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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 18-Sep-92 #838
Date: Mon Sep 21 08:27:59 1992

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 Many thanks to everyone  who attended  the Bill  Rehbock conference!   The
 transcript has  been posted  as file  FALCO.TXT in LIBRARY 15 of the Atari
 Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS)

 Check out files MESSEA.LZH and MESSEB.LZH in LIBRARY  4 of  the Atari Arts
 Forum (GO  ATARIARTS) for  256 color  .GIFs from  the 1992  Atari Messe in
 Duesseldorf.  MESSE1.GIF &  MESSE2.GIF of  the .LZH  are shots overlooking
 the  main  hall  at  the  show  after  closing.   MESSE3.GIF is one of the
 developer stands inside the main Atari area at the show. MESSE4.GIF of the
 .LZH is the Volcano/Pyramid that was part of the multimedia  demonstration
 (the lighting, motors, music, etc.  was  all  Atari  Computer controlled).
 MESSE5.GIF is  the Atari Store, featuring Atari Sportswear, handbags, etc.
 MESSE6.GIF is a shot of the Falcon stand during set-up.


 Download CYPHER.LZH  from LIBRARY  4 of  the Atari  Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO) for  Cypher V3.01  By Patrick  Mallows -  a utility to Encrypt /
 Decrypt any file or program. Prevents snooping of files unless password is
 entered. Written in GFA with a "Frontend (tm)" interface. A Utility not to
 be missed. 


 Please see message # 33937 in the Atari Arts Forum  (GO ATARIARTS)  for an
 announcement  from  Bill  Rehbock  concerning  a  FALCON030 offer and Fall
 Comdex registration information.


 John Townsend of Atari  Corp. has  put together  a file  that describes in
 detail the  various video  modes available  on the FALCON030 computer.  Be
 sure to download VIDMOD.TXT from LIBRARY 8 of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) to read this comprehensive explanation.


 CURRENT  NOTES  is  looking  for  8-bit  articles.  Now's your chance! See
 message #20444 in the Atari 8-Bit Forum (GO ATARI8) for details.

 ST-REPORT is now available in ARC format, for those who've  wanted to read
 it, but  are unable  to access LZH files. BRO STR*.ARC in LIBRARY 7 of the
 Atari 8-Bit Forum (GO ATARI8).

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     Glendale has come and  gone with  everyone immensely  pleased with the
 results  even  though  the  attendance  was  down somewhat from last year.
 WAACE'92 is right around the corner.  Long  heralded as  the "Premier East
 Coast Show, WAACE'92 is the place to be in October for Atarians.  
     The Falcon  is creating  quite a  stir all  'round the  world in Atari
 circles and thankfully, in other platforms as well.  Hopefully, there will
 be sufficient  quantities shipping  this year to make Christmas a "bright"
 holiday season for all Atari dealers.
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

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                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."
                                                       Sam Tramiel, 08/92

    Issue #38
    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 Apple Computer Inc.'s Apple USA division will start direct mail order 
 sales beginning in mid-October.
 Apple said it will send its Apple Catalog to about 1.1 million Apple 
 users. The catalog will feature Apple computers, accessories, supplies 
 and peripherals as well as third-party products.
 The company said its goal for product delivery was next-day turnaround 
 for orders taken by midnight (Eastern time). Overnight freight would be 
 included at no charge for products weighing less than 20 pounds.
 In related news, Apple Computer has introduced a new family of Macintosh 
 computers targeting the consumer and home marketplaces.  The company has 
 also expanded its distribution strategy by having the new Macintosh 
 Performa series sold through department stores, consumer electronics 
 outlets, and office suppliers.

 This week Bob Puette, president of Apple USA, predicted an 11% revenue 
 increase for Apple for the fiscal year 1992, ending at the end of 
 September. The company expects to improve its market share of the 
 microcomputer business.
  -- PC SHIPMENTS UP 9% IN 1992
 According to the US Microcomputer Statistics Committee, US shipments of 
 PCs were almost 9% higher in the first quarter of this year than during 
 the same period in 1991.  During the first quarter of 1992, shipments 
 were up 8.9% from last year.

 According to reliable sources, Apple, IBM, and Motorola will unveil the 
 result of their first joint project, a working chip sample for a new 
 line of Macintoshes and IBM workstations, months ahead of schedule.
 The RISC "PowerPC" chip, to be made by Motorola, is termed the model 
 601.  The companies, working in Austin, "found they could speed up the 
 development of the chip by combining work already under way at IBM with 
 Motorola chip technology," according to executives who did not want to 
 be named.
 Sources also say that IBM, Apple and Motorola will announce the Power-
 Open Association to promote the use of their chips by other computer 

 Compaq this week announced a color notebook personal computer for under 
 $2,800. Standard features include an external Compaq Trackball, one 3.5-
 inch floppy drive, four megabytes of RAM, Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 5.0 
 already installed. The system can be configured with an 84MB hard drive 
 for $2,799, or a 120MB hard disk for $3,099.
 The Contura 3/25c color notebook has a nine-inch passive-matrix color 
 VGA display, and is powered by an Intel 25mhz 386SL chip. The company 
 claims that the 3/25c offers up to 40% greater performance running 
 Windows than a Dell 325NC, and will outperform an AST Premium Exec 
 386SX/25c by 68%.
 The Contura 3/25c is powered by a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery 
 that Compaq says will run the system for three hours, and will recharge 
 in one hour.

 According to Tandy Chief Financial Officer William Bousquette, Tandy is 
 set to test a new method of computer merchandising at its Radio Shack 
 stores. Rather than selling monitors and printers and the like as separ-
 ate items, the plan is to bundle them together with software at one 
 Bousquette added the plan, which will be started next month in 20 major 
 markets, also calls for shipping customer orders 72 hours after they are 
 A computer hacker apparently in the New York area broke the code into 
 one of the Cincinnati, Ohio, phone trunk lines, building up a $65,000 
 phone bill.  Cincinnati city officials say the unknown invader racked up 
 the charges last winter and spring by placing calls around the world.
 David Chapman, the city's assistant superintendent for telecommunica-
 tions, said that investigators think the tap originated in the New York-
 New Jersey area, but they have no suspects and the investigation is 
 considered closed.
 Chapman added, "Apparently these people were pretty darn slick, but 
 talking to the Secret Service, we were small potatoes. I understand 
 there have been some major companies hit."

 Thirty executives at a number of high-tech Silicon Valley firms -- 
 including Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, 
 Oracle Systems and Link Technologies -- have endorsed Democrat Bill 
 Clinton in his bid for the White House.
 "Many of us here are actually not Democrats but Republicans," said Apple 
 CEO John Sculley. Sculley added the group believes Clinton can put the 
 country "back in the forefront of leading the world again."
 Oracle Systems CEO Lawrence Ellison said that the Democrat's economic 
 plan is "why I am departing this year from my life-long support of the 
 Republican Party to endorse the Clinton-Gore ticket."
 Besides Sculley and Ellison, those endorsing Clinton include HP 
 President/CEO John Young, as well as Gil Amelio, CEO of National 
 Semiconductor; Dave Barram, vice president of Apple Computers; Gerry 
 Beemiller, CEO of Infant Advantage; Chuck Boesenberg, CEO of Central 
 Point Software; Dick Brass, president of Oracle Data Publishing; Chuck 
 Comiso, president of Link Technologies.

 Also: Gloria Rose Ott, president of GO Strategies; Ed McCracken, CEO of 
 Silicon Graphics; Regis McKenna, chairman of Regis McKenna; Bill Miller, 
 former CEO of SRI international, Sandy Robertson, general partner of 
 Roberston, Colman and Stephans.



 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

 compiled by Joe Mirando

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 Well friends and neighbors, last weekend was the Glendale show and it was,
 by all accounts, a success.  John Damiano posts:

     "Well, I have returned from the Glendale show.  It was fun!  They
     announced SAT attendance of over 2000.   We got to see the Falcon and
     a lot of other neat things.  Very well organized event.  Lots of stuff
     to buy.  Some new things available.   I am sure there will be multiple
     reports soon.  If anyway wants to know anything in particular...ask.  
     Neat license plate observed....YMINLA"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine, when talking about what he saw at
 the show, says pretty much what most of us are saying:

     "I want a FALCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Lexicor
     booth was always crowded and the T2 demo was very impressive.  I am
     always amazed at what programmers can do with software to make the
     hardware jump through the hoops." 

     While we're on the subject of shows, Richard Gunter posts banquet
 information for the WAACE show in Washington DC as follows:

                   The 1992 W.A.A.C.E. AtariFest Banquet

     Arrangements for the traditional AtariFest Banquet have been
 finalized.  The banquet will be held at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in
 Reston, Virginia (same location as the Fest), on Saturday, October 10 at
 8:00PM.  Tickets for the dinner are priced at $25.00 per person.  The menu
 for this year includes your choice of:

         Chicken Europa - boneless breast of chicken topped with a
           hearty sauce with onion, mushroom, tomato and brandy.


        Sliced Top Sirloin Merlot - thinly sliced and topped with a
                         hearty merlot wine sauce.

     All dinners include rolls, beverage, appetizer, salad, vegetables, and

     Immediately preceding the banquet at 6:30pm will be a poolside
 reception with complementary hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.  The reception
 is open to all banquet participants, vendors, developers, and W.A.A.C.E.

     As in the past, the Current Notes Author of the Year award will be
 presented at the banquet, and we will have a guest speaker who is well
 known in the world of Atari.

     If you haven't attended the banquet in previous years, you've missed
 out on a golden opportunity to meet and talk with some of the best known
 Atari developers, vendors, other users, and some real nice folks in
 general.  If you plan on coming to the Fest, make it a point to join us at
 the banquet and become more of a part of the Atari Community!

     To order your tickets send $25.00 (check or money order) payable to
 W.A.A.C.E. Inc.  to:

                     Robert M. Janice
                     13425 Brookfield Drive
                     Chantilly, Virginia  22021
                     Attn: AtariFest Banquet

           **Please indicate your choice of entree!**

 Your ticket(s) will be mailed back to you without delay.  If your order is
 received after October 1, your ticket(s) will be available for pick up at
 the Fest on Saturday morning October 10.

 The number of available tickets is limited - if you plan on attending the
 banquet order your tickets today!!"

     While I've never made it to California for the Glendale show, I've
 been lucky enough to have made it to the WAACE show in Washington for the
 past three years and all I can say to those of you who have never gone to
 this type of show is:  "GO!  YOU WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST BIG SHOW".

     Okay, enough of that (from inside the editor's mind), on with the

 Daniel Biron Posts:

     "Help! Is the STF Spectrum September version bugged? Anybody in UK can
     tell me if a debugged version is on the next STF? Thanks."

 Dazzz Smith replies:

     "Not as far as I know Daniel! Or are you talking about a virus?"

 Editor's Note;
     I have also run into a problem with the version of SPECTRUM 512
 provided on the latest issue of ST FORMAT.  The work screen appears with
 diagonal stripes across the work area and pictures do not display or save
 properly.  Because I have a 1040 STe and TOS 2.06 (neither of which were
 even conceived of when SPECTRUM 512 was written), I have been trying to
 find someone with an earlier model and TOS version to test the program for
 me.  I will include the results in next week's column.

 John Zangrando tells us:

     "I am a beginning user still setting up my MegaSTE.  I am trying to
     decide between Multidesk Deluxe and DC Stuffer(registered of course). 
     I need to keep clock, Cal, Address Book, Edhak,and of course control
     panel resident, but I have about ten other DA.  I run Stalker as a
     program so I can use the B+,but I would like to have another copy as
     nonresident ACC.  I checked out the demos for both, but don't know
     which to go with.  Any experienced commentary would be helpful.  I am
     getting tired of changing ACC to ACX and vice versa.   

           P.S.  I run NOTATOR and it doesn't like some things."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine replies:

     "I don't know about DC Stuffer I thought it was a shareware product
     and I haven't heard any comments about it in a long, long time. 
     Multi-Desk Deluxe is a popular product and it is quite actively
     supported.  Notator problems ... you should ask in the Codeheads area
     about MultiDesk Deluxe for specifics on the program and if it works
     with Notator.  In the past people have made comments about that too so
     I assume it has been resolved.  You can contact the Codeheads in the
     Atari Vendors forum. (GO ATARIVEN) and then leave a message for them
     in the codehead message section.  Double Click has a message section
     in the Atari Vendors forum too so you might ask about too."

 Meanwhile, in a conversation about programs and accessories that change
 the ST's system font, Robert Aries tells Matt Koundakjian:

     "I found the ACC.[SWITCH.LZH]  When I searched the CIS user directory
     for the author, though, there was no entry (I thought needed it
     because I was using the atari File Finder to try and locate the
     file--I wound up finding it by just going to the ACC Lib here and
     browsing with the keyword "FONT")."

 Boris Molodyi joins the conversation by telling Robert:

     "It was me who uploaded this ACC. It was done by one of the fellow
     Russian Atarians.  I guess, if somebody inclined to assembly language
     disassembled and looked where font info is, it would be possible to
     both change it to AUTO program and to change font.  Also, you might
     want to look for LVAFON.LZH (or ARC, I don't remember what compressor
     I used then). It's also ACC, but it loads font and keyboard
     translation table from separate files, and includes font editor. Also
     gives you a handy switcher to upper part of the character set."

 William Chavis asks a question about backup programs:

     "Is there a program that will backup a hard drive to floppy's and then
     restore the hard drive from floppy's?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine replies:

     "Commercial ones there is Diamond Back II by Oregon Research
     (503)-620-4919 Also Beckmeyer's Hard Disk ToolKit and also Tape
     Toolkits (510)-530-9637  Both are $50.  There may be some public
     domain ones but I have no experience with them ... others in this
     forum may have more details on the pd ones."

 Sysop Bill Aycock adds:

 "Check in LIB 4 for TURTLE and UNTURTLE, which will do exactly what you
 want. I've used both and they work fine. Not as pretty or as many features
 as some of the commercial offerings, but the price is hard to beat. :-)"

 Jody Golick asks:

 "Does anyone know of an accounting package on the ST that can share data
 with a Mac program?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Jody:

     "The only way to share accounting data would have an Atari accounting
     package that can export Lotus-123, dBASE, or ascii delimited files and
     then import them to the MAC or the PC.   There might be an alternative
     method such as using the same program on the MAC and Atari that would
     allow you to share the files directly.  That is all I can think of off
     the top of my head.  I don't know of any Atari accounting programs off
     the top of my head since I don't use accounting programs myself.  I
     was thinking of a Lotus 1-2-3 clone like LDW power.  Someone with more
     information should jump in here shortly with more information for

 From The Atari Arts Forum

 Charles Hamilton asks about downloading on-line magazines:

     "Am interested in downloading online magazine files, But after trying
     once, all I received is gibberish. Are these files compressed some
     way, if so how do I get them using an MS-Dos Machine(gasp)."

 Again Albert Dayes, of Atari Explorer Magazine, comes to the rescue:

     "You have download them in binary format like x-modem.  And then they
     need to be decompressed with an extracting program most likely
     LHARC.EXE on the IBM PC or LHARC.TTP on the Atari ST.  All on-lines
     files are plain ascii files but are compressed so save time on

 Boy, with all of the help Albert gives to the rest of us, where does he
 find the time to do his 'magazine stuff'?

