Z*Net: 7-May-93 #9315

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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 7-May-93 #9315
Date: Wed May 12 11:11:09 1993

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 ######  By Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 As you have guessed by now, there wasss NO Z*Net issue released last 
 week, and if you didn't notice, you aren't a regular reader and should
 become one NOW!
 There are going to be a few more unreleased weekly issues in the months 
 ahead as I am planning a few more well deserved weeks of vacation.  We
 have NO stand in editors at the present time, so we will not be 
 publishing while I am away.
 On another note, during our absense, the IAAD released the results of 
 its investigation of BBS piracy.  This release, which is currently 
 available on all of the online services and *most* BBS systems, has 
 caused a number of piracy discussions in a number of places.  I 
 encourage EVERYONE to read it!  The file name is PIR_BBS.LZH

 ######  Latest Industry News Update
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Spectrum HoloByte has announced its acquisition of Bullet-Proof Software
 USA, which is best known for bringing Tetris to the Nintendo platforms.
 Bullet-Proof Software, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum
 HoloByte, will maintain its present operations in Redmond, Washington.
 Logitech has announced a new version of MouseMan Cordless featuring
 Logitech's radio technology, software improvements, hardware
 modifications for better control and a new level of ergonomic design.
 MouseMan Cordless will carry a suggested retail price of $149 (U.S.) and
 will be available in retail stores in August.  MouseMan Cordless ships
 with Logitech's MouseWare software.

 IBM's OS/2 software has been honored as "Product of the Year" in two
 categories by the readers of InfoWorld Magazine.  These two awards bring
 to 13 the number of industry citations that OS/2 2.0, which was
 introduced in March 1992, has won since last December.
 Motorola has introduced its new DSP56L002 24-bit general-purpose digital
 signal processor (DSP) which operates at 3.3 volts making it optimum for
 battery-operated and portable applications.  To meet the power drain
 goal of 3.3 volts, Motorola re-designed the DSP56002 as a full CMOS
 implementation.  Motorola also provided additional modularity to the
 core, memory and peripherals in order to streamline power-usage
 throughout the part.  A phase-locked loop (PLL) is provided to allow the
 DSP56L002 to use almost any available external system clock for full-
 speed operation while also supplying an output clock synchronized to the
 internal core clock.  The DSP56L002 is now available for $47, quantity
 1,000, in a plastic quad flatpack package.
 General Instrument, Intel and Microsoft jointly announced that (GI) will
 integrate Intel and Microsoft computer technologies into its next
 generation of addressable cable TV converters.  These new products will
 make possible a vast array of new services for the consumer through the
 cable TV network.  With cable now in more than 60 million U.S.
 households, the enhanced converter would allow consumers to turn their
 TV sets into personal and interactive gateways to a variety of enhanced
 programming and services.  The possibilities range from on-demand movies
 to interactive home shopping to information access, all at the push of a
 button.  GI is also working with Microsoft to incorporate technology
 from the Microsoft Windows operating system, designed specifically for
 interactive television, into the new converter.  One of the first third-
 party applications expected is on-screen electronic program guides.  The
 first group of electronic guides will likely help viewers search for
 programming by subject matter among the ever increasing number of cable
 channels available.  Electronic program guides are expected to evolve to
 include conventional pay-per-view, movie previews, multichannel pay-per-
 view and video on demand.  An example of enhanced programming would
 include new features in in music television:  on-screen lyrics,
 information about the CD on which a particular song is available
 (including an opportunity to buy the CD through the viewer's converter),
 fan club addresses and concert information.
 "Dvorak on Computers," America's No. 1 high-tech talk radio show,
 announced that beginning May 9, it will offer a new way for listeners
 all over the country to call-in and interact with their radio show using
 The Sierra Network (TSN), a revolutionary, on-line, interactive,
 entertainment service.  "Dvorak on Computers" is adopting The Sierra
 Network as a new communication medium for listener participation in John
 C. Dvorak's weekly call-in radio show.  The Sierra Network's real-time
 on-line capabilities assure that opinions will be heard and questions
 will be answered, either by Dvorak himself, co-host and radio
 personality Leo LaPorte, or some other expert who happens to be on-line.
 The Sierra Network will be installed on three IBM/PC compatible
 computers that will be manned in the studio by John C. Dvorak, Leo
 LaPorte and a full-time mediator.  TSN's Basic Membership, available for
 a flat fee of $12.95 per month, gives members 30 hours of evening/
 weekend access to TSN's ClubHouse and TSN basic services and features.
 With a listening audience of nearly 500,000, "Dvorak on Computers" is
 the computer industry's leading radio talk show.  Produced by the San
 Francisco-based SNP Radio Network, this nationally syndicated call-in
 program features commentary by the PC industry's best-known journalist,
 John C. Dvorak, and popular radio personality Leo LaPorte.  First aired
 in January 1992, "Dvorak on Computers" is broadcast via 48 affiliates in
 25 states plus the District of Columbia.
 A Taiwan court has sentenced three software pirates to prison terms for
 counterfeiting Microsoft programs.  Two offenders received four-year
 jail terms and a third was sentenced to two years.  Taiwan police
 arrested the counterfeiters last July, in a raid which netted more than
 10,000 copies of pirated MS-DOS and Windows programs.
 IBM has initiated a suit against Nutri/System, alleging the troubled
 diet-center concern has stiffed it for nearly $1 million this year and
 failed to return equipment.  IBM Credit Corp. filed the suit in U.S.
 District Court in Philadelphia, saying Nutri/System had failed to make
 lease payments this year on computers and printers in the 283 company-
 owned Nutri/System outlets.  Nutri/System shocked its customers last
 week when it announced it had closed its company-owned weight management
 centers after its banks seized its cash and took control of all of its
 bank accounts.  The suit estimated that the value of the leased
 equipment was about $863,000.  It also said that Nutri/System has $7.3
 million in payments remaining under the terms of the current five-year
 lease, which was signed in July 1991.  Nutri/System said last week its
 owners were near closing a deal to sell the company and that the company
 would return to "normal" operations early this week.  But no subsequent
 announcement regarding a new investor has been made since then.
 Hewlett-Packard has filed suit against a California office-supplies
 distributor for allegedly selling refilled toner cartridges as genuine
 HP products.  The lawsuit alleges that Supreme Office Products of
 Hollywood, Calif., through its advertising, promoting and packaging,
 falsely represented to customers that refilled toner cartridges were
 actually new, factory-produced HP toner cartridges for HP LaserJet
 printers.  HP is seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction
 that would require that Supreme Office Products cease using HP
 trademarks and cease advertising, promoting and distributing products
 packaged similarly to those of HP.  The company also is requesting that
 the court order Supreme Office Products to recall any products that were
 sold as original HP products.
 3DO has launched its public offering at well above its expected price
 and amount of shares.  3DO, which is developing a multimedia system that
 will be available later this year, said it had priced the 2.9 million
 shares at $15 each, which will raise $43.5 million.  The company's
 orginal registration statement with the Securities and Exchange
 Commission called for an offering of 2.1 million shares at a price
 expected to be between $10 and $12 a share, which could have raised
 $25.2 million.  3DO, a joint venture whose backers included AT&T, Time
 Warner and Matsushita Electric, is designing the player to run audio
 compact discs, display photo compact discs and run entertainment,
 education and information software programs.  The company is touting the
 player, first unveiled at the winter Consumer Electronics Show in
 January, as possessing better-quality graphics than any home computer or
 video-game machine on the market.


