assumption is wrong, here goes..

You must buy your own monitor for a TT, and you need to be SURE that you
have outstanding controls on the front of the monitor for both horizontal
centering and horizontal sizing, especially sizing.

And, if you are planning on using your TT monitor on a Falcon, well, DON'T.

The TT monitor has special circuitry to deal with the TT's video out,
which is not a standard VGA or SVGA out.  The Falcon's VGA out follows the
standard properly.  The TT Monitor is an oddball, and so is the TT's video
signal.  The two cancel each other's oddities out, and neither works
properly without the other.  If you get one of the new TT's, be SURE that
you test the monitor you intend to go with it before you buy, to determine
that you have the extraordinary horizontal and vertical sizing controls to
compensate for the TT's VGA signal.




                    "TIS TRULY AN UGLY SIGHT TO SEE.....
                   DELIBERATELY NOT IN THE WIND'S LEE....

                                             ... Napoleon Blowhard


> DEALER CLASSIFIED LIST STR InfoFile        * Dealer Listings *
  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""          ---------------

                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                 Est. 1985

                       HARDWARE, SOFTWARE & SUPPLIES


                              COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                          Authorized Atari Dealer


                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                          Authorized Atari Dealer


                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                          Authorized Atari Dealer


                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                          Authorized Atari Dealer


            (DEALERS; to be listed here, please drop us a line.)

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