 On the lighter side, Capt John Amsler tells a joke:

     "Q:  What's a George Bush cocktail?"

     "A:  America on the rocks."

 Not to be out-done, some guy named Ralph ;-) adds:

              "It has to be the handy, dandy... BUSHWHACKER!

                             <<< BIG GRIN >>>"

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 Mitch Wagener posts:

     "I have a TT and would like to use a CD-ROM drive with it. Would your
     rewritten MetaDOS driver drive a CD-ROM from the TT's SCSI port? I
     have an ADSCSI Plus host adapter attached to the system in an external
     HD. If the driver would work, how might I, as an existing ICD customer
     purchase that driver? And how much would it cost? Thanks in advance
     for the info."

 Albert "Ask Me Anything" Dayes of Atari Explorer tells Mitch:

     "As far as I know the only way to get a driver is if one purchases the
     LINK which is dma to SCSI-2 adapter.  The show price at Glendale was
     $110 or so  ... you might use that for a ballpark figure."

 Mark Hammond tells Mark at Gadgets By Small:

     "MAJOR PROBLEMS !! TT with external Supra drive. Problems roughly
     coincide with recent attachment of a SLM804. The Mac side started
     playing up - very slow access times, windows updating at snails pace,
     accessing drive for each file name! Tried everything, replaced all
     System software, Spectre software etc etc no good. After a days work
     on it, resigned myself to reformatting the Supra with the consequent
     loss of 2 weeks data (whoops, I use it for work purposes, but my
     backups should have been a bit more often, 'So what's new' I hear you
     say). Anyway reformatting done, fired up Spectre - went to the Format
     menu, and what do I see - a load of rubbish where it should show the
     partition sizes, just your typical jumbled data, and the format HFS or
     MFS boxes both grayed out. HELP. The Atari side of things appears to
     be fine, maybe my machine is trying to tell me something !?!?"

 Mark at Gadgets By Small replies:

     "Since the problem popped up at the some time you added your Atari
     Laser Printer I would guess that you are probably having some kind of
     SCSI address conflicts. Be sure your Supra drive is set for a
     DIFFERENT SCSI address than your Laser Printer.  Then, at the Spectre
     main menu under the Hard Drive menu select "DEVICES" and turn OFF all
     SCSI device numbers you are NOT using.  This should hopefully help the
     situation." might also try changing the order of the devices
     in your DMA line. If the Supra is between the TT and the Laser Printer
     controller you might change them around and put the Supra on the end. 
     Or, vice-versa.  Please remember that your Laser Printer *must* be
     turned on at ALL times when using other DMA devices.  If you turn off
     the Laser Printer then it also shuts off the controller box and causes
     all sorts of headaches on the DMA line."

 Mark Hammond tells Mark at Gadgets By Small:

     "Thanks for all the info. I have now fixed the problem, but due to the
     number of different things I have tried, I'm not exactly sure what
     brought about the recovery! Never mind - I am now stuck again because
     the Diamond Back 2 Spectre Image Backups I had of my Mac software,
     refuse to be restored !!! The restore goes through, but I end up with
     an untitled disk that will not mount - just the 'EJECT or INITIALIZE'
     message. The razor blade alternative is becoming more attractive by
     the moment........................

     PS. I am told that Fearn & Music in Germany, have gone out of
     business. Is there a kind person out there, who could possibly help me
     out with regards to obtaining a copy of the SLM804 INIT??"

 CodeHead Technologies has a new version of Warp 9, the software screen

     "Following closely on the heels of the release of Warp 9 3.70 at the
     Glendale Atarifest last weekend, here's another instant bug-fix update
     from CodeHead Technologies!  This LZH archive contains everything you
     need to update version 3.70 of Warp 9 to version 3.71. The update
     fixes a bug that could cause crashes after booting up on a color
     monitor, and also provides a work-around for a conflict with the
     Cubase   MIDI sequencer."

 Dick Paddock asks Nathan Potechin of DMC Marketing:

     "Does Calamus SL insist that there be a diskette in A: when loading
     the SLM_804.CPD? If there is a diskette already in A:, there isn't a
     noticeable flicker, but if it's empty the light comes on and stays on,
     and nothing happens until I put in a diskette."

 Nathan replies:

     "This is more of a Calamus thing than anything specifically directed
     at the 804 driver. Simply keep a disk handy even if it is a blank one.
     Sorry for the extra work."

 Boris Molodyi tells them both:

     "Hmmm, now _that's_ strange. I'm loading SLM driver everyday, and do
     not need anything in drive A:."

 Dick Paddock tells Boris and Nathan:

     "Yeah, I know. It happened *several* times in succession, and I very
     carefully verified it. Now it *doesn't*. I must have changed something
     elsewhere in my configuration, because I didn't disturb Calamus'
     setup.  Go figure."

     Well, that's it for this week friends.  Come on back next week and
 listen to what they are saying when...

                            People Are Talking.


 > WARP 9 3.71 STR InfoFile           Now!    With Extend-O-Save!

 For immediate release
 Tuesday, September 15, 1992

              :                                             :
              : CodeHead Technologies announces             :
              :                                             :
              :    Warp 9 3.71 -- now with Extend-O-Save,   :
              :                   the Modular Screensaver!  :
              :                                             :

   Why Should Mac and PC Users Have All the Fun?

     One of the most popular utility/entertainment programs in  the Mac and
 PC worlds right now is After Dark (tm), a "screensaver" that is infinitely
 expandable through external modules.

     Now, CodeHead  Technologies ups  the Fun  Quotient in  the Atari world
 with Extend-O-Save,  the modular screensaver in the new version of Warp 9!
 No longer do you have to put up  with the  same dull  screensaver graphics
 day  after   day  --  with  Extend-O-Save  the  possibilities  are  almost
 limitless.  (Flying toasters, anyone?)

     Warp 9 now comes with 5  screensaver modules  (maybe more  by the time
 you  read   this).    The  method  for  writing  modules  will  be  freely
 distributed, so any programmer will be able to write new modules at will.

 Some of the features of Warp 9 w/ Extend-O-Save include:

   o  Move the mouse into a corner of the screen to automatically start the
      screensaver, or move it to another corner to prevent the screensaver
      from kicking in.  (And you can tell it which corners you want to
   o  Pick the types of events that will prevent the screensaver from
      kicking in (such as modem or MIDI input, or GEM graphics and text),
      and automatically control the screensaver for individual programs. 
   o  Select any 'time-out' interval from 1 to 99 minutes.  (The 'time-out'
      is the amount of time Extend-O-Save will wait before activating the

     In addition to Extend-O-Save, the new version of Warp 9 has some other
 major enhancements:
   o  PinHead is now built into Warp 9, so you can remove one more
      program from your AUTO folder.  Full automatic control of the
      'fastload' effect for specific programs is included, just as it
      was in PinHead.
   o  Automatic loading of specific fonts and desktop pictures for
      each program you run.
   o  A revamped Warp 9 Control Panel, with new controls, and an
      improved 'Save Config' option.

     And  of  course,  Warp  9  still has the screen acceleration and other
 great features (like custom fonts and desktop pictures) that have  made it
 the most  popular and  most compatible software accelerator ever for Atari

   Upgrading from Earlier Versions

     To  upgrade  from  any  previous  version  of  Warp   9  to   the  new
 Extend-O-Save version, just send us your original Warp 9 master disk and a
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     If you own any version of  Quick ST  or Turbo  ST, you  can upgrade to
 Warp 9 for just $30.00 by sending us your original disk and a check.  (The
 previous limited $20 upgrade offer has been extended at this new price.)

 The retail price of Warp 9 is $44.95.  

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                              HEATHER LOCKLEAR     
                              ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE 9213
                              DUESSELDORF NEWS
                              SPC_3375 - NEW SPC VIEWER
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                             WAACE'92 UPDATES

 WAACE AtariFest Press Release
 17 September 1992

     The 8th  annual WAACE  AtariFest '92  will be held on October 10th and
 11th, 1992.  This grand event will be held at the convention facilities of
 the Sheraton Reston Hotel in the Washington, DC suburb of Reston, Virginia
 in the USA.

     The WAACE AtariFest is known as  the "PREMIER  ATARI SHOW  ON THE EAST
 COAST" and  features a large gathering of vendors, developers and dealers,
 exhibiting and selling their  products. There  are also  numerous seminars
 and demonstrations  available to  all in  attendance, along with many door
 prizes, a banquet, terrific bargains and a lot  of fun  for Atari computer

     Hotel rooms are still available at the Sheraton Reston.  Rates are $59
 for a single/double and $66 for a triple/quad.   Please  call the Sheraton
 for reservations at 1-800-392-ROOM (that's 7666).

     The Banquet  will be  Saturday night  with cocktails  at 6:30  pm  and
 dinner at 8:00 pm.  The  WAACE Banquet  has always  been a  great place to
 meet and  dine with  the Atari  worlds most famous developers authors, and
 just plain folks.   For tickets  contact Bob  Janice at  GEnie R.Janice or
 phone (703) 222-0318.  Hurry, tickets are going FAST!

    The folowing Vendors are scheduled to attend the 1992 WAACE AtariFest.

            Lexicor Software  Corporation  *  eSTeem                       
                 Joppa Computer Products  *  Gribnif                  
                        Rising Star Computers  *  MegaType                
                           Missionware Software  *  Codehead              
                              Unicorn Pub.(A.I.M.)  *  WizWorks!          
                                 Step Ahead Software  *   SKWare One      
                                    Mars Merchandising  *   I C D, Inc.   
                                     Taylor Ridge Books  *   CompuServe   
                                      D M C  Publishing  *   Maxwell CPU  
                                    Barefoot Software   *   ST Informer   
                                   Debonair Software   *   Accusoft ST    
                                  A B C  Solutions   *   Fair Dinkum      
                                Compucellar West   *   WizzTronics        
                             Gadgets by Small   *   BaggettaWare          
                          Oregon Research   *   D.A.Brumleve              
                     Dragon Software   *   Current Notes                  
               Computer Studio   *   Clear Thinking                       
        FAST Technology   *  Toad Computers                               
   J M G  Software  *   ( WHO'S   NEXT ? )                                

 Call  DTACK  (Ken  or  Betty  )about  consignment  opportunities  at (301)

     In addition  to our  print magazine advertizing, In order to publicize
 this show worldwide and as a means to  say hello  to our  Atari friends in
 foreign lands, the WAACE AtariFest '92 is reaching out around the world on
 the international shortwave radio bands.  You may  hear our advertisements
 by tuning  to the  broadcasts of Radio New York International (RNI) in the
 41 meter band at 7435 KHz between the hours of  0100 and  0500 UTC  on the
 7th, 14th,  21st, 28th  of September,  and on the 5th of October, 1992. In
 the United States, these hours translate  to 9:00pm  until 1:00am  EST, on
 the 6th,  13th, 20th  and 27th  of September,  and on the 4th  of October,

     For general information, or if you  need a  question answered, contact
 Russ Brown at GEnie R.Brown127 or call (703) 803-6126.

     From everyone making preparations for the WAACE AtariFest 92,  we wish
 all our friends around the world the best of everything.

     Nearly 40 vendors,  developers  and  dealers,  will  be  on  hand with
 expositions  of  their  products.    There  will  be numerous seminars and
 demonstrations available  to  all  in  attendance,  along  with  many door
 prizes, a  banquet, terrific  bargains and a lot of fun for Atari computer

     In order to publicize this show worldwide, and as a means to say hello
 to our Atari friends in foreign lands, the Washington, DC AtariFest '92 is
 reaching out around the world on the international  shortwave radio bands.
 You may  hear our  advertisements by tuning to the broadcasts of Radio New
 York International(RNI) in the 41  meter  band  at  7435  KHz  between the
 hours of  0100 and 0500 UTC on the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of September, and
 on the 5th of October, 1992. In the  United States,  these hours translate
 to 9:00pm  until 1:00am EST, on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of September,
 and on the 4th of October, 1992.

     Yes, Atari is on the air.  The  alternative computer  joins hands with
 the alternative radio station. This former "pirate" station is reminiscent
 of Radio Caroline, and if you haven't heard Radio New  York International,
 you  have  really  been  missing  something  quite  special  in  shortwave
 listening, so please give a listen.   

     From everyone making preparations  for  the  Washington,  DC AtariFest
 '92, we wish all our friends around the world the best of  everything, and
 who knows, perhaps some of you can come to our  fine show.   Do not forget
 to listen  to RNI  on the  dates mentioned,  and please spread the word to



                              THE ATARI STORY

 by Stan Veit, 
 Editor in Chief Emeritus
 Computer Shopper Magazine

     On January 5th, 1985, Jack Tramiel was having one of the most
 enjoyable days of his life.  At Comdex in Las Vegas, he was standing in
 the Atari exhibit which had been roped off and covered with cloths.  The
 Atari exhibit was the only part of Comdex that was not yet open on the
 first day of the show.  It was awaiting the arrival of the Governor of
 Nevada who would formally open the exhibit by cutting a ribbon and
 allowing the show attendees to see the long awaited Atari 520ST, a new
 68000-based computer with the GEM graphics user interface.

     It was reputed to do everything the Macintosh could do and then some,
 at half the price of the Mac.  In fact it was referred to by the press as
 The Jackintosh."  The Atari 502ST included color, MIDI sound and the GEM
 graphics user interface.  The new computer was the rave of the show and
 the Tramiel family and their loyal retainers, who had left Commodore when
 Jack resigned, basked in the glory.

     The Atari company founded by Nolan Bushnell, the inventor of Pong, had
 grown to become the largest manufacturer of video games and had been sold
 to Warner Communications.  Sales hit $2 billion dollars in 1982, but they 
 plunged to less than 1 billion in 1983 as the public turned to home
 computers instead of video games.

     This decline represented a $580 million dollar net loss to Warner. 
 Steven J. Ross, Warner's Chairman and CEO, wanted to unload the business
 which he now felt was a drag on Warner and not compatible with the rest
 of his company.  However it was not easy to find a buyer who could rescue
 Atari, and was willing to take on the job.

     Jack Tramiel had started Commodore Business Machines presided over
 its growth, and now wanted to bring his sons into the top management of
 the company.  In this he was opposed by Irving Gould, the man who had
 rescued Commodore from bankruptcy in the lean years and who was now the
 Chairman of the Board and principal stockholder.

     Although Gould seldom interfered in Jack's direct operation of the
 company, he strongly felt that Commodore needed more experienced business
 direction and he opposed the creation of a Tramiel dynasty.  The arguments
 resulting from Gould's opposition, directly lead to Jack Tramiel's
 resignation from the company.

     Within a short time many of the Commodore team responsible for the
 success of the company followed their leader as the culture of the company
 changed under the direction of the new management.  For a long time,
 Commodore was said to have "The President of The Month Club." 

     When Tramiel left Commodore, Steven Ross recognized the opportunity. 
 What better person could purchase  Atari than Jack Tramiel whose success
 with low cost, home computers was partly responsible for the decline in
 simple video games?