 ######  Captured and Edited by Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Welcome to the May edition of Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie, Director
 of Communications for Atari Corp.  When last we met Bob, we heard that
 the Falcon030 had just arrived in Sunnyvale and was about to undergo
 Quality Assurance before shipping to dealers.  In the past weeks we have
 seen messages of 'Falcon sightings' across the country and we now await
 mass shipments to the general public.  Tonight we hope to hear more news
 about Falcon availability and about developments in Falcon software.  On
 that note I would like to welcome Bob and ask for his opening comments.
 Bob, it's show time!
 <BOB-BRODIE> Welcome to the May installment of Dateline:Atari!  Tonight,
 I don't have a general topic to focus on, so I'd just like to bring you
 up to date with some of the things that have been happening at Atari,
 and then I will be happy to take your questions on just about any topic.
 Note carefully the words "just about"! :)
 Shipments of Atari Falcon030s continue in the US, and we are pleased
 with the increasing demand for the product.  We have seen a number of
 dealers that used to carry the line contact Atari and express their
 interest in carrying the Atari Falcon030.  As in the past few months,
 the bulk of the interest to date has been from the music market.  No
 doubt this is keyed by the extraordinary reviews that the Atari
 Falcon030 continues to receive in the music media.  One of the premier
 California music magazines, BAM, has indicated that they would like to
 do an entire issue focusing on the capabilities of the Atari Falcon030.
 We're very encouraged by the growing demand for the product.
 Here's the status on a few products that we've discussed at great length
 in previous versions of Dateline: Atari:  Atari Works, SpeedoGDOS, and
 Atari Works is being installed on the Atari Falcon030 here in Sunnyvale
 at present.  We will have this product ready to ship to the established
 user base in 6-8 weeks.  The manual is finalized, and we are awaiting
 production of the manual and the diskettes from the factory in Taiwan.
 As we have indicated in the past, Atari Works will retail for $129 US,
 and will include SpeedoGDOS and 14 BitStream fonts.
 SpeedoGDOS ships with the Atari Falcon030, but at present the manual for
 SpeedoGDOS is simply a photo-copied version of the manual.  We will have
 "real" manuals in stock in 6-8 weeks, and at that time we will also be
 shipping SpeedoGDOS to the established userbase.  The cost of SpeedoGDOS
 will be $69 US, including the 14 BitStream fonts.  In addition to Atari
 selling SpeedoGDOS, we have made arrangements with Oregon Research and
 Compo Software to license SpeedoGDOS from us.
 Oregon Research will ship SpeedoGDOS for their customers using True
 Paint.  Compo Software has licensed additional fonts from BitStream for
 them to sell to our users.  Be sure to check in the ST RT Library here 
 on GEnie for the official press releases from both of these companies.
 At the time of this writing, I am not certain what the pricing will be.
 MultiTOS is shipping with Atari Falcon030s, and shares the same type of
 photo-copied manual as SpeedoGDOS has.  As we have previously indicated,
 MultiTOS will be available for the established user base.  The cost of
 MultiTOS is $59 US, and is expected to be available in 6-8 weeks as
 We will be accepting orders from our dealers on these products in about
 a month, so please be sure to let them know at that point in time if
 you're interested in purchasing these products.
 At this point in time, I would like to say a special thank you to one of
 our stalwart contributors to Atari Explorer Online, Andreas Barbiero.
 Andreas is being shipped out to Japan for a prolonged stay (six months I
 belive) and will be sorely missed by all of us here in Sunnyvale.  I've
 come to admire his work, both as a writer, and as something of a fill in
 online representative for me over on Delphi.  He's here tonight, using
 the AEO.2 account on GEnie.  I'd just like to say thanks for all of your
 hard work, Andreas.  We'll miss you, and hope you get home soon.
 With that, I'm ready to take any questions from the floor Lou.
 <FAIRWEATHER> I live in California.  I'd like to buy a package of
 Falcon, Multisync Monitor and custom hard drive from Toad Computers back
 east.  Will Atari's dealer agt. prevent this?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes it will, David.  We do not allow our dealers to mail
 order unless it is to remote areas or where there is no dealer in the
 area.  In California, we have a number of dealers.  There is no reason
 that I can understand for you to have to order a system from Maryland.
 They will be available for sale in California at the same point in time
 that they are in Maryland, unless TOAD has decided that rather than keep
 their demo units as demos, they want to sell them right away.  We would
 not approve for them to sell all the way to California...there are other
 dealers here, closer to you that can service your needs without you
 having to send all the way across the country for a computer.
 <FAIRWEATHER> When will Falcon's be available for sale in California?
 Two reasons.  California has 8.5% sales tax and Toad makes custom drives
 and monitors.  When do you expect Falcon's to hit the streets?
 <BOB-BRODIE> You are welcome to purchase your hard drives or monitors
 from Toad...but we have been very clear with them that they, as well as
 any other dealer, are not to mail order out of their area.  If we find
 that there are violations, the dealer runs the risk of having his
 dealership revoked.  Garry Tramiel is VERY firm on this.  In fact, he
 actually saw an ad for Toad Computers asking people to call for their
 Falcon...so he did!!  <grin>  When they asked him what his name was, he
 didn't lie either!  He said "My name is Garry Tramiel."  They said
 "Right...what's your real name and Garry replied that it was really him.
 They indicated that they wouldn't sell him a computer, but would be
 happy to take his order for a monitor or a hard drive. :)
 The next shipment of Falcons is on the way here via boat at this time.
 I checked with our factory rep just before the CO began and he indicated
 that they are about 10 calendar days away.
 <BRIAN.H> Hi Bob. I know you are working real hard to make the FALCON a
 success.  Therfore, please don't take this personal:  What is happening
 with the Canadian Dealer Agreement?  We have a local owner, RGB, who
 wants to sell ATARIs but need an agreement in order to become a dealer.
 Can Canadians order Falcons from the USA since there is none in our
 <BOB-BRODIE> Brian, we've already sent out the agreement to the dealers
 in Canada, and in fact have gotten a number of them back.  I thought
 that RGB would have gotten their's for certain...unless the lead sheet
 got misplaced.  If I can prevail on you just one more time in email to
 have you send me his info, I'll personally see that it goes out on
 Monday.  And no, we do not want US dealers selling into Canada.
 <BRIAN.H> Thanks Bob.  Rob at RBG hasn't got his yet.  I will do right
 away.  How long will it take to get the agreement??
 <BOB-BRODIE> Unless our mailman owns stock in Apple, I would think that
 it should only take about seven days to have snail mail go to Nova
 Scotia, Brian.
 <J.BRUNKEN> Bob, with as much trouble as Atari seems to be having in
 getting a small number of Falcons to the states, when do you think the
 machines will be available in enough quantity to support the growing
 number of potential buyers especially if the music industry likes the
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jason, Yes I do.
 <MIKE-ALLEN> Bob - I understand that you want to protect your dealers,
 but this mail order thing is a little silly given the almost ALL of NA
 is remote to Atari dealers.  I was really disappointed to read Sheldon's
 post in re the CT fest.  Comment?
 <BOB-BRODIE> I'm disappointed that he won't be attending the show
 either, Mike.  I think that's unfortunate.  However, we have to start
 helping our dealers that we're bringing on board by helping them make
 the most of the opportunites that are in their back yard as well.  I
 think that there are a lot of other things that Sheldon could be selling
 at the CT Show, but respect him very much... I'm not going to debate his
 decision.  Suffice it to say that he has been at other shows in the past
 where there have been other dealers, and developers.  He's a great guy
 and he'll always do well.  The CT Show is a great place for someone like
 Sam Ash, or Manny's to come to.  We've also had inquiries from another
 potential dealer that is in East Hartford...right in CT.
 <[Chris] C.OATES2> Hello, Bob.  Being a Bay Arean, the news about the
 possible BAM Issue is great!  BAM, being a free magazine, gets a lot of
 exposure.  When should I start keeping my eye out for the Falcon issue,
 if it happens?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Hi Chris, the feature article on the Falcon030 is something
 that I just heard about from James Grunke today.  I'm afraid that I
 don't have a firm schedule just yet.  James had indicated that it would
 probably appear in the September issue or so.
 <JOHN.KING.T> Bob, I was wondering if you could clear up some of the
 rumors that have been spread regarding the Atari "clone?"
 <BOB-BRODIE> Hi John...boy there really has been a lot of discussion
 about this topic.  Most of it seems to be centered over in the Atari
 Forums on CompuServe, run by Ron Luks.  Frankly, I'm stumped by all the
 controversy!  I had written a very brief informative piece for Atari
 Explorer Online in our last issue about this, and Ron Luks responded by
 saying he was "Speechless".  He didn't stay that way very long! :)
 Anyway, I had previously discussed this project with the designer of the
 hardware, Jim Allen, and yesterday the treasurer of the company was here
 in Sunnyvale, along with their software engineer.  I had lunch with the
 treasurer, and he's really surprised at all the furor about this, too.
 Lost in the shuffle is the fact that this system will not support ANY of
 the standard ST video resolutions....it will only run VGA.  That will
 wipe out huge chunks of the software library for the machine simply
 because so many programs assume that ST video is available to use for
 the program.  The company is very clear about what their intention is/
 was.  They are discussing building a unit that is aimed at a vertical
 niche market, specifically doing a touch screen technology for
 resturants that will be networked, and control a entire point of sale,
 inventory tracking, etc type of activities.  There are NO PLANS to sell
 this as a general purpose CPU to compete against us.  I wish them well
 with their efforts.
 It certainly isn't the first VAR to use the Atari platform as a launch
 pad for their own custom hardware, and I hope that it won't be the last.
 On a slightly different note, I'd like to express my thanks and
 admiration to Darlah, and the rest of the sysops of the Atari RTs for
 keeping such an even keel on a topic that became so controversial so
 quickly.  I hope someone sends a caputure of how it was handled here to
 Ron Luks.
 (Editors Note:  The mesage string related to this topic are included in
  this edition.)
 <P.FORISTER> Do you expect enough Falcons to satisify the amount of
 initial orders 10 days from now, I don't know how much longer I can
 wait.  Also, I want a picture perfect 640-480 @256 color desktop what
 monitor do I buy?  Will it be interlace?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Pat, yes I think we'll be able to satisfy most of the
 backorders.  At least the ones that we have TODAY.  Monday might bring
 a different story. :)  What is the application that you will be using
 your Atari Falcon030 for?  From the rez that you're describing, I'm
 inclined to say get a good quality VGA.
 <JKUEHN> Bob, what happened to the CD-ROM (.XFS) drivers that Bill
 Rehboch was going to upload (a week or so) after the 3 April RTC here?
 Several CD ROM users here in the DC area are anxiously awaiting the
 arrival of the drivers.
 <BOB-BRODIE> John, I just stuck my head out of the office to look for
 Bill but he's not around right now for me to ask.  I am aware that there
 are a number of enhancements under consideration for the drivers, but if
 he said that he was going to upload them, I don't know why he hasn't
 done it.  I'd suggest that you send him a note in e-mail at B.REHBOCK
 and ask him.  It's his baby!
 <Y.SIU> Thanks, 1st. After CeBIT there has been the rumour that Atari
 will cancel the annual Duesseldorfer Show, if that is true, why
 considering that this is one of the most important Atari shows in Europe
 and will cause great resentment.
 <BOB-BRODIE> I understand that the Duesseldorf Show has been cancelled.
 The rationale was that rather than do an Atari only show, the management
 was looking to participate in a much larger multi platform show in
 <Y.SIU> Will there be someone to fill the obvious leadership gap in
 Germany?  And how will Atari regain the many lost German users?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Right now we have leadership in Germany...I really don't
 know what you mean about the "obvious" gap.  We expect to regain the
 users in Germany the same way that we will regain users here by shipping
 a quality product with applications that will fit their needs, and give
 them a reason to choose Atari over another computer company.
 <S.KIEPE> Bob, can you give us an expected quantity of Falcon's in the
 first shipment, 5, 50, 5000? - and I'm only interested in how many are
 destined for retail sale! #2, back to the CT fest - It appears that
 there are NO Atari hardware dealers intending to come to the show
 (falcon types) so Atari has shut off the market, any chance of a
 <BOB-BRODIE> Sorry, Steve.  We will not give out numbers.  I spoke
 briefly with Brian Gockley today, and he is aware of our position.  I
 recommeded to him that he contact Manny's and Sam Ash...and I will be
 contacting a lead that we have for a Hartford dealer on Monday to see
 what we can do about getting him onboard quickly so he can participate
 in the show.  Again, this really isn't as new a policy as you might
 think...the Glendale Show for YEARS has had a policy that prohibits
 dealers from out of the area from coming to the show to sell hardware.
 They have always allowed them to come and sell software, and a couple of
 Northern California dealers discussed coming down to sell their eight
 bit products at Glendale.  But they have never allowed ST type product
 sales by out of area dealers.
 <J.BRUNKEN> Bob, You have repeatedly mentioned new dealers on both
 coasts, Hows the dealer outlook for those of us who live in the
 heartland?  (Iowa's Great.... Not!) 2nd, Can you tell us anything new on
 the Jaguar?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Funny you would mention Iowa, I sent out a dealer
 application just yesterday to a prospect in Iowa.  We don't have a rep
 that is working that area for us yet, so that is a "hole" that we have
 in the map that we need to work on.  Just checked the dealer list:
 Mason City Music, in Mason City.  515-423-2277 is their phone number.
 <D.VICHA> Bob, the IAAD report about software piracy, mentioned that TOS
 1.4 and AW were listed ... is Atari planning any action or assisting the
 IAAD in prosecuting the pirates?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes, I have already spoken with our corporate counsel about
 this situation, and he is investigating the best way for us to proceed
 with this.  Obviously, we have been damaged by the pirates, and we will
 strive to perserve our rights, as well as our partners in the IAAD's
 rights.  Portions of the investigation to determine the real names of
 the operators of these BBS has already been done.  We will be pursuing
 <D.VICHA> Has anyone in Sunnyvale called Ed & Carol at Software Plus in
 Chicago.  They've been longtime Atari dealers and they've been ignored?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Software Plus was sent a dealer app.  If they haven't
 gotten it, please ask them to fax me at 408-745-2088, or if you wouldn't
 mind, send me email on them and I will be happy to send them out an
 <FAIRWEATHER> Does the dealer agt. also prevent selling Falcons for less
 than MSRP?  Or from advertising discounted prices?  Goodman Music is
 advertising $999 Falcons but they are talking about 4 megs no HD.  Will
 that config be in the 1st shipment?
 <BOB-BRODIE> David, we consider the dealer agreement to be a
 confidential document, so I really don't want to get too far into a
 discussion about it.  However in answering your questions this one time,
 Goodman's pricing is correct for a 4 meg Falcon with no HD.  And I'm not
 sure if that is in the next shipment, my guess would be that we're still
 getting just the 4/65s in the next shipment.
 <Y.SIU> Mr. Brodie, what will Atari do about the Skandinavian,
 specifically Swedish market, I understand that the Falcon is retailing
 there for 16000 SK..that is nearly 2800 U$D!  And secondly will Atari
 bundle any graphics software with the Falcon?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yat, I'm not 100% up to speed on the plans for Sweden.  I'm
 an employee of Atari US, not corporate.  However, the last that I recall
 hearing we were setting up a distributor in Sweden to sell our products
 for us there.  I honestly do not track the prices of our products...I
 find that North America keeps me quite busy all by itself.  Re the
 graphics bundle, we're always open to proposals from our developers, and
 certainly the dealers and distributors are welcome to bundle as well.
 However at this time, we're quite comfortable with the Falcon shipping
 with the software that it is....Atari Works, MultiTOS, SpeedoGDOS, etc.
 <A.RIDLEY1> Will Canadian Deaalers be getting new Falcons or has Atari
 decided to stick with US dealers?
 <BOB-BRODIE> We just sent out the dealer agreement to Canadian dealers
 about two weeks ago, and we have already gotten a number of them back.
 As I indicated earlier in the CO to Brian.  So, no...we're not "sticking
 with US dealers".  I bet the US dealers would have another term for
 that. :)
 <A.RIDLEY1> The 2nd question is in regards to preference of old dealers
 over new ones comming on line, will Falcons ship to everyone equally or
 will the old dealers have first shot at the new machines.
 <BOB-BRODIE> The dealers will get their machines in the sequence that we
 are able to sign them up.  If an established dealer hasn't returned his
 paper work for his Falcon dealership, he will not get the product.
 There are sweeping changes to the Terms and Conditions of the agreement,
 and we must be sure that the current dealers agree to the new terms and
 conditions prior to them accepting the product.
 <MIKE-ALLEN> I heard that due to problems with D2D that it isn't
 shipping with the Falcon. true/false/comment?  Also when will Atari post
 a list of 'official' dealers?  or will they?
 <BOB-BRODIE> True, D2D is not shipping today.  We are getting updates
 from them on a daily basis, and will ship D2D to everyone as soon as we
 have a version in hand that is satisfactory.  No, we will not post our
 dealer list.  If you have a question about where to purchase our
 products, tell us where you are, and we'll be happy to refer you to a
 dealer.  The mail order thing has almost been amusing a few times, Mike.
 We had a dealer here in California ask if they could sell a Falcon to a
 customer in Australia!
 BTW, there is a dealer in New Mexico now...Grandma's Music in
 <J.WHITE99> Naturally, Bob, we here in SoCal have a large focus on the
 musical applications of the F030 but there appears to be a strong
 interest out there in its multimedia potential as well.  Are there any
 developers about to release products that can be discussed that fill the
 non-music side of the platform?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jeff, Lexicor is working on a comprehensive suite of
 products that will serve many of the needs of the multimedia platform.
 We published a document entitled an Atari Perspective on Personal
 Integrated Media that I can send to you that will outline many of the
 applications that we felt back around COMDEX were key to MultiMedia.
 Naturally, there are more today.  Just this afternoon, Bill Rehbock was
 visited by a developer with "Apple Roots" that does Morphing software.
 He's intersted in trying out an Atari Falcon030 as well. :)
 <J.WHITE99> What kind of support is Atari giving a company like Lexicor
 who has a long history of developing products to elevate the standard of
 the platform and it's interactivity with others?  What else besides
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jeff, we enjoy a excellent ongoing dialog with Lexicor, and
 the other products might take a while to list tonight.  For example,
 COMPO is working on a video titler package, another product called In
 Shape that is a direct competitior to Lexicor's Chronos/Phoenix, Digital
 Arts has a whole slew of stuff, like DA's Vektor...which is in stock at
 Pacific Software TODAY BTW.
 <C.CASSADAY> Bob, can you clarify the word on mail-order to non-dealer
 supported areas?  The individual who you spoke to in San Antonio is
 having second thoughts about opening up his store.  Do you have signed
 dealer agreements from anyone else in Texas?  Where can we buy Falcon's
 if there are no other Texas dealers, and no places like Computer STudio,
 or TOAD to mail-order them from?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Chris, we HAVE opened a dealer in San Antonio...it is
 Hermes Trading Co, Inc.  There are located at 4100 San Pedro in San
 Antonio, and they're phone number is 210-734-5898.
 <Y.SIU> What is the status for a proper TT upgrade such as a Falcon040
 with external case and keyboard and how is the deal with Brainstorm
 going (ref:mpeg player) as this is important for a Multimedia market.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yat, we're firing up the factory lines again to build
 proper TTs rather than a "proper TT upgrade".  At CeBIT, a number of
 third party company's showcased Falcon Towers, it really isn't a big
 deal to have that done.  I have indicated in the past that we are
 working on an 040, but that is all that I have to say about that
 project.  I will not give out prospective specifications or other info
 on that tonight.  Sorry.
 <J.VOGH> Can SPeedoGDOS support postscript and any dealers in Oklahoma?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Speedo does not do PostScript at this point in time, sorry.
 Re the dealers in Oklahoma, Norman Music Center, in Norman OK 405-321-
 <J.BRENNER1> Hi Bob, my dealer sent in his dealer agreement as soon as
 he received it.  Will orders be filled on a fist come first serve basis.
 When will Canadian suggested retail be announced.  Re/Lexicor, I think
 the package is called NO COMMENT (grin)
 <BOB-BRODIE> John, Yes, orders will be basically on first come, first
 serve.  If there are other issues that come up, like account problems
 those will have to be resolved as well before we will ship.  If you're
 commenting about the question re BrainStorm, anyone that is a developer
 that is interested in doing JPEG/MPEG things should be talking with Bill
 Rehbock, preferably in email here on GEnie at his address of B.REHBOCK.
 <S.KIEPE> Can you come up with a dealership in San Diego, CA (the 6th
 largest city in the US) and #2, how is Atari going to regain Lynx
 dealers - they've all but disappeared.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Computer Plus in San Diego is in discussions with us now.
 Garry Tramiel is on the road visiting some of the major retailers even
 as we speak discussing the Lynx situation with them.  And we have also
 opened up an 800 line to serve our Lynx customers who cannot find a
 local dealer near them: 800-221-EDGE.
 <B.WELSCH> Hi Bob, Hope you will make the Kansas City Show and talk to
 Attendees, also my local dealer asked me to ask you to call him about
 <BOB-BRODIE> Bruce, that you for the invitation.  I will certainly give
 it due consideration.  And I will be certain to call your dealer on
 Monday to discuss his unit with him.  Thanks for relaying that along to
 <[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, all the inquiries about dealers, agreements and
 mailorder would seem to be a sign of swelling interest among real
 purchasers!  I would like to wish you and Atari well in meeting this
 demand. :-) Thanks for coming tonight.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Thank you, Lou.  As always, it has been a pleasure to meet
 with our many supporters here on our *Official* Online Home: GEnie!
 I've enjoyed this relatively brief Dateline:Atari! tonight, and thank
 everyone for coming out to share this time with us.