     After leaving Commodore, Jack took time out to travel around the world
 with his wife.  Upon his return, he and his sons formed a new company,
 Tramiel Technology Limited (TTL), with the stated intention of developing
 new electronic products.  Steven Ross approached Tramiel with the idea of
 taking over Atari and they entered into negotiations.  By the beginning
 of July, 1984, Tramiel Technologies and Warner Communications became 
 shareholders in each other's companies and TTL bought Atari.

     Tramiel got most of Atari's assets for only $240 million in notes  at
 a reported very low rate of interest.  To give Jack time to re-organize
 Atari, payments on the interest were not due to start until 1985.   Wall
 Street viewed the deal as Warner selling Atari to Tramiel and loaning him
 the money to buy it!  In addition, Jack got 5 year warrants for one
 million shares of Warner stock executable at $22 per share, the market
 price of Warner when the deal was made.

     With the Atari drain removed from Warner, its stock price would rise
 and Jack's profits would further sweeten the deal.  In return, Warner got
 warrants for 14.3 million shares of TTL stock representing over 30% of
 TTL.  Warner also agreed to assume obligations for past Atari debts.  It
 was a sensational deal for Tramiel and the end of a costly adventure for
 Warner.  All that Jack Tramiel had to do was to make Atari into a
 profitable business once again.

     He wasted no time and flew  to California to take over the bloated
 Atari organization and re-shape it.  Tramiel installed his sons at the
 helm and set to work to cut away the fat and deadwood.  Sam became
 President, Gary was put in charge of collecting $300 million worth of
 outstanding receivables and Leonard was put in charge of software.

     In one month, they reduced the staff from over 5,000 to 1,500.  Atari
 occupied 40 buildings.  Tramiel canceled leases and cut that to seven
 buildings and turned a profit by selling the furniture that filled those

     The warehouses at Atari were packed with over one hundred thousand,
 8-bit computers that Atari built but couldn't sell.  It was 1985 and 8-bit
 computers were considered very obsolete.  The 16-bit IBM PC and the Apple
 Macintosh were the desirable computers of the time.  Jack believed that
 everything would sell at the right price.

     Atari went on an ambitious project to find the best price at which the
 Atari 8-bit machines would move out of the warehouse.  Since Jack had only
 paid $80 each for them, a fraction of their original cost, he could afford
 to sharply cut the price.  Moving them out was not difficult.  The new
 Atari team managed to clear the decks for the next generation of

     Commodore had suffered by the loss of key people who left with Jack
 and by the Atari price cutting, immediately started a law suit charging
 Tramiel and his associates with taking valuable designs and information
 when they left Commodore.  Jack Tramiel immediately retaliated with a
 $100 million lawsuit against Commodore.

     The suit charged that Atari had a previous understanding to purchase
 the Lorrane Amiga Company because  Atari had lent it money to develop the
 Amiga Computer.  Jack charged that, Commodore snatched Amiga from Atari
 by offering a better deal.  This suit was without much merit because it
 happened before Tramiel took over Atari and Warner had never pursued their
 claim.  Jacks counter suit did serve to discourage Commodore from their
 lawsuit against him and his people.

     While all these legal maneuvers were going on,  the new Atari crew was
 working on a design that would outdo both the Amiga and the Macintosh and
 undersell them by 50%.  The Atari 520ST was the result.  This computer,
 without the monitor, was priced under $1,000, an incredible, affordable
 price for a 1/2 megabyte computer.  This gave rise to the motto that Atari
 used to identify the company, "Power Without The Price."

     If price and computer capability were the only criteria for computer
 business success, Atari would have become one of the giants of the
 industry.  Instead they managed make management decisions that in the long
 run proved to be unwise.  It was said that they managed "to snatch defeat
 from the jaws of victory." 

     At the time of the Tramiel takeover of Atari, there were many computer
 dealers who specialized in the Atari computers.  There was also a sizable
 user community and both the dealers and owners must be counted among the
 most loyal of all families of computer users.  They were almost fanatical
 in their loyalty to Atari computers.

     The Atari Forums on Compuserve lead by Ron Luks, were among the
 largest groups of organized computer users.   All of these computer users,
 plus a sizable contingent of Apple II and Commodore users who had been
 priced out of the ability to upgrade to 16-bit graphics machines,  looked
 forward to buying the Atari 520ST and represented a huge potential

     Some of the best graphic software was being written for the Atari
 8-bit machines and developers also were more than anxious to write for the
 new Atari 520 ST.  The potential market seemed almost unlimited.

     In retrospect, it is hard to understand some of the counter-productive
 management decisions made by Atari, even though they might have seemed
 correct at that time.

     Today, it is axiomatic that new computers must be put into the hands
 of  software developers as soon as possible and companies like Apple
 employ evangelists to encourage this.

     Atari on the other hand, made it as difficult as possible for software
 developers to get into the 520ST software game.  They initially charged
 them up to $5,000 for a Software Development Kit consisting of a computer
 and some manuals.  Since in the beginning there would not be too many
 computer users to buy the software, the developers would be unable to
 recover their large investment for a long time.  This discouraged many
 software developers from writing for the Atari ST.

     Wynn Rostek, writing in Computer Shopper for October 1985, described
 how Atari made another bad decision.  The squeezed out the loyal,
 existing Atari dealers for the 8-bit machines.  Atari decided to
 distribute the new computers through manufacturer's representatives who
 had to qualify the existing dealers.

     This policy eliminated many dealers who had supported Atari in hard
 times in the past.  As the dealers dropped away to sell other lines,
 Atari turned to the mass merchandisers and discount mail order houses. 
 This further antagonized the dealers who remained and did not work either. 
 The Atari ST was too complicated a computer to be sold without instruction
 and dealer support.  Atari then went back and tried to recruit a new
 dealer organization.  They kept bouncing back and forth between mass
 merchants and specialty dealers until neither wanted to do business with

     There were also severe quality control problems with the early
 machines.  Due to poor packaging and long shipping routes, the chips in
 the computer tended to become loose and the computers would not work.  The
 failure rate in the first few shipments was almost 50%.  This was not
 serious in the case of experienced dealers who burned-in their computers
 before selling them, but with mass merchandisers who sold sealed boxes, it
 was a disaster.  It took strict application of quality control to cure
 the problem.

     The second computer Atari made was the Atari 1040 ST with a full
 megabyte of RAM and with a built-in single floppy drive.  The older 520ST 
 not have room for internal drives ,but could support two external floppies
 It also had a port for an external hard drive provisions to support two
 floppies and an external hard drive were built into the TOS operating
 system from the beginning of the first 520ST.

     One problem with adding hard drives to the Atari ST machines was the
 non-standard interface known as the Atari Computer Systems Interface
 (ACSI) which was a modified SCSI-type interface.  Third party vendors
 enabled users to get around this when they developed boards that converted
 ACSI to standard SCSI and allowed any SCSI hard drive to be used with an
 Atari ST.

     The 520ST and the 1040 ST were the two computers that comprised the ST
 line until 1987 when Atari came out with the Mega ST computers.  These
 new machines had a separate keyboard and built-in hard drives.  In 1989
 when other companies were improving their computers, Atari produced the
 Atari 520STE, 1040 STE and Mega STE models which were somewhat improved
 versions of the ST computers.

     Since 1985, when the Atari ST line was introduced, the Intel powered
 MS DOS computers and the Apple Macintosh have completely dominated the
 industry in the United States.  Commodore's Amiga ran a poor third and the
 presence of Atari's ST and Mega ST was hardly felt except among the most
 enthusiastic and loyal fans.

     Apple, IBM, Compaq and the countless clone manufacturers spent
 millions of dollars on advertising.  Commodore advertised in spurts when
 a new president took over, but Atari spent hardly anything on advertising. 
 Even when they did advertise, they used Atari magazines where they only 
 talked to the converted.  And so with few dealers and no ads in general
 computer magazines, they gained few new.  Atari's answer to declining
 sales was always to cut the price.  However with the huge growth of the
 AT-clone market, they could never match the features and prices offered by
 the clone manufacturers.

     Since the population of Atari ST and STE and Mega ST & STE computers
 was small, and the operating system was unique, there was no incentive for
 standard software developers to offer Atari versions of popular software. 
 Only the game software developers featured Atari versions.  There were
 however some excellent Atari software systems which did offer a user some
 excellent programs but little choice.

     The more Atari's business declined in the United States, the more
 Atari turned to overseas sales.  In Europe, the situation was completely
 different from the U.S.  There were fewer distributors and they tended to
 specialize in one type of computer and one country.  The prices for
 machines and software were higher and Jack Tramiel directed  most of
 Atari's production and marketing efforts into European sales and
 development.  The machines proved very popular and sold very well.  Soon
 all the Atari production and support were devoted to Europe and the U.S. 
 market declines further from lack of support in this country.  To this
 day 85% of Atari's income is derived from outside North America.  This
 foreign success was achieved at the expense of the North American market
 and caused a lot of resentment among domestic users and dealers.

     Basically, Atari did very little development work on new computers and
 very few updates to the TOS operating system.  Atari did come out with
 machines like the portable laptop Stacy and The 68030 TT line, but very
 few machines became available in this country.

     In all the years from 1985 to 1989, this magazine only had one cover
 and feature story devoted to Atari and that featured the packaged  Desk
 top Publishing System put out by the Atari Business Systems Group.  This
 featured a Mega STE computer, a scanner and the Atari Laser Printer.  It
 had some fairly good DTP software but the laser printer could only be used
 with an Atari Mega because the intelligence was in the computer rather
 than the printer.  It was priced about $5,000 for the whole package, not a
 bad price for the time.  The same package now sells for $3,000, but even
 at that price today, it is no great bargain.

     Atari must be credited with marketing one of the first practical
 palmtop computers.  Their Portfolio has an excellent keyboard and a good
 display.  It comes with five built-in applications, a PC card drive for
 uploading and downloading files to a desk top PC and has 128K of RAM.  

     Originally the Portfolio sold for about $500, much less than competing 
 palmtops and was well received.  Again however Atari failed to come out
 with new models with featuring provisions for expanded memory , or the new
 standard flash cards for application software.  Instead of offering
 upgraded models with increased MS-DOS compatibility and new features, they
 lowered the price.  Additionally, as new palmtops enter to the market at
 any price, the sales of Portfolio will continue to decrease.  Although
 Atari is completely out of the large screen video game business, the Atari
 Entertainment Division with its Lynx color hand held video game has done
 much better than the computer division.  The Lynx sells well and there is
 a fairly large assortment of software for it.  The Lynx hand-held game
 business in only a small fraction of the multi-billion dollar video game
 business which is now completely dominated by Nintendo.

     Atari's most glaring failure recently took place in the courts rather
 than in the stores.  In a 150 million dollar lawsuit, Atari has sued
 Nintendo for domination of the industry, charging Nintendo with being a
 monopoly, operating in restraint of trade.  Here was a setting for the
 biggest Atari potential victory since they introduced the 520ST.

     There was little doubt that Nintendo almost had a monopoly of video
 game machines.  Their software policies were very monopolistic and at one
 time Atari had a large share of the business, which they lost when
 Nintendo came in.  In addition, here was an American company suing a
 Japanese one in a U.S. court.  To make matters worse for Nintendo, there
 was a strong feeling against Japanese business practices.  It looked like
 Atari could not lose and 150 million dollars would revive the faltering

     The trial was a long one, Nintendo admitted they dominated the market
 and were a monopoly! However their defense was that they had not acted in
 restraint of trade.  They just provided a better product that people
 wanted to buy.  In addition, they claimed that the many negative business
 decisions Atari had made cost them their position in the industry. 
 Nintendo was not to blame for Atari's problems, Atari was.

     To make matters worse, Nintendo was able to prove their claims and
 Atari lost the case.  Not only did Atari not get an award of 150 million
 dollars, but the have to pay Nintendo's costs to defend the case.  This
 could amount to an additional million dollars, in addition to their own
 legal costs.

     Things look very bleak for Atari, the loss of the Nintendo lawsuit and
 decrease of business in Europe has hurt them.  The large PC manufacturers
 are building clones in Europe and prices are falling.  However Atari has
 not given up yet.  They may have just one more chance.  Atari is reputed
 to be working on new machines, which it is said, will feature 68030 CPUs,
 more memory and standard SCSI interfaces.  It is rumored that one of these
 machines will offer all these features at a price of about $700 this will
 compete with the lower priced Macintosh computers and should attract a lot
 of attention.  The rumors claim that the second machine will also be a
 fast 68040 machine with a large compliment of memory and standard SCSI
 interfaces.  With these new computers selling at traditionally low Atari
 prices, the wounded company could get back into the business.  It seems
 like the last hurrah for Atari.

 (c)1992 Reprint Permission Granted exclusively to STReport by author, may
         not be reproduced in whole or in part without written             
         authorization by S. Veit.



                             DEFENDING ATARI?

 by Ralph F. Mariano

     In these rather precarious times, its pretty neat to find a userbase
 aligned in an active front that, on the surface, appears as most other
 computer platform userbases appear.  Or, is it?  Let's take a closer look. 
 Most of us like to _think_ we made a very well informed purchasing
 decision when we decided to buy our Atari computers.

     Like many of the other users in this arena, I too, was given my first
 Atari computer (800) as a Christmas present.  (Christmas is an important
 time of the year)  Lo and behold, here we are almost fifteen years later
 and I'm _still_ using an Atari computer (TT030).  I cannot begin to count
 how many times I've heard people say, "they're going outta business man,
 why hang on to a dead computer?"
     While I use my Atari every day, I cannot fathom its being used as a
 "hanging on" type device.  I do however, see it as being productive and
 providing the benefits I seek from using the computer.  The day it no
 longer provides the benefits I seek, then and only then, shall I look to
 "other, less friendly computer platforms".  Hopefully, that day will never
     With that preface behind us, let's take a good look at this phenomena
 we observe called; Defending Atari?  In the years I've been observing
 things Atari, the single most important item that seems to present itself
 as a re-occurring event is the intense loyalty directed toward Atari by
 certain Atari users.  Much like self appointed "Defenders of the Crown". 

     This loyalty is most fascinating.  A scant week or so ago, a small
 piece appeared in STReport about the unrest at a dealer meeting in
 Connecticut.  In a few days, there was an outcry from a few folks who were
 honestly defending Atari by trying to discredit the article, its source
 and the topic covered in the article.  Amazingly, no attention at all was
 paid to whether or not the truth was presented until the last and then
 unbelievably, one individual actually questioned the validity of the topic
 covered!  Please, bear in mind, this is not a gesture of recrimination.
 Its only a presentation of a case in point that's relatively recent.
     Going further, the following week a second article appeared that
 completely validated the first article.  The second article went as far as
 to present a personal interview.  And it named sources for verification
 purposes if needed.  The second article completely corroborated the first. 
 Yet there was no acknowledgment at all from those who so vociferously
 defended Atari by whatever means against the first article.  Now comes
 certain observations;
 a)- Do these folks feel "threatened" by the appearance of such articles?
 b)- Is it possible they are really trying to 'help' Atari out of what
     appears to be a "tight"?

 c)- Is it possibly reader dissatisfaction in seeing the negatives and
     thus, reacting accordingly?  ie., "Kill the Messenger"

 d)- Could it be the users are attempting to be noticed, thinking their
     actions may affect change?

 e)- The defending is actually defense of their decisions to buy and
     support both Atari and their products.
     The conclusions to the above by the userbase would be wide and varied. 
 However, one must consider the last observation very carefully.  I find
 myself most definitely in the last category.  I actually _enjoy_ using my
 Atari computer even though its used for work.  Most will agree, if you
 enjoy what you are doing, then your work is a joy.  Well almost.  In any
 case, the equipment used certainly makes the job either easier or a
 complete dirge.  In my case, it makes it a sheer pleasure.  