 ######  Press Release
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Speedo(TM) is a new typeface format developed by Bitstream that will
 revolutionize the way you work and the quality of your documents.
 You may have used bitmap fonts in your applications.  Bitmap fonts are
 only available in a few sizes, and are often crudely scaled and
 reproduced (resulting in "jaggies").  Bitmap fonts also use separate
 files for screen and printer fonts, and thus occasionally vary between
 what you see on screen and what is printed, ruining the desired "What
 You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG).
 These problems are of the past.  Speedo fonts can be scaled to any size,
 and are always scaled at the highest quality for both screen and
 printer.  WYSIWYG is maintained because Speedo does its work with a
 single font file.
 You may have used outline fonts in your applications.  Speedo sets a new
 standard for outline fonts.  It uses Type 1 hinting to increase
 resolution and accuracy for sharper quality at low resolutions.  Speedo
 fonts also include extensive kerning data, with an average of 300-500
 kerning pairs per font, for perfect character spacing.
 There are over 1000 Speedo fonts, from traditional to original designs.
 SpeedoGDOS(TM) is the type manager that brings this technology to your
 Atari.  SpeedoGDOS uses dynamic font caching to scale Speedo fonts
 within a limited amount of memory.  It also allows you to easily add
 fonts to your system, change printer drivers, and more.
 COMPO's Speedo Starter Kit includes everything you need to add Speedo to
 your system, including SpeedoGDOS, an assortment of printer drivers, and
 20 outline fonts.  It is compatible with all applications that use GDOS,
 including word processors, desktop publishers, graphics applications,
 and others.  Some applications support Speedo fonts directly, such as
 That's Write 3.
 Printer drivers are provided for Canon Bubblejet, HP Deskjet, HP
 Laserjet, HP Paintjet, SLM series laser printers, 9-pin dot matrix, and
 24-pin dot matrix (including NEC-compatible 360x360 dpi) printers.
 Additionally, other drivers are included with specific third party
 applications, such as Toad Computer's STraight FAX!
 A wide variety of fonts is included:
              Dutch 801 Roman (Bitstream's version of Times)
                             Dutch 801 Italic
                              Dutch 801 Bold
                          Dutch 801 Bold Italic
              Swiss 721 Roman (Bitstream's version of Swiss)
                             Swiss 721 Italic
                              Swiss 721 Bold
                          Swiss 721 Bold Italic
                          Bitstream Cooper Black
                              Monospace 821
                               Park Avenue
                               VAG Rounded
                            Symbol Monospaced
                            More Wingbats SWC
                          Bernhard Modern Roman
                            Futura Extra Black
                              Pica 10 Pitch
                             Zurich Condensed
                          Zurich Bold Condensed
        Zapf Calligraphic Roman (Bitstream's version of Palatino)
 The Speedo Starter Kit is available now from COMPO Software for $59.95.
 Additional font packs are also available, as are individual fonts from
 the Bitstream Typeface Library.
 To order or request more information, contact:
 COMPO Software Corp.
 104 Esplanade Avenue Suite 121
 Pacifica California 94044 USA
 Tel: 415-355-0862
 Fax: 415-355-0869

 ###### Schedule of Shows, Events and Online Conferences
 ###### ----------------------------------------------------------------

 ###  May 11-13, 1993
 SunWorld '93 exposition and conference, held in San Francisco at the
 Moscone Center.  The second annual event is the largest trade show in
 North America dedicated to the Sun, SPARC and Solaris industry.
 SunWorld '93 will feature a full day of in-depth tutorials, which are
 being developed in association with Sun Educational Services, to be 
 followed by three days of conference sessions and an exposition.  The
 three-day exposition will feature more than 175 leading vendors in the
 industry including Adobe Systems, AT&T, Computer Associates, Hewlett-
 Packard, Informix Software, Insoft, SAS Institute, Solbourne, SPARC
 International, Sun Microsystems, SunPro, SunSoft and WordPerfect.  For
 more information about attending SunWorld '93 call Lynn Fullerton at
 (800) 225-4698 or to receive information about exhibiting contact David
 Ferrante at (800) 545-EXPO.

 ###  May 24-27, 1993
 Spring Comex in Atlanta Georgia.
 ###  June 3-6, 1993
 Summer Comsumer Electronics Show, (CES), in Chicago, Illinois.
 ###  June 12-13, 1993 
 CT Atarifest '93 at the Windsor Court Hotel in Windsor Connecticut.
 This year the Atarifest has relocated to a new hotel with excellent room
 rates ($35.00 per room), free and plentiful parking, easy access from
 Interstate 91, I-95, I-90, I-84, I-80, an in house Sports Bar, a bigger
 ballroom and is located just 1 mile from Bradley International Airport
 (free shuttle service for hotel guests).  Tentative commitments from A&D
 Software, Gribnif Software, Barefoot Software, Toad Computers, Computer
 Studio, Baggetaware, Derric Electronics, E.Hartford Computer Repair,
 MegaType Software, Wizztronics and GFA Software Technology.  For further
 information, call Brian Gockley at 203-332-1721 or Doug Finch at 203-637
 -1034.  E-mail can be directed to B.GOCKLEY or D.FINCH7 on GEnie or to
 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.
 ###  June 22-23, 1993
 Lap & Palmtop Mobile Computing Expo at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim,
 California.  Exhibitors will show the latest in mobile computing,
 software, pen, peripherals and communications from the industry's
 leading manufacturers.  In conjunction with the exhibits is the Mobile
 Systems Solutions Conference series.  Featuring over 80 leading industry
 experts speakers, the conference provides vital information needed to
 build or improve your world of mobile computing.
 ### June 26-27, 1993 
 The Kansas City AtariFest '93.  The location for the show is Stadium
 Inn, 7901 E 40 Hwy.  Ticket prices at the door will be 5.00 dollars each
 day.  Advance tickets will be 4.00 dollars each, for advance tickets,
 please send 4.00 dollars per ticket to: Kansas City AtariFest, P.O. Box
 1653, Lee Summit, MO 64063 or if you belong to a user group please mail
 a request for a user group information pack.  To make room reservations
 please call 1-800-325-7901, we are also working with a local travel
 agent to get special airfares for the show.  You may call 1-800-874-7691
 to take advantage of the special fares.  For more information please
 leave Email as follows; GEnie, B.welsch, J.krzysztow, for CompuServe,
 Leave for Jeff Krzysztow at 74027,707, or you can call (816)224-9021, or
 mail to the address listed above.
 ### July 24-25, 1993
 The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer STudio
 host the Fourth Annual Blue Ridge AtariFest in Asheville, North
 Carolina.  Saturday show time is from 10am - 6pm and Sunday show times
 are from Noon to 5pm.  Free booth space is available for Atari
 developers.  This Atarifest will be taking over the Courtyard Shop
 (mall) area at the Westgate Shopping Center (location of Computer
 STudio), and also plan on using vacant store spaces for seminar
 sessions.  Seminars will be 45 minutes in length, and developers are
 welcome to conduct a seminar on their product line or approved topic of
 their choice (seminars are limited, so first come, first served).  For
 additional information, please contact: Sheldon Winick on GEnie -
 S.WINICK or at the Computer STudio at (704) 251-0201 or contact the show
 coordinator Cliff Allen on GEnie - C.ALLEN17 or call (704) 258-3758.
 ### August 3-6, 1993
 MacWorld Expo at the Boston World Trade Center, Bayside Exposition
 Center and sponsored by MacWorld Magazine.  This event is titled Boston
 ### August 23-27, 1993
 Interop '93 (#2) at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco, California.
 ### August 25-29, 1993
 ONE BBSCON '93 at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This 
 is a four day exposition presented by BoardWatch Magazine.  There will 
 be three days of educational services, a trade show exhibit area with
 over one-hundred vendors on hand.  For further information on this event 
 and for registration information contact: Peg Coniglio at ONE Inc.,
 4255 South Buckley Road, Suite 308, Aurora, Colorado 80013. Voice: (303)
 693-5253; Fax: (303) 693-5518; BBS: (303) 693-5432.
 ### September 18-19, 1993
 The Glendale Show returns with the Southern California Atari Computer
 Faire, V.7.0, in suburban Los Angeles, California.  This has been the
 year's largest domestic Atari event, year after year.  Contact John King
 Tarpinian at the user group HACKS at 818-246-7286 for information.
 ### September 20-22, 1993
 The third MacWorld Expo, titled Canada '93 at the Metro Toronto
 Convention Centre, sponsored by MacWorld Magazine.
 ### September 21-23, 1993
 Unix Expo '93 in New York City, New York.
 ###  October 7-8, 1993
 Lap & Palmtop Mobile Computing Expo at the Chicago Mart/Expo Center in
 Chicago, Illinois.  Exhibitors will show the latest in mobile computing,
 software, pen, peripherals and communications from the industry's
 leading manufacturers.  In conjunction with the exhibits is the Mobile
 Systems Solutions Conference series.  Featuring over 80 leading industry
 experts speakers, the conference provides vital information needed to
 build or improve your world of mobile computing.
 ### October 27-29, 1993
 CDROM Exposition at the World Trade Center, Boston MA.
 ### October 27-29, 1993
 EDA&T Asia '93.  The Electronic Design and Test Conference Exhibition
 at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan.  Exhibit space
 is still available.  For more information contact: Betsy Donahue,
 Chicago, fax: 708-475-2794.
 ###  November 7-10, 1993
 GeoCon/93, an international conference and showcase for software
 products developed outside the U.S. at the Royal Sonesta Hotel,
 Cambridge, Mass.  The conference program will include three days of
 workshops on topics of interest to overseas developers entering the
 U.S. market.  Workshop presenters will discuss such issues as how to
 negotiate distribution and licensing contracts, setting up a business in
 the U.S., manufacturing and fulfillment, technical support, packaging,
 research sources, and how to market through direct, retail, and catalog
 channels.  For additional information, contact Tom Stitt, associate
 publisher, Soft letter, 17 Main St., Watertown, Mass. 02272-9154;
 telephone 617-924-3944; fax 617-924-7288, or Colleen O'Shea, director,
 Soft letter Europe, 2 um Bierg, 7641 Chirstnach, Luxembourg, telephone
 35.2.87119; fax 35.2.87048.
 ### November 15-19, 1993
 COMDEX Fall '93. Las Vegas Nevada.
 If you have an event you would like to include on the Z*Net Calender,
 please send email via GEnie to Z-NET, CompuServe 75300,1642, or via
 FNET to node 593 or AtariNet node 51:1/13.0.


 ######  Press Release
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 DigiTape and Atari's new Falcon 030 computer combine to give you a
 complete professional-quality home recording system.
 DigiTape is an 8-track "simulated tape deck," with a modular plug-in/
 plug-out mixing board and 4 modular digital effect racks.  It uses the
 amazing DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip built into the Falcon to
 give you direct-to-disk digital recording that equals or surpasses
 conventional analog tape decks.
 There are two versions of DigiTape; here's a brief description of the
 features of each version:
 DigiTape Light - Suggested retail: US $149.00
 o mixing board with up to eight tracks (two for record, up to six for
   simultaneous replay)
 o sampling frequency selectable between 8 to 50 kHz in 16-bit stereo
 o modular digital effects such as reverb, echo, flanger, vibrato,
   distortion and more.  (Developer's documentation available for writing
   DSP effects modules).
 o recording time with 55MB hard disk space: approx. 3 min 30 sec with 6
   tracks at 25 kHz
 o frequency analyzer (for tuning guitars and other instruments)
 o online digital effect processor: 2 x 2 possible chained stereo effect
 o all connections are through the Falcon's standard microphone-in and
   headphone-out jacks
 DigiTape - Suggested retail: US $199.00
 (includes the following additional features):
 o virtual track management of up to 64 tracks
 o burn in of digital effects ("print" effects on recorded tracks)
 o digital remix to hard disk: up to six tracks into two tracks with full
   digital effect mixing and stereo placement control
 o cut, copy, and paste functions -- both destructive and nondestructive
 o sample zoom function for accurate editing and "cutting"
 Availability of DigiTape and DigiTape Light will be announced shortly.
 For more information, contact:
 CodeHead Technologies
 P.O. Box 74090
 Los Angeles, CA 90004
 Phone: (213) 386-5735   (Mon-Fri 9am-1pm Pacific Time)
 FAX:   (213) 386-5789
 BBS:   (213) 461-2095