     In reality, most would appropriately fit in the last two categories.
 With, in my very humble opinion, the majority being in the last category. 
 The truth and reality of it all is unfortunately, obscured by the actions
 of those who defend and those who offend.  Think for a moment, the bottom
 line is incredibly;  These people are all "on the same side!"  They _all_,
 in one way or another, enjoy using an Atari computer and do support the
 company by purchasing the products offered.  
     Nobody, but _nobody_, enjoys being told either directly or indirectly
 they made a poor choice in purchasing anything.  As such, this too, must
 stand tall as another reason for the defending of Atari.  Many times, I
 find myself telling others from other computer platforms; "Hey, its my
 computer of choice and if I wanna praise or bad-mouth 'em I can but you
 had better not even think about it".  Ironic isn't it? 
     Hopefully, we'll get more input from the users relative to this topic
 and by the time we get to the "finish line" we will all realize that we
 _are_ on the same side.  Much can be said about sides but the truth is
 there are no sides.  We are _all_ enjoying the heck outta our computers
 and are quite proud of what we produce using our Atari computers.  When we
 see the validity of our buying decision threatened, we get testy.  Better
 yet, when we see the very platform we all are on getting lambasted (I do
 my share) there is a tendency to quickly build up a defensive wall.  
     When I say I do my share of lambasting, that would bring us to the
 fourth category mentioned.  This is the one that's not very obvious but
 none the less quite present.  There are many of us who fit this category
 also.  The "keyboard" survey done recently comes to mind.  Its difficult
 to think anyone who is outspoken toward Atari, defending Atari and those
 who critique Atari are attempting to do anyone, especially Atari harm. 
 Moreover, it really makes no sense.  Surely most observers realize these
 people are busily engaged in trying to affect changes for the betterment
 of Atari, its products and the enhancement of its future by whatever means
 available to them.
     Let's hear from you.  Please, leave the flames in the barbecue.  Lets
 _talk_ about this topic.  You must agree its interesting.  You can also
 participate online if you wish in Category 24, Topic 6 in the Atari ST RT
 on Genie.  On Compuserve in the Atari Arts forum under the STReport
 header.  On Delphi under the STReport/CPU header.  Jump in!  The water's


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               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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 Atari Roundtable Weekly News
     This month's "Darlah's Treat of the Month" on page 475, Option #9 is
 Diamond Edge EDGEDEMO.  Type m475;9 to receive this months "Treat".  This
 archive contains a demo version of Oregon Research's new program Diamond
 Edge.  The most advanced set of disk management tools available for your
 Atari ST: Disk and data recovery, Complete Undelete, file validation and
 disk diagnostics, Data protection, Disk optimization, Bad sector mapping,
 hard disk partitioning, Disk information archival editing and restoration,
 and much more.

       Diamond Edge is brought to you by Oregon Research Associates.

           |   Real Time Conference Special Events Calendar    |
           | Sept. 21 - The CodeHeads discuss their popular    |
           | (Monday)   new word processor, Calligrapher: The  |
           |            Ultimate Writing Machine, combining    |
           |            DTP features with a powerful, easy to  |
           |            learn word processing interface.       |
           |                                                   |
           | Sept. 28 - A forum on CodeHead Graphic Tools,     |
           | (Monday)   including MegaPaint, Avant Vector,     |
           |            Genus, Cherry Fonts & other utilities. |
           |            Also featuring Warp 9's extensible     |
           |            screensaver -  Extend-O-Save.  Bring   |
           |            your wish list for modules.            |
           | All Real Time Conferences begin at 10:00 p.m EDT  |

     There will be a special conference on SEPTEMBER 20, 1992, at 10 p.m.
 EDT regarding the new 1 megabyte, 2 megabyte, and 4 megabyte FlashCards
 for the Portfolio.  These cards are a breakthrough not only in storage,
 but also in price.  The 1 meg card costs the same as Atari's 128K RAM
 card.  One of the developers of the cards, Mark Reeves, will be here to
 answer your questions and tell you have to get one!  So, type M950;2 to
 get to the conference on Sept. 20, 1992, at 10 p.m. 

  Last 2 Week's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:

 25538 POWERDOS.LZH             X DRAGONWARE   920901   27520    446  21
       Desc: PowerDOS Multitasking GEMDOS OS
 25539 PDEXPERT.LZH             X DRAGONWARE   920901   60928    337  21
       Desc: Helps configure PowerDOS.
 25541 PMONITOR.LZH             X DRAGONWARE   920901    3840    350  21
       Desc: PowerDOS process monitor (task) ACC
 25542 MEM_SNAP.LZH             X DRAGONWARE   920901    4096    317  21
       Desc: PowerDOS memory snapshot utility.
 25540 ALIASDRV.LZH             X DRAGONWARE   920901    1920    303  21
       Desc: Makes folder into drive in PowerDOS
 25522 STZIP200.LZH             X M.FARMER2    920831  148992    209   2
       Desc: ZIP 2.00 Compresses Better Than LZH!
 25615 STDCAT51.LZH             X J.GNIEWKOWSK 920906   61056    183   2
       Desc: Disk Cataloging Program v 5.1
 25588 DIPS.LZH                 X E.KRIMEN     920904    2816    176   2
       Desc: CPX that sets internal dip switches.
 25567 YAMS.LZH                 X T.CLEGG1     920903   23808    158   8
       Desc: Accessorize with MineSweeper: Yams!
 25480 GEMSHELL.LZH             X J.EIDSVOOG1  920829    3456    160   3
       Desc: GFA source code for window handling
 25678 VIOLENCE.LZH             X PMC.INC      920911  164096    151   8
       Desc: Fast violent shoot em up
 25682 PDEXPER2.LZH             X DRAGONWARE   920911   61824    147  21
       Desc: New PowerDOS PDEXPERT and ICONS!
 25635 CAL63.LZH                X J.WISNIEWSK2 920907   95616    141   2
       Desc: Calendar V6.3

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The Flip Side STR Feature            "... a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 How to upgrade your copy of PageStream if you bought it used - From the 
 SoftLogik RT on Genie...
   To transfer ownership: photocopy original disk with registration 
   number showing. Old owner's name and address. New owners' name and 
   address. Send to SL with a note.


 Some information from Dave Nutkins (HiSoft) about Devpac 2 and Devpac 3 
 - Cat. 3, Topic 15, Msgs 52-60 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Devpac provides an integrated environment (editor/assembler/debugger) 
   as well as stand alone tools rather than just standalone versions. 
   DevpacTT and Devpac 3 support the 68030 and co-processors unlike 
   Atari's developer stuff. The assembler supports more formats than the 
   Atari MadMac. Our debugger is screen orientated rather than line 
   orientated a la DB.
    Devpac 2 includes:
   Integrated Editor and Assembler          GST Format Linker
   Standalone version of the assembler      Debugger
   Auto-resident version of the debugger    Example programs
   Macros for accessing the GEM AES and GEMVDI
   186 page user manual + pocket guide to the 68000 instruction set
    Devpac 3 includes everything in Devpac 2 plus:
   Lattice C format linker                  GST format librarian 
   S-record splitter                        Reset proof RAMdisk 
   Symbol stripping utility                 GEM based installation program 
   300 pages of manual.

   Bindings for all the operating system calls to TOS 3.06 
   Plus the original components have almost all been greatly improved.

   Upgrades to DevpacST 3 from Devpac ST 2 and 1 and DevpacTT are now 
   shipping. I've uploaded full details of the improvements in the file 
   devpac3.txt but here's a quick summary:
   Assembler is now faster and now supports 68000-040/68881/68882 maths 
   co-processor/68551 MMU.

   Assembler now outputs Lattice C linkable code (linker supplied).

   Editor has been greatly enhanced including multi-window editing & full 
   mouse control.

   The debugger is much more flexible and supports source level debugging 
   of your assembly language programs.

   The price for the full Devpac 3 will be 72 UKP plus shipping.

   Devpac 3 runs on all Atari based 680x0 computers with at least one 
   double-sided floppy disk drive.

   Upgrades from DevpacST2 and Devpac TT cost 36 UKP + 9 UKP airmail 
   shipping giving 45UKP total.

   Upgrades from Devpac 1 are available for 10 pounds more than the above 
   prices. These offers do not include magazine cover disks. Please 
   return your original Devpac master disk when upgrading.

   We don't lay down dollar recommended prices but the current U.K. equi-
   valents are about $70 for Devpac 2 and $140 for Devpac 3. (That's 
   based on $2 = 1UKP). This is without shipping.

   The Old School
   MK45 5DE


 Comments about Cyberdrome from M.JONES52 - Cat. 9, Topic 14, Msg 1 - 
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Well, Tuesday morning found me bright and early at the Post Office to 
   see if my prize had arrived (Thanks, Hutch!), and there it was, an 
   envelope from Los Alamos, nigh covered with stamps.

   Inside, I found a very professional package, starting with the nicely-
   done four-color vinyl folder, a command summary sheet, and 52 page 
   manual, along, of course, with the game disk.

   The manual is well-laid out, with a good table of contents and page 
   numbers that match it (3-11, 4-5, etc.). After an introductory story 
   line, all the elements of the game are covered well, from start up, 
   configuring for play with one or two players, on to ship controls and 
   screen and panel displays, followed by a section on mission profiles, 
   objective, and hints on good play. An appendix shows useful maps and 
   includes a glossary.

   Now please understand, I do _not_ play arcade games, shoot-em-ups, and 
   the like, having left reflexes back somewhere around Star Raiders on 
   the 800, but Cyberdrome has me fired up, as it were.

   So, now you want to know how it plays, right? Well, I can't tell you. 
   It's embarrassing as all get out, but my color monitor's dead. This 
   will change shortly, as I want a shot at the T-shirt. Right now, I'm 
   waiting to see my landlord's face when I tell him, "I can't pay rent 
   this month, gotta get my monitor fixed." <g>


 Comments about "Lure of the Temptress" by Fi Craig - Cat. 9, Topic 35, 
 Msg. 3 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Has anyone else bought this game yet?

   I've been playing it for a week now, on and off. It's very well put 
   together, the graphics are really lovely, and the attention to detail 
   is very impressive - lots of tiny little details that make you feel 
   you are in a "real world", like a rat that scurries across a room at 
   one point, and a bird that hops around on a fence.

   I can't say the story grips me much. It's not one of those games that 
   you just -have- to keep playing. But then I haven't really progressed 
   very far, yet, I'm just wandering around exploring.

 More comments, this time from M.ELLIS -
   Thought I would barge in on this topic since I've played Lure and 
   finished it. the game is very enjoyable and full of strange humour. 
   Animation is great as are the sounds and character interaction. My 
   only regret is the linear plot. YOU HAVE TO GO FROM A TO B TO C in 
   order to accomplish your quest, each item has one use, and the ending 
   though dramatic well, I shouldn't prejudice you. I do look forward to 
   other CRPG's like this but wish they will be more robust.

   By the way, is it my imagination or are CRPG's getting shorter?


 Questions about the new Falcon030 from Steve Johnson - Cat. 14, Topic 
 20, Msg 2-3 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Can anyone at Atari tell us whether the Falcon030 will come with a 
   programming language, like even a new Falcon BASIC or somesuch? In 
   other words, will it come with the same lame ST BASIC, a new 
   programming application, or nothing?....
 Answer from John Townsend (Atari)...
   I believe that the Language Disk will be filled with more useful 
   things than a programming language. Most users really don't have the 
   desire to write code or programs. They want to use them.

 More misc. Falcon030 related comments from John Townsend (Atari)...
 Msg. #48 -
   The warranty on Falcon030 machines is one year.

   The hard drive delay is still there.. However, we did make the time 
   delay for the spin-up a Non-Volatile RAM configuration. And TOS 
   doesn't do anything different at startup. sorry ;-)

   TOS 4.0 is currently only available for the Atari Falcon030. There is 
   no information regarding upgrades for older machines. When we have 
   some information we will pass it along here ASAP.

   As for what is new..

   - up to 256 color icons
   - 3D window items
   - 3D objects and buttons
   - Submenus and PopUp are now standard in the AES
   - a new completely 030 compiled, re-written GEMDOS that is even more 
     robust and slightly faster.
   - a new VDI designed to support the 16Mhz BLiTTER and the VTG Video 
     Hardware of Falcon030.
   - XBIOS now has support for the DSP, the new sound hardware 
     (playback/record), and new video modes.
   - On Falcon030, one ROM contains all countries.. The country and 
     keyboard is selected from a configuration in Non-Volatile RAM.
   - Falcon030 can boot up in any resolution and this is also set from
     NV RAM.
   - Hard Disk spin delay is configurable via NV RAM as well.

   As for the NV RAM settings, there will eventually be a CPX to 
   configure all of this stuff on the Falcon030. Once it is available, we 
   will be posting that here.

   ...The TT ROMs are 256K (I believe that is correct.  [I just got done 
   with a monster workout and my brain is failing.. just like the rest of 
   my body!] and NO, NO, NO! The TOS 4.0 ROMs are VERY Falcon030 specific 
   and will not work in anything but a Falcon030. In fact, they will only 
   work with a certain revision of the Falcon030 or higher....
   ...The ROM contains difference resources for each country. They are: 
   German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swiss German, and Swiss 
   French. They are each a resource. This is done because the resources 
   are VERY different.

   The country and keyboard are stored in Non-Volatile RAM and read when 
   the Falcon030 starts up. There will be a CPX that will allow you to 
   configure the NVRAM settings for Falcon030....
   It is still WAY to early to say whether or not the features of TOS 4.0 
   will be put together into an upgrade kit for older TOS machines. We 
   will have to wait and see...

 A few 'after-show' comments about the Glendale Show held last weekend - 
 Cat. 11, Topic 12 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
 From STACE - Msg #248 -
   Well, I had a great time at the show! I, too, upgraded to the new WARP 
   9 with Extend-O-Save screen saver! Looks totally cool! I also plunked 
   down the cash for SPELLING SENTRY from Wintertree. Can't wait to to 
   dig into it. (A "online" dictionary is something I >really< need and 
   have been wanting for some time!)

   It seems that show attendees were anxious to spend money! I sold my 
   used LYNX before the doors even opened on Sat! :-) Then, once they did 
   open I sold out on my soundbyte disks on Sat. I was up till 1:30am 
   (after CodeHead party) making more for Sunday and then I sold out 
   again! :-)

   The Gadget's booth was just as busy as usual with Dave demonstrating 
   both SST and MegaTalk (now shipping). Dave was using dual Stalker 
   windows to send data from one MegaTalk RS-232 port to the other at 
   about 900,000 baud! :-) That makes for a pretty fast network!