 ######  By Len Stys
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 If you want to see a real great advertisement, I urge you to go to your
 local book store or drug store and pick-up the May issue of VIDEOGAMES &
 COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT.  Once you have the issue, flip to the middle
 insert (right after page 48).  The 8-page advertisement is for the Atari
 Lynx and believe me when I say so, it is nothing less than fantastic.
 I am the type of person that believes everything can be better.  But,
 there is honestly no room for improvement in this advertisement.  I am
 majoring in Marketing at Baldwin-Wallace College near Cleveland, Ohio.
 I am also a member of the American Advertising Federation.  Many people
 buy magazines for articles, I buy magazines for the advertisements.  I
 then sit and critique each ad in the magazine I buy.  If I was giving
 out awards, Atari would win one for this advertisement.  The creative
 elements of the ad: visual, headline, and copy are all strongly
 The basic design principles (unity, harmony, sequence, emphasis,
 contrast, and balance) have been followed.  Yes, Atari has done
 something right and if this ad is any indication of Atari's future
 marketing, watch out video game industry, here comes Atari!
 On the front of the insert is a drawing of a kid's face with sunglasses
 that shows a reflection of the Lynx that he is playing.  The kid's hair
 is standing up as if he is shocked by something (perhaps a good
 product?).  He is obviously enjoying himself by the big smile on his
 face.  And, the Lynx game Dracula is clearly a theme of the ad by the
 bats, gloomy background, and bite marks on the kid's neck.  The artwork
 is really good.  In fact, the art alone will attract the attention of
 every reader of the magazine.  And this is good because distinction is
 the most important element of any advertisement.
 On top of the advertisement in big bold yellow letters is the headline
 The headline includes the word "mind" to tie in with Atari's previous ad
 campaign "Grey Matters."  The word "power" is a very good word to use
 when attempting to sell a video game system since children can relate to
 it.  In almost every popular cartoon, the word "power" is used
 repeatedly.  Children have learned that the more power someone or
 something has, the more he/she or it can do.  Both, Nintendo and Sega
 have played on this word to sell systems, why shouldn't Atari?  I also
 want to mention that not only does the cover use very bright colors, but
 so does the entire insert.  Color attracts attention and creates mood.
 There is no gloom here, only positive Lynx attitude.
 On the next page of the insert is a buy two games and get one free deal.
 The deal gives present Lynx owners an incentive to purchase more Lynx
 games.  The deal also gives potential Lynx owners a final reason to go
 out and buy the Lynx.  Excellent strategy!  But, there are still quite a
 few unhappy Lynx owners that are waiting for their free game from past
 Atari deals!  If Atari does not honor its offers in a quick and
 efficient manner, it may hurt future game sales instead of improving
 them.  A person that does not receive their game will think to
 themselves--Atari promised me a game and is not delivering, they sure
 are a rip-off!  Would you buy anything else from a company that you
 thought was ripping you off?  Of course not!
 The insert focuses on two fantastic games--Dracula and Checkered Flag.
 These games have received praise from just about everyone that has
 played them.  Atari, you are advertising your best products, good going!
 The pages advertising Dracula not only contain the same fantastic
 artwork as the cover, but also brings in an actual picture of the Lynx
 running the Dracula game.  The person holding the Lynx has a small cross
 in one hand and garlic in the other.  Real nice touch!  The pages
 advertising Checkered Flag also has great artwork.  There is also a
 picture of a kid driving a car with a baseball cap on backwards that
 says "ATARI"--very impressive!  I would like to bring your attention
 to the fact that this is the first real time Atari is putting as much
 emphasis on their name as the Lynx.  Atari must be realizing that their
 name is still a powerful force in the video game industry.  Also, people
 need to start recognizing the name "Atari" for when the company starts
 selling the Jaguar tabletop console.  Yes, the company seems to be
 bringing back their "video game image", but it is better than no image
 at all.
 Pit Fighter, a very popular game and an excellent conversion according
 to reviewers is advertised under Checkered Flag.  Again, Atari is
 advertising a very good product that will no doubt help increase Lynx
 system sales.  In the middle of the insert are screen shots of 34 games
 each with their item number to make ordering fast and easy.  The screen
 shots are very sharp.  A potential Lynx owner will be impressed by the
 Lynx's graphics.  There is also an accessory listing that shows pictures
 of each item.  This list is to the side of one of the pages making it
 visible, yet not the focal point.  A smart move since accessories don't
 sell game systems, but will inform people that they exist.
 The back of the advertisement shows the features of the Lynx as well as
 a comparison with other systems.  Atari continues to stress "power
 without the price" by the headline stating the reduced price of the Lynx
 from $99.99 to $79.99.
 Atari's advertisement plays on popular words, songs, and statements.
 The comparison chart has "Not" instead of "No" when other systems do not
 have a feature.  This is a nice WAYNE'S WORLD of saying, these systems
 just do not match up.  Another statement: "THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO
 VROOOOOM" is a play on the popular song: "Things That Make You Go Hmm"
 (I hope I got that right).  And lastly, the statement is made: "It just
 goes to show you -- bigger is better!"
 A lot of companies have played on the "bigger is better" or "bigger is
 not always better" statement.  If there is a Fretter's Electronic Store
 near you, you may remember a theme used by the retailer: "It just goes
 to show--Fretter is better!"  The statement is catchy and convincing.
 And perhaps the "big" statement can be used to tie in with a "Giant"
 theme when Atari markets the Jaguar--who knows?
 A few more things that should be mentioned.  The 1-800 order number is
 listed on every page.  The reader cannot miss it.  On the bottom of the
 back page is a list of retailers that carry the Lynx.  Toys'R'Us is not
 listed.  Some people criticized a Lynx letter writing campaign I started
 several months ago stating Toys'R'Us did not drop it.  But, if you go to
 your local Toys'R'Us, you'll find that the Lynx is not even displayed.
 If you are one of the many people that think Atari should be promoting
 the fact that they are an American owned video game company, you'll be
 pleasantly surprised to see the bottom of the last page.  There is a
 statement that says: "Atari: an American company traded on the American
 Stock Exchange."  Way to go Atari!  As you might have guessed, I'm one
 of those people.  It is about time the company started letting everyone
 In the future, Atari may want to stress retailers before their 1-800
 number.  It is pretty sad that Atari has to sell a great product like
 the Lynx through mail-order.  I hope Atari does not plan to do this with
 the Jaguar.  Also, the Lynx's most distinguishing characteristic is
 comlynxing.  Since BattleWheels by Beyond Games is approaching, Atari
 may want to push comlynxing heavily in their ads.  Maybe with "double
 pack games," Atari can start a comlynxing craze.
 I guess I'll wrap this article up.  I don't know who the members of the
 creative team were that put this ad together, but I would love to shake
 their hands.  This is the type of ad we would expect from an innovative
 company like Atari.  Bravo!


 ######  Press Release
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 SRG Software presents EmailMan? 1.0
 A Dedicated Database For Keeping Track Of Email Addresses!
 Have you ever been in the middle of sending someone a letter online and
 then forgotten their email address?  Do you do online mailings where you
 need to send the same letter to a lot of different people, keeping track
 of all the addresses and typing them all in?  Do you belong to several
 different online services where you know many different people and have
 to keep track of all their addresses?
 Well, my friend, if you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then
 EmailMan? is for you!
 EmailMan? is a dedicated database for keeping track of email addresses.
 With it you can Load, Save, Find, Add, Edit, Delete, and Transmit up to
 200 email addresses in each database file.
 And it's all available from within any GEM compatible program too!  Even
 your favorite terminal program!  Just run it as an accessory...
 Never again do you have to remember or type in another email address!
 o Runs as a program or a desk accessory in all resolutions on all Atari
   ST, STe, TT, and Falcon computers.
 o Up to 200 names, email addresses, and notes (each 30 characters in
   length) can be Loaded, Saved, Found, Added, Edited, Deleted, and
   Transmitted in each database file.
 o Can be controlled with either the mouse or the computer keyboard.
 o Addresses can be marked for Saving, Deleting, and Transmitting user
   selected groups.
 o Autoload a select email database upon running.
 o Email addresses can be typed into any other open GEM compatible
 o In addition to email addresses, the configuration variables Start
   String,  Delimiter, and Carriage Returns can be transmitted for added
   onscreen formatting.
 o Special transmitting mode to allow addresses to be typed in even while
   EmailMan(tm) remains open.
 o Save the onscreen window position with the configuration variables for
   automatic window placement upon running or opening.  Excellent for
   those with large screen monitors!
 o Can be used with CodeHead Technologies MultiDesk (Deluxe) as a
   resident or non-resident accessory.
 o Can be used with CodeHead Technologies Warp9 for added screen redraw
   speed and keyboard control of alert boxes.
 To see this amazing new utility at work for yourself, try the free demo
 version which is available now on all the major on-line services.
 To order a registered and full working copy of EmailMan?, send a check
 or money order (drawn on a US bank) made out to Scott R. Garrigus in the
 amount of $10.00 to:
 SRG Software
 Attn: EmailMan 
 P.O. Box 5 
 No. Salem, NH  03073
 Internet: garrigus@pan.com


 ######  By Steve Johnson
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Captured from GEnie ST RT
 This is a performance comparison between Vincent Pompey's STZip v2.2
 ZIP archiver and Roger Burrows' LHA v2.01 LZH/LHA archiver.  This
 comparison does not, nor does it intend to compare the aesthetics of
 each archiver and is only intended to compare the overall raw
 performance of the two.
 To make as fair a comparison as possible, I chose several different
 types of files to archive, from picture files to ASCII text files to
 executable and data files, and also combinations of these file types.
 STZip v2.2 was set to use the 'best' deflate compression and LHA v2.01
 was used to produce -lh5- format LZH/LHA archives.  All tests were done
 on the same system (a 1040STE w/ TOS 1.62 and 4MB RAM) under the same
 circumstances (e.g. no RAMdisk, same source/destination file paths, etc.
 for BOTH).
 Following are the results of each archive tested (times listed are in
 min:sec format):
 File: PCSPICS2 - a collection of Photochrome picture files
 (uncompressed)               - 1,121,488 bytes (100.0%)
 (STZip v2.2 - deflate(best)) -   849,405 bytes ( 75.7%)
 (LHA v2.01 - lh5 format)     -   826,477 bytes ( 73.7%)

                STZip v2.2     LHA v2.01
                ----------     ---------
 Archive time      6:00           9:25
 Extract time      3:00           2:42
 File: GOGOST50 - GoGo ST v5.0

 (uncompressed)               - 161,661 bytes (100.0%)
 (STZip v2.2 - deflate(best)) -  52,965 bytes ( 32.8%)
 (LHA v2.01 - lh5 format)     -  52,873 bytes ( 32.7%)

                STZip v2.2     LHA v2.01
                ----------     ---------
 Archive time      1:30           1:14
 Extract time       :31            :20
 File: ZNET9312 - Z*Net Online Magazine #9312 (ASCII text file)
 (uncompressed)               - 118,093 bytes (100.0%)
 (STZip v2.2 - deflate(best)) -  46,113 bytes ( 39.0%)
 (LHA v2.01 - lh5 format)     -  48,232 bytes ( 40.8%)

                STZip v2.2     LHA v2.01
                ----------     ---------
 Archive time       :41           1:00
 Extract time       :17            :13
 File: PGS22 - my entire PageStream v2.2b folder w/ subdirectories

 (uncompressed)               - 3,792,526 bytes (100.0%)
 (STZip v2.2 - deflate(best)) - 1,865,944 bytes ( 49.2%)
 (LHA v2.01 - lh5 format)     - 1,886,210 bytes ( 49.7%)

                STZip v2.2     LHA v2.01
                ----------     ---------
 Archive time     33:08          32:57
 Extract time     12:36          10:18
 File: SAMPLES - a collection of digital sample files

 (uncompressed)               - 128,199 bytes (100.0%)
 (STZip v2.2 - deflate(best)) -  92,892 bytes ( 72.5%)
 (LHA v2.01 - lh5 format)     -  91,799 bytes ( 71.6%)

                STZip v2.2     LHA v2.01
                ----------     ---------
 Archive time       :47           1:07
 Extract time       :26            :21
 File: MIDISTUF - a collection of MIDI song files

 (uncompressed)               - 622,546 bytes (100.0%)
 (STZip v2.2 - deflate(best)) - 105,320 bytes ( 16.9%)
 (LHA v2.01 - lh5 format)     - 100,579 bytes ( 16.2%)

                STZip v2.2     LHA v2.01
                ----------     ---------
 Archive time      6:02           5:23
 Extract time      2:08           1:09
 As you can see from the above results, sometimes STZip v2.2 is faster
 than LHA v2.01 and vice-versa, although when STZip IS faster, it's
 usually a more noticeable difference.  On the other hand, in EVERY case,
 LHA v2.01 was faster at extracting the archive, and quite noticeably so
 on larger archives.
 In most cases, LHA v2.01 also produced a smaller archive.  STZip v2.2
 seems to only really yield better compression with text files
 (especially pure ASCII ones).  Both formats are usually within a few
 percentage points in amount of compression, though for non-'text-heavy'
 files, LHA v2.01 seems to yield better overall compression than STZip,
 however slight.
 As previously noted, this comparison does not take the aesthetics or
 operation of the archivers into consideration.  That is left up to the
 individual to decide for himself or herself.
 Steve Johnson