   I was demoing Spectre GCR and, given the low price one can buy a Mac 
   for these days, I am amazed just how popular Spectre remains. Several 
   Spectres were sold at the show and both dealers had ROMs in stock. The 
   price on the ROMs appears to have dropped back down to around the $160 

   It was fun leaving the MacPlaymate folder out on the desktop on my 
   Stacy/ Spectre and watch people come up and open it up to see what was 
   inside. (It was a "locked" folder that showed "0 items" inside! <g>) 
   They were sooooooo disappointed when they opened it up! :-)

   I would like to take this moment to thank JOHN KING T. and all the 
   volunteers at the show! I certainly had a good time and I am already 
   looking forward to next year!

   I would also like to thank the fine folks at CODEHEAD and, in 
   particular, John and Julie, for the fine event they threw! I had a 
   GREAT time!

 From John King Tarpinian - Msg. 252 -

   The "curtains were closed with the Falcon on the other side" because 
   Jerry P., among other people, was behind that curtain getting the 
   private showing of the Falcon. It was an unexpected surprise that REAL 
   developers who work on other platforms took the time to come to 
   Glendale to look at the Falcon, and walked away with interest in 
   developing for the Falcon.
   Trust me on this, it was worth the sacrifice for those of you that may 
   have missed the Falcon.

   We had exhibitors that were at the Amiga Show, too. One was very happy 
   to tell me that their net profit was greater at Glendale than at the 
   Amiga show because the Amiga show was much more expensive to attend. 
   That is one of the reasons we use the hall we do. Being a user group 
   show means you get the best bang for your buck. :~}

         John King Tarpinian 
         Faire Chairperson 
         The Glendale Show
 From Ed Krimen - Msg #253 -
   I know this is a little late :^), but the Glendale show was great! I 
   was there both days, met many people from GEnie which was very 
   exciting, and was extremely pleased to experience the enthusiasm at 
   the show. Even though I was there both days, I =still= didn't have 
   time to do everything I wanted to do, and it seems like I missed a lot 
   of people from here. :^( There was really too much to see and so many 
   people to talk to!

   I can't wait for the "upgrade" to version 7.0 next year, John! How 
   about three days and larger facilities? :^)

 From Bob Brodie (Atari Corp) - Msg #264 -
   Congratulations are in order once again to John King Tarpinian, and 
   his stellar crew of volunteers.

   The Southern California Atari Faire Version 6.0 is history now, as are 
   some of the most wonderful times I have ever spent at a show. The 
   crowd was energized, and quite upbeat. Bill Rehbock pulled 
   longshoremans duty on Saturday showing off the Atari Falcon030 to 
   excited mobs of people. Thanks to John Nagy, we got another larger 
   monitor that allowed us to display the demos Bill was showing to the 
   crowd in a better fashion.

   The crowd around the Atari Falcon030 was constant, and deep! There is 
   certainly a strong air of excitement about the machine. Lot of 
   questions being fired constantly. By the end of the day, I was drained 
   from all the personal contact. I couldn't hardly move without being 
   stopped by someone that wanted to discuss the Atari Falcon030!

   The Amiga Expo in Pasadena created an interesting paradox. While Jerry 
   Pournelle shared interesting info about some of the things he saw at 
   the Amiga Expo, we were pleased to great a number of Amiga developers 
   that ran across town to check out the competition! (That means us!) 
   Bill Rehbock greeted most of them personally, showed off the Atari 
   Falcon030 to VERY pleased professionals.
   It was great to see longtime friends Sandy Wilson and JJ Kennedy at 
   the show, GEnie was indeed well represented at the show! Alert Sys*Cop 
   Dave Flory was on hand, as well as Ken Estes from the Sci-Fi RTC. And 
   of course, Jerry Pournelle. I enjoyed a lengthy chat with Jerry, who 
   certainly seemed impressed with the Atari Falcon030. He seemed 
   particulary taken with the audio capabilities of the machine, and 
   yes... he did ask for one!

   The Computer Network had one of the most interesting booth 
   arrangements I've ever seen. They had very high curtains, approx 10 
   feet high. This created the effect of an enclosure. Everyone that 
   entered their store area was given a "Back Stage Pass" for The 
   Computer Network World Tour! The rowdy gang at The Computer Network 
   likened the passes to the ones used in "Wayne's World" during the 
   movie. :) Tony Lee kept holding up his pass just like Wayne and Garth 
   every time I saw him! :)

   The gang at Mid-Cities CompSoft made up their own booth promotions, 
   they had all of their staff wearing neat t-shirts. They used 
   PageStream to produce the silk screens to produce the t-shirts. On the 
   front, they had the logo of the store, with TUF superimposed on it. On 
   the reverse, it spelled out Totally User Friendly...a very nice touch 
   indeed! I made sure to pick up ones for our sales administrators!! :)

   Between my busy schedule and the crowd around the CodeHead Booth, I 
   never did get to see their exciting new screen saver...nor did I 
   upgrade my copy of Warp 9. Next time, guys! I did snag a second to 
   grab three of their new shirts, though! Gotta take care of the home 
   front, too. :) Seemed like the CodeHeads were going a bangup business 
   moving Warp 9 and the rest of their products.

   Fair-Dinkum was showing off a great new game, and John brought along 
   his lovely wife Patty, too. (Psst, is she the "fair" in Fair-Dinkum?) 
   John was as always a delight to be with.

   The font experts at Safari Fonts, Jay Pierstorff and his charming wife 
   were showing off their products (love those Star Trek fonts!), while 
   they shared their booth with Steve Kipker of Steve's Software. Nice to 
   see a new face in a booth at this show!!

   And speaking of new faces, the VERY young men at the Freeze Dried 
   Software booth were happily moving out copies of their popular 
   terminal program! Hey, these guys are just old enough to drive!! And 
   they're already turning out neat-o software!!! They enjoyed all the 
   attention, and some helpful hints on business acumen from their 
   friendly local IRS agent (better known as John King Tarpinian!). I 
   stopped by to say hello to Aaron and teased him about not having 
   offered a review copy to Darren Meer of Atari Explorer 
   Magazine...after all, EXPLORER was right across the booth from them.  
   BOY! You should have seen those kids move!!! Next thing I know Mike 
   and Darren are holding their registered copy of Freeze Dried Terminal! 
   :) Thanks, Aaron.

   Tom Harker of ICD was splitting his time between Glendale and the 
   AmiExpo, as was Liz and Kevin Mitchell. John Nagy took in a demo of 
   The Wand and was promptly separated from his money. I want one, too.
   This was the first show as representatives of Atari Explorer for Mike 
   Lindsay and Darren Meer. They fit in with the Glendale crowd just 
   fine, and enjoyed a warm welcome. :) That means they didn't take too 
   many hits for being Atari employees!! :) :)

   I'm sure that I've missed lots of stuff, I'll have to dig out the show 
   floorplan to get it all...this is long enough. We did make sure that 
   once Darlah had a room, she got Mexican food. Drove up to the 
   resturant just in time to let the gang out of the van and hear them 
   call us to be seated. Great timing...great people, great food, and 
   lots of fun!!

   Thanks to everyone that made this such a wonderful event for us to 
   participate in. Next year, we may actually have a closer hotel in the 
   Red Lion Hotel in Glendale. The hotel is under construction now, and 
   they are VERY anxious to speak to us about having the show there. I've 
   always preferred having everything under one roof! :) I'm sure that 
   JKT will keep us all posted.

   PS- Saw Dave Small in Sunnyvale today. He's completely recovered from 
   his Saturday plane fiasco. Poor man was really thrashed when he 
   finally made it to the show!!

 From Dorothy Brumleve (Kidprgs) - Msg. 265 -
   OK...I think I've recovered now.

   This was a fun show! I enjoyed meeting Hutch's (Fair Dinkum) wife 
   Patty and sharing a neighboring booth. We were side by side at 
   Toronto, too, and will share a booth at WAACE, so we will probably be 
   mighty sick of each other come October, but for now, it was cool. ;-)

   It was great to see Chris Roberts' (Dragonware) precious -- and 
   precocious -- young children working wonders with my wares. I met 
   several GEnie users, maybe for the first time (my memory isn't so good 
   ;-), notably Bill Storey, whose remarks here in the BB often bring us 
   back to Earth. Met some employees of ICD I hadn't known before, too. 
   There were an unusual number of school-related inquiries at this show 
   -- and teachers coming to the booth. Got to know all the smokers at 
   the show really well.
   I bought "primate disk #1" from BioIllustrations to add to my skull 
   collection. They have wonderful clip art, worthy of use for serious 
   and scientific purposes. Of course, I am more likely to use the disk 
   to prepare dart board backgrounds and other utilitarian paraphenalia. 

   Many thanks to my chauffeurs, Bob Brodie, Tom Harker, and Mark Booth, 
   who proved once again that people who have good friends don't need to 
   rent cars. Thanks to Norm Weinress for accepting my UPS shipment and 
   ferrying my software to the show. Thanks to Tara, JKT, and crew for 
   providing booth equipment and ammenities in a timely manner.
   One customer brought his young son in to meet me on Sunday after he'd 
   bought one of my programs on Saturday; it's always a thrill to meet 
   the actual _users_ of my programs. Another customer brought in a buggy 
   printout from Multiplay; since I was selling the latest version at the 
   booth and I could have sworn I'd fixed that bug, I was relieved to 
   discover that he'd bought an older version at a dealer. Get your 
   upgrades, folks! Upgrades to Multiplay 3.4B are _free_ for the asking. 
   I did an especially good business with Multiplay, selling out of the 
   copies I'd brought; Kidpublisher Pro and KP upgrades went swiftly, 
   too. Can't seem to convince many people to buy my personal favorite, 
   Kidpainter, these days. I dunno. Probably they already had it. ;-)

   So, see you next year?


 Until next week.....


 > INVISION ELITE STR InfoFile          " excellent new product"

                              ENVISION ELITE

 DMC Publishing, Inc.
 Toronto, Canada

     It was recently brought to my  attention that  there was  an excellent
 new  product  available  for  the  Atari  computer,  INVISION Elite.  This
 monochrome program  was the  best I'd  seen in  its gendre.   The Creative
 Genius and  Program Designer  responsible for it, Harlan Hugh, a long time
 Calamus owner, recently moved to Toronto and came walking into the office.
 One thing  led to  another and  the end  result is  that DMC Publishing is
 proud to announce the release of INVISION Elite for your Atari ST, STe and

     A complete  DEMO version of this program is currently available in the
 GEnie library.  Many of you had the opportunity to download the  DEMO free
 last  month  on  GEnie.    Very  little has changed from Harlan's original
 announcement, except  the  price.    :-)  The  suggested  retail  price of
 INVISION Elite  is US $129.95 or $149.95 Canadian.  Our own Mario Georgiou
 will be DEMOing the program, along with all of the Calamus SL  product, at
 Glendale this very weekend.  Please stop by and see it and him.  Both will
 bring you pleasure.

     The manual was literally  finished today.   It  will be  published and
 bound early next week, just missing Glendale in spite of our best efforts.
 Please accept my apologies in this regard.   However, Mario  will be there
 with an  order form  and an introductory show special.  Any orders that he
 takes, will be shipped starting next week.  The introductory Glendale show
 special is  US $95.00.  Fair is fair and not everyone can attend Glendale,
 so, throughout this weekend, I will honor that  show special  price on all
 orders that  I receive  in email  to ISD  on GEnie,  76004,2246 on CIS and

                           *  ORDER FORM  *

 NAME _____________________________________________________________________

 ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________

 CITY ___________________________PROVINCE / STATE _________________________

 COUNTRY _________________________POSTAL CODE / ZIP CODE __________________

 TEL.                 #        WORK        ____________________________HOME

 VISA   <>       M/C   <>   #   _______________________________________EXP.

 SIGNATURE ________________________________________________________________

                                             US $       CDN $

 INVISION Elite                            $95.00      $110.00

 Shipping and Insurance                      5.00         5.00
                                            -----        -----
 Total                                    $100.00      $115.00

     Ontario residents, please add 8% Sales tax.  Canadian customers please
 include 7% GST

     This is the official announcement for the ultimate in black and white
 imaging software: INVISION Elite.

     INVISION Elite is a program which  allows you  to create sophisticated
 black  and  white  raster  images.    Stretch!  Skew!  Bend! Rotate! Thin!
 Thicken! Copy! Outline!  Anything  you  want!  If  you  can  think  of it,
 INVISION Elite  can probably  do it.   Using images that you create in the
 program, or ones from other sources, you can manipulate your graphics in a
 hands-on   manner   to   achieve   stunning  visuals.    INVISION  Elite's
 easy-to-use processing features give  you limitless  possibilities. Try it
 and you'll probably surprise yourself!

     In addition  to standard  paint program  features, (paint, draw, copy,
 paste, etc.)  INVISION has  many features  which make  it indispensable to
 anyone serious  about creativity  and irresistible  to anyone who likes to
 have fun while working.

     INVISION Elite is a fully GEM  based  program  featuring  a  slick and
 surprisingly simple  icon interface.   It's design is clean and direct. It
 works like you do.   You'll  never be  confronted with  confusing lists of
 options or  menus and  its astounding array of commands are organized in a
 fashion that lets you get results right away.  You  spend time  working on
 your image rather than the interface.

     INVISION Elite  supports up to seven images, each in their own window,
 with image  size limited  only by  memory.   INVISION is  full of powerful
 functions  including:   Gradient  fill,   Image  Bending,  Bezier  Curves,
 Outlining,  Smoothing,  Rotation,  Skewing,   Mirroring,  Atari  Clipboard
 Support, Instant  access panning,  and much more.  This is a _very_ slick,
 powerful, and fun-to-use program.  It requires a monochrome monitor and is
 compatible with large screen monitors.

     Try the demo version and release the creative genius within you!
                   It is available for downloading now.

     The release date for INVISION Elite is September 17, 1992.

 The Suggested retail price:
                     USA $129.95 -=- $149.95 Canadian.

 For further information, please contact:

                              Nathan Potechin
                           DMC Publishing, Inc.
                        2800 John Street, Unit #10,
                             Markham, Ontario
                              Canada L3R 0E2

                          Tel:    (416) 479-1880
                          Fax:    (416) 479-1882

                             CIS:  76004,2246
                                GEnie: ISD
                           Delphi: ISDMARKETING



                 Monday Night Real Time Conference
                           Sept. 14, 1992

                      After the Glendale Show

                with John King Tarpinian, Bob Brodie
                           and John Nagy

                          Host - Lou Rocha

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Good evening and welcome to the show after the 
 Show. Thanks to John King Tarpinian, Bob Brodie and John Nagy for 
 joining us. Let's begin with opening comments from organizer John 
 King Tarpinian.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> The attendance for Saturday 1784 and on 
 Sunday 607 for a total of 2391. The exhibitors that were at the 
 show were as follows:

 * * * * * * * * * * * * PRESS RELEASE * * * * * * * * * * * *

 That is it. Questions...

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks John. Let's check with Bob Brodie before 
 questions. Bob?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Thanks, Lou. We were very impressed 
 with the upbeat mood of the crowd, and the sales that our dealers 
 reported. Even though the attendance was a little bit down this 
 year, the dealers reported higher sales. So we were very pleased. 
 In addition, we had a chance to spend quite a bit of time with 
 Jerry Pournelle. And he was impressed.