 ######  By Michael R. Burkley
 ######  Special Expanded Edition
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Spring has finally sprung in Niagara Falls, NY.  The grass is growing
 (just cut for the first time today), the flowers are blooming (we just
 had our annual Daffodil Festival), and the mosquitoes are humming (one
 less than earlier this evening!  I should have save it for a test of a
 program I downloaded [see below] but I didn't think of it at the time!).
 I enjoy Spring.  It's not too hot (I always say that you can put more
 clothes on, but that there's only so many that you can take off), the
 daylight lasts longer, and I can get out and "smell the flowers" (no
 pollen allergies for me, thank God).  I'm looking forward to doing a lot
 more walking, and hopefully getting rid of a bit of my "winter fat"
 (which was there last summer unfortunately).
 But right now I want to take you on another sort of walk.  This walk is
 through some of the best PD/SHAREWARE and Commercial Demos available on
 any platform.  Let's go!
 1040BS is a humorous look at a hypothetical (that's the BS part) IRS
 simplified tax form under the Clinton Administration.  There's quite a
 list of possible "joint filers" and addresses "homeless specify the
 location of your dumpster."  Here's the line on listing your income:
 "Wages, salaries, tips pandering income, etc. (ie, everything you made
 last year)."  Lots of other satire.  Requires PageStream 2.x to view.
 2PLANETS are two .PCS pictures created with Phoenix Object Render from
 Lexicor Software by Mick Poche'.  One is of Saturn, rings, bands and all
 (I like how you can see the stars through the rings), and the other is
 of a softly green planet circled by a large moon (or satellite, to be
 more exact).  Both are excellent.  You need a .PCS viewer to view these
 525 is Five to Five, v.0.9 by Harald SchGOfeld and Bernd Spellenberg
 (dated April 1, 1993). This is a useful utility (!) that converts
 digitized sound samples to and from the following formats:  - DVSM
 (Falcon); - AVR (ATARI); - SND, AU (Sun, Mac, NeXT); - WAV (PC); and -
 raw data.  Compatible with any 680x0 Atari.  MultiTOS compatible.  Docs
 included.  German and English program versions are included.
 7UP_ENGL is the English version of a very capable GEM based text editor
 from Germany named 7-UP by Michael Th'Oitz (translated by Mike Valent--
 thanks Mike!).  This is v.2.09d dated July 14, 1992.  7UP uses all the
 advantages of GEM and more.  It is mouse and/or keyboard controlled,
 allows up to seven windows open at one time, uses GDOS if available
 (with various size fonts even without GDOS!), includes programmable
 function keys, imports its own desktop with icons, and much, much more.
 Extensive docs.  SHAREWARE.  ST--Falcon compatible with any amount of
 RAM.  Color or mono.  This is an excellent program!
 AEO_0208 is the April 17, 1993 issue of Atari Explorer Online.  The
 Editor's Perspective...Albert Dayes looks at Atari Works' Database.  A
 closer look at the newer Cubase/Falcon030 offerings.  Bill Rehbock's
 GEnie RTC .Hot new Falcon030 products debut at CeBiT 93.  Andreas tells
 his thoughts on the Pentium, monitor size, market size, and the state of
 home brew beer.  Brodie & Pradip's GEnie RTC .. Atari Works straight
 from the author!  Drivezilla Returns!  More on Gregg's quest for the
 Fujistu hard drive.  Brodie & James Grunke's GEnie RTC A look at the
 Falcon030 from Atari's music meistro.  Krimen on GEnie ...Ed gives us
 some topical messages found on GEnie.  Notes from the Internet ..Power
 T-Communing, Atari style.  GEnie News ..New files & happenings on
 Atari's Official Online Resource.  Shutdown ... Hindsight.
 ALAD_MAN contains a Calamus 1.09N .CDK and replica system font that will
 allow you to view and/or print out (if you have Calamus--it's worth it
 to get it!) a 12 page illustrated tutorial for configuring and using
 Aladdin, the GEnie on-line navigator.  It's not the whole manual, that's
 available elsewhere, but it's a start for beginners.
 ANSIUTIL is a series of four ANSI related programs and a mono emulator
 that will prove very helpful to you if you wish to call out on your
 modem and use ANSI graphics on your ST.  Compiled by Andy MacCallum
 these programs are:
 EDITVT52 is the Text Screen Editor v.2.1 by Damien M. Jones (dated July
 17, 1990).  This program is useful anytime you need to create a text
 screen.  It allows you a flexible method for adding color to old text
 screens and for making new ones.  You can use this to make screens for
 a BBS, but anywhere one screen of colorful (or plain and drab) text is
 needed, this program comes in handy.  This program does NOT handle
 animation!  It produces text files that start in the upper left corner
 and proceed to the bottom of the screen.  The only difference between
 its files and normal ASCII files is the VT52 color control sequences
 that are automatically inserted for you.  Color only.  Docs included.
 STe compatible.
 NOPROENG is NoPro, an ANSI Animation program by Stefan Zimmer v.1.1
 (dated 1991).  With this program's help you can create ANSI animations.
 The program is in English, but the docs are in German.  Mono only.  This
 file contains CHICFONT, a program that changes the system font to the
 Chicfont, and a VT100 emulator, both of which must be installed for the
 program to operate correctly.  SHAREWARE (hey, remember to support
 Shareware authors even if they live far away, OK?)
 Q_ANSI is QANSI v.1.0, a program that converts Quick BBS ST VT-52 to
 ANSI.  It also has an excellent doc file describing just what the ANSI
 standard is and how Quick BBS ST implements it so you can see all of
 those neat online ANSI graphics.  Color or mono.  STe compatible.
 ST_ANSI is Captain's ANSIpaint v.1.0 by Dirk Hoeschen.  This program
 will allow you to "paint" ANSI logos with an IBM-Character-set so that
 you can use them in any ANSI based program.  This has a very nice
 interface and is easy to use and save/load your files.  Works on my STe
 (though I have to disable UIS 3.2 for it not to crash when I try to load
 or save any work).  Mono only.  Docs included.
 SEBRA by Patrik Persson is one of the best (if not the best) mono
 emulators available.  I reviewed it a number of articles back.  If you
 have a color monitor, GET THIS.  (that's simpler than reviewing it again
 and saying more words but the same thing!).
 ATOMP_36 is the Atomik Cruncher3 v.3.6 by Altair (dated Feb. 23, 1993).
 This program will allow you to compress your programs (very efficiently,
 I compressed a 124K program down to 53K, though it won't compress
 .ACC's), resource files and text files to save space on your disks.  I
 don't know what good it is to compress text files unless you have a
 special reader program, but you can do it.  Resource files won't work
 with your programs either unless they are written to unpack the special
 format used.  Now compatible with Warp 9 from CodeHead Technologies.  No
 docs and uses the "F" keys to control the various options.
 AWARI_Z is a working demo of Buttonz Awari by MajicSoft.  By the authors
 of ButtonzBasic, an excellent utility shell for GFA Basic, this demo
 gives you a modernized version of this three thousand year-old African
 strategy game.  It's excellent and challenging.  I've enjoyed playing
 it.  It comes from a group of games called Mancala, in which seeds are
 moved from cup to cup around a board in an attempt to capture opposing
 seeds.  The strategy of these games is highly complex and demands a fine
 mathematical calculation of possible moves and their results.  The game
 has 3D buttons (hence the name Buttonz Awari) and instead of using cups
 to hold the seeds, we use digital registers to hold numbers.  The game
 offers two different variations and three different artificial
 intelligence levels for the computer player.  It also allows two player
 mode with either the mouse, joysticks or keyboard (but only one player
 against the computer in the demo).  As an extra feature, tournament mode
 allows for a match type game to be played.  An optional timer mode,
 allows for fast under pressure gaming.  Hard drives and modem play are
 supported (but no modems in the demo--I think).  Color or mono.  ST--
 Falcon.  Docs included.  Recommended.
 BATTERY is D-Battery v.1.0 (dated 1993) from DragonWare Software.  It is
 an .ACC for use with the Stacy portable computer and DragonWare's
 Battery Kit.  It will check the amount of time you have used your Stacy
 on its battery and will remind you when it is time to recharge.  It's
 smart in that you can tell it when you recharge and when you are
 operating off of AC.  SHAREWARE.  Mono only.  Docs included.

 BROCHURS is a series of twenty-five Calamus .CDK templates by Jimmy
 Carter (not the ex-President!) for use with Calamus 1.09N (it should
 also work with Calamus S and SL).  Each .CDK represents one of Paper
 Direct's pre-printed paper designs.  This file contains all of the
 designs in the "Brochures" section of their catalog.  For the most part,
 these templates are full-page designs made up of several thick and thin
 Calamus frame borders approximating the appropriate design.  Just load
 these into Calamus, design your page using the template, and print out
 your material using the appropriate Paper Direct paper.  Paper ordering
 information included.  159K uncompressed.
 CAMEL is a series of files (SPU and RD1) that you can use with Phoenix
 Object Render from Lexicor that will allow you to view a WWI Sopwith
 Camel.  You must have Phoenix to view this file.

 CF4035A is the CardFile? 4.03 to 4.05 Patch Program from Gribnif
 Software.  You need CardFile v.4.03 (an unmodified master disk) for this
 free upgrade.  Lots of upgraded features here!  If you have CarFile
 v.4.03 then this file is for you!  There was a patch just released to
 v.4.04, but that had a bug in the AutoPre option in the autodialer.
 That has now been fixed.
 CLIP_ART is a series of nine nicely done .IMG clip art files.  A banner-
 bursting "GREAT!," a cute turtle, two sheep, two rainbows, a very nice
 picture of two tiger lillies, a seal, and a smiling sun are all

 DCX_FYI contains six text files about theoretical and actually-being-
 developed Single-Stage-To-Orbit craft.  It has some facinating
 information in it (see below).  I recommend it highly.

  1_SSTO is "The SSX Concept," a text file by Jerry E. Pournelle, Ph.D.
  (dated 1993) that tells the idea behind a single-stage to orbit craft.
  He details some design parameters and possible ways of achieving such
  a craft.  As always with Dr. Pournelle, this article is informative and
  solidly grounded (or more apropos, "ethereally invested"?).  He
  believes that SSX [the single-stage to orbit craft] is possible; that
  an SSTO ship could be built and flown in fewer than four years and for
  less than a billion dollars.  Wouldn't it be great?  Let's try it!
  DCS_STAN is a text file entitled "SSTO, A Spaceship for the Rest of
  US).  SSTO craft are "Single-Stage-To-Orbit vehicles.  This file (dated
  March, 1993) details the expensive and dangerous way we now use to
  reach orbit and then points to a much cheaper and potentially safer
  method--the SSTO.  It details design plans and current contracts that
  have been let by NASA and other government agencies.  VERY interesting.
  The projected timeline is pretty amazing as well!
  DCX_TOUR is a text file by Andy Cohen describing his tour of the Delta
  Clipper-X (a protype Single-Stage-To-Orbit craft now under
  development).  Dated March 12, 1993, this file is facinating!
  According to this it's almost ready to go!
  DCX_WHY is a text file taken from the Delta Clipper public relations
  flier by McDonnell Douglass Space Systems Company.  It details some of
  the reasons why this SSTO craft is being developed now.  It describes
  the DC-X 1/3 scale prototype and what is intended to be learned from
  it.  The file also includes some other information about SSTO's.
  SSTO_NUS is a brief article by Dana Hartsock that tells the news (as of
  the first week in Feb., 1993) about the DC-X 1/3 scale model of a SSTO
  craft presently being developed by McDonnell-Douglas.  It's almost
  completely built and testing will soon start.  WOW!
  SSX2 is a reply by Jerry Pournelle, Ph.D. (dated Jan. 29, 1993) to
  criticisms of his post 1-SSTO.  Some people feel that he is insulting
  people with his lack of "operational data on single stage to orbit"
  craft.  He says, "Of course, because there aren't any--yet."  He then
  goes on to say, with considerable acuity, that we should get that data.
  I agree!
 DELPHIBT is a series of BackTALK scripts for Delphi by Paul Lefebvre
 (dated Jan. 13, 1993).  These scripts (found on GEnie no less!) will
 help you to automate your STalker usage on Delphi.  They will allow you
 to get a list of files in the Recent Arrivals database, automatically
 download files, check mail and forum messages (and either display them
 or save them to a file for later use), and use a simple type-ahead
 buffer (in case you don't own STeno, or Paul's more capable STalky).
 Docs included.  Paul has written a slew of other programs as well.  They
 are all excellent!  Check them out!  I also recommend both Delphi and
 GEnie.  They are both excellent.  I'm glad I'm a member on both!