 All in all, a very upbeat, postitive weekend. Lots of interest in 
 developing new products for the Atari Falcon030, and a number of 
 dealer inquiries as well. Dealer inquiries at a user group show 
 are quite rare, so I was VERY impressed.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> The retailers has greater sales $$$ this 
 year than last. They were very pleased.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Bob and John. John, how did this show 
 compare from an attendance viewpoint with previous shows at 

 ** <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> disconnected.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Well, Lou I can answer that one. :)

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Ooops.... OK Bob... you're relief pitching.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Last year's show had over 3,000 people 
 in attendance. We attribute part of the drop in attendance to the 
 lack of advertising Atari was able to provide the show this year. 
 Plus there were several other unfortunate events related to 
 advertising that hindered attendance.

 For example, EXPLORER was supposed to run an ad, but didn't. On 
 the other hand, Mid Cities SOLD OUT of TT's at the show, and 
 bought more from us at the show to fill their orders. GA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Bob. Nathan has the first question.

 <[Nathan @ DMC] POTECHIN> Congratulations on this year's show. 
 Under the circumstances I think the turnout was great. Who WON the 
 FALCON 030 and did they take delivery at the show? So I can make 
 them an offer. ;-) GA

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> The Atari Falcon030 was won by Jason 
 Spoor, and he did not take  delivery at the show. I don't think 
 he's accepting offers. His personal unit broke down 6 months ago, 
 and he's been borrowing his club's CPU. Quite a replacement 
 program, eh? :)

 <[Nathan @ DMC] POTECHIN> I'm glad to see an Atari enthusiast won 
 it at least! ;-) Thanks.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Jason is one of our STALWART voluteers.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> James French has a question.

 <[James] J.FRENCH2> Can you elaborate on the interest shown by 
 Jerry Pournelle?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Jerry indicated that he was very 
 impressed with the sound capabilities of the Atari Falcon030. And 
 that he thought the machine was a very positive step away from the 
 "same old thing" that we see from the Macs and PCs. He felt that 
 based on what we showed him, he wanted to have an Atari Falcon030. 
 And we are making plans to give him a fully decked out unit, with 
 all of the appropriate software, shipped in a single case.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> I walked Jerry around the show floor. He 
 was impressed by the Lexicor booth and spent quite some time at 
 the GEnie booth. Mario was in doing the Calamus SL class so he was 
 not able to show off Calamus SL. Better luck next time Nathan.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John Nagy... a comment?

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> The audience LOVEd the first looks (and 
 listens) of the Falcon! This show had the same number of visitors 
 as the Glendale of TWO years ago. Last year was up a thousand from 
 this year's 2400. I found no dealers or developers who were 
 UNhappy. All of them said they did well, and were happy to see the 
 level of interest that was shown at the show.

 I sat in on the Jerry P. demos, and he was intrigued. And promised 
 coverage, as he is interested in viable challenges to the MAC/PC 

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Jerry was quite pleasant. I enjoyed our 
 time with him thoroughly.

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> It was great as always to catch up with 
 the friends we have made across the wires... and see new products 
 continue to come out.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Bob, would you like to comment on interest shown 
 in the Falcon?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Lou, you mean in general, or regarding 
 the press?

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Whichever...

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> In general, Bill Rehbock was mobbed by 
 people on the stage while he was giving Falcon030 demos.
 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> There was always a crowd around the 

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> We had a crowd of at least four people 
 deep all the time around Bill.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> It was EXTRAORDINARY. I also couldn't 
 help but notice that many of the same questions are being asked 
 over and over. The typical questions were "What is the price?", 
 "When will it be available?", "What are the specs?" , etc.  We 
 need to make sure that Sam's Falcon030 conference gets better 
 distribution. :)

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> The sound demos, where Bill used the twin 
 microphones, plugged into the Falcon with no additional hardware, 
 using the software that will come with every Falcon... were 
 wonderful. The sound is true CD quality. Remember the first time 
 you ever heard a CD? And how it made your hair tingle? The Falcon 
 did that all day.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> I take it the MIDI people were crazy about the 

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> The Music people went NUTS, so did the 
 sound specialists. Scott Gerschwin of SOUND DELUXE showed up, and 

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Scott Gerschwin (Born on the 4th, JFK, 
 Honey I distorted the kids) was dazzled, as was Stevie Wonder's 
 road manager... and they WANT Falci. (Falcons?)

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> I'd like to get a developer's viewpoint for a 
 minute. Dorothy Brumleve, care to share your experiences?

 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> OK. I enjoyed seeing many of my 
 customers once again. I had a new product for this show, that is, 
 one I didn't have last year. So I sold a bunch of Multiplays! I 
 enjoy the California ambiance. ;-) I'd like to thank Atari for 
 once again supplying my show equipment. Worked great! And I'd like 
 to point out what I thought was an especially professional touch 
 by HACKS... They provided vendors with real BUTTONS with a nice 
 show logo and the vendor's name.

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> And we loved your multicolor pants, too, 

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Dot. We have a question from G.Cross. 

 <G.CROSS> Bob, are there any press kits available on the Falcon 
 that can be sent out to user groups? We do put out newsletters, 
 you know?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Gerry, the press kits are in 
 development at this moment. I even got FEDEX shipments at the 
 hotel with revisions in them, and had a stack of them waiting for 
 me when I got back. When the material is done, we'll upload them 
 here, as well as make sure they get out to all your favorite 

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Jerry, Look for photos and lots of 
 information in this and next AtariUser. I'm perusing the photos as 
 we type.

 <G.CROSS> Some IMG pictures would be nice.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Noted... maybe GIFs, though.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Gerry. James French has a question.

 <[James] J.FRENCH2> Does the current version of Notator work on 

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> James, I'm told that it does, as well 
 as the beta versions of Notator that we have in house that are in 
 developement for future sales to Notator customers. We are working 
 very closely with C-Lab to ensure their products will work fine on 
 the Falcon. They have some exciting new things planned for their 
 products....but I can't tell you about them!

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Follow up James?

 <[James] J.FRENCH2> Can you give any details as to what the direct 
 to disk program does? (Other than record direct to disk? :) GA

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Gee, James...that's exactly what it 
 does, and there are a number of devs working on that. Check the 
 transcript from Bill's CO for details.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks James. Harj Nagra is next.

 <H.NAGRA1> Do you know what Jerry Pournelle means by a "new form 
 factor" for the Falcon in November? Is that a new case design for 
 the Falcon? ga

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> No, I'm not sure what Jerry means. I've 
 only heard about the post. He did indicate that he would prefer a 
 tower case. He hates our function keys, too. But we told him that 
 there are plenty of other people putting units in Towers, like Mid 
 Cities CompSoft...who do it to TT030s all the time.

 <H.NAGRA1> What was actually demoed on the Falcon for Jerry? He 
 seems quite impressed.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Re the demo, lots of stuff. :) We 
 showed him a true color slide show and a program that Leonard 
 wrote that allows you to record sounds in real time and manipulate 
 them via the DSP and a few other things. He made it very clear 
 that he wanted he handed me his address.
 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> New products that impressed me: GEMulator. 
 Worked very well, very satisfying--on a 486/33MHz ($$) PC. Full 
 page scanner from Migraph. I bought it on sight. Tape backup 
 software from Beckemeyer. PowerDOS from Dragonware. The LINK from 
 ICD. Hyperlink, in an improved version, from JMG. Calamus SL, 
 still and forever. Lee Seiler's arsenal of STUFF, amazing 
 graphics. When he explains what he does, you realize how you don't 
 even have enough understanding to listen appropriately (don't 
 quite know the proper times to nod). And Mark Booth's sound sample 
 disks. Top notch.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> OK. Let's get another developer. Charles...?

 <[No Biscuit!] CODEHEAD> Hi folks. We really had fun this weekend, 
 and want to thank HACKS for their usual terrific attitudes and 

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> We just supply an empty room. If it was 
 not for the fine developers in the Atari community we would not be 
 able to do a show. Atari always comes thru for us, too.

 <[No Biscuit!] CODEHEAD> I got to talk to a lot of our customers 
 and that's always enlightening and stimulating! The response to 
 our new modular screensaver built into Warp 9 was, er, excellent, 
 to say the least.

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Tell more about the screensaver in the 
 Warp 9, Charles and how sales went and went and...

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> What about the sensational new CodeHead 
 shirts, too!!!

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> Yes Charles, Don't keep us in the dark.

 <[No Biscuit!] CODEHEAD> Well, the new screensaver is called .... 
 <fanfare> Extend-O-Save ....Save.... Save....(hard to simulate 
 echoes in ASCII)...

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Gotta have it
 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> It is a must own...

 <[No Biscuit!] CODEHEAD> It's a modular screensaver similar to 
 After Dark for the Mac or PC, in that external modules.... can be 
 loaded and removed, and programmer's documentation has been made 
 public. I just finished uploading the programmers' docs earlier 
 tonight, in fact... So as soon as the sysops clear it, all you 
 programmeroid types out there can start turning all those neat 
 screen hacks into screensaver modules... :)

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Charles. We have a few questions. Gerry 
 <G.CROSS> John, some info on that tape backup software please? And 
 did Derek get that problem with the mouse movements fixed?

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> The mouse moves on the Gemulator were not 
 particularly noticable by me... and Beckemeyer has their info 
 online here. You can install any SCSI tape mech and run their 

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Back to the Falcon... the pictures 
 displayed on the old faithful SC1224 color monitor (ST/1985 
 vintage) were dazzling. To think that the old CGA quality monitor 
 can look that good... as good as ANY SVGA PC display for graphics. 
 And to think that ST High Res can be used on a COLOR monitor (or 
 TV!) now... with the Falcon. Whew. Looked better than I imagined. 
 Even the RF output was SHARP.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John King Tarpinian.... please comment on the 
 organization of the show.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> I am proud to say that we have the BEST 
 volunteers around. I think the developer community is a bunch of 
 swell people and ATARI always comes thru for us. This is our 6th 
 show and the large details are easy. The little details need 
 attention but that is OK. I get a warm fuzzy feeling after the 

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks King. We all know the value of volunteers. 
 You must all be very tired. And pleased.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> Yes, proud as a poppa. I still have to 
 get together with Bob and John to find out what really happened at 
 the show.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Harj Nagra has another question.......

 <H.NAGRA1> Codeheads: Did you show anything new for the Falcon ?

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> There were some old programs that Charles 
 showed for the Falcon. :~}

 <[No Biscuit!] CODEHEAD> We have some plans in the Falcon 
 direction, but since we don't have access to one as yet, we had 
 nothing to show at Glendale.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> By the way, there is a truck loaded with 
 about 1/2 million dollars in ATARI equipment somewhere on 
 Interstate 5 about now.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Charles. James French has another 

 <[James] J.FRENCH2> Were there any games shown for the Falcon?
 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Who would like to answer the game question?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> I'll grab that, Lou. James, there are 
 several games that will be shipped with the Atari Falcon030, 
 Landmines, BreakOut, and... I forget what the other one is. They 
 all have terrific sound, and really, really good graphics. This 
 show was not intended to be a showcase for the Atari Falcon030, 
 but rather to be a place where our faithful users could come ... 
 and in addition to everything else that the Glendale Show has done 
 so well, see a brand new Atari product for the first time.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Two questions.... first Vern Hutz then Harj Nagra 

 <V.HUTZ> It has been pointed out to me that a lot of developers 
 are saying Atari who? to each other but developing full speed 
 ahead ? Is that true? GA

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> I'm not sure that I follow the 
 question, Vern. And what does it have to do with the Glendale 
 Show? :)

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Try again Vern, please.

 <V.HUTZ> Is there a large dev base?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Well, we certainly do not pretend to 
 have the same number of developers as the DOS world, or the Mac. 
 But we have been VERY pleased at how many developers are 
 interested, and we actually signed up developers at The Glendale 

 By a weird twist of fate, there was an Amiga Show in Pasadena, 
 about 15 minutes from the Glendale Show. We were visited by a 
 number of the AMIGA developers at the show. We also made certain 
 that we provided developer docs re the Falcon030 to all of the 
 developers in attendance at the show.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> I can verify that because I brought some 
 to Bill Rehbock myself and they thanked me afterwards, the 
 developers, that is.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> I couldn't hardly move without being 
 asked about developing for the was amazing.

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> It was interesting to note, as Jerry 
 Pournelle did, that the NExT developers think the Falcon may make 
 MUCH LARGER audience for their software, particularly DSP 

 Atari may sell hundreds to thousands of their software 
 applications for each one that goes to a NExT owner... by 
 comparison, Atari is the HIGH VOLUME producer. Ironic.
 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Vern. Harj Nagra has another question then 
 B. Malatesta.

 <H.NAGRA1> How bad is the interlace flicker on the TV output of 
 the Falcon? As bad as the Amiga or better? Also can we order 
 Falcon docs now?

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Impartial opinion on Flicker: I can live 
 with the Falcon flicker. It does not appear in most graphic 
 screens. I CAN'T live with Amiga flicker. And use an SVGA monitor, 
 and you won't flicker. At all. Nope. None.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> The flicker on the Falcon does not give 
 you the eye strain the Amiga flicker does.

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Nore on a TV... where the persistance of 
 the screen is longer.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Oh, the flicker question. :) John's 
 right, especially on an SC1224. On a SC1435 it's not as bad...and 
 John's right again. :) No flicker on a higher quality monitor. 
 Remember the flicker comes when you are running an SC1224 at 
 640x480x256 colors.

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> I'm intrigued at the way the Falcon knows 
 what output to give, based on whatever is plugged into the monitor 
 port. Neat.

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Which is to say that it happens at a 
 rez that we had never intended that monitor to work at. :) Is that 

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> B. Malatesta has a question. Please direct it to 
 the intended person ;-)

 <B.MALATESTA> OK My question is based on the Gemulator and how 
 Atari feels about it? Also does that thing work.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> B.M.: Atari Corp. or the Atari computer?

 <B.MALATESTA> Atari Corp itself.. Can it hurt or help Atari?

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Ooops, that must mean me! :) Well, 
 Bernard, I've been on record many times as saying that as long as 
 Derek purchases genuine Atari TOS chips, he will have no problems 
 with us. And this is only after checking with the highest level of 
 management here. Jack personally signed off on selling Derek roms. 
 I've seen Gemulator work, but personally, I'm not a prospective 

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> An opinion from the sidelines: the 
 GEMulator will open few sales for software devs. It will give 
 people who move platforms a way to use (quite well, too) their old 
 software. But it does NOT in any way, beat having an Atari.... 
 it's EMULATION. And WAYYYYY behind a Falcon.

 <B.MALATESTA> Lots of my friends have left Atari for PC's, 
 including myself. Though I do still own an Atari. May I get in one 
 more question? The Falcon... can it work on a 72hz monitor NEC 5fg 
 and what highest res?

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Too bad Rehbock isn't here again ;-)

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> Please check the transcript from Bill 
 Rehbocks's CO. If it is a MultiSynch, VGA or higher, it should be 
 fine. I'm not prepared to address a particular model of monitor 
 tonight, sorry.

 There are pros and cons to using the ST color series vs. higher 
 rez monitors, specifically OVERSCAN VGA monitors will not, by 
 definition, overscan. On the other hand, you can buy monitors that 
 will do that, but they will be REALLY pricey...>$700

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Say.... we have a MAJOR developer waiting to 
 comment. Ringo Montfort from Lexicor.