 ECCB7 is a very interesting file that details all of the new features of
 The ElieMouse Complimentary Coloring Book v.7.0 (dated April, 1993).  He
 keeps on improving and improving this version.  It's amazing!  He also
 lists his current software and offers an amazing sale and upgrade offer.
 EZ_BACK is EZ-Back, the freeware SyQuest/Floptical Backup by Larry D.
 Duke for Purple Mountain Computers, Inc..  EZ-Back is an incremental
 backup utility.  Tt backs up your hard drive partitions to a SyQuest?
 drive, a Freedom Floptical Drive?, or any other hard drive partition you
 have on your system, using an incremental backup scheme.  In other
 words, it only backs up those files which are new or have changed in
 date, size, or file attributes since your last backup.  This allows
 successive backups to be done more quickly.  It does lots more, too.
 This works on any Atari 680x0 computer (most likely the Falcon, too)
 that has at least one meg of RAM and a color or mono monitor.  Docs

 FLTDLG_2 is a set of files by RoadKill (Christian G. Rountree) that will
 show you how to write Floating Dialog boxes and Floating Toolboxes
 (something you need to know how to do if you want your code to be
 MultiTOS compatible).  This is version 2 (dated April 26, 1993) which
 fixes which fixes a few minor bugs in version one (released just a few
 days before--that's support!).  These files were written in Lattice C
 5.52, but is easily portable.  Docs, C source, a demo program, and
 teaching docs are included.

 F_SWITCH is an .ACC from DragonWare Software for use with GDOSFSM,
 FONTGDOS, or SPEEDGDOS.  It will not work with earlier versions of GDOS.
 F_SWITCH allows you to create lists of BIT-Mapped fonts that can be
 assigned to up to 20 different programs.  Now you can switch ASSIGN.SYS
 files without having to reboot!  Docs included.  There are two versions
 of this program with the same name, and the same docs!  Make sure when
 you download this file that you get the one that says it is the update
 (GEnie file # 28509 but why didn't they change the name!!).

 GUITAR is a .SEQ color animation by Barry Summers of a space-going
 guitar flying near a planet and being re-fueled by a space tanker.  The
 guitar then flys off past you.  ANIMATE4 program included.

 HANGMAN by John R. Duckworth is an .ACC version of this well-known game.
 Bootup with this .ACC (or use MultiDesk Deluxe or Chameleon to load and
 unload at will, but you must keep the data file in your bootup drive).
 Guess the letters of the word until you die or get the word right!
 There are three categories of puzzles:  Cinema, Personalities, and
 locations.  Thanks for a nice diversion John (and I like your taste in
 music, too).  Color or mono.  Docs included.

 HUGGS is a cute .IMG file that you can print out and use as a coupon for
 a free hug from "any cooperating human."  Very nice (though not as nice
 as a hug!).

 JIMIVIOL is a fairly poor quality .SPU picture of Jimi Hendrix playing
 a violin from a from a black and white promo film made for his 1968
 single "Burning of the Midnight Lamp".  The pic grabbed using Vidi-ST
 and was "colorized" and touched up using UNISPEC's color editing tools.

 MARIOCK3 is another User to User file from DMC Publishing, the Calamus
 et.al. people (only available through GEnie or DMC).  This file by Mario
 Georgiou contains a series of CK3 filters for use with Calamus S and SL.
 The filters allow you to adjust and add colour to monochrome, greyscale
 and colour raster graphics. The CK3 filters also allow the Thresholding
 and posterization of colour raster graphics.  Docs included.  Thanks
 guys for your excellent support!

 MD_ENGL is the English version of MyDraw v.1.06g by Helmut Neumann
 (dated March 27, 1992).  MYDRAW is a Drawing program for the Atari and
 closes the Gap between the pixel-oriented programs and the unhandy and
 expensive CAD-Programs.  Using GDOS, MyDraw allows you to create and
 modify GEM metafiles (vector graphics like the kind produced by Easy
 Draw).  This program was useable in its German language version (it is
 GEM based and so fairly easy to work around), but this English version
 makes it even more useful.  It allows you to create and save objects,
 rotate them, insert text, draw freehand or with a multitude of tools,
 and many other functions.  I recommend this program.  SHAREWARE.  GDOS
 or GDOS clone required (possibly FMSGDOS compatible--it seems to work OK
 according to Mike Valent).  Mono or large screen monitors only.  English
 docs included (translated by Mike Valent.  ST--TT compatible.

 MDIAL_10 is MultiDialog (GEM-Dialogs in Windows) by Helmut Neukirchen
 (dated April 4, 1993).  MultiDialog is an AUTO folder, .ACC, or standard
 program that puts nearly any GEM-dialogbox into a GEM-Window.  The
 result is that you can access the menu-bar or other applications while a
 dialog is running.  This is especially VERY useful for multitasking TOS-
 releases (it allows some non-MultiTOS compatible programs to work in a
 multitasking environment!).  Though MultiDialog was designed to work
 with Atari's MultiTOS it runs with all other TOS versions, too (i.e. TOS
 1.0 - 4.xx and multitasking enhancements like MultiGEM or Magix--or so
 the author hopes.  German menus but English docs that tell you all the
 German/English equivalents are included.

 MUSQUITO is the Brutel Solutions Mozzie Repeller II program by Adam Crow
 and Jon Clyne (dated August 1990).  This program is designed to ward off
 mosquitos by causing your ST to emit soundwaves of around 22KHz.  You
 can't hear them (unless you have hearing beyond the normal range).
 Supposedly mosquitoes can hear it and it drives them wild.  They go on a
 blood feast and drain anyone dry who is near the sound source (no, I'm
 just kidding!).  Actually they don't like the sound and so they stay
 away.  Just install it and forget it!  I have my doubts about the
 effectiveness of this program (I seem to remember _Consumer Reports_
 trashing the concept), but I'm going to capture one of those little
 mosquitoes I just saw today and try it out!  It would be NICE if it
 worked!  Docs included.

 OUTSIDMO is the Outside v.3.0 Demo.  This is a virtual memory manager
 for the TT and Falcon.  It will add two megabytes of virtual memory to
 those machines.  From reading the (German) docs it looks like this
 program will help the TT to be more compatible with some programs that
 presently crash on it, will speed up ROM access by 30% (by copying it
 into RAM), and much more. The full version will add more (hey, it's a

 PHENXPCS is a series of four .PCS format pictures created by Barry
 Summers using Phoenix Object Render and Photochome (which converted the
 GIF backgrounds).  One picture is of a saucer invasion over L.A.,
 another is a spaceship in an asteroid belt, another spaceship with
 mother Earth in the background, and the last 3D block woman next to a 3D
 lotus car with ancient Rome in the background.  A PCS viewer is included
 (pictures must be in drive A with this viewer).  Not great, but OK

 PIR_BBS is a text file written by Dorothy Brumleve on behalf of the
 Independent Association of Atari Developers (IAAD) and the entire Atari
 community.  She tells of the investigations of the IAAD into pirate
 BBS's around the country.  The dishonesty and blatent thievery that this
 article exposes outrages and sickens me.  Huge amounts of copyrighted,
 commercial files are available for downloading on large numbers of
 pirate boards.  I hope the people running and accessing those boards are
 prosecuted to the full extent of the law!  This is a "must-have" file.

 POLARICE is Polaricze by Jason Holliday (updated April, 1993).  This
 SHAREWARE color-only game places you somewhere in the Arctic.  Earth has
 been invaded by Aliens intent on stealing our water supply and
 polariczing the Earth (whatever that means!)  You have to stop them!
 Joystick controlled, this game requires you to learn how best to attack
 each of the variety of different aliens.  Find your way to the mother
 ship and destroy it!  Multiple screens which you access by moving to the
 left or right.  Capture the ski mobile, master your weapons, and save
 the Earth! Joystick controlled.  A STOS game with digitized sounds.  TOS
 1.0--1.62 compatible (at least).

 RD1SATRN is a file by Mick Poche' that contains an RD1 file and 2 GIF
 pictures for creating a Saturn-like planet and stars with Phoenix Object
 Render from Lexicor Software.  See 2PLANETS for an example of the
 results in Photochrome STE PCS format.  Docs included.

 SHARPCON is the Sharp JX-9500H Configuration Utility by Anthony Watson
 of Mountain Software (dated May 1, 1993, but I downloaded it a week
 before that!).  If you have a Sharp JX-9500H laser printer this file
 will allow you to configure it to your hearts content.  It works with
 the printer in its HP-II and Epson FX-80 modes.  It runs as a .PRG or an
 .ACC (just rename it).  If you don't have a Sharp JX don't bother with

 SNDSRCH is Sound Search by David Becker (dated 1993).  This mono only
 SHAREWARE game is just like Concentration except it uses sounds instead
 of pictures.  The game presents you with twenty buttons bearing ten
 matching sounds.  When you choose two buttons that sound the same the
 buttons disappear and you get another chance to choose.  There are over
 60 different sampled sounds! Each time the program is run, it's a
 different game!  This memorization game is fun for kids and adults
 alike.  The author has included a utility that allows parents to choose
 sounds, turning some on and some off as they wish.  Requires at least
 one meg of RAM.  The registered version doesn't include any
 advertisements and has complete docs (which aren't needed, but register
 anyway, OK?  Who else produces such excellent mono software in such
 amounts?  Thanks David!).

 SPACE1 contains three text files about theoretical and actually-being-
 developed Single-Stage-To-Orbit craft. Two of thes (1_SSTO and DCX_NUS
 are duplicates of files found in DCX_FYI, but the third, MOONBILL is
 new).  MOONBILL is a text file describing the "Lunar Resources Data
 Purchase Act presently before Congress (dated March 13, 1993).  Designed
 to bring private industry and government agencies into a ground-breaking
 partnership that will turn America back towards lunar exploration, this
 bill seems quite useful.  Descriptions and suggestions to encourage
 passage are included.

 SQUAROFF is a very interesting game by Andrew (evilandi) Oakley entitled
 Square Off (written in 1991 with STOS).  This game is joystick or
 keyboard controlled.  Basicly you need to start at the start and finish
 at the finish, picking up as many points as you can inbetween.  Of
 course, there are a few obstacles in the way!  It is like an arcade/maze
 game with monsters, teleport pads, disappearing trails, and one way
 paths.  It talks, too, and has nice sounds. It begins with very easy
 levels that show you how the game works and then moves on up to crazy
 (50 levels included)!  I like this game, and my son does, too.  Color
 only.  STe compatible (at least).  Docs included.  An enhanced version
 of this game (with 25 more levels and an editor) is available from
 Budgie UK (ST Plug is the North American distributor).
 STDCAT52 is STDCAT V5.2b by Bob Silliker.  Stdcat is a program that can
 be used to catalogue diskettes and hard disk  partitions.  It is a GEM
 window application using four (4) windows to display various parts of a
 catalog.  You can configure this program to your heart's content.  A
 catalog is organized into sections  with each section containing a
 number of disks, disk contains paths (folders), and paths containing
 files.  Each section, disk, path and file can have a comment associated
 with it.  Mouse or hot key controlled.  Color or mono.  Docs included.
 SHAREWARE (i.e.:  if you use this send him a <signed> check!).  I have
 only heard good comments about previous versions of this program (things
 like, "The Best!" and "Wow!", etc., and this version seems to be
 continuing the tradition.  STe compatible (at least).

 STKR_KIT is the Stalker Kit by Gordon R. Meyer of DO NOT STAMP Software.
 It contains two utilities for use with STalker.  They are:

  STalker Toggle v.1.0 (dated April 23, 1993).  This is a small utility
  program for use with the STalker3 telecommunications desk accessory
  from Gribnif and Strata Software.  Toggle simply instructs a currently
  loaded copy of STalker3 to enable or disabled itself.  This allows you
  to automatically set the status of Stalker prior to running another
  program which requires exclusive use of the serial port Stalker is
  using.  It may be run from the desktop, but is best used with a CLI or
  shell that allows 'chaining' of programs.

  STalker STuffr v.1.5 (dated April 23, 1993).  This is a small utility
  that instructs a currently loaded copy of STalker3 to load and execute
  a BackTALK script.  This allows you to execute BackTALK scripts of all
  types without having to open the STalker3 window and select the script
  manually.  It also allows for automation of STalker tasks through the
  use of a CLI or similar batch-style program scheduler.  Finally, users
  of HotWire can use Stuffr to create Ledger entries for sessions
  involving the STalker3 desk accessory.  Stuffr can be executed from the
  desktop, a CLI, or a shell such as HotWire.

 STSTOK40 is the STock->Smart v.4.0 demo by Mark Cawthon (the author of
 GOGO->ST).  STock->Smart is a stock charting program with a portfolio
 spread sheet.  Up to four chart windows may be displayed at any time,
 along with one portfolio window. A terminal program, which allows easy
 access to GEnie's FREE daily quotes, and a daily to historic quote
 converter program are part of STock-> Smart. Chart high/low/close,
 closing only, volume, weekly-daily, moving averages, etc.  All daily
 quotes are converted to the historic format used by GEnie's QUOTE$
 historic database and appended to the previous records for each stock
 you choose to track.  Download past price history on any security in the
 GEnie QUOTE$ download format and instantly see the chart.  Use the line
 drawing feature to highlight trends and help make price forecasts.
 Lines are retained when the chart is resized and may be saved with a
 chart for later update!  This demo version of STock->Smart has been
 rigged to track just five set stocks and only 12 transactions per
 portfolio, but all other features are 100% operational.  ST/STe/TT
 compatible (with at least 512 K of RAM).  Color or mono. It seems to be
 a high quality program.  I only wish I had enough money to buy enough
 stock to make it useful to me!

 TERASECR is The Secrets of Teradesk by Al Fasoldt v.1.0.1 (dated April,
 1993).  Teradesk by Wout Klaren is an unusual adn powerful desktop
 replacement for the ST and TT.  This file gives you a lot of the "ins
 and outs" of this program.  Al Fasoldt has written "The Secrets of
 NeoDesk" which is a fascinating look at the hidden power of NeoDesk.
 This file does the same for TeraDesk.  I recommend it (and TeraDesk, of
 course) to you.

 TITEDEMO is a working demo (save disabled) of the TITED text editor
 v.1.00 by Raymond Hill (dated 1993).  This .PRG/.ACC text editor is
 blazingly fast in scrolling through text files (so much so that the
 first five minutes are spent in scrolling past the spot you wanted!).
 Extensive use of pop-up windows, dialog boxes, and icon-based selections
 all make TITED very easy to use.  I especially like how the program
 handles scrolling through text files (you see the file scroll by in
 "real time" as you  move the scroll box).  All the standard features are
 implemented (blocks, selects, text marking, deletes, Undo, merge, and
 much more).  The Atari Clipboard is supported as well!  One more feature
 that I have not seen anywhere else is this program's ability to read and
 save files in a Mac compatible way.  You can load ASCII files
 originating from an Apple Mac and write them as well (well, only in the
 registered version can you save files).  Compatible with any 680x0 Atari
 computer.  Resolution independent.  Docs included.
 TOSERROR by John Townsend formerly of Atari [sigh] is a text file that
 tells you "Everything you never wanted to know about TOS error numbers."
 If you've ever had a program crash or not run and seen those "TOS Error
 #..." messages appear, then this file is for you.

 STUNAR is ST UNARJ 2.20 by Jorge Cwik v.1.0 (dated 1991).  This program
 can extract and list 'ARJ' archive files. It's fully compatible with
 archives created by ARJ 2.20, the PC program by Robert K. Jung. Note
 that this is the first ATARI ST version, 2.20 means compatible with the
 2.20 PC version.  Compatible with ARCSHELL by Charles F. Johnson.  Color
 or mono.  Docs included.

 UVK58DMO is a working demo of the Ultimate Virus Killer v5.8 by Douglas
 Communications (dated Feb. 26, 1993).  This demo comes from Europe, but
 the program is now being distributed in North America by Oregon Research
 Associates (the people who saved my bacon by fixing my trashed SyQuest
 disk--the one that had seven weeks of downloads that I hadn't backed up!
 --by using their Diamond Edge software).  The limit in the demo is that
 while you can detect viruses, you cannot kill them, and that while you
 can immunize your disks against further virus infection, you can only do
 so to one disk each time you start the program, you can look but not
 repair commercial bootsectors, and it advertises itself.  This program
 will allow you to check for link viruses (the kind that modify your
 programs), identify/ restore commercial boot sectors (they appear as
 viruses on most virus programs), and will alert you to odd vectors in
 your ST's operating system.  A list of features is included, but no
 docs.  I recommend this program! Unfortunately it is necessary.  Color
 or mono.  ST--Falcon compatible.

 That's it for now.  I hope you enjoy the Spring wherever you are (unless
 you are in the Southern Hemisphere and it's Fall!).  Take care, Michael

 All of these files can be found on one or more of the following on-line
 services:  GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The CodeHead BBS
 (213-461-2095), Toad Hall (617-567-8642), and The Boston Computer
 Society's Atari BBS (617-396-4607) (Michael R. Burkley).  Drop me a

 Michael lives in Niagara Falls, NY.  He is a former Polyurethane
 Research Chemist and is presently the pastor of the Niagara Presbyterian

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  72  Russell Schwartz        STEP BBS              503-297-6542
  74  Lamarr Kelley           H.A.U.G. BBS          205-722-0900
  94  Jerry Cross             Facts Line 1          313-736-3920
 123  Rick Berry              EastSide BBS          618-254-6077
 181  Brett Hainley           NovelConcepts BBS     713-729-7555
 182  Gary Mcallister         Hillside              206-362-2317
 204  Steve Rider             The Closet Door       408-736-8069
 224  Dick Pederson           Flash BBS             314-275-2040
 287  Walter Hudson           Starlight BBS         215-879-8886
 304  Bill Scull              The Twilight Zone     407-831-1613
 307  Norstar                 PayBax BBS            302-836-4816
 319  J. Townsend             Atari Base            408-745-2196
 390  Joe Burke               Bear's Den            803-574-6738
 410  Smitty                  ACE Information       513-233-9500
 423  White Seeker            BILINE BBS            303-791-2592
 462  Brian Watters           Atari ST Connection   209-436-8156
 467  Robin                   Sherwood Forest       718-522-0768
 478  Dennis Mcguire          Spectrum Atari Group  814-833-4073
 504  Quartermaster           Media 2000            410-360-1356
 523  Lesley-dee Dylan        Leftover Hippies BBS  416-466-8931
 546  Mark Antolik            Bear Swamp BBS        513-644-0714
 593  Ron Kovacs              Z*Net News Service    908-968-8148
 595  Barry Torrance          Temple of Doom        403-436-0328
 596  Jay L. Jones            Super 68              206-630-1261
 602  Bruce Faulkner          Cartoon Haven BBS     719-574-7406
 610  Frank Kish              The Songwriter's Den  908-859-5999
 619  Milt Boren              Tron 2 BBS            416-336-1236
 623  Shawn Zweers            Radio STation         416-934-6801
 632  Clueman                 London Smog BBS       714-546-2152
 633  Randy Rodrock           The Dark STar BBS     801-269-8780
 642  Wiz                     Hero's Haven          304-525-3339
 647  Tom Allard              E.H.C.R.              203-528-7693
 648  Waltzer                 The Mosh Bit          206-574-1531
 655  Roger Allman            Wizzard's Castle      803-469-6988
 657  Scott Haynes            The Round Table BBS   513-528-5833
 658  Scott Haynes            Cin'Tari OnLine       513-528-7463
 669  Al Peterson             Dateline: Atari BBS   Brooklyn, NY
 670  Martin Crommie          Puddle City           503-289-9429
 675  Stan Sharp              Eleventh Hour BBS     706-796-3805
 678  Kim Stahn               A.C.O.R.N.            219-744-1396
 685  Gary Gorski             JACG BBS              201-690-5224
 689  David Barker            Speedy's Raceway      513-353-4098
 690  Kerry Bowman            Progressive Atari ST  503-686-3276
 693  Chris Thorpe            Z*Net South Pacific   644-4762-852
 701  John Curtis             Conqueror Connection  817-539-8228
 702  Long John Silver        Mother of All BBSs    416-332-5810
 729  Adrian Gruber           **StarBase1**         407-381-2610
 734  Max Denebian            Alternate Eternities  503-649-7915
 746  Bill Butler             WORLD SPACE           604-420-2647
 754  Dave Lloyd              Skyline BBS           303-457-0320
 755  Bob Smith               InnerCore             407-294-5183
 756  Joseph Wilson           Hidden STar Services  503-463-9022
 757  Tom Denison             CHAOS BBS             517-394-6852
 758  David Scarpa            W.M.A.U.G Junction    413-786-3870

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 To sign up for GENIE call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon   connection
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