 <[Ringo] LEXICOR2> First I would like to thank all of the users 
 that attended the show! Also John King for all the work and ATARI 
 Bob B for all of the support. It was a great show for all. WE had 
 a good time showing the hot new demos. I got to see a large number 
 of the Online personnel. That was nice. Thanks to all. John King, 
 let me know how the rest of the show was I only got to see some of 

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> Ringo: I was going to ask you to do the 
 same for me.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Ringo.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> OK.. it's real late here on the east coast and we 
 are going to wrap the formal part. Closing comments from our 
 guests.... John King Tarpinian, John Nagy and Bob Brodie. JKT?

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> This show has become a ritual end of 
 Summer for me. It is good to see friends that I only see once a 
 year. Many of our developers, volunteers and Atari staff have 
 become REAL GOOD friends, in part because of the show.

 That is the most important part for me. Also, I feel like I am 
 helping our Atari community. Since I cannot program this is the 
 best I can do.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John Nagy... your comments?

 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> It was another winner. I'll know more 
 about the show after I read my report this weekend in Atari 
 Explorer Online.... Really, it takes a serious sit-down with the 
 videotape, photos, notes, and a million handouts (some devs noted 
 that they should have charged for their flyers and given away the 

 I think it should also be mentioned that the volunteers gave not 
 only of their time, they brought their own equipment--in volume--
 to make sure all the devs had EVERYTHING they needed. These folks 
 worked til they bleed. Of course, Tara's whip was responsible too.

 <[The King] JOHN.KING.T> Thanks John for bringing out this point. 
 I keep taking for granted how great our volunteers are. That and 
 the leather...

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Bob Brodie..... take us home ;-)

 <[Bob @ Atari] BOB-BRODIE> We are thrilled that the Glendale Show 
 was once again so successful. Congratulations are in order to John 
 King Tarpinian, Tara Jacobs, and all the rest of the volunteers 
 that we have in Southern California. As usual, they did a first 
 class job in putting on the show, as well as ensuring that every 
 exhibitor was well cared for. We look forward to next year's show, 
 which we HOPE will be in the NEW Red Lion Hotel Convention Center 
 in Glendale...actually within the Hotel itself.

 While Southern California is where my roots are, I've grown to 
 appreciate the efforts of the volunteers even more since I've come 
 to Atari. The people there are truly other 
 group(s) provide this level of support, anywhere.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> THANKS to our guests and all our visitors. Hope 
 you enjoyed this conference. Next week join us for part ONE of the 
 CODEHEAD Double Header.

 (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May be
  reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

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                (a "big brother" for our file viewer "STipple")
     *"noun: a particular form of composition, construction or appearance"


     STyle is  a program  for viewing, manipulating, translating and saving
 graphic images on  the  Atari  ST,  STE  and  TT  series  computers. STyle
 supports  a  wide  variety  of  graphic  image  file  formats ranging from
 computer dependant  formats such  as NEO,  Degas and  MacPaint to hardware
 independent formats such as GIF, TIFF, EPSF and CP8.

     STyle allows your ST to manipulate graphics created on a PC, an Amiga,
 or whatever, even if  the original  image has  more colors  or pixels than
 the ST  can display. For example a 256 color image can be loaded, clipped,
 rotated and  saved  without  any  loss  of  color  information  even  on a
 monochrome ST.  Likewise STyle  will load and manipulate any ST graphic in
 any resolution. It also allows you  to convert  your Atari  ST images into
 other formats such as GIF, PCX and TIFF for exchange with other systems.  

     STyle has  a rich  rendering feature which allows an image to be drawn
 using an arbitrary number of colors and using an arbitrary  color palette.
 The  rendering  includes  both  gray  scale  and  color  dithering.  Color
 dithering can even be  performed  using  the  color  palette  from another

     STyle is  GEM-based and  operates in  all ST,  STE and TT resolutions.
 When an image is  loaded it  is stored  in memory  in full  detail, and an
 on-screen  version  (a  raster)  is  rendered  for  display  purposes. The
 on-screen version is a quick rendering which uses the colors  available in
 the  current  resolution.  Each  image  in  memory  is  represented by its
 on-screen version (its raster) which appears in its own scrollable window.
 The rasters can also be displayed full screen.

     All images  can be  clipped, scaled, rotated, flipped and rendered for
 any target resolution or machine. The number of  bit planes  used to store
 the  image  in  can  be  adjusted  and  the colors used can be remapped to
 remove voids  in  the  color  table.  Color  images  can  be  converted to
 gray-scale.  Gray  scale  images  can  also be softened, sharpened, scaled
 using interpolation, and have their gray  values redistributed  by scaling
 or normalization.

     Both the  image and  its on-screen raster can be saved in a variety of
 Atari and non-Atari formats.

      *    Easy to Use!
                Simply select "Load Image" and select the file. An on-
                screen raster representing the loaded image will appear
                in its own window.

      *    Resolution Independent Image Load/Manipulate/Save.
                Images can be loaded, manipulated and saved without loss
                of color information in any resolution including

      *    Resolution/Machine Independent Rendering.
                Images can be rendered using any number of colors or
                shades of gray with any size color table. Color render
                also includes an adjustable near black filter and
                specification of color order. Three color allocation
                routines are available.

      *    Color Dither!
                Images can be rendered in color either by painting or
                dithering. The color dither is slower but produces
                fantastic images in 16 color mode.

      *    Render using External Color Palette!
                Images can be rendered using the color palette of
                another image. (Image palettes can be saved in .RGB
                files for this purpose.)

      *    Adjust Pixel Precision!
                The number of bit planes used to store the image can be
                adjusted. An increase can be used to save the image in a
                higher resolution format, a decrease can be used to
                perform compaction (de-fragmentation) of the color

      *    Redistribute Gray Scales!
                The shades of gray in an image can be remapped to any
                number of grays. The values can be either scaled or

      *    Two Gray Dithers!
                Images can be rendered in grayscale using two dithering
                routines; dispersed and ordered. The pattern size used
                by the ordered dither is adjustable. The user can enter
                the number of shades of gray to use. Three transforms
                are available.

      *    Two Clipping Methods!
                Images can be clipped using the window boundaries or by
                a simple mouse-click and drag.

      *    Variable Image Sharpening!
                Blurry images can be "sharpened" by a variable amount.

      *    Variable Image Smoothing!
                Noisy images can be "smoothed" by a variable amount.

      *    Full Transformations!
                Images can be flipped horizontally and vertically as
                well as rotated left and right.

      *    Two Color to GrayScale Conversions.
                Numerical averaging or perception based averaging can be
                used to turn a color image into a gray scale image.
      *    Arbitrary Scaling!
                Images can be scaled by arbitrary percentages, from 5%
                to 500%. Individual horizontal and vertical scaling

      *    Two Image Scaling Routines!
                Images can be scaled with "Scale Fast" which uses pixel
                duplication/removal. Gray scale images can also be
                scaled with "Scale Well" which uses pixel interpolation.

      *    Two Editing Modes!
                Images can be "Edited in Place" or "Edited in New
                Window". Edit in New Window produces a new image whereas
                Edit in Place overwrites the existing image. Edit in
                Place is for use when memory is tight.

      *    Full Screen Mode!
                Simply press "Escape" and the image fills the screen.
                Use keypad to scroll, function keys to change windows.

      *    Full Screen File Save Preview!
                Full screen mode shows clipping when saving in NEO,
                Degas, Tiny, MacPaint and MacStartupScreen formats. 

      *    Full STE and TT Support!
                Fully supports STE/TT 4096 color palette and all TT
                resolutions. TT low support includes 256 color mode and
                256 grayscale HyperMono.
                Additional image save options for TT screens. (.PI5,
                .PI7 and .PI8)

      *    Memory Indicator!
                Shows percentage of memory used and available.

      *    Image Histogram!
                Displays bar chart of pixel occurrence versus pixel

      *    Full Image Information!
                Displays image properties including size, number of
                colors, bits per pixel, number of ST and STE colors,
                size of color table, and more.

      *    Customizable display!
                Windows can appear with or without information bars.
                Color images can appear in color or in gray scale. The
                ST or STE palette can be used for the on screen
                displays. These "preferences" can be saved to disk.


 The following image file types can be loaded and saved:
          IMG, TIFF(packbits only), EPSF, PCX, GIF, BMP, NEO,  Degas, Degas
          compressed,  Tiny,  MacPaint,  Mac  Startupscreen,  CP8, FastLoad
          (.FL), AIM (.IM).

 Images can also be loaded in the following formats:

          IFF(Amiga, HAM and ST) and LBM.

     STipple is written in  C and  assembler using  Borland International's
 Turbo C and Turbo Assembler.


     For a  demonstration of  STyle look  for STYDEMO on your favorite BBS.
 STYDEMO is a trimmed down version of STyle which will let you try out most
 of STyle's features.

                    Also available from Zocra Technologies

                     The Atari ST/STE/TT Image File Viewer

             *"noun: dotted painting, giving gradation of shade."


     STipple  is  a  program  for  viewing,  translating and saving graphic
 images on the Atari ST, STE  and TT  series computers.  STipple supports a
 wide variety of graphic image file formats ranging from computer dependant
 formats such as NEO,  Degas and  MacPaint to  hardware independent formats
 such as GIF and CP8.

     STipple allows  your ST to show graphics created on a PC, an Amiga, or
 whatever, even if the original image  has more  colors or  pixels than the
 ST can  display. Likewise  STipple will load and display any ST graphic in
 any resolution. It also allows you  to convert  your Atari  ST images into
 GIF and MacPaint formats for exchange with other systems.  

     STipple has  a rich translation feature which will translate between a
 number of graphic file formats without  first  converting  them  to  an ST
 resolution. This file-to-file translation allows conversion without a loss
 of image quality. Conversions include GIF, Spectrum 512, and AIM.

     STipple is  GEM-based and  operates in  all three  ST resolutions, and
 five of  the six  TT resolutions. When an image is loaded it can be scaled
 and then rendered with a variety of painting and dithering options. Images
 can be  scaled prior to dithering for maximum picture quality. Once loaded
 and rendered, images are displayed in scrollable windows.

     The on-screen  images (rasters)  can be  clipped and  scaled and their
 colors can  be edited.  The resulting  image can  be saved in a variety of
 Atari and non-Atari formats. 
      *    Easy to Use!
                Simply select "Load Image" and select the file.  

      *    Color Dither!
                Images can be rendered in color either by painting or
                dithering. The color dither is slower but produces
                fantastic images in 16 color mode.

      *    Two Gray Dithers!
                Images can be rendered in grayscale using two dithering

      *    Edge Enhancement!
                Blurry images can be "sharpened" prior to any gray
                dither by selecting "edge enhancement".

      *    Arbitrary Scaling!
                Images can be scaled by arbitrary percentages, from 5%
                to 500%. Individual horizontal and vertical scaling

      *    Pre Dither Scaling!
                Scale image before dithering for maximum image quality.

      *    Color Editor!
                Edit image colors with a moveable menu!

      *    Full Screen Mode!
                Simply press "Escape" and the image fills the screen.
                Use keypad to scroll.

      *    Full Screen File Save Preview!
                Full screen mode shows clipping when saving NEO or Degas

      *    Resolution/Size Converter!
                A monochrome image can be converted to a 4 or 16 color
                image reduced in size. Likewise a 4 color image can be
                reduced to a smaller 16 color image.

      *    STE Support!
                Fully supports STE's 4096 color palette. 

      *    TT Support!
                Supports TT Medium and TT High. (TT Low not supported
                Additional image save options for larger screens. (.PI5
                & .PI7)

      *    Overscan and large screen monitor support!.
                Full Support for non-standard resolutions.
      *    Includes BONUS UTILITY PROGRAM FixPaint!
                Remove Mac Headers from Mac GIF files.
                Place Mac Headers on headerless MacPaint files.


      The following graphic file types can be viewed and translated:
      NEO, Degas, Degas compressed, GIF, PCX, IFF, LBM, MacPaint, Mac
      Startupscreen, CP8, FastLoad (.FL), AIM (.IM).

      Images can be saved in the following formats:

           Note:          Unlike STyle you can only save in the current

           Examples:      Neo only in ST Low/TT Medium. Mac only in ST
                          High/TT High.
                          NEO,  Degas,  GIF,  MacPaint,  Mac Startupscreen,

      Graphic files can be directly converted to the following file

           Note:          Direct translation is resolution independent.
                          GIF, CP8[3], Spectrum 512 (SPU), AIM, CP8[1].

 STipple is  written in C and assembler using Borland International's Turbo
 C and Turbo Assembler.


     For a demonstration of some  of  the  features  found  in  STipple try
 ViewGIF 1.2,  STipple's shareware  predecessor. STipple  is more powerful,
 faster and easier to use than ViewGIF.

        ----------------------- Clip Here -------------------------

 ORDER FORM - STyle 1.0   - The Atari ST/STE/TT Image File Manipulator
              STipple 1.0 - The Atari ST/STE/TT Image File Viewer

 Remit To:
                            Zocra Technologies
                             4-319 MacKay St.
                               Ottawa, Ont.
                                  K1M 2B7


 STyle includes 38 page user's manual. STipple includes 28 page user's
      STyle 1.0.
           $35.95 US / $42.95 CDN                                ______
      Discounted STyle 1.0 for STipple 1.0 Owners.
           (Include STyle serial number with order.)
           $20.95 US / $24.95 CDN                                ______
      STipple 1.0.
           $29.95 US / $34.95 CDN                                ______
      Discounted STipple 1.0 for STyle 1.0 owners.
           (Include STipple serial number with order.)
           $14.95 US / $16.95 CDN                                ______
      STipple 1.0 and STyle 1.0. One low price!
           $50.90 US / $59.90 CDN                                ______

      Applicable taxes (Canada only!).
           + 7% GST if in Canada.                                ______

           + 8% PST if in Ontario.                               ______

      Shipping (Outside US and Canada only!).
           $2 US for shipping and handling if outside US/Canada  ______

      Credit owing at Zocra Technologies.                        ______
      (Provide letter stating credit from Zocra Technologies.)

 TOTAL:                                                          ______
      (Use money order or certified check for faster turn around!)

 Send To:  Name:     _____________________________________________________

           Company:  _____________________________________________________

           Serial Number:  _______________________________________________
                (From STyle or STipple if using discounted price.)

           Address:  _____________________________________________________



 > All 'Round GEnie STR Feature           Takin' a look at GEnie!

                             ALL AROUND GENIE

 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Editor of ST Report

 A couple of posts from Jerry Pournelle after his visit to the Glendale 
 Show last weekend.  Both posts are from the Jerry Pournelle RT.
 Msg #441 -
 The Falcon is an impressive machine. I will get one in November, when 
 they make them in a new form factor; the ones they are shipping now look 
 like the old Ataris.

 Atari and I have agreed that I will wait for the Falcon and some soft-
 ware updates to do a survey like the one I did for Amiga. So far I liked 
 what I saw.

 The TT030 is a good machine for people with the requirement for inexpen-
 sive desk top publishing -- TT030 and Calamus is a hell of a combination 
 -- and for CAD. It's a niche machine, and there's not a lot of point in 
 my doing much about it alone.  The Falcon is likely to re-establish Atari 
 in the US market.

 Falcon will be able, with easily installed mods, to run 386 software 

 Portfolio competes with, say, Poquet, not Wizard. It's more machine than 
 Wizard.  I am supposed to be getting a new one; they now have adapters to 
 allow the Portfolio to make use of PC MCIA standard cards.  That is a very
 large plus for Portfolio.

 Msg #452 -
 Before you rush out to buy, do understand: I do not stand by any state-
 ment made about equipment I have seen at a demo.

 I believe Atari was playing straight with me.  I liked their people, they 
 had some gurus down to talk to me, I believe them.  But I do not put into 
 print (as opposed on the bit stream) any endorsements until I have the 
 thing working HERE.

 Having said that I was impressed with the Falcon and its capabilities.

 It will come in two form factors, a tower and in the familiar old slant 
 function key case.  Inside is identical.


 > DEVPAC 3 UPDATE! STR InfoFile     New! Devpac 3 for the Atari computers

                                 DEVPAC 3

 New features of Devpac 3 for the Atari computers.

     This file contains information  on  the  differences  between DevpacST
 2.25 and the new Devpac 3 for Atari computers

 The Editor
 This has been extensively enhanced to include:

 * multi-window editing
 * full mouse control
 * bookmarks
 * cut-and-paste
 * pop-up option menus
 * visual shell facilities
 * faster search and replace
 * different font sizes.

 The Assembler
     Full  support  for  all  the  68000 to 68040 and 68332 processors, the
 68881/2 math co-processor and the 68851 MMU.

     The assembler produces S-records & Lattice  linkable code  in addition
 to standard  TOS executable  and DRI/GST  linkable code.  Lattice Linkable
 code is also produced by HiSoft BASIC 2.

     To complement  the  production  of  S-records  we  supply  an S-record
 splitter  for  use  with  EPROMs  that  are  not  the  same  width  as the
 processor's bus.

     The assembler is approximately 30% faster  than its  predecessor.  The
 assembler can  now generate and process pre-assembled include files.  This
 increases the speed of assembly of programs that use the  operating system
 include files.

     LINE  and  HCLN  debug  hunks  can  be  generated  so  that  debuggers
 (including Mon version 3) can track the source code that  corresponds to a
 given address and vice versa.  

     The  range  of  options  has  been  extended  and  options  may now be
 specified by name rather than using cryptic letters.  Command line support
 has been enhanced to allow the setting of labels and otherwise unavailable
 options.  Options are also read  from  a  default  file  and  this  can be
 created using the editor.

     The assembler  now gives an indication of where in a line an error was
 detected.  The full range of relational operators are now supported.

     Options have been  added  for  listings  on  pass  1  and  for tracing
 conditional  assembly.    The  use  of  privileged instructions can now be
 controlled using the SUPER and USER options.

               Further optimization facilities are provided.

              The CARGS and RADIX directives have been added.

     \# may now be used as a synonym  for NARGS  in macros  and the macro.w
 feature  has  been  added  for  macros  that  must  generate  code on even
 boundaries.  \? may be used to find the length of a macro parameter.

 Default module names are more descriptive.

 The Debugger
     The front  panel window  display of  Mon can  now be  organized as you
 wish.   Windows can  be split horizontally, vertically and also stacked in
 order to extend the number of available work  areas.   Each stacked window
 may be  locked to  an arbitrary expression allowing interactive monitoring
 of complex data structures.

     Any number of source files may be loaded  into each  window along with
 any associated  line number  debugging information  such as that output by
 Gen.  Multi-module programs can thus be single  stepped line  by line from
 your original  source file.  Two powerful new operators are provided which
 convert a program address into a source line number and locate any part of
 the program from its position in the source.  

     This line  number debugging  information is also produced by Lattice C
 (version 5.0x and up), HiSoft BASIC  2 and  HighSpeed Pascal  (version 1.6
 and  up).    This  makes  Mon  an  ideal  medium  level debugger for these

     Monitor "understands" the new video modes,  68030 and  68881 registers
 and instructions and the TT memory map.  It also includes commands to read
 and write individual hardware  ports via  the Query  Port and  Transfer to
 Port commands,  compare memory and dynamic symbol table loading.  The full
 range of relational operators are now supported.

     The integration of the package has been further  enhanced so  that the
 Next Error  (Alt-J) command  now works in multiple files and the assembler
 and debugger will read include files from memory without the  need to save
 these to  disk.   The full  range of  assembly and debugger options is now
 available via the editor option dialogs.

 New tools
     Devpac 3  also  includes  CLink,  the  Lattice  C  format  linker, our
 reset-proof  ramdisk,  a  GST  format  librarian,  more  include files for
 accessing the operating system  and  a  utilities  for  splitting S-record
 files, SRSplit  and removing  debug information  from files,  Strip.  Also
 supplied is a GEM based installation program to make stepping  up Devpac 3
 a snap.

     Devpac 3  is supplied on one Double-Sided 3.5" Double density disk and
 comes with an expanded 340 manual including an 18 page index.

     Devpac 3 runs on  all Atari  based 680x0  computers with  at least one
 double-sided floppy disk drive.

 Upgrades from DevpacST2 and Devpac TT cost

                         39.95 UKP inside the U.K.
                      42.00 UKP in the rest of Europe
                         45.00 UKP outside Europe.

     Upgrades from Devpac 1 are available for 10 pounds more than the above
 prices.  These offers do not include magazine cover disks.

     These prices include shipping by  airmail  where  applicable.   Please
 return your original Devpac master disk when upgrading.

 14 September 92

                              The Old School
                                 MK45 5DE



                      PURPLE MOUNTAIN COMPUTERS, INC.


     PMC Is  now taking orders for our FREE Infinite Computer Books catalog
 which contains over 2000  computer  books  which  covers  general computer
 topics, and  specific computers:  Amiga, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Commodore,
 Macintosh, IBM, Windows, and others.  If you a computer  book, we probably
 have it.  We also buy and trade new and used books.

     Purple  Mountain  Computers,  a  full  service  Atari  dealer,  is now
 stocking the world famous Xtra-RAM ST Deluxe memory upgrade.

 Over 15,000 of these babies have been installed in ST's world-wide!

    o  no soldering

    o  uses ANY 1 megabyte SIMM (1x9, 1x8, and all variations)

    o  upgrade to 1, 2.5, or 4 megabytes

    o  fast Federal Express shipping

    o  world-class technical support

     These fit into all ST's.    We  welcome  any  questions  and inquiries
 (including dealer  inquiries).   The price is low low low!  The bare board
 is just $74.95!   Wow, ya  can't beat  that.   In fact,  that's the lowest
 price ANYWHERE!!   1  Meg SIMMs are just $34.  But we've got a special for
 anyone who reads this file (via GEnie, CompuServe, or the online magazines
 - this  special WILL  NOT be  advertised in any ST magazines): $189.95 for
 the board and 4 MB SIMM  chips +  $7 for  Federal Express  shipping.  This
 special expires  on September  30, 1992,  all orders must be postmarked or
 phoned/fax'ed in by this date.

     To order, send us e-mail on  GEnie  to:  PMC.INC  or  to  72567,302 on
 CompuServe.  Or write to us, FAX/call us at 206-747-1519.

     Stealth  was  a  telecommunications  program  with  lots of potential.
 Potential that was unfulfilled  due  to  various  bugs  and  an inadequate
 manual.  Apparently  the  original  programmer  kept  making  promises  of
 updates, bug fixes, and  new  features;  but  he  never  followed through.
 Stealth just sort of sat there.

     That's where Purple Mountain Computers comes into the picture.  We saw
 a great terminal program in Stealth,  so we  found a  talented programming
 team complete  with a  top-notch coder  and beta  testers.  In a matter of
 days we had a new totally working version.  Our plans for  Stealth PMC are
 to place  it on the cutting edge of innovative design.  The first stage of
 that renovation is complete, we are now proud  to announce  the release of
 Stealth PMC version 1.3!

 All known  bugs have been squashed.  A manual, re-written from scratch, is
 included on disk (which saves trees for the environment and  money for the
 users).  And all this is entirely free to all previous Stealth owners.

 Incredible?    We  think  so.    We're  not  making a single penny off the
 upgrade! In fact, it's costing us big time to support  the previous owners
 of Stealth.

 Why  are  we  doing  this,  is  there  a  catch?   Not at all.  We've been
 supporting ST users for 6 years, and we felt that we were in a position to
 help a  lot of  users.   We think that after you see how solid Stealth PMC
 is, you'll support us in return by using Stealth PMC and purchasing future
 upgrades which will contain YOUR suggestions.  That's right, the future of
 Stealth PMC is now in your hands.   Try it  out.   It works,  and it works

 So if  you've put  Stealth in a dark place and forgotten about it, find it
 and upgrade.  We know there are other terminal programs out there, and new
 ones  coming  out.    Programs  are like everything else, the more choices
 users have, the easier it will be for them to  pick the  one that  is best
 for them.   Give  Stealth PMC  a try,  you don't have anything to lose, we
 hope you find it to be the perfect terminal program for you.

 The Stealth PMC ver. 1.3 upgrade is  FREE  free  Free!    Here's  what you

 New features:

   o  resolution independent (works on all TT resolutions)

   o  registration manual check is gone, to register, just enter your name

   o  new manual on disk (we're environmentally conscious)
      discover features you never knew Stealth had!

 Important fixes/code enhancements:

 Fixed                        Comments

 Tightened code               Eliminated unused code (some code left-over
                              from development and some from ver. 1.0)

 Memory allocation            No more bombs on Zmodem and external programs

 Some of the Script           Tracked down a few of the script bugs

 Auto  Record                             Seems to be working properly now,
                              requires some editing of the script to
                              do as you want or expected

 Optimized source code        Have tightened up some of the existing code
                              to get a little more speed in some areas

 Memory problem               Found a memory problem with Mega STE TOS 2.06
                              It didn't  want  to  restore  memory  all the
                              seemed to only be on Mega STe 4's...

 Internal editor              Works properly as far as saving edited text
                              and restoring of buffer space.  Also, status
                              now returns proper system memory.  TT medium
                              resolution has been cosmetically fixed.

     Stealth PMC  has been tested on the following systems:  Atari ST, STe,
 Mega2 STe, and TT (4 mb TT RAM / 2 mb ST RAM)

     If via e-mail, send us e-mail  to  PMC.INC  (on  GEnie);  include your
 Stealth registration number.

     If via  mail, send  in your original Stealth disk, include your serial
 number (and registration card if you haven't already sent it  in; we can't
 process unregistered owners), and include 75 cents in stamps (or cash) for
 return postage.

                      Purple Mountain Computers, Inc.
                       15600 NE 8th St. Ste. A3-412
                            Bellevue, WA  98008

 Don't forget about our other products:

                         o  Gemulator
                         o  Stealth PMC
                         o  recycleWARE
                         o  Xtra-RAM ST Deluxe
                         o  Calamus Font Guide


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Baltimore, MD                                  OPUS B _NEEDS_ YOU!
     Hello all of you out  there  in  Atari-land!    I  am  working  with a
 non-profit group  here in  Baltimore called  OPUS B Inc.  The organization
 sponsors various events and sub-groups.  Our main  project right  now is a
 computer center for inner city kids in downtown Baltimore.  The main focus
 is graphics on Amigas, but with only a little convincing from me, I showed
 the director  that Atari was the answer for MIDI, DTP, and some other fine
 efforts.  We need donations.  We need hardware to get more  kids doing fun
 productive educational  stuff.  We need software.  Do you have any you are
 not using?  Consider a donation.  As  the organization  is non-profit, any
 donation is tax deductible.  Address mail to:
                                  OPUS B.
                          c/o Edward C Edelenbos
                            4017 parkside Drive
                            Baltimore, Md 21206

     According  to  our  highly  confidential and reliable sources, a major
 west coast developer may be under investigation by  the authorities.   Its
 further  reported  that  according  to our reporter's sources, the alleged
 investigation involves  missing  imported  merchandise,  a  local dealer's
 involvement and  other improprieties allegedly concerning consigned and/or
 loaned computer and printing  equipment.   Additionally, its  reported the
 dollar amounts are alleged to be close to thirty thousand and are possibly
 expected to climb significantly as a result of the investigation.


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"             "THE SUPREME VOTE SPLITTER/WASTER!"

                      "PEROT NATIONAL PAINT PRODUCTS
                  high quality, widely publicized and...

                              IT NEVER RUNS!"

                                   ... BushWhackers Anonymous


 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * NEW 1992 Prices!  MORE Products! *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""        --------------------------------

                       **  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                 NOTICE:  ABCO will BEAT OR MATCH * ANY * 
           Advertised or Invoiced price *  WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                      - Available for all Platforms -
                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!

            DELUXE 2 bay Cabinet W/65w Auto PS & Blower $119.00
       Case & ICD LINK or ADSCSI PLUS Host [Hard Disk Ready] $259.95

                Model      Description    Autopark    Price
                SGN4951      51Mb  3.5"      Y       419.00
                SQN1096      83mb  3.5"      Y       519.00
                SQN2055     120mb  3.5"      Y       574.95
                SQN1296     213mb  3.5"      Y       839.00
                SQN4055     340mb  3.5"      Y      1310.00
        Standard, Dual Mech Shoebox Cabinet style is also available

              MODERN TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!
                   Many other configurations available.
                               20mb - 3.5gb

                     NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE
         SPECIAL PURCHASE! * 83mb - 1345mb * Hard Disk Mechanisms
                Call for SUPER PRICING!! Limited Time Only!!

               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              EXOTIC TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


                 >> ABCO proudly offers ATARI PRODUCTS <<
              Call for ABCO's * HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICING! *
               Original Atari Mouse replacement: $35.00 NEW!

           If you don't see what you want listed here, call us.
            Odds are, we either have it or, can get it for you!

                            ** 800-562-4037 **
                         "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL"
                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

               * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) >> ABCOFILE "44" & "88" *
                        * REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVES *

         --->> LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! NOW ONLY 44MB $ 559.00 <<---
                                              88MB $ 659.00

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)
                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                         44mb CARTS:      $  69.50
                         88mb CARTS:     $  109.50
                         44mb MECH ONLY:  $ 339.95
                         88mb MECH ONLY:  $ 439.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                     SPECIALLY PRICED ** $895.95.00 **
                       Includes: * TWO * cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

         ** 50mb SQG51S   $759.00     105mb SQG105S    $959.00 **
                  Or, YOUR choice of Hard Disk Mechanism!


                 ** ANNOUNCING THE NEW! -> ABCO CD-ROM! **
                       :Special Introductory offer:
                            ABCO CD-ROM $489.95

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                    *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits 
                            Memorex 2108, 5287
         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
                       Silver Express, Gold Express
                      ** $41.95 shipping Included **

                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **

                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

               ABCO is PROUD to announce the  acquisition of
               the exclusive  U.S.A. distribution rights for
               ** Bitblit Software's ///Turbo Board BBS. **
               This fine Atari ST  BBS  system  software and
               user support is available through ABCO to all
               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!
                   Personal and Company Checks accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service  
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